just incase!!

mcu canon sam wilson is so vastly different from fanon because sam wilson in the mcu 

  • tries to outrun captain america because steve’s being an ass
  • keeps tabs on the location of his exo flight suit at all times just incase someone was down for a weekend heist into a military stronghold
  • has enough eggs for unplanned breakfast guests
  • carries a k-bar knife when his in plain clothes
  • will happily call up hydra agents to threaten them with bodily harm while sipping an ice tea
  • no problem jumping out of a falling building
  • leave the country at a drop of a hat to find bucky with steve
  • apparently called shotgun to sit in the front seat of that volkswagon 
  • will take no shit from anyone

sam wilson, everybody. he’s the best. he doesn’t just make cupcakes for the va. i mean, i’m sure he does but he does a heck of a lot more