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Did you notice Steve is a peeta? I can totally see the similarities.

Steve Trevor, I’m assuming. But yes, I can see what you mean. Clever and able to kick ass but still has a nice level of sensitivity AND isn’t threatened by having a strong woman and doesn’t hold her back and instead supports her in her endeavors. And he was saved by Diana like Peeta was saved by Katniss soooo yes you are right, I see it my friend. 

Hello yes my heart is ready to be taken


                        ❝IT WAS A SWORD!
                                                          ❝You  S H A T T E R E D  her with a sword..❞

So anyway reminder that when an enemy swung a sword at Danny, Tucker’s first instinct was to shield him with his body.

Sure, it’s a ghost sword and doesn’t actually kill you, but consider: If Tucker didn’t think about it and acted solely on impulse, it means his brain didn’t have time to consider that he’d survive. On the other hand, if he did completely think through his actions, that means he realized that he would be sent to a dimension made up of all his worst fears, and that he didn’t know if he’d be able to be brought back.

Danny’s the superhero. Tucker doesn’t have any special powers. But that’s his friend in danger, and he immediately rushes in.

If you do not love Tucker and think of him only as a comic relief character, you can fight me.