just in case any wondered

so I was in target the other day looking through the CDs, and there were a whole lot of 5sos CDs, and I said “wow, there sure are a lot of 5sos CDs. makes sense since no one would wanna buy their album” and there was this guy behind me who started laughing so hard it was hilarious


I’ve had these pixel kids in my folder forever and finally finished them. Feel free to suggest one of them for me to animate like I did with Roxy and Rose!


Darkling, listen.

Rules of my Life

Rule #1: To identify somebody you should not care about, look for statements that are similar or follow these guidelines: “In the |w|, |x| happened, but in the |y|, |z|.

Just a note: In case any of you were wondering, yes I am working on another video, but it will take time. I will just make these little jokes and add to it as I get more free time. Thanks for understanding. I have a lot of work to do lately.

Status Update

(Hey everyone, I just wanna let all of you know how I’m doing just in case any of you are worried and wondering. Good news is that I haven’t been throwing up, so it’s a good sign. Bad news is that I have a fever now of 102.9. I’m gonna take another day off of Tumblr, and hopefully, I should feel better before this weekend. If I’m not better tomorrow, I’m gonna have to go to the doctor. Thank you everyone who’s being patient with waiting for me to do replies that I owe on all my blogs and wishing me to feel better, I’m gonna have to repay all of you somehow. :3)

A message to all straight girls

Please do not ever, EVER tell a gay girl you wish you were gay. I’m saying this as a gay girl myself that I know you’re trying to help by saying it but it is so hurtful. The amount of girls that have said “I wish I was gay, it would be so much easier.” Trust me on this, it is not easier. So please support your friends in any way you can but please never tell them you would choose to be gay because if I had a choice I know I would never choose this.

Just in case any of y'all were wondering, the reason I haven’t been posting anything digital other than school stuff is because I have, once again, lost my tablet pen (like a champion) and have been having to either book out a tablet from the store or be quick enough to use one of the cintiqs in the studio
And also I have a fair load of schoolwork to work on so I keep forgetting to post what I have

All is good! but!! Unless I can find older stuff that I forgot to post, I won’t likely be posting a whole lot.

But in other news, I’ve got access to Logic again now so you can expect some music maybe?? I have a ton of songs that I’ve made in the past like year that I’ve never put anywhere but my high-res bounces of them are on my old laptop which is 5,000 miles away rn.. they’ll come out some day

Wow only now do I realize how inactive I’ve been .o. I feel like I should formally apologize. Work has been very busy and my life in general feels like it’s been thrown into a whirlwind. @-@ I still do check tumblr pretty regularly, I just haven’t been as vocal.

And it’s odd too- I feel like I’ve lost a lot of my voice. I don’t have as much to say, and when I do, I get self-conscious. My art, my ambition, and my energy has suffered because of it.

I’m also not in a lot of fandoms anymore either. I think the only one I’m really into right now is (obviously) Undertale. And none of my friends are into it, so it feels like this weird fandom limbo lol.

Anyway, sorry for rambling. This is just an update in case any of you were wondering where I’ve been. I’m not going to stop doing art and I’m not going anywhere. Feel free to chat if you want ^^ And happy Valentine’s Day. ♡

moirakoro  asked:

Hello! Just wanted to let you know that I really love your art! :3 (your deathshipping art especially makes me supeeer happy. also I feel like I'm gonna reblog like your entire art tag, I hope you don't mind xD your art is just too pretty and cute!) In any case, thanks for sharing your wonderful work with us! I can't wait to see how your angstshipping WIP will be once finished >w< (aaand sorry for the random ask from a random stranger orz)

Aww, Thank you so much! Your message made my day!  (´∀`)♡ 

(You don’t have to apologize for asking. everyone is welcome in my blog. ♥)

I’m glad that my deathshipping stuff makes you happy even though my portrayal of the ship is um, out of context/weird, haha. (I like turning abusive ships into reverse mode or something. What is wrong with me? ) Anything to spread the love in the deathshipping community, I guess.  (●´ω`●)ゞ