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Meditation for the Wild-Minded Witch

do you have ADHD? are you easily distracted? do you daydream constantly abt everything and anything? when you hear the words “you might fall asleep” in a post abt meditation, do you sigh and roll your eyes?

if you answered “yes” to any of the above, then this is the post for you!!

as someone who has type one ADHD and a crazy imaginative mind, I haven’t seen a single Intro To Meditation post that pertains to me. they’re always abt tips for visualization, or tips for not falling asleep within 5 minutes. I have insomnia you guys, I ain’t gonna be asleep in any less than 2 hours smh

without further rambling, here’s some tips and tricks for people who just can’t fucking meditate

1) listen to some goddamn music. preferably stuff you’ve listened to many times before, songs you have basically memorized so you don’t get distracted by how unique this new sound is, or how cool that voice was right there. listen to your favorites!! listen to songs in foreign languages, so you aren’t focused on the words but more the feeling they give. blast that shit through your most comfortable earbuds, tune everything else out

2) don’t sit outside. trust me. too many extra sensory bits and shit that you just don’t need rn. miss me with that wind and bugs and prickly grass.

3) tired of the “visualize a door” method? visualize yourself dancing! find one good dance song that you’ll only use when trying to meditate, and choreograph your own little routine! imagine urself dancing outside on a chilly autumn day- the air smells crisp and the leaves crack and almost hurt beneath your feet and every once in a while your arms hit a twig or branch. imagine it’s spring and there’s cold dew on the soft new grass and the sun is making your bare arms tingly, a warm breeze tugs at your hair and clothes. get creative! the hardest part is imagining yourself *in* your body, looking out, instead of watching urself dance like it’s a movie.

4) sit in the car!! oh my god!! do this!! the passenger seat of the car opens a world of possibilities, and you probably won’t even have to close your eyes because damn, look at you, you’re already off daydreaming abt god knows what and completely ignoring everything around you!! if cars are good for anything, it’s daydreaming. now all you gotta do is figure out how to switch your daydreaming off and turn meditating on.

5) school age witch? meditate in the morning on the bus. if you trust the other kids riding with you enough, do it on the way home too (warning: may suddenly find urself interrupted by flying paper balls or gross laughing. this is why we meditate in the mornings when everyone’s half asleep still)

6) it’s okay if a stray thought drifts in every once in a while, so don’t get upset over it.

7) your leg bouncing? scalp itch? eye twitching? keep bouncing it! scratch your head! rub your eyes!! trying to ignore these things will take more effort than it will to just take care of them. make sure youre comfortable

8) extending on that point, if you find your overall position uncomfortable, just move dude. it’s okay, just cause you aren’t laying with ur arms at ur sides and legs perfectly straight doesn’t mean you won’t get some meaningful meditation in

I was hoping to get 10 points but I’m suddenly lacking motivation and getting bored with typing this. guess that’s the proof for you that I have ADHD? I hope these help! feel free to add on your own tips for meditation! and like always, don’t beat urself up if nothing seems to be helping. I’ve been trying for three years and I still struggle very much to meditate, and be confident that what I’m seeing isn’t just my Wild Wild imagination, and is instead the astral or whatever else I’m looking for. take your time, and good luck! ✨🌊🥀


This song is literally everything

Maneuvering Around Negativity: a Visualization Exercise

Witches, we all deal with the stress of negativity in our lives.  Whether it be criticism, bullying, hurtful opinions, or even our own toxic outlook–all of these things make up a dark sea of negativity.  How do we maneuver through through the barbs and stings, and come out undamaged?

This is a technique called outcome visualization.  It involves envisioning yourself achieving your goal. To do this, create a detailed mental image of the desired outcome using all of your senses.  You can use this technique to help aid in you many of your goals, but for this one in particular, we are focusing on bypassing all the negativity in our lives.


–3 minutes

–a quiet place

–this song (”To the Order of Night” by Balmorhea)

1.  Find a quiet place and get comfortable.  I suggest laying bed to give you the sensation of floating.  I have also used this visualization exercise in my bathtub.  Grounding isn’t important here.  Just make sure you are centered and shielded.  Draw in a few deep breaths.  Turn on the music.

2.  Shut your eyes and say aloud:  Endless sea allow me to see only joyful positivity.  Repeat it.  I usually chant it around 10-15 times.  As you are chanting, imagine yourself being submerged underwater.  Don’t be afraid.  In this sacred space, you are in no danger.

3.  Begin to visualize sinking deep into the depths of the water.  It is first murky, then dark, turning pitch black.  Every limb grows cold; muscles spasm and then freeze.  There is nothing around you, except this feeling of weightlessness.  This is the negativity you allow to surround you. 

Then, there is a spark of faint pink light.  Slowly, as if blooming over a horizon, more specks of that light grow.  You can see what they are as you swim closer.  Jellyfish, hundreds of them, illuminate the darkness that surround you.  They are beautiful, but they are dangerous.  These represent the words, opinions, criticisms, and thoughts that sting you.  These creatures gracefully swim around you and every time you move, you bump into them and you can feel their paralyzing barbs.

Above you, the sun is shimmering.  It’s calling you to the surface, but you know if you try to kick and swim your way to the top, you’ll never make it.  All the jellyfish are in the way.  You feel your lungs tighten.  You become nervous.

But then you remember, as long as you don’t touch them, they can’t sting you.  Much like the negativity from others, if we ignore it, it cannot harm us.  If we don’t allow it inside, it cannot plant seeds of doubt and insecurity.  We will wade our entire lives in shores of both negativity and positivity; it is the natural balance that is struck by the universe.  The time is now to decide if you will sink or swim.

You watch the jellyfish move.  They dance in the water towards one another in an endless parade of flourishes and spins, creating holes where you can slip through.  You avoid their barbs.  You feel the rush of maneuvering around their glowing bodies.  For every foul word spoken about you or to you, you remain unaffected.  You share this space with them, but pay no mind to their own goals.  Among the jellyfish, you rise.

Break through the water’s surface.  Take in your first deep breath.  The sun greets you, the water embraces you, and below you, in those murky depths lies all the dwellers of the dark deep that don’t care to face the sun.  Leave them behind and rise.  The current has other plans for you.

4.  Take ten calming breaths and release yourself from the visualization.  You’ve now maneuvered through the negativity.  You can let go, you can move on.  And when you feel yourself start to slip under the water, remember that you can always find your way back to the surface.


Serendipity  承

It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is essential is invisible to the eye.

The Little Prince by  Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

*realizing a song but not remembering the name*


*body twitching*

*falls to floor*

*inumane screaming*


Caught: Daddykink!Ashton

Request: Can u do a smut about Ashton being ur dads best friend and u have a crush on him. And one night u were home alone cause ur parents went to visit ur grandma so u invited one of ur guy friends and when u were about to do it with him Ashton came and made the boy leave and punishes u with his daddy kink

Requested by: crazyfandommasterlist

A/N: HI guys I’m so excited to post this first smut on my page. I’ve written smut for years but have never published it. I hope you guys like it but that you understand that is very graphic and sexual in nature. Therefore if you are not comfortable with that please do not read. Thanks you all so much, enjoy!

I was sitting in my room doing homework when my parents call me down stairs. Groaning, I get up from my desk and trudge down stairs. When I walk into the living room they are both sitting on the couch and my dad’s best friend Ashton is sitting in one of the chairs. I stop dead in my tracks and cross my arms awkwardly. If I would have known Ashton was here I would have changed and ran down to them immediately. I’ve always thought he was extremely attractive and have slowly fallen in love with him over the years. His laugh is intoxicating, his music so full of soul, and his heart being the kindest I’ve ever encountered. As I’ve gotten older I’ve almost felt like he’s feeling the same way, but sadly I can never know for sure and even if he did there was no way he would act on those feelings. To him I’m probably just his mate’s kid.  

“Y/N sit down, honey.” My mom says and I do calmy, but also very confused on what is happening.

My dad sighs. “So you’re not going to like this, but since we are going to be on vacation all next week and you have to stay home for school, we want Ashton to check in on you every now and then just to make sure you’re okay…”

I scoff. “Like a babysitter?” I’m eighteen years old and my parents can even trust me to stay home by myself, how typical. “This is ridiculous…” I say, but then trail off. Ashton and I by ourselves with my parents away? Who knows what could happen… but still I’m not a child and this is my senior year.

“I know you want to be treated like an adult, but we worry.” My mom says.

Nodding and shrugging still I look over at Ashton and he finally speaks up. “I promise I won’t be too… overbearing…”

A few days have passed since that conversation with my parents. Since they are out I thought I’d take advantage of this opportunity. I pick up my phone and dial Sam. Sam and I have strictly friends with benefits. Hell not even really friends. We mess around and fuck from time to time and then we just leave each other alone. It’s not my ideal situation, I mean I’d like to be in an actual relationship with someone some day, but it’s been since anyone has shown any interest and well… a girl has got needs. Sam says he’s on his way and I freshen up a bit.

“It’s Sam.” He says coming inside knowing I left the door unlocked for him.

I call back to him turning off the tv. “Upstairs.”

He comes up stairs and kicks his shoes off immediately along with taking his hoodie off. “How are you?”

“About to be a whole lot better you?” I say waiting for him.

“Agreed…” He mumbles and pulls me down to sit with him on the bed. “You ready to go?” I nod and he kisses me roughly.

For a while we just get warmed up by making out and running our hands over each other. He takes his shirt off and swiftly pulls me onto his lap. I can feel myself getting more and more worked up as he grasps my hips to help me firmly to grind against him.

“Fuck Y/N…” He says.

“Yeah, What the fuck Y/N?!” A voice other than Sam’s rings through the room and we both jump in shock to see Ashton standing in the doorway.

“Ashton?!” I say confused and embarrassed.

He comes up to me pulls me off of Sam’s lap and looks at Sam with a look that could kill. “Get out…. Now.”

Sam picks up all of his stuff and practically runs out of the door. “Ashton! Are you serious that’s so un-!” I go to start yelling and complaining, but he pulls me close to him and gives me the same look he gave Sam.

“Is this what you do when your parents are away? Invite boys over to fuck you? Can you imagine what your parents would say about this Y/N? Do you have any idea how much trouble your in?” He asks deeply and roughly.

Quietly I whimper out. “Please don’t tell them….”

He sighs heavily and lets me go. “Sit on the bed.” I give him a strange and confused look. “Sit. On. The. Bed.” He repeats, obviously not pleased. I do as he says and become suddenly aware that I’m still only in a bra and cloth shorts. I cross my arms over myself feeling very vulnerable in front of him.  “Y/N I’m not going to tell your parents you’re eighteen for god’s sake.” He says sharply, obviously still pissed and pauses walking up to me and placing one of his huge muscular hands on my cheek caressing it with his thumb. “But you still need to be punished darling… and I think you and I both know Daddy’s the one you want to punish you.”

I look at him shocked and gasp surprised at his forwardness. Is this really happening? Am I dreaming? Fuck I need to say something, just do it. “Yes, Daddy.” I shyly and quietly say.

Ashton wraps a hand around my throat firmly in the most intoxicating way. “Louder princess…”

“Yes, Daddy.” I say more confidentiality, but my voice still quivering.

He growls. “On my lap.” He demands sitting on my bed and I follow his directions immediately. “Good girl, of course now you can listen….” I smile a little bit, even though I’m so nervous I’m almost shaking. “Now even though you need to be punished if you need to stop your safeword is pineapples. Tell me if you understand.”

“I understand Daddy.” I say and I can feel his fingers slowly unhooking my bra and letting it fall to the floor.

He groans and massages them lightly with his hands. I gasp at the coldness and the sudden touch. “Oh babygirl you are so beautiful… take the rest of your clothes off for Daddy, yeah?” He asks and I stand up a little awkwardly stripping for him. “So beautiful, you are a masterpiece Y/N… get back here.” He commands, and again, I follow his orders but this time he stops me in front of him. He runs his hands all over my skin and curves while turning me in a slow circle. He then takes his clothes off besides his boxers and stands in front of me. I reach out to finally feel his body but he bats my hand away. “You haven’t even been punished yet…”

“I’m sorry, Daddy.” I tell him and he smiles a small smile before sitting on the bed and draping me over his lap.  

“Count them or you’ll get more…” He warns spanking my butt making me wince in pain and moan in pleasure. In all the fantasies I’ve ever had of Ashton I never dreamed he would have ever been as kinky as I’ve always been but now I’ve been proven wrong.

He spanks me 20 times by the time he’s done there are tears running down my cheeks. Ashton pulls me up and hold me close. “It’s okay… Daddy’s here… I’ve got you.” He whispers his tone and demeanor completely changing. I pull back and look at him for a moment and then with a leap of faith I kiss him. He’s kissing me back and it’s the most passionate kiss I’ve ever experienced, My breath is almost taken away by it. He immediately, then shifts us so that I’m on my back and he’s hovering over me. He kisses down my body and I wrap my fingers up in his hair.

“Daddy.” I moan once he gets to my heat and starts softly teasing my clit.

He chuckles and yanks his boxers off throwing them somewhere out of view. We start kissing again and he thrusts into me roughly making me squeal a little in pain. He holds me close, whispering that it’s okay and that he’s got me in between hard thrusts. “You feel so much better than I ever imagined fuck.” He groans.

Meanwhile, I’m moaning and whimpering too much to even respond, but soon he flips me over and stands me on all fours. I moan loudly at the new position while tightly grasping at the bed sheets. With one hand he reaches under me and rubs my clit, making my pleasure even more intense than before and he used the other to firmly hold onto my hip which I’m positive with have a handprint on it even tomorrow. “Who’s your Daddy?” He asks groaning.

I moan out getting so incredibly close to my orgasm. “You are Daddy, oh my god I’m close.”

“Hold for Daddy, baby girl, just a minute longer.” He tells me and I try as hard as possible and when my legs start shaking he finally gives me the okay.  

I hit my high so hard and I know he hits his when I feel his load on my butt and lower back. “Oh god.” I gasp, still feeling the orgasm race through my veins.

“I’ll be right back.” He whispers.

Ashton disappears for a minute and then I feel him wipe the cum off of me. He picks me up in his hard and carries me to the shower, which I can know hear water running from.

He takes me into the shower and lets the warm water hit us both. Then kissing me passionately and roughly and whispers. “I love you.”

I look up at him. “You do?”

He nods. “I have for awhile… and seeing you with that… that… that kid I couldn’t take it anymore, you had to be mine…”

“W-what about my parents?” I ask confused. “They would never accept us… they think you’re like my uncle…”

“Thought maybe I could follow you to whatever college you decide on… keep us for a secret for a while… find the right time eventually or maybe not…. But I mean all that only if you’d want me too…” He explains still holding me close.

My eyes light up in happiness, and I pull him down and kiss him. “I love you too… and I like that plan a lot.”

He chuckles. “I’m glad… This isn’t the way I was planing to tell you by the way. Thought we’d go on some dates first or something. Something more romantic… you deserve more that a surprise fuck.”

I laugh and blush at him. “We can still do that… I’d like that a lot.”

“Well, I mean I could just take you to my place while your parents are away… watch over you a little more closely… I mean just for your safety obviously…” He winks at me.

“Only if you help me pack.” I tease him playfully.

“You got yourself a deal baby, I love you.” He says.

I grin at him and kiss him softly. “I love you too Daddy.”

Sigil Activation/Use

When you create a sigil, you’re investing it with a certain amount of emotional importance. When you hear practitioners of magic referring to the “energy” of a sigil, ritual or spell, this emotional investment is often what they’re talking about. For a sigil to be effective, however, it requires more than just the energy invested in the creation. It needs to be “activated.”

People are divided upon how exactly you should do this. You’re looking for an intense transcendental experience where you can focus on this image and force it through your mind into the magical world while you are fully conscious. Pain, meditation and orgasm are some popular methods. Combine the intense experience with a good solid look at the sigil. Then close your eyes and think of it. Project it into your minds eye and out into the cosmos. Then destroy the paper it is drawn on and forget all about it.

Charging the sigil means infusing it with your energy. You have to get yourself to a point where you are full of energy but not really thinking anything, and then pour this energy into your sigil. There are several good ways to charge your sigil:

a) Meditation

The simplest form of meditation is to hold the image of the sigil in front of your eyes and stare intently at it. Try to get into a state of “not-thinking” but at the same time obsessively concentrating on the image of the sigil to the exclusion of everything else. Not the meaning of the sigil, but simply the graphic image itself as pure abstract, unconnected to any meaning – a picture and nothing more.

b) Masturbation

No really. Masturbate while visualizing the sigil in your mind’s eye. With the masturbation method you’re likely to get yourself to a point when you’re full of energy and no thought (orgasm). Hurrah! At the point of orgasm, visualize the sigil becoming big and bright and then exploding/disintegrating into nothingness. That’s it! Sigil charged!

c) Wild dancing

If you don’t like masturbating but do like dancing, pour yourself into wild wanton dancing – leap everywhere, go wild, spin round and round, get out of breath – it doesn’t even have to be to music. You just have to get to a point where you feel full of adrenaline and power and tingly and aren’t really thinking anything. Then visualize the sigil in your mind’s, eye, see it becoming big and bright and then let it explode/disintegrate into nothingness. And stop dancing.

d) Burn it

Light one side of it, and then place it carefully in a fire proof container, making sure not to singe yourself in the process. Watch as it burns, and imagine that all of the emotional investment you’ve placed in the sigil, as well as the idea it represents, is being transformed into a new form made of the universal forces of light and heat. Imagine that light and heat radiating out from this moment, into your past and future. Imagine the glow of the sigil’s tiny light spreading across your entire life. Watch it until the flame goes out.

There is also the “under-the-nose” method: If you prefer, instead of destroying the sigil you can put the sigil where you can see it all the time it will just fade into the background and you won’t really ‘see’ it, but your subconscious will. Paint the sigil somewhere visible on your body with water-soluble paint, then take a bath and let it slowly dissolve away while watching it. This is especially useful for magical work such as healing the body. Draw the sigil on paper or cloth with disappearing ink and stare at it as it slowly evaporates. ETC

Finally, it’s important to separate yourself from the magical ritual you’ve just done. Don’t do any meditation, other magical operations, or talk about the working with anyone. At least, not the first time you do a sigil – you need to find out what works for you. The idea is to shut the doors to the subconscious. It also keeps it from easily floating back into the conscious mind until the short term memory dumps it, which according to psychologists takes about three hours.

In the coming days, you’ll start to see little things that are eerily evocative of the sigil you activated. Don’t deny these. Don’t dismiss them, even if they seem minor. This is the process starting to work, bit by bit, to bring your intention into reality. The more open you are to these changes, the faster the magic will come into effect. It’s important, however, to note that your decisions play a hugely important part in how effective the sigil will be. If your sigil is about meeting a new romantic partner, for instance, you might want to think about going out to a place where that could plausibly happen. Staying inside your home, with curtains drawn and lights out, not answering the door, is actively working against the thing you want. Don’t count on the sigil to do the work for you.

If you’re uncertain about the whole “magic thing,” start with something minor and irrelevant. In fact, a great way to test the effectiveness of sigil magic is simply to create an activate a sigil that is of both fairly unlikely and of absolutely no consequence. You’ll soon be surprised at how utterly powerful sigils can be.


reading Seventeen's minds
  • Seungcheol: JEONGHAN omg he touched me he's so warm and I love his hair and I just
  • Jeonghan: omfg Coups needa chill I ain't about that life.. imma flip my hair so he'll get more frustrated
  • Joshua: o lord Jesus please let Seventeen do well at our next show.. and maybe give me some more time to speak in English because I kill that shit fam
  • Jun: mUST. AVOID. LOGOS.
  • Hoshi: imma squish squish, make them bitches swoon, then gaze seductively and indirectly impregnate millions
  • Wonwoo: I have no inspiration for these lyrics... well Mingyu is pretty cool, in a heterosexual, platonic way wOW IS IT HOT IN HERE?
  • Woozi: I fucking hate all of these people why am I here
  • DK: *birds chirping and beautiful music playing*
  • Mingyu: wow who is that? he's so handsome.. oh it's a mirror lmao hEY mirror-gyu ur lookin good 2day
  • The8: I don't understand any of what they're saying... just smile and nod, that shit always works
  • Seungkwan: is now an appropriate time to burst out into song? no? okay 1 2 3 gO
  • Vernon: *crickets*... did I load my macs before we left the dorm?
  • Dino: IN A FEW YEARS I WILL BE THE VISUAL FUCK ALL OF Y- oh hyung is coming gtg attack him with hugs
Boyband headcanon

Okay guys, picture this: Zuko, Sokka, Aang and Jet (alive in this hc) all come together to form a boyband to create peace between the different tribes with each one of them representing the different elements. They try to connect everyone with music.

But I can’t decide who is the rapper, best dancer, visual, ladiesman, lyrics writer, etc. Help me out please.. And what the hell would their groupname be???

Unpredictable (Roman Reigns x OFC)

(A/N) I’m sorry that it took me so long to upload guys. I was really busy and my mind was just not working along. But I’m happy to say that the first chapter is up. Feedback is more than welcome, so let me know what y’all think🙈.

Chapter 1


‘’Can you pass me that box over there?’’ I asked my mom as I was standing in my new room.

‘’Which one? They all look the same,’’ she mocked. ‘’When you asked me to come over and told me that there were only a few boxes left, you didn’t say there were actually still thousand left to unpack.’’

‘’Thanks for helping mom,’’ I smiled sweetly and gave her a hug. She chuckled and shook her head, hugging me back. I moved in my own house a week ago but there were still some boxes left to unpack since I was being my lazy self. ‘’Do you think dad is finished with the backyard?’’

‘’Honey, he’s probably already finished for an hour, but he’s just admiring his work, you know how he is.’’

‘’Are all architects like that?’’ I laughed as I walked downstairs. My dad has his own company for over ten years and became extremely successful, so when I told him that I was moving out of my shitty apartment, he insisted on designing my house. I was fortunate to have something this big being done for me and my dad luckily didn’t ask me for a fortune. My dad, on the other hand, paid a fortune to build and design the whole place. ‘Anything for my beloved daughter’, he said. ‘’I’ll make sure it looks like a mansion.’ Little did I know that when he mentioned that it’ll look like a mansion, he, in fact, build a mansion. It wasn’t too big but it wasn’t too small either, he knows exactly what I love and we, of course, talked about what I wanted and wished for.

I saw my dad standing in the living room while writing some things down. ‘’If you’re okay with it, I’d like to add this to my portfolio, showing all my clients how amazing I am,’’ he said as he turned around. I rolled my eyes and chuckled. ‘’What do you think of it?’’

‘’I couldn’t wish for anything more, thank you, dad.’’ I smiled and gave him a hug. ‘’I’m going to do the groceries right now because I need some good ass meal to eat in my brand new house,’’ I excitedly said. ‘’And thank you both for letting me stay at your house for the weeks this all was being built.’’

‘’It was no problem at all honey,’’ my mom spoke as she kissed my dad’s cheek. ‘’We’re happy that you’re happy.’’ She smiled. ‘’Don’t we have to babysit Mason?’’

‘’Your mom is right, we gotta go. Your sister is dropping off Talia again.’’ He slightly groaned.

‘’When are you guys gonna tell Avery to stop doing that?’’ I asked them as I opened the front door for them.

 ‘’We still have to figure out how to do that without sounding rude.’’ My mom gave me a hug and walked towards their black BMW. I chuckled and hugged my dad.

 ‘’Thanks, dad, for everything.’’ I gratefully said.

‘’Anytime Lani,’’ he smiled and walked to the drivers seat to start the car and they drove off. As I closed the door, I looked around, still in awe because of how big and beautiful everything was. I grabbed my bag and decided to go to the store before I was glued to the couch once again.


I was happy that I didn’t have to walk that far to get to the nearest grocery store, about twenty minutes. However, when I was tired, it would seem forever to get there so I’m glad I have my driver’s license. I probably failed three times but I insisted on getting it because that way I didn’t have to rely on others. My brother, on the other hand, relies on me or my parents when it comes to transport. Even though he’s 26 and two years younger than me, he was more occupied on working his way into my dad his company. Just because Carter is his only son, doesn’t mean he has family privileges.

I always told myself ‘tomorrow’ when it came to making the decision to start eating healthy. But I got a brand new house, a fresh start, so why not start today?  My eyes wandered, looking at all the delicious, but at the same time unhealthy food. It wasn’t my goal to be walking towards the heavenly chocolate, but I eventually did since it was calling my name. I grabbed a bar of milk chocolate and looked at it, a whole war was started in my head whether I should take it or not.

‘’Not the most healthiest choice,’’ a deep voice said from behind me. I frowned and turned around, curious who the person was who approached me. My eyes met the dark brown ones of a tall, muscular, handsome man, dressed in what I would call ‘Sunday clothing’. A black t-shirt hugged his broad shoulders and slim waist, wearing black sweats as well. Dang, he looked good.

I chuckled and looked at the chocolate bar in my hand, ‘’Not the most healthiest choice no, I agree with you on that one, but oh so good.’’

‘’You got me there,’’ the man laughed. ‘’Chocolate is everyone’s sin, even mine.’’

‘’Wouldn’t say so,’’ I pointed at his muscular chest.

‘’Oh trust me, whenever I had a stressful day or I trained too much, the first thing I eat is chocolate.’’ He smiled as he shook his head. This man is truly gorgeous. ‘’Everything else looks pretty healthy,’ he nodded towards my shopping cart, filled with all kinds of fruits and vegetables.

‘’Gotta balance it right,’’ I shrugged and decided to take the chocolate bar as I added it to my healthy food. ‘’I’m Alani, by the way, I’m new in the neighborhood,’’ I reached for his hand and he gladly shook it.

‘’I figured,’’ he smiled, ‘’your house was being built right?’’

‘’Yeah, my dad recommended this area, saying it was the perfect spot to live; beautiful surroundings, everything is within walking distance, really friendly people,’’

‘’He couldn’t be more right. Especially the really friendly people part, you just met the friendliest of them all,’’ he winked, making me laugh. I shook my head and the two of us started to walk around in the supermarket while telling me small bits about the people who were present and also lived in the neighborhood. ‘’That over there is Mrs. Yell,’’ he pointed at the small, grey haired woman standing in the shelf of the cat and dog food. I frowned in confusion, not knowing what he was talking about. ‘’Everyone calls her Mrs. Yell because she literally yells every single day. If it’s not because her husband did something wrong, again, it’s because of the smallest bread crumb on her recently cleaned floor. She’ll find a reason to yell, so cherish the moments whenever she’s quiet cause they ain’t long.’’

‘’Sounds like the perfect company,’’ I joked. He laughed and we walked into another shelf. ‘’So mystery man, you haven’t told me your name yet.’’

‘’How rude am I,’’ he gasps as his hand covered his chest. ‘’I’m Joe, but my real name is actually Leati…but I also go by the name of Roman. So I have three names, you choose whatever you like to call me.’’ He leaned in and whispered, ‘’I prefer Joe tho.’’

‘’Impressive, Joe.’’ I nodded as I grabbed a bottle of Cola. ‘’Does each name have a different persona?

‘’You gotta find that out on your own, Alani,’’ he winked as we walked to the cash register. The gentleman he was, helped me to put everything in bags and even held them as we walked back to my place. The walk was filled with Joe talking about all the crazy stuff he experienced in this neighborhood and how he loved living here. I smiled at all the silly faces he made as he was telling me about that one time he visited his cousin and tried to make his one-year-old child laugh. The way he was talking was so pure and real, I already liked him.

‘’You can hand me my groceries now,’’ I chuckled as I stood in front of my house.

‘’Jheeze, your place looks like a millionaires place, it’s amazing,’’ he said stunned. ‘’Not even my place looks like this and I’m pretty rich,’’

‘’Master of bragging,’’ I laughed. Joe grinned as he handed me the grocery bags. ‘’So I think I’ll you around then.’’

‘’Definitely,’’ he smiled, ‘’What if I stop by tomorrow? You know, just for a cup of coffee and you can make me jealous by showing me around in your palace.’’

‘’Sounds good to me. What about 9 am?’’

‘’9 am it is,’’ he smiled warmly as he gave me a hug. ‘’If you need anything, don’t hesitate to knock on my door, I’m at the end of the street.’’

‘’Thanks, I’ll keep it in mind.’’ I thankfully said. I waved at him as he walked off to his own house. I thanked my dad in my head as I opened the front door for convincing me to move here. Still not over the fact I probably met the most handsome man of the neighborhood, I walked into the kitchen with the plastic bags and put them on the counter.

‘’Since when did I became invisible to you?’’ A female voice said. My head shot back up as I looked at my phone, finding none other than my best friend standing in front of me. ‘’Wassup girl?’’ She smiled.

‘’Ava what are you doing here?’’ I asked confused but extremely excited. I walked from behind the big marble kitchen counter over to her, giving her a hug.

 Ava has been my friend since the day I started walking. Our parents are really close friends who met in college back in the days. She was like a sister to me and we were together 24/7 until the day she got accepted to the University of Southern California. I was absolutely thrilled for her, but not about the fact that we weren’t going to see each other that often anymore. We both made the promise to call each other every week, face time as much as we can and meet up monthly. But since we both did completely different things, it was hard to hold on to that promise. She wanted to get her degree in art and design, that totally fitted her since she has always been busy with painting and drawing.

Me at the other hand wanted to deepen myself in dance and music more. So when I was accepted to a private school that was specifically for those two things, I barely had time for anyone since it was really intensive. I enjoyed every moment of it since I was doing something I loved but hated it because it took so much of my time and energy. I still dance, sing and perform occasionally, it’s just that I decided to diminish everything a bit.

‘’Your parents told me you moved and gave me your address. But girl, why didn’t you tell me?’’ She smiled as she looked at me. ‘’Dang you look fine as hell, better than I remember.’’

‘’Oh please I look terrible,’’ I covered my face in my hands. I had no idea what she was talking about since I was wearing just a plain grey dress, my hair totally mess and bags under my eyes because of my lack of sleep. ‘’But thanks, A. And I’m sorry, I was so busy with everything; the house, helping my dad, bookings. I barely had time to sleep.’’

‘’That I see,’’ she joked as she sat down on the kitchen chair. ‘’I’m just messing with you, babe. So how is my best friend doing? How’s living here?’’

‘’She’s doing great; new house, new neighborhood, new people, I really enjoy it here.’’

‘’Good to hear,’’ she smiled and looked inside of the bags with food, ‘’so what will we be eating?’’


‘’Christ Lani, this tastes so damn good,“ Ava said with a mouth full. “Them Italian genes from your mom seemed to have kicked in for real.’’

‘’I ain’t a chef like my mom,’’ I laughed, ‘’it’s called having a meat-free dish.’’ I stopped eating meat for over two years and I feel amazing; I have more energy, I don’t get sick so often and I simply feel fresher. My mom struggled and forgot about the decision I made for like a month and unwarily added meat to her food. Eventually, she started to get used to it and only added meat in 50% of her dishes.

‘’I’ll keep it at Italian genes,’’ she chuckled as she zapped through the channels. ‘’This TV looks like a cinema. I’m gonna ask your dad to build a house for me as well.’’

‘’Good luck with that,’’ Knowing my dad isn’t the easiest person to persuade. ‘’Wait, wait, hold on. Go back,’’ I suddenly said as I saw a familiar face passing by. Ava frowned and did what I asked her, even more,confused by my reaction. I chuckled and shook my head. ‘’Oh my god,’’


‘’That’s Joe,’ my jaw dropped as I saw him on TV. ‘’I met him this afternoon in the supermarket, he lives at the end of the street,’’

‘’No he doesn’t,’’ she said, not believing me. As she was about to say something else, she saw I wasn’t joking. ‘’Girl…You’re not telling me that you met Roman fucking Reigns in the supermarket and that he lives in your street.’’

‘’It’s true,’’ I simply said as I watched him; his hair was loose and wet, unlike today. He looked so different from the person I’ve met and I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t find him attractive.

‘’Lani you’re a lucky ass woman,’’ she grinned as she continued eating. Little did I know


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Flinthamilton is so perfect. Their differences in hair color, body build and height are meshing so well. They immediately draw attention, especially the iconic shot in the fields. Theirs is not only a fantastic storyline, but fantastic visual as well. Not to mention their musical theme!


every time I remember that james is shorter than thomas I feel like marshmallows are growing around my heart and roasting themselves

(I bet thomas always kisses the top of his head especially now that it’s shaved and just imagine james reflexively lowering his head a bit whenever he nears thomas because hE KNOWS A KISSY IS COMING)

they are a beautiful Strange Pair indeed :’’) I can’t believe they invented true love <3333

The Man Next Door:

Request: AIGHT THIS MAY BE VERY SPECIFIC BUT- neighbour ashton and ur parents r friends with him and u babysit his daughter and u find him so hOOOoOoT that one thing leads 2 another and YA

Requested by: Anonymous

A/N: Hey guys I’m excited to post this smut as a response to a request by one of my beautiful followers! I would really appreciate it if you reblogged this smut if you liked it I would be so appreciative! As always I hope you guys like it but that you understand that is very graphic and sexual in nature. Therefore if you are not comfortable with that please do not read. Thanks you all so much, enjoy!

When my parents told me our neighbor Ashton Irwin wanted me to babysit his one year old son I almost peed myself. For the last few months ever since Ashton moved in next door I couldn’t help but to be extremely attracted to him. He’s gorgeous. Tall, fit, rugged, yet soft, I’d swear he’s perfect. So of course I agreed and now here I am waiting for him to answer the door. I try to calm my breathing slowly and stop myself from looking completely terrified.

“Y/N!” He smile opening the door. “Nice to see you, thank you so much again for babysitting Brendon, this meeting popped up very last minute.”

I smile and turn a little pink in the cheeks. “Of course Mr. Irwin.” I say as he allows me to set inside.

“Oh please Y/N, Ashton is fine, believe or not I’m not that much older than you… Your in what? Your second year of college?” He asks.

Shocked that he remembers anything about me from the few times we’ve been my pink darkens and is probably noticeable by now. “Yes I am.”

“Good, good… now let’s go over some things yeah?” He asks and I nod following him to the kitchen. We go over her sleep and feeding schedule and what he likes and does like. Being barely one however he’s not exactly picky. I pay attention to what he’s saying but at the same time I wonder why his girlfriend would ever leave him, with a baby nonetheless. “You got all that?” He asks worried and snapping me from my thoughts.

“Um yeah I think we should be good.” I smile up at him.

“Good, thanks so much again. I should be home about eight.” He smiles grabbing his keys and jacket before going over to Brendon in his little bouncy chair. “Bye Buddy, Dad will be back, be nice to ms. Y/N.”

I chuckle at him and he waves before heading out the door. I then spend the night giving Brendon a bath, getting him ready for bed, and then rocking him to sleep. He goes down pretty easily so while I wait for Ashton to come back I sit on his couch and read the book I brought along. Not too long after I hear him pull up in the driveway and come through the door.

“How was your meeting?” I ask standing up from the couch and smiling at him.

“It was okay thank you for asking. Was he good for you? Did he have any problems?” He asks taking his coat off, tossing it somewhere and then walking over to me.

I smile and try to keep from blushing. “He was actually basically an angle.”

“Wow really? You should come around more often, I swear sometimes he hates me.” Ashton sighs and slumps onto the couch.

I sit down next to him. “He doesn’t hate you. I can’t imagine how difficult this must be for you but… he doesn’t hate you. How could he? Look at everything you do for him, you are a great Dad.” I say softly worried that he’s upset.

He looks at me and smiles. “That means a lot thank you Y/N… are your parents not home? Your house seemed very dark…”

I shrug. “They’re out of town it’s just me tonight.” I explain but he starts shaking his head and sits up.

“You shouldn’t have to be by yourself in that big house, I don’t like the thought of you being alone like that…” He pauses and clears his throat slowing his speech down. “Why don’t you say here, I have a guest bedroom you could sleep in.”

“Okay, thank you Ashton…” I say awkwardly but excitedly.

He stands up and helps me up too. “You know I was surprised you were free tonight; a beautiful young girl like yourself that is….”

I bite at my bottom lip nervously not sure what to say. My heart is beating a thousand times a second from him calling me beautiful. “Nope I’m all yours tonight.”

He nods. “All mine.” I nod back and all of a sudden tension fills the air. For a moment we just stand there looking at each other.

“Ashton?” I ask confused and worried.

He steps closer to me and softly tucks some hair behind my ear. “Would it be extremely inappropriate for me to kiss you?”

“I… I…” I stutter out a little and turning completely red and my heart starts beating so fast I think i’m having a heart attack. “Probably….” I whisper knowing the truth but I can’t pass up this opportunity. He frowns and looks at the ground but then say. “I want you to anyway.”

He looks back up at me and pulls me in close before kissing me long and soft. “I’ve been wanting to do that for ages.” He chuckles and I giggle back and then kisses me again only this time it’s rougher, needier, more passionate. “If you want me to stop all you have to do it to say the word.”

I shake my head. “No, I want you, I really want you.” I whisper softly and he groans softly as we continue to kiss. He pulls us back down onto the couch so we are at a more even level. I wrap my arms loosely around his neck as he grabs my hips pulling me closer. Slowly he moves and kisses my neck. I shiver in surprise before feeling him nip at the skin causing me to moan out.

“Fuck Y/N…. I’ve wanted you for so long, but I didn’t think you’d want this…” He smiles before kissing my lips softly again.

I giggle a little and run my fingers through his hair. “Trust me I’ve always felt the same.”

“I really want to do this right, maybe we should stop and you know actually go out on a date first, and stuff…. but fuck I need you right now so bad… He trails off.

I kiss him and then smile. “I would love to date you Ashton, but right now I need you too.” A smirk comes across his face. “I’ve waited too long for you to just stop here.” I laugh.

“Fuck why didn’t I tell you sooner?” He asks laughing and swooping my up in his arms before kissing me again like he was before.

I giggle too but I quickly push him away and whisper. “We can’t wake Brendon.” I remind Ashton of his son sleeping only yards away.

“Shit that’s right… What if we took this to the bedroom?” He asks while he gets distracted and starts kissing my neck again. “Closed the door, turned on the baby monitor, fuck as loud as we want?” I giggle again and give him the okay. Keeping me in his arms he takes us to his bedroom and lays me on the bed. He stands back and stares at me for a moment and then suddenly smashes his lips against before we start tearing each other’s clothes off. “God you’re so fucking beautiful, a fucking goddess.” He whispers and I shiver at his words.

“You’re too sexy Ash, please do something.” I beg a little not only because I need him extremely bad but that as he runs his hands and eyes up and down my body I start to feel self conscious.

He notices me covering my body with my arms. “Stop that, you are so beautiful baby you don’t even know it… “ He then starts kissing me again and as he reaches down to let his hand explore my body. I can’t help but to buck my hips a little. I feel him smile against my lips. “You’re right I can wait any fucking longer either.” He teases my clit and slit with the head of his cock causes he to moan for him. “Are you ready baby?” He asks.

“Yes Ashton.” I moan nodding and I feel him fill me up with every single inch of himself. “Fuck!” I moan out gasping.

“You feel even better than I imagined.” He says after he moans too. “I’m gonna move now.” He tell me and I nod. He starts slow but then picks up the pace moving in and out of me like it’s him job. “Fuck I’m warning you I’m not going to last very long.”

I grip the setts on his bed and moan loudly which gives him my answer. “Ashton harder please.” I  almost beg.

His thrusts are more forceful and he reaches down to tease my clit on top of everything. “Come on baby I can feel how close you are. I’m not coming until you do.” I nod and as he kisses me roughly I tangle my hands in his hair pulling a little here and there.

“Fuck.” I mumble through a moan feeling my orgasm approaching. It only takes seconds for me to reach my high and Ashton reaches his a few seconds later. He lays  basically on top of me and both of us are covered in a thin layer of sweat as we lay there trying to calm our breathing.

“That was amazing.” He whispers kissing my neck causes me to smile and shiver.

“I agree.” I mumble making him chuckle.

Just then Brendon starts crying and Ashton groans but then kisses my lips. “Go get in the shower, I’ll be in with you soon.” I nod and watch him pull on his boxers and walk towards the door. Just before leaving he turns to me. “I really do like you Y/N and I’m very happy you agreed to go out with me. “ He smiles.

I smile back blushing at him. “Me too Ashton.”

♥Everytime We Touch♥

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i still hear your voice, when you sleep next to me. i still feel your touch in my dream. forgive me my weakness, but i don’t know why, without you it’s hard to survive.


cause everytime we touch, i get this feeling. and everytime we kiss, i swear i could fly. can’t you feel my heart beat fast, i want this to last. need you by my side.


your arms are my castle, your heart is my sky. they wipe away tears that i cry. the good and the bad times, we’ve been through them all. you make me rise when i fall.


cause everytime we touch, i feel the static. and everytime we kiss, i reach for the sky. can’t you feel my heart beat so…i can’t let you go…want you in my life.


The Boy Next Door

Request:  hi! could you please do a fluffy scenario where you are one of bts’s members neighbor (i really don’t care who) and you have a cat but he has a dog, and one time your pets meet and something funny happens, like the chase each other maybe…

Okay. I got carried away with this one in a completely different direction, but I hope you like it. I can write a different for you if you’d like! Don’t hesitate to ask! P.S. I put a link to a short video that should help visualize 😉

Pairing: Min Yoongi X Reader

Genre: Fluff

Word Count:  1307

Living next to Min Yoongi, you had naturally high standards when it came to men. Which made it hard for you to date. Especially when you had a huge crush on the guy next door. Yoongi was not only extremely attractive, but very talented as well. You could hear him play his piano in the middle of the day, creating beautiful music. You could just imagine his fingers dancing over the keys, perfect posture as he read the music he was playing. You smiled to yourself when you heard the familiar music playing on the other side of your wall. Your cat jumped up onto the couch next to you, curling up next to you as you set your book on your lap.

“Murry.” You whispered softly as he purred, rolling further over onto his back. Murry was the cutest cat you had ever seen. He was a rare breed of cat called the munchkin (he was basically the corgi version of a cat). He had light brown hair with random white patterns all over his body. His amber eyes were huge and his little ears appeared a tad flattened, making him look sad.

You sighed when Murry jumped down and made his way over to your front door, asking to be let out. Reluctantly, you got up and slowly walked over to the door, opening it to let him out. Standing there for a second, Yoongi’s door swung open and out came his dog. You watched your cat’s eyes widen before he turned and ran in the other direction, Holly chasing after him.


“Murry!” You both shouted after your animals at the same time as you watched them disappear down the street.

“Shit”  Yoongi mumbled, grabbing his coat from just inside the door and rushing down the steps. You sighed, doing the same and running into him as you stepped off the last step.

“Oh sorry!” You blurted, stumbling into him. He laughed, catching you before you fell on the ground.

“It’s okay.” He held onto you until you were stable on your own feet.  "I’m Yoongi.“ He smiled, offering his hand for you to shake.

"I know.” You said quickly, straightening yourself out. “I mean… Nice to meet you! I’m Y/N.” You added, feeling your cheeks heat up as you took his hand to shake it.

“Nice to meet you too, Y/n.” He said with a sweet smile. You smiled back before looking in the direction your pets disappeared in.

“Well I suppose we should go after them.” You sighed, taking a slow step that way.

“Yeah,” He said, looking around.

The two of you walked in silence, hands in your pockets as you walked. “Holly!” Yoongi called out, hoping his dog would come running.

“Murry!” You called, laughing immediately after. Yoongi looked over at you, amused.

“What?” He asked.

“Murry is a cat.” You responded. “Kitty kitty kitty!” You called out in a sweet voice. Yoongi smiled, looking at the ground.

“You’re cute.” He said quietly, kicking a rock. Your eyes widened and your heart about beat out of your chest. You swallowed hard before answering.

“Really?” You choked out, in shock. He laughed, looking up at you.

“Yeah, you’re always reading or playing with your cat when I see you.” He smiled, stopping to turn toward you. You stopped, turning as well. “You’re super pretty and you’re so sweet with your cat.” He explained. “I probably sound really creepy now.”

“No, no!” You blurted, shaking your head with a smile. “It’s nice to be complemented.”

“I’m glad I didn’t creep you out.” He smiled his gummy smile. You never thought a person’s smile could be so beautiful and genuine.

“I love your smile.”

“Thank you.” His cheeks turned rosy and his eyes darted away from yours. “Maybe it would be better if we go back home and wait for them to come back.” He offered. “You look cold.”

“I am.” You replied. With that, the two of you headed back toward home. You each told stories about your pets as you meandered down the dirt path, giggling at the funny things your animals did.

“Home at last.” Yoongi said with a content sigh. “Do you want to come in? I can make some warm tea. After all, it was my dog who chased off your cat.” He smiled.

“I would like that.” You giggled, following him up the steps to his door. He opened it, letting you walk in first as he followed in behind you.

There it was. His piano. It was beautiful. You wanted so badly to see his fingers dance across those perfect white keys. “Do you play?” He asked, pulling your coat off your shoulders. You shook your head, pulling your arms out of the sleeves.

“No, I just… Will you play for me?” You asked. He let out a little laugh.

“Sure.” He sat down on the bench in front the instrument, looking back at you. “What do you want to hear?” He asked, staring at you. His eyes ran over your figure, studying you and making you feel a little self conscious.

“Um..” You giggled nervously, quickly looking away. “Whatever you feel like playing.” You smiled, tucking hair behind your ear and rocking back on your heels. He smirked before sighing and turning back to the piano.

“Hmm,” he pondered, ghosting his fingers over the keys before he started. Goosebumps covered your skin as he played.(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JyHaRCMbx6A) You were astonished at how amazing it sounded. His fingers fluttered over the keys as he looked over the piano and moved his head along with the music. He was playing from memory with effortless perfection. Everything you imagined of him playing was wrong; his posture wasn’t perfect and he didn’t even keep his eyes open, let alone follow music out of a book.

When he finished, he turned to look at you again, catching your dorky fangirl smile. “Yoongi, you’re amazing!” You exclaimed, making your way toward him.

“You think so?” He asked, eyes glued to you as you sat next to him on the bench.

“Yes! You’re so talented!” You were smiling ear to ear as he stared at you.

“Thank you.” He blushed, looking down then back up at you. “It means a lot.” You smiled sweetly, suddenly embarrassed about your fangirl outburst. You looked down, playing with your hands.

When you looked back up, Yoongi’s face was nearing yours. Your breath hitched when his lips were mere centimeters away from your own. Your eyes fluttered shut when you felt his hand slide into your hair, cradling your face with one hand.

Then the moment was ruined when you heard scratching at the door and Yoongi pulled away. “Holly,” he whispered. Getting up, he opened the door and let the little dog in.

“Well I should go see if Murry found his way back.” You said quickly, jumping up and walking to the door.

“Are you sure? I haven’t even made tea yet.” He said, furrowing his eyebrows. You pressed your lips together, putting your coat on.

“Oh yeah. It’s okay.” You said, rushing to get out the door.

“Okay.” He said softly, “well I hope Murry is home.” You smiled briefly, reaching for the door. You heard him sigh as he grabbed your hand before it could reach the door handle. “I’m sorry.” He whispered, pulling you into him. His lips pressed gently against yours, making every cell in your body go numb.

Yoongi pulled away with a nervous smile on his face. “Yoongi.” You whispered, in shock of what just happened. When your brain finally caught up, you smiled and pulled him in for another kiss. His hands slid around your waist as yours got lost in his bleached locks, lips moving slowly against his.

Maybe you would stay for tea after all… 

Film Review: Guardians of the galaxy: Vol 2

Whether you’re a marvel comic book fan or not, this film is worth seeing in theaters if you haven’t yet. The plot is not original (cough Cowboy Bebop, cough Fifth Element), but it also doesn’t rely on the comic books to create conflict. Parts of the conflict are full of suspense, but the rest is quite predictable. The cast this time around (Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Vin Diesel, Bradley Cooper, Dave Bautista, Micheal Rooker etc.) seemed to gel more than they did in the first film. It was also interesting to see Sylvester Stallone (Stakar Ogord) make his way back into acting in science fiction films. He contributed to the natural humor. The humor is childish, but it keeps you engaged. The acting isn’t award worthy, but it’s still has some quality moments. I’m not a Chris Pratt (Star-Lord) fan, but this film features some of his best acting yet. To me though, the best acting performance goes to Kurt Russell (Ego). The visuals were for the most part full of energy and imagination. There was some minor hiccups in the visuals probably due to creative decisions by the director (James Gunn). The biggest strength for me was the musical score. It created a successful nostalgic atmosphere to the 1970’s, which was probably a tribute to the era of original comic book series, and not just meant to tell us Star-lord’s childhood. This film probably won’t go down as an all time great, but it’s definitely a fun one to watch. I give this film a 4 out of 5.

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How to cleanse yo self

When we first start practicing the craft you hear time after time to “Cleanse or Purify yourself before working”. And while there are hundreds of ways to do this, I will share with you guys how I achieve self cleansing.

1. With smoke - When I cleanse with smoke I prefer to use white sage, Or A mix of frankincense and myrrh on charcoal. In a heat safe disk i pass the smoke over my arms, legs, and head.
2. With Salt - I like to make a large Batch of “cleansing bath salts” I use equal portions of sea salt, and epsom salt and add a pinch of purifying herbs like sage, mugwort, rosemary, or clove. You can also opt out of the herbs and use a small amount of essential oils. I like to use lavender, But really the salts alone will do the trick.
3. With Visualization - By far the easiest way I cleanse is with visualization. I close my eyes, imagine myself with a cloud around me. The cloud represents the energy attached to me I want to get rid of. I give myself a little shake, and visualize the smoke dissipating. Easy as that.
4. With music This is probably the most “Un - Witchy” way that I cleanse. When driving I just blast my favorite songs. Windows down, enjoying the solitude.

There is no right or wrong way to self cleanse. The best Methods are the ones that make you feel good. Whether it is by taking a hot bath with herbs and oils, or by driving and blasting music. Find what works best for you and keep to it.
Yes Sir! *visual* Requested

“could you do a visual smut of like a teacher/student thing maybe? (role play or a scandalous relationship idk up to you) just one of the boys if 4 is too many..” 

Smut Gifs, press read more

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I just watched GoT 7.04…
Some specific scenes will be really painful to watch this season (you know especially that thing on a boat, as I hate to admit it, it will certainly happen) but let me tell you something: nobody can imagine how much I love this show, the music, visuals, writings, everything…I don’t want to spoil anything but this episode was a great one…
…team Stark now and always
…Funny how there is in each episode a random guy talking to Jon about Sansa…and funny to see Jon’s reaction…it is so pure and real…how can people not see?
…Jon I think it will be the right time to start playing the game or have you already started to? Now I think I understand and I think I might be right but please do not physically bend the knee…never Jon please…
…can’t believe I freaked out when I first saw the comments…okay sexual attraction sure or maybe…but she really is scary omg…and btw how can we compare trusting someone and giving her the North representing home,family,life and heart and his entire world to the “looking at her boobs” thing…Do we watch the same show?
… thank you Jon for pointing out that she could be “more of the same” and by the way she is even worse than that…how can people still root for her, even after this episode?
…And this battle, it really was the spoils of war…
Tyrion, you better find a way to escape…We are loosing you boy, you are not yourself anymore and we want you to be back and happy…
Still so many things to say…but I’ll keep it for another day…Funny how now that I saw this episode and after all these massive reactions about J/D, I am convinced that Jonsa is endgame…

Some thoughts on the BvS anniversary

Watching “BvS” for the nth time a year after it premiered. And it still makes me tear up, just like it did during the opening sequence the first time I ever saw it. And that usually happens to me whenever I get the sense that a piece of art is going to do justice to another piece of art.

The perfection in casting (including a re-imagined Lex Luthor), the depth of dialogue, the ability of the music to engage, the visual tone that lets you know whether you’re in Gotham or Metropolis… just the attention to detail. Plus, I’ve got my suspicions as to which story arcs from the comics (canon) the DCEU has been taking elements from, so I’m sooo excited to see how it all plays out.

There were moments of levity, but not once do I remember thinking, “I wish there were more!”. And even those were a bit grim. Well, then. Welcome to the DC Universe, specifically the Batman Universe! So, yeah, there’s some context for everyone.

I’m sure we’ll be given more comedic moments when the Justice League unite and other personalities come into play. I mean, their banter in the comics? Gold. I don’t expect any slapstick humor, but I’d be okay without it, too, to be honest.

It wasn’t too much or too convoluted, in my opinion. No uneccessary fight scenes just to pander to audiences. It was as much “Bruce v Clark” as it was “Batman v Superman”. And I think it’s important to showcase the human side of theirs before we dive head on into superhero mode in the next films. I’ve previously posted about my “thoughts on Martha” and reblogged other posts defending that scene, and I stand by it.

Keep in mind that this Bruce Wayne is a more jaded one (Zack Snyder said so himself; a little more Dark-Knight-Returns), one who is no longer beyond breaking his own “moral code”. He was about to kill (KILL, people!) Superman. Something he refused to even do to the Joker for killing Jason, his adopted son. Even Damian, his biological son, asked him about this once: what if it were to happen to him? And, Bruce told him that they had to be better than their basal instincts (so, yes, not even for him).

Bruce was “out of character” on purpose - killing thugs, branding criminals, etc. It highlighted his change in demeanor in that “Martha” moment. The name snapped him out of this monster he was turning into, reminded him that what he was about to do was against everything that he stood for.

Dark, is it? Darn straight. You know why? This film tackles the pitfalls of unbridled power and trial by social media. These aren’t exactly… funny.

The film makes you ask questions that are as relevant now than they have ever been. That’s what comics in general have been doing for years. Entertainment is the big, beautiful bonus.

It’s such a work of art! It’s more invested in brains, than brawn. It’s somewhat “intellectual”, and appropriately so. (Very Bruce, if you ask me.)

As unfair (or ignorant) as I think some of the critique for the film is, the silver lining is that it all underscores how legendary Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and the rest of the characters are. Our standards for them are so high that we find ourselves nitpicking any piece of work that tries to recreate them. We simply want creative justice. This is true for any fandom.

Anyway, just had to “vent”.

It’s a little late, but Happy Anniversary, BvS!

43 Reasons Why We Love ars PARADOXICA

On the 73rd anniversary of Dr. Sally Grissom’s first audio diary entry on October 29, 1943, I, along with the rest of the fandom, would like to show our appreciation for this wonderful podcast! Without further ado, here’s a list of 43 reasons why we love ars PARADOXICA:

  1. Sally Grissom. She’s brilliant, relatable, funny, dorky and a HUGE nerd; and has been super captivating since day 1. I love Sally and I’m always looking to hear more about her.
  2. The attention to diversity and tact used to cover sensitive issues.
  3. Asexual characters are so hard to find in the media! It’s so amazing to see that kind of representation, especially amazing to see it in a brilliant female scientist.
  4. The time travel-I love that it has drawbacks, and it can’t be used as an easy solution to anything.  I loving learning more about what those restraints are, and the science behind it. It’s explained well in a way that makes sense and is easy to understand. ars PARADOXICA isn’t a repetition of other time travel stories, it’s all it’s own.
  5. The code! The codes at the end are always fun to solve.
  6. The show is also very informative; I never liked historical fiction until ars PARADOXICA.
  7. The creators, who are so in tune with their fanbase and have so much care in making sure the show is accessible for everyone.
  8. The lovely acting that draws everything together.
  9. The endless supply of time puns ready to be made.
  10. The daring choice to make a time travel story in an audio drama format and doing it wonderfully.
  11. I really, really love the intro music. It’s perfect for setting the atmosphere of the show, and every time I hear it I can just imagine the opening credits if the story was told as a visual medium.
  12. Helen Partridge’s singing!
  13. The nuanced view of science as a great tool for humanity to use and how it can be used for good or evil.
  14. All of the characters are incredibly three-dimensional and amazing.
  15. The science is completely lost on me, but I love how excited the characters get whenever they make some breakthrough.
  16. Kudos to the writers for making complex characters that have good intentions but questionable loyalties.
  17. The interactions with other podcasts (the crossover with TBS for instance, was incredible).
  18. The fanbase that the podcast has gathered, and how strong it is.
  19. Nikhil Sharma! What a freaking cool character, instantly likable and his interactions with Sally were just A+.
  20. The Cold War as a choice of setting is just fantastic-espionage and time travel go so well together.
  21. The idea of the series as “a tome of secret history you stumbled across in a library in the dead of night.” Even though I know that plenty of other people listen to this podcast, it often feels like I’m the only one in the world hearing this story unfold, like it’s being told to me personally.
  22. All of the amazing female characters! They’re all so incredibly well-written, and it warms my heart to see such excellent portrayals of women in science, women in positions of power, women of different races and sexual orientations…all in a single podcast.
  23. I love how much the creators love their own podcast. They’ve been the biggest fans from the start, and it’s obvious when you listen that everyone who’s involved in the making of aP cares deeply about the show.
  24. I love that Sally Grissom and Anthony Partridge love each other so much without ever having fallen in love. It’s so hard to find good female-male friendships in fiction that don’t turn into romantic relationships, or any friendships at all that are valued as much as romantic relationships.
  25. “Alas, my right arm is complete again” / “I threw away my shot”. Two musical references in the span of a minute, you guys are spoiling me.
  26. The podcast is just so well-written, which is a ridiculously broad statement, but it’s true. Every once in awhile, when I’m listening, I have to pause and replay a segment once or twice before I can move forward–it’s that good.
  27. I love this podcast’s origin story, and how the idea of a numbers station playing in the dead of night became this.
  28. I love that everyone in the podcast seems to love Sally Grissom as much as I do.
  29. ODAR, everyone’s favorite Organization Too Secret To Know. I love that they aren’t just the Faceless Time Organization of Evil that time travel stories so often have. ODAR was founded with the best of intentions and is run by people who still believe in their original goals. While they’re definitely morally ambiguous, they’re far from amoral.
  30. To tack onto an earlier point, I love that Sally herself says that she’s asexual on the podcast. While I would of course appreciate ace characters in any form, it meant so much more coming directly from the character than it would have if the creators had simply mentioned it outside of the series.
  31. “Real life is not a radio serial.” (and all the other times holes are poked in the fourth wall)
  32. All of the art and writing the fans create. It may be low in quantity, but the quality is through the roof.
  33. Esther Roberts. Just…Esther Roberts.
  34. The logo. The design is intriguing, and really fitting for the podcast.
  35. I loved the 9 episodes of Timelapse, where other time travel stories were discussed. I think it showed that ars PARADOXICA is doing a good job at distinguishing themselves in that aspect. Also it was cute.  
  36. The fact that we know all the characters Hogwarts Houses, like yes that is so important thank you for giving us that. 
  37. The fact that the writers will include trigger warnings for episodes where that might be necessary-it goes to show how much they appreciate and care about their audience.
  38. The children from Plasticity. In just 40 minutes, we were able to get to know and love the kids, and there was some time since I was so touched in such little time. Hearing them growing up, learning and suffering with the life ODAR gave to them was awesome, and an amazing way to reinforce the moral ambiguity of ODAR and its actions.  
  39. The quality of the child actors’ performances were especially impressive, and, combined with the writing, they were very believable. Kudos!
  40. Instead of spending hours on exposition, we learn more about ODAR and the characters naturally through the narrative itself. It feels more like putting together a puzzle than reading a textbook.
  41. The Las Vegas storyline was so good, especially because it mixed crucial plot points in with a fun road trip.
  42. ars PARADOXICA balances the tension between the innate human desire to push scientific boundaries and the horror of the possibilities of what they discover.
  43. All the amazing writers who started it all. 💜

Special thanks to @sealguemjativeressenome-meh, the awesome fans in the Podcast Enthusiasts United ars PARADOXICA Slack channel, and everyone who contributed to this list!