just imagine one direction serenating you

perfect places

“I’m nineteen and I’m on fire,

But when we’re dancing I’m alright,

It’s just another graceless night”

Serenity. If there was one word that would be used to describe this night, that would be it. The cool summer breeze danced along your skin as the two of you lay atop a small blanket in the grass, half-empty glasses of champagne and fuzzy Polaroid pictures surrounding you. Your eyes are both focused on microscopic, dazzling stars that lit up the sky above you. The sounds of leaves swaying in the tall trees above and crickets loudly chirping in the distance filled your ears as the two of you fell into a blissful silence. It wasn’t the type of silence that made you feel obligated to speak every once in a while in order to prevent awkwardness, though. It was the kind of silence that could only be shared with a certain type of person; someone who made you feel content and safe and always left you with this immensely warm feeling in your heart.

Harry finally stands up, dusting off his signature black jeans before extending his arms out toward you. You hesitantly retrieve them, a look of confusion washing over your face as he gently pulls you from the now dirt-covered blanket.

“I wanna dance,” he whispers softly before pulling out his phone and playing Tupelo Honey by Van Morrison, a song that you had both loved for years. The song brought always made you feel nostalgic. The first time he ever played it for you the two of you were in the exact same spot, the backyard of his childhood home. It was a brisk November night, and you were both snuggled against each other, staring up at the night sky. Your breath was visible in the air and your cheeks were stained a deep shade of red, but Harry’s warmth instantly made you feel toasty and content. Tupelo Honey was softly playing, the sounds of the song mixed with the crackling and sizzling of the fire coming from the fire pit perched in front of you. He told you that if he could write a love song for you, this is exactly what he would want it to sound like. You were both seventeen, and it was the first time you realized how utterly in love with him you were.

A large smile spreads across your face as you wrap your hands around his neck, instantly reaching a hand up and combing it through his short curls. Harry snakes one hand around your waist and scoops you towards his body, pulling you in so close that you can feel the heat radiating off of him. He reaches behind him and grabs your left hand, intertwining your small fingers with his. Your eyes flutter shut as you lay your head against his chest, the scent of his cologne mixed with a slight hint of the champagne seeping into your nose. The two of you slowly sway to the beat of the song softly playing from his phone.

Neither of you were naturals, and it was evident. Every so often one you would step on the other’s foot or your legs would accidentally intertwine, nearly sending you both tumbling to the ground, but nevertheless you both still melted into each other, bodies fitting perfectly together.

She’s as sweet as tupelo honey…..,” Harry softly sings along. His chest rumbles beneath you as he begins to quietly hum along to the song, swaying you in circles. He tightened his grip around your waist in an attempt to pull you in closer, if possible.

“You know she’s alright, oh she’s alright with me…..”

You were completely complacent. Harry always somehow managed to bring a sense of comfort and happiness with him, no matter where he was—it was as if it radiated off of him, like sun beams that peeked through large clouds on an overcast day. 

The song finally ends, but you two remain connected. Harry wraps his other arm around you, pulling you into a tight embrace as he pressed a lingering kiss to your lips. You never got tired of kissing him. Every kiss still left you with the burning feeling in your stomach that you had felt the first time your lips ever connected.

You never wanted this moment to end. You felt like you were seventeen again—young, carefree, and joyful. You never understood how you ended up so lucky, and he felt the exact same way about you. Harry was like the missing puzzle piece, but once you found it, nothing in your life felt complicated anymore. Everything felt alright. You were now both nineteen, and he still left you with the spark he first lit in you the night you met. From the moment he first played this song, you knew that you were unconditionally in love with this boy. And you knew you always would be.

I won.

AN: Sorry if there are any type of mistakes, it’s not proofread. 


Most beloved season. Awaited like none other. Just by the sound of it, a wave of serenity takes over all the responsibilities and worries hunting our minds during the whole year.

Synonym of joy, adventure, change, free time and heat.

If there is something you hate about summer that is the warmth it rises since its very beginning and that never ceases until its end. If anything, the intensity calms down, making one believe the waves of air are fresher, but still not convincing.

Common activities such as holding hands or cuddling on bed with Harry became impossible thanks to this. Inevitably, you both had to quit any kind of contact if you didn’t want to get soaked in sweat. He missed to have you between his arms late in the night, he craved the grip of your hand while walking down the street, he yearned the pads of your soft fingers tracing the frames of the art scattered over his skin.

He needed all that as bad as you did.

That day you had decided to spend it having a date at the park. A nice tablecloth, a hamper full of food and sweets - most especifically Haribo, as a personal request of his - and your company were the ideal elements for what turned out to be a lovely soiree.

You started heading back home when the baby blue sky turned into a party of orange, red and pink colours, meaning the darkness of the night was about to engulf the day.

As you listened to his bad jokes on your way, you stared at the tempting view of droplets bolting from the sprinklers spreaded here and there along the the garden you were walking by. You could feel the light cool breeze coming from it touch the discovered areas of your skin. That only made the want of running there and allowing the water reach you grow bigger.

“Love, listen, this one’s hilarious. Knock kn-” Your distracted stare made him halt and turn to the side to completely face you. “Are you even paying attention?”

Emerald orbs followed where you were gazing at, he looked at you, a playful grin threatening to conquer his lips.


He took you by the hand as he tossed the basket and guided you to the patches of grass the water reached. Pressing his chest to your back, as he felt the first drops dampen your clothes, he whispered into your ear:

“If I catch you, what do I get?”

“A kiss”

He let go of his grip, allowing you to start running away from him. Between giggles you dodged him under the artificial rain the sprinklers created. By this point, there wasn’t any dry piece of your clothing, but you didn’t really care. Harry’s pace slowed due to the heaviness of his wet clothes, making him stumble.

Lost in your loud laughs you didn’t notice his slender body laid on the green ground, all smiley, enjoying the moment.

Things like those were the ones that made him realise happiness was in the little things of life. He didn’t need money nor recognition to feel successful. His life was full of people who genuinely loved him and that was everything he could ask for.

You landed on top of him, brushing the tip of your nose with his.

“You lost”

“I don’t care, I didn’t need the kiss to know I won.”