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Shiro Headcanons
  • My dad has vitiligo which is why that one shock of hair is white.
    • He dyed it back on earth because he’d get stared at a lot and made fun of when he was a kid.
    • Keith didn’t remember that he had it since Shiro’s kept it dyed since they were smol beans. So when he found him and actually realized it was Shiro he was all wtf?
    • His mom used to kiss his ‘stars’ at the base of that shock of hair so they’ll glow brighter at night and help him light his way to good dreams.
  • He’s got a lot of stretch marks from growth spurts and stuff. (Look at him there is no way he doesn’t, fight me on this)
    • His mom called him Tiger lovingly and that’s how he grew to love that part of himself.
    • He sees his scars as tiger stripes in their own way since each one represents some battle he’s won figuratively and literally.

Darkling, listen.

so I was in target the other day looking through the CDs, and there were a whole lot of 5sos CDs, and I said “wow, there sure are a lot of 5sos CDs. makes sense since no one would wanna buy their album” and there was this guy behind me who started laughing so hard it was hilarious


I’ve had these pixel kids in my folder forever and finally finished them. Feel free to suggest one of them for me to animate like I did with Roxy and Rose!

Robb x Female Reader

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Imagine getting drunk with Robb and trying to make a move on him but he respects you to much to go through with it.

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

\ Request from anonymous /

Could you write a Robb x Reader? It’s Robb Nameday, so there’s a party at Winterfell and some noble families of the North are invited. After the happy but formal dinner, Robb, Jon, Theon, the reader and other few girls go outside to drink some stolen wine and play games for laugh. A little bit drunk, Robb and reader flirt with each other and end up being apart from the group. Even if Robb is very attracted to her, he decides not to do anything cause she’s dizzy and he respects her.

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

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I found this a while ago and decided to share it. This was one of Matt’s speeches from VidCon (Europe, I believe).

And it talks about why he is so afraid of flying. Honestly, it wasn’t what I was expecting and sounded like a terrifying experience. I feel awful that he had to go through that.

It’s a really good talk he has though. I recommend giving it a watch.

Just in case any of you were also wondering why he is scared of flying: here you go.

anonymous asked:

Hello, I wanted to ask what you thought about a crack theory of mine. When Ishida removes a flashback characters eyes it has been shown to be for a later reveal (ex. Renji's sister being Hikari Kirishima). That being said, both Ukina and Kasuka Mado's faces have not been shown, and they have certain similarities. Their eyes are missing while being in the foreground, they are blonde, wore high-collared shirts, and were important to others' character development. Could Kasuka and Ukina be sisters?

Hello! And sorry, but no I don’t think so, even if I once considered it, to try and link Ukina to something/someone else in the story besides Yoshimura and V. 

I believe that this is just Ishida’s way to show that these two women died a long time ago, to the point that it might be hard for the characters who loved them to remember what they looked like. 
However I’m hoping that, like with Yomo’s sister, we might learn more about them and see their faces at some point. For Kasuka, it’s not hard, we know Akira is almost the spitting image of her mom, but I’d like to see Ukina’s face, as well as know more about them. 

Sorry Anon, for now there is really no hint at all that these two might be related (even if it would be hella cool, if just because that means Eto ate her aunt and #drama) but I can’t blame you for considering it, because I did as well a long time ago. :3

Have a nice day!

Kishou-san, please stop making my heart do somersaults with your voice. Especially with that ‘I wanna stay together…’ part.

My Soukoku-shipping heart can’t stop relating Mamo wearing a ridiculous hat to Chuuya.

(In case you don’t know, Miyano Mamoru is Dazai Osamu’s voice actor. Taniyama Kishou is Nakahara Chuuya’s voice actor.)

So I found this clip in my hard disk today. I can’t remember where I downloaded it, heck, I can’t remember when I downloaded it, but it made me laugh so much I just had to share. If any of you know the source, please tell me so I can credit and ask for permission.

And I don’t know which event this is from. They mentioned Tsukimori Len and Kaji Aoi, Kishou and Mamo’s characters in La Corda d’Oro, so I’m guessing this is from a Corda event. It’s most probably the live voice-acting part of the event (I think there’s a proper name for it, but I can’t remember). Judging from Mamo’s hair (lol), this must’ve taken place quite some time ago.

I know nothing about the Corda series other than the aforementioned guys, so I don’t know who the other seiyuus are. I tried looking up the characters to figure out who they are but there were so many characters I went cross-eyed. If any of you know the seiyuus, please tell me so I can include their names in the translation.

Translation by me under the cut. It may not be completely accurate, so yeah.


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Go The Fuck To Sleep- Farrah/Aja- Ortega

A/N: I feel like I’m emerging from a coffin for how long it’s been since I wrote/submitted anything. Hey everyone! It’s good to be back. In case any of you were wondering about Just the Game We’re In (and God bless you if you are because it’s literally been 7 months I’m SO SORRY) I’ve now got a little bit more free time which I’m using to write chapter 4, which should be here soon! For now though, this is a horribly cheesy, horribly unoriginal High School AU Farrah/Aja. It’s just horrible. Yeah I’m really good at selling my fics. I really hope you guys enjoy it!!

Aja just wants to get a little sleep. Farrah just wants to talk. They’re both worried for the future.

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Dark Fate: Azusa Ecstasy 08 Translation

Okay, here we go. Let me know if you want a Spanish version! Thanks to @pinkcaseotakadl for the video and the screenshots <33 Sorry for the mistakes. Enjoy~

Ecstasy 7 | Ecstasy 8 | Ecstasy 9 | Ecstasy 10

Yui: … … … … 


Ruki: You won’t be able to find happiness if you two stay together.

-Flashback ends-

Yui: … …I wonder if that’s true.

(I’ve been thinking about it since Ruki-kun said so… …)

(However I found out that my happiness has nothing to do with Eve and Adam)

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We aren’t strangers, we are just best friends who haven’t been introduced to each other yet

Dear stranger best friend,

Let’s spam each other with long emails and facetime without realzing how fast the time went.

I’m your average west European girl, I wish I could always get away with watching Disney movies & drinking hot chocolate. When in reality I struggle, with the pressure of finishing school, figuring out how to deal with people who do nothing but stress me out. I also struggle with those 21st Century Teen Problems like: the desicion how much make up to put on my face (the first wolrd problem is real), if it looks stupid or not, I can not decide which Insta theme to like the best, let alone tumblr style. I also used to want to never grow up and want Peter Pan to pick me up to take me to Neverland. After watching Once Upon A Time though, I realized I rather grow up and be able to fall in love with Captain Hook instead. If you have seen OUAT you will understand why I love Captain Hook. 

My name is Giulia but thanks to my grandma, I call myself Cara Giulia online. I happen to be the owner of this website you are reading this on.

I’m 19 (3rd Feb 1998). I live the chocolate paradise of the world - Switzerland.
I happen to be in too many fandoms, (don’t judge haha) - Justin Bieber, Troye Sivan, 5SOS, I support 1D but as specially Harry and Niall, so many YouTubers (mostly the british ones) and I’m in love with too many Tv shows: Once Upon A Time, Gossip Girl, Modern Family, Big Bang Theory, White Collor and many more. Even though I’d say I’m in mainstream fandom’s, I have a really wide music taste, I can go from classic music to Eminem, I love old music: 80′s, 90′s, 00′s. And already from age 3 I loved Rock music (pink floyd, ac/dc…).

My friends diganosed me with a concert, chocolate and travel addiction. Most of my hobbies are based online, blogging, vlogging….. but I also like soccer, running, swimming, writing, reading. And I have a boyish relationship to cars, I love cars and I love F1 which is a car race.

Stick with me for this last bit before sending me a request.
For me it’s very important that my future Internet friend is a dedicated person, who puts effort into staying in touch, who likes writing really long emails and who also sends personal and not copy paste requests. I am sorry to say so but I will ignore requests who only contain one sentance or who won’t basically write a reply to this submission. I’m sorry if this sounds picky, after 5 years in the community, I just know the ones who put effort already into a requests are more likely to stick around in the long run. I’m an open minded person, so as long as you are fluent in English or German, support equality and are not over 22 - you are perfect. (only Internet friends). I would also be extremely happy to meet you in person one day.

xoxo Giulia

You can contact me on my email: caragiulia@penpalculture.com

more pictures of how I look like or what I like on insta: heycaragiulia

(p.s. to dedicated loyal followers who know how stressed out I’ve been lately. I wanted to say, that last time, having lovely new Internet friends in a very stressful time, actually even helped me to get back to normal. Just in case any of you wondered where I get the time from to have an other Internet friend)