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A Prelude to Love

She was a pale, slender girl, clothed in an almost sheer white gown that flowed as she walked.  But she stepped so lightly, it was as if her feet barely touched the ground at all.  Like a ghost had wandered into my mother’s rose garden.

I called out to her and she turned in surprise.  But instead of fading away, she patted me kindly and kissed my forehead.

Shouldn’t you be in bed, little boy?”

Endymion woke with a start, nearly tumbling out of bed.  He knew that voice, didn’t he?  Slightly embarrassed and still rubbing the sleep from his eyes, Endymion began untangling himself from the sheets. It had been awhile since he’d had such a restless dream.

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Sirius may have been a Gryffindor, but he wasn't brave enough for horror movies...
  • *Spooky music playing in the background*
  • Remus: *grabs Sirius' arm suddenly* BOOO!
  • Sirius: *shrieks and jumps 2 feet off the couch*
  • Remus: Hahahaha!
  • Sirius: ... I trusted you.
so I saw a post where some poor innocent soul mistook a collection of extravagant pink dildos for Sailor Moon wands

and I thought, as I so often do ‘there’s got to be a way to torchwood-ify this!’

just imagine

the team (and Rhys and Anwen) visiting the Harkness-Jones household on a sunny summer day with little to no predicted Rift-activity

everyone sits in the garden, talking and eating and laughing

Anwen (here maybe 5 years old?) has to use the bathroom but doesn’t immediately return after because she gets curious what is upstairs (where she was told not to go)

and suddenly, all the adults hear is a delighted-sounding shriek

and Gwen quickly runs to check what’s happening

only to find Anwen bouncing up and down in excitement, pointing out a shelf in the master bedroom’s closet

“Look mummy, they’ve got Sailor Moon wands!! Think Uncle Jack will let me borrow one?” *puppydogeyes*

and Gwen

poor Gwen

has to take several deep, steading breaths

before she can force herself to smile benevolently and reply

“I’m sure he will honey; why don’t you stay here while I go ask him, hm? But don’t touch anything while I’m gone!”

the last bit she already calls over her shoulder, hurrying back down the stairs

“Everything alri-” is all Jack manages to get out before she slaps him, reprimanding him in a low hiss for leaving his bedroom door unlocked while a child is in the house, and then tells him to “go upstairs, NOW, and play along. Ask her which one she wants, make up some magical excuse as to why she has to leave for a moment before you can give it to her, CLEAN IT and then bring it here.”

and Jack is nodding obediently but can’t quite stop laughing all the while (and neither can Owen or Rhys in the background, Tosh & Ianto the only ones who appear even somewhat embarassed (and even Tosh seems to bite back a giggle))

that is, until Gwen lowers her voice even further

and adds: “You better take this seriously, Harkness, ‘cause if you slip up even once, I promise you Ianto is going to have to rely on those things for a LONG. TIME.”

Jack goes pale at that and instantly shuts his mouth

the collective explosion of laughter follows him all the way up the stairs

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anonymous asked:

Remember when that post about who new people should follow when they join the fandom? Yeah, that's [pretty much] the Phamily. It's basically an exclusive clique of the most well-known and influential PotO tumblr blogs. - a wallflower anon

Thus implying that I am part of the Phamily, as I was tagged in said post? I guess I’m struggling with how to interpret this. 

Just Yours - Chapter Twenty-Four

Chapter Twenty-Four - Goodbye Until Tomorrow

A/N: This chapter is centered around the episode, Surrendering Noah, so some of the dialogue is from that episode. I have been imagining this chapter and the next for a really long time, so I hope you enjoy it!! Please let me know what you think!! Final chapter is next before second part!
Word Count: 3,080
Pairing: Rafael Barba x Reader
Synopsis: Post break-up, Rafael and the reader try to get their affairs in order, and figure out what to do now that they are separated, as the trial of Johnny D takes place.
Tags: @la-devotees, @amelia-save-me, @sergeantdodds, @evs14u, @cumberbabe92, @sweetsummertime99, @gibbs274, @standing-in-a-downpour (My tags are a mess. Let me know if I missed you, if you want to be tagged, or don’t. Sorry if I missed anyone.)

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fanfic writers

today at church the minister was talking about being kind in a world where it seems like our small kindnesses can’t change anything.  About the heaviness of the world and how sometimes even things like the community garden my church runs can just be a place where people can come and relax and rest from those burdens even for just a short time.

And I was thinking that for me, my place of refuge is fanfics - it’s somewhere I can go and get lost and for a while not have to worry about the house, the job or the fact I’m scared of what might happen in the future. 

So thank you fic writers - the words you write become a sanctuary and are a blessing.

Appreciation Aesthetics | Day 2 | Fluff | snowfall by @sadrien | first snow

She unlocks her trapdoor and shoves it open as Nino laughs at her. Her breath fogs up as she pokes her head up out of her room. She soaks in the bitter cold air and the view of a snow covered Paris. The smell of freshly fallen snow brings her back to her childhood and she has the strong urge to drag Nino to the park to build snowmen.

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Making Out On The Bus - Anonymous - Haikyuu!! [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Haikyuu!!
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Kyoutani Kentarou/Yahaba Shigeru
Characters: Kyoutani Kentarou, Yahaba Shigeru
Additional Tags: Boys In Love, Making Out, French Kissing, Heavy Petting, Fluff and Smut, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, 69 (Sex Position), The Author Regrets Nothing, Established Relationship, Canon Universe

Methods of spending time with your significant other while you’re in a transportation, miles and hours away from your destination and you’re driving through heavy rain and everyone around is drifting off to sleep.

seeing ppl reduce katsuki to just being a brainless, reckless cannon makes me sad. are we seeing the same guy here? he may follow his instincts and emotions a lot, but he still thinks things through. he’s just a fast fucking thinker. we all saw him fight against uraraka right? and against todoroki? do you really think he would’ve gotten out of those battles in one piece if he didn’t have an adaptable plan?

yes, at first he starts out just a bundle of instincts in battle, but don’t forget he aced the written and practical exams for UA. he purposefully led the exam bots to him just by using his quirk. he’s 3rd in his class in terms of grades. he knows what he wants, and he knows what he’s doing. he might let his emotions get in the way, yeah, but not much more often than any of the other 1-a kids.

TCR Birthday Bash Day #6: Seasons

A.N: Hey y’all! It’s the last stretch of TCR Week. We have today (Saturday) and Sunday left, and after that, it’s back to the daily review! So, today’s prompt is “Seasons” and I think I wrote something pretty cool~

Soooo, without further ado, here’s my contribution to Seasons!


Settle down my children, and rest your weary heads. It’s time for a story.

A long time ago, before once upon a time, the world was different from the one we know. It was new and exciting, full of promise and potential. It was divided into four kingdoms, each ruled by a fair King or a kind Queen.

Each kingdom held only one season, full of its dangers and delights, and each of their rules were there to match.

Summer was warm, full of gorgeous oases and soft, sandy dunes. The sun shone hot, and burned any skin it could see, but those who lived there found it no harm to them. The kingdom was ruled by a King of fire and passion, with hair like the sand and eyes like the trees. His laugh was full of peace, and his rage was full of heat, but he ruled happy and loving.

Fall was a dance of colors and a fluttering of wings. The trees were always in bloom, and the colors always stained the blue sky red and yellow and orange. The people danced and sing, happy for the harvest, and migrating with the winds. The kingdom was ruled by a quick-witted King, with sharp eyes and a sharper wit. He was never seen without his trusty crow, together birds of a feather. Though his fights with Winter forever filled the air, the people just laughed and knew their feathered king ruled fair.

Winter was cold, and harsh, but look past the swirling winds, and you’d see beauty. Water was frozen in tiny, pearlescent drops, flakes of snow swirled in the air, and your breath rose and danced in the sky. The King ruled with the Queen, the sister of Summer. The King was slow and lazy, cold to the core, but warm like the hearth. The Queen was frozen and rigid, but like laughter on a sled as it sped down the hill. Together they ruled, with no love between them, but with a love for the snow. And that was enough.

Then there was Spring. Greens and browns, and so full of life. Full of laughter and cheer, and rainy days that no one found dreary. Flowers bloomed, birds sang, and the two Queens danced between the trees and the fields. They ruled together, for each had an eye for beauty. One could talk life into any plant or tree, the other could bring anyone to their feet with a song and a laugh. Cool and sweet, like rainwater on feverish skin. They could roar like thunder, or whisper like a breeze. The people loved them, and they loved their people, just as they danced in the rain.

These kingdoms rules together, lands splicing together, and in the center of it all laid their home.

There, they weren’t the Kings and Queens, but simply family and lovers.

Summer and Spring could love one another, Winter and Fall could forget their fights. There they had names, that they whispered to each other, deep into the night, so they could never forget where they once came from.

For the Kings and Queens were once people, in love with each other, and in love with their homes.

When a great evil sought to destroy everything they loved, they all came together and fought when others could not. They gave up everything they once had, and took up titles and crowns, thrones and laws, so people could be safe. They gave up lives they once lived, and homes they once had.

Once upon a time, there were Kings and Queens of kingdoms long since gone. And while their land was divided, and the evil since gone, they’ve only lived through the ages and time.

Summer and Spring still love each other, one always chasing after the other.

Winter and Fall have always bickered, fighting over land and time just as they have forever.

Once upon a time, not so long ago, the four Seasons still lived, in a time of machine and nothing of magic.

When they fought for their homes, and fought for their love, they gave up their dreams, and gave up their lives.

So now, they live forever, in love with each other and nothing else.

Once upon a time.

We were children of the Seasons.

This has nothing to do w/ anything and I know people have talked about it before BUT I want to as well. Usually my metas tend to be angsty af and then end on a hopeful note, and this will probably be no exception. But anyway, a delve into Victor’s love of fairytales!

I can recall on 2 occasions Victor specifically comparing Yuuri to a fairytale.

Which may not seem like a lot but we have 12 episodes and if something is pointed out twice in a story, it has some amount of significance. Anyway, I just think it’s so damn cute that Victor considers Yuuri prince-like. Even the visuals and story of On Love: Eros is like a fairytale!

We go on about how extra Victor is (and he 200% is…that 50s pink cadillac tho) but I wanna here more about how much of a true romantic Victor is. 

This entire thing is like an hc-palooza courtesy of me. Here we go!

I like to think of a little Victor, watching all these fairytale movies–Disney or otherwise–and dreaming of one day finding a prince of his own.

A 12 year old Victor with his first real crush, staring at a pretty boy with darker hair and kind eyes in one of his classes or at the rink. Victor thought he had found his prince, until one day the affection faded and his mind focused on other things. 

A teenage Victor, going through various relationships like others would go through clothing. He’s a busy young man after all, and no one seems to want to look beyond the Victor Nikiforov on screen, one the ice, and actually date him. Victor starts to wonder if there is a prince out there for him. 

Victor as a young adult, still a romantic at heart, but has pretty much entirely lost hope on finding his true love. No one sticks around, and he hasn’t found anyone he cares deeply enough about to chase. Victor’s lonely, to put it simply. He sits up at night sometimes, and watches all those fairytales from when he was a child. Victor smiles sadly at the end of them all, and dreams of a prince of his own. 

And Victor in his late 20s, as we see him pre-series. He’s frosted with depression and loneliness; the never-ending cold discs of metal, the isolation from other skaters, people kissing up to him left and right. Everything is predictable. He’s running out of motivation, out of ideas. Victor knows people only want him as what they see when he performs. It’s a saddening thought, that Victor is not lovable as himself. Some people were not meant to find a true love, he supposes.

Until one night, a night we all know well. 

The Sochi GPF banquet. Victor is intrigued by this attractive man flitting through the room, clearly intoxicated, but with this charming energy no one can resist. Not even Yuri Plisestky, himself pulled into a dance with Japan’s Yuuri Katsuki. 

Victor manages to escape from his sponsors to laugh and point and take pictures from the sidelines. Yuuri whirls past him and the way the light shines on his hair and eyes makes Victor’s breath catch and his heart skip. 

Victor watches as Yuuri dances with Chris–and wow, is that a show and a half. Yuuri strides over to Victor and holds him in place, hips shaking and Victor can only stare on in wonder. This beautiful, energetic, charming young man is staring up at him, like he’s the only person in the room. Victor can’t understand Japanese, but that doesn’t matter–what matters is the warmth of Yuuri’s body, the sparkle of his eyes, and the earnestly fond tone he speaks with. Victor’s heart is beating out of his chest and he can’t imagine this moment getting better until-

Be my coach, Victor!

Victor’s face flushes with a little gasp and he can’t find it in himself to refuse the request or the next dance they share together. 

As Victor laughs spins and smiles like he hasn’t since child, looking at Yuuri all the while, he can feel it in his chest. 

A prince. A prince is with him!

And oh, when Yuuri dips him low, the lights above framing his face and hair like a halo, Victor knows that his prince has finally come for him. 

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i cannot keep up w all of the boys separately it’s like having 4 children who have 4 different after school activities you need to attend in a night and you don’t know how to make it to all of them