just in case you were wondering about my life

As someone in her thirties watching OUAT

I have to say something.

I’ve seen this post today mentioning Rapunzel’s age on Tangled, and I was thinking about how in all the fairy tales the princesses are usually 18 (maybe even less, never more). 

When I was a child they have always seemed to me so adult, so mature. I couldn’t wait to get to this age and become a woman of my own (and if it comes with a prince, even better).

But then the years pass (still no prince in sight in case you were wondering), but I finally do feel like a woman. And as such, I look back at age 18, and I don’t see it as an age where I was really an adult. I truly didn’t know anything about life yet back then. I didn’t know who I was, not for real anyway. And I just look at these princesses now, from the wisdom of my age, and just think, whoa, whoa, what’s the rush? You have your all life in front of you to get to know yourself, then meeting that prince (or princess, or even no one in particular). All these fairy tales seem even more unreal somehow.

But then it suddenly hit me, my favorite princess is actually a woman in her thirties:

Her fairy tale story began when she turned 28 and not 18!

No offence to those of you who are still teenagers or in their early twenties, trust me, one day you will maybe understand this post better, or maybe you are even getting it now, but I just want to take this post to acknowledge the fact that A&E chose the proper age for their princess to began her journey as a swan in oppose to a duckling. 

Emma of age 18 was thrown into jail, and had a baby she gave away for adaption because she was still immature. She was led by the guy she thought was her “prince charming” right into a jail cell, and pregnant, probably because she was still a child who didn’t know herself enough to realize she needs to put herself first (or to use protection…).

It took her 10 more years to come to the point in which she truly knew who Emma Swan was. To become an adult. To be really able of becoming the hero, the savior, the princess.

She regain her son when she was at the right age to become a mother:

She regain her parents certainly at a very old age, but at the age she could tell them how she really felt  

But also forgive them from a mature prospective

She was able to use what she learned about herself during her entire life, to fully fulfill her role as the savior and the princess

 And she met her true prince (well, pirate) after she knew exactly what she was looking for, what she needed from him, and what she deserves

Don’t get me wrong, at this age people don’t just stop being a little childish

The young spirit is always there at any age. But I feel like Emma (and all of us at this range of ages) knows just a little more about life itself, and she was taking the role of the mature princess at the age it was truly designed for.

In case you were wondering: a day in the life

I don’t often think much about my life, not that I think poorly of it, but I just do what I do and try not to worry about it. Sometimes though, a little wonderful miracle will creep into my day and remind me that I am a) very fortunate for the opportunity to do all that I do and b) a f**king rockstar! 

Have you ever wondered what my life is like? I bet you have! (I am imaging you nodding). My life is a lot of trying to fit everybody in and get everything done. Full disclosure: I don’t have kids, I have all the time in the world. I am aware of this; kids throw a huge curve ball in the “getting things done” plan. Let me make it clear, I greatly appreciate and admire parents and all that they do! 

A day in my life: 

4:45 am  1st Alarm 
4:53 am  2nd Alarm 
4:58 am  3rd Alarm 
5:00 am  I’m up 
5:30 am  Gym time! (3 days a week weight training, 1 day cardio, 1 day swimming) 
6:30 am  Finish workout, get ready for work. (ahem… who am I kidding, I have a shower, I get dressed in work appropriate clothes and sometimes comb my hair) 
7:00 am  Drive to work 
7:45 am. Start work 
8:00 - 12:00 Work (eat) work (eat) work work (eat) 
12:00 pm work on wedding stuff 
12:30 - 4:30. Work (eat) work (eat) work work (eat) 
4:30 pm.  Drive home 
5:30 pm   Josh and I make dinner 
6:30 pm  EAT! / (dishes.. boo) 
7:30 pm  Schoolwork 
9:30 pm  Pack lunch and prep gym bag 
10:00 pm  Bed Time!!

Sometimes I try to squeeze in errands, friend dates, appointments etc.  but this is it in a nut shell! 

Aren’t you so glad you just spent your precious time reading this haha.