just imagine the act he'd put on

You're Shorter than Him | 4/4 Blurb
  • Ashton: so Ash would probably love your height, he'd think it was adorable and made a great contrast to your personality. He'd probably also like how it made him feel slightly taller too, the guys 6ft but because of his giant band mates sometimes he doesn't get the same feeling :-p
  • Calum: I think Cal would think it was really hot, and would love to just hug you all the time, as your head could tuck easily under his chin while you has cuddles... Aw
  • Luke: okay so sorta like Ash, Luke would find it really adorable and I think your height would mean that he'd do loads of those cute kisses where he has to pick you up and you'd be like the cutest couple ever I ship it
  • Michael: so the shit would probably like to tease you playfully, and would always put something ridiculous like cookies on the top shelf, just so he could 'act the man' and give you a kiss whilst he's at it. But I also think that he'd love to hug and he would be the big spoon and this is just something I need in my life.