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Landscaping Tutorial: Awkwardly Placed Villagers

I was asked to do a tutorial on how I would landscape around villagers who plotted in either an awkward or just downright horrible place, and thankfully I had just the villager to use to do this. Hopefully this helps! As always, all information will be under the cut!

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i’ll count this as character design since she is also drawn as a fictional character and i was talking about ginga earlier but takahashi is one of the last people i’d expect to mislabel a wolfdog. this is a cold case so these were basically the only photos of hanako i could find. but from them i think its safe to say she was not a real wolfdog. i do not know how much he believed this or if it was fabricated just for her manga insert, i can’t find any info aside from the wiki.

if hanako was somehow a real wolfdog, she would be no higher than a low-content. the wiki photo and bottom right photo are most telling to me that she does not look wolf, the first one in particular reminds me almost of a malamute’s triangular eyes.

 i wish that photo of her sitting included the feet because would be very telling, but the chest does look too wide for a wolfdog.

appearances aside i think the most telling think is the story. supposedly hanako is a wolfdog from los angeles that is half ‘siberian’ wolf. siberian wolf is not a separate species but might be referring to the eurasian wolf subspecies of grey wolf. regardless, wolfdogs bred from any imported wolf parent is extremely rare and usually a red flag.

all that being said, i am not an expert on wolfdogs. somebody with experience and more knowledge is welcome to dispute me.

Sometimes…just sometimes I wish Luffy x Nami was as blatantly obvious like Natsu and Lucy in Fairy Tail.

When arguing our ship case;

Lunami : So in this chapter if you go to page 15 and look at the bottom right panel. You will see what looks like a vague expression Nami is making, but ACTUALLY it represents the concern and worry she has for luffy which shows how much they cares for each other which is also/maybe related to love and ….. (two more paragraphs of proof)

NaLu: …..Have you read Fairy Tail? Just look at the chapters. JUST LOOK AT IT.
Here let me share some nice Nalu fanarts.

Oops did I say fanarts? I meant OFFICIAL ARTWORK FROM HIRO MASHIMA.

roseanne sentence starters.

“ yeah, you’re right. okay, everybody, panic! ”
“ come on, you guys. You’re missing out on marshmallows. ”
“ that is not funny! you’re grounded until menopause! ”
“ oh, how i like my men: crispy on the outside and stuck to the end of a fork. ”
“ you’ll survive this horrible moment and grow up and have horrible moments with your own kids. ”
“ i’m writing in my diary everything that’s happening just in case. ”
“ come on out here, i want to show you the sky. ”
“ how come my new sweater is at the bottom of your grungy closet? ”
“ this is so cool! are we going to have a hurricane? ”
“ what the hell were you thinking about? you could have been killed? ”
“ if you were a tornado, would you want to come in this house? ”
“ you went on a drunken rampage, beat up six guys and took out a pay phone. ”
“ we are officially poor white trash. now all we need is some little half-wit sitting in the front yard eating dirt. ”
“ you know, i consider myself a pretty good judge of people and that’s why I don’t like none of ‘em. ”
“ you are the most gutless, pathetic thing i’ve ever seen. ”
“ on your way, could you swing by the jail and bail out your dad? ”
“ he/she could’ve faced me but instead he/she left me some stupid note about space creatures. ”
“ don’t do it, you’ll embarrass both of us. ”
“ what! i’m not an alcoholic! i only had one glass of wine! ”
“ now you say you’re an alcoholic because you think that that way you don’t have to take any responsibility for anything that you do.  ”
“ if you go over there, you’ll get all mad and punch him/her or something. ”
“ are we gonna have another one of your little chats? ”
“ well, you just fall in love with anything that licks your nose. ”
“ don’t come walking in this house like you’ve won some great, big victory over me . ”
“ well, call me old-fashioned, but what’s wrong with living in sin? ”
“ if you are this obsessed with my life, there is obviously something missing from yours. ”
“ your back is all bruised up, you won’t tell me nothing about it. ”
“ oh, my god. you didn’t kill him and then go buy chicken, did ya? ”
“ an accident is something that you wouldn’t do over again if you had the chance. ”
“ it’s a shame you quit smoking, you could grind your butts out on his face. ”
“ when are you gonna stop being such a smart mouth? ”
“  nobody takes any responsibility for anything, ok? ”
“ what, one brush with death a day isn’t enough for you? ”

Imagine Chris thinking you’re adorable.

A/N: Inspired by real life events. 😅 I lost my keys, guys.

Chris sat on the front porch steps while you stood by the front door, searching your handbag for the house keys. You were sure you put it in your bag before you left the house, you had told him you did which was why he didn’t bother taking his; you hoped you were right because your husband was definitely going to use this against you if you weren’t. You squatted on the ground and continued to fish things out of your bag in search of your set of keys, wincing when you realized you’d reached the bottom of the bag.

“Let me guess,” a smug smirk formed on Chris’ perfect lips.

“Shut up,” you bit back your smile. “They should be in here.” You told him as you continued to look, just in case you missed it. “My keys are always in my bag, I barely ever take them out ‘cause I have you to open my doors for me.” You glanced at him, flashing a smile that made him laugh. “It’s in here and I’ll find them, don’t you worry.”

“She says into her emptied out bag,” he chuckled and you pressed your lips together apologetically. “Oh God,” he sighed then laughed. “You know I knew something like this would happen, I knew it before we left, and I knew I should’ve brought my keys but- I decided to trust my wife over my instincts.”

“Aren’t you stupid?” You teased and he laughed. “It’s fine, I’ll call my mom.”

“She’s going to get mad at you,” he told you what you already knew. “And me too,” he added with a soft chuckle. “We wouldn’t be in this mess if you’d just let me hide a key on the porch, but no. Do you really think you can outsmart a professional criminal, Chris?” He mimicked you in a high pitched voice and you chuckled.

“We wouldn’t be in this mess if I were a normal human being who could look after a set of keys.”

“You said it, not me.” He held his hands up in surrender, biting back his smile. “But hey, you can’t blame yourself 'cause it’s our fault for spoiling you.” You narrowed your eyes in confusion. “Like you said, you barely ever use your keys because I’m always opening the door for you. I wouldn’t be surprised if your parents did the same for you growing up.”

“They did,” you admitted sheepishly.

“How you managed to get into your apartment for six years by yourself is beyond me,” he shook his head, chuckling. “Oh wait, you didn’t. You called your mom half the time, and me the other half even though you could’ve sworn you put your keys in your bag.”

“Shut up,” you laughed.

“Call your mom,” he laughed.

You picked your phone up off the ground and rang your mom; she picked up after the second ring. You could practically hear her roll her eyes when you told her why you were calling. You and Chris laughed when you put her on speaker and she said, “and here I was thinking that marrying you meant I was done opening her doors.” She hung up, promising she’d be right over. You smiled because married or not, your mom would do anything for you.

“Now we sit and wait,” Chris said as you settled next to him on the front porch steps. “You didn’t lose lose your keys, did you? 'Cause it’s going to be a problem if some stranger finds it and finds his or her way back to our place.”

“Because someone would really hunt down a house after finding a pair of keys,” you quipped sarcastically and he chuckled. “Now I know why you fell for me,” you smiled and playfully poked his arm, “you’re just as paranoid.” He laughed and your smile widened. “No, it should be inside the house. There are only three places in the house that I’ll put my keys, I’m sure I’ll find it.”

He chuckled softly because he knew it was more than three places in the house where you’d put your keys; you basically put your keys anywhere you found convenient. “Can you list those three places for me, babe?” He quizzed, trying to suppress his smile. “Let’s think back and see where you could’ve left your keys.”

“Well-” you began and paused to think about it, completely unaware that he was doing it to poke fun at you. “There’s the table by the front door in the bowl, that’s where we always put our keys and whatnot.”

He nodded with an “mm hm.”

“I occasionally leave them on the kitchen bench, I sometimes forget about the bowl and walk straight in or I leave them there when I’m making a smoothie to-go.” You said and he nodded again. “Or on top of the dresser in the hallway, sometimes I put it there while I’m getting a scarf. But I didn’t make a smoothie or put on a scarf, so- Oh, there’s a chance it’s on my makeup table or the bathroom counter or the coffee table or on the cou-” You cut yourself off when you realized you were way past three places.

“You’re adorable,” he chuckled and wrapped an arm around you. “Yeah, occasionally your adorableness will get us locked out of our house but-” He pressed his lips against the side of your head. “It’s a small sacrifice I’m willing to make if it means being married to your cute little butt.”

“Maybe I should just wear my key around my neck,” you suggested.

“Maybe,” he laughed.


The 10 steps of drawing a flying saucer in case you want to learn it. The difficult part is getting the lines to meet each other but you can cover it by adding details. Draw it sideways like in the photos right until you have to draw the dome. Then turn it around like I’ve done in the sixth photo and draw the rest. Start from the bottom when making the dome.

Start from the middle in the fourth photo and draw towards the pointy end, but start from the pointy end in the fifth photo and let the lines meet in the middle.

I hope this makes sense!

pinkheichou  asked:

I can never get enough of Jearmin TBH! So, um, how about aged-up bartender!Armin who looks all manly and handsome, wearing a sexy bun, and Jean who got rejected/broke up drowns his sorrow in alcohol. They chat a little and start to like each other

I turned it into a Valentine’s Day prompt for shits and giggles. :D

On the Other Side [Jearmin, Modern Day AU, 1708 words]

It’s February 14, and the bar Jean’s sitting in is mostly empty. It’s a dive bar, and not an establishment anyone in their right mind would take a date to.

“Another?” The bartender’s voice is calm, anticipatory in a knowing way, as if expecting to hear the full story without even asking.

And although Jean is almost always ready to talk, to state his case and air his thoughts, tonight he just feels like staring into the bottom of his glass and feeling a little sorry for himself.

“Yeah,” he answers without elaboration, voice flat.

The bartender nods and smoothly grabs a fresh glass, pouring whiskey into it without ice, remembering Jean’s original order two drinks ago.

He pushes it across the battered wood bar toward Jean, before moving to attend to the single other person.

Jean sneaks a look and sees an old man a few seats down, drinking the same thing he is.


Jean sighs and rubs a hand over his face, taking a long pull of the whiskey and trying not to think too hard about his current state of affairs.

“He got stood up.”

Jean looks up abruptly and feels like a deer in the headlights as he meets two very blue eyes. In fact, they’re downright striking; he had acknowledged objectively, in the back of his head, that the bartender was attractive, but he hadn’t given it much thought up until now.

“You looked curious,” the bartender shrugs, slinging a towel over his shoulder. “He told me to tell you.”

[Read more: https://flecksofpoppy.tumblr.com/post/157259709053/i-can-never-get-enough-of-jearmin-tbh-so-um-how]

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i don’t why i did the thing but i did the thing.

Secret Trio(Danny, Randy, Jake) and Traffic Light Trio (Zak, Rex, Ben) + bonus Chiro bc i like his design and couldn’t think of anyone else to put there.

in case my sketch is too messy>>> randy is in jail, dan is the one with his back turned, the guy in the bottom-right corner is the kid from super robot monkey team


So I saw this phan moment a while ago and I decided I would share it with you all because I’ve never seen anyone else talk about it! 

So a while ago I was watching back the christmas cookie baking video. I was rewatching it because I wanted to decided for myself if Dan and Phil are “holding hands” in that part everyone talks about. (In case you’re curious, they actually are not holding hands. Dan just has his own hands laced together!) But, while I was watching that part over and over, I noticed something interesting about the part right before the “holding” hands part.

So what does this have to do with phan? Well, here’s my foot on the bottom bar of a kitchen stool, like Dan’s foot is:

And here’s my foot next to it, as Phil’s is in the video:

I had to be really close to the stool to do this. AKA, Phil had to be really close to Dan. I like to imagine Phil was standing behind Dan with his arms wrapped around him as Dan filmed, but obviously we have no proof of that. But we do have proof Phil was standing much closer than necessary to Dan!!

@ anon: Asians aren’t people of color? Really? Are you seriously telling me that (prepare for a massive picture spam) 

these people

External image


External image

people of color

External image


External image

External image


External image

External image


External image

External image


External image

(the above is a picture of Sri Lankans–if you know your geography, anon, you’d know that Sri Lanka is a country in South Asia, close to the bottom tip of India) 

No seriously, do you actually believe that all Asians are pale with “milky white skin” like most kpop idols and that’s why you have the (idk if mods consider this ableist language but I will star it out just in case) b**dbr**** idea that Asians aren’t colored because in your mind pale-skinned Asians =/= people of color? Even though, back around the Civil Rights Movement, white people told Asians they had to use facilities labeled for people of color because they didn’t see Asians, even pale-skinned Asians, as white?  

And even East Asians themselves can be people of color, as seen below: 

External image

(yeah Hyorin is a kpop idol but everyone knows that she naturally has darker skin compared to other kpop idols–even her audition video showed how naturally dark she was) 

External image

(another kpop idol, Lee Hyori, with naturally dark skin) 

External image

(original url for the above picture says that she’s a Chinese girl from Yunnan) 

Like oh look at the range in skin tones that Asians can have!!!! 

Addicted To You (Sherlock)

Paring: Sherlock/Reader

Language: English

Words: 1460

Summary: Reader being on the bottom of things and not being able to solve her long owned case. She accidently overdoses on drugs and Sherlock’s find her in her apartment.

A/N: I would just like to point out that I don’t in slightest consider this one being of my best works, but I had so much fun writing this. It’s a ittle bit on the shorter side, but I hope it’s still enjoyable. Maybe it’s right to say that I’m not native speaker, so please forgive any mistakes. This is also requested, so I hope you enjoyed, Alex. :)

Sometimes it all gets a bit too much and there’re days I can hardly make it thought. I started noticing how much my mood began to change sometimes between the last few days. Since my work requires me to be fully concentrated, it was easy for me to notice, that I was everything but that. My mind wouldn’t let me focus and I couldn’t make any progress what so ever in my current case. Normally I would be finish with the case by now, but this time I was stuck with that case for week with not even slightest progress. Nobody could possibly understand how embarrassing and frustrating that is for me. Not being able to do my job correctly drives me crazy.

Today I had enough; I just couldn’t do this anymore. I felt just like everybody else, I felt ordinary and incapable to help others. Solving crimes is the only thing I really have in my life and without my job, I’m not complete.

There’s just one more thing that makes me even more frustrated and angry. All this time I have been competing with my annoying neighbour who was the only person in the entire world that could understand the feeling of happiness, when you finally solve your case. But lately I wasn’t able to do that, because I didn’t solve anything like he did.

Sherlock Holmes could be your friend or you enemy, yet for me he was somebody I could always rely on and share my ideas on my cases. I think he always appreciated my company, since we were so alike, but something changed the last week. Since I’ve became so ordinary, I wasn’t worthy of his company and we’ve became just neighbours. We said hello to the other one, when we passed each other on the hallway, but that was it. He was always out solving his amazing crimes with his friend John and I was alone in my apartment trying so hard to make some progress.

It took me a while to understand, where Sherlock took all his great deductions. I mean all of us knew about his mind palace, but had you ever thought about how does it work? When you’re really stuck and can’t move anymore, your brain doesn’t just make all the work. You can be smart like no one else, but there’s only one simple solution to this. It’s simple really if you know how to pull the strings. Everyone says that drugs are quiet killers and that you shouldn’t ever start. That can be partly true, but if you can control your actions, it can be helpful. I mean, it’s working with Sherlock. If he can do it, I certainly can too.

I’ve always taken just a little bit to help my brain out. But today the dose wasn’t working. My brain would just not work. People do a lot of stupid decisions when they’re feeling desperate and you can’t even imagine, how much desperate I was it that moment. In one moment everything was amazing after the next and bigger dose. I could finally concentrate; I could see that whole case in front of me and it was such a relief. Until my body failed me and I found myself laying on the cold floor without being able to scream for help or to move. I remember staring at the ceiling with teary eyes preying that somebody would find me and help me.

I’ve been lying on that floor for gods know how long; time had stopped in that moment. Suddenly the door shuts open and in the next second a person is leaning over me. My vision is blurred and I can’t hear properly, but I swear that I’ve heard that person speak to me. And after that I’ve lost my consciousness and everything became black.


I know exactly where I am the moment I open my eyes. Seeing the white walls and smelling the disinfection stablish my opinion that I’m in hospital. I try to sit up, but the pain pins me back to the hospital bed. What happened to me? After few moment of being alone in that hospital room, the door finally opens. I couldn’t be more relieved that I didn’t have to be alone with just my currently boring mind.

“I see you’ve woken up,” I hear a familiar voice and roll my eyes. Can we not right now, please?

“What are you doing here, Sherlock? Don’t you have some case to take care of?” I say angrily and sit up even though all the pain.

“I do actually,” he nods and sits to the chair next to my bed, “and I was about to head to the crime scene, when I heard a suspicious noise from the downstairs apartment.”

“You found me?” I ask by surprise.

“I did. Could you tell me, what the hell where you thinking, (Y/N)?” he asks with his voice up. I’m taken by his actions. He had never yelled at me before, not like this. “Do you understand that you could have died? It could have killed you!”

“I needed it, Sherlock! Don’t you get that? Of all of the people, you should know!”

“Why could you possibly need it, (Y/N)?” he ask confusedly.

“For a case, Sherlock! It’s really embarrassing, okay? Admitting that I wasn’t able to solve it myself drives me crazy and I know, how much you must despise me right now for what I’ve done, but I couldn’t live with it anymore. Me solving crimes is all I have and without my job I feel empty, like my word doesn’t have a meaning,” I look at him shyly. “You can try to make me feel as bad as you want, Sherlock, but you can’t hide to me the truth. You’re just like me. You’re even worst, so don’t try to lecture me. You’ve broken down after hearing about Moriarty.”

“You’ve helped to get through it,” he points out.

“That right, I guess I did that.”

“So let me help you,” he reaches for my hand I hesitantly let him take it. My heart almost stops, when he holds my hand in his. “Please, don’t become someone I am.”

“Sherlock,” I whisper, “you should focus on your work, that’s what you do best. I can handle myself, you know that. It’s not like were friends anyways. Not after what happened last week. Not after you started ignoring me.”

“It’s not like that.”

“Oh, is that so? So you didn’t start thinking about how ordinary I was or how stupid I was, because I was unable to solve my case? I’ve been on the bottom of the ocean, Sherlock, and all I needed was someone to hold me up, so I didn’t drown. The truth is that you left me to drown, Sherlock. So yeah, we’re not friends and we’ll never be,” after I finish my thoughts I pull away from him; my hand starting with.

“That was in no means my intention, (Y/N),” he speaks after a while. “It’s just that… I couldn’t look at you, when you were so down. Seeing you like that literally broke my heart every time.”

“What am I supposed to say to that?” I look at him.

“That you agree?”

“What if I just don’t believe that, Sherlock? You most definitely didn’t show that I would matter to you. You don’t show that to people, you know? Most people let the others know if they actually care.”

“I’m not good at that, you know that.”

“I do,” I nod, “but maybe you could at least try, Sherlock. You own me.”

“You’re really stubborn, do you know that?” he asks and I smile at him. “With you I feel different. You make me so angry sometimes, you frustrate me, but you’re the only person who ever came close to who I am. When others don’t get me, you do. When I wanted to be alone, you stayed. When I treated you badly, you still stayed. You were with me no matter what, (Y/N). Even after I became addicted to drugs. And now… I’m addicted to you.”

“Sherlock? What are you saying?” I whisper.

“I love you, (Y/N). Sorry that it took me so long to finally understand.”

After that every piece of anger I have left disappears forever. I reach or Sherlock’s hand and hold it in my. With a little unsure smile from him I finally do what I wanted to do for such a long time. I press my lips on his to a gentle yet passionate kiss. When we finally broke apart, I can’t stop smiling.

“I guess I’m addicted to you as well,” I whisper and let Sherlock kiss me once more.

Yoongi x reader When you are self-conscious of your body

Summary: You feel like you’re not good as other girls.

Genre: Fluff

You had visited the mall with your girlfriends before the trip to the water park with your boyfriend. You chose a beautiful floral print tube top with a coral pink bottom to match. Your girlfriends rubber stamp your outfit so you were confident you looked good in it.

You changed into your bikini in the changing room and look at yourself in the mirror. You thought you look pretty divine. You were not a tall person but the amount of workout paid off. You didn’t have a curvy body but you were toned in all the right places. You brought a cover up just in case you the day would be a little breezy and you might feel cold.

You went outside and were looking for Yoongi but instead you saw a bunch of girls with a model like figure. Tall, curvy, toned, tanned, just everything a girl wants. Their legs and their body were in perfect proportion and they look beautiful with their bikinis.

You look at yourself, you were nothing like them. Short and stubby, with legs that were too short to do anything. You pulled on the cover up immediately, not wanting to make a fool of yourself.

You felt a tap on the shoulder and jolted from the sudden contact. It was Yoongi. He looked at you weirdly. He looked breathtaking with his shorts and a muscle tank with a pair of sunglasses on his head. How could your body match his? The person that should be standing next to him were those beautiful girls.

You snapped out of your train of thoughts. “Where did you go?”

“Just went there,” he pointed to the information desk, “to borrow 2 waterproof bags.” He handed you 1 little bag that can hold your phone and some money.” You nodded.

He held your hand and went into the water park. It was like a water paradise, with many slides to try on and water sprinklers everywhere. You looked like a five year old as you shook his hand and let out a high-pitched squeal. He looked at you with a smile and put on his sunglasses.

It was really sunny out and you were getting hot under the cover up. You were literally sweating. You wanted to take it off and put it in the locker before you go and have fun. Your hands were on the hem of your cover up and just then, those beautiful girls went by. Guys were catcalling them and the girls had all the attention. You let go of the hem and decided to keep it.

“Just take it off.” Yoongi said out of the blue.

You looked at him, shocked. He was looking at me and not he girls, was his eyeballs ok? I mean those girls looked damn hot. 

“But I don’t look good.” You mumbled. 

“What? Who said that?” His eyes squinted behind his sunnies.

“Didn’t you see those girls? They look better a thousand times better.”

“What girls?” He was staring at you, figuring what was going on your mind. So he wasn’t aware of his surroundings.

“You really didn’t see them?” He shook his hand and you pointed at the girls. “They look beautiful.”

“Yea, so what?” He shrugged. “This has nothing to do with you taking off your cover up or not.” His face was painted with confusion.

“Look at me. I’m short and not curvy, at all. They are perfection.” You said in a tiny voice.

“You look beautiful to me. Why would you care how people look at you?”

“But I’m…” He glared at you.

“Look. You’re beautiful. You’re cute with your height, you have a good personality. Your body looks damn hot with your toned muscle. You have no idea how you make me crazy.” He kissed the tip of your nose.

You looked at him hesitating. Considering whether or not to take it off.

“Just take it off and put in the locker. I’ll wait for you here.” He gently pushed you to the direction of the changing room.

You felt more comfy because you can feel the wind and there was no more sweating. You went to the spot where Yoongi was waiting for you. He spotted you and left his mouth agape. You were happy that you made him feel like this.

“Shut your mouth, you’ll get a fly.” You said to him with a smirk.

His face went bright red and stuttered. “I didn’t open my mouth. You’re seeing things.”

“Your face is bright red.” You teased.

He took off his sunglasses and placed it on the bridge of your nose. “I told you that you are seeing things.”

The both of you finally get into the water and took your way to the first slide.

“Hey, girl!” You turned around and raised an eyebrow. “Hottie. yea you.” The boy winked at you.

This time you were getting catcalled. Yoongi put his arm around your waist protectively.

“You should have worn the cover up.” He hissed.

“You told me to take it off.” You shrugged.

“Fuck.” He cursed himself as he needed to keep those filthy boys off you for the whole day.

Thank you for reading. Sorry for any mistakes made.

Scenario masterlist here 


Hey, @acecommunityreceipts !

Remember this little post you made about the usage of the “actually(x)” tags?


Yeah, I’d respond directly to that post, but I’m on mobile and it’s annoying. Anyway, check out the pictures above!

These are all screencaps from people using the “actually(x)” tags for sexual orientations and one gender identity.

From top left to bottom right: actuallygay, actuallytrans, actuallylesbian, actuallybisexual, and actuallyqueer.

(all urls seen blocked out just in case)

Please, explain how you gloss over usage of the “actually(x)” tags like this and only call out asexuals for using it. Gee, guess it only matters when it supports your anti-ace agenda.

Waking Up in Anime [ Meeting the Mukami ] [ Innocent! Shy! Reader ]

Your eyes stared to the screen that glowed brightly into the darkness. He’s so handsome, you thought endearingly as you watched Diabolik Lovers: More Blood on your screen. It was at that moment, where Ruki gazed upward with utter anguish painting his face. But even if such a negative, distorting emotion plastered itself on his pale features, it didn’t matter to you, he was a dreamboat. Such a dreamboat, that your risked your youth every night, staying up til three in the morning just to rewatch the series you could even recite in Japanese. With soft eyes, that cased themselves downward casually, you caught the view of your clock on the bottom, right corner. 4:50?! Your eyes widened grandly, before you quickly reached out with your dominant hand as to close the laptop. Watching as darkness clouded all around you, with dots in your vision from the grand contrast of the light to seeing pure darkness. Grabbing your laptop, and placing it safely on the pillow beside you, you set yourself to rest, with your eyes casting themselves out the window. It was then, that the shooting star you never expected to see in your lifetime zipped through the sky, and in that moment you made the most impossible wish. 
        And that was waking up in the anime world in which you even dreamed of being within. But alas, it was an anime, not reality. Relaxing visibly, the drowsiness that was slowly catching up to drown away your lovesick emotions made your eyes close heavily, only to tune the world as you knew it, giving in to the slumber that you didn’t think you’d had. 

BEEP! Came the first annoying noise. BEEP! Came the next. BEEP! It came again. Subconsciously, your hand reached out, and swatted the device that announced you consciousness restoring down to the ground. The impact of gravity yanking the device downward to make contact with the carpeting made a bigger effect on you than it’s natural beeping. Slowly sitting up, stretching your arms out to the east and the west, a soft yawn escaped your lips. “Maybe I should have checked the time,” you whispered out, with your eyes closed, feeling a bit too tired. Reaching up with a softer, second yawn, you attempted to rub the sleep from your eyes as you swung your legs slowly over your bedside. Slowly standing up, you rubbed at your arms, before you looked downwards towards your clock whose face looked right back up to you. For a strange reason, it read p.m instead of a.m. Looking back towards your window, you gave the softest hum before you almost jumped right out of your skin from the fact that someone simply barged into your room.
        “(Y/N)! Get dressed, and come down for dinner.” Announced your mother whom stood at the doorway, your eyes casting themselves over your shoulder as to look back towards the woman whom was far more older than you. Blinking at her, you surveyed her in silence, and she surveyed you in return; her happy, carefree seeming expression faltered into that of a concerned one. “What’s wrong?” She asked you sympathetically. 
        “Nothing! I just…." 
        ”Ah, I know what’s wrong.“ Your mother began as she leaned against the door frame, grasping her chin, as her eyes looked upward in thought. "You’re afraid of your first day at your night school.” She began, as her hands clapped together in triumph of what she believed was correct. “Well, you know what, honey? Don’t be scared. You’re absolutely wonderful. Just…open up a little. Smile.” Reminded the woman whom gave you life. “Your uniform’s in the closet, and dinner is on the table for you to eat. I’ll be waiting for you at the car, since I have to make a few calls.” She gave a little wave before she disappeared, leaving you to stand, gazing after her. 

Your nightly routine, your dinner, your teeth brushed, yourself looking as great as you tried to look; it wasn’t long until you found yourself gazing at the stars from through your window after making strange conclusions on your clothing. It was…. It was familiar. Too familiar for comfort. Reaching up, you softly pressed the edge of your palm to your forehead, closing your eyes. This is strange, you thought quietly to yourself in a muse. One night, I’m watching Diabolik Lovers, and then in the next; supposedly I’m going to night school. Like them. This uniform also kind of looks really familiar. You looked upward, just in time to catch sight of the building of which your lips parted in a small o of awe and total shock. “Welcome to Ryoutei Academy. Sweet, right?” Your mother asked you in a cheerful tone. 
        “Sweet…yeah…I mean!” You shook your head. “Yes. It’s sweet, right.” You blushed and continued to gaze out of the window. You figured your shyness wouldn’t forgive your mother either, as you often kept to yourself quietly. Before long, your mother briefly parked beside a curve, near the concrete of the school. “Great.” She began. “Now go on. Oh! I almost forgot,” she reached into the glove department before she pulled out your schedule, and gave you a warm smile. “Take this. It’s essential." 
        You smiled gently, taking it, and giving her an almost dutiful nod. Opening up the door, you gave a gentle wave. "Bye mom!” You said, as your mother’s eyes sparkled as she gazed at you. “Goodbye sweetie! See you in the morning!” And that was it, the two of you separated ways; her in a vehicle, heading home while you were on your shoes heading into the school. Girls were everywhere with boys to accompany about fifty percent, the halls’ walls were sunset pink, and everything looked rather different than what you expected it to be. Steering out of the ways of others, you cast your eyes downward to the ground. You checked your schedule in silence, walking along, with silent steps that drowned beneath the noises of the student body. 
        A final step forward, and your face collided into a chest. Eyes going wide, you stepped back a few steps, from gazing downward you noted that there were several other pairs of feet that stopped as well. “Ah! I’m really sorry!” Your cheeks that’d tamed themselves from your previous blush only consumed even deeper in color, as you looked up to meet the eyes of a young man with grey eyes. Ruki…. Mukami…. You thought, gazing at him with pure recognition. I’m standing in front of him…and he…and we…. “I…um….” You shied away, looking downward. 
        “Uwah~ M Neko-chan~” Came the call from right behind you, and you glanced over your shoulder, still feeling Ruki’s gaze. “Tch, what’s the hold up? And for a Sow?” Yuma stated with impatience. “Hm.” Azusa silently responded. 

W-wait,” you managed to murmur out, Ruki’s unwavering stare capturing you the most. “C-can you…c-can you help me f-find my class?” You asked very softly. “Well, what is your first class, Livestock?” He questioned as he merely pushed a hand into his pocket, while the other held his blue book, the one in which you knew was actually The Catcher in the Rye, and a memento from his father. 
        “My first class it literature..third year…Mrs. Akita” You murmured in response with a blush, reaching up as to hide your lips behind the paper as you stared up at him with shyness softening your eyes, making them become downcast as to not meet his eyes. 
        “Surprisingly enough, that is my first class as well.” You heard the smirk in Ruki’s voice. “Along with Kou’s." 
        ”Tch.“ Yuma snapped. "Don’t fuckin’ forget me either.” He grumbled. 
        “I’m not…in the…third year….” Azusa’s murmur sounded. “But I…will see you….” With that, he walked forward, and you were left with only three other brothers; one in which was once your platonic love whom now seemed so close. Your eyes and his meeting before Yuma’s stomping feet resonated into the air as he was walking away. “Tch.” He sounded again. “I ain’t gonna be late." 
        ”He’s correct, let’s go.“ With that, Ruki breezed beside you, and you turned quickly as to follow him, admiring him. From your left, you heard the familiar footfalls of Kou, but your eyes cast themselves to Ruki. 
        He’s…he’s absolutely handsome. You mused, practically much more ensnared and tangled in a love that you felt couldn’t be returned. But even if so, it wasn’t returnable in the first place, so your hopes were like before. But as to what happened that particular night, you hadn’t the slightest idea.


As a test to see how bad my sense of fashion is if I could actually manage to find items to hack on in each case, we’ve got a Pauling and Scout from six different decades. Top to bottom, left to right, it’s 1960′s, 70′s, 80′s, 90′s, 2000′s, and current day (2010′s). Every decade written here has a song from it linked as well, for shits n giggles. Only rule was I had to both know and love it, and hell, that wasn’t too hard, I have old taste in music anyhow.

Disclaimer- I was born in 1995 and have always been of plain taste, if I have comfortable black clothes that’s good enough for me, forget the current fashion trend.

sons-of-ivaldi replied to your posti don’t care what anyone says about rinkah she was…

Did you also low man (or low woman in this case :P) it? I only succeeded once I took in just 4 units and hid in the small passages where Camilla’s DV doesn’t affect you

in 23, yeah. i low womaned it but only slightly. i brought in 12 units, all paired up. healers in the interior of the bottom passage, rinkah right outside at the central tunnel end and caeldori right outside at the right tunnel end, kagero w/throwing club hiding behind caeldori and setsuna hiding behind rinkah. i was very grateful for the amount of bow users i had as well ; p 

020; college!yoongi

“You can borrow mine.” (020)
if you read stop, no not really, this would be familiar to you! ;w;

“God fucking damn it,” You hiss under your breath, hands rummaging your bag left and right, top till bottom yet your pencil case is still nowhere in sight nor touch. Ditching your bag down onto the floor, already a minute of words missed, there’s no way you can catch up but you can at least try. With a grumble and wondering how the hell you’re going to write without proper utensils, a black case appears just as a hand slides it over to you.

Taking a side glance, you’re met with Yoongi’s smile and his eyes pointing to his case, “You can borrow mine,”

Before you can try to reply with something that expresses your gratitude, directly in front of you situates Jung Hoseok, who snorts as he leans back to murmur, “When does she not borrow yours?”

You let out a soft asshole, reaching forward to nudge Hoseok by the back of his head until the boy yelps, attempting to shut his trap immediately as he pays attention to the lecturer’s voice that’s going at least four words per second. Silently, you reach over for a pen and proceed to whisper thanks, Yoongi-yah, my treat later on.

He smiles discretely and nods, focusing on writing out the words he’s receiving, not what he’s thinking because nah, treats are not what he wants today.

He wants a kiss.