just in the nose

glittergummy  asked:

Also like, my friend kept asking why Black Hat doesn't have a nose. 'How does he smell??' So I just told them 'He's like a snake, he smells with his tongue.' And now that's just my headcanon honestly, he do the tongue flick every time he goes into a new area.

oml I love that idea

Edit: ok yes I am aware bh has a nose, no need to tell me

that part where Blue Zircon had questions about Pink Diamond’s entourage during the trial

“Where were her Agates? Her Sapphires? Where was her Pearl?”

and everyone immediately thought of our Crystal Gem Pearl, that it must have been her who Zircon was referring to. while I am not at all discounting that theory, just hear me out

We know of another Pearl. 

A Pearl, who is possibly the conspirator, hidden in plain sight.

Can we talk about how the Danvers sisters are junk food trash babies and their gfs keep trying to force them, kicking and screaming, into making healthier decisions?