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whats your fascination with xj9?

i grew up watching mlaatr as a kiddo and, before i realized i was trans, i was like “wow, i wanna be just like jenny! really tall, friendly, powerful, and… uh… pretty?

so she’s very much an Egg character for me (”egg” meaning a trans person who hasn’t “come out of their shell”, so to speak)

just one word december bpc
day 5: fluffy

So apparently there was this one time, they were out shopping and jisoo pointed at a lamp, saying it looked interesting and jennie was like “why would you need such a useless thing” but in the end jisoo got it as a Christmas gift from her omg my jensoo feels I cANT, GET U SOMEONE LIKE JENNIE

man. emerald fennell, kate lamb, laura main, helen george, bryony hannah, jennifer kirby, charlotte ritchie, linda bassett, jenny agutter, judy parfitt and victoria yeates are OUT THERE. they’re in the world. women that talented and Angelic™ exist?? they’re ALIVE?? breathing. being perfect with every step they take. i love the female cast?? so much?? ??????    
I’m gay ?

This might be true, yes. But that’s the point of the story tbh. We can all be selfish and seriously, if you have not yet felt so angry and sad to the point of badly wanting to get back to the people who hurt you and put you through so many horrible and emotionally and mentally destructive things, then wow. But hey i’m not saying you should do it. get revenge?Kill yourself?

I think most people miss another one of the points the story’s trying to make, or reach people with. This is not just about showing how your words and little actions can affect to some people to the point of killing themselves. This is also about people like hannah. Her “revenge” did worse things to the people on the tapes, guilt, fear, regret and soooo much more, and if that’s what her goal was then she succeeded, but that’s not all, her parents were hurting, not knowing why, or where did they go wrong? Now, is this what she wants? Maybe not. The show ended with implying that alex committed suicide, and maybe justin too, and tyler planning something not nice at all, probably school shooting, idk? Is this what she wants? Maybe not too. The show is trying to help suicidal people not only by stopping other people from doing horrible things to a person but also showing those who still has suicide thoughts how they would change everything in a bad way. That they matter and if one person didn’t care, that does not mean there won’t be anyone who’ll ccare. im sure their parents would be soooooo sooo glad if they just sit down and tell them everything. It’s hard but it will be worth it. And right now there are helplines, if telling their parents is out of question because of personal issues and things i dont really know, then helplines would help.

Hannah had been selfish, and so are we. Hannah made bad decisions and so do we. Hannah wanted revenge, and sometimes we want that to.

Maybe for you hannah’s reason is not enough to put her parents thru that much but for hannah its all already too much to handle to the point of not caring about anyone at all. She said it. She doesn’t care about everything aanymore.
Maybe 1 mile run is bearable for you but for some people half a mile is already too much.

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*Jennie wearing a black shirt that says #Stopthebunny2k17 and stands at a podium*

Jennie: Thank you all for coming this evening to Snakes Anonymous. I have called this emergency meeting to address a friend turned adversary.

*Jisoo and Lisa wheel out the projector and pull up a picture of Nayeon*

Jennie: Our new enemy Im Nayeon!

*Collective dramatic gasp*

Jennie: Raise your hand if this week alone you have been bombarded with painfully cute ageyo and thinly veiled gay propositions.

*Sana, Jeongyeon, Momo, Mina, Tzuyu, Jisoo, and Lisa’s hands go up*

Jennie: Now keep them up if they all came from one Im Nayeon!

*Nayeon walks in and turns on the lights*

Nayeon: What are you guys doing? Is that a projector?

*Jennie pushes Lisa into the projector breaking it*

Jennie: What projector?