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Gosh, that part in Much Ado About Nothing when Beatrice and Benedick read each other’s secret love letters and admit their love is always so cute. But, like, too cute. 

That’s more like it. That’s the response I’d expect of two hyper-critical sarcastic dorks in love.

Top Five Worst Tapirs Diseases

Well Good Morning All You Little Critters Its Me Seymour. And Today Since Gerold Has A Bit Of A Cold I Will Write One Good Article For You People And Here It Is: TOP FIVE TAPIRS DISEASES


Well To Start Off With Here Is One Of The Most Common Ailments For Us Tapirs: Name Of “Fat-Rump Fever”. Every Tapir In The World Has A Powerful Engine Inside Of Us To Give Us Power And Confidence But When You Eat Too Much Damn Beef And Pork You Know What Will Happen. All Clogged Up


Now Most Tapirs Just Have A Little Jump Around And Sniff Something In Their Life And They Think “Thats That” And Calmly Expire. But With Rostrous Torque You Just Absolutely Never Know – Twisting Around All The Time And Bomping Into All Sorts Of Cosmic Megastructure Really Anything Could Happen And Thats Why It Is SO Dangeros. 


Oh Supernal Spills… Oh Supernal Spills… Oh Supernal Spills… Just One Of The Worst Diseases For Anybody Let Alone A Poor Little Tapir To Have. Supernal Spills Is When One Boastful Fellow Lets There Ego Stream And Stream Up Into The Stratosphere And Broadcasting Theyre Huge Amazon River Of An Ego To Any Who Will Listen. Many Of You People Have This Awful Disease


Sometimes In A Day A Tapir Gets Some Ruptures And His Sweet Ichor Just Comes Flowing Out Like Thick Cream. Absolutely No Danger To Us Tapirs But The Problem Is It Can Attract All Kind Of HORRIBLE Offspring Of Lelwani And Other Fuckers Who Just Thirst To Slurp It Up With Their Foul Proboscis



the happiest kiss & cry

yousef wants to have lots of kids but you know he’d actually…change diapers, be the one who wakes up at night when the baby is crying, he’d pick them up from school, he’d stay at home with them while the other parent is working, he’d play with them (sure, he’s a fan of football, but his son likes dolls? let’s play with dolls! he’d take him to the store and let him chose one he likes) he’d cook diner for the family, and clean the house, he’d have these random dancing sessions with the kids in the living room, putting on a fun dance song, and sure they’re not necessarily skilled and they mostly just jump around and laugh, but honestly? moments like these are one of his favorite things in the world. and these kids? yeah, they’re definitively his favorite thing in the wolrd

Do you ever get that feeling

that you’re exploding with joy while reading a fanfic or watching a scene with your OTP but it’s 4 in the morning so you can’t just jump around like a squirrel and scream you lungs out so you just wiggle in the sheets and press your hand against your mouth with withheld excitement while making strange suffocated noises??? Because I do


April second twenty seventeen
Breakfast outside ft my neighbors’ cat. Please let April continue like this ☀️

there are so many things i love about baekhyun. i love how his nose scrunches up and his eyes crinkle when he smiles or laughs. i love how he closes his eyes and sings with so much passion it makes you lose your breath. i love when he’s so into a song he doesn’t care about the way he dances and just jumps around and is happy. and i also love to see how much passion he also puts into choreographies and how he makes it look so smooth. i love how you can sometimes really see the concentration in his eyes when he dances. i love how he always makes sure that people around him are feeling well and to make people laugh. i love how he is always soso nice to new people he meets. i love that he is so down to earth and really takes every compliment he gets to heart. i love how he cares so much about us, how he asks for our well being and never forgets to make sure that he misses us as much as we miss him. i love how he feels so comfortable with us that he doesn’t care what he looks like, that he just wants to talk to us even if it’s in his bathrobe in a hotel room. i love how he loves us.

inktober no. 15 & 16

Gon & Killua from Hunter x Hunter hehe ♥


so………. when will rock band shinee save my life again

Shoutout to:

Nonbinary people who are sapphic/wlw.
Nonbinary people who are achillean/mlm.
Nonbinary people who are diamoric/nblnb.

Nonbinary people who are lunarian or female aligned.
Nonbinary people who are solarian or male aligned.
Nonbinary people who are stellarian.

Nonbinary people who are femine or masculine, both or neither.

And of course shoutout to those genderfluid people who just jump around and over these labels like it’s parkour.

And also to bi-, pan-, poly, tri, quad-, quid- and all multigender peeps who might collect them like stickers.

You’re all amazing human beings and I wish good luck to you all in this weird and strange world.

hc that the only way to get sportacus to sit still (other than him sleeping or him helping someone) is to put a weighted blanket/other pressure stimming object on him

like, he’s moving around and stuff and then someone puts a weighted blanket on him and he just… stops

it’s unnerving for everybody