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Is this the real life?
Or are they baiting me?
Is this a new gay ship,
That I can see on my TV?

Already too late.
I’ve chosen the fate for me…..
I’m just a queer girl, spends to long on AO3

Although the stray bullets,
my OTPS,
Despite all of,
The history
I’m hooked on a ship that may not ever be… ever be…

It seems to me.
That two women on the screen,
Can really only be seen as..
Gal pals. Why is this the case?
Why can’t they just go kiss each other’s faccceeee.

Shipping, ooohhhhhh
You see all it really takes,
Is a prolonged hug, stare or romantic gesture
For them to be, my OTP and all-time new obsession.

we should mention.
That we do actually have our share,
Of canon couples who now share some…
Screen time on our TVs,
But let’s be truuueee
The White Guy™ has more screen time than they ever dooooooo.

*cough* sanvers *cough*

Writers. Here’s a few tips,
If you wanna please the queers,
Here’s a list of things you really shouldn’t do……

(Gay Instrumental #1)

First here’s the thing all queer characters should be:
BULLETPROOF, (just take a look at jroth).
All stray bullets are a no,
For a gay girls way to go, see:
Hint hint Lexa. (Hint hint Lexa.)
Hint hint Lexa. (Hint hint Lexa.)
We won’t ever let that go….
Let that go-o-o-o-o.

It’s really tiring, seeing the same storyline.
Surely you should be trying, saving a queer from time to time.
At least until the end of the season three.

Lesbians, and bullets, aren’t one of the same.
NICOLE HAUGHT. Oh, can you see that on her chest. (Can you seeeee)
NICOLE HAUGHT. It’s a bulletproof vest. (How trippyyyyy)
NICOLE HAUGHT. A bulletproof vest. (I’m impressed)
A bulletproof vest (I’m impressed)
Oh yes, they are the best.
Stops every gay mess, oh

Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh

Oh, learn-from-Andras, learn-from-Andras, (she really likes the gays)
Or make the queer females all immortal like Delphine,


(Gay instrumental #2)

Also remember that happy endings exisssttt.
And that queer couples can also live in blissss.
Root, Shaw; that wounds kinda still raw.
Arizona and Callie, Greys Anatomy what the hell?

So if you’re still struggling,
To write successfully,
Maybe you can just watch,
A show called Carmilla (season three).

Won’t ever let that go…..


Requested by anon: Woozi for lawyer!au Hehe thanks! 

This was one of the more popular choices when yall voted! I was sure that woozi aus weren’t that popular but my street musician au blew up?? as did this au when people voted??? ever since i made this blog you guys have never ceased to amaze me I LOVE YOU ALL!!! I HOPE YOU ENJOY THIS PIECE FROM YOUR FAV MOM!!!

warnings: a Manly Jihoon that turns into a Blushy Jihoon with bad jokes

  • Ok yall im in mock trial so this is some real legit stuffz but i don’t know everything so it’s obviously not completely accurate!
  • This au got quite a lot of votes, a lot more than i expected
  • Here we will explore the concept of Manly Jihoon
  • Let’s get moving!!!!!
  • You’ve been in your current law firm for a few years now
  • You ain’t even an attorney you just file papers rip
  • You’re like i am s O D ON E with this job hahahah :)))))
  • Your office job is like the typical ones you hear about that make you wanna yawn bc they’re just sO B OR I N G
  • #savereader2k17
  • Additionally to your office job, you’re also lowkey a personal assistant for the one and only,,,,,,
  • You guessed it
  • Lee Jihoon
  • The bEST of the best attorneys ever to exist, at least for the defense
  • We’re talking about high-scale crimes that you would only imagine happening, like big scandalous murder cases in mystery novels and movies

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I roll into my grave, my hand is dead.

Skull Kid design! This will be available on my Society6 account here. It will be on t-shirts, clocks, phone cases, etc. If you guys want me to put it on products other than the ones they’re already on, send me a message on society6 or here!~

I’m posting this here as another example of stuff that will be on society6 plus the fact this thing took at least 23 hours to do.

I did put a background on this just so y’all can see it how it is meant to be, I’ll likely put different versions of it on society6 as well. So if y’all wanna check that out, it will be up!

suck it hal

Party Monster

This is a requested one shot, but it honestly turned out so much different than I’d originally wanted it to. I was listening to “Party Monster” by the Weeknd, just in case you wanna know the mood of the one shot.

Plot: Harry is left with taking care of his ex girlfriend, Y/N, after she’d had a drink that was a little too heavy.

Warnings: Mentions of sex

Gif isn’t mine and unfortunately, neither is the guy who’s stomach is visible.

There he stood. The room around him, all people dancing, drinking and chatting, blurred as he became all I could see clearly. It was as if he’d had me wrapped into a net that kept on pulling me towards him and trapping me, so I couldn’t help but stare. His legs were hugged tightly by a pair of black jeans while his torso was adorning a soft looking silky shirt, decorated by many different patterns. I bit my lip in admiration. How could anyone be so effortlessly beautiful. Harry’s sparkling eyes were set on my face and I could particularly see his brain try to work out who I was and how he knew me, because surely it couldn’t actually be me.  No way. But it was and his pink lips fell apart once he realized. His eyes widened in shock and his expression became one of surprise.
My fingers shook heavily as I raised my drink to my lips, trying to act casual and as if his presence didn’t affect me in the slightest, before looking away. A shudder had run down my back and covered my skin with goosebumps and I closed my eyes to will my heart to stop it’s rapid beating and to instead return to a calmer rhythm.

It’s just Harry. He’s probably not even going to talk to me. He surely doesn’t care anymore, because really, why should he?

I swallowed another big gulp from my drink, emptying the glass in process, hoping the liquid would give me enough courage to at least face him, given that talking was completely out of the question, but my eyes found his before I could wait for the alcohol to get into my system. I just couldn’t stop myself, already pulled back under the same spell he’d had me under when we’d first met.
Harry’s forehead was set into a deep frown and his hands, those hands I loved so much, were laced together loosely, fiddling with each other’s fingers. I bit the inside of my cheek when I noticed him wearing the same silvern ring I had bought him for his birthday all this time ago, back when we had still been… us. How come he had kept it? And more importantly, why hadn’t he taken it off?

My breath hitched when I watched Harry turn to the man he’d come with, saying something into his ear until the stranger nodded. Then Harry surprised me by walking towards me.

Fuck. Shit. No.

My body turned around and I frantically scanned the room in hopes of seeing someone, anyone, with whom I could have a conversation to escape the one Harry would try and lead with me. I couldn’t talk to him, not without…
But none of the dancing bodies around me seemed familiar and all I could do was wait for Harry to reach me. Soon enough I felt him close, just as if his body radiated so much warmth it could be felt from afar. I took a deep breath and turned around, already having his body easily loom over mine. The look on his face as he looked down at me was unreadable and I bit the inside of my cheek. Harry’s lips were pressed together, his eyes narrow and his chest moved visibly at his heavy breathing.

“Hi,” I stammered, swallowing down the lump in my throat and tapping the edge of my empty glass in nervousness.

He stayed silent, looking at me still. His bottom lip was pushed forward in a slight pout and I felt heat rush to my cheeks under his observing eyes. I jumped when Harry responded by taking hold of my wrist and then once more when he surprised me by pulling me into his chest, holding my body to his gently. I could feel him chuckle against my tense shoulder, sensing that he’d caught me off guard, and I winced when he squeezed me. Both of my arms were pressed against his chest, unable to reciprocate the embrace, in an awkward position.

“Still so jumpy,” Harry whispered against my ear in a laugh, taking a deep breath against my skin.

A surprised whine fell from my mouth when he pushed me back a little and Harry’s cheeks showed off their dimples as he smiled warmly, making up for the sudden rejecting gesture. His sparkling green orbs watched me and I frowned when his fingers took the empty drink from me and placed it on the table by my side.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

Harry turned back to me and opened his arms once more. “Giving you a proper hello. Now come here.”

Obeying as always, I stepped into his arms and let him embrace me once more, this time much tighter and without leaving my arms trapped to his chest.

I couldn’t stop myself from wrapping my own arms around his neck as well, keeping his body close to mine. A small whimper escaped me, the noise getting lost in the sound surrounding us, and I nestled my face against his neck, allowing the relief of having him this close to flood my body.
Harry. He was here. Holding me. From the moment I had seen him, it had been clear for the both of us that I wouldn’t be able to resist him for too long and I couldn’t say I regretted that.

“I missed you,” I admitted quietly. Part of me was almost hoping he wouldn’t have heard and I pressed my face a little closer into his neck, breathing his familiarity in.

He had heard, though, and my heart squeezed when I felt his smile press against my cheek, before kissing the skin tenderly.

“Missed you as well, sweetheart. A lot.”


It was strange to have Harry’s fingers laced with my own, especially as there was no awkwardness or tension between us. And there should have been.
Harry hadn’t been any boyfriend to me and I knew I hadn’t been just another notch in the belt either. We’d had something special, something real and through our year of dating, we’d discovered new sides not only of the other, but of ourselves.
He had taken care of me always and had made this his first priority. With him I had had someone I knew would always be there for me and had my best in mind. Harry had always been my rock and made sure I was as happy as he could make me.

Harry had given me his all, just like he’d had all of me and we’d both taken turns in holding the other’s hand with pride and being there for support.

I’d suffered a horrible heart break after he’d packed his bags and even though I’d known it was for the better, I hadn’t stopped wishing I could somehow go back and fix our relationship. Maybe it was that I’d loved him more than anyone else in the world and had been hurting so badly because of that, or maybe it had been due to knowing that I’d be the only person taking care of me now. He had left such a big hole in my life, I hadn’t found a way to soothe the ache after all of these months.

I missed us. I wanted us.

But we couldn’t go back. Harry and I had agreed that we would let the other move on and try to find our separate ways, even if it would be difficult. Then why was he acting like this?

I was currently standing next to him, a new drink in my free hand and my eyes set onto the guy Harry was talking to. I hadn’t quite caught on as to how they knew each other, but it didn’t matter as I wasn’t engaging into their conversation at all. My head was too busy trying to understand the guy I was supposed to be avoiding, yet had somehow ended up holding hands with, and trying to figure out what it was that his head had come up with during the time of our separation. What was he thinking? How wasn’t he as nervous as I was? And additional to that, why was  he spending his New Year’s eve here?

I was brought back from my thoughts by the feeling of Harry squeezing my fingers. His eyes didn’t meet mine when I looked at him and instead remained set onto his chatting partner, but I knew he’d wanted to make sure my attention was on him and only him, regardless of his lack of attention for me.

Already could I feel myself fall into the same circle him and I had been in. He hadn’t been holding my hand for longer than ten minutes and was already trying to make me be his shadow again.

“I’m going to get another drink,” I announced, pulling myself free from Harry’s hold.

Both men looked at me with surprise.

Harry nodded to my glass. “Still got some in there, darling.”

A smug smile pulled at his lips and I could tell that he was sure he’d have his way, that I’d stay put and did as he wanted. His tongue slipped out, wetting his lips and he turned back to his friend. Shrugging I raised the glass to my mouth and swallowed all of its contents with one gulp, getting his attention back in a second. Harry’s eyes widened and his jaw clenched when I looked up at him innocently.

“If you could excuse me.”

Feeling his angry eyes on me, I rushed though the dancing and chatting people, fighting my way to the counter of the bar.
I’d left him for a reason, I reminded myself, this wasn’t what was good form me anymore and I couldn’t just succumb to him the moment he came near me. It wasn’t fair of him to come here and just expect me to fall for it, either. He’d wanted our relationship to be over too.
I’d come to this party to have fun, to enjoy New Year’s eve.
My eyes watered and I bit back a scream. How could this be happening again? Why couldn’t I shake him off? How had he crawled into my heart and settled there without me even noticing it?

“What can I get you?” the bartender asked.

“Something strong enough to make my brain shut up,” I replied.

He grinned. “That can be arranged.”

With a drink strong enough to make my head spin, I felt comfortably warm. I’d only had three swallows and, true to its promise, my brain wasn’t running wild anymore. I didn’t even mind not knowing where exactly Harry was, because I’d decided that I wouldn’t become Harry’s toy again and that he could try as much as he’d wanted, I wouldn’t fall to his feet. He’d given me so much and I him but… there wasn’t anything left. Not if nothing changed and all he wanted was for us to be right like we were again.
It would be difficult to resist him, though. He could be so bossy sometimes and as much as I hated to admit it, I loved it.

“Not even looking for me, I see.”

I jumped upon feeling two hands settle onto my waist, spinning me around to stumble into the familiar looking chest of Harry Styles. I sighed and looked up at him hesitantly, worried that seeing him would crush all confidence and make me want to crawl back into his arms. Which of course it did, at least part of me. My skin already itched for his touch and my stomach fluttered.
He was grinning down at me, but I could tell by his sparkling eyes and tight set jaw, that he wasn’t exactly pleased with me.

“Nope,” I replied, taking another gulp of the strong alcohol, smiling cutely at him, “just having fun.”

Harry’s eyes narrowed and his hands squeezed my hips. He pulled me closer against his body with a low growl before leaning down and onto my height. My breath hitched when he leaned in close so he could press his nose against my jaw and my hands placed themselves on his upper arms, fisting his shirt tightly while my heart went wild at his sudden closeness.

“What are you doing?”

“M'gonna remind you why you should stop running away from me,” Harry breathed against my neck before his mouth attached to my skin.

He waisted no time, his tongue licking and his lips suckling, making me whine. I tried to push him off, uncomfortable with having him suck on the skin of my neck, the gesture too intimate, especially when we were surrounded by a large group of strangers as well as people we knew, people who were aware that Harry and mine’s relationship had come to a rather rough end only mere months ago. He didn’t care though and only let one of his hands travel up to the back of my neck, keeping me still so he could continue with his wet kisses.

“Harry,” I whined, my breathing rapid.

All I got as a reply was a low hum and I whimpered when Harry not only tightened his hold on me, but actually bit into my neck, making sure that I, no matter what would happen tonight, would be wearing his mark tomorrow for everyone to see.
My eyes closed and I winced, every last bit of fight in me draining away by the raising pleasure given by his assaulting lips. I involuntarily rested both arms around his neck, my legs feeling like jelly and unable to support my weight on their own. I could feel him smile at his victory and I wanted to slap him, if only his touch hadn’t felt so good. The softness of his hair brushing against my cheek was a stark contrast to his harshly sucking lips and sharp teeth and I buried both hands into his locks, making Harry moan lowly. A gasp escaped me and I blushed when I felt something hard press into my thigh.

“Let me take you somewhere a little more private,” Harry whispered into my ear, already grasping my hand before I could agree.

I stumbled after him as he led me to a door almost hidden in the corner, opened it and beckoned me to walk into the dimly lit stairwell it led to. My head lowered and I screamed at myself for being so weak, because almost out of habit, I did just what he wanted. Once he had me where he wanted me, he shut the door behind him and stepped closer to my body again, pleased with the newly gained privacy. The music from the party could still be heard, yet more faintly and though we weren’t in the most secluded place ever, I knew that no one would come to help me now. And what was worse, I couldn’t decide whether or that frightened or excited me.

“Please, Harry,” I begged urgently, “let’s just go back in there, okay? I was trying to have fun.”

“Can see that,” Harry hummed, nodding to my glass and looking at me expectantly. I felt like a child that had been caught doing something she’d been told not to do and was now being scolded by her parent.

I bit my lip and hesitantly handed him my glass, watching carefully as he took a swig. Harry hissed.

“What the hell are you trying to do? Get pissed inner ten minutes?”

“It’s New Year’s,” I weakly argued, knowing that Harry didn’t like it when I drunk heavy alcohol, “I wanted to have fun.”

“Some heavy shit you have here, love,” Harry said, shaking his head, “Too strong for you, definitely.”

“That’s no longer up to you to decide,” I bit and boldly reached forward to take the glass from his hand.

Harry’s eyes widened when I, once again this evening, raised the half full drink to my lips. He didn’t stop me and only watched, with growing displeasure, how I emptied the drink. The liquid burned when running down my throat.

Shit. Fuck. That was a mistake.

It was difficult to breath and I knew instantly that if I didn’t sit down now, I would get sick. My fingers trembled and I coughed, trying to act strong in front of Harry. He was watching me closely and I knew that any moment he’d realize that I was feeling sick, but I couldn’t admit it. I wanted him to see that I was doing alright without him, that I could handle myself just fine. Only maybe right now I couldn’t, because my stomach turned and I felt bile rose in my throat. Sensing it, Harry quickly reached out to steady me, before guiding me to the stairs where he pushed me down to sit. My hands held onto the banister and I tried to turn my body away from Harry’s, who had also sat down, but my burning stomach didn’t allow me any more movements.

Oh god what had I done. I was going to vomit in front of my ex.

“You’re a defying little shit, you know that?” Harry scolded me, his hand brushing up and down my back in a surprisingly comforting gesture.

“I-” my breath hitched and I closed my lips, letting my head hang low as a dizzy feeling numbed me. God, that drink hit me fast.

“Easy there, love,” he soothed, “S'gonna be alright. You’ll feel better in a minute and then much worse in about fifteen minutes.”

“What?” I asked, horror making my eyes widen and look back up at him.

Harry grinned a mean grin and shook his head, brushing some of my hair form my face, “Well, what did you expect? The alcohol will kick in and then you’ll be as drunk as you’ve never been before.”

“Oh no,” I whined and shook my head.

“S'alright,” Harry calmed me quickly, squeezing my arm gently. I knew he could tell this really freaked me out and I appreciated his soft touches, “M'here. You’ll be fine.”

“Ugh,” I groaned, ignoring his words, and found myself leaning against his shoulder, “Why am I so stupid? You always make me do things I regret after.”

“Oh, so now this is my fault?” Harry laughed. “I didn’t force you to down that drink. Or order it.”

“No,” I agreed, “But you always mess with my head. Like kissing me. What was that all about.”

“Haven’t kissed you,” Harry said, shaking his head, “Not properly. Not where I really want to kiss you.”

His finger trailed down my cheek and to my lips, his eyes locked with mine. Suddenly I felt dizzy for a whole other reason than the alcohol. Harry was right. The alcohol hit and the sickness lessened, making me feel a welcome warmth. Soon I’d be too drunk to stand, I knew that. But now here with him, I felt alright. I felt at ease.

“Better?” he whispered.

I nodded, still leaning against his shoulder, looking up at him with longing eyes. If we only had fifteen minutes before I’d be feeling bad again, we might as well use those minutes wisely, right?
My hand reached up and took hold of Harry’s jaw, my fingers holding onto it tightly before pulling, trying to force him down to me. I whined when he didn’t budge and frowned.

“Kiss,” I whimpered, knowing full well that Harry knew what I wanted from him and was deliberately denying me, “Harry.”

Harry brought his hand to my wrist and gently squeezed it, before huffing and shaking his head. His eyes sparkled and I could tell he enjoyed seeing me so desperate for him.

“Only because you are asking oh so kindly, baby.”

His lips were on mine before I could register what he had said and I didn’t care about his words, either. The familiarity of his tongue invading my mouth had my heart squeeze and my breath hitch. His mouth moved forcefully, dominating my own movements and forcing me to follow his lead, letting him guide the kiss. His hands held onto my waist, pulling me onto him and to sit on his lap awkwardly, while I still held his jaw, keeping his head from moving back.
Harry’s tongue ran along my lower lip before he let his teeth sink into it and bite down, making me moan into his mouth. His soft lips quickly soothed the small bite and his hands squeezed me before pulling me forward so our crotches were on the same hight and rubbing against each other. My legs were squeezing his thighs and I whimpered at the overwhelming feeling of having Harry this close.

Finally he pulled away, his eyes finding mine with an evident fire in them. I whined and leaned in for another kiss, but he quickly moved back and shook his head.

“You won’t feel good soon,” Harry hummed, “And if we continue then I will want more and you’re really not in the position to handle that.”

“But I want to,” I whined once more and tightened my arms around his neck, “Please, Harry. I missed you so much and really want this.”

“Y/N,” Harry groaned and shook his head, letting it fall forward and against my chest.

My hands found their way back into his hair where I caressed his scalp.

“You’re drunk. You’ll hate me tomorrow if I take you now.”

“Promise I won’t. My sober me just doesn’t want to admit that I want you so bad,” I hushed into his ear.

I scooted forward and he moaned when I moved against his growing boner.

“Bloody hell, Y/N!”

Harry’s hands stilled me and a smile formed on his lips, bright enough to light up his eyes.

“You’ll feel sick in a few minutes again, baby. M'sorry, but neither of us would get to enjoy much before you’ll be puking all over the place.”

His thumb gently moved across the skin beneath my eyes and he leaned in to press a soft kiss to my nose.

“Besides,” Harry whispered, his eyebrows raising slightly, “Weren’t you going to reject me tonight?”

“We’ll end up together again anyway,” I shrugged in defeat, knowing that I wouldn’t get Harry to have sex with me. My lips pouted and I looked into his eyes in search for his rejection, but there was none. All I found in his orbs was… care.

Slowly, I somehow felt like I came back to my senses. And with that, I felt silly. How had I just proposed sex to him? We were in a staircase, for crying out loud! Anyone could walk in on us any moment. And besides, it was Harry. My cheeks burned in embarrassment.

“What is it?” Harry asked.

“Can’t believe I did that.”

His hands squeezed my hips.

“Admit that you and I will be together sooner or later anyway, which we both know is true, or offering me sex?”

“Both,” I mumbled and leaned into his neck, avoiding his eyes, “How come you’re nice to me now?”


“You were all bossy just a minute ago,” I shrugged, kissing his neck similar to how he’d done to me earlier, yet gentler than how he’d treated my skin, “Made me stay still so you could mark me and all. And now you’re all nice and caring. S'confusing.”

“I always care about you,” Harry spoke and I could tell by his voice that he was frowning.

“I know you do. Wasn’t questioning that.”

“Then what are you questioning?” Harry asked.

I shrugged, lost of words as my head was pulled back under the dull dizziness given my the alcohol running through my blood.

“I just know what it is that is best for you,” Harry spoke, his arms hoisting me up all of a sudden.

He came to his feet, my body cradled to his chest as if I weighted nothing. I whined and let him hold me to himself tightly, wrapping myself around him.

“And right now,” he went on, “what you need is to get home.”

“No!” I protested, “S'New Year!”

“Sh,” Harry soothed me, “Would you rather spend it at a party being sick, or in bed, cuddled into blankets while I watch over you and ensure your wellbeing?”

He chuckled when I shrugged, aware that he’d won me over. I was too tired to fight him anyway and to be honest, bed with him sounded so much better than fighting the rising sickness in my throat. I allowed him to set me to my feet gently. His hands took hold of mine and squeezed them softly while he leaned down so I could look into his eyes properly, but I quickly lowered my head.

“I don’t like you deciding for me,” I argued quietly, my eyes set onto his feet.

“I know,” Harry huffed, his fingers squeezing mine, “I’m trying to learn.”

I didn’t respond. We were falling back into it, I could tell. We were so close to say it and just go back to being us. But would we work?
His feet nudged mine and I looked up, meeting his eyes. A smile, much shyer than the ones he’d given me throughout tonight, decorated his lips.

“Don’t want my stupid bossiness to ruin us, Y/N. Won’t let it.”

I bit my lip at his words. It was true, Harry’s ever demanding and protective nature had been a huge reason as to why we’d broken up, but it had also been partly why I’d fallen for him so bad. If he worked on it and eased it just a little… we could be okay.

“Does that mean you…?” My eyes narrowed and I looked at him suspiciously, trying to understand what we both left unsaid.

Harry shrugged. His hand gently squeezed me once more before he let go and instead wrapped his arm around my shoulders.

“That is a conversation to have tomorrow, yeah? Please allow me to take you home and make sure you’re okay, now. Want to be there when the rest of that stupid drink of yours kicks in.”

Hope you liked it! Feedback is welcome, Requests are still closed!

Rest of what I wrote can be found here:


Stefan Salvatore X Reader Damon Salvatore X Reader

Word Count: 445

Requested: Anon

Request: Can I get a TVD oneshot where Damon & Stefan both see a new face around the town when all the Mikaelsons are in town and both take interest and are surprised it’s another Mikaelson sibling, Kols twin. But that doesn’t stop them from pursuing the Mikaelson. Thx.

Originally posted by imaginary-desires

You and your older brother were not identical twins but you thought that you would have looked enough like your other siblings that people would put it together but over the years you had been the only Mikaelson that everyone failed to identify, in some cases that worked to your advantage but in others, you wished that you looked more like your brother. You twin was Kol and you were actually very similar.

You were new to Mystic Falls your Kol had called you there said that he wanted to see you and you were more than happy to see him considering he had been daggers for hundreds of years. You hadn’t expected that you were going to have to deal with the Salvatores but then again nothing in your long life seemed to go as planned.

You walked into the Grill and found a table to sit at and texted your Kol to tell him that you were there “Hey there beautiful.” You looked up to see the oldest Salvatore, you rolled your eyes and silently thanked your brother for sending through pictures of all the people you were supposed to hate.
“Did you lose something over here?” You asked.
“Apparently my charm.” He answered.
“No, you lost that before you came over here.” You corrected and he smirked before sitting in front of you, you smiled as you felt your phone buzz you looked to see it was Kol.
“That your boyfriend?” Damon asked and you looked at him.
“My brother.” You answered.
“I’m sorry is he bothering you?” You looked up to see the other Salvatore and rolled your eyes.
“You both are.” You answered bluntly.
“You’ve hardly met me.” Stefan smiled and you rolled your eyes.
“You are Stefan Salvatore the good brother who only ever tried to do the right thing, he is Damon Salvatore you are the bad brother you’re the one that will opt for killing someone should the chance arise. You guys wanna know how I know that? Because that is my twin brother and my older brother over there.” You pointed to Kol and Klaus as they walked into the bar, they looked around and spotted you “see you around boys.” You got up and left after that and they both watched you leave.
“I bet I could get her before you do,” Damon smirked.
“Unlikely,” Stefan smirked. “After all her older brother likes me.”

“What was that about love?” Klaus asked as you walked over.
“Nothing, just a case of the invisible Mikaelson.” You answered.
“Well choose the younger one yeah?” Klaus asked.
“Or neither of them,” Kol suggested.
“I missed you guys.” You smiled.

Requests and general question!

It’s that time again! Tomco Week 5 is coming soon, and I hereby dub it: The Summer of Tomco!

It’s in June. School’s out, it’s summertime, and there’s all sorts of fun things to do. Season 3 might get intense so why not give the boys a fun vacation before it all goes to heck? So without further ado, here are the prompts.

Day 1 - Jun 4 - Summer Outfits

Let’s be real, when summer comes, it’s usually time for a change in wardrobe so you don’t sweat to death. How about some adorable summer-themed outfits? Tank tops, shorts, sundresses, flipflops, sunglasses! Make it fashionable, make it tacky, whatever you like best.

Day 2 - Jun 5 - Water Balloon Fights

Nothing says “I love you” like pelting someone with a balloon full of water.

Day 3 - Jun 6 - Ice Cream

It’s hot. Which means we need plenty of ice cream to cool off with. Go wild with the flavors and toppings. Make the Ultimate Scoop.

Day 4 - Jun 7 - Swimming

Nothing beats the heat like taking a dive. Time to go swimming, whether it be in a pool, a lake, or even the ocean. Tom personally probably doesn’t have much experience with swimming in water; most lakes are full of lava where he’s from. But hey, Marco can teach him.

Day 5 - Jun 8 - Picnicking/Barbecue

It’s lovely out. Time for picnicking in the park, or having a BBQ at home, with friends and family and eating lots of delicious food. I’m sure Rafael will be overjoyed to cook for everyone. Maybe the guests bring their own dishes too? Lots of opportunity to share favorite recipes, for sure.

Day 6 - Jun 9 - Zoo Trip

Plenty of free time, might as well go to the zoo, right? And hey, maybe the animals won’t all be hiding out in the shade, but if they are, at least you can interact with birds at the aviary so it won’t be a total loss.

Day 7 - Jun 10 - Summer Activities

Anything else you enjoy doing over the summer that wasn’t mentioned above. Kite flying, camping, biking, climbing trees, whatever else you want. This is essentially a wild card. Have fun!

So those are the prompts, and here are the rules, same as always. They can also be found at https://tomco-week.tumblr.com/about if you need to reference them.

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I’ll accept fanart, fanfiction, cosplay, videos, heck, songs, whatever you wanna share.

I’ll reblog this again about a week out from the first day. I’m looking forward to the summer and I hope you guys are too! :D

hey, so i have a little request for you guys.

usually, when i’m making these quotes, i check out incorrect quotes blogs from other fandoms to find ones that work with the sides. but i also add in some quotes of my own, from things i’m interested in (hence why you’ve been seeing quite a few danganronpa-sourced posts lately). but i don’t want to just rely on my own interests, here. i wanna know what you guys think.

so reply to this post with any movie/tv show/video game/book/etc. you’d like to see some incorrectsanderssides quotes from!

Liam AU// Just To Hear You Again

FBI Profiler Liam AU

Part 1 [Part 2]


Read my other AUs: Zayn-Niall-Louis-Harry

“Liam…” you mumbled, your fingers running down his bare chest. He only stirred in his sleep. You smiled and kissed his cheek. “You said you had to work today, baby.”

“After last night? he hummed, “I might need to call in sick,” he said, kissing your lips. His happiness and lust transferred in the kiss. You never felt so much joy in a relationship before. The way he held you made you feel safe. His arms always wrapped around you perfectly.

“Okay, I made breakfast for you, so please get ready for work, Li,” you smiled.

“Man, I love you,” he muttered out. You had never heard Liam mutter those words out before. You were shocked, but it had been six months. “You don’t have to respond, I just want you to know.”

“No, I love you, Liam,” you admitted. “I just wasn’t expecting that, but I love you.”

Liam looked at you and smiled, “Well, I have work to get to.”

You nodded, letting him get up and walk to the bathroom. You sighed walking into the kitchen. Your heart felt heavy as you looked back down on your phone to the text on the front scene.

“Meet in the usual. We have to talk.”

Liam left for a work an hour ago after the text. You left right after did, although he thought we were going to work as well. You drove into the city to the Royal Star Hotel. You thought it would have been better not to tell Liam about this meeting since you know the reason why wasn’t desirable.

You sat on one of the chairs in the lobby across from an empty one. You sat there with your arms and legs crossed, waiting for him. You knew he was enjoyed keeping you waiting; it was his favorite game to play with you.

You received a text, and you quickly looked down at it. It was from Liam. You only glanced at it.

“Don’t wanna leave him waiting,” a too familiar voice said, placing his hands  on your shoulders,”Do you?”

Your shoulders tensed as you didn’t even want to turn around, “I wanna finish this first.” Kevin Luck.

He walked over to his seat and nodded, “Actually let’s talk about him. Let’s talk about Liam,” he said, sliding you a brown folder.

“No, what do you really want to talk about? you mumbled, sliding the folder back.

Kevin shrugged and opened it himself, “Okay then. Supervisory Special Agent, or SSA, Liam James Payne. Youngest Unit Chief in history. A credit score of 768. Very impressive. Lives on 536 Oak Lane with a dog, Loki, who just had a vet appointment. He has not taken a sick day in over a year. I would hate to see him ill. For the last two months, he has taken out 35 to 75 Euros after every case and it’s spent at either a take-out place or a high-end restaurant and a very expensive gift on its way. You guys have a seventh month anniversary coming up?”

You slightly nodded.

“I don’t wanna ruin the surprise then,” he winked.

“Did you come here to tell me facts about my boyfriend?” you asked.

“No but I’m sure you remember your help in my little business,” he reminded you. “and by the status of your relationship with your FBI boyfriend, he must not know either.”

You sighed and closed the folder, “I don’t do that anymore. I have a respectful job as a nurse practitioner, and I moved on and you should too, Kevin.”

“Listen, sweetheart. Business is booming and I gotta keep moving the product.”

“It isn’t product, it’s drugs,” you corrected. “It’s been over three years since I’ve helped you. I’ve turned a new leaf, and Liam doesn’t deserve this, but if you contact me again, I will have you arrested and that’s a promise.”

“But the thing is that you had quite the hand in my endeavors. How do you think Liam’s gonna feel about dating an international felon?”

With much anger, you stood up, “When I left, you told me I was free to go without charge. We had a deal.”

“That was before I saw you so profitable, baby,” his hand caressed your cheek. You quickly slapped it away. “I’ll leave you alone; just keep the FBI off my back, and you and Liam can live happy ever after. And you could simply tell Liam, but what good would that do if he were dead.”

“Is that a threat?”

“Consider it a warning. Have a great day, Y/N.” He stood up, leaving the file on the small table. “And consider coming back, baby. It would be nice to have my favorite girl on the job again.”

You looked at your phone again where Liam’s text still laid. You quickly replied saying, “I’ll bring food to the office :)” You sent the text before leaving the lobby with a lot on your mind.

You arrived at Liam’s office to find it empty. You sat down in the chair across from his desk and waited. You browsed your phone and hoped to see Liam come in or message you, but it was silent. You saw Niall walk past the office door before he stopped and backtracked his way into the office in confusion.

“Y/N, what are you doing here? Niall asked.

“Liam told me to meet him here for lunch today,” you smiled, showing him your pasta. “Have you seen him?”

Niall looked at you in more confusion, “He called in sick today. He called and didn’t come in.”

“No, I made him breakfast, and I saw him off to work. And we joke about it sometimes, but Liam has never taken a sick day that I’m aware; he’s as healthy as a horse.”

“He sounded a bit tired and his breathing was off, but he just sounded ill,” he laughed. “But I’m glad he didn’t come in; I hate seeing him ill.”

I would hate to see him ill.

Those words hit you like a bullet. Your heart stopped for a moment.

“Kevin Luck…” you whispered under your breath.

“Kevin Luck? How do you know Kevin Luck?” Niall asked, closing the door. “Y/N, how do you know Kevin Luck.”

You felt the words ready to slip off your tongue, but you held them back. “We used to be friends when I was in my early twenties, and I-I think he has Liam. Liam would never call in sick, and if he did, you and I both know we could crawl into work before being sent home. Niall, he’s not safe!”

“Hey, hey, hey,” he soothed, attempting to calm you down. “If it’ll make you feel better, we can go to his house and see if he’s there, but you have to talk to me Y/N…people just don’t know Luck.”

You nodded, “Can we just talk in the car? I just wanna know if Liam’s okay.”

You sat in the black SUV only looking down at your hands, trying to avoid Niall’s direct eye line. You knew what would happen if he knew what you did. You lost a great amount of confidence and yourself when you were with Kevin. It took years to recover.

“Please don’t do this, Y/N,” Niall began. “Like I said earlier, people don’t just know Kevin Luck because they went to high school together or something; I know you know him from somewhere else, and I–”

You blanked out and looked outside your window as the traffic slowed. You looked ahead and noticed the police lights. You saw the pieces of the car before you saw the collision. It was only a solo crash. Soon enough, your eyes widened.

“Y/N, do you hear me?” Niall asked. tapping your shoulder.

“Oh my god, Niall. Stop the car! That’s Liam’s car!” you yelled.

Niall took a double take before realizing the same.  He pulled off on side of the road. You both ran out the car as soon as it stopped.

“You can’t be in this scene, guys,”  a policeman said, holding back you and Niall.

“I’m a federal agent, and that vehicle belongs to my unit chief. Is he in the car?” Niall asked sternly, flashing his credentials. The officer shook his head. “That makes it a federal case. Can you show me the scene?”

“Uh, yes, and who is she?”

“I-I’m his girlfriend.”

“Y/N, you have to wait in the car. I can’t have you at a potential crime scene, but I’ll be with you as soon as everyone else gets here,” Niall told you.

You sighed and nodded, “I’ll tell you about Kevin Luck if you promise to find Liam.”

Liam’s head pounded as his eyes finally fluttered open. His eyes adjusted to the dim light at what looked a small medal table. He looked down at his chained wrist that laid locked on the table.

“Hey, bud, you’re up,” a voice said across from him. 

Liam’s eyes lazily looked up and nodded, “Kevin Luck.” Kevin nodded and pulled a file from under the table and placed it on top. “You hacked my car, crashed it just to show me a folder?”

He chuckled and opened it to reveal photos. He looked at them closely; they were all you. Some of them were recent from the six months you had been together, but others he didn’t recognize.

“Quite the gem she is,” he smirked. “I remember taking this one in particular.” He slid a photo of you on the bed. Cash surrounded you on the bed as you laid there in purple lingerie. “I remember her being so free, flowy, sexy. But I’m sure you know.”

Liam was silent and only looked down at his hands. 

“She was my right hand. I had never met a girl so loyal and excited,” Kevin smiled. “Y’know, her favorite thing was sitting in on exchanges. She said she liked the way I did business.”

His blood began to boil, but he tried to keep his cool. He looked down, avoiding his eye line. Liam couldn’t stand other guys talking about you in derogatory ways. You had only been together for six months, but he absolutely hated it.  

“But someone times she would get out of line, and a punish would be in order. I don’t know, but there was something intoxicating about her when she was in pain.” Liam’s fist hit the table hard enough for some of the photos to jump. “Woah, calm down there, man. You’ll be feeling what she felt in a second.” 

You sat in the conference room with Niall and Louis sitting across from you. The last time you were in this room was last month. Liam wanted to introduce you to his team. He thought you deserved to meet the people who took up so much of his time.

“Are you ready? Are you okay?” Louis asked, sliding a cup of water near you. You nodded and looked up. “How do you know Luck, Y/N?”

“When I had finished college, I met Kevin. I liked him because he was kind of a bad boy, and I never met anyone like him before. He was a little bit older, and he treated me nicely at first,” you began. “We dated for about two and a half months before he started taking me on vacations because he said he was on business. It was fun until he saw what he did.”

“But he convinced you to stay around?” Niall asked.

“Yeah, and I did. But then as the months went on, he made my life more lavish but his demands got more strike. He uh…to sometimes close deals…he would offer me to other men…”

“Y/N–” Louis began.

“But I knew if I would have said no, he would punish me, he would leave me in a foreign country with no money and no way home, and I just…”

“You wanted to survive,” Niall finished. You nodded. “How would he punish you, Y/N, if you don’t mind.”

You took a drink of your water and sighed, “Is it really necessary?”

“We have to build an accurate profile for this guy, and this might help us find Liam,” Louis explained.

You sighed deeply and nodded to yourself, “At first, it was sexual things; spanking, rope, choking y’know. Then he hit me once. At his worse, he would chain me to a metal chair and electrocute me, or he would waterboard me or…” You couldn’t finish your thought before Niall interrupted.

“Hey, it’s okay. You don’t have to share that anymore, okay?” he said, handing you a box of tissues.

“Can we ask you one more question, Y/N?” Louis asked. You agreed. “Why didn’t you tell Liam?”

“Because everything I did, everything I became, I didn’t want Liam to think of me like that. I when I was approaching normal, I met Liam. We started dating almost a year later because I didn’t know if I was ready to trust another man. But when I finally trusted Liam, he treated me like no other guy ever did, and I didn’t want Kevin coming back into my life even if it was only a conversation.” It was completely quiet for a moment. “Y’know, Kevin told me he loved me and I wanted to believe him but I never could, but this morning was the first time Liam told me he loved me and I felt my entire world shift, and I have to hear him say that again.”

“We will, Y/N. I promise,” Louis said.

Skittle’s One Prompt For All 100 Followers Challenge!

Hello people! It’s-a me, Sunny, and I just want to begin this by saying: Thank you, everyone, for following my shitty blog! Y’all gonna make me cry tears of joy! I love y’all awesome peeps!

I seriously didn’t think I’d ever get 50 followers, much less a hundred seeing as I’m a Tumblr account of just a few months old and I only have a couple of works published! I’ve met such wonderful people here, both writers and readers alike from the same fandoms, different ones, and just, y'all are the bomb! I love each and every single one of y’all wonderful people!

And with the worst case of writer’s block and a couple others things that happened within the last week, I’m surprised to see that people would still wanna follow me.

Now! Getting right into it, yes, this is a one-prompt challenge for all, as the title of the post states, and it’s my very first challenge too!

Below the cut is a list of rules for this challenge, so if you’d like to participate, send me an ask so I can keep track of you guys!

For this challenge, I’m giving a quote that you must add to your prompt in order for it to be valid:

“I know you. And you’re better than this.”

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pairing: hong jisoo | reader

genre: implied angst | fluff (?)

word count: 620

description: “it’s been long since I’ve felt this way” “are you afraid?” “Am I? I don’t really know. It all just ends the same…”

author’s note: my first surprise scenario ! there’ll be more of these in the future, and most of them may be from idols not in my current request list. so expect more !! 

also, if you wanna check this same one out on aff (which probably doesn’t make sense since you already read it here…) please do so and add some views/comments in case I don’t see them here !! 

Originally posted by lonexsamurai

“Come on Josh! Stop being such a party pooper.” Vernon nagged on the phone.

“Yeah hyung! Join us this once please?” their younger friend Dino asked.

“Just come with us Joshua hyung. You can find a girlfriend and stop being such a loner all the time.” Hoshi joked earning a laugh from their friends.

The eight remaining members added on with pleas. “Sorry guys, I’m not really into parties. Maybe next time.” He replied nonchalantly.

His friends groaned loudly. He could almost feel their eyes rolling through the phone.

“Yah Hong Jisoo, you better stick to your word or else.” S.Coups playfully threatened.

“Yeah yeah. Hey I’m hanging up now. Catch you guys later,” Joshua hung up, laughing. “Tch, me? Get a girlfriend?”

Joshua wasn’t the type to tag along to parties. Better yet he wasn’t the type to do anything exciting at all. He spent most of his time at home playing his guitar or performing a small gig at the café downtown. He enjoyed living a simple life with no worries. But there was something else about him that made him unique from his hyperactive companions.

He didn’t believe in love at first sight. No, Joshua didn’t believe in love period.

All of those stories of fate and finding your soulmate didn’t faze him. It was all too good to be true.

He finally arrived at the bus stop. Joshua scrolled through his phone as he waited for the bus to come. “But I know very well…gentlemen don’t kiss and tell…and I promise I won’t tell the world, If you say you want to be my girl, in your words…” He softly sang.

The sound of footsteps approaching startled him. Joshua looked to his right only to see you standing there with a book in your hand.

She didn’t hear me did she? He thought quietly to himself. Oh whatever…

There was a moment of silence. Only the sound of the cars passing was present. Joshua suddenly felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned his head and suddenly you were beside him. His eyes widened in shock, taken aback by your quiet movements.

“Excuse me, do you have the time?” you asked in a quiet manner.

He stared at you in silence. Huh, she’s really pretty. Joshua studied your appearance well. Your soft features, the way your hair fell against your skin, your gentle gaze as you looked up at him. It was almost…perfect.

You tilted your head waiting for an answer, “Um…hello?”

Joshua blinked rapidly, getting out of his trance. “Oh! It’s uh…1:30”

“Thank you.” You bowed your head before going back to your spot.

“You’re uh…welcome…” His voice trailed off as you walked away. He rubbed the back of his neck, trying to keep his composure. Joshua hasn’t felt this flustered since his first performance. Especially not for a girl.

What are you doing…you can’t seriously be falling for her like that. He shook his head. “Nope…not now Joshua. Now’s not the right time.” He murmured to himself.

Your bus had finally arrived. You quietly gathered your things and boarded.

He watched you get on. Never taking his eyes off of you.


It took 130 seconds to meet you.

130 seconds to memorize your features.

130 seconds to fall one more time.

But it took longer for him to forget you.

Eldarya boys (+Leiftan) watching a horror movie with Gardienne

Since October includes Halloween (umm… I don’t want to complain, beemoov, still, thanks for the potion, an episode is fine as well ^^ But… um… Halloween event?), I thought that this kind of scenario for every boy (Ezarel, Nevra, Valkyon, and Leiftan) would be sweet :) You think that it’s accurate? Enjoy!


- truly not there to watch the movie at first

- imagines enjoying the time while you scare yourself off, probably initiating something during the movie (what have you expected by that guy, of course he doesn’t let a chance slip!)

- but uh-uh the vampire is so wrong, to him, it’s the worst date you went to since a LONG time, and that most definetly WON’T be repeated (unless you beg and reward him afterwards ;))

- during the movie, he actually is so scared that he feels unable to move

- in the end, you are so worried about him that you offer him to go out

- But Nevra’s ego lets him refuse it and they watch it until the end

- He and Gardienne have the silent agreement not to watch horror movies anymore (he thinks)

- She secretly finds him insanely cute, since he was cuddling with her all the time during the movie, but Nevra insists on not going there again and avoids the word “movie” and “cinema” for an eternity afterwards

- And, let’s be honest, you REALLY hurt his ego if you tease him about him, so… please don’t

- If you do, of course he’ll fend it off from being extremely embarrassing, but inside he is really ashamed of the visit… it already scratched on his ego much, just keep him in your memory, screaming by that one saw-guy ;)


- doesn’t like the idea that much, but wants to scare you

- not sure about his reaction, probably depending on the movies: some get him scared as hell, some only a bit

- so either he is damn frightened of it like Nevra or tries to scare you during the movie

- like, always appearing in front of her face, whispering “BOO!” (like, still in the cinema, he can’t scream it sadly) or suddenly shakes her from time to time or sth else (sorry, I’m not Ezarel, only he himself truly knows his tricks)

- which makes you scared and distracted from the movie and Ezarel loves that face so much that it’s worth your death stares

- still, when you grab his hand during a (admittedly he thought so too at that moment, he’s still easily scared) horrific scene, he doesn’t deny it

- on the opposite, he enjoys your touch (stops if it’s too much for him, but won’t, because it’s not and he needs support as well. Yep, Bitchy Blue won’t ever adit it, but it’s true)

- so, he actually likes the idea of a horror movie in the end (not if he reacts the same way Nevra does, which is the rarer case)

- and even if you know that it actually was funny for Ezarel (and yes, for you as well… kind of), you’ll never take him to a horror movie again

- or it will take a long time until then


- Honestly isn’t bothered at all

- He doesn’t like movies anyway, but horror movies are in his personal “really unnecessary stuff why do they exist” stuff

- So he definitely isn’t the one initiating this kind of date

- Besides, he think that it’s boring to just sit and watch something. He rather wants to be active, so he isn’t that enthusiastic. But does it for you though

- like really not, he’s only there for Gardienne if she I scared

- and in addition to him, damn yes she is

- doesn’t really get the point of horror movies, like come on, they aren’t even scarring, but as he sees Gardienne, he tries to comfort her, which ends up in something like cuddling

- tho he is a bit hesitant, he still does it

- you don’t even noticed, you just need his support and don’t mind his warmth around you, you even calm a bit

- Valk himself ends up not hating the idea, but thinking that he doesn’t need the movie to cuddle with Gardienne

- still doesn’t like those movies and doesn’t really care about em, but keeps it for himself, since he doesn’t want to hurt Gardienne in any way

- And honestly, to him, it was good because you were there ;)


- He definitely agrees when you suggest to go on a date to the cinema. How couldn’t he? His company is the best he can have after all. And he just CAN’T deny you anything.

- After Episode 17? You wanna tell me that he’s afraid of horror movies?

- Not. At. All. Really, not moved a bit. Probably interested because he likes the content, showing his slight psycho side

- Don’t get it wrong. He probably likes it, but he just isn’t scared. Or isn’t concerned with the movie if it’s bad. His worst nightmare is to lose you, but that’s it with worst case scenarios. That guy is fearless.

- Even if the movie could be interesting to him, you always would be the thing that draws his attention

- He actually dies inside of cuteness when he sees you scared, grabbing for his arms

- immediately hugs you and looks at you instead of the movie, dying of your reactions and mimics

- when they go outside and you ask him how the movie was, he’ll probably say something like that it didn’t scare him much, but that his attention was elsewhere (and looks at you during a LOOONG silence)

- he may even allow himself a bit of teasing, since he loves being an a(e)ngel for you ;)

- would actually like to go to another horror movie with you, immediately takes it back if he sees that it hurt you

who to fight, daedric princes

Azura: i have no idea why you’d want to fight azura…what has she done to deserve fighting???? nothing.

Boethiah: don’t fight boethiah. you will die. she deserves to be fought but don’t do it

Clavicus Vile: god i hate this guy. fight him.

Hermaeus Mora: holy fuck do not fight him. have you seen enough hentai to know where that would go because i have

Hircine: fight him. he’s a cool guy tbh. he’d play fair and if you won he’d probably give you some cool shit as a reward

Jyggalag: don’t fight this guy. he gets enough shit :(

Malacath: don’t fight him. he’s an asshole yeah but his domain is people who are hated by everyone else. for their sake don’t do the thing

Mehrunes Dagon: fight him. fight him holy shit. i will PAY you to fight him, you will die but he needs to be fought

Mephala: honestly don’t even think of fighting her. she’ll probably know and then one of your friends will stab you in the back with a cool sword she gave them to kill you.

Meridia: okay yeah she’s a bit high strung but she’s got her heart in the right place. don’t fight her. you’d lose anyway.

Molag Bal: don’t fight him right away. butter up to him and then stab him in the back after becoming a hot lich king

Namira: this one is gross af. if you fight her make sure you can’t lose or like. you’ll be eaten alive by skeevers or something

Nocturnal: don’t fight her unless you want all your shit stolen. why would you even want to fight her anyway we all know you joined the thieves guild if only to pawn off your shit

Peryite: fight this nerd he’s such a wimp. he’s literally “The Taskmaster” he’s some sort of weird dragon accountant. plus all he gives you is a fucking shield. i mean you won’t get much after winning but you can do it anyway.

Sanguine: dude why would you wanna fight this guy??? Sanguine is super chill his quest in skyrim is literally just you having a wild ride. the exception to this is if youre really, really drunk and have a weird barside brawl. in that case, go ahead he’ll probably just laugh and beat you black and blue but won’t do much else.

Sheogorath: this guy is fucking hilarious keep him alive just to see the shit he gets up to, bruh. just make sure you dont get turned into cheese or something though.

Vaermina: fight her i guess??? i mean she’s kind of a piece of shit but you don’t gain much.

You’re not alone (D.T)

Description: Ethan and Grayson help you get out of a abusive relationship.

Warning: swearing

A/N: I saw this request from another blog and thought of an scenario to write about. 
Also: I have not been in an abusive relationship, I just seen too many movies and have a big imagination. 

You slipped the key in and turned the knob slowly, you quickly get in turning around to quietly close and locked the door. It’s 2 AM and you pray both of the twins are either out or sleeping.

“Y/N” Grayson calls out from the living room

“Shit” you whispered. You pull down your sleeves and bite down on your busted lip, hoping they won’t notice. You head to the living room to see them editing their next video.

“Hey, come check our new video, Gray’s an idiot“ Ethan said as he turns around to look at you

You step in but not to close and watch a few clips of the boys being the goofy guys that they are.

“Why are you home so late?“ Grayson asked

“Just finished my date with Kevin and wanted to sleep at home. I’m just gonna take a quick shower and head to bed.“ You said while covering your lip with your phone.

The next morning you wake up, the swelling went down overnight but you covered it with concealer and lipstick just to be sure. You throw on a sweater to cover the bruises on your arms and head to the kitchen for breakfast. Both Ethan and Grayson looked at you confused.

“What’s up with the sweater?“ Ethan asked

“I know you miss the cold weather but it’s like 80 degrees in here and probably 90 outside“ Grayson said

“I feel like I’m coming up with a cold so I threw this on.“ You lied.

Grayson made pancakes and you all sat at the table. Everyone knows if you have a jacket or anything long sleeve, you always roll/push it up and seeing that you’re not doing it right now, they just stare at you, knowing that somethings wrong.

‘‘Y/N, are you okay?” Ethan asked

“You’re gonna get syrup on your sleeves” Grayson said

He tries to pull up your sleeve but you slap his hand

“Guys, I’m fine. Stop looking at me like I’m a ghost“ You said

“Do you want to go to the beach with us today?” Ethan asked changing the topic

The thought of being soaked in the sun and riding waves with the guys was something you definitely needed but with the bruises and marks on your body would be too noticeable.

Your phone goes off and you get a text from Kevin:

Come over now

“I gotta go guys“ You got up as quick as you could and left before either of them could ask any more questions.


“What took you so long” Kevin huffed

“Sorry, traffic” You explained 

“I’m sure your two boyfriends kept you busy, which one did you fuck first?” He laughed

Kevin wasn’t a big fan of the twins, especially since you live with them. Kevin’s ask multiple times for you to move in but you declined every time. You roll your eyes and try not to make eye contact with him. 

“We’re going to a party tonight, so go shop for something actually… attracting” he stares at your sweater. 

The thing is with Kevin, he doesn’t act abusive in public, he holds the door for you, holds your hand, kisses your cheek and everyone falls for it, including you.  He’s a people person so of course everyone loves him and think he’s the best boyfriend ever. So if you were to tell anyone about what’s happened no one will believe you.


You found a sweater dress long enough pass the thighs, finally feeling confident and comfortable. Kevin, being an hour late, you sit on the couch waiting while looking at social media.

“Y/N” Ethan and Grayson appear from the room next door.

“What’s going on with you lately, are you hiding something from us?“ Ethan asked

And like clock work, Kevin calls your phone telling you he’s outside. You apologize to the guys and leave, dreading the night. You and Kevin finally pull up to the house, you not knowing whose house. Not even 10 minutes in, Kevin’s down 3 beers. You search around for familiar faces, none. You find a couch and play candy crush until you have no more lives.

“What happened to your thigh?” a random girl asked

You look down and see your big, blue-ish/purple-ish bruise that you thought you covered.

“I hit myself with my car door on accident” You played it off

Feeling uncomfortable, you look for Kevin who’s already had too much to drink.

“Hey, can we go home, I don’t feel so good, give me the car keys, I’ll drive” You said

“Fuck off, Y/N” Kevin said

“We just got here and you want to ruin the fun” He raises his voice

“You had too many to drink already, either you slow down or we go home right now” You said

“Baby, you ain’t going no where. You’re staying right here with me, you want to go home, to your boyfriends?” He chuckled

“Stop, you’re causing a scene” You lowered your voice

“You want a scene?” He smirked

Kevin grabs your wrist and forces beer down your lips, spilling all over your dress, smelling 100% like Corona. You try to grab the car keys out of his pocket but he pushes you down, knocking the wind out of you. Shocked, you push through the crowd, asking if you’re okay, and run outside towards the sidewalk. Trying to call an Uber, your phone is completely off and sticky. Great.

You walk a couple of blocks and finally get a cab. You enter the cab and give the address of home, you looked at the car clock 

4:15 AM


You turn the knob slowly and tip-toe in, you get startled by Ethan and Grayson standing right in front of you.

“Where have you been, we’ve been calling your phone non-stop“ Ethan said

Both running up to hug you. You winced at the tightness as they hugged you.

“What happened, you smell like beer“ Grayson said

“I called Kevin to ask where you were and he cussed us out and hung up“ Ethan said

You sat the twins down and told them everything, showing them all the bruises and marks on your body. A new bright red one on your wrist from the incident from before.

Ethan walking back and forth behind the couch

“I’m going to have a full fledged freak out” Ethan dramatically said

Honestly, you should be freaking out like Ethan but, you sit on the couch, numb.

“We need to call the police, and have this bastard arrested.” Ethan said

“E, chill out, will figure something out. How come you never told us, Y/N?” Grayson asked

Your eyes bloodshot, tired of tears none of them fall out anymore.

“I thought no one would believe me” You confessed

“Y/N, we would believe you, we love and care about you, you wouldn’t lie about something like that” Grayson said

You hug the twins and thank them for everything. You finally get cleaned up and got some rest.

You woken up to a knock at the door, it was Grayson. He scheduled an appointment to get your bruises checked, to see if there was any internal bleeding. 

You and the twins sat in the doctors room, waiting for the results. You had a broken rib. Both of the twins looked so furious. The car ride home was too silent. Not the average, singing along to the radio or stories, just complete silence. 

“I’m calling the cops right now, he won’t get away with this, we have proof!“ Ethan shouted

“Ethan, no!“ You begged

“Why not, he hurt you, not once, not twice, multiple times, Y/N.“ Ethan said

“He doesn’t love you, he wouldn’t physically hurt you if he did. He’s a coward.” Grayson said

“You’re not alone, Y/N. We’ll be by your side every step of the way” Ethan said grabbing your hand

You finally agree and filed a report on Kevin. Months go by and you have the court date. You have pictures, texts and medical proof, ready to win the case. You enter the courtroom with your lawyer and the twins. You look around and see almost everyone you remembered seeing at the party, they came to testify. Every single one of them told the judge how hostile and violent Kevin was that night. You won the case without any competition. Kevin was served the maximum 1 year for domestic violence with probation. You hug the twins, crying as you feel a huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders. The twins take you out to dinner to celebrate. Everything felt normal again.

You and the guys sit around the TV, finally catching up on Stranger Things 2

Ethan pauses the show

“What the hell E, I wanna see if Nancy and Jonathan hooks up or not!” You threw a pillow at him

“Y/N, Gray and I want you to make a video on domestic violence“ Ethan said

Your throat dries up

“I just won the case, now you want me to talk about it?” You stutter

“It will have more people aware and it could help others who are scared and could be in the same situation you had. You have a voice, use it“ Ethan said

“You’re not alone, we’ll be in the video with you, supporting you like we always do. We can take breaks if you need to and edit out whatever your not comfortable with.” Grayson said

It took you a lot of encouragement, but you agreed. Without the twins, you wouldn’t be where you are right now. They stood by your side and never gave up on you and by doing this video, you hope this encourages someone to do the same.

The next morning, Ethan sets up the camera and you guys sit on the couch.

“You ready?“ He asked

You took a deep breath “Yeah”

“What’s up guys, we’re back“ Grayson said in a serious voice

“and today’s video is going to be serious and important“ Ethan said then looked at you

“Hey guys, many of you know me and knew of my situation but, to those who don’t, I’m here to talk about my domestic abuse relationship.“ You said

anonymous asked:

Aaa hello I just heard you gave good advice about clipping concert? See I'm seeing clipping Wednesday and I'm so nervous like what do I wear??? Where could I meet daveed? Like I don't wanna be creepy or pushy but like I wanna meet him but I don't wanna like wait after the show and him not show up or me like rush over to him and be rude. But also he will be with flaming lips so what should I really do?? I'm just so nervous like ughg


Here’s the advice I gave to the other anon that asked, but since u have specific questions i can address those too. i’m operating under the assumption that u dont go to many shows or that this is ur first one so sorry if im like. mansplaining

1. Try not to get too nervous! It’ll be fine– daveed is used to meeting fans, every time i’ve seen him he’s been really gracious and down-to-earth with everyone and you’re not gonna weird him out unless you do something inappropriate (and given the fact that you even asked me this question i think you have nothing to worry about)

2. What to wear: literally anything. The flaming lips are known for their campy extravagant shows and colorful crowds, so anything goes. There will be people in the audience wearing jeans/tshirts, there will be people wearing what they wore to work that day, there will be people wearing metallic bodysuits and rainbow facepaint, there will be at least one person dressed as a giant eyeball, its literally impossible to look out of place at a flaming lips concert so dont worry about that.

If you can, try to wear something short-sleeved, or at least layers, because it will probably get really hot in the crowd. Some venues have coat racks where you can store your stuff but more than likely youre gonna have to hang on to whatever you have all night, so keep that in mind too

3. Where to meet Daveed: OK SO clipping’s opening set will probably be like 45 minutes to an hour long. Then there’ll be maybe a half hour break for the flaming lips to get set up, and then they’ll play and wreak havoc for a couple hours.

As far as I know, The Clipping Dudes will hang out at the merch table in the break between sets and probably during some of the flaming lips’ set. So if you wanna say hi or ask for a photo, that’ll be ur best bet. You can take your time getting over there bc they’ll probably need some time backstage to cool down, but don’t wait until after the flaming lips are finished playing bc they will probably be back in their bus by then. 

If you go over and they’re not there, you can check with the merch guy to see if/when they’ll come out (and maybe buy some merch?? they have a good shirt with birds on it). Anyway his name is Josh. Hes very approachable and he will help you

ALSO I KNOW I SAID THIS IN THE OTHER POST AND I DONT WANNA BE CONDESCENDING BUT ITS IMPORTANT JUST IN CASE: be respectful of the band!! Everyone’s excited to meet daveed but if jonathan and bill are there, give em the love they deserve too. it wouldnt be clipping without them and they’re way underappreciated, and all three are super nice and down to earth. also dont bring up hamilton no one wants to hear about that

RELATED: if u can, dont just leave after clipping’s set! both times ive seen them there were people who left before the other band even came onstage and it was kinda :///// even if u dont know the flaming lips, at least stay for a little while to see if u like their set before u just go home (or better yet, listen to them beforehand to familiarize urself with their music). They have one of the most entertaining live shows i’ve ever been to, plus out of all the times ive seen them this tour was the most fun out of all of them so. Stick around and enjoy if u can


Why am I reading this

Household affairs updated today and I sometimes don’t know why I’m reading cause none of the characters are that likeable. The husband while handsome (who it seems the series it making out to be the ‘good’ guy) is still a contract killer who’s also abusive to and depending on how you look at it rapes his wife, so its hard for me to feel bad for him getting cheated on. I mean dude you only married her as a cover and are prepared to kill her at any moment if she finds out who you really are and the idea of her cheatings bothers you? While the wife has no idea about the contract killer part and is the regular neglected housewife role who’s getting banged by a chicken delivery boy loser who is a total douche bag I guess she’s just such a clueless person it bothers me. I mean I think she was drunk which is why she randomly screws the delivery and this whole pathetic relationship ensues which she is emotionally miserable in and only sexually satisfied, i do however give her credit for trying to tell her husband she cheated on him to which he basically lifts her up by the neck then doesn’t believe. The pink haired assistant for the husband is a straight up murderous nut case with an unhealthy obession with the husband that leads her to almost rape him while hes unconscious in a hospital bed. Lastly the fried chicken delivery guy is just this horny loser who you hope the husband might end up killing and I have nothing else to say about him. Maybe I just wanna see if this is all gonna come crashing down on all of them and I’m wondering will anyone come out of this okay? Not to mention see I want the red head chick and the delivery guy to axed already which it seems like these two will be the losers in this and the husband and wife will probably reconcilea or the husband dies.

Birth of a team | Part 1

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Summary: When a threat arises into Shield, (Y/n) is called on the case. What happens when she is flanked by none other than Sergeant Barnes?

Warnings: swearing

A/N: hey guys! So, I got this idea and I thought about writing it down. It’s gonna be a short serie and with not too many warnings. Said that, tags are open so just ask if you wanna be tagged and feedback is more than appreciated :) let’s see how it goes!

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Vote on which series you’d like to see next!

Now, I have four, currently, that are ready to be written. Hell. I’ve already started on all a few of them. 

So I’ve teased a couple of these before, but I’ll still put the summaries up so that you guys can vote at the end to see which one you’d most like to see next. The truth is I just am unable to work on any of these right now because I just don’t know what you guys wanna see! So you pick! Haha.

Hitwoman (Cas x Reader, AU):

As one of America’s finest assassins, someone has put in a call for you to kill Dean Winchester, who is dead to the system. You would normally turn down such a case - only, your life and ten million dollars are on the line. You’d never been offered so much for a job, and your life has certainly never been threatened - so you take it. While on your hunt for Dean, you meet and fall in love with his best friend, who also just so happens to help run one of the largest drug cartels in the world - Castiel Novak. Will this interfere with your job? Will you kill Dean Winchester? Or will someone kill you if you can’t finish the job?

Nine Years (Dean x Reader, Set in season 8):

Nine years ago you sat across from Dean in this very diner before you would sneak off to the local motel in Winnebago, Nebraska. It was nine years ago that you had to cut off all ties with him for yours, his, and someone else’s well being. There’s a big secret that you’ve kept over these last nine years, and now that you’re back in Winnebago, working a werewolf case, it looks like all of those secrets might just come out.  But will Dean hate you forever when he finds out? Or will he regret ever keeping his feelings from you a secret before you left nine years ago?

Castiel’s Grace (Cas x Reader, AU):

Castiel saved your life by injecting you with his own grace when you were injured on a cosmic scale. Little did he know that you would become addicted to it. Of course, another angel’s grace will do, but it won’t last forever. You need Castiel’s. But when he loses his grace on a hunt and becomes human, and you have no way to get your fix, how will you survive?

Right or Wrong? (Misha x Reader, AU):

You’re home from college for the summer, and you quickly learn that your mother has married a new man… again. You didn’t know who Misha Collins was before, but now you do… he’s your new step dad. Your mom is gone a lot, being the CEO of an important company, leaving you alone with Misha. And little does Misha know that your mother has a track record of cheating on every husband she’s ever had, and there’s just… something about the way that Misha looks at you. Can you and Misha resist each other? Or will you both risk everything and give into temptation?

You can take your vote by clicking the link down below! I’ll leave the poll open until… probably Thursday or Friday!