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runihara  asked:

Have you ever wondered that you might've been from another house if something in your past had been different? Like, I had a thought I might've been a Gryffindor instead of Slytherin if I hadn't had such a crappy childhood.


i have no clue, i never thought about it before. when my dad first got me into Harry Potter i always thought i was a Gryffindor (because that was cool, my dad is a Gryffindor and i did look up to him). However since then, so like 11 years or so ago, ive kinda just felt that i wasn’t one anymore probably because my dad kept pissing me off more and more but it also gave me a chance to find myself and i think that is the most important thing.

Crap things may happen, giving you tough and maybe heart breaking experiences, however it gives us a chance to learn and find more about ourselves independently.

That was a good question and i hope to see you more in my ask box. Have a lovely night.

love looney lou xx