just in case u havent seen it

and just in case u havent seen it, these were his top 10 favorites circa 2000 (so right around the start of Stone Ocean’s publication; I honestly don’t think the list has changed much over time)

  1. Josuke
  2. Kira
  3. Bruno
  4. Diavolo
  5. Giorno
  6. Joseph
  7. Mista
  8. Jotaro
  9. Shigechi
  10. Dio

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Saw u did Requests So religious!shy!closet!sean And punk!cool!fuck church!felix Meet after Sean has been drooling over him, and re fucks him the green bean in a church bathroom or something? Degradation? Some pain maybe? And/ Or daddy kink? (I just luv relegious smut) (that's weird) (I'm weird) Go nuts Please

You: that’s weird I’m weird

Update: I changed this up a bit so that they only do bj’s bc my son is PURE thank u very much

Jack’s eyes would flitter between the faces in the church. There was his family, his friends, people from the neighbourhood and of course the people that conducted the ceremonies he went to every Sunday. But there was also a face that stood out, a face with a septum piercing and harsh look on it. The boy would be leaning against the back wall of the church, clearly disinterested in socialising with anyone. Jack watched as a couple approached the boy, disappointment etched on their faces. His parents? It didn’t matter anyway, because the punk looking boy would huff and move from his spot against the wall, making his way across the room. The timid Irishman would watch his every step, until he realised that one- his own parents were talking to him and two- that boy was coming his way. Jack would shake his head, tuning into the nagging that was his mother.
“Wha’s up, Ma?” He would ask, acting as if he hadn’t been totally gawking over the punk.
“I want you to make a new friend, Jack. Felix has a few uh- ‘problems’ I suppose you could say- when it comes to making friends. He just needs someone to set him on the right path, and who better than you, dear?”
Jack would look at her, eyes wide as he stumbled over his words. He would be cut off completely as the punk joined then, his hand resting on Jack’s waist. “I’m Felix, and you must be Jack?”

The boy talked so eloquently for a typical punk, his voice calm and put together. Something that Jack most definitely was not, considering the Swede’s hand was still ghosting over his waist. Jack wouldn’t be the only one to notice this action however, as his mother instructed that the two boys go outside and freshen up and get to ‘know each other better’. It seemed however, in Felix’s mind that getting to know someone meant pinning them against the brick wall out the back of the church, as that’s exactly how Jack was currently positioned. The Irishman would cower in fear, knowing that if the punk chose to attack him he had no possible option of defence, other than curling in on himself and hoping for the best. And so that’s what he attempted to do, but this would just encourage the Swede to pin his wrists above his head, leaving him helpless. It was clear Jack’s interpretation of what was happening was far from right however, and Felix leaned down and left butterfly kisses across his neck.
“Saw the way you were looking at me, babydoll. Saw those shreds of temptation in your eyes. You want me- no- you need me, don’t you?”
Jack would gasp and splutter, cheeks flushing a wild and noticeable shade of red. “I- I don’t know what'cha talkin’ about?”
Felix would smirk and chuckle at this, shoving his thigh between Jack’s before grinding it upward. “Oh?” Felix would pause, “but your cock seems to know?”

The words would seem so vile and naughty to Jack, considering he was born and raised inside a religious household. He’d never followed out on those urges, had never followed out on that feeling in the pit on his stomach. Had always thought it was a bad thing, but with the way the punk was rubbing against him, his mind was too cluttered to even be certain anymore. One thing Jack knew for sure, is that his mother would kill him; but somewhere deep in the back of his mind, he knew she never had to find out. So, Jack would let out that breath he was holding in, and would slowly and nervously push his body further into Felix’s. A smug look would flood the Swede’s face, his hand coming up to stroke over Jack’s cheek. “I’m gonna take you to the bathroom and fuck you like you deserve. Mm? Is that okay?”
The timid boy would nod, gasping quietly. “Want that. Please?”
Felix would show his first act of kindness, gripping Jack’s hand in his as they stalked their way into the bathroom. The silver haired boy would shove Jack into the closest toilet stall, locking it behind himself. Luckily for them most of the people had migrated out the front of the church to eat and talk, so they would have just enough time to themselves.

And this is how Jack would receive his first kiss. Felix’s lips pressed to his in a desperate manner, tongue sliding into his mouth. And Jack knew straight away that something was different about this kiss as a metal stud ran along his tongue. The punk lived up to his status, pulling back with a smirk and flick of his tongue over his bottom lip as he watched Jack’s shocked expression.
“I- fuck me,” Jack would spit mindlessly, backing against the stall’s wall as Felix walked closer and closer to him, pinning him against it.
“Think since you liked my tongue piercing so much, you might like it somewhere else too? Want that don’t you, sweetheart? Tell me you want it. Tell me you want daddies tongue.”
Jack would hold back a squeal, cheeks beginning to hurt from how bad he was blushing. Felix had no filter, in fact Felix had no shame whatsoever. And he especially didn’t have shame as he dropped to his knees in front of Jack, waiting for a reply as his fingers fumbled over the boy’s leather belt. The Irishman would speak softly, eyes flickering between the floor and Felix’s out of utter shame and embarrassment. Yet still, he would manage to get out exactly what Felix wanted to hear. “Want your tongue, daddy.”
Felix wouldn’t taunt the boy any further, instead making work of undoing the boy’s belt and pants so that he could slide them off.

From there he would be full steam ahead, wrapping his lips around the tip of Jack’s cock. The boy would already be shaking, he had never touched himself, let alone been touched. But Felix didn’t give him much time to think, the metal stud flicking over the slit of his tip. He would sink down further, mouth wrapping around the Irishman in a way that was so wrong it had to be right. He would pull back, running his tongue along the underside of the whining boy’s cock. He knew all along Jack wouldn’t last long, but with a final kitten lick the boy would already be cumming down his throat, hands shaking at his side in uncertainty. Felix would grab them and thread them through his hair, assuring the boy that it was perfectly okay. Felix would rise from his position on the floor, hushing Jack as he trembled. The latter would give himself time to calm down, eyes squeezed shut as he continued to lean into Felix for support. And fuck it, he thought, he’d already broken about ten rules, why stop now? Turning to Felix with a look of sudden confidence, he would speak. “Wanna suck you off, please- please lemme, daddy?”
And who was Felix to deny him?

The silver haired punk would help Jack get to his knees, stripping himself of his own underwear and pants because he knew the boy would be far too shaky. Jack would be awestruck, eyes glistening upward as they flicked between Felix and his dick. He was long and thick and his tip was already slick with pre-cum. Jack would follow the boy’s previous actions, slowly licking the underside of his cock before wrapping his lips around the tip. Felix was far more used to this than Jack, yet still he found himself adoring the boy. He looked so innocent and timid, he really was a pretty thing. The Swede wouldn’t be able to think straight as Jack began sucking him off, struggling to take more and more of him in his mouth. And still, he persisted, focusing on opening his throat so that the punk could slide in more and more. Felix would thread his hands through Jack’s hair, not being shy as he pulled and tugged at the locks. He even began thrusting slowly, fucking Jack’s mouth as he grew closer. And the church boy would take it so well, eyes welling with tears as he worked to pleasure the punk. It would be worth it too, as Felix’s hips stilled, cum flooding Jack’s mouth and throat.

Felix would peer down, a smug look on his face. “Who knew church boys swallowed, huh?”