just josh photos

the bass drum through the years


Here. Have some pictures that I am very, very glad exist…

Day 16: Just one word: TBR

My TBR shelf!😄💜


twenty one pilots phone wallpapers

(no photos mine, I only cropped and edited them)


Rebecca’s emails. Some highlights:

  • From: Paula Proctor 
    Subject: Katy vs. Taylor! AGAIN!! I knew it!
  • From: Naomi Bunch 
    Subject: 15 Foods to Avoid Gaining Weight. Do Not Eat!
  • From: The Yoga Spot 
    Subject: You have 19 remaining yoga classes 
  • From: Lourdes Chan
    Subject: this month’s book club
  • From: Naomi Bunch 
    Subject: Audra Levine Wins Another Case!