just imagine them in the days of the death eaters

Draco Malfoy Imagine - Safe

can I have adraco imagine where your dating him, like months into the relationship when you are very close to each other but you don’t know he’s a death eater and apart of voldemorts team and one day you accidentally find out information about them ( you still don’t know dracos in it and he doesn’t know you know about it) and his dad tell draco to break up with her or else, then she gets kidnapped by the death eaters and she goes missing ( not major, just people haven’t see her around ) then ++ like a day or so later dracos dad tell him to come talk to him then tells him there’s someone that draco has to kill because that person knows too much but he doesn’t know it’s you and so he goes into the dark room and sees it’s you and he’s heartbroken but pushes himself and listens to his fathers motivational words and is so so close to killing you but then he sees how weak you are and how they’ve treated you and how you’re softly crying waiting for the hit by his wand & so he doesn’t ++ he picks you up and rushes you out of the room out of his parents’ order // oh god that was a long imagine request hope you can get most of it but thanks if u do do it


“Draco?” you called as you stuck your head into his dorm room.

“Of course you’re not in here” you whispered to yourself

You were about to leave when a letter with your name in it caught your eye. Picking up the letter, you started reading it. You were shocked when you read that Draco’s father, Lucius Malfoy, told him to break up with you. Tears formed in your eyes as you continued to read the letter. When you got to the last part of the letter, you were horrified of what you just read.

Lucius wrote to Draco to make sure he showed no one his Dark Mark.

The letter dropped to the floor as you ran out of Draco’s dorm room. You started looking desperately for him, wanting answers.

Running up to the sixth floor, you saw Draco coming down the stairs. When you were a few feet in front of him you let out a shaky sigh.

“Y/n, wants wrong? Have you been crying?” Draco did his best to put his hand on your cheek, but you pushed him off. Instead, you took his left arm and lifted up the sleeve. Right in front of you was the Dark Mark.

“Oh my gosh” you covered your mouth with your hand and ran away from him as fast as possible.  Draco tried to call after you, but you didn’t listen to him. You just kept running.


Since it was Saturday, you ran to Hogsmeade. You knew you could escape Draco if you were in the noisy village.

You were finally able to catch your breath when you leaned against an alley wall. Trying to make sense of everything you just saw. Your brain was still having trouble processing everything when two people started walking into the alley. You didn’t think much of it, until one hooded figure took your head and smashed it against the wall. After that, you didn’t know what happened.


Waking up to your head throbbing, you looked around at your surroundings. It looked like you were in someone’s dungeons. Your whole body was shaking from how cold the room was.

A couple of minutes later, you heard someone coming down the stairs to where you were. Scared to death, you reached for your wand, but it wasn’t there. Becoming even more terrified, you waited for the person to show himself.

The person finally appeared and you saw who it was. Draco’s mother’s hair was almost glowing in the little light there was. She looked at you, and whispered one thing,

“I’m sorry”

As she started walking back up the stairs, you shouted at her, “Mrs. Malfoy, please tell me what’s going on!”

“I’m sorry, dear. I can’t.” she gave you a sad look and walked back up stairs.

‘What’s going on?’ you thought to yourself

~Draco’s POV~

“What is it, father? Why did you call me to the manor” you asked your father with confusion.

“You need to take care of something that I told you to take care of a long time ago.” He answered

“What exactly do I need to take care of?”

“You need to get rid of someone who knows too much” he replied simply

“As in ‘get rid of’ you mean kill, don’t you” you asked with terror

“Yes, now the person you need to kill is in the dungeons. No matter what they say to you, don’t listen to them. They are only trying to save them self. If you do this, Draco, then your life will be much, much better” your father said as he started leading you to the dungeon door.

“Now, your mother and I need to go to a meeting, so I assume that when I get home, this task will be over and done with.” He said with stern eyes

“Yes, sir”

“Good, we will be leaving now”

You watched as your mother and father left for their meeting. Now, all you had to do was do what your father had asked you, and make him proud.

Unlocking the door, you followed the sound of soft whimpers. Finding the source of the whimpers, you almost dropped your wand in astonishment. There before you, laid the love of your life.

“Y/n?” your voice came out in a whisper

“Draco, please” her eyes begged you to not do what you were supposed to do.

She had dried and fresh blood caked on her face. Bruises were visible on her cheeks and arms, but who knows where else she has injuries. She looks like she hasn’t been given any food or water, and is shaking uncontrollably.

“Draco” she whispered as she tried to get up

“Don’t move, Y/n” you told her as you pointed your wand at her. You needed to do what your father told you to do, but could you kill the love of your life? The answer was no, but you had to do it.

~Y/n’s POV~

You laid there helpless as your boyfriend stood over you, pointed his wand at you to kill you. You had no idea what to do. It’s not like you could to anything anyways. Draco held all the power in the room, not you.

“Draco, please don’t do this” you whispered as tears started falling from your eyes.

“I’m sorry, Y/n, I have to do this. I love you” he told you as he started crying as well

“I love you too, Draco” you closed your eyes and waited for the impact from his wand, only to feel his hands on the small of your back and under your knees instead.

You opened your eyes and saw Draco looking at your wounds. He saw that you didn’t have enough strength to walk so he picked you up and ran. He ran out of the dungeons and apparated to a small cottage in the middle of nowhere.

“Draco, where are we?” you asked weakly

“Somewhere where you’ll be safe, love” he whispered in your ear and started walking inside.

The cottage wasn’t extravagant, but it was homey. Draco took you to a small bedroom and laid you on the bed. He started cleaning your wounds, avoiding your eye every time you tried to look at him.

“I found this place a couple of summers ago. No one knows about it. You’ll be safe here, Y/N. I promise.” He said as he put down his wand.

You two sat in silence for a couple of minutes when Draco started crying.

“I’m so sorry Y/n. I love you so much and I can’t even think about not having you in my life. I was just trying to make my father proud and I was going to do whatever it took. But when I saw you laying there so defenseless and tired I was completely surprised. I could never hurt you, baby girl. I’m just so sorry” he dropped his head onto your shoulder and cried. You started crying shortly after.

When the both of you started to calm down, you said to Draco,

“How are you supposed to protect me, Draco? Your father wants me dead.”

“I’ll tell him that I did what he asked me too. He’ll think your dead and not hiding here. You’ll be safe I promise. In a couple of days, you can come back to Hogwarts. You’ll be more protected there than here.”

“But won’t you get punished for lying to your father?”
“I don’t care, I only want you to be safe”

You nodded as he kissed a bruise on your cheek.

“I’ll stay with you here tonight. That way you don’t have to stay here alone” Draco said to you as he picked you up and started pulling the bed sheets back. He placed you on them delicately as he laid down with you.

Forgetting about what Draco was and what he had on his arm, you nuzzled your head into the side of his neck. You loved this boy and there was nothing you could do about that. There was nothing you wanted to do about that. He was yours and you were his, and that is how it was going to stay. Even in this awful war. You loved him and he loved you. You knew he was going to do everything in his power to keep you safe.

 Laying there with him, there was only one thing you felt. Safe.

harry potter reread: order of the phoenix pt v
  • “None of the staff but Filch seemed to be stirring themselves to help [Umbridge]. Indeed, a week after Fred and George’s departure Harry witnessed Professor McGonagall walking right past Peeves, who was determinedly loosening a crystal chandelier, and could have sworn he heard her tell the poltergeist out of the corner of her mouth, ‘It unscrews the other way.’” nothing to add here i just love mcgonagall’s resolute determination in annoying umbridge as much as humanly possible
  • so in honour of the gryffindor vs slytherin match, luna wears a lion hat, and then before the gryffindor vs ravenclaw game she’s spotted with “what appeared to be a live eagle perched on top of her head.” i’m very into luna’s taste in headwear
  • i was only nine when this book came out and thus had absolutely no experience with examinations at all, and so back then the OWLs chapter just made me laugh. ernie macmillan revising for eight hours a day? ron sitting reading two years worth of notes with his fingers in his ears? seamus lying down on the floor and reciting definitions? pff how silly, exams can’t be that bad. and now after finishing university this chapter just makes me shudder in horror as i remember the absolute hell that was dissertation and exam period
  • draco cocks up in the MIDDLE OF HIS EXAM because at the mere mention of harry’s name he “throw[s] a scathing look over at him; the wine glass Malfoy had been levitating fell to the floor and smashed.” for god’s sake, this boy is unbelievable. rein it in draco
  • mcgonagall is hit by FOUR stunning spells to the chest and then rocks up a week later good as new. i can only dream of being as incredible as this woman 
  • how very considerate of voldemort to wait until harry’s last exam before planting the vision of sirius being tortured into his head. like yeah he wants to kill this 15 year old boy, but at the same time he’s like 'no, i’ll wait until the end of OWLs. i’ve been there, man, it’s fucking tough as hell. i’m not ruining his exams, education is important.’ at least it got harry out of his history of magic exam
  • i can’t deal with this. hermione tries to convince harry that they’re walking straight into a trap, that there’s so many fishy things about his vision, but harry doesn’t listen. and i’m not saying i blame him at all, but just. the thought of reliving watching him endure the sheer horrific guilt over feeling responsible for sirius’s death, berating himself that he wouldn’t have fallen for the trap if he had just fire-called sirius five minutes sooner, or used the mirror, is absolutely devastating. I’M NOT READY! I’LL NEVER BE READY!!!
  • kacky snorgle
  • can you imagine how fucking weird it would’ve been for the people who can’t see thestrals to witness harry and co fly to the ministry?? i’m trying desperately to think of happy thoughts
  • the ministry telephone box gives all of them badges that say ’Harry Potter, Rescue Mission’ and like…it doesn’t explicitly state that they all put them on but i’m going to assume that they do because it’s mildly funny to imagine them a squaring against the death eaters and voldemort whilst wearing a badge like they’re part of a scouts group
  • okay. the chase through the department of mysteries is a very intense, terrifying chapter, but i would just like to say that, given all the scrambling through dozens of doors, it’s inexplicably reminds me of that scene from scooby-doo
  • “'SIRIUS!’ Harry yelled. 'SIRIUS!’ He had reached the floor, his breath coming in searing gasps. Sirius must be just behind the curtain, he, Harry, would pull him back out…But as he reached the ground and sprinted towards the dais, Lupin grabbed Harry around the chest, holding him back.” there have obviously been many times in this series that harry has been inches from death but like…the book could’ve just ended there with harry going through the veil. that would’ve been awkward
  • “'He can’t come back, Harry,’ said Lupin, his voice breaking as he struggled to contain Harry. 'He can’t come back, because he’s d-’” “Lupin turned away from the archway as he spoke. It sounded as though every word was causing him pain.” inscribe these quotes as the cause of death in my post-mortem
  • does anyone remember the buzzfeed listicle detailing the reasons why harry sucks and it basically boiled down to calling him an annoying mope? i just cannot fathom how anyone can read harry having a full-scale meltdown in dumbledore’s office, smashing objects and screaming “'I - DON’T - WANT - TO - BE - HUMAN!’” because he cannot cope with the grief and the guilt that comes with him thinking he’s responsible for the death of his godfather, and then think 'what a whiney asshole’
  • “'Do you see, Harry? Do you see the flaw in my brilliant plan now? I had fallen into the trap I had foreseen, that I had told myself I could avoid, that I must avoid … I cared about you too much,’ said Dumbledore calmly. 'I cared more for your happiness than your knowing the truth, more for your peace of mind than my plan, more for your life than the lives that might be lost if the plan failed.’” ok look i know that this part of the reread has essentially been Fuck Dumbledore: The Blog but i think this section actually sums up my feelings on him to be honest, which are basically *waves hand in a shaky gesture whilst making a nervous humming sound* i mean, ootp is the first book to properly and directly confront us with the idea that dumbledore isn’t just a twinkly-eyed omniscient friendly old man - he ignores harry for months, when harry is in a time of grief, before going on the run from the ministry, so we don’t understand his strange behaviour until the penultimate chapter. and then, he explains everything! we’re provided with answers! but in implicitly telling harry that he’s had some Grand Plan, dumbledore lets slip that he’s been plotting voldemort’s downfall for harry’s entire life and yet that plan had been causing him emotional difficulty because…..he accidentally started caring about harry. like i’m just so conflicted over how i’m meant to feel over this? i never thought critically about this as a child and i’m struggling with it even now tbh
  • i mean it’s one of the age old philosophical questions of morality, isn’t it, about whether it’s right to sacrifice one person for the good of society, and i’m not going to act like i’m smart enough to debate that question but just. if you try and take on that responsibility, as dumbledore does, there’s a whole load of moral greyness that comes with doing such a thing in and of itself, and this is the first time we see the effects of that on him. not that i’m defending him or justifying his actions in any way, because dumbledore has done a lot of questionable stuff and even in this confession he’s pretty much like “whoops, i accidentally started thinking of you as a human being and not a pawn” but i just found it weird that jkr has written such an incredibly morally complex character and yet she herself described dumbledore as “the epitome of goodness”…joanne come on now. dumbledore is a very interesting character, and i understand his thought processes but this whole topic still strikes me as really shifty and Hmmmm, especially in how he phrases it. i forget where i was going with this. i think it just annoys me that we’re given an explicit admission of dumbledore’s faults by the man himself but there’s still a depiction of him as some huge hero, such as in the jkr quote above, and also in the fact that harry is never like 'dude what the fuck?’ and has an in-depth discussion with him about all this being brought up like a lamb for slaughter business, but instead seemingly still worships the ground dumbledore walked on 20 years later
  • in the prophet article detailing the events at the ministry, fudge refers to voldemort as “Lord Thingy.”…not got as good a ring to it as You-Know-Who
  • WHY does almost every book have to end with gryffindor winning the bloody house cup. sirius died and harry and co suffered horrible wounds and they’re probably going to be traumatised for the rest of their lives but cheers for the house points
  • i can’t deal with this. harry tries to talk to sirius in his mirror (which he didn’t even unwrap all year for fear of it somehow getting sirius caught) and after that he corners nearly-headless nick to try and get closure in the idea that sirius will come back as a ghost. this is too much
  • the ending of this book is the first time that any adult figures have ever explicitly acknowledged that the dursleys abuse harry and directly threaten them face-to-face (“If we don’t hear from [Harry] for three days in a row, we’ll send someone along…”) in order to stop it. do you know when the last time someone made a genuine effort to save harry from his abusive environment was? when ron, fred and george rescued him in the ford anglia when he was 12. wow. i mean it’s good that the order make an effort now but it’s a bit late isn’t it
  • i really love the endings of each book in the series because they shed so much light on the book as a whole. ps to poa concluded with harry gleefully looking forward to teasing dudley over the summer. gof, where shit hit the fan, ended with harry reluctantly accepting that he would have to face what was coming. and now, in ootp, the final chapter is entitled 'the second war begins’. the ending is a new beginning, a beginning of something terrible and destructive, and yet at the same time the last lines show harry smiling at the sight of the order waving him goodbye as he leaves king’s cross with the dursleys, feeling a bit safer over the prospect of spending another summer with them. it’s very bittersweet. i enjoyed this book a lot even if it’s now stained with my tears

Death eaters try to attack a muggle town on Halloween. And just to be ironic, they decide to knock on the door. An old lady opens the door, smiles at them, gives them a hug, and shoves copious amounts of candy into their arms. A small child shoves his way outside and gasps, gazing at them in admiration “Your costumes are amazing”. That day, more than a few death eaters went into hiding. They couldn’t kill these people. They just couldn’t.