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Just a silly sketch I made. I’m a huge fan of Bo Burnham lol
This is a song from his comedy show, “what.”, its called REPEAT STUFF

(Warning: Nsfw-ish)

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Whats wrong with Ceballos? Why don't people like him? (I don't follow La Liga too closely)

I’m probably not the best person to ask because his actions were only recently brought to my attention since he signed for Real Madrid, but I’ll try to answer this as best as I can (I’ve also linked my sources just in case I fail at explaining this lol).

From what I’ve read recently, Ceballos wrote angry tweets that targeted Real Madrid, Barcelona, and a few of both club’s players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Gerard Pique and Cesc Fabregas. He’s also said some very derogatory things about Iker Casillas and his wife, Sara Carbonero. Below are a few of his tweets:

  • “Be quiet Pique and don’t give your opinion about Andalusia, you shit Catalan.”
  • “I find the whistling of the national anthem a disgrace. A bomb needs to fall on the stands and kill all the Catalan and Bizcayan dogs” (during the Copa del Rey final 2015)

According to an article by Goal, “he had also come across as a petulant, dislikeable personality on the pitch.”

When Betis relegated Getafe on the final day of the 2015-16 season with a 2-1 victory at the Benito Villamarin, he allegedly told crestfallen centre-back Cala, "I hope you go rot in the second division and the club disappears.”

Marca wrote that in his twitter, “There were also some inappropriate jokes made about sex, girls.” I mean, this alone is enough for me to dislike him, to be honest.

He’s a Barcelona fan (yet he hates Catalonia wow), but has deleted most of his tweets praising them…so I really don’t know why he signed with Real instead??

Anyways, you can easily find most of his tweets via a quick google search online. The gist of this is he’s basically a rude, disrespectful person with no manners and I don’t care whether or not he’s one of Spain’s biggest talents right now – I don’t want him in Real Madrid or in Barcelona considering the fact that he wants a bomb to kill them because what the fuck??


Just hadn’t posted much and wanted you guys to know I was actually still drawing.
Four of these I’m planning to finish and a few are gifts. Also threw in some western AU stuff I’ve been avoiding posting because I can’t imagine anyone is interested but me and maybe Nicole.
Also, have you guys seen that dress meme? Because that’s where that Hondo came from.
Also, Sillah makes a guest appearance and she’s @nmallenart oc! The rest are Star Wars characters I’m bastardizing I’m sure but at least I’m having fun, even if it’s just mostly by myself XD

Hey, bisexual people:

Go ahead and make new terms to describe your experience within bisexuality! Don’t let mogai bullshit stand in your way. As long as you’re not claiming those terms are completely separate from bisexuality, like they do, you’re good.

Homosexual people have gay, lesbian, femme, butch, bear, twink, etc etc etc… Why do bisexual people not even have words to mean “male bisexual” and “female bisexual”?

As someone who loves reading studies and statistics I am so sick of seeing “bisexual” lumped into one huge category. It’s ridiculous that male and female bisexuals are considered exactly the same in those studies. It’s ridiculous that someone who’s primarily interested in the opposite sex is considered the exact same as someone primarily interested in the same sex.

Anyways, anyone saying you shouldn’t create new words to describe the various unique experiences within bisexuality is fucking stupid and you shouldn’t listen to them.

- Kate

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Lmao who's gonna tell the toxic Tom fans that U.S. Weekly was bought by the national enquirer and ok magazine this year and is now just as trash as them. They're posting the article acting like they are some Taylor account like I really don't get them do they have Taylor on google alert?

it’s bizarre, and also amusing. First off because everyone and their grandmother plus Ed Sheeran has said that taylor has been working on an album this year -duh- and certain non-taylor-fandom bloggers are acting like this article just revealed the location of jimmy hoffa’s body lol. 

Second…………. given their professed convictions, why do they care what she’s been up to … I mean… honestly, when people are confident in their beliefs - it’s evident. When people aren’t confident, it’s also clear. And in this case, it’s funny as hell.  

Plus, you would think they would try to hide those insecurities a little better and keep it in the DMs but …. 

… i guess not always.

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Do the boys use formality when calling each others names or they don't use it? For example does Jungkook call Namjoon Hyung?

the younger ones MUST call the older ones “-hyung”. no matter how close you are with each other, you can’t drop the “-hyung” (or its equivalent in other cases), like jungkook is not allowed to call jin with just “jin” or “seokjin”, “seokjin-ah”, “seokjinie” (unless he’s being a brat and teasing his hyungs, in that case he’s sure to be scolded later lol). on shows or any form of broadcast, they either use “-ssi” (regardless of age, since -ssi is a formal honorific that is used between people of equal speech level) or “-hyung” to keep the formality. sometimes they habitually drop the “-ssi” too, but the “-hyung” is kept in every situation.

note: “-ssi” is used either with full name (eg. kim seokjin) or first name (eg. seokjin). using “-ssi” with a person’s last name (eg. kim) is considered rude since it indicates you consider yourself to be of higher social status than the other one.

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How do I know if I am actually aroace? I've been identifying that for a few months but lately I've been thinking. What if it's just me being emotionless and cold-hearted? Like I usually don't feel anything. I'm just 'empty.' And I don't want to claim being aroace if I'm not. I don't want other people tell me that I'm faking it or that it's not real, that I just don't feel emotions...

Does your gut tell you so? Do you see ace/aro jokes and think ‘lol that’s me!”?
Generally in cases like this the answer isn’t a clean cut answer you are x and not y. It’s very possible you not feeling certain (or several) emotions does play into your asexuality or aromanticism. And there is nothing wrong with that. 

The truth is no matter what you do, some asshole is going to tell you it isn’t good enough. Ignore them, focus on what you do or don’t feel and in what ways that can bring you peace and happiness.

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Some people say that we don't focus on the plot like we focus on shipping, but the truth is that this show is a continuous plot-twist and the time isn't much so we focus on shipping to not spend time on something we know can be the exact opposite of what we say, lol. *I'm joking, obv. I'm not so DEAD SERIOUS*

I’m super focused on the lore.
Shipping is just “louder”.
And, in this case, the OTP’s development is also an important piece in the bigger picture (apparently), so bonus points for that.

Fans that make fun of Starco supporters because they (we!) supposedly do not care about the plot should watch the show with more attention. It’s not “making everything about Starco” when the show itself gives to Star and Marco’s evolving relationship so much focus.

i wish there was a tag for people who actually LIKE joseph to post like fanart and nice posts and just fun stuff like the other dads get, without having to be bombarded by people who hate him and refuse to acknowledge that sometimes bad situations force good people into moral grey areas

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You women are so unbelievably nasty. Lots of people thought Sam and Cait were together but normal people just accept that's not the case and move on. You're like Mean Girls - bitching and making up stories, inventing drama and most astoundingly of all, being self righteous about it, as though you've been wronged, when you're the ones doing the wrong thing. They're doing a job and doing it well. They're people with PRIVATE lives and don't have to answer to you for one second. Leave them alone.

Who said they had to answer to me? LOL. You sound alot like one of those mean girls to me… 

For the record… 

They owe me nothing… not even a beautiful portrayal of Jamie and Claire

Their private life is theirs, I just enjoy the idea that they just might be #bettertogether

Last I heard I haven’t got a direct line to them to bother them with my fanning. 

They owe YOU nothing… not even a portrayal of Jamie and Claire

You should be nicer. 

Have a good day. 

Here is a picture… try and enjoy it….it’s fun. 

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i am so tired of ppl shitting on the SAM. i don't use it, myself. others would call me aroace, i personally just use ace. so seeing "asexuality isn't abt WHO you're attracted to, it's how much," it's like? it DOES describe who. the "who" is nobody, at all, in any way, shape, or form. there is literally no other word for my orientation. bc "asexual" IS my orientation. so the "asexuality is a modifier for your REAL orientation" nonsense would boil down to, in my case, "you have no orientation"

lol people in this have literally told me outright I have no orientation

oh or that time I was informed I should just claim I am straight or talk around the whole thing bc how dare I mention the word “ace” (or “aro”)

It’s fucking bizarre how the anti-ace/aro crowd comes at us

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I really want to start a blog but I don't know how to edit screenshots and I don't have an editing program. I'm worried I'd have to pay money for a good program, and I don't want to do that. I also don't know if people would enjoy my content. I don't want to start a blog and have no one enjoy it. Do you have any advice on starting a blog? Sorry if you've already answered this 💖 I adore your blog by the way, you inspired me to have minimal cc 😊

hi!!! before editing with photoshop i was editing with gimp, it’s free and i had great feedback on how my screenshots looked like :-) oh and have a look at @bookofsims‘ unedited screenshots they look SO great and people enjoy it (including me lol) so just in case you’re not into editing that much :-)

i think what matters is if YOU would enjoy your content. but of course having people enjoying what you do is very great. don’t worry too much about that, followers will come!! just be patient, really this is all you need to do. if you want to start a simblr then do it!! yourself comes first and i’m sure you will enjoy your stay here :-)

advices on starting a blog:

  • know where you’re going to!! if you’re going to post gameplays, lookbooks, custom content… clear your mind!! and of course you can do all of these things on the same blog :-)
  • set your blog!! having a good looking theme is really important to me :-)
  • have your blog organized, with links to everything you want so no one gets lost lol
  • the most important thing is to stay true to yourself. do whatever you want to do, no matter what your followers will think. as i said above yourself comes first. and don’t do things because you want followers (i don’t assume you will this is more global) i can guarantee you’d lost every want in running your simblr!!
  • get to know the other blogs around!! you will be new here so make the first move to let people know your blog now exists!! :-)
  • and of course last but not least enjoy what you post!! :-)

rantaboutbees  asked:

What's up with the thing where Jared has a gap between his front teeth? Will's teeth aren't like that, right? I mean I totally love it, I just don't get why this became a thing lol

People often take characters from a musical, and when they draw them they base them loosely on the actor representing them (or sometimes they just do a completely new design that looks nothing like any actor who has ever played the character) and they’ll add different traits
In this case, it’s the tooth gap that people draw Jared with, but there are countless more examples within deh fanart

friesarelyfe  asked:

I don't want AD to be Spencer's twin (or her to have a tin in general even if they aren't AD) but I'll be shocked now if she DOESN'T have a twin, just because of the airport scene and how right before that Spencer is doing something else... Although if that's the case and airport Spencer was the twin, then Spencer and the twin both have a fringe/bangs (I've seen some people say the real Spencer is the one with no fringe etc) hope it makes sense what I'm trying to say lol

Yeah I fully understand people not liking Spencer having a twin. At the end of the day I share the frustrations too.

Ugh another secret sibling
Probably raised in Radley, so it’ll be CeCe’s story 2.0, meaning AD won’t be a ruthless psychopath who wants to see the girls’ heads on a stick
Not a character we’ve known since season 1
Not a character we’ve grown to love, hence there won’t be a sense of betrayal
MORE twins?? Really? Mary and Jessica wasn’t enough?

I get all that, I truly do. And I can’t really verbalise it but I think the reason that I do want her to have a twin is because I just want to see Troian under that hoodie. She’ll slay the scene and it’ll be a very satisfying moment when it comes out. I want to see Troian, but not Spencer, under the hoodie. Spencer would break my heart. While I want a huge betrayal, I don’t want it to be THAT big where it’s Spencer. So, I find a happy medium with it being Spencer’s twin. But still, I understand and even agree with literally all of the reasons people give, against Spencer having a twin. It’s by no means a perfect reveal worthy of a 7 year story but it is pretty damn good (in my opinion)

lusty-mint  asked:

Mestiza whit passing or not is still mestiza. Many white Latinos don't consider other white Latinos unless their 100% European. So they're still looked upon and are not white Latinos. Their mixed. White Latinos are the ones who are nothing but European ancestry. Which in this case Frida wasn't.

lol thats not even true, but regardless the point is that just because frida had an indigenous ancestor somewhere doesn’t mean that she could take any part of indigenous peoples’ culture as if it belonged to her, or that it wasn’t appropriation for her to dress how she did. thats like white girls who have a cherokee ancestor somewhere down the line wearing headdresses or warpaint or anything else. thats not even getting started on how the whole concept of mestizaje in mexico is a white supremacist ideology

frida was protected by her racial background (mostly white) and class (affluent) from the lived realities that people who were actually from indigenous communities in mexico like poverty, destruction of their culture and communities, and not having access to education, healthcare, upward mobility etc. why do u think her family had indigenous women as maids? why do u think she was the only one in her family who dressed like that?

same as how now white chicanas who are completely removed from their indigenous roots, communities, and traditions will wear huipiles at conferences and make academic and art careers off of being “mestizas” (cherrie moraga lol) while women who are actually indigenous in mexico and wear huipiles every day are still subject to extreme poverty, high rates of violence, sexual and otherwise, racism, and will never have access to the same institutions as “mestizas”

honestly how many indigenous women back then do u think had access to expensive long-term medical care like she did, or education like she did, or could make careers in art? she gained all the access of whiteness but didnt have to deal with any of the real repercussions of being indigenous

thats the issue, not whether u want to accept that she was a white latina or not


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Nickname: Jojo, Jostur

Height: 6′3″ (1.8m)

Orientation: Gray-Ace, Panromantic

Nationality: United States of American (there’s not a real elegant way to phrase that)

Favorite Fruit: I don’t eat a lot of fruits b/c of texture, but i like Orange flavour a lot

Favorite Season: Winter

Favorite Flower: i enjoy most flowers, but i think wildflowers are prettiest. flowers in their natural state, like little surprises along the street

Favorite Scent: idk i don’t have a REAL favourite scent. I like new books (like, colour books that have a LOT of ink on them. like, d&d handbooks), freshly shampooed and conditioned hair (after it’s dry, if the smell is nice), cetain perfumes (if i remember correct i really liked the PINK brand), some colognes, fruity candles (but i don’t care for like, tree scents or herbal scents, and NOT cinnamon, too strong), baked goods cooking, newspapers, new cars, new games, new electronics in general

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Animal: Deer (but also a bunch others)

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate: Hot chocolate (but even then it never tastes right)

Hours of Sleep: preferred? 12. average? 4-6

Dog or Cat Person: Dogs

Favorite Fictional Characters: Twitch (league of legends), I’m sure there are others i’m forgetting

Number of Blankets You Sleep With: blanket? i sleep with a sheet or else i’ll die from heatstroke in the night

Dream Trip: I’d love to go to a furcon with furiends, but also I NEED to see Freezepop, Radical Face, Glass Animals, Mother Mother, and/or Portual. The Man live in concert

Date of Blog Creation: i have no fucking idea i’ve made and remade like 4 times. 

Number of Followers: 338

Random Fact: i’m i’m still not in fucking school ughhhhhhhhhhh also i don’t have a driver’s license but honestly i really don’t feel like driving, if i can get by in life without driving that’d be ideal

Gender: Minecraft

Sign: Aquarius

Time: 11:55 pm

Birthday: February 18th

Favourite bands: Radical Face, Freezepop, Mother Mother, Glass Animals, Portugal. The Man, and more

Favourite solo artists: @ caseylalonde here on tumblr for sure, Brendan Urie (he’s solo now right? he’s the one running the band?), more

Song stuck in my head: Slow Dance With You (from Adventure Time), whatever this is

Last movie I saw: It’s honestly been so long since i’ve actually sat down and watched a movie. Uh, Nightmare Before Christmas randomly on tv?

Last show I watched: Bones? idk, see above

Tagging: buhhhh i don’t like tagging people, but i guess i’ll tag some mutuals. seriously u don’t gotta do this if u don’t wanna @vvindir @lion-byte @fursoner @supermegadragon @fleurfurr @patchinbat @murophobic @chevalier-etoiles sorry if i’m forgetting anyone i interact with, if i forgot u please do this and tag me so i know you did it!

The Secret Behind Item #10
  • ME: I think the 10th item was posted on a blog with nothing but pictures of dogs and bells as a reference to Pavlov's Dog. Maybe the GISHWHES team is trying to make a point about how all the participants have been trained to do items with a certain level of obedience.
  • MYSELF: Seriously? Do you really think the people behind this whole thing would put THAT much thought into it? Don't be stupid. The pictures were obviously random and unrelated. They thought it would be funny.
  • ME: But they had to put at least SOME thought into it...
  • MYSELF: No. They didn't. You're reading too deeply into it. Stop.
  • I: Maybe we should all just ask the readers what they think. Are we all just being trained like dogs? Or is this just a case of "Lol, so random"?
  • #gishwhestakestumblr #gtt10 #gishwhes

anonymous asked:

I'm not a huge shipper either way (I just want the characters to be happy lol) but I've noticed that a lot of the Zutara people on tumblr actually have a lot more valid points and are mature and respectful when discussing their ship. It's not always the case, of course, but you guys seem to really deeply consider the wellbeing and canon characterization of the characters, which is kind of funny since it's not a canon ship. I don't get why Zutara is getting so much anon hate either like jfc

That’s what I noticed, too. There are so many good analyses, not only of the shipping, but of the emotional dynamics of the canon and non-canon pairings. For general Avatar symbolism, there are plenty of solid essays out there from canon shippers, but when it comes to defending Kαtααng and Mαiko themselves, there is a dearth of good explanations for the way they came about. Mostly, in my opinion, because the unfortunate canon shippers don’t have a heck of a lot to work with. There are tons and tons of cute moments between Katara and Aαng, and there are … some … moments … of something between Mαi and Zuko, but when you’re considering a pairing as a miniature story in and of itself, Mαiko and Kαtααng just don’t build to a finish all that well. 

Zuko and Katara’s story, especially from the Day of Black Sun on, is treated as a separate plot in and of itself that builds to a climax when Zuko jumps in front of the lightning for Katara. The closest parallel would be to Zuko and Aαng’s three-season adventure toward friendship and family, which is why it’s so funny to me to see Kαtααng shippers argue that Zutara isn’t a good ship because of things that Zuko did pre-redemption. I guess Zuko and Aαng—you know, the relationship that was basically the crux of the show—shouldn’t be friends, then, either, right? 

*shakes head*

But seriously, let’s take the last dialogue these couples have together before their kissing scenes in the finale.

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