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Good Stuff: Baman Piderman

WARNING: When making Kool-Aid, buy two packets for better flavor. Thank you, take care out there, and enjoy.

Holy Slamacow, this show is the tops and bottoms

Before Tumblr became my glory hole for art and visual entertainment, I had more complex sites like Newgrounds, Stickgames, and Youtube before it became a sellout. And in Youtube, there was a channel called Mondo Media that felt like a reject Adult Swim sub-channel. And in that, Mondo had stuff like Dick Figures, Gundarr, and Larva that would produce new episodes by the week and I’d check in every time. Not Happy Tree Friends though, that scared me. But I saw a particular series that I then I unfortunately sweeped under the rug like a pak of gummi blobs. Let me tell you, I was a FOOOOLISH child for thinking this was nothing but nonsense scribble dribble! This was/is the best thing to enter my life, and it deserves all the praise and love and cake and ice cream that one might be able to get. Why I skipped out on such a delight back all those years ago is a certain mystery. Then again…

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Made by Lindsey and Alex Small-Butera, a couple of artists whose fluid yet jittery outlined animation can be recognizable if you’ve seen an Adventure Time or Ed, Edd, n Eddy. Not saying they were involved in the latter, but this show takes the style from the Eds and pictures from the early days of animation reels. And if you haven’t seen Ed, Edd, n’ Eddy as a child, then I feel sorry for you. This was what got me hooked at first, with simple motions the characters look like something from old Fleischer or Disney shorts, but when it needs to pick up the motion can be as smooth and well flowing as a… Ghibli film? No, that’s more grounded. Steven Universe? No, that’s too floaty. I GOT IT! Have you ever heard of The Snowman, a small film about a boy that flies with a snowman he built himself that is just genuine Christmas? Now have you ever heard of this one commercial that parodies that movie where this child and a snowman were flying through the winter air while the child had a Scottish soft drink in hand and the snowman ditched him since he was too spoiled to share? See below, but Baman Piderman is like that with its direction, except it doesn’t have as detailed an art style as the commercial or the film.

it also doesn’t have a punk who REFUSES to spare a sip!

The second, and personal favorite, element of the series are the characters. Admittedly, BP’s first season didn’t do much for me beyond introducing most of the main cast. It’s silly hijinks for a start, but season two certainly picks things up. My favorite character will go to the ghost girl Wanda, not just for her giddy prankster attitude but because her past is very intriguing; originally a haunter in Piderman’s house it changed somehow but more on that LATER! Though, I’ll say the evolving couple of Pumkin and the very big squib are a well featured dynamic, with Pumkin’s laid back charm in contrast with Squib’s enigmatic attitude. Their episode here perfectly captures their gentle and fun togetherness, as well as the central mood for the show, and I hope their kindling relationship blooms like a cloud in the sky.

It’s also the simplicity of it that gets me

This can be a silent film sometimes and there’s a comforting sense of passion that shows how much the creators care about this and you, esp. when some feels step in. So many feels. I highly recommend this to anyone who would just like a nice time passer or a spirit booster when times get tough. As we speak, a new episode of their third season is almost finished (that’s gonna be spoopy), so that can be something out for as well. But that’s all; just wanted to persuade you into checking this. You may continue with your scrolling.

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And I’m off to dream…peace

The Schools During Spoopy Season

Fire: I am going to shove aN ENTIRE CANDY CORN UP MY ASS

Storm: ah yes, hoodie weather. Time to smack people with my sleeves.


Life: :DDDDDD look at the leaves. Look how they fall. Look how they wither and die, just like you will iF YOU ASK ME TO HEAL YOU ONE MORE TIME

Death: I don’t like fall. I don’t… Like… Fa- SPOOKY scaRY SKELETONS


Balance: hi I hope you like this hoodie because this is literally all im wearing for the next 8 months

so far, here are the possible to answers to “why the fuck is anti back” :

-it was a one time thing because detention is a cool spoopy game

-Jack’s birthday is coming

-Scare Pewdiepie season 2 is coming

-…Valentine’s day ??????????? I dunno i saw someone saying it could be that but?????? Well who knows maybe the demon bitch is a sweet cinnamon roll who just wants to give us some flowers and chocolate???????????????????????

This is Halloween — This is Halloween — HALLOWEEN — HALLOWEEN ~

With a cute banner for the occasion uwu. In honour of one of the BEST holidays ever, I am sending out some love. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! I hope you all are feeling extra spoopy and scary this season, but more importantly, I hope you are all doing well and feeling happy. You are all such awesome people and I just want to thank you again for always making my time in Tumblr roleplay better! ALSO SHOUT OUT TO MY NON MUTUALS FOR BEING BEAUTIFUL. I really want to put everyone I follow on here but I follow 700+ wow. Sidenote: if your url is here that includes all of your urls. xx.

Spooky Scary Skeleton Squad ;

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Boh-meme-ian Rhapsody

Is this the real life?
Is this just a text post?
Caught in a fandom
No return to reality
Open your eyes
Look up to the Pepe and seeee
I’m just the feels guy
I need your sympathy
Because I’m spoopy come spoopy go
A little smut, lot a smut
Any of the seasons doesn’t really matter
Spoopy just killed a man
Put a meme against his head
Pushed the post button now he’s dead
Spoopy life had just begun But now I’ve got a blog and thrown it all away
didn’t mean to make you cry
If I’m not back again this time tomorrow
as if nothing really matters
Too late, the feels have come
Sends shivers down my spine
Bodies aching all the time
Goodbye everyone
I’ve got to blog
Gotta leave you all behind and face the Pepe
I don’t want the feels
Sometimes I wish I’d never joined the fandom
I see a little silhouetto of spoopy
Queue that post
Queue that post
Will you do the tumblr
Textposts and memeing very very frightening me
Hit reblog
Hit reblog
Hit reblog
Hit reblog
Hit reblog right now
I’m just a Pepe
Nobody loves me
He’s just a Pepe from a meme family
Spare him his life from this memestrosity
Spoopy come
Spoopy go
Will you let me go
No, we will not let you go
Let him go! (x3)
Will not let you go
Let me go!
Will not let you go
Let me gooooooo
Oh Spoopy
Oh spoopy
Oh spoopy
Let me go
What memes has the devil put aside for me
For me
For meeeeeeeeeee
So you think you can meme me and spit in my eye
So you think you can love me and turn off the wifi
Oh Pepe
Can’t do this to me Pepe
I just gotta get out
I just gotta get right outta here
Nothing really matters
Anyone can blog
Nothing really matters
Nothing really matters
Any memes on my dash?

Its that time of year where the leaves are falling and the Skeleton armies are rising!

It’s time for a very spooky BJD Part Day!

Between October 29th and 31st Post a spooky (or spoopy) picture of your doll! No specific parts are required! Just make sure the images is Halloween themed! The image can be funny or scary, sweet or full of tricks! Just make sure it’s in the spirit of the season!!

Be sure to use one or all of the following tags:

#bjdpartday #bjdhalloween #bjdolloween

The next BJD part day will be HEAD CAPS and Face Plates!

—- Our dolls are special becuase of head caps and face plates, its another feature that makes them unique so why not celebrate it! —-

This part day is scheduled for Nov 12th-13th

!!! I need your suggestions!!!

PM me, send me an ask or respond to this post!

Parts we’ve covered:

  • Breasts
  • Butts
  • Abs
  • Legs
  • Feet
  • Hands
  • Elbows
  • Knees
  • Shoulders/Clavicle 
  • Lips
  • Eyes
  • Noses
  • Ears
  • Twins
  • Dyed and Painted
  • Favorite Joint
  • Then and Now (for face ups and customizing progress)
  • ?????

**Due to the overwhelming level of spam in the BJD tag and how the tag system seems to not work be sure to tag @ Mirrorada so I can reblog you**

Crimson Lord

To make up for the lack of ink this week, have some blood.

There’s no way I can keep up with this inktober thing, I knew it since day 1. I just don’t have time, and when I do, I don’t feel like it. I might submit a couple more before the end of the month, we’ll see…

I did have some free time last weekend to work on some spooky, full colored drawings to end the season with a bang