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All of them are so precious, well except Tristan- because ugh who invited him??

[DOTS] Eye Contact with GOT7 (JB, Jackson. JR, Youngjae, Mark) 

JB: blocking your mouth with a very sexy way 

JS: what should I do now? should I say sorry? or should I confess to you? 

JR: don’t worry about your heart that I know because after all, I love you more than you like me

YJ: since you already wrecked two cars lets wreck your lipstick too

 MK: *not even talking and playing the PePero game w/ you*

7 years ago…

Jac: Do you remember Madame Butterfly?
Joseph: Is it my entire life that’s going to flash before my eyes or just the edited highlights?
Jac: I hated it, you know that? Opera, I really bloody hated it.
Joseph: You should have just said.
Jac: Well uncharacteristically I didn't want to hurt your feelings. We hadn't been together very long. Your hands were shaking; you don’t remember do you?
Joseph: I remember.
Jac: Men never remember detail, just the carnal event. And even the memory of that is just twisted by their gigantic egos.
Joseph: I remember.
Jac: Go on then…
Joseph: You had your hair up, never seen it like that before or since. You wore a dark green velvet dress with a shawl, a silver shell necklace and a beautiful broad smile. You couldn't stop smiling, you looked like someone else. No, actually, you looked like you, like you should look. It stays in my mind you know, just locked away. 

Someday after Fry Guy graduates and thinks he is free of the Samwell Men’s Hockey team, he will be sitting at a nice restaurant contently on a date. At that moment the SMH will all walk into that same restaurant for a reunion dinner and sit at the table right next to him. Not only can he not hear his date over their ruckus but Nursey somehow manages to spill his soup on him and his date is just flustered that JAC K ZIMMERMANN is at the next table over.

In that moment, Fry Guy realizes he will never be free.

I became fazed by your immense beauty the moment your eyes started reflecting the purity of your soul. After that nothing really made sense anymore and I could hardly concentrate on anything else than you. I knew then love didn’t just exist in dreams.
—  jac-fab