just in case anyone wanted to see a lot of my face

Just me, no playing around with makeup, posing with a few of my game consoles. My dusty, and in some cases, 30+ year old consoles. I love them so dearly. 💜 I’m currently playing Final Fantasy III (VI) again. Such a great game. I can go into more detail on my consoles and such if anyone wants. I have had an itch to grind through some Dragon Warrior 1 as well. Hm.

 As you can see, the laser sessions are paying off a lot. I haven’t shaved for several days, and while it is easier to see in proper lighting, my face is in great shape. Mostly upper lip growth at this point, and a couple very small spots in 1 or 2 other spots - a little on my chin and on the right side of my face.

 Work was uneventful. Not too terribly stressful for a Saturday. My headache has reduced quite a bit over the last 36 hours or so, and I’m in a good place right now. Feeling good.

 I hope you have all had the best Saturday ever, and may your Sunday treat you just as well!

 - Lana