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This is an unpopular opinion but I personally don’t see the big deal people make out of Black Pink, their vocals are bad and their rap is bad too. Even though they only have 4 song its obvious, I don’t know why YG bothered delaying their debut from ‘013 to ’ 016 when they aren’t exactly impressive, what did they spend 3 years doing? Rose is singing through her nose and scratching her throat, Jisoo is Dara 2.0, Jennie is just copying CL’s rap style, Lisa’s rap is disheartening. I agree they are confident on stage but was that all they were doing in the practice room, being confident and dancing?

Also when they speak Korean they force aegyo and try to make themselves seem cute, when theyre accepting an award yet theyre gonna giggle, take long pauses, slur words, and repeat word, I also dislike it when BLINKS defend them saying it cause they’re nervous, then what is the point of having training/classes? They also try defending them saying its cause the girls are foreign that’s why their Korean speech is high pitch, yet your singing voice is pretty low and your English speech is also low pitch, keep fooling yourselves its for free.

after hearing about what happened to “Very Important House”, a really cute show created by Jhonen Vasquez and JR Goldberg, I couldn’t help but feel immense sadness.

If you don’t know what happened, you can read about it here. I can’t help but imagine what could’ve been if Disney didn’t can this idea, so i made an appreciation drawing for what could’ve been an amazing show.   it seems not a lot of people know about this.  Please give @jhonenv VIH back. this is what it looked like btw (Arin Hanson voices the dimension character!!):

AU where Mandy and Jenny put out any fire in the Haus before it can even be noticed by the Boys. 

Sometimes it’s not an easy job.

 It’s April 26th, why do you need to be setting off fireworks you hot mess of a human being? All the Haus sees is a broken window as a large firework blasts through the door.

And there was that one time where Ransom went a little crazy with the retail therapy and bought, like, 50 yankee candles from the girl going door to door fundraising. You don’t light them all at once boy, ffs. Mandy and Jenny are pleased when Jack pulls out the Sin Bin and makes him put in 20 bucks for the unholy mixing of scents which permeated every inch of the Haus. 

They get why the new kid likes the oven. It was really the first thing that helped him connect with his teammates in a way that didn’t terrify them. They saw the way he entered the house with his shoulders hunched up almost all the way to his ears, afraid that something could go wrong at any moment. Then he saw the kitchen, and decided that he would make it his. So yeah, Mandy and Jenny get it. 
But Good ol Betsy is a becoming something of a hazard. Mandy and Jenny had to snuff out a flame that would have burned the whole house down in no time. Bitty would only see a burned dish waiting for him when he returned. 

After a night of arguing, Mandy and Jenny agreed that it would be best that Betsy be put to rest. The oven doesn’t turn on after then no matter how hard Dex tries. 

Summers were quiet. Everyone was out and Mandy and Jenny could just relax for three whole months without too much responsibility. Really, they’ve done their best to try to give these boys common sense. They’ve added several shows about fires onto Jacks list of “to watch” documentaries, which should be noted is hand written and very meticulous. After he watched them, Jack made the Haus do one fire drill. One. Jack woke them up at 3am and had made them practice evacuating three different times. Because “No Bittle you do not need to your recipe book with you it’s a drill”
“You said that you have to practice like it’s the real deal, Jack. I’m not letting moomaw’s secrets go like that”. 

And the danger of fire has been a lot less since Jack got that fancy new Betsy 2.0. That thing works so nicely. 

So yeah, summer. Not much to worry about that they haven’t seen before. The Haus is quiet, and then it’s a little less quiet as Bittle enters the Haus, changes out of his suit and into his comfy clothes and enters Chowder’s new room to finish up some laundry. He doesn’t make it very far before Mandy and Jenny realize that he is not Ok. 

His face is all blotched and he’s sniffling. Mandy and Jenny don’t really know how to cheer him up. Fixing heartbreak is hard to do non-corporeally. So they look at his phone and queue up the song that he’s always singing in the shower. Maybe that will help him just cry it out. 

The song comes on and he immediately blasts it to where that’s the only thing he can hear around him. There’s nothing that Mandy and Jenny can do to get Bittle to notice when Jack bursts up the stairs and shouts his name into his room. All they want to do is scream “he’s over here!” at Jack, who is looking into Bitty’s room like he’s already making a sad mixtape titled “Love Lost” in his head. 

Then there’s a sniffle from Bitty, and Jack turns around. And he kisses him. And kisses him again. And again. 

For the first time in 22 years, Mandy and Jenny don’t have to worry about the sparks flying in the Haus. 

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My thoughts on these rumors

So when “PINKPUNK” was announced it was said to be seven member group. Later on it was said the group was to be called BLACKPINK and to debut with four members. Everyone was confused/mad/idek about the news. They were promised seven and they got four. BLACKPINK debuts with BOOMBAYAH. Some time passes Minzy leaves 2NE1, leaving them with three members. Then 2NE1 disbands, only CL and DARA are still signed to YG. BOM likes a picture on instagram talking about XXI. XXI is rumored to be new girl group of YG with THREE members. Apparently YG did not want to leave BLACJACKS like this so he wants a new girl group but for them to have the old fans of 2NE1. Its practically confirmed but like I dont want to keep my hopes up too much.

4 + 3 = ?????

(the group is practically confirmed because we were promised three more people in a group)