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Boyfriend Nakajima Yuto
  • Tall sunshine
  • Very talkative around you, Yuto is usually talkative but even more when he’s with you
  • Looks at you with a big grin all the time
  • Would want to be the one to approach you rather than the other way round
  • But he’d be quite hesitant to confess, though he would eventually if you don’t
  • Kind of clingy when your relationship first starts, mainly because he’s excited that you guys are actually dating
  • He cools down eventually but still probably a little bit clingier than most
  • Likes to go to new places with you, especially if it’s somewhere you like
  • Takes a lot of pictures and videos of you, he’s your personal cameraman
  • Watches the videos he’s taken of you a lot if he can’t see you for awhile
  • Very playful
  • Back hugs!!
  • Would love when you initiate skinship
  • Just give him a hug or a kiss out of nowhere every now and then it would make him happy
  • Would like going to the beach with you! He could probably spend all day there
  • You’d become his line practice partner whenever he gets a new role
  • But if there was something mean in the lines he’d hesitate a lot when trying to say it
  • He’d probably apologise afterwards even if you say it’s fine
  • Would want your attention to be focused on him
  • Would call and text you a decent amount but would really prefer meeting in person when possible
  • His texts are mainly photos of nice things he sees and thinks you would like
  • A bit of a show off around you though it’s not really intentional, he just wants you to be proud to have him as your boyfriend
  • Relies on you and would hope you do the same
  • Yuto overall would just be a playful but also kind of chill boyfriend

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For o!Ani raised by Palpatine, the most surprising thing about being with Obi-Wan would be probably little relationship things… small every day moments of affection. Like someone else said, it would be a trip, but not only bc Obi-Wan is merely a decent mate and human being in comparison to Palpatine [1/4]

Like, at first Obi-Wan thinks Ani is just not a touchy-feely omega… he just doesn’t initiate any unnecessary contact… probably entered the situation all commandeering like “here I am, pregnant, so guess we can be mates now, that would be nice, or if you don’t want to I’m gonna go, whatever” and it takes Obi-Wan weeks to realize how much of that was simply bluster [2/4]             

and it fits the image of emperor’s enforcer. Darth Vader doesn’t /want to cuddle/, not even with his (new) mate. but the longer Ani takes to be surprised at every turn when Obi-Wan chooses not to be a massive dick about sex, chores, his pregnancy, the better idea Obi-Wan has of how deprived he was [¾]            

like the foot massages are one of these nice, unexpected things, but they have a purpose. Ani is probably even more shocked when Obi-Wan cuddles him on the couch and starts grooming his hair without any reason except that it feels nice. Ani tries to guess what he did to deserve this for days so Obi-Wan does it again. [4/4]            

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Diego Luna/Felicity Jones + mescal 

NHL!Bitty + Hug Check

Bitty signs with another team and no one on the Falconers wants to be the guy to check Zimms’ boyfriend; the problem is Bitty’s a quick little fucker and if you don’t stop him somehow he has a tendency to score. They’ve already lost one game because Guy hesitated a half-second too long and god-forbid they end up in a cup series with him.

Solution? Falconers bring back the patented Horton ‘bear-hug check’; initially just for Bittle, but it spreads league-wide because straight up lifting guys off the ice for a few seconds is hella effective and the linemen haven’t seen it much so they don’t really know how to call it.

There are three minutes left in the second period and the Schooners are up by one; Bitty spins to avoid Thirdy, shoots a look to Avery, ready to pass and –

“Miss you, Itty Bitty!” Mashkov crows over the roar of the crowd, his massive chest stopping Eric’s momentum full force. Bitty knows what’s coming next, wrapped up in Mashkov’s arms, squished by pads and misplaced affection, he watches helplessly as the puck slides away, immediately picked off by Thirdy. “Miss your pie!”

“Let me go –” Bitty growls, struggling against the hold even as a linesman skates by to examine if what they’re doing constitutes a fight. 

It doesn’t.

“Aww, Bitty not enjoying my hugs,” Mashkov tells the linesman, squeezing tighter, bumping his helmet against Eric’s, “rather I knock out pretty teeth instead.”

“Fuck you, Tater!”

“No, no, you fuck Zimmboni. You make me pie.”


anyway i hope magnus bane resting his head in the crook of his boyfriend’s neck becomes a Thing like………..in that first kissing shot it literally looks like he was dozing off and then tilted his head up for a sleepy kiss and i can’t think of anything more soft???? i love him so much let him have a quiet moment

I was working on a site for a client that was eventually going to sell hand-made crafts, but initially just wanted something to showcase her work.

I produced a really nice page for each of her products, and a gallery side-bar that opened into a slideshow.

Me: Hey! Give me a call and we’ll hash out the fine details and fix anything that’s in error. I’ve added some filler text but we’ll replace that soon enough. I also added the events listing you gave me.

Client: It looks good. I noticed an extra apostrophe somewhere, so maybe fix that. Other than that, I think it’s fine. I’ll give you some updates on the text later.

She then took up the rest of the meeting complaining about non-site related issues. I did some editing, fixed the extra apostrophe, and thought we were golden.

A week and a half later, I got this text:

Client: Do not do anything else to the website. I got booted from a vending spot because you listed the event before the coordinator OKed it and I have people complaining about the FALSE INFORMATION that YOU PUT UP.

Me: You mean… the stuff that you went over and said was fine for now?  That information?

She still owes me hosting fees and is claiming they should be deducted because of “potential income loss.”


wanted to doodle a pretty+ long leggy anime kid w/ horrible neon/pastel fashion.. it was fun (ms paint)

Sometimes I’ll be sitting in my room, perfectly fine, and then I just get slammed by this wave of loneliness and I hate it