just in time for spoopy season~~*~*~~

so far, here are the possible to answers to “why the fuck is anti back” :

-it was a one time thing because detention is a cool spoopy game

-Jack’s birthday is coming

-Scare Pewdiepie season 2 is coming

-…Valentine’s day ??????????? I dunno i saw someone saying it could be that but?????? Well who knows maybe the demon bitch is a sweet cinnamon roll who just wants to give us some flowers and chocolate???????????????????????

Crimson Lord

To make up for the lack of ink this week, have some blood.

There’s no way I can keep up with this inktober thing, I knew it since day 1. I just don’t have time, and when I do, I don’t feel like it. I might submit a couple more before the end of the month, we’ll see…

I did have some free time last weekend to work on some spooky, full colored drawings to end the season with a bang

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Name: I don’t like posting my real name, so my Middle name is Cathleen (Or just Cat for short)

Nickname: Toasty at home, Spoopy on here

Zodiac sign: Traditionally Libra, but Modern Virgo (which fits better tbh~)

Height: 5 ft 2 fight me

Orientation: Asexual Homoromantic but idk tbh, it may change over time

Favorite fruit: I’m not actually that sure, I like sour green apples, I guess? Or Mango

Favorite season: Autumn/ Winter i can’t choose rip

Favorite book series: ho b O Y I REALLY CAN’T CHOOSE. I love the Northern Lights trilogy by Phillip Pullman, but also the Narnia series? I also used to be super into Skullduggery Pleasant when I was younger, too lmao

Favorite flower: aaaAAA my indecisiveness fails me I don’t really have a flower preference, But my favorite plant has gotta be Holly, because it provides for creatures and it’s prickly af and i can relate

Favorite color: I know it ‘aint a colour but I love black/white colour schemes? or Greyscale. But I like Blue or Red or Celtic Green seperately 

Favorite animals: EVE R Y TH ING. But i especially love any kinda cat/ reptile/ bug or birb

Coffee, tea or hot cocoa: I’m gonna play into the British stereotype and say tea, Milk no sugar, please :^)

Average sleep hours: hO BOY LEMMIE TELL YA. During the week I barely sleep (5- hours) but I can sleep until 2pm otherwise rip

Cat or dog person: Cats, but I love dogs too! I think it’s maily because I can identify cat body language better than a dogs as I’ve grown up to them my entire life!

Favorite fictional character: I literally cannot answer this, the list,,,, hnng too  b ig 

Number of blankets you sleep with: None, just my duvet b/c I can only sleep in   i c e   c o l d   t em p e r a t u r e s although i sleep better with weight atop me so it’s a lose/lose situation here :^(

Dream trip: Just,, a long drive with friends down the motorway, who knows where we goin?? Stopping off for Mc.Donalds on the way or wherever we see that we like, loud music, good times, dude

Blog created: This blog was fairly recent? December 31st, 2014, but i’ve lurked and had my fair share of cringy accounts beforehand, believe me.

Number of followers: 117, but more than half are sex-bots probably lmao

Haaa, as you’ve noticed by now, I’m very indecisive rip

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Thank you for putting up with me lmao

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I’ve written about enjoying Autumn to the fullest, but today, I started thinking: what are some ways to just get out of the house during the Fall? I tend to be a major homebody, but I’m trying to be more active and spend more time outside (and so, less time on the couch). Here are a few ways I’m looking forward to getting out this Autumn: 

  1. Go hiking. I go hiking every weekend and I plan to keep it up this Autumn. Once the rain sets in, it won’t always be easy–but I’m looking forward to seeing the leaves change from the trail! 

  2. Visit a farm. In Hood River, Oregon, there is something called “the Fruit Loop”: it’s a collection of farms that set up stands on weekends during October. It’s so much fun! Visiting local farms is a great way to get local, fresh produce and to spend time outside. 

  3. Collect leaves. I make it a goal to collect a few leaves and press them every year. I then paste them in my journal or scrapbook. I love spending time outside trying to find the perfect leaves. 

  4. Go apple picking. While you’re visiting farms, you can also hunt for a local orchard! I love going apple picking. You get the fun of being outside in the Autumn–and you get delicious apples. 

  5. Go to a corn maze. Ok, maybe you won’t “experience nature”–but you will get outside the house! Most towns have a corn maze in the vicinity (as far as I know) and they can be a ton of fun. Invite your friends and have a blast! 

I’ve been singularly focused on my big bang lately so I haven’t been posting fic, so here is a little WIP amnesty. 

Here’s about 4.7k of the Worst Witch Coven Ziall AU I started writing a thousand years ago and has been languishing. Someday I’ll finish it I swear. 

Niall sees him three times in total before he puzzles out his name. Three times, the man comes in. Or boy. Or guy. Whatever. It’s confusing, because the first time he was in, he had this face full of stubble, dark and thick and quite soft looking, and he was wearing a plaid shirt that made him look like some kind of lumberjack or a werewolf, or maybe a werewolf lumber jack. In any case, it was all quite manly. Niall was stood in the drinks aisle, organizing the fresh juice, and he’d watched as the man perused the frozen food, opening doors, poking at bags of peas and carrots. He looked tired. Or worried. His face was tight, but the tightness didn’t make him any less lovely around the face. It just made him look kind of broody and mysterious in a nice way.

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The Schools During Spoopy Season

Fire: I am going to shove aN ENTIRE CANDY CORN UP MY ASS

Storm: ah yes, hoodie weather. Time to smack people with my sleeves.


Life: :DDDDDD look at the leaves. Look how they fall. Look how they wither and die, just like you will iF YOU ASK ME TO HEAL YOU ONE MORE TIME

Death: I don’t like fall. I don’t… Like… Fa- SPOOKY scaRY SKELETONS


Balance: hi I hope you like this hoodie because this is literally all im wearing for the next 8 months

Its that time of year where the leaves are falling and the Skeleton armies are rising!

It’s time for a very spooky BJD Part Day!

Between October 29th and 31st Post a spooky (or spoopy) picture of your doll! No specific parts are required! Just make sure the images is Halloween themed! The image can be funny or scary, sweet or full of tricks! Just make sure it’s in the spirit of the season!!

Be sure to use one or all of the following tags:

#bjdpartday #bjdhalloween #bjdolloween

The next BJD part day will be HEAD CAPS and Face Plates!

—- Our dolls are special becuase of head caps and face plates, its another feature that makes them unique so why not celebrate it! —-

This part day is scheduled for Nov 12th-13th

!!! I need your suggestions!!!

PM me, send me an ask or respond to this post!

Parts we’ve covered:

  • Breasts
  • Butts
  • Abs
  • Legs
  • Feet
  • Hands
  • Elbows
  • Knees
  • Shoulders/Clavicle 
  • Lips
  • Eyes
  • Noses
  • Ears
  • Twins
  • Dyed and Painted
  • Favorite Joint
  • Then and Now (for face ups and customizing progress)
  • ?????

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