just jfc this makes me so happy

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👨‍👧❤️❤️❤️ Robs tickled face when she said she only managed 10 seconds of Faiths medium act!!! It was everything. He's happiest when he can forget everything and just hang out with his little family. "Us" it's like a punch in the gut every time he says it. I genuinely think they are nearly at true unconditional love. I hate this SL for many reasons. But Rob/Liv is the only saving grace. They are beautiful. Aaron Dingles' blonde babies.

Robert very much operates on the “if I just pretend really hard and force everyone else to pretend with me, then it will all be ok” (fuckfifkfn same jfc why @ world is this storyline making me relate even more to rob i feel dirty) but like… they’re definitely family now.

It’s amazing and so pure and sweet and I’m so happy it’s grown to this place and I’m SO WORRIED ABOUT THEM. He’s actually kind of great with her - she actually feels comfortable talking to him about her concerns and he’s so good at quickly shutting them down and saying the right sort of things, even if he can’t always quite help her overcome her insecurities.

I’m still obsessed with the fact that Liv paying for the Mill and having a permanent home in the village was Robert’s idea - was something he recognised she needed. That sort of consideration has grown even more since and it’s just… ahhh I love them.

And the two of them bonding over largely not being able to stand other people is my favourite thing in the world lmao. I bet they watch bad movies together and bitch about them when they’re alone. Oh god. They’re just. Precious.

So this is my reinterpretation of Cancer. If you ask me, I’m really not happy about how people draw this zodiac sign. I especially dislike the ponified version. That’s just tragic.

Thus I decided to make a Cancer-pony that’s appealing to me. So here we go, hope you like it~ 

why are persona fans so goddamn whiny smh

Like jfc yall are ungrateful af
Atlus was so goddamn happy to showcase P5 and was excited to meet fans like us and yall just complain about shit like dual audio. Hopefully after AtlusUSA gives in and makes it official dlc you’ll stfu. Goes to show you can bitch about every little thing and you’ll get whatever you want, right Tumblr?

Goddamn, Atlus works hard. It was wrong of me to complain about it like a little brat in the past but now I realize that they’re busting their backs to get the perfect game out to a fanbase that honestly doesn’t deserve this great treatment; that they’re just as excited as we are for the game to come out. Just please pipe down and be patient, fellow p5 fans. please.

okay can I just say how truly happy I am that Jillian Holtzmann exists??? Like she’s a gay character played by a gay actress and the best part is that she’s gonna be around for a long time. The new Ghostbusters is most likely going to be made into a franchise and no matter how many movies there are, Jillian is going to be in all of them, because she’s one of the four main characters. And it makes me so happy to know that no matter what sequels there are, and no matter what happens in them, Holtzmann will be around for all of it. Like there’s this sense of security knowing that Holtzmann is here to stay. She wasn’t a character that was just in the first movie, but will be forgotten about as the series progresses. She’s a main character, who will be in all of the future movies (which I hope there are a lot of). God bless Holtzy. 

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its obvious to me that outlaw queen and captain swan are what the writers are going for. Do you honestly believe that swan queen will ever make it canon??? Don't take this message in a fuck you judgmental way. I love CS and OQ but I sometimes have a soft voice in the back of my head silently cheering on SQ so basically I just want everyone to be happy and have a lot of great sex with their lovers. But i just wanted to know if you actually think SQ would become a canon couple

I see you with your feigned interest in my interpretation and your passive-aggressive slap-down, but I’m drunk and in a good mood so I am going to ignore a few bits of your message and dive in head first.

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