just in case he makes it to the headline

Once again the worlds education system has failed a lot of you…Kesha did NOT lose her case against Dr. Luke. That case will be handled at a later time. She lost her request for a preliminary breach of her contract that would allow her to release music not made by Luke but still have Sony promote it. The judge said she is allowed to release new music but Sony contractually does not have to promote it unless he produces it. Please please PLEASE stop buying into articles with clickbait headlines meant to make you think that more extreme things are happening when this is just another level in a complex legal battle.

In polite circles, Carrot Top is mostly known for being shorthand for terrible comedy and the dangers of creatine. Between Chairman Of The Board and an unflattering cameo in The Hangover’s end credits, Carrot Top has enjoyed the kind of career that, best-case scenario, ends in a casino buffet. So it should come as no surprise that he’s spent the last decade headlining the Luxor in Las Vegas, where he no doubt has eaten at least a few plates of complimentary breakfast. However, what is surprising is the fact that Carrot Top has made $75 million doing it.

That’s right – Carrot Top is a goddamned Vegas sensation, with tickets to his shows going for $50 a pop, and those are just the cheap seats. As it turns out, while people like us were busy making fun of him, Carrot Top was working his ass off – he has performed for 3 million people since 1987, which means, on average, 100,000 people have gone to see Carrot Top every year for the past three decades. For comparison, Madonna has performed for a little less than 10 million people over just about the same time period.

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