just judging by the cover


Megamind: What about everything you just said? About judging a book by its cover!
Roxanne: Well let’s take a look at the contents then, shall we? You destroyed Metro Man, you took over the city, and then you actually got me to care about you. Why are you so evil? Tricking me? What could you possibly hope to gain?


Adam Young lyrics / Matt Cruse quotes parallels

"If Bilbo is the heart, then Thorin is the soul."

It’s four o’clock in the morning, I’m more than just a little tipsy, and I’ve been listening interviews with Peter Jackson about these two for almost an hour. I can’t be blamed for anything. 

the hardest of hearts | | a fst for levi/erwin

i. glory and gore — lorde | ii. no children — the mountain goats | iii. agony — paloma faith | iv. bad sun — the bravery | v. devotion and desire — bayside | vi. breathing underwater — metric | vii. the cave — mumford & sons | viii. not in love — crystal castles | ix. with you in my head — unkle | x. fixed — stars | xi. cold as it gets — patty griffin | xii. hardest of hearts — florence + the machine | xiii. shimmering — esben and the witch | xiv. if i had a heart — fever ray

Hey everyone listen up! :)

Let’s try to get Meryl a solo magazine cover!

I was looking through her twitter favourites the other day and saw that she favourited a tweet that was tweeted at Marie Claire magazine asking them to consider putting Meryl on the cover. The fact that she favourited it makes me think she’s definitely interested so let’s score her the cover!

Marie Claire is a magazine for women by women that includes anything from fashion & beauty tips, to career advice. All things Meryl Davis excels in. We all know magazines listen to their subscribers and put someone who is at the height of their fame on the cover! So let’s take advantage of Meryl’s current popularity & tweet & email Marie Claire telling them to put Meryl on the cover!

If you tweet or email (or find another way to contact them) please provide a little background info on her (if you tweet make sure to tag her.) Also, make sure to mention you are a subscriber, and also mention what a great role model Meryl is for women!

Thanks everyone!

I don’t know…they say not to judge a book by its cover but I think you can judge movies that way. And this cover just looks like it’s trying too hard. Are you sure this is good?

I honestly don’t understand.

Whats the big deal?
I can reinvent my self if i want to
So why cant they?
Why do you make it such a big deal.
This isn’t about religion
It isn’t about you
So why do you antagonize transgenders?
In my mind its just so utterly simple.
Don’t judge a book by its cover they say
But in todays society thats impossible.
So what if a book looks girly but was made for boys?
Would you be angry if we made it look more for men?
Its like make up
Its like clothing
Except now its changing our bodies…
So if fake boobs are okay…
And nose jobs are okay…
And what about all the wigs and make up we force on our selfves
Its our choice isnt it?
Well if a little boy dosent feel like a little boy. And all he wants is to be a girl and thats who he is inside…whats wrong with that? I seriously dont understand.
As a strieght teenage girl maybe i dont know any thing however my eyes are open.

When meeting some one is transgender i don’t feel disgusted or like their a disgrace…i shake their hands and in my eyes they are heroes. They stand for all the good things society can be. They show us that you can be any one you wish to be.

I am disgusted by the people who shame them for being who they are. These are amazing people who had the guts and the courage to become who they are.

Now don’t get me wrong…I’m not educated on the subject but i am an outsider looking in and from my perspective i see nothing wrong in stepping forward and transforming. We all try to hide our flaws. Well those body parts to them are flaws. Thats simple isn’t it?

I don’t believe in any thing except learning to be proud and strong for yourself. Because no one is wrong for being who they are and every one is a gorgeous butterfly waiting to transform.


We are who we are. When will society except that?

Do you read 50 Shades of Grey on the train on the way to work?  Do you read it in a coffee shop?  Do you read it everywhere you are all of the time?  Do you worry people are judging you?  I made this book cover for you!  (just kidding. who cares, do what you want (also, I just spent like 28 minutes of my life making this.  I need to go outside.).)