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Blackpink reaction: How they would act on the first date

anon asks: How will blackpink act on the first date? Thank you x


Jisoo is a confident person on the first date.She might surprise you with her 4D personality when you least expect it. Overall she very silly and adorable on the first date.

(Okay but how adorable is this gif??? Just me? :( Okay.)

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Most likely would be a mother? She would want to make sure you were okay and comfortable on the first date. Maybe a little shy on the first date but that will disappear soon after. Overall would be very caring and shy on the first date.

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Chae might get very shy but would try to be romantic nevertheless.She might pull your chair out, open the car door and other romantic gestures. She would be very shy with skinship just because she doesn’t want to make you uncomfortable and doesn’t want it to be awkward.

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Lisa would be a total oppa on the first date (Lisa Oppa???) She would want to make sure that you were comfortable. She might start to ramble about things because she was so nervous and would get shy after you would tell her about her rambling.

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Taylor Swift as ‘Stella Swan’ in Firelight.

The cool kids are so underrated

Okay but I just?? love them so much???? hosting a potluck and inviting people they don’t know very well just because they can, always supporting Steven’s interests even if they don’t fully understand the whole gem thing, talking highly of Lars and inviting him to things despite not really knowing him, making Sadie feel welcome and just?? they’re so nice and?? i love how they’re still considered the “cool” kids despite having a few weird interests (like. they drive around in a pizza van) i just rlly love them okay


Doctor Who S10E03 Thin Ice

aka This is the moment I will cherish forever when Twelve regenerates. This right here. Thanks Sarah Dollard. 

aka On an whole different note, do we get to see the Doctor interact with the hamilton cast accurately portraying (i.e. no singing) their characters? because i would like to see that please and thanks

aka where’s the Paternoster Gang? Are they busy? Did they call the TARDIS and pretty much is the reason why they are needed there? i just miss vastra, jenny, and strax okay.