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Hello what do you love most about yoongi and good luck choosing because I literally can not choose

Okay, so like you said, there’s no way I choose ONE thing that I love most about Yoongi. So I’m just blather on about a bunch of things I love about him instead 

  • His passion for music. I’ve talked about this a bunch of times, but I’m gonna say it again. THE BOY WROTE A SONG CALLED “FIRST LOVE” ABOUT A PIANO! Imagine loving music so much that you consider a piano to be your first love :”)) I wish I was as passionate about anything as he is about music

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  • He’s so freaking relatable. I love when he’s just in the background of a shot looking dead on the inside or something. I’m like same :)))








  • When he’s in his element on stage. Is there anything hotter? 
  • The fact that he’s admitted that he used to look down on idols:

But clearly loves his members and fans so much and goes along with all the idol-y stuff he has to do without ever seeming bitter or resentful about. He’s even said that he wants to continue being in BTS for years:

  • His savage lyrics:

Example: “If I’m the sun, you’re the moon, because when I rise, you go down”

Example: “Like your parents, my heart hurts every time I see you, I’ll put a period at the artery of your music career”

Example: “All ya fried rappers should be thankful I am an idol”

  • His sad/touching lyrics: 

Example: “The things I could only imagine became reality
My childhood dreams are now in front of me
I was a nothing that performed in front of only two people, now Tokyo Dome is right in front of me”

Example:  “ Dream, may all of creation be with you
Till the end of your life
Dream, wherever you are,
Will welcome you
Dream, may your trials
End in full bloom
Dream, though your beginnings might be humble,
May the end be prosperous”\

I’m putting a read more here, but everybody should click it

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Like the other day, I was listening to ‘Rain’ by BTS, and I just got this sudden urge to write something like a black and white themed, film noir kinda fic? I was imagining a girl standing out in the rain, dark, an umbrella poised elegantly in her hands… and idk it’s a weird fuzzy idea/feeling… and I’m rambling again aish 😂

haikyuu!! karasuno music taste headcanons
  • Daichi – U2 is his favorite, and he enjoys anything that can be classified as dad rock. also enjoys some 80s/90s first wave alternative like R.E.M. and The Cure, but grunge is too edgy for him so Nirvana is where he draws the line
  • Suga – Coldplay fanboy. don’t bring up A Rush of Blood to the Head, he’ll be talking for days. also enjoys singer songwriters like Jazon Mraz and Ed Sheeran. he’s open to most everything Daichi likes, and goes to Daichi for recommendations when he needs a little variety
  • Asahi – loves Sufjan Stevens and feels connected to him on a spiritual level. also listens to Wilco, Bon Iver, Neutral Milk Hotel, Björk, the sound of his tears slowly dripping into his dark roast, 4′33″ by John Cage literally at all times 
  • Noya – EDM. he doesn’t know the names of any of the artists or songs. he just pulls up a playlist on spotify or pandora and puts it on shuffle
  • Tanaka – heavy metal and gangster rap. nothing in between. whichever he’s listening to depends on his mood. and what music for what mood? no one knows or wants to find out
  • Ennoshita – similar taste Suga, also enjoys Coldplay a lot and piano rock in general, such as Keane, Augustana, Five for Fighting, etc. he and Suga and Daichi are always recommending stuff to each other
  • Kags – Imagine Dragons
  • Hinata – top 40. isn’t really much of a music guy. he mostly turns on the radio for background noise or something. 
  • Tsukishima – he’s always listened to Akiteru likes. mostly alternative stuff like Young the Giant, Death Cab for Cutie, Manchester Orchestra. his favorite band is Weezer, but exclusively their lo-fi earlier stuff, namely the blue album
  • Yamaguchi – tries to enjoy what Tsukki likes but isn’t emo enough so he mostly sticks to Ed Sheeran. if he tries to talk to Tsukki about music, Tsukki will usually go off on some kind of rant or critique and he’ll get lost


  • Ukai – shamelessly obsessed with Dave Matthews Band
  • Kuroo – ironically listened to what Tsukishima likes so that he could make fun of him for it, but ended up liking it as well
  • Bokuto – no one really knows actually
  • Oikawa – you’ve never heard of them anyway

Also that’s the piano in Murdoc’s room so are we meant to believe that 2D filmed that entire thing in Murdoc’s room without him knowing? And like, I think you need a green screen to add the background visuals and all so he basically got an entire film crew into Murdoc’s room and then just filmed one long shot? It’s either that or he somehow moved that entire piano out of Murdoc’s room (also a significant undertaking) and then presumably put it back. But also here I am assuming he did this behind Murdoc’s back, like, maybe Murdoc knew and okay’d it. Hmm…imagine that. And regardless of any of that I think the video proves that 2D deserves the YouTube channel after all 😂 

Raincoat: Prologue

DISCLAIMER:  All characters mentioned in this story DO NOT belong to me. ‘Voltron: Legendary Defender’ belongs to DreamWorks. All rights reserved.

Rating: T
Warnings: No warnings apply
Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender
Relationship: Keith x Lance (Klance)
Language: English
Originally Written: 15/07/2017

Summary: ‘Maybe music isn’t the only thing you need right now.’
There’s only one thing that Lance McClain relies on to cheer him up when he’s down: music. But on a particularly difficult night that renders him an emotional mess, his headphones are broken and his phone is close to dying. Amidst a plethora of missed phone calls from people he doesn’t want to speak to, there is one he answers to: Keith Kogane’s. With the help of the warmth of late-night cafe, Lance wonders if Keith could become the new music he relies on during trying times.

Additional Notes: I’m making no promises to continue this story (as with every other one of my stories), but I really do want to finish it. I’m currently working on the first chapter to this, which should be up sometime soon if I don’t lose motivation to write it. This story is loosely inspired by Timeflies feat. Shy Martin’s song 'Raincoat’, which is a song I’ve been obsessed with lately. Thanks for reading! <3

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ok but @ last person's idea but a bit more on the serious side: imagine like jungkook just starting to sing a slow song, tae and jimin soon joining in, hobi making a nice beat in the background and yoongi taking the piano while namjoon urges jin to come dance to the song. jin accepts and they dance along to the sweet voices of maknae line and yoongi's playing as some of the scented candles from namjoon's room brought to the table fill the room with cosy lighting and a gentle scent - 👀

EYES ANON YOURE ASKS ARE KILLING ME OH MY GOD 😭😭😭 thats the sweetest thing ive ever read aw holy heck just the vision of everyone serenading namjin like a newly wed couple is so heartwarming

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After reading all those awesome character tattoos my friend said that what if Daichi doesn't have sex with suga in fear that he will be too sober and remember his tattoo on his lower stomach saying "warning choking hazard" with an arrow pointing to his dick he got when he was so drunk he was teetering close to alcohol poisoning.

I can just imagine some really cheesy scene from like a movie where the chick has a scar she’s ashamed of and doesn’t want her love interest to see her naked and then one day he convinces her and then just very gently kisses the scar while emotional piano music plays and they’re lying on a rug in front of a fireplace but instead it’s Suga kissing Daichi’s embarrassing “choking hazard” tattoo. And it’s like gangster rap playing in the background instead of piano music.


And last but definitely not least, to finish the series off as he always does is the second half of the Busan line, an adorable lil bub with the cutest personality like he has so many different sides to him and he’s just s o fucking interesting to me, Jeon Jungkook aka kookie

  • I’m honestly super super ready for this rn
  • Visuals are up first bc I l ov e this part so much it’s just such a nice thought
  • Black hair bc have you ever seen kookie with black hair, it’s s o fucking nice and it just fits him so well
  • Like fire!kookie now that was some good ass shit it was fluffy and it just made him look so fucking cute but also niCE as fuck and it was just such a good look 10/10
  • Ripped jeans!kookie aka one of my favorites like if you’ve seen the recent Bangtan Bomb where Jin is giving kook a massage (it was an overall great video, would highly recommend) he’s got the ripped jeans look going on and it was all thigh and wonderfulness and it was just really really nice
  • In fact that entire look is perfect for this AU bc it’s drummer!kook in a video
  • Also the boots are a thing bc I love his infamous boots and the classic t-shirt and jeans is still v v much a thing for drummer!kook bc idk how but kook somehow takes a simple white shirt and makes it look like some high end shit
  • He would be a drummer
  • Okay but kook just screams drummer to me
  • Like just look at his arms and tell me that shit wouldn’t look good while playing his lil drums
  • And kook has so much passion for his music and I just feel like he would put his heart and soul into every single performance and I just need drummer!kook tbh 
  • His drum solos are lit as fuck and he always makes sure to practice them a million times before a show even if they’re the same one from the previous one (he does switch them up a good bit)
  • Casually picks tae’s guitar up one day and just starts playing and it’s like when did he even learn how to play how the fuck does he know all of this and then the next thing they know, he’s also able to play the bass and piano and it’s just golden maknae can do all of the things but he’s super lowkey about it bc he loves drums the most
  • Everyone screams when there’s a video of him playing one of their songs on piano while Yoongi and Tae are teaching Jimin how to play in the background bc it’s just cuteness and w o w
  • A lil bit of a shy bunny off stage but on stage it’s just his zone he gets so happy and confident and we all know that look that kookie gets when he’s really into something just imagine drummer!kookie getting that look and the smiRK would appear and it’s just oh okay that’s fine
  • He gets shy around fans and it just makes them love him even more bc here he is, this amazing drummer in this internationally known band and yet he’s still blushing when they say they love his music
  • Goes into a giggle fit when they kiss his cheek for a picture and he just can’t look at them after it and he just turns into a lil shy bub and it makes everyone’s hearts do the thing
  • But also s u per fucking funny like kookie isn’t afraid to be silly and that’s one of the things I love about him, he’s just so quirky and himself and he’s just a goofball who likes to have fun and play around
  • He mainly just goes on Twitter bc he does love to talk to fans and he loves joking around with them bc he does l ov e the fans so so much and he loves being able to talk to them about anything really
  • Song suggestions, he does a lot of those, random things about their day, his lyrics just anything that comes up he just loves bonding with them 
  • He does have Instagram and Snapchat but those are more rarely used, it’s more of a weekly thing maybe every other week
  • He takes selfies and does the filters but he loves doing videos too just to say hey
  • He would meet you after the band becomes a thing
  • You two meet through Jimin and then the flirting happens and then the dating and the next thing he knows, he’s a boyfriend (and he lov es when you call him that, he just gets all giggly and happy bc whoa I’m a boyfriend !!!!!)
  • He seems like he’d be someone who keeps his private life very private, similar to Yoongi
  • Most people don’t even know he was dating anyone bc he wants to keep you safe and he doesn’t want anyone to send hate so he just keeps it hush with the help of Yoongi’s advice
  • It isn’t until some people start putting all of his lil hints together that they start to wonder if he’s single anymore
  • Since you two started dating, he’s been leaving these really minor hints that most people wouldn’t even look at twice but finally someone did and then everyone starts noticing them
  • He confirms it wordlessly by posting a picture of him hugging you (making sure your back is to the camera to keep things private) and everyone is just flipping out bc the lil shy bub is taken !!
  • A few weeks later, after the excitement has calmed down, Jimin uploads a video of kookie teaching you how to drum (once again making sure it’s an angle where they can’t see your face bc kook wants to keep you safe) and it’s just so precious bc they can hear his giggles and the smile on his face is so wide and happy and his eyes are all bright
  • Everyone just knows he’s so so happy and they love happy!kook bc he just deserves all of the love and sunshine and happiness and now he’s got it

A/N: I like imagining Clair de lune by Claude debussy in the background as the song she’s playing. You can listen to it Here: (X)

You stretch your fingers, glancing once more at your favorite person in the worlds.

He’s bundled inside the thick blue comforter, but he’s not sleeping. From what you can tell as you peer through the open door, he’s just staring at the wall. A pout curving onto his lips.

He must have had a really bad day.

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Phil. Phil. I need you to talk to me about Dad!Jake Peralta and Mom!Amy Santiago

*falls from the sky playing a grand piano*

hello yes I am here to say that they’d be the most stupidly adorable parents in the universe and tbh you know what I could go into extensive headcanons but just like, imagine 

- the bedtime stories!!!! there would be like an arsenal of different characters and voices that Jake does and Amy will always chime in with appropriate reactions to the drama in the stories, huge exaggerated gasps and background sound effects and everything

- the “what is an acceptable food to eat for breakfast” discussions (surprisingly enough, Jake is the one who makes solid breakfasts; Amy canonically can’t cook, and somewhere between that evidence lockup kiss and holding his baby girl for the first time gummy-bears-wrapped-in-fruit-rollups breakfast burritos become For Special Occasions Only) 

- imagine both of them being TOTAL TEASING LOSERS when their kids bring home Serious Dates for the first time and pulling out all the We Are Serious And Intimidating Police Officers stops (”Um, nice to meet you, Mrs Santia -” “Captain Santiago,” corrects Jake, straight-faced but with a voice positively shining with glee, and their kid gives them the most unimpressed face ever) 

- and okay IMAGINE Amy being super busy with Suddenly Demanding Police Captain Stuff and not being able to take their daughter (Maya? I wanna call her Maya) to get their nails done like she’d promised but Jake having work off that day and being like WHATCHA WAITING FOR LET’S GO and getting his nails done with Maya so she doesn’t have to sit in the big chair alone (she’s like six) and just????

- cheek and tummy raspberries when they’re babies

- goofy selfies with dad 24/7

- I’m firmly convinced that when they first find out they’re pregnant they both take turns being the one freaking out vs being the calm, collected one and Amy goes through ten parenting books and Jake spends several days just rambling nonstop in a voice a couple decibels higher than normal

- (Amy’s terrified she’s not going to be a good Mom because she’s so obsessive about small things and always gets worked up and what if her kids hate her and she can’t even cook, how can she possibly be a mom, this is just all a massive disaster oh God; Jake just desperately, desperately, almost achingly doesn’t want to let his kid down like his dad did him)

- man I just keep thinking of the most inane, stupidly cute things like Amy teaching their kid how to tie her shoes 

- or Jake trying to help with homework and he’s got no idea what’s going on with that math either so they pull out Mom’s laptop and start googling math help videos online because math’s important even though it can be hard and giving up is for losers, duh (they end up making a song to remember all the multiples of thirteen and Maya sings it all the time to help her remember)

- or Maya telling Mom she wants to bake a cake to surprise Dad for his birthday so they pull out all the ingredients and spend the whole day trying to figure everything out and by the end of it they both have flour on their faces and egg in their hair and the cake is sort of maybe a disaster and Jake spends a good five minutes laughing at the icing on Maya’s nose before pulling them both into a big hug and dancing around the kitchen

- (he also eats a piece of the cake anyway, just to show them that it’s totally awesome regardless of cooking handicaps because love makes everything taste exponentially better, duh, that’s a scientifically proven fact)

- this is gross it’s disgustingly cute

- I’m physically disgusted by the amount of fluff in this post


- help their family would just be so full of love

- everything’s fine

If this happens in httyd2 I will break

I was listening to the httyd soundtrack this morning and I got a really sad idea.

What if, at some point in httyd2, Hiccup has to leave Toothless, or Toothless gets captured, or they have to split up, or maybe Hiccup gets hurt, and they share a few minutes saying goodbye before one of them rushes off to save the day.

In the background, a slow, piano reprise of ‘Forbidden Friendship’ begins to play. Hiccup pets Toothless’ nose, right where he they’d touched the first time they’d become friends. Toothless trills sadly, and Hiccup smiles sadly. “Yeah, me too, Bud. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

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Imagine Bucky and Natasha and Steve and Sharon Carter going on a double date.

Someone is the background is playing the piano. A sonata, he thinks, though he’s not really sure how he recognizes it. Something mellow and low, fitting for the room with its candles and creamy tablecloths, the deep red napkins and glittering tumblers of scotch.

Slim fingers slide along his collar and he flinches, just a little, when Natasha’s lips brush the curve of his ear.

“James, I need you to at least try to smile if you want anyone to believe this,” she hisses, then tosses her head back and laughs, a clear sound that is completely at odds with how her heel is digging into the top of his shoe.

Bucky turns and smiles, probably a little too widely. “Anything for you, honey.”

Across the table, Steve is fussing with his tie. Sharon bats his hand away and sighs into her glass of wine.

“We’ll have the steak,” Natasha says sweetly, and hands a stack of menus to a hovering waiter. “Extra rare.”


“Whose idea IS this?” Bucky flops the briefing folder back on the conference table and throws Natasha an incredulous look. “A double date. As a cover. You want to take me into a crowded, noisy restaurant, and you want Steve to pretend to wanna make time with Sharon. Are you serious.”

Natasha frowns, trailing one finger down the side of the page as she reads. “You are an international assassin-come-spy and Steve has done covert ops before. You’ll be fine.”

“Nat, have you seen Steve undercover?”

Natasha takes a deep breath, then blows it out long as she sinks into the conference chair next to his. “Do you have a better idea? I can’t take the two of you in as a couple; you’d stand out too much - yeah, I know, stop it,” she says, when Bucky grins lewdly, “and I really need Sharon there. It’s her intel and contact.” She glances down the table at Steve, who is bent over his own copy of the brief. By the way his pencil is skating over the margins, it’s clear he’s not reading it.

“He knows Sharon pretty well,” she hedges, chewing on the corner of her lip. “That’s got to help?”

“Hey Steve,” Bucky calls, smacking one hand down loudly on the wooden table. Steve jumps then looks up guiltily.


“D’yah wanna ask Sharon out to dinner?”

While Steve blushes and splutters, Bucky turns and cocks one eyebrow at Natasha, who scowls.


“I changed my mind, this really is a good time,” Bucky pants. Behind them a gun pops repeatedly and Natasha swears under her breath, heels clattering loudly on the pavement as she plunges one hand into the vee neck of her dress, then pulls out what looks like a miniature grenade. She yanks out the pin with her teeth and lobs it backwards into the din that’s following them; a moment later, smoke billows out in a thick cover.

“We were supposed to be COVERT,” she snarls.

“Aw, darling, did I ruin our date?”

James - ”

Natasha doesn’t get to finish her sentence, as just then Steve thunders out of a side alley with Sharon slung over his back. She’s bracing herself against one of his shoulders and returning fire with a Beretta in each hand, her blonde hair loose and wild, and a manic grin on her face; Steve is, of all things, laughing, his tie undone and tailing in their wake.

Bucky hoots and sprints after them, pausing only to toss Natasha another knife, which she sends gracefully into the neck of the nearest goon.

“You - owe - me - dinner.”

“Anything you want, sugar.”

Do you ever sit down and think about how there’s official art of Sorey playing the violin and how the water-like, supporting sound of the piano would fit Mikleo perfectly and then realize you basically just created a sormik Your Lie in April au because I do apparently.

I made myself really emo over this au by realizing I can use Sorey losing resonance as an excuse to push Kousei’s “can’t hear the notes” thing onto him, so like, imagine Sorey not being able to hear Mikleo playing in the background during a performance and freaking out, join me in hell

Anyway yeah I rewatched some of shigatsu so I could go deeper and got to this scene and imagined Sorey and Mikleo playing Saint-Saëns’ Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso and I lost all semblance of control 

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Imagine grace turning on her camera holding a finger to her mouth like shhh and walking up the stair hearing faint music in the background. She slowly opens a cracked door and films chester playing the small white piano and then he finishes turns around and sees her and just starts giggling.