just judging by the cover


the vibe i get from these comic covers is that mickey and donald are dating and living together and mickey helps take care of the triplets

  • so this tol ass bean
  • hes almost 30 cm taller than me life is unfair
  • i can see constant cuddling/being clingy
  • like he’d nuzzle his head into your shoulder when ur staring out of the window, standing
  • and when you see him there and you make that :] face with puffed cheeks he’d just hold you even closer and tighten his embrace around you and giggle at how cute you are
  •  im sorry im such a sucker for the soft side of johnny
  •  you kno when he gets all shy and then like covers his mouth and shakes his head like a kid UHEUBYE
  • and when the members see the both of you there are two reactions
  • “eww no why are you staining my eyes with this” -prolly yuta but he actually thinks the both of you are rlly cute on the inside of his heart :“)
  • “WHY ARE YALL SO CUTE HOLY CRAP EBYBSHDJSB JOHNNY AND ________ PROTECTION SQUAD EIBDFBHS” -prolly taeyong, taeil and jug jarhyun (sorry not sorry)
  • and when he gets annoyed and starts silently judging them hed just cover your head with his longgg arms and then drag you to his room to cuddle/wath movies
  • i see him as a vry vry romantic person like hed probably have restaurant dates once every two weeks like at those rlly fancy ones with the candle light and all that
  • also be prepared for a lot of cheesyness
  • and dad jokes
  • okay but who are you kidding if ur dating this tol bean youre telling me that ur willing to sign up for that (of which im willing to do ;) )
  • imagine waking to him next to you stroking your hair and staring oh so lovingly at you with that smile EBUKVEVIYHVWIYF
  • and also if hes on tour hed constantly give you updates on his wellbeing via kakao cuz int fees istg
  • also constant snapchat updates
  • and like a shit ton of souvenirs too :”)
  • also i think hed be that boyfie that wld buy a lot of things secretly for you
  • like oml there wld be no end to this
  • he sees a dress that he thinks wld look nice on you? hes alr at the counter
  • he sees that Two Faced Peach palette that you’ve always wanted? hes alr swiping his card
  • he sees your plans on getting matching rings for each other on ur anni? hed alr gone to customize them ages ago for you instead
  • and i sure as hell dont see fights tbh like hed worry abt you a WHoLe LOT
  • but when you guys do get into your arguments he might be vry vry emotional like hed be crying and blaming himself a lot
  • also expect a lot of cuddly sessions after too
  • also considering hes multi-lingual hed mix ard with the languages he knows
  • “자기 can we go shopping for while i wanna get that 호랑이 plushie for jisungie”
  • i wld have put in some chinese but idek any chinese ;-;
  • my brainjuices are dry now its 12 am rugbehb
  • im sorry if its rly bad rgbru :(
  • anyways i love johnny seo youngho
  • you do too

kill me pls im so soft i had so many raging ideas but hOmeWORKEYFG

I hate it how people immediately assume that people with pretty and handsome faces are talentless or brainless. Like they are nothing without their million dollar face. It’s saddening how people with actual talent get reduced to a “just a pretty face”, all because people are too shitty to focus on anything other than the appearance.

I just want to tell y'all that “judging by the looks” doesn’t only apply to people who people think are not pretty or handsome. It also applies for those artists, idols, models, etc. who you see on TV. Those who are noticed for their looks, while they wish to be discovered by the talent residing inside them.

You can be pretty and smart at the same time.

You can be pretty and talented at the same time.

You can be pretty and smart and talented at the same time.

You can be everything you want while being what you are, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Besides, there’s nothing wrong with having a pretty face. It’s just that people think that there is, because most people abuse it to the point where they lose their humility and the talent within them dims because they let their appearance overpower their true beauty.

Look past the outer surface.

That person you call “someone who’s just a pretty face” probably struggles to get noticed for his/her talents because everyone always focuses on his/her face.

“I’m All Yours.” A.I

A/N: i was in a writing mood so i wrote this, actually kind of proud of it

Title: “I’m All Yours.” 

Pairing: Ashton/Y/N

Summary: You have been asked out on a date by a guy you just met and Ashton wasnt too happy about it.

Requested?: Nope, but do request!

Word Count: 800+

Warnings: Swearing


Originally posted by outerspaceimagines

“Babe, are you sure that you want to go on a date with this guy? I heard he’s a douche.” Ashton called from the bedroom. You were in the bathroom applying your usual makeup as you listened to your friend name out all the reasons why you shouldn’t go on this date.

You didn’t understand why he was so against it, he’s never happy with anyone who has asked you out. Usually after the first date with someone, you’d never hear back from them which you found odd. You always felt like Ashton may or may not have something to do with it.

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Public Service Announcement.

This is a Red Rat Snake, also called a Corn Snake.

It is not a copperhead.

Corn snakes are not venomous and are very good at controlling rodent populations. Note the more egg-shaped head this snake has, with a round nose, as well as its lack of “angry eyebrows”. These features distinguish it from the venomous Copperhead, which has a similar color pattern as the Corn Snake.

I’ve seen many people kill Corn Snakes because they mistook it for a copperhead. Never approach a snake if you are unsure of its species. Additionally, if the snake is not threatening your immediate safety, even if it is genuinely venomous, it’s best to just leave them alone.

Never judge a book by its cover, and never judge a snake by its scales.


What have Sam and Dean noticed about Vince Vincente respectively?

It really seems like Sam has noticed his music.

Dean has noticed his butt, his crotch, his leopard prints and his rainbow wig.

Also - Sam, a fan of Vince Vincente’s, doesn’t remember a rainbow wig. Which is something that kinda catches people’s attention if someone wears it. So it’s possible that Dean’s mind has constructed that memory. You know, constructing memories of rainbow wigs on men wearing spiked codpieces, as a straight man’s mind does.

I want to add a little footnote. Dean has obviously strong feelings about Vince Vincente. He is not neutral about him. Earlier, in 12x04, when Sam is like “the rockstar?” Dean replies, “The douchebag!”. He is very vocal about his disdain for Vince’s on-stage persona.


a) Dean has a thing for hot rock stars. Especially if they have a very sexually-charged on-stage persona (spiked codpiece, leopard prints, not exactly demure clothing). His crush for Vince came in a very inappropriate time of his life. He needed to be John’s perfect son, damn that stupid guy with his stupid butt and his stupid sexy guitar, right? Ugh what a douchebag with his over-the-top outfits and all…

b) Dean felt betrayed by Vince. Now this is all speculation because we don’t know Vince’s sexuality; he might have been bisexual, but all we know is that he had a female partner and possibly several female lovers. It’s possible that either he was straight, or he wasn’t publicly known as queer anyway. Either way, young Dean sees this highly queer-coded guy, but the guy is straight (for real, or in Dean’s eyes).

“Don’t judge a book by his cover.” “Or a dude by his rainbow wig and leopard prints!”. Could this be interpreted, under the surface layer of “c’mon Dean he was over-the-top in his appearance but was an okay musician!” “No way”, as, “this douchebag used to dress and act like a queer person, but apparently you can’t judge a book by his cover - it was just a stage persona and the guy was just ‘queerbaiting’!”.

Let’s compare Vince Vincente with another character that has a very similar narrative to his - Gunner Lawless. Men past their prime, once famous and beloved artists in their fields, now aging and nearly forgotten, who make a deal with a demon and the devil respectively out of loneliness and desperation… Dean idolizes Gunner even after so many years; and what do we know about Gunner? That, when faced with a smitten male fan, he flirts back.

In an episode about rock stars, Dean doesn’t mention liking rock stars. He mentions liking gladiators, outlaws and pirates. *looks into the camera*


i hate it when ppl say that khr is so old anime and they start being too lazy to watch khr episodes and if you asked them why? they tell you oh too many episodes alright alright don’t watch its up to you but if you asked them if they watch one piece that have more than 200 ep (for example ) they tells you oh yeah i do its nice anime, and i hate when people just say that khr is so boring anime and they have no idea about the anime. i don’t wanna take this issue too seriously but it kills,
dear if you loved the anime story you’d watch it without feeling ”bored” and if you just watched the first 5 episodes and told us its so bad anime just don’t say anything.. khr is super amazing anime with good story and good characters but sadly its rare to find someone who like
don’t only see khr is so good anime
i have many favorite animes but the most favorite one is khr!
i believe that hxh, AOT, blue exorcist, Ouran high school host club, etc. they are good animes too!
i just wanna explain that

Reaction: You Being Intimidated by Jungkook

Request: BTS reacts to their girlfriend being intimidated by Jungkook because he’s so muscular.


Seokjin: He’d be somewhat confused; Jungkook wasn’t rude or unlikable in his eyes. When you told him it was because of how muscular he was, Jin would only be more confused. Jin would insist you talk to Jungkook, or at least look up a few pictures of him because Jin can guarantee Jungkook is the least intimidating person he has ever met.

Namjoon: Namjoon would click his tounge at you and give you a short “don’t judge a book by it’s cover" speech. Jungkook may be a little overbearing at times but that was no reason to avoid him. Namjoon would test out how it would go if he left you alone with Jungkook for a little while- maybe excuse himself to the bathroom while you were over just as Jungkook walks into the room. Namjoon would only do this once, though. If that didn’t fix things, Namjoon would only hope that you would eventually work things out with Jungkook.

Yoongi: Yoongi would take you very seriously. If you didn’t want to be around Jungkook because intimidated you, he would keep you away from him. Yoongi would never want you to be uncomfortable. Still, he might be a little upset that you aren’t close with all of his bandmates.

Hoseok: Hoseok might let out a light chuckle as you finally told him why being around Jungkook made you so uncomfortable. Hoseok would push you to get to know Jungkook, because Hoseok knows very well that Jungkook was secretly soft. He’d be persistent, too. “I said 8:30? I meant 9:00. Sorry! Looks like you’ll have to stay at the dorm with the maknae until I get home..”

Taehyung: Taehyung would smile at you and tell you a million stories about Jungkook, all showcasing that he’s not as intimidating once you get to know him. If that didn’t work, he’d show you videos or pictures of Jungkook being the smol bean he actually is. Taehyung really wanted you to like his friends, so he’d try everything he could come up with. If you seemed adamant on your opinion after his constant persuasion, he’d remorsefully let you have your way and try to keep you away from Jungkook.

Jimin: Jimin would be a bit perplexed. Jungkook was arguably his best friend, and he knew Jungkook was a nice guy, not whoever you made him out to be in your head. Even when Jungkook would make threats, he was always joking and made sure everyone knew that. Jimin would almost brush you off, saying that you should just try and get to know him better. He’d give you the “don’t judge a book by a cover” lecture, just like Namjoon.

Jungkook: Jungkook would get self-conscious. He had no clue anyone found him to be intimidating, let alone his own girlfriend. He’d try and change your mind by being more gentle with his touches and more affectionate towards you, even if it meant extra teasing from the rest of his group. He’d feel terrible about himself if he ever made you flinch or feel scared.


Author’s Note: This is all my personal opinion. Please do not take this as fact.

the art of numbers

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Title: the art of numbers

Pairing: Choi Seunghyun/Reader

Summary: Youth doesn’t depend on numbers and Seunghyun learns that lesson quite late in life.

Request: Seunghyun has a girlfriend younger than him.

Numbers, Seunghyun even hates the mere thought of said word. If people asked him how great he did with numbers, then the answer would be that he doesn’t even understand them properly. Back in high school, he failed almost all his math classes and there’s a possibility that he promised to never have anything to deal with them for the rest of his life. Luckily, he didn’t end up studying math, instead following his dreams with music and art, which were subjects that he understood rather excellently; however, there were certain numbers that he really paid attention to. For example, how old he was getting. Seunghyun was barely reaching his thirties and that –to some- is extremely young, but when he’s already at his early thirties, it’s difficult to not feel bad when his girlfriend is at her early twenties. Not that it was much, but he felt extremely old, he doesn’t even believe that time went by that fast.

He remembers the times when he was twenty-something years old, drinking for the first time legally, trying out different hairstyles, getting to start his career. Seunghyun remembered that moment perfectly and he thinks back to them as something great, but he can’t help and feel a little insecure. He had his life planned out, in the matter of years he might want to start a family, he even might have to look at his hair closely to check if there’s any white locks and she was still young. Wouldn’t she prefer someone younger? Perhaps someone who wasn’t so comfortable with sitting around at home and doing nothing. He thinks of that as he continues to sketch on his notebook, Jiyong playing a track over and over again as he hears the voice of the younger Seunghyun.

“Are you gonna sit there and draw all night?” He asks and the oldest only look up at him, nodding his head quickly before returning his gaze to the –quite funny- sketch of an animal he was doing. The youngest sits right beside him, falling quiet for a few seconds as he looks at how Seunghyun was drawing, but the silence is cut short when he asks a question that was normal for him. “How’s your girlfriend?” He shouldn’t have been mad when he heard those words, but he really was a little bit saddened at the moment. He stops sketching so he can breathe out a small answer.

“Don’t even mention her.” Youngbae stops looking down at his phone when he hears those words. The two of them were really a good couple, they didn’t fight often, so if they ever got to break up…then it was going to be a big surprise.

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barbaxbenson  asked:

I'm not sure when the actual recording of shameless is from but in the gifs he's talking about how shameless was his go to audition and one time he had to do the Garth Brooks country version, hence the thumb in the belt loop. :)

Thanks! All I know is there’s a 99% likelihood he sang the song, around the time of the gif, which DEFINITELY wasn’t in 2004. I believe the 2 times he’s appeared on Seth’s Broadway Chatterbox were in 2001 and 2004, which makes me believe 2001′s when he sang it. And I 100% had 2004 Esparza in my head, rather than 2001.  Ex: 

Like THAT looks more like the guy who was KILLING that song, with his thumb in his belt loop, lookin’ all fine.  BUT IN THE GIF IT WAS LIKE BABY, BABY RAÚL! And he looks so cute, and awkward, tryin’ to look sexy. If I’d seen the gif before hearin’ the clip, THERE’S NO WAY IN HELL I’D EXPECT THAT. He’s just like a cute little potato, my God. A VOICE LIKE THAT SHOULDN’T BE ABLE TO COME OUT OF A CUTE LITTLE POTATO, MAN. IT’S STUNNING. I’m stunned. I mean don’t get me wrong, he’s adorable and I love him, but if he was like “Yeah, you hook you’re thumb into you’re belt loop, you know, act sexy,” I’d laugh in his face. CAUSE HE (I’m sorry) JUST DOESN”T FIT THE PART! HE’S SO CUTE! I DON’T UNDERSTAND! HIS VOICE, at that time, DIDN’T FIT HIS BODY, I GUESS. I DON’T KNOW, I MIGHT JUST BE A teeny BIT CRAZY. But yeah! It’s like me, tryin’ to be sexy, but just lookin’ adorable and innocent. HONESTLY, I LOVE IT! DON’T JUDGE A BOOK BY IT’S COVER, KAYLA! 

I’m sorry, you didn’t ask for this. Thanks for the info! Appreciated! Like I just started ranting. I don’t know, I’m Kayla. THANK YOU! <3 <3 <3 You deserve an actual heart emoji. 

Take a Chance: A Modern Magical Fairytale

Second in a trio of lesbian fairy tales for Abby. Inspired by this post for @blimeyhermione. Sorry it took so long, doll. See the other two here and here.

Ava Monroe was not a particularly outgoing girl. She was a notorious homebody, with a deep love of books and cuddling. She had always wanted to be a famous writer. It was the one extroverted wish in her tremendously introverted heart. To be adored for her words and the creation of worlds.

She was a good writer, with a flair for the romantic, but exposure was hard to come by when you feared rejection more than solitude; when you created more colorful lands in your imagination than existed in the real world. So Ava started wishing. She wished every night for a publisher to take a chance on her—on one book. That’s all she would need, she was sure of it. And so, she waited, she wrote, she submitted, and she wished. And, unlike our mundane reality where that might not be enough, something magical happened—with just a little nudge.

Ava was home after work, sitting with her tea in her hands and her feet tucked underneath her on the couch. She heard a knock at her door. She looked at it for a moment, and then went back to watching the movie. She wasn’t home for whoever was there. She hadn’t ordered food, and no one was supposed to come over, anyway. The knock came again. Ava rolled her eyes and increased the volume. And then, the air crackled with energy and a flash of lightning came from under her door. Ava yelped in shock.

“Mortal, if I must knock a third time, you will not like what happens to the door. Open it,” came a clear, lightly accented voice. Ava shivered. She steeled herself and stood. She padded quietly to the door and opened it the tiniest crack, to see who it was.

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anonymous asked:

Okokok what about a sterek pride and predjudice au. But like not the story. Just stiles covered in mud and judging scott (as charlotte) for his choice in marriage. And derek in that coat (movie version) and the rain scene. And i just really like the aesthetics of it.

I love how this ask started out as a P&P AU but ended up as just a classy way to say “imagine Stiles being intense, covered in dirt and Derek being adorable and wet, please and thank you” and I just want to say


I really don’t blame you, nonnie




Book Covers Redesigned // Gallagher Girls Series

Pas de Trois, 1.

Originally posted by kths

Pairing: Kim Taehyung x Park Jimin x Reader

Genre: Theatre!AU, Polyamory, Fluff, Angst + Smut

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: None

Summary: Sharing a stage with Jimin and Taehyung is always rewarding, but the real reward is behind the scenes.

Count: 1694 words.

Note: As mentioned before, this is a series written for @chimdeer. Thank you for the love, as well! 

Pas de Trois: Act One, Scene One

PlaylistPrologue | One → Two → Three


Inhale. You await with equability, a forefinger twiddling with loose tresses whilst observing the other auditioning individual. The ingénue is maladroit, possibly due to nervousness, and fumbles with her lines quite carelessly. “I do treat—entreat—your grace to pardon me. I know not by what power I am bold—I mean; I am made bold!” It is an amateur sight, to say the least. Once the judge’s sugar coat their true meanings behind fake smiles, “We’ll let you know of our decision very soon,” is given to the departing candidate and they sigh in unison as the door closes. The two adjudicators mumbled to themselves, scribbling down their remarks on a sheet of paper before glancing up at their final contender for the day.

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