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Dating Baekhyun Would Include

yo i am surprised i haven’t done one for the talented, tease <3 i am kinda tired and i don’t feel like writing tons - SO i shall do one of these after so long.

sooo, here it is (i shall try my best lads) ~

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Imagine getting jealous after Sonny reunites with his first love

Imagine getting jealous after Sonny reunites with his first love

“Amanda!” you hissed as she walked by you, you grabbed her arm and pulled her beside you.

“Is it still going on?” she asked, looking over in the same direction you were.
With narrowed eyes you nodded.

“Am I being crazy?” you asked looking for reassurance.

“Most definitely.” she chuckled.

“But he’s still talking to her.” you pointed out, “It’s been thirty minutes.”

“They might be talking about a case.” Amanda offered, watching them.

Suddenly, they both broke out into laughter.

“Yeah, they are definitely talking about the case.” you commented rolling your eyes dramatically.

“Hey, you know that Sonny would never cheat on you, right? That boy loves you more than life itself.” Amanda reminded.

“I know.” you sighed, “He’s annoyingly literally the perfect guy. He’s too sweet to notice when anyone is flirting with him. I trust him. I just don’t trust anyone else. The might take advantage of him.”

“He’s a big boy. He can take care of himself.” Amanda informed.

“Hardly, he’s more of a puppy dog. An adorable little puppy dog who needs to be protected from the big bad world.” you commented trying to be bitter but emotion took over.

“If I don’t know any better I would say that you’re jealous.” Amanda sing-songed, raising her eyebrows at you.

“Me, jealous? Ha.” you scoffed playing it off.

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Ten Inch Hero Part 2

Characters: Jensen x Reader

Words: 1801

Summary: Filming for Ten Inch Hero continues!

Part 37 in The Future Series.  Read Part 12 here, Part 13 here,Part 14 here,Part 15 here, Part 16 here, Part 17 here, Part 18 here, Part 19 here,Part 20 here, Part 21 here, Part 22 here,Part 23 here,Part 24 here, Part 25 here, Part 26 here,Part 27 here, Part 28 here, Part 29 here, Part 30 here, Part 31 here, Part 32 here, Part 33 here, Part 34 here, Part 35 here, and Part 36 here.

Sorry it’s late today, guys. My laptop is being a major pain. Hoping to get it  all sorted out today. Anyways, enjoy this part!! :)

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Merthur- I was cleaning up and I found an old birthday card I gave to you years ago. Why did you keep it? can you write it please?

“This place is a tip,” Arthur moaned. “Honestly Merlin I don’t know how you live like this.”

“And I don’t know why you turned up to help out,” Merlin retorted, folding his arms.

They were a room’s worth of clutter apart, Merlin folding up bedding into a hideous oversized orange laundry bag and Arthur sorting through the endless boxes under Merlin’s bed.

“I wasn’t planning to but Morgana offered my services.”

“You could’ve said no.”

“You don’t say no to Morgana.”

Merlin seemed to think that was fair enough because he just moved onto packing the pillow cases.

It was true Morgana had told him to go help Merlin pack to move into his new place but she didn’t force his hand. As much as Merlin said it, Arthur wasn’t actually a prat, he’d help one of his oldest friends move house. Anyway maybe he got some sadistic delight in telling Merlin what a pig sty he lived in.

“I’m gonna put this downstairs,” Merlin said, hoisting a fully loaded bag on his hip and struggling out of the room. Arthur would offer to help but last time he did that Merlin huffed something about being ‘perfectly capable’ and how he didn’t need a 'knight in shining armour’.

Arthur continued packing even though this would be the opportune moment for an impromptu break but like he said, he wasn’t actually a prat. And what happened next was totally not Arthur’s fault. Not one tiny bit.

Arthur pulled out a box from under Merlin’s bed - an old Office shoe box. A bit tattered but not dusty which was considerable as everything else in the room seemed to be. And the lid, obviously well-love had worn away in the corner. Inside Arthur caught sight of something oddly familiar.

Curiosity got the better of him and without thinking too much about “invasion of privacy” (it was only Merlin anyway), he opened the box for closer inspection. Inside was a surmountable number of cards and trinkets but on the very top was a badly drawn sketch of Merlin and Arthur that Arthur had drawn for Merlin on one of his teen birthdays. The year Arthur fancied himself as a bit of a comic book artist.

Arthur smiled back at the memory. Trust Merlin to keep something like this.
He heard a little shuffle and looked up to see Merlin standing in the doorway, staring at him.

“What are you doing?”

“Is this an old birthday card from me?”

Merlin sighed and then exasperatedly said, “what does it look like?”
Arthur shrugged, alright stupid question.

“Arthur, can you-”

“On my gods,” Arthur interrupted, seeing another old card from him and taking it out of the box. It was just an old M&S one but Arthur had decorated it with stick men as himself to make it more interesting.

“This must be one of the first cards I ever gave you,” Arthur said, looking up at Merlin and smiling but Merlin just looked more irritated. “What is this box?”

“It’s just where I keep old crap like birthday cards, you know,” Merlin said dismissively. “Come on, Arthur. We need to get on with this.”

But Arthur was enjoying this nostalgia trip too much. He picked out another card from the box - another from him. He looked inside. Okay, the message could have used a little work but Merlin knew what he meant.

“Seriously Merlin these are all from me, are you sure you have any other mates?”

“Of course I do you insensitive prat and I’m about to call one of them to come over and help me out because you’re useless.”

But the more Arthur looked the more interesting it became. Suddenly Merlin was in front of him taking the box out of his hand and the cards and packing it away.

“Enough reminiscing.”

Arthur didn’t want to stop, those were the best times of his life, those moments with Merlin. But why did Merlin hold onto all that crap Arthur had given him?

“Seriously Merlin why did you keep all my shit cards?”

“Cause I’m a sentimental fool like that,” Merlin offered, shrugging.

“Yeah I get cards from your mum and stuff but my ones? They were all terrible.”

Merlin just looked at the box in his hands.

“I don’t know, you always wrote nice messages inside them.”

“'You’re an alright guy and I hope you have an alright birthday’,” Arthur quoted verbatim from the card he’d looked inside of.

“Well,” Merlin sighed. “You’re not Shakespeare.”

Merlin picked up the box and left the room.

Something felt wrong. Nice messages? Those were shit messages, they didn’t say a thing about how much Merlin meant to Arthur. But Merlin knew it, right? Because how much he meant to Arthur was an awful fucking lot.

Arthur stood there in Merlin’s room and it dawned on him. Throughout six years of friendship, he’d never let on to Merlin how important he was to him, in case Merlin saw too much. In case Merlin realised Arthur was head over heels for the idiot. But friends needed to know they were important and loved too. Arthur had allowed his feelings for Merlin turn him into a pretty shit friend.

Merlin was back in the room, head low, packing photos into a box. The quiet was deafening.

“You know you’re more than just an 'alright guy’ to me, right Merlin?”

“It’s alright Arthur, you don’t have to do this,” Merlin replied without lifting his head. He was packing those damn photographs like he thought they were a china tea set.
Merlin was giving him an out but Arthur wouldn’t take it - he wouldn’t be a bloody coward, not this time.

“I’m not just here because Morgana said I would be,” Arthur tried, moving around the clutter to get closer to Merlin. “I’m here because I want to be, I want to help you out.”

“Well that’s,” Merlin paused, “very nice of you Arthur.”

Arthur was next to Merlin now.

“And I wanted to help you out because you’re-”

He’s what?

Brilliant. Funny. Endearingly charming. Intelligent. Kind. Utterly beautiful.

- “ you’re Merlin.”

Merlin turned to look at him.

“Thanks Arthur,” he said barely biting back the sarcasm.

“No Merlin,” Arthur snapped, grabbing Merlin’s arm, stopping him from packing any more stupid photos. God damn it, Arthur was trying here.

Merlin was staring at him now, looking more and more confused the longer Arthur’s words were lost. Arthur’s brain was screaming 'kiss him’ but he was trying to be a good friend here not to use the moment to pursue something he knew impossible to him.

“Because you’re the greatest man I have ever met,” Arthur finally admitted. Merlin’s eyes were huge and bluer than ever. “Honestly, my life has improved a million times over just from having you in it.”

Merlin stared at him.

“Who are you and what have you done with Arthur Pendragon?”

Arthur sighed.

“I mean it, Merlin,” he said, rolling his eyes. The one time he tries to tell Merlin even a glimmer of how much he means to him and Merlin makes a joke.

Arthur let go of Merlin’s arm and began to move away but Merlin grabbed him back and suddenly he was being pulled in and Merlin’s lips were on his.

He was soft and warm and very light. And Arthur couldn’t get his head in gear and he didn’t kiss Merlin back at all. He just stood there.

Merlin immediately pulled back and looked honestly as shocked by his own actions as Arthur was.

Merlin had kissed him.

Merlin had kissed him.

“Arthur I-”

“You should probably text your new landlord.”


“And tell them you’re going to be late.”

“Arthur what-”

And Arthur kissed him back, hard.


I love you guys omg.  AHAH for the first bit YES I DID!!  Haha I actually tried my best to be polite and told him nicely to leave me alone.  Then reported and blocked them.  I’m pretty sure it was that dude who has been harassing HTTYD and dragon artists lately cause his typing was nearly impossible to understand just like that dude.   I saved pics of our conversation in case Tumblr staff needs more evidence or whatever but they should get the convo from the chat.  Aw thank you moon!! <3  You guys are great omg.  <3


So I heard about the vlive with Hansol and such. I really do hope that he is being taken care of. I JUST WANT THEM TO BE HAPPY AND GET SOME MORE RECOGNITION. I know it’s a hard way up there but I will keep supporting them. And I also really hope that no one tries to put him down more or else they gonna be ready to run my fade. I understand how he feels and I do have my own problems but they actually make me happy so I don’t want them to feel that way. Please show support for Hansol and all of toppdogg. I would write more but that would take ages.

How to Woo A Moose - Part 1

A/N: So this is just the first part of what has turned into something a lot longer than I intended it to… I set out to write a schmoopy Valentines day fic and I ended up with a little angst, but I’m gonna make it right! It’s Valentines day, these two have gotta kiss, right?!

I hope you guys enjoy this, I’ll make sure I tag each post with #HowToWooAMoose in case you miss a part.


“Can you please just stop and consider doing this one thing for me?”

“No, I-”

“C'mon, I don’t often ask for favors, but just this once, please?”

“You are gonna need a lot more luck than my arrows to get Sam Winchester to fall in love with you…”

Gabriel heaved a dramatic sigh. It felt hopeless. Cupid had shot him down again. How else was he supposed to get such a handsome moose of a man to notice him?

Killing his brother off for a thousand Tuesdays didn’t go over so hot.

Trapping them in his own little TV land to get them to play their destined roles wasn’t much better.

“Sacrificing” himself for them, well, for Sam, may have gained him some favor… but now? He was supposed to be dead.

“Look,” Cupid said to the archangel, near exasperated over the circumstances. “Have you even tried just, I don’t know, talking to him?” There was enough on their plate not to have deal with such a request as this.

If ever there was a look of ‘You’ve got to be absolutely kidding me, do I look like an idiot?’, Gabriel was the master of it… although, if he were honest, he would have to admit that yeah he was kind of avoiding the whole talking thing.

“No, but, I-”

“No 'buts’, Gabriel! Talk to Sam, actually tell him how you feel… you don’t know until you try.”

The archangel looked absolutely pathetic when he pouted- brows furrowed, lower lip trembling a little, there was no denying that face… unless you’re Cupid, in which case a death glare was fired in response.

“I’ve got enough hopeless romantics on my plate this week, you gotta work this one out on your own, mister 'Casa Erotica’!” Cupid said before finally turning to go, leaving an absolutely stupefied archangel in their wake.

“That- That was one time! And nobody was supposed to know about it!” He shouted after Cupid, scuffing his foot against the ground in frustration.

How was he supposed to woo a moose so divine as Sam Winchester?


There, in front behind, Ahsha saw a man, who was staring at the view through the windows, totally relaxed. The woman though was everything expect relax. She was shocked, afraid and getting upset by the second, as the strong feeling of rape of her intimacy filled the room. When the stranger turned around, seeing his goddess , in bone and flesh Ahsha was now sure. It wasn’t Derek. She tighten her bath dress around her body , trying to cover her nakedness under it , to be sure he doesn’t see any of her birthday suit. She couldn’t believe that a totally stranger succeed to enter in her room like he was her husband. The miss of security was now effect and she felt in danger. Who know why he came for. She could be dead by now. But after the day Ahsha had, and the fact that Derek didn’t answer his phone already send Ahsha upset , now this stranger put her in a rage

“ Who the hell are you ?! ” she asked but shake her head, she doesn’t even want to know , she doesn’t want to be in his Précense any longer. She had a bad feeling that something horrible was about to happen and she was damn right “ Never mind, Can you please leave my room. This is totally inappropriate”

The stranger made couple step toward her and immediacy Ahsha cringe.

“ Inappropriate my love ?” he spoke “ No no , I have been chasing you since you became a devil girl. I love you my sweet Ahsha. You’re so beautiful , so pretty”

The guy was having some stars in the eyes. Like he was truly believe his fantasy.  Ahsha quickly understand that he was. She was used to delusional crazy groupie of Derek, but she never walk on one of her. Represent a fantasy couple made some men wanted to be in Derek’s spot, having Ahsha. Her mistake was to think that just her husband was a fantasy. While it was clearly not the case

“ You need to get out of here. You’re tripping” she said, the sound of her voice higher. She couldn’t explain it. But she sense in her bone that more she was passing some time with this guy and more her life will take another corner

“ What are you saying my darling” dreamed the stranger.“  I love you and you love me ”

It was impossible to reason him. At every of his nickname and sweet words she felt disgusted . She felt sick , deep down in her throat. She just wanted for the man to leave, right the way

“ What are you chasing is a fantasy Sir” slowly spoke Ahsha “ I’m married to the man I love and this is not you. I’m sorry but you need to leave now or I call the security ”

Ahsha doesn’t wanted to be rude , it wasn’t in her education. But it was a flaw because right now , the worse was coming , literally speaking behind in the elevator , a ring to his left hand.

“ The security ? Baby don’t be like that , see you took a bath ready for me . We can make love now” said the guy

The door of the suite opened herself, Derek walked in , a flower bouquet in the hands and chocolate box in the other

“ Guess who is here to surprise you my love ” sang Derek , a huge smile on the face. But it quickly disappears when he saw the scene. What he saw … was his wife , a half naked under a white bath dress and a man , in her hotel room, where everything can happen

“ Derek!!!” screamed Ahsha , even more shocked

Her body didn’t betrayed her and what she felt happened. Derek surprised her, with another man who wasn’t him. If there is something she know more than herself it’s her husband. And Derek’s reaction confirmed it. All he was holding fell on the floor. The man looked at Derek , like the husband just interrupted something. All Derek vision became red, as his anger deformed everything in the room. For him the scene was well worse


The two other adults in the room jumped on themselves. They were now in the same case, in front of an enraged Derek. There was two side, Derek and the cheaters. Ahsha was breathless , she didn’t know what to say to calm Derek.

“ Derek this is not what you think ” she explained

“ I’m her man!!!!!” proudly said the stranger

Obviously he under esteem what Derek was capable of and wanted to die. It would have been easier to just shot himself. Instead he was tripping on the wrong woman , Derek’s one. If the player couldn’t express what he was feeling for his wife , he didn’t have the same problem for the nigga in front of him. He wanted to kill him


The aggression happened so fast. Derek ran into the guy and grabbed his throat. Fiercely! If it would have been just that. The crazy loose his balance and fell on the floor. Which was excellent for Derek. He mount on him , and started to punch the guy in the face

“ Derek stop !!!” cried out Ahsha

It never been in his intention to put more than just one stroke. Derek wanted to hurt him , just once for the disgrace this guy put on his marriage. But something in Derek prevent him to stop. He crushed his phalange all over again , right and left until they were covered of a red substance. The violence of it, froze Ahsha’s blood

“ DEREK!!!” she screamed , afraid

But more Derek put a stroke and more the pain in his heart was flying away , probably thank to the adrenaline. He knew he needed to stop and the poor man wasn’t even trying to protect himself by now but it didn’t make him stop

“ Derek you’re going to hurt him ” yelled Ahsha

That…he really heard it. But again , Derek wasn’t thinking straight. What he heard was Ahsha’s fear. He heard how terrified her voice sound for…Derek hurt her lover. He stopped and stand up , fast . The victim on the floor was surely having the nose broken and two black eyes . He was alive , even caught. Derek in the other hand was like a killer walking dead. He walked to Ahsha , fiercely grabbed her chin and totally backed her against the first wall

“ Hurt him ?!” he spitted “ What about what I’ m going to do to you huh ?”

The look he was using to see his Ahsha never appears in his eyes before. Ahsha could see the disgust, the anger, the violence, the hate and the worse, some killer instinct. She tried to fight the grip but Derek’s hand was well too strong

“ Derek you’re hurting me” she said, in tears

Derek came back to the real world. Where he was terrifying his wife. A wife who was in tears and shacking. He could see in her eyes that she was seeing him abuse her. Derek never been this kind of guy. He didn’t want to be this kind of man . He was already feeling like shit for having scare her like this. He released her without walk away

“divorce… ” he whispered between her lips “ I WANT THE FUCKING DIVORCE ”

Just like that , he end up his marriage , he end up Ahsha’s live

After Derek’s left, Ahsha had to cancel her visit for the next day and went to the airport. She needed to run after Derek and go back to LA, trying to fix it. She refused her marriage was ending like this. On her way back to the mansion she was running and in the hurry, her phone at the ear. She never stop calling him , always falling on his voice mail. After the man who just ruined her life had been take in the hospital and Ahsha threat him to ruin his life if he was putting charge against Derek , a hysteric Ahsha grabbed all her stuff and package. She then ran to the elevator of the hotel and storm in the taxi. Then she ran to catch her flight , once she land at LA she drive like a crazy to the mansion. She knew she wasn’t having a lot of time because Derek was already ahead her. The mansion door opened in a huge noise , surprising Sofia, their maid, in their hallway

“ Derek! Derek!” screamed Ahsha. But the answer she got wasn’t what she was looking for

“ Mr Roman isn’t here Mrs Ahsha. He came home two hours ago , pack some clothes and left ” explained a really calm Sofia for Ahsha. For the dear Mrs Roman , her life was falling apart

“ Left ? He left ?”  she repeated, close to cry again. Of course any time Derek wasn’t answering to his phone, the tears and pain intensified on Ahsha’s cheek

“ Yes Mrs Roman”

“ Did he said where he was going ?” asked Ahsha desperate

“ No Madame”

“ How many baggage did he take ” she insisted

This is only there the maid notice the statement of the woman of the house . Ahsha was having an unusual worry .

“ I don’t know Mrs Ahsha , I was in the washroom when he left . Is there a problem ”

“ No … not at all. I’m just going to call him ”

She tried again , and again it was his voicemail. Derek could show himself completely stubborn and determined sometime. Ahsha doesn’t want to give up on her husband that easily though. She decided to leave a message

’ Derek please hang up the phone. This is a huge misunderstanding’

The doorbell sound and she loudly breath, release that she will have a chance to explain herself and fix it. Expect that the person at the door wasn’t Derek. Why the player would knocked  at his own house. The player who was at the door was a familiar face. He was in a red ensemble, playing with a ball between his hands. She automatically felt disappointed

“ Hey Mrs D. I’m Dwane ” said the new player , smiling. Why everyone was happy around her while she was facing major issue with her husband and that he was out there while he almost kill someone “  Derek and I was suppose to work on our attack tonight ”

“ I know who you are ” coldly spoke Ahsha. The Précense of the young player remind her the coke incident #2 and she accuse her man of using coke again. She guessed what was happening right now was the karma “ you’re throwing your life away ”

“ Obviously Derek seems to be the kind of husband telling everything to his woman ” rolled his eyes Dwane. It was the first time the two of them was having an interaction and heard about each other without actually meet leave some trace

“ Yes. But please come in” invited Ahsha. She almost whispered and her hand on the door , making her body presented in a charming way was sending mixed message without  she know that

“ I’m not going to betrayed a nigga. Wives aren’t my thing” claimed Dwane

He was for sure a mini Derek. Arrogant , sexy, probably fucking everything who was moving. But not wives. Apparently he was having principle

“ Coke is your thing” fought back Ahsha , breaking his act right the way

“ Guess I don’t have the choice now ” replied Dwane , coming in. He followed Ahsha in their living room . Ahsha looked for her phone and called her husband , after the million time “  But if I can say something , you’re too beautiful and too young to be give me a sermon ”

She looked at Derek’s projected as she wait for an answer on the phone , the parallels between the two men was scary

“ You know I used to know a guy like you” she started , her ear still against her phone , but voicemail it was and she tried again.  Her too was determined “  Exactly like you. He was cocky , arrogant but most of it talented. He was fucked up , clearly. He has everything to lose . One day he woke up and decided to be a better man , a better player and a better teammate. If he hadn’t , I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t have the life he have now. The kind of life you guys chose isn’t easy. The money , the drugs , the alcohol , the sex. The life give you so much and can take it back that easily. If you don’t change , the life will take everything you have Dwane. Derek doesn’t answering , I’ll call Terrence”

For a moment Dwane forgot why he was coming for. He saw Ahsha’s beauty. Of course physical but also how her words reached him. Just like it did for Derek

“ I know what happened to the guy ” said Dwane

“ What ?” asked a confused Ahsha. Her was focus on reach one of the boys. All she wanted was to fix her marriage before fix any other personal demon of others

“ The guy you was talking about , I know what happened to him. He fell in love with you . T just texted me , he is meeting me at the arena. Bye Mrs D”

“ Listen man , you will have to answer her ”

Derek declined Ahsha’s call and turn off his phone this time. Of course , his best friend had heard about the situation between him and Ahsha , and as his best friend , his role was to reason Derek. Things was.. Derek was adult enough , stubborn enough to chose to stay not rational and angry. It was easier that way

“ I don’t want to speak about or with a cheater ass. Screw her”

His aggressiveness and anger didn’t left him at all. He felt betrayed so hard and deep that most of his word he wasn’t meant them. Terrence couldn’t let him insult Ahsha though

“ Derek!” he reprimanded

“ Oh Please Terrence leave me the fuck alone with her. I know you adore her so if you want to take her defense I rather you to not say anything”

At this moment , Dwane , coming from the mansion , always in a good mood joined the two devil on the court , at the arena

“ What’s up the grandPa” he teased

“ This kid need education ” replied Terrence

“ Where was you Dwane, we’re waiting for you since 15min” spited Derek

The player wanted to drown under the basket to forget his marital issue. Work work and work

“ I was at your place. I meet your wife and I know why you’re always hurry to come home to smash that ass”

Wrong timing for this kind of joke. And again Derek’s reaction too was well too wrong. He grabbed the young player by his jersey , ready to hit him

“ You saw my wife ?!”

“ Wow D relax! ” tried to calm Terrence. He put a hand on Derek’s shoulder. A gesture that Derek avoid but releasing Dwane. What the fuck was wrong with him ? He was becoming a person that he wasn’t recognize anymore

“ Stay away from Ahsha!!” he yelled at Dwane

The jealousy was turning him into something else. It was clear now. He needed to get his shit together before it eat him alive

“ Enough Derek !You need to calm down bro”

“ Sorry. I’m sorry” he whispered to Dwane

“ It’s cool . It’s me who owe you apologies. I shouldn’t say that . It was inappropriate”

If Dwane didn’t see it into Ahsha , he clearly saw it into his mentor. Some stuff was going on into their marriage. He decided to play the nice student and work hard during his personal training leading by Terrence Wall and Derek Roman

Days after , the situation wasn’t better. Ahsha hadn’t heard about Derek since a while and he didn’t come back at the mansion. She thought they will cross at the arena but it never happened. All she wanted to do was to pass her entire day at home, waiting a sign for Derek. But unfortunately for her , she agreed to go at an appointment with Sloane and she wouldn’t be against receive some nice love and support from her mother. She entered the address Sloane gave her in the gps and end up in front of a mysterious store. Looking like the location of a fortune teller with all kind of mystic stuff

“ Mom where are we ? ” asked Ahsha , holding something with a lot of plume “ I don’t need this”

“ Ahsha we’re not here for shopping. We have a session ” explained the mother. She was glad of the meeting but felt a little anxious on how her daughter will react

“ A what ?” repeated Ahsha

A woman , just like Ahsha was imagine the owner of this place was looking like , a bohemia style , some pearls on the head and a large skirt came out from behind a curtain, with a smile well to big for anyone meeting stranger

“ Bonjour , I’m Flower of sun” salute the woman

“ Who ?” whispered Ahsha. Who called her child like this

“ Ahsha can you have an open mind” requested Sloane. They followed her behind the store , in a room lighten by candles with , Ahsha had to admit it , a really beautiful perfume. On the floor a carpet , with some flower making a circle. Obviously Sloane already came because she felt comfortable as hell , which wasn’t Ahsha case.

“ It’s Ok . I’m use to…resistant” spoke Flower of Sun. She sit on the floor, followed by Sloane" Welcome Ahsha. I’ll ask you to join us on the circle for we start"

Ahsha was perplex but she didn’t want to be disrespectful. She took off her Louboutin , like Sloane took of her own shoes and sit , crossed legged , between the circle of flower

“ What is going on ” whispered Ahsha , leaning to her mother “ Mom I really don’t have the time for your meditation. I have bigger problem. ”

“ Ahsha please” begged Sloane , with a charming smile. How say not to that

“ I can sense that you have a beautiful aura Ahsha” replied Flower of Sun “ Give me your left hand for I can sense the essence of your marriage”

“ Nope”

“ Ahsha” said Sloane

“ Fine!” agreed Mrs Roman

It was the last thing she wanted to do but she hasn’t that much choice , Ahsha wanted to please her mother. She gave her hand to the stranger, her fingertips between hers. The woman caressed them , with her two rings on it. She closed her eyes like she wanted to focus on something. For an instant , Ahsha took off her guard. If this woman was a kind of magician and she could help her to fix her marriage by doing a miracle happen , she wasn’t against. She would need all the help she can get. Whatever belief and faith

“ I can see that your husband is strong. Really strong. He gave you enough strength to fertilize”

Expect that they weren’t here for that. The last word was saying it all

“ What in the hell” yelled Ahsha , standing up. She wanted to be as far from the woman.

“ I can sense the problem Ahsha and it’s coming from you. You’re not open and don’t allow your husband to bless you” she stopped to speak and took a flask with a gold liquid , like it was honey “ You should take this. It will open you more when you and your husband are unified with the nature”

Ahsha couldn’t believe what Sloane just done. And the worse was that her mother spoke about personal detail on her sexual life with a stranger , all in order to have children. Without said a word , Ahsha took her shoes and left the store. This is only on the street that she put her Louboutin on. Sloane ran after her , confused of her reaction

“ Really mom ?! ” argue Ahsha “ You set me up. I don’t need any advice to conceive and I can guarantee you that my thighs are well open when we’re making love. Now if you want to excuse me ”

“ Ahsha what are you so upset ?”

“ Because I’m sick of it! I’m tired of your tentative to put me a baby in the stomach”

“ But baby ” said Sloane , in a really sweet voice. What she wasn’t aware of if that’s a baby was the last of Ahsha’s problem right now. She wasn’t even sure to have a husband to have a child with “  this is going to make a year you guys got married ”

“ Exactly! I just got a husband! We just get married I don’t want to share him. I just want more couple years with my Derek and our marriage , if it left a marriage ”

“ What do you mean ?” questioned Sloane, finally understanding that the source of Ahsha’s tension wasn’t coming from today

“ Derek and I are facing some…problems” admitted Ahsha. It was the first time since Miami that Ahsha was facing how serious the situation was and that it was more than just a misunderstanding. The issue between Derek and her were deepest

“ Which kind Ahsha. Oh my good what didn’t you tell me ”

“ Because you are obsessed with us having a baby mom ”

“ Ahsha I’m listening now” replied Sloane, encouraging her daughter to open up to her. Ahsha looked down , she didn’t know where to start

“ Derek didn’t come home since days. We had an argue and he just left”

“ Call him , he will answer ”

“ No he is not!! This is what he do. We’re facing issue and he rather leave instead of sit and talk. This is what we’re doing! We have terrible communication and it will never change. We’re so stubborn and proud and..with the marriage it’s worse”

It was the first time , Ahsha was admitting how not compatible both of their ways to reason sometime were . Sometime Derek was like the old Derek , impulsive and without mercy. Sometime Ahsha was naive Ahsha , waiting him to screw up and unable to open about her feeling. Sometime, they were fundamentally that way and change a man was one thing, change everything who make the man he is , is definitely something else. Sometime, Ahsha was married to her worse nightmare

Derek was staying at the only place he knew Ahsha will never go look at. The beautiful devil came back from her kitchen , two cup of coffee in the hand. She sit next to Derek as he took a sip of it, both of his hands holding the cup

“ Ahsha…cheating on you ? Wow I never could believe it ” said Jelena

“ Why ? because everyone was waiting on me to screw up ? Well she fucked up. She isn’t an angel ”

Since couple days , all Derek mouth was doing was to spread some venin when he was talking about his wife. He was exhausted. Tired of those nightmare he was doing, with the image of Ahsha making love to someone else, he was tired of being that angry and not master of himself , he was tired of all those promise breaking just under his nose after Ahsha’s betrayed. They were married since less than a year and one of them already threaten to leave the other once. They did made huge step ahead about their communication and trust issue , but obviously when the live was testing them , they were waking step behind

“ Oh believe me I always see through her . I never said she was an angel ” answered Jelena

Jelena couldn’t say she was happy to see her old friend that way but she couldn’t say she was unhappy that someone was hating Ahsha just like she does

“ You felt threaten by her talent and you was scared she surpass you . That’s is all different ” fought Derek  

“ Derek if you want to stay here you’ll have to walk my way ” teased Jelena  

“ You’re fire me ?”

“ Of course not. You can stay here as long that you want. it’s just …”

Derek looked at Jelena’s expression. She was frowning her eyebrow and seems…disturbed, annoyed by something. Let’s just say it was a lot different from what he is use to see on her face

“ You. Jelena Howard! going to take Ahsha hayes defense while she screwed over our marriage”

“ I never said that. Why would I want that but I have to say… I wasn’t expecting that move. I always have a step ahead on her.. Always. She is so predictable and that one… I didn’t see it coming. It doesn’t have any sense. She married you , the big and powerful Derek Roman , turned you into a husband that every girls wanted. You two are the HIT couple , together you’re unstoppable. This is not my words, my counselor told me. She owe the Devil Girl as long that she is married to you why would she want to throw away all she ever dreamed about for some d*ck ”

Indeed it wasn’t having any sense. Was it a possibility that Derek did a mistake and THOUGHT see something

“ Fuck You Jelena” he just said , coming upstairs in his room , trying to catch some sleep.

Kyle notice a change in her best friend behavior and like Terrence she knew what happened between Derek and Ahsha. But when Ahsha cancelled the lunch they were suppose to have, the south Girl decided to drive to the mansion and check on her friend. Ahsha finally succeed to fall asleep , on the couch of the living room since it was impossible in the room she used to share with her husband. But it didn’t last because she went ope to her friend

“ You don’t look ok Mrs Roman” commented Kyle

The name cut into her heart , like a sharp knife. From her desire and want to discuss with Derek in the beginning , Ahsha gave up and hasn’t the energy to fight anymore. She had no idea where her marriage was going . She was defeated. Totally defeated, ready to die under the sadness

“ Please don’t call me like that ” said a weak voice of Ahsha. She let her friend come in

“ Are you fine ?”

“ No. I’m not. My mother absolutely want to get me pregnant. My husband didn’t come home since five days. My all life is falling apart…” at this moment, at this statement her voice cracked. She was pretty proud of herself for not having falling apart until now but she couldn’t hold on the tears anymore, it just flowed , hurting her heart “ What…What am I going to do if Derek doesn’t love me anymore”

Kyle came to hug her friend , rubbing her back. There , on her shoulder, Ahsha decided to totally let it go. She let the pain submerged her, and cry

“ Ahsha…” comfort Kyle “ Carebear call down. Let’s get sit and talk for a bit. Did you try to call him”

The two friends went to sit on the couch. Ahsha wanted to avoid her friend look but Kyle didn’t allow her to take that much distance. She took her hands between hers

“ Yes. He is avoiding me and since four days he turned off his phone. I have no idea where he is been. What if he is…with some hoes. Fucking them like he wasn’t married to me! I know him. He can be so impulsive and reckless!”

If Derek was out there , thinking that his wife betrayed him , that he was having nothing to hold on to their marriage , why would he stay faithful. Her jealousy came out now , adding another emotion to the bomb Ahsha was. Her , imagining some fuck girl having Derek had the same effect on her that it have on Derek. Both of them was really possessive . A part who was feeding their ego and pride

“ You’re totally tripping. I’m sure he is as bad that you’re” said Kyle

“ He think I cheat on him!! Kyle I know my man , I know what he is capable of. You should have see the way he beat the guy , he was about to kill him , to kill me. He was so upset and aggressive. I never see him like this. I even…got scared”

The memory of how violent that night had been was worthy some drama storyline in Hollywood.

“ D-Ro will never , never put a hand on you. He isn’t this kind of man” replied Kyle

“ I know…it’s just. I… what if everything was over. Maybe… Derek and I aren’t meant to be together… What if we made a mistake by getting married so soon. I keep telling myself that some stuff will never change between Derek and I ”

Even speak was becoming hurtful. Right now , she doesn’t even know what to think , to what believe in. Her feelings was all over the place

“ Ahsha…Ahsha you’re exhausted” started Kyle “ You need to rest and sleep a little. You’re no thinking straight. If there is something in this world proving me that love exist this is definitely you and Derek. If the prove of a man who is loving a woman more than his own life exist , it definitely exist through Derek. It’s just a big and huge misunderstanding. You promised him in front of God to be completely his, he is thinking you betrayed this promise . He just need to calm down. He will come home , to you , when he will feel ready”

Kyle made Ahsha  lay down on her side , resting her head on her lap. Indeed Ahsha was at the board of the bridge , that close to fall into depression. She need to have a sleep and forget her problem for couple hours

“ He said…divorce” she whispered between her tears. A phone vibrating made them parted and the two devil girl sit back on the couch

“ I got news” announced Kyle, looking at her screen

“ What ?”

“ Terrence just texted me. Derek is at.. Jelena’s”

Ahsha jumped on her feet. What the hell did she just heard ?


Ahsha went to take her phone and call

“ Ahsha who are you calling ?”

“ My lawyer”

From defeated , Ahsha was feeling going to war again

With money everything was possible , even increase the procedure of a lot of stuff. After a quick passage back to the mansion everything was set . All was missing was her dear husband and now she knew where to find him. The all scene was like some deja vu and Ahsha felt it when she showed up to the white apartment. Jelena opened her door

“ Well Well Well , isn’t the cheater ?” her venomous mouth spitted

“ Where is my husband Jelena , I don’t have time for your bullshit”

Ahsha didn’t come for play mouse and cat with Jelena. She wanted her man and asap. They could fight and argue as long that they want another day. Not today

“ He is upstairs , taking a nap” proudly answered Jelena

It awake again Ahsha’s jealousy. Jelena was ruining after power , strength and probably crazy sex. All Derek was. But Mrs Roman didn’t want to show any weakness in front of her enemy who will exploit it as she know how do it

“ Why in the hell would he need a nap ? Call him! Right now” then she yelled louder for anyone in the apartment can heard her “ Derek, Babe come here!”

Jelena laughed , not with a hilarious laugh but more like an attacked, mocking at Ahsha

“ You have some nerves to show up here, calling him babe while you betrayed him and your marriage ”

“ You have some nerves to standing here , between me and my husband while I save your miserable soul from meet the devil .” just like that she pushed her to the side and entered in the apartment, without being invited “ Move Jelena or I put the bullet right back I found her and give you your ticket for the hell my damn self! Derek! Derek!!!”

Derek heard the screams from the first floor and descend the stairs. Ahsha tried to not take the fact he was shirtless too seriously . Derek and Jelena hadn’t fuck she thought to herself. Plus Derek put a shirt on his way to the living room.

” Really ? “ said Derek ” you’re going to be that kind of bitch “

” Yes I’m that kind of bitch. Let’s go now" she ordered

Ahsha didn’t allow him a longer look and walked to the exist. Husband and wife hadn’t see each other since days but the woman hadn’t the time to dream about his body. They had more business to do. Derek followed her and before he step out, Jelena grabbed his strong arm

“ You’re not oblige to follow her ” she whispered

“ Yes I know”

As Ahsha drive them back to the mansion , there was having a huge silence in the Ferrari. Her was focus on what was about to happen. Derek in his side was nervous. He didn’t know if he would be capable of contain his rage. He was hating and loving his wife at the same time. He just wanted to close his eyes and the last events never happened , that he show up to that hotel room , find his wife alone and have a lovely night like it was planned at the beginning. But when he was closing his eyes , all he was seeing was her with another man , in the most pornographic imagine and the violent adrenaline flow in his veins again , like poison. They arrived and Ahsha walked to the dinner room , where the large dinner table was there. On it , some paper and a pen , in front of a chair. Derek sit , figure out it was for him

“ What is it ?” he asked, curious and confused. He didn’t expect that at all. For him , she will go for long and emotional speech , beg for his forgiveness, stuff like that. He never imagine that Ahsha drag him back home for some business paper. Expect that it wasn’t business paper

“This is the demand of divorce” she announced . Even if she wanted to be strong and provocative, the word burned her throat “ I already filled it , all you have to do is sign ”

Derek took a look , she wasn’t bluffing. Here, right under his eyes , a form to ask the divorce. He even came through the pages. Ahsha was really not bluffing. Expect that it was the biggest poker move Ahsha ever done

“ So you admit it” spitted Derek. It was a while he wasn’t addressing word to or about his wife by speaking. Derek wasn’t speaking to Ahsha or about Ahsha. All his voice was sounding was some disgust and anger

“ I don’t admit a shit!” yelled Ahsha , who was losing patience. Never she would say something like that. But it was written on the form , black on white. Ahsha wrote it herself. If the word divorce burned Ahsha’s throat , the word Ahsha wrote burned Derek’s eyes

“ For the reason you said adultery” slowly spoke Derek

More he was confused and more he was speaking again. Ahsha saw the difference and it works. It was actually working!

“ Because that is what you think. So go ahead Derek sign”

For him Ahsha was well to relax and calm at the eventuality of ending their marriage. Wasn’t she suppose to love him ? Wasn’t she suppose to fight for their union. Instead she was pushing him to sign the paper and launch the procedure their divorce. A divorce that she seems to want. Where was the cries , the beg , the remorse ? Derek looked up to Ahsha’s face , she was inflexible, saying absolutely nothing encouraging him to not sign.

“ Hell yes I’m signing” he declared

He took the pen and start his signature, the D well written. He realize what he was doing and his hand stopped. Without he command it. Was he really asking for the divorce ?

“ Sign Derek!!! Sign the paper!!” yelled Ahsha

The suspense for the woman of his life was just unsustainable. She was standing there , the tears at the board of her eyes , waiting to see if the man of her life was giving up on their union. She couldn’t keep her composure and her face lost her strict. The tears rolled

“ You cheated on me!!!!!” yelled by his turn Derek , standing up, the pen falling on the floor

“ Did I ? ” screamed Ahsha , fierce. It was now the time to reveal the damn truth.

“ Yes” cried out Derek

Right now it was a battle between who was the one getting louder. But Ahsha was armed, well more than Derek because she knew the truth. She approached her husband for the first time in a while and look right in his eyes. She saw exactly the same thing that she saw in the hotel room , that night , the physical aggressively in less. But she refused to be defeat or scared.

“ Did you see me ? ” barked Ahsha “ Is it what you saw Derek ????”

Something in his look change , but it was just too small for it was visible for Ahsha.

“ Yes!.. No! I don’t know” hesitated Derek

Now it was visible , Ahsha could see at the way of Derek was looking at her. The doubt! Derek was doubting. For the first time since five days , Derek was thinking about the thought of maybe he didn’t see what he thought see. Ahsha took every piece of his doubt and used it

“ Did you see me cheat on you in that hotel room Derek ? Did you see me fucking him ? Did you see his d*ck inside of me!”

“ NOOOOO!” screamed Derek , throwing away the paper from the table

His breath was irregular, his facial expression was showing how upset he got. He was mad! He was madly insane right now. But against himself , because he done a terrible mistake. All Ahsha needed was a chance to explain him what happened that night , and now his doubt was giving him that chance. When she spoke again , her voice was calm , trying to calm Derek’s fierceness

“ I haven’t cheat on you Derek What you saw isn’t what you think ”

“ What was it ?” he request , looking down , ashamed.

Ahsha approached him even closer, the closer the married couple had been in days. So close that she could smell his perfume.

“ You’re going to listen to me” she started “ If you don’t believe what I’m about to say , if you don’t trust me then our marriage isn’t worth it. You can sign the paper and leave”

“ Ok” agreed Derek

“ I was coming back from the visit and I wanted to talk to you so I called you . You didn’t answer . I called my mother and we stayed on the phone for a while. After hang up , waiting on my dinner I decided to take a bath I put a bath dress when I was done and came back in the suite , there the guy was there. He started tripping and telling me he love me , that we, him and I , were meant to be together . I asked him to leave and that is when you come in. That’s why I was naked under my bath dress. That is what you saw Derek, nothing else”

Derek was looking for the truth in her eyes and what her saw was saying to him is that indeed , she was telling the truth. The man questioned his own heart and he got the same answer , indeed his heart was trusting her. He gently , to not scare her placed a hand on her hips and backed her body against his. He caressed her hair , looking at her visage

“ You didn’t touch him” he asked, calm and master of himself. The jealousy left. The anger left.

“ No”

“ You didn’t kiss him ?”

“ No”

“ You didn’t fuck him ?”

“ No”

He backed his forehead against hers. There Ahsha saw it, the tears rolling down his eyes. Derek was now crying, released. Extremely release in front of the fact that Ahsha didn’t betrayed him. All the piece of the puzzle got together and he was finally capable of explain why he react that over disproportionate

“ Ahsha… I don’t know what to say. This is this marriage thing. It’s driving me crazy. I want you for myself, all for myself.” He was forcing her to look deep down in his soul , as he re became aggressive and possessive again , but not like before , more like the sensual way Ahsha was loving about her husband. With the emotional elevator they just have, the sexual and insane tension between the both of their bodies too was high. They hadn’t been sexual since a while and the miss of sex was high to the roof. He tighten the grip around her hair, making her lean and giving her full access to her neck . Derek whispered right on her skin “ I can’t stand the idea of you with another man. I’m jealous! I’m fucking jealous. Imagining someone else, inside of you send me over the edge , awake something dark in me. I’m invading by aggressively and have the worse thought ever. ” He then face her lips and bite her bottom lips “ I want you for myself. All for myself” he sucked her upper lips and continue his sexual confession “  I want you all day long. I want you to be mine all night long”

Ahsha put both of her hand on his torso, and looked at him pleased that the fire between them was still there. Sometime the passion was having several form

“ Listen to me carefully Derek…I married you. I’m all to you. You can have me all day long and take me all night long. You married me! We’re married Derek. You can’t run away any time we have an issue. I’m your wife and I swear to God you not going to divorce me. I’m not the kind of woman you divorce. This is the first and last time you’re using this word. You got me”

“ Yes”

He crushed his lips on her , finally kissing his wife since five days.

“ Good. I’m going to take a shower and sleep” she announced

“ I’ll wash you my love and rock your body to sleep”

“ Ok”

They went upstairs to their room and then their bathroom. Derek and Ahsha share the shower and like he told her, he managed to wash her body. He took care of everything , washed her body and her hair.  Ahsha let her husband handle her body because even herself couldn’t. The hot water , gliding on her body , making all of her problem go away , felt like a huge breath of air. Ahsha was just out of energy and soon Derek figure out she needed to rest. How many insomnia she got ? He carry her out of the shower , dry her and put her a little nightdress. Having sex was just out of question and they we’re both agreed that it wasn’t the solution. Not yet . He lay her down the bed and lay next to her. Ahsha quickly change of position , resting her head on his torso

“ I need you to tell you some stuff Ahsha” said Derek in the dark

“ Derek I’m exhausted. I don’t have any energy left. I just want to lay down on you, sense you and sleep”

“ We don’t have to converse , just listen to me ”

He grabbed her hips and made her lay down on him , totally on him , between his legs. Her chest on his large torso, her head on his pectoral. The movement back and forth of his breathing, the sound of his heart beat but most of it , his hand down her back , caressing her skin was her definition of the paradise

“ I love you Ahsha” whispered Derek “ I love you so much that I can’t even express how much I do. You’re my life. You’re my everything. You’re my strength. My power. My happiness. You’re the only reason why I want to wake up every morning. You’re the prettiest heart I ever meet. You’re the love of my life. You’re the woman of my love”

A week after, the couple was working perfectly. They were trying to share sweet and tender moment in the morning , during break first every day . They reduce their time at work and was trying to come home together. Ahsha was enjoying of this calm period to focus on her marriage , and Derek did the same. Step by step the coke incident and the cheating incident was forgetting replaced but lovely married couple life. Their conversation was around the communication and the trust issue. One week had been enough for Derek and Ahsha to go back to their union and what their love was…expected they hadn’t sex yet. As surprise it can be, husband and wife hadn’t been intimate since their reconciliation. Not that they put a specific rule but they knew their sex was fine. Derek was waiting on the blonde storm which was there. Some stroke sound against the main door. He opened and tried his best to not laugh at Kyle, red of rage like Ahsha told she would be.

“ Where is she ?” barked Kyle , looking for her terrible best friend

“ Ahsha ?” asked Derek , like he was innocent

The blonde tornado came in , without Derek tell her to

“ Yes! ” she yelled “ You know since you two are good now she could have least think of me. This is my damn birthday and she is so rich now , she could have offer me some shoes. I made her! Yes D-ro everything she does to you in bed I teache her… I meant no physically speaking but Carebear would have never been Ahsha if she hadn’t receive some good advice of me. Yes Sloane put her on hearth but I made her be the femme fatale wife she is. I well aware of your sexual contract. You two are freak ! A gesture on my birthday would have been nice! Why Am I even talking to you , Ahsha!!!”

“ Ahsha isn’t here ” answered Derek , fixing his watch which attract the south girl attention Derek was dressed up , looking hella fine “ she is at the Rome”

“ And where was you going ?”

“ Join her , She is out with the girls”

“ That’s why no one is answering! How Dare she ? On my birthday , cheating on me”

Kyle had try to reach her friends all day and no one answer. She was expecting a nice gift from the well too much rich Mrs Roman. For sure , her birthday was just a disaster so far

“ So you’re coming or nah ?” proposed Derek, coming out the mansion

“ Hell to the yes. I’ll whoop her ass that if will leave you nothing to smash!!” spitted Kyle.

Derek internally laugh . More angry Kyle was and more great the surprise will be.

All way to his club, Kyle multiplied the insult and it became really difficult to not laugh. The blonde was rarely upset but right now she was. She felt forgotten by her friend and most of it her best friend. They arrived as Derek discreetly texted his wife. Kyle walked to the entrance, ready to explode while her surprise exploded to her face. The crowd of friend , co worker, gorgeous rich man and photographer were here for the big event, Devil Girl Kyle Hart’s birthday
“ Surprise!!!” Yelled every one. 
The Rome saw having a totally other skin , with her best friend favorite colors , blue and pink . Every single damn thing were in this theme. A huge poster of Kyle was on the walls. Some gift packet on the table. The food and drink was flowing . Yes…it probably cost a lot to Ahsha. An Ahsha who came hug her favorite south girl
“ Happy birthday” yelled Ahsha. Their bodies hit against each other and Kyle surround her arms around Ahsha. Behind she saw Derek , with a smirk 
“ I take it back” mime her lips , for Ahsha doesn’t hear “ I take everything back”  
Once Kyle salute everyone…took some drinks and the party could begin. Derek knew when he needed to stay back and right now was the perfect example. He let Ahsha with her friends , enjoying her night while he was enjoying his in his side, sit at his private area , with Terrence and some other boys. It didn’t prevent him to watch her cross the room an every time he was seeing her it was smiling or laughing, a drink or something to eat in the hands. Some other time she was posing , taking selfie with others. Once thing was sure , Kyle wasn’t the only one please by her birthday party. Of course a club filled of Devil girls means dance. Song after song he watch his woman , dancing and singing in the same time, for fun in different kind of style. When the Dj was putting some old school stuff , Ahsha’s body adapted , her hips waving. When it was some soca , she went for some light twerk. Driving her bae crazy. When another song dropped , and the all girls screamed they start to dance , in unison doing the choreography just like in the video music. Owing the club for Derek had his advantage right now , every guest knew who invited them. So every men knew that Ahsha was a back off field. But it didn’t prevent them to look at her , like the squad of vulture they were. The music changed again and a very familiar song came on , so familiar than even the boys know it
“Where are my naughty girls tonight at” said the Dj. It was a rule. When Naughty girl by Beyonce drop in a club , you grab the first man you catch and make him a naughty dance. Two second after , every devil girl was having a partners and Ahsha walked to her receptive one. She continued to dance , in the most lascivious way , approached Derek who was still sit . He took an even more comfortable position , savoring his scotch as he stare at Ahsha , dancing for him. Ahsha knew how to move her body and knew exactly which kind of move will drive Derek crazy. She went for some slow and waving movement , making her curves dance in a delightful way. The fact she was signing the explicit lyric wasn’t helping either. 
“ Dance with me” she asked him. Some froting would it be sexier. Body against body 
“ You already come home with me tonight. I don’t need to dance with you" 
So Mr wanted to be provocative. At that game , Ahsha was the best, especially that she was in her territory. She came in front of him , making an eyes contact. A sexual except that Derek was just focus on her lips and breast. Ahsha placed both of her hands on each of his keel and parted his legs. One step ahead and her body descend , her chest making circle until she was almost kneel in front of him. She stand up and sit on his manhood , back to him. Her butt undulate , as her entire chest did the same. Derek couldn’t help himself and one of his arms surround her , tighten her , just to feel every of her movement.  Her head fell on one of his shoulder , her hair caressing his cheek
’ Tonight…I’ll be your naughty girl’ she sang. 
Maybe they forgot where they were or maybe they did’t care. Because right now it was well more than just a dance. Quickly it turn into foreplay. With her backside teasing him , Derek became harder in his pants , as Ahsha became wetter. He leaned in her neck and fiercely sucked her skin, leaving a huge hickey
” Oh come on Derek , you know you want to dive in" 
The arm who was surrounding her left her chest and came down on her. Derek passed his hand under her dress , between her thighs . His finger pushed her panties to the side and Derek’s fingertips dive in her warmth. Right the way her vagina welcome them and the player felt the ecstasy on the top of his fingertip. He never had the intention to be gentle. Not at all so he trust in and out , like he was there since years 
“ Aaanw Derek” moaned Ahsha 
With the music, the people dancing , no one catches the sexual act between them . Under her butt, the budge became harder , and thicker 
“ I need to fuck you , RIGHT NOW!!!” Confessed Derek. Ahsha smiled, she was expecting less from her man
“ I’m agree” she said. Without warning she stand up , breaking the finger fuck and took his hand. Their fingers melt and she could sense her juice , on his. Ahsha lead them to the second floor at the end of a corridor , in his office. They waste no time , for the simple reason they hasn’t any. Plus…Ahsha knew Derek would be vexed if the jump on foreplay. She lifted her dress , upper her thighs and took off her panties. The material glided all over her legs . She keeps her heels though. Derek in his side unzipped his pants and the second after, his boxer and pants fell to his ankle. Ahsha started at it, surprised that he was that hard. The piece was so thick that it was standing , right in front of her in all his length
“ What ?! You’re going to tell me you’re affray of your husband now ?” Teased Derek. 
As only answer , Ahsha backed her back against the wall and bite her lips , as anticipation. Derek came in front of her. He lifted her dress higher , right upper her button belly
“ There…now you’re perfect" 
Derek kneel to grab behind her knees. With both of his arms under them and all his strength he lifted her while with all of his length and thickness his hard stick grin into her moist center.
” Shiiiiiiiiiiit" yelled Ahsha , over attacked by all kind of sexual electroshock. In this position , her legs wildly parted her access was even profound and of course Derek masculinity took every bite of it. The husband literally crushed his rigid piece into her, merciless with a back and forth. But just once , to have both of their bodies ready for the intercourse. The slim film of her liquor enveloping his hardness , making the intrusion enjoyable already. He stopped there and kissed her. Derek perfectly knew how do her and worse…making her crave for his sex. After a long open mouth kiss, with a ravaging tongue of Ahsha , they broke it. Down the man have a movement of hips behind , and his entire penis escape from the delightful grip. The head of it dangerously teasing her entrance

“Talk to me” he ordered her. Fix something to say and speak right now felt like a hard math exercise but her mind was always set up for some dirty talk
“Fuck me ” she said , and more she continue to speak and more her voice turned to a sensual whisper “ I want you to fuck it like you ever fuck any other p*ssy" 
He powerfully stroke in again , his all length in her center. Her vagina flex as her walls tighten around this sensitive part of Derek. He trust in and out , more teasing her that making his own pleasure increase. And he was good at it. Ahsha wrapped her arms around his head and neck . During the inspiration his rigid shaft was taking into her and the exhalation he was taking out, the friction intensified, but just a little. Him was focus in how his woman will make love to his mind and send him over edge just with her dirty word. Ahsha sucked his lobe and her tongue stay a little longer on his skin
” You feel so Good" she complimented , pleased. Until now , Derek was gentle . And his ego quickly get over it. His hips make bigger movement and when he was in again , he dig deeper in her. It sent an all other energy . The adrenaline came through her entire body
“ This is the best” moaned Ahsha
“ What baby ?tell daddy “ 
” Your d*ck!!! This is the fucking best c*ck who fucked that c*nt" 
The physical tension was so thick that the two of them could see it, with their eyes. Derek increase just a little bit the space , enough to send her huge waves of pleasure and ecstasy. For sure…her center never welcome Derek that good. She got soak , really soak. The warmth liquid dresses his piece and the body anatomy animate itself , like it could think by itself. It dive , faster and faster, meeting her intimacy in the most delightful way. Ahsha encouraged it , now him her husband but his sex 
“ Show me …who this p*ssy belong to” exclaimed a breathless female voice. It was like music to his ears and the note coming out her throat was making it ever sexier. The couple definitely forget where they were and the music of the club was there best alibi because soon…a murder was about to be commit. His kindness , and gentleman skills left him to give place to his most destructive and merciless drive .Derek needed a better hold. He lifted her up a little more , making her jump and grin on his thickness, the flesh of her thighs fell back into his strong hands , with it add the deepest stroke his d*ck made in her center since the beginning of their fuck session. He went that far that he touched her paradise spot , too quick and fast for the both of them but it didn’t prevent him to groan in a rough sound as Ahsha moaned really high
“ Tell daddy you like it”  he ordered her. He went search the sensation he just had of his head being in the hotter of her center and definitely trust faster. Sending Ahsha over the edge , she couldn’t control herself , her body or the sound she was making 
“ I fucking like it daddy!!!“ 
When you thought it was impossible Derek went even faster. Her backed making the wall behind her tremble. Her heels hitting it , since she was still wearing them . The regular small knock of it sound like a beat in the all office. With her moans, his groans , her breathless , the beats, the music was complete. In this vigorous rhythm , the sex become dangerous and incredible more exciting
” Slow…slow…slow” she yelled 
For the first time , her arms released his upper body and came down him , literally speaking. Her delicate sweet hands went on his firm and muscular ass cheek. She pushed, with all her strength , inching him deeper , harder and slower in her intimacy 
“ You’re a naughty bitch” groaned and smirk at the same time Derek. Hard , deep and slow this is going to be. He entered her , in a slow motion , gliding in an intense move , so intense that Ahsha could see, literally speaking the action , she picture his blessing penetrated her in the back of her mind. And the brutal man didn’t stop there, he stroke, powerfully touching her G spot again. Her nails dive in the flesh of his back as Derek’s one grip into the flesh of her thighs, still holding her legs since 13min exactly. Derek’s strength at no boundaries or limits just like the satisfaction he get to inch his thick length into his woman. He attacked again , always in mastered and straight movement, couple second passed between each trust in
“ Fuck it!!!” Groaned Ahsha. She well passed the moan level , every of her sound now was filled of an enraged passion and a fierce urge to receive even more of her man “ Fuck iiiit . Show me who this p*ssy belong to" 
” It’s fucking mine”
Their bodies might not get away with this . Because Ahsha’s nails were leaving some red mark on his ass , just like his fingertips dig in her thighs. He wonder how far her legs can part. It was just a thought , but something happened and her thighs recede father from each other, her kneels completely touching the wall behind them. Split. Right in front his d*ck. The new access was quickly invaded by the strong manhood
“ Aaaaaaarg Dereeek" 
” Scream my name and beg me to stop"
No time for game anymore. He wanted her to explode and perfectly knew how do it. He increased the space, faster and faster
“ Derek!!!!!” Screamed Ahsha. She could felt the huge wave of the sexual drug dose building in her stomatch. It was coming, inflame her from the inside and ready to submerge her “ Don’t stop baby don’t stop!!!”
Think that he didn’t. Him himself couldn’t. He was enjoying it well to much. He was unstoppable and more he was coming into her and more he wanted to do her even better than the previous stroke
“ Derek!!!!” Barked the poor victim expect that Ahsha was everything but not a victim. He was giving her all of him ,  all of his length since their pelvis was coming into electroshock , all of his energy since he was sweaty like hell, all of him , to 95% of him. And yet, Ahsha was holding to the 5% left, even if it mean that one of them fall in the coma
“ Harder!!! ” she yelled “ Fuck me harder!!!“ 
The unthinkable happened , those 5% happened and his hardness and thickness made her inner muscle worked well too much , he stretch the hell out of her and she contracted. Like her all body contract. Her legs around his waist and her walls around his sex
” Derek shiiit” she cried out , a tear rolling on her eyes as the most powerful and intense orgasm Ahsha ever had, with him. And the level was already high. Him…in the other hand was having 100% more to give again , 100% of his miss of kindness. He didn’t retire , even the opposite , he fight her tightness and insert himself in again , in one single stroke 
“ I’m coming!!!!” Complained Ahsha
“ I fucking don’t care” he spited
He reduce the rhythm and went back to a slow , hard and deep trust game
“ Stoooop ok ok stop!!!!” Begged Ahsha, holding on to his shoulder. Her vagina flex again , and Ahsha had a second orgasm. This time, Derek couldn’t hold it anymore. He released , sending his elixir in a hard throwing
“ Fuuuuuuck!!!!” Ahsha screamed. She thought it was over but it wasn’t. A third orgasm came right after the second and she squirt
“ Spread your juice wify” laughed a breathless husband 

After everyone dry, cleaned and dressed , Ahsha was still shocked of what just happened. Beast. It was the right word to define them. They were beast . She pulled on her dress again , to be sure the material was at his right place. She passed her hands on her hair , trying to fix her waves.  
“ How am I” she asked 
“ Perfect….and fucked” answered Derek , fixing his belt” I’m particularly proud of myself on that one" 
Ahsha laughed , she definitely saw how proud he was . She was definitely having her revenge plan forming in her head as they speak. She came closer to him and dropped a peck on his lips, for the congratulation .  Ahsha grabbed his chin though
“ Wait we’re home and I’m on my knees. You’re going to wish me to never leave” she swear to him 
“ I’m going to fuck that mouth just like I fucked this p*ssy , without any mercy” he seductively fought back. They walked to the exist . Now that they were totally normal again , down , Kyle birthday party was having and since the half hour they spend on that office , fucking like animals, someone probably noticed their absence 
“ I’m screwed” said Ahsha , a hand on the wood of the door “ Kyle is going to kill me" 
” Correct" mocked Derek 
Ahsha opened the door and the blonde tornado was there. A hand on her lips , her face saying all , Kyle was standing there , like she was waiting on the couple to come out and it seems like it was the case. Derek recognized it, she was exactly the same like when she thought her best friend forget her birthday. The two women were staring at each other, silence. One shocked ,the other ashamed.  Derek kissed Ahsha’s cheek and passed just next to the blonde 
“ Kyle” he saluted and left 
“ You’re a terrible best friend. Fucking your man at my birthday party” said Kyle 
“ Sorry ?“ 
” Oh please! “ replied the DG ” You doesn’t even meant that! I hope it was worth it “ 
” I can tell you no but I wouldn’t mean it”
The two girls laughed. There was no way Kyle would stay mad, if she ever been mad. Ahsha grabbed her hand , leading her to her party again 
“ Come, it’s time for your cake" 
” Guess Daddy already gave you yours" 
Yes…Derek and Ahsha marriage was having beautiful days again 

You made it haha. I know it was really long and I’m sorry for that. It was that or being left ater Ahsha figure out Derek was at Jelena’s So….you would have been mad (yes @msnefie-honeylove21 baby love I’m talking about you lmao )

Thank you for reading , Merci d’avoir lu

anonymous asked:

How would a poly! relationship with Seungri and G-Dragon be?

i live for poly relationship au’s

Poly! GDragon x Reader x Seungri

  • ok but gd is pretty much dating all of bigbang already
  • you would all be down for this from the start
  • “yeah…i love both of you so let’s just all be together”
  • tbh seungri would annoy you a lot but you grow to love him more and more
  • seungri also loves couple items so y’all would have matching phone cases almost immediately
  • they would sing for you all the time
  • GD always worried about you two
  • like after sex, he would take such good care of both of you
  • “you guys are ok right? do you guys need anything?”
  • you and gri are like “gosh dad we’re good you need to calm down”
  • but internally you both love it
  • they sing you to sleep a lot too
  • adopting ALL THE CATS
  • they would snapchat you videos of the other members while away from you
  • seungri would take you out to clubs for dates while he was dj’ing
  • and gd would take you to fancy places
  • but this relationship would honestly bc so cool

doireallyneedaname  asked:

if you could rewrite the dressrosa arc, what would you have changed? etc who would fight who, who wins, how do they win, how would you include the women more actively? I've been loving your critisms on this arc, and wonder how you would have liked it to play out idealisticly.

There are so so so many things to say for this, it’s hard to even know where to start. 

Here’s probably the most fundamental thing I would change: I would have had Doflamingo actually be a good king. I have written a LOT about the moral ambiguity in One Piece (such as in this post), and it’s something I really love about the series. However, it’s not always there. It’s more something you have to look for. Most of the time in OP, the big bad guy is just a big bad guy, and the Straw Hats save the day by beating him up. Buggy, Kuro, Krieg, Arlong, Mr. 3, Wapol, Crocodile, Enel, Lucci, Moriah, Hody, Caesar, and Doflamingo too. There was no ambiguity in any of these cases–just evil dudes who needed to get punched out. And I would like to see things spiced up, and have the typical plot “The Straw Hats save the day and everyone loves them” changed up a bit. 

SO, Doflamingo could have still been one seriously evil dude. Still killed Cora and his father, still an underworld broker who makes his fortune dealing weapons and supporting other monsters like Caesar and more shady junk to. But to the people of Dressrosa, I think it would have been interesting if he was a legitimately good king. Not just a tyrant propped up on a throne a lies who secretly enslaved his own people, but actually just a damn good king to them. The Straw Hats and Law would still fight him, but it would have had a different dynamic to it. Rather than an entire island of people hating Doflamingo cheering on Luffy, and Doflamingo trying to kill them all, it would be really cool if Luffy had been the enemy there, trying to take down their beloved king for reasons they didn’t understand or care about. 

And I would have liked for Sugar to have been Doflamingo’s daughter. That’s something we’ve never seen in One Piece–a villain that has a literal family. Like, we found out that Arlong has a half sister who he is not close to at all 500 chapters later after his time as a villain was over, and that’s pretty much it. It would have been so interesting to me to see Doflamingo actually having a daughter who he loves and dotes on and who, in turn, loves him and wants to fight and help her father out. I would have had her actually be 10, rather than 22 and just looking 10, and I would have kept her wildly strong and dangerous powers too–just not have had her use them to secretly enslave half of Dressrosa. Again, it would just be so interesting to me to have a character like this who is gifted with tremendous power, the beloved child of a monster, who just wants to support her dad because she cares about him and doesn’t understand that he does things that are wrong and hurt so many other people. All this would have been far more interesting to me than Sugar just being cute and evil and getting scared unconscious twice in a row. 

I don’t have much to say in the way of stuff like who fought who or how the various fights went. Just more general changes that I’ve talked about plenty of times before, such as actually giving Zoro a difficult fight, trimming down the number of side characters so that the arc wouldn’t be extremely long, actually giving characters like Rebecca and Baby 5 a purpose beyond being there to be saved (which you can read more about here and here), and letting Robin and Koala actually fight. Heck, all that Oda would even need to have done would be to just throw in one more person in Doflamingo’s crew just so Robin or Koala could have kicked their face in. Oh, and I would have done Senor Pink’s character and his fight with Franky COMPLETELY differently. They could still be huge idiots and acted comically serious during their fight, just preferably not in a way that treated women so grossly (wrote all about that when the chapter came out). 

Dressrosa started out amazingly, and it did have a huge number of great parts to it, but yeah i feel like it was held back quite a lot by things such as being FAR too long, having almost all the women in the arc take backseat/very limited roles, and doing too much of the same with regard to Doflamingo as a villain. 

1x09 promo thoughts.


If you have yet to watch the 1x09 promo, please do so HERE first.

Ok, so I have watched the promo for episode 9 about 100000 times now that someone brought to my attention that it looks like Alec is completely against his friends/family and is siding with the clave, ( pics below)

Here you see Alec & the Clave members with a handcuffed Meliorn.

Here you see Isabelle,Clary,Jace, Luke,Raphael etc. 

They seem to be walking towards eachother, almost in a war? This is what threw me. Because we’ve known that in this episode there would be a Jace and Alec fight for awhile.  (pics from the promo below)

So, these are my thoughts. I think it’s very very possible that Alec is pretending to be against his friends and they are either in on it or they are not at all in on it and they think Alec has gone completely rogue. Now the Jace & Alec fight would clearly be apart of this and that could make a lot of sense. I’ve seen many many theories about Alec being infected by the forsaken and it making him sort of “evil” or “bad” and I agreed that could be the case but in last weeks episode the forsaken only cut Alec with his club so I am just wondering how that could be now, But it definetly isn’t completely out of the question, 

This post was more for me then anything else. Cause I needed to put it down somewhere. You have to wonder why it seems Alec is standing against his friends and the people he loves and basically the good guys, is it a charade? Is it because possibly someway he was infected by the forsaken? Has he really just gone rogue? I’m intrigued and nervous and excited and scared for next weeks episode. I’m curious to what everyone else is thinking so feel free to reply to this or message me or put it in my ask box. Cause this is something I WANT to talk about. 

If you read til the end, thanks for listening to me blab on about this freaking show that i love so much. ♥


Dean x Reader

Warnings: Drinking, Swearing, Jealous Dean, Hangover

Words: 3,496

Request from Anon:  Could you write a deanxreader based off the song “stone cold sober” by Brantley Gilbert? I absolutely love your writing! Thank you!

Stone Cold Sober by Brantley Gilbert ( I tried finding one with lyrics, but couldn’t sorry guys)

I’m so sorry that it’s taking me awhile to get through Requests, but I’m getting there. I’m trying to get through personal requests before I work on the sequels or whatever for my other series’. So for those of you waiting on Book Signing and others like that, I promise I will get to them, I haven’t forgotten. I have it all written down. But I hope you all like this, I love this song and I love how this turned out. Enjoy!

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A/N: It’s done! I really liked writing this one. It came out longer than I thought it’d be though. woops!  Tell me what you think x)

Word Count: 2501

Part 1

Months Later

You were still a hunter. You worked on easier cases, avoiding working with other hunters as much as possible. For the past couple months you would get calls from Sam. Knowing you wouldn’t answer he left voice mails. At first he’d ask where you were, but then he’d just say to stay safe and that he misses you. You never called back. Fully knowing that if you did, and you heard their voices, you’d just run back to them. All this time apart from Dean made you painfully aware of how much you loved him. You just couldn’t stay and have him worry about your safety over his own.

You were laying down on your motel bed. You had trouble sleeping most of the time. You had grown accustom to Dean’s arms around you. It was still early to start your hunt so you made your way to the diner nearby. Coffee was your new best friend and you needed some right now. You sat at a booth by yourself sipping your coffee, letting the caffeine run through you waking you up a bit more. You set the cup back down and started eating the slice of pie in front of you. All that time with Dean, you had become as addicted to pie as he was.

You were so lost in thought that you didn’t notice the young Winchester enter the very same diner as you. He asked for two coffees and some pie. As he waited, he turned and saw you. His eyes widened as they brought him his order. He quickly made his way to you.

“Y/N?” he said

Hearing his voice made you freeze. You were looking out of the window and you were afraid to turn around. ‘That can’t be… I must be hearing things.’

Sliding into your booth he waved his hand in front of your eyes. “Y/N. You there?”

‘Oh god no! This is not happening. I did not take the same case as the sole people I’m was hoping to avoid.’ You thought. You slowly turn your head in hopes you were imagining it. ‘Nope… Sam is right there.’ You looked around and were relieved to find that Dean wasn’t with him. You weren’t ready for that. You just stared at Sam wide eyed.

“Y/N…” he didn’t really know what to say. Well he did but he didn’t think it appropriate to ask you right then and there. “Long time no see” he said finally.

You gave him a sheepish smile. “Hey… Sam… How are you?”

“I’m fine.” He answers. “So is Dean…Well you know him, he’s as fine as Dean can get.” He added.

You chuckled and nodded. “You here for the shapeshifter?”

“Yeah…Wait- is that… Is that why you’re here?” Sam looked surprised when you nodded yes. “All this time, have you been hunting? By yourself?”

“Yeah, I am a hunter after all.” You say. “I also kinda avoided other hunters, since you know, they might be in contact with you guys.” You added wincing at the thought of him getting angry, but he didn’t. “Plus I’ve been taking on easy cases. If I even doubt for a second that I can’t do it by myself I don’t go for it.”
He was about to say something when his phone rang. He looked at his phone and then to you. You gave him a ‘I know that’s Dean. Please Please Please don’t tell him I am here’ face. He gave you a sad smile and answered his phone. “Hey Dean. What’s up?”

Dean was kind of loud and yelled “Sam! Where’s my pie?” Making you giggle.

“Umm…” He was still debating whether to tell Dean or not. “Yeah, I have it, I’m on my way back right now.”

Dean thought it was weird that he hesitated but just shrugged it off. “Well, hurry up. I want my pie Sam.” He said before hanging up.

“Thanks for not telling him…” You say softly looking at your coffee.

"Can… Can I ask…” He lets the words fall.

“Why I left? Dean didn’t tell you? ”

“He told me you said you didn’t love him… But he knows that’s a lie… I know it’s a lie … So why?”

You let out a big sigh and gave him a gloomy smile. You took another sip of your coffee and set it back down. “I… I just *sigh everything, all the monsters and demons. They always try to use me against Dean. You and him, always seem to put yourselves in more danger than the job already brings, because of me. I hate it.  I can’t have that. So I left. I told Dean that I don’t love him anymore so he wouldn’t come looking for me.”

“But you still love him Y/N?” he asks to confirm.

Tears streamed down your face, unable to contain them any longer. “Yes, god yes. I love him. Maybe even more than before. But that is all the more reason I can’t go back.” You wipe the tears away. “So I guess you guys got this right. I’ll just lea-“

“Wait!” he said, “just-just stay.. In case we need back up.”

You thought about it. You both knew they didn’t need back up. “Fine…” you paused, debating whether to tell him where you’re staying. “If and only if you need me, I’ll be in the motel around the corner. Room 6” His eyes widened. “Damn it! Are you guys there too?” he nodded yes. Then his phone rang again. “Go take Dean his pie. It’s delicious.” He gave you smile and left.


Sam arrived at his and Dean’s room, room 8, holding the coffees and the pie. Dean grabbed the pie, “Took you long enough. The diner is just around the corner you know.” He took a bite of the pie and his face changed to one of pleasure. “Oh god, this is delicious!” Sam couldn’t help but smile. Dean saw his unnaturally wide smile. “What’s up with you?” He didn’t answer. He needed to get you both to meet and work this out somehow.

After their small breakfast, they conducted their investigation, interviewed some people, and figured out who was the shifter was, or rather who it presently looked like. He was a worker at the diner you and Sam had gone to. The two brothers were running after it. Sam had ran ahead of Dean and had it cornered. Unfortunately for Sam, the shifter saw him earlier at the diner, with you. As Dean caught up, the monster had shed its skin and took your form. Shocking Dean.

“Y/N? I-is that you?” dean said slowing down.

“Dean?” said the shifter. “Dean… I’m- I’m sorry I left. I shouldn’t have.”

Dean’s eyes were beginning to glisten. “Dean! No that’s not Y/N! It’s the shifter!”

‘But how?’ Dean thought. ‘The shifter doesn’t know you? How could it?’

Taking advantage of the confusion the shifter managed to get away. Sam and Dean tried looking for it but to no avail. You paced around your room. You knew Dean and Sam were capable hunters that they could take care of themselves. But that didn’t keep you from worrying. Every now and then you’d hear the sound of a car and you’d check your window to see if it was the black impala you love, only ending up disappointed when it wasn’t. After an hour of waiting you were becoming too anxious and went to get yourself more pie.


The there was a light knock on your door. You stood and slowly opened it, finding Sam standing there. You let him in.

Before you could talk he said “Um, we have a problem.” He brushed back his hair, and looked at you.

“What happened?” you ask, worry taking over you.

“The shifter… it was a worker at the diner from this morning. He remembered my face and..” he was hesitant to say the rest.

“And What Sam!” you yelled.”

“…It-It saw me with you and it changed into you. Dean saw and he…” his voice was low and rushed. “It got away..” he added.

“Aw hell.” You said. The shifter changed into you and in front of Dean.

“Y/N we have to tell Dean that you’re here. So he doesn’t confuse you for the shifter.” You just shook your head. You weren’t ready for this. You weren’t ready to see Dean again. You knew that you had to do this but you weren’t ready.

“…fine” you whisper. “But after this I’m gone.” he left ahead of you. You grab something from your bag, shove it in your sleeve, and headed towards their room after Sam. You couldn’t believe they were 2 doors down from you. You had been 2 doors away from Dean.

Sam went in first. “Where the hell did you go?” you heard Dean say sending a shiver down your back. He had a glass in hand. He had hoped that drinking would make seeing your face again less painful, but it didn’t.  It wouldn’t help either that you were outside his door.

Sam walked in and looked at his brother, wondering how to approach the subject. “Dean… I don’t know how to say this… Y/N is here. The real one not the shifter.” You took that as your cue to walk in. You couldn’t bring yourself to look at his face. The floor suddenly became the most interesting thing in the world. “I actually saw her this morning and we talked.. She-“ Sam kept explaining but Dean wasn’t registering any of it. You were in front of him. You were finally in front of him, and he just stood there, frozen.  You slowly made your way over to him. When he was close enough you brought out your knife that you took from your bag. Swinging it trying to stab Dean. Sam jumped towards you trying to stop you from killing him.

Holding the pan of pie in front of you, you walk towards your room. You stop in your tracks when you see your door open. Hunter instincts kicking in you take out your gun you kept tucked under your shirt. You slowly inspect your room and find nothing out of the ordinary, you set your gun on the table. You drop your pie when you hear Dean scream “Y/N! What the hell is wrong with you?”

You run out of your room and follow the noise, which to your surprise was two doors down. You knock the door open to find Dean on the ground, Sam was holding someone’s arms, and that someone was you? You were trying to kill Dean? You remembered the shifter, had it seen you before? None of that mattered right now.

‘Damn I forgot my frickin gun’ you yell at yourself. You charge at the shifter. You jump at it making it drop its knife. You were throwing punches while trying to reach for the knife. But too late, it had grabbed the knife before you. The shifter stabbed you through your stomach and tossing your bleeding body to the floor. It then charged at Dean, knife in hand. Dean fought it making it drop its knife again, but having your face he just couldn’t kill it. You got up, fighting the pain, adrenaline coursing through you. Picking up the knife and plunging it into its heart. It let out a groan before dropping to the floor.

“Feels weird killing yourself,” you say, smiling at Dean before collapsing on his arms.

“Y/N!” you heard him say. His brilliant green eyes you love so much was the last thing you saw before completely closing your eyes and slipping to unconsciousness.

Dean carried you to his bed. Setting you down as gently as he could. He kneeled down next to the bed, closing his eyes, and putting his hands together, he prayed. “Cas, I need your help. I know you don’t always come… but this is important. Please please.” He pleaded.

Castiel had appeared behind him. “What is it Dean?”

Dean jumped in surprise but quickly asked the angel to heal you. After the angel healed you he left as quickly and quietly as he came. Dean stayed there next to you, waiting for you to wake up. Sam had gone to your room to bring your duffel bags, keys, and what was left of your pie. What felt like hours later, you jolted awake, making your head spin. The sun was barely rising and you saw Dean was asleep on a chair next to the bed, holding your hand. You suddenly remember being stabbed and you check your wound but find none.
‘What did they do?’ you thought, ‘but more importantly, I have to get out of here.’ This case just reminded you why you left in the first place. But now, with Dean in front of you, you don’t want to go. ‘No! I put him in more danger…’ With renewed resolve, you found your bags, keys, and were headed out the door.

“You gonna up and leave without saying a word again.” You heard Dean say and stopping you in your tracks. Your hand on the door knob was shaking.

“It’s for the best.” You say without turning around.

Your body stiffened at the sound of the chair scraping the floor, and Dean’s footsteps getting painfully closer. He put his arms around you. The familiar sensation almost making you cry. “Stay. Please just stay. I don’t want you to go. I know being with us Winchester’s puts you in more danger, but I just can’t let you go. I need you.” He whispered in your ear. Hearing no response he continued. “If you at least tell me why you left…”

“I-I told you already…” you say unable to ever repeat those words.

“If you really don’t love me, then tell me again. To my face this time.” You shake your head no. “If you can’t, then tell me the real reason. What did I do? How can I fix this? If it’s because I put you in too much danger then-“

“No! Are you stupid! I’m a born hunter! The danger comes with the job! You don’t put me in any danger! I just…They always use me against you! I can’t… I can’t have you… And you just! For me!” you yell at him. “If anything, I put you in danger.” you add with a whisper.

Unable to contain himself any longer, he turns you so you could face him. He gently grabbed your head pushing it towards his own. Crashing his lips on yours. You didn’t resist. You’ve wanted this for so long.  He pulled away. “Y/N,” he says and you turn your head to look at his face, “Do you love me?”

“…Love” you say putting your arms around his neck inching closer, “isn’t a strong enough word.” You smile before kissing him again. Enjoying the only happiness the hunter life has ever brought you.

Hope you like it! x)

holdontoyourhulahoops  asked:

Sousuke accidentally reflexively says "I love you, bye" when hanging up on a phone conversation with Haru and dies a little inside. (Bonus for Rin laughing his ass off at him)

HAHA poor thing. Rin would laugh his ass off. Terrible wonderful friend.

EDIT: Please do NOT miss this comic, whatever you do. Based on this fic, drawn by the ever so amazing @buttleronduty. ❤

Send me a fic prompt + a pairing!

Read this before sending a prompt to see pairings & rules.

“Oi, Sousuke, your phone’s ringing.”

He’s on his way back from the bathroom when Rin calls out to him, and gives him his phone. Sousuke looks at the display, and can’t help but smile a little when he sees the name showing on said screen.


Sousuke half-heartedly flips his best friend off when he answers the call, turning the other way.


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Attention all Inspirits

So I just took a look at twitter for maybe some updates about Infinite’s tour and now I’m honestly feeling sick. Inspirits, some of this is really not okay. Regarding Woohyun’s absence during the last days I’ve read stuff, like…

  • “Woohyun is just faking his sickness, he was seen at a cafe today. He’s bretraying the group.”
  • “If any other Infinite member would be sick, their promotions would halt immidiately. But without Woohyun they pretend to be okay. Is that how much they care about him?”
  • “Dongwoo and Myungsoo shouldn’t even be trying to cover up Woohyun’s parts. They aren’t good enough anyway.”
  • “Without Woohyun, Infinite is a total mess performancewise and lacks in nearly every point.”
  • “Woohyun is a damn selfish member. Playing sick and now being seen at a cafe? He probably just had a little tummy ache and now enjoys his free time. Traitor. ”
  • “What the hell Woohyun, you are so selfish and ignorant, you are resting even though the others need to rest too -_-”

I don’t even want to go on. Is this the same fandom, who wishes nothing but the best for our 7 boys and went with them all the 5 years? Is this the same fandom, which started using Twittertrends, to let Woohyun know, that we care about and love him? Why do some of you lose your hope, trust and patience so quickly?

Guys, please. The boys are obviously in a small slump right now and need our support and love, so how can we backfire at them like that?

I’m going to believe in Infinite. Even IF the absolut worst case happens and Woohyun may needs to leave the group, just think about that the spend more than half of his life and the past 5 years with making us happy, being here for us and letting us know how deeply and much he loves every. single. one of us. And now I just wish that we could give all the positive energy, all the smiles, all the lovely and nice gestures back to him for a speed recovery. Please.

Inspirits, please, let’s hold together. For our 7 boys, who really do nothing but trying to brighten up our life on every each new day the most they can.

Like I’m not even trying to shit on Sasusaku or anything, it’s my OTP I love this ship with all my heart but maybe I’m missing something? Because I just can’t find anything that tells me why Sakura likes Sasuke. Like I understand why he likes her, it’s even hinted to in the final chapters. When he remembers that image of him and his family the first time before he says that “perhaps she is holding on to ties of a broken past.” He imagined his family when he thought of how much she loved him because her love and desperation to connect with him reminds him of his family and the love they had for him and then after his fight with Naruto he even explains how team 7 was like a family to him and that he loved him. His love for Sakura was just a romantic love and if it wasn’t at the time it develops into one. And I get that, that love has a bases, it’s explained. But Sakura? Why does she love him? What is the bases of her love for him? I know that she does love him, she loves him a lot but why? We know that her crush on him that she had when she was younger developed into actual love but why? He infatuation with his cool demeanor she had before wasn’t the real thing but it became the real thing, but why? And even if it wasn’t just and infatuation and it was the real thing all along (but it isn’t, even Kakashi said her love for him has evolved.) but if it was why? What did she see in him that made her have these strong feelings of real love and create the bond that she had for him? It wasn’t that he was nice to her because he wasn’t, she even said that she thought he hated her, so why? Did she connect to him somehow? Over what? What is she connecting to? It’s already been established that she can’t connect to his pain and loneliness because she’s never experienced that before, she’s never experienced losing all of her ties, she’s always had friends and family that love her. So what is it that she understands about Sasuke that makes her love him? Like her love for him literally shaped the person that she is today and inspired her to become stronger but what started that love that made her endure so much and inspire her to become strong in the first place? Did he inspire her to become her own person and to stop hiding in Ino’s shadow? Did his strength and abilities inspire her to work on her own abilities? Does she just have this overwhelming need to take care of people and saw that he needed the most care? Like I would take all of those explanations but none of those are ever given as the reasons. Yeah she stepped out of Ino’s shadow because of her infatuation with him but it was just infatuation and we know it was just infatuation because of the very obvious character development she goes through in her feelings for him as they become closer on team 7 and she grows to try to understand him a bit more. And again if it wasn’t infatuation and it was the real thing then, why would Kishi write Kakashi saying that her love for him has changed and what would have even sparked that love in the first place when she was young? Like I just need Kishi to explain this. Idk maybe I’m missing something but I honestly cannot think of a single reason for her side of the bond between them, when everyone else has a reason for their bond. Naruto connected to him because he was alone like he was and because he saw him as his rival (plus the whole being brothers in a past life thing too.) and Kakashi had a bond with him because Sasuke reminded him of himself when he was younger. And Sasuke had a bond with Naruto, Kakashi and Sakura because Team 7 reminded him of the love his family had for him and helped to fill that void in his heart. But Sakura? What is team 7 giving her that she doesn’t already have? What if the foundation of the connection she has with Sasuke? Sakura’s bond with Sasuke is one of the main bonds focused on in the story but it just not explained. Like Kishi please explain I need to know.

Edit since people keep saying this: I know Kishi wrote Kakashi saying love doesn’t need a reason. But it seems like a lame excuse for not giving Sakura a reason because the line that love doesn’t need a reason is only applicable to Sakura’s end of the bond for Sasuke. The idea that love doesn’t need a reason is negated by the fact that he has taken the time to give every other character who’s bond is focused a reason for that strong bond. He gives every single one of them a reason for their love. All except Sakura who is the only character to not fit that pattern. Even Hinata is given a reason for liking Naruto and Naruto a reason for liking her (because they both give each other strength) Now i’m not trying to say their love is better or more important I’m just simply using them for an example of this pattern that Kishi set for chatacter’s whose bond is focused on to support the other examples I gave above. By going into detail to painstakingly give all these character’s reasons to love each other it makes extremely confusing for why he would not give Sakura one and then say a reason is not actually needed. Like Sasuke puts her through A LOT but she got through it because of her love for him and I just want to know what sparked that strong love that allowed her to go through that.

To conclude, I love Sasusaku, I really do. I just don’t understand why Kishi did not give Sakura a foundation for her love like he painstakingly did for all the other characters. I just want to know the reason behind this and I am posting this if anyone sees a reason that I might have missed. I just want to know the foundation for the very strong and very deep love she has for him and the fact that Kishi gave everyone else reasons makes me wonder why Sakura did not need one. Is her love supposed to be stronger than everyone else’s because it does not have a reason/foundation? But if that’s the case then why was it Naruto who was able to save him? Like I just wish it was explained a bit more is all.

You guys don’t have to keep replying to this post it’s okay I figured it out.


So I finally had a little time to write! Yay! This fic is just a little drabble about Meryl missing Maks during this week apart and getting a little surprise from him. Enjoy!

Meryl slumped over the table, resting her head in her hands as her eyes aimlessly followed the intricate patterns of the wooden surface. She knew she should get up, do something, be productive like she usually was, but she just couldn’t bring herself to do it. Every time she tried to push herself out of her seat, a weight seemed to sink into the pit of her stomach, shoving her back down again.

Meryl never thought she would come to this. Truth be told, she was more than a bit angry with herself. Here she was, one of the most successful athletes in the world, an Olympic gold medalist, for God’s sake, and yet here she was pining over her boyfriend like some lovesick schoolgirl. It was beyond pathetic.

Meryl sighed loudly in frustration, raking her fingers through her long hair. She didn’t know how it had happened, but she was unable to shake the growing pit of loneliness that had consumed her from the second she’d walked into her condo in Michigan, drowsily calling to Maks before remembering he wasn’t there, his name echoing hollowly throughout the empty hallway. It wasn’t like this was unusual, it certainly wasn’t the longest she’d gone without seeing him, but this time felt different. Her apartment, which she once considered a peaceful sanctuary, now felt like a torturous exercise in solitary confinement. Even though she knew she’d see Maks in just a few days, the seconds ticked past slower than they ever had, the lump in her throat rising with each passing minute.

Lost in thought, Meryl almost didn’t notice the quiet ringing of her phone. Immediately, she came to life, springing up to look at the caller ID. At the sight of Maks’ name, she felt tears spring to her eyes, wiping them stubbornly away as she raised the phone to her ear.

“Maks! I’m so glad you called!”

“Me too, babe.” Meryl could hear him grinning through the phone, obviously just as exhilarated by her voice as she was by his. “So what is my princess up to today?”

“Well, not a lot. I’ve just been hanging around the condo.”

“So you’re still there now?”

“Yeah.” Meryl paused a moment, puzzled by his apparent interest. “Why?”

“Oh, no reason. Just curious. So um, how have you been?”

Meryl sighed. “Not so good. I miss you. A lot.”

“I know, babe. I miss you too. But we’ll see each other soon.”

“I know, just a few more days. But it’s not soon enough.”

“Well,” Maks seemed to be choosing his words carefully, “What would you consider soon enough?”

“I don’t know. Just as soon as possible, I hate this.”

“So do I. But maybe we can make it a bit easier.”


“Open your door.”

“Maks,” Meryl started towards the door, voice rising in anticipation. “What are you-”

Meryl threw open the door to reveal Maks beaming down at her. With a small shriek, she flung herself into his arms, hearing him laugh as he pressed his lips against her forehead. “Maks! What are you doing here?”

“I guess I just couldn’t resist coming over. Especially after what you retweeted yesterday,” Maks teased, watching Meryl’s face flush a light pink, making her look more beautiful than he’d ever seen her. Capturing her lips with his, he lifted her off her feet, carrying her inside blindly as he savored the taste of her lips for the first time in what felt like forever.

Setting her down on the couch, Maks pulled Meryl into his lap as she smiled up at him. “So you want all that later? What was in the tweet, I mean?”

“Soon,” Maks replied, reaching out to stroke her hair gently. “But I want today to be all about me taking care of you, since I haven’t been around that much lately.”

“No, you don’t have to do that!” Meryl protested. “It’s not your fault.”

“Mer, please. I want to.”

Seeing his pleading expression, Meryl relented. “Okay, fine. Just for today. Tomorrow, I’m all about you.”

“Fair enough,” Maks agreed, crossing over to the kitchen to open her refrigerator. “Now, let’s see what we have here.”

Two hours later, Meryl sat back in her chair, stuffed full from the delicious dinner Maks had cooked. She stared intently across the kitchen as he scrubbed a pot, wishing she could help, but Maks had refused, saying he was taking care of her today. Turning around, Maks caught Meryl’s eye in the dim candlelight. “What are you looking at?” He teased.

“Just you.”

“What about me?”

“You’re just cute, that’s all.”

Maks frowned at her, folding his arms over his chest. “I am not cute.”

“Yes, you are,” Meryl laughed. “Especially with that apron on.”

Maks glanced down sheepishly at Meryl’s light pink apron, which he had forgotten to take off after cooking. Ripping it off with a flourish, he strode over towards Meryl. “All manly now. Would you care to dance, princess?”

“Of course,” Meryl smiled as he lifted her out of her chair, pulling her into his arms as they began to move in a slow circle. Leaning her head on his shoulder, Meryl closed her eyes, only aware of the gentle rocking of his body against hers, his arms secured tightly around her waist. Meryl lost track of time as they danced to a song neither of them could hear, breathing in his deep, musky scent as he pressed his face into her hair.

After awhile, Maks pulled back slightly to give Meryl a long, lingering kiss, filling her with a warmth she’d been missing desperately for the past week. Taking her hand, he guided her back over to the couch. “Do you want to watch a movie or something? I promise you can watch the sappiest movie ever and I won’t get mad.”

Laughing, Meryl kneeled before the glass movie case, scanning the titles intently before finally picking one up and setting it in the DVD tray. Settling back beside Maks, Meryl snuggled into his shoulder just as the beginning credits began to roll.

“The Notebook?” Maks shook his head at Meryl. “Really, Mer?”

“You said you wouldn’t get mad!”

“I really need to be careful what I promise,” Maks rolled his eyes at the screen.

“Oh, don’t act like such a tough guy,” Meryl told him, reaching up to pat his cheek. “You’ll probably love it.”

“Yeah, we’ll see about that one,” Maks grumbled, pulling Meryl more tightly into his side as they began to watch.

But to Maks’ surprise, he did like the story. He found himself laughing and yes, even crying along with the characters as he aimlessly rubbed Meryl’s back, stopping only to wipe away a few tears as the ending credits came across the screen. “You were right,” Maks admitted begrudgingly. “Okay, I liked it.”

Meryl didn’t answer. Maks looked down to see her eyes shut peacefully against his chest, chest rising and falling in a slow rhythm. With a soft grin, Maks brushed a few stray hairs away from her face before picking her up gently, cradling her body against his chest as he quietly carried her to bed.

Laying her down on the mattress, Maks tucked Meryl tightly under the covers before crawling in beside her, stopping for a moment to take her in- dark hair splayed across her pillow, her body curled up in a right ball, looking even tinier in sleep, her soft lips slightly parted, driving him crazy without even trying. Maks wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her body flush against his as the steady beating of her heart lulled him to sleep, convinced that he could never be more content than he was in that moment.

Twisted (Chanyeol)

1486 words

it’s not really angsty but it certainly isn’t fluffy and idk it’s just chanyeol being a complete asshole who loves you

“Don’t assume things about me, babe, that won’t get you anywhere.”

He had this aura about him, this undeniable swagger that made you crave him. You weren’t stupid, it wasn’t like you thought he was a good person, or that he was worth your time, but that didn’t stop you from loving him with everything you had.

Chanyeol probably didn’t love you back.

He was impossible to be around, he was a complete asshole to absolutely everyone, particularly you, and you never even thought about leaving him. You threatened to leave on an hourly basis, but you never did, and he knew you wouldn’t.

And goddamn, he was something else.

You had never met anyone like Chanyeol. Maybe that was why you loved him so much, because somewhere, he deserved to be loved just because he was so damn awful. He was unapproachable, he was terrifying, he was violent and very, very dangerous. But he was never harmful to you. Never, ever to you. This was as close to love as you would probably ever get.

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