just in time for holloween no

Did you see that guys face?!

fromyourdesperatefriend submitted:

So I have noo idea what to call this experience it happened a few years ago when I was 15. I was at the mall with my friend Lauren and we were just walking around but we were stuck behind this other group of people around my age. Coming toward us in the crowd of oncoming people was a pale man with black hair wearing a grey suit. Normally I wouldn’t have noticed this man but things were off about him. His suit was too big and he was walking weird like he was dragging himself, his black hair was greasy looking and just unkept but what really caught my attention was his face. His eyes were like black holes like there was nothing behind the blackness but like larger than normal eyes, about the size of touching your middle finger to your thumb and his mouth open he had no teeth it was just another solid black hole. The skin of his face looked like it was sliding off I can’t even describe it just like drooping down. I was speechless as he walked past me paying me no mind but as soon as he was out of eyesight I asked my friend if she saw that but she said she didnt notice. A girl in the group infront of me  turned to her friends yelling if they had seen that mans faces but they didn’t notice either. I just gave her the same look she had on and me and my friend went a different way I don’t know what that “man” was but I think about him a lot. 

FYNK James: 7/10 Oh yeah, that was just me walking around in public. Sorry if I spooked you.

/\ HAPPY VV LATE BIRTHDAY MY FREN @nightroamer877 !! /\

Toby buys tons of clothes for Tim becuase he gets stressed while shopping, not liking people watching him.

Tim has a really hard time getting Toby to eat so he usually just has to order food or go get McDonalds or some fast food resteraunt nearby.

Toby doesn’t eat healthy at all but he stays skinny and Tim gets utterly pissed off becuase he wants Toby to look healthier.

Toby is making Tim go as a noodle for holloween since he’s a meatball.

Toby is constantly found passed out in Tim’s room becuase Tim’s smell calms him down. It’s good since he usually doesn’t get enough sleep.

Tim plays .io games with Toby since he gets super happy and Tim doesn’t care that he sucks at them, Toby loves them and smiles so bright it makes everyone around happy to hear him genuinely enjoying himself.

Funny Story

When I was 12 and living with my father, he took us to the country club for a Hallowe’en party. The club had converted the men’s dressing rooms and lounge into a haunted ride of sorts.

My father decided to go with me and we both were terribly unimpressed. Like, the decorations were great, but I’ve always been boring in terms of being scared on Hallowe’en. I walked up to houses that kids and teens older than me would not go near because of hanging skeletons and ‘scary music’. I’m weird.

So we’re walking along, just checking it all out and one of the workers dressed as a mummy, jumps out of a darkened doorway. I did not scream. Instead, I elbowed him in the chest and grabbed him by the costume and threw him to the floor. 

And all that was heard through the combined rooms was, “WHAT THE FUCK, GIRL?!”

My father laughed his ass off and I just stared at the dude.

“Why did you do that?”

“It’s part of the ride!”

“Oh. You should be more careful next time.”

And that was it.

The story spread. The staff gave me extra candy at the dance party. Some of them gave me money as well. And for the next few months, ‘Jake’ was not allowed to forget it.

The best part of the whole thing though, was that I was dressed as Snow White.

Day 7 of inktober

I couldn’t resist @thatsthat24 prompt for today!

   Day 7: Peridot is going to have to be taught a lot about this time of year. Draw one of those moments.

text below read more just in case it’s illegible

Steven: Hey Peri! Happy Holl–

Peridot: AAH!

Steven: Wait Peri-

Peridot: STEVEN! I’ve seen this condition in Camp Pining Hearts!

Peridot: Whitened identity module.. enlongated speech stumps.. authority cloth! You beecame a VAMPIRE! I’m so sorry! You can’t go outside in–

Steven: Wait Peri! I’m not permanently a vampire!

Peridot: Y-You’re not?

Steven: Nope! It’s holloween! Everyone dresses up as monsters and have fun!

Peridot: So you look like that… for fun!

Steven: Yeah!

anonymous asked:

Your art made me wonder if Opal would have any of the funny Arrows from Green arrow. Like the boxing glove, the skeleton(which was an arrow with a plastic Holloween decoration on it), the fake cat arrow (IT IT WAS SO DUMB!) Like pearl wouldn't like them but I can see Amethyst sticking holloween decorations on their arrows. Anyway, I just wanted to say I love your art, and thought I would tell you about the silly idea your art gave me.

I had to omg.

This is in honor of my first Opal pic reaching 10,000 notes! :D Im so happy my art gave someone a silly idea! Silly ideas are the best ideas, i couldn’t not draw this one lol

this was supposed to be a quick sketch oops lol

Can we talk about Kingdom Hearts for a moment? I mean REALLY talk about it?


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bonnie14300  asked:

Um....hi there! I just have a question that only matters cause I'm going as him for holloween..What's Palette's weapon? 1st time I saw it was a paint roller. 2nd time was dreams weapon w/ glass holding the stars. plz help me

Is a paint roller

Something like that was what I thought. Even I can’t think how it could be seen the top, but something like that

Magcon preference : How you two spend your Halloween night ? (+clothes)

Cameron :

You decided to spend the night watching the classics of horror movies in Cam’s arms. That’s quite a good way to spend halloween night.

Nash :

He ask you to come with him and sky for the traditional trick or treat. Just looking at them having fun getting candy makes you feel good. You spend a great night making memories.

Carter :

He is invited to a big costume party and he wanted you to go with him. so you both dessed as skeleton and you go together at this party.

Jack J :

There was a Halloween party in the neigbourhood but since you aren’t fond of Halloween you wanted Jack to go with you. He couldn’t resist to your devilish charm so he agreed.

Jack G :

Of course It was his idea to make a horror movies marathon so that he could prove that his the man and he could reassure you. But at sometimes in the night you were asking yourself which one of you were the most affraid.

Taylor :

You were so not into it but you let yourself led in the board game with Tylor. Even if you were so scared this night was really thrilling and you will remember it probably for a long time.

Dillon :

As usually you party for Halloween but it was your first Halloween with Dillon so you had to meet his friends, and that was scared you the most about this halloween night. But finally everything was great.

Shawn :

The two of you agreed to spend Halloween night with only your closest friends. So that you cans play games or watch (horror) movies or eat as much candies as you want, and there is no one to judge your holloween costume. You both ended up having a really great time.

Matthew :

Yoou both decided to go for the traditional way to celebrate Halloween the famous trick or treat. Yes it’s a little bit Childish but it’s funny and you get candies. And it’s the only night you can pretend to be batgirl & batman without people thinking you’re crazy so perfect.

Aaron :

You both pretended that you didn’t want to celebrate Halloween just spend the night together, but you both had the same idea in mind: scared each other. Everytime he can he would throw at you some plastic spider and everytime you can you would screal that you have seen something. You will probably be more amused than really scared but it’s a great way to spend Halloween.

Jacob :

Even if you don’t need Halloween to watch horror movie you would still do it again with Jacob this time. You can sum up this night in a few words : He takes you in his arm because you’re affraid, you hug him because he’s affraid and all of that while eating popcorn = perfect.

Sammy :

That was your scariest night ever. You, Sammy and some friends had decided to go visited some house pretended to be haunted. At the end yuou don’t even know if you have seen something supernatural but even tho Sammy wouldn’t let go of your hand you were so scared.

Hayes :

There’s this event called “Halloween Horror nights at universal studios Hollywood” Both you and Hayes wanted to go there. This was probably one of your best night even tho it was scary as hell you could laugh to each other faces when you would look back to pictures you have taken this night.

Hey, here it is ! but first I would like to appologize for the mistakes but English is not my first language, that’s why usually I don’t write this much, but I tried my best. So I hope you enjoyed it because I spend so much time on it. :’)

Love you guys !

anonymous asked:

hahaha sunny i just noticed your halloween decorations on your blog and i just wanna say that i literally choked on my spit cause i bet my friend you would decorate your blog hell yea sunny thanks for the 20 dollas love ya



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