just imagine how they would be with their own child

Can we talk about the concept of humans adopting other sentient aliens as equal members of their families?

Like, in the posts I’ve seen so far, there’s mostly talks of humans adopting dangerous alien critters as pets but what about humans adopting sentient aliens?

“Human-George, just leave that be, they’re just a runt.” - “… No.” - “Human-George, you can’t - put them down! What are you doing?” - “Krlunk, I’m not leaving a child behind on this forsaken moon to die.” - “But they’re just a runt, not worth raising. The broodbirther and the feeders must have left it behind when they migrated 5 sols ago.” - “Are they going to come back?” - “No, Human-George, Twargs migrate for long periods of time, and we can’t spare the time to go after them.” - “Then I’ll take them with me.” “- “What?” - “I’ll take this little champion here with me and I will raise them as my own.” - “You- you can’t just do that! You can’t just spill your pack-bonding instincts- Human George!!! Get back here!” - “Don’t listen to Krlunk, kid, I won’t leave you here alone. Doesn’t matter how many appendages you have. You hungry? Thought so, let’s go get you some grub.” - (in the distance) “Human-George! The extra rations are coming out of your pay!!!” - “See if I care, Krlunk. Go eat paperwork or so.”

Imagine human patchwork families with little aliens raised and loved alonside their own, imagine some human trying to explain to crewmates how they have a Twarg sibling and a Sh’ilean sister even though their parents look very much human, imagine humans parents trying their very best to provide their alien child with the best possible care.

Also imagine it the other way around. Humans getting adopted by aliens and bonding with them just as much as they would with their own kind, either through deeds or just love. Humans building their own families in a wild mix of colours and number of appendages or eyes.

“So this is my human side of the family, see, these are my human parents.” - “Is that your larval form in their arms, Hooman-Cassandra?” - “Sort of, yeah, and this is my Gran’hroo mother and all of her children.” - “How can you have a Gran’hoo relative? I thought your kind could only come from a bonded pair of hoomans?” - “Oh, I used to live on the same mining colony as her when I was a child and I’d play with her children, spent most of my days in their house and one day I called her ‘Acraï’ - ‘mother’ in Gran’hoo language - by accident. It kind of stuck. She took me in when my parents temporarily left for another space station and I wanted to finish my education where I’d started it. When I left for my first space journey, she gave a clan insignia and called me her daughter so yeah… this is my Mom, my Dad, and my Acraï and they’re all my parents.”

after you’ve been in abusive situation long term you have no idea how much stress and burden it’s inflicting into your life, it becomes normal that your biggest worry is anticipating your abuser’s mood and actions, and not your own life and your own achievements.It becomes normal to dread what they’re going to think or say about you, what they’re going to do if you take a step outside of what they allow you to do. Always feeling trapped and suffocating becomes the new normal, wanting to get away and not knowing from what becomes just “life” and it’s impossible to even imagine how your life would look like if you were free. Abusers can make freedom seem scary, wrong, even stupid, as if you don’t deserve it, as if everything you would do on your own, from your own will, is silly, dumb and wrong, like a free will of your own is a ridiculous thing for you to have. Like you don’t deserve it. Even when it’s your first human right.

Little My

”Curious, fearless, tactless.”

That is how Tove Jansson described one of the most (if not The Most) popular characters in all of Moominvalley. She appears in all Moomin media from books to comics and animations, often as a main character. Little My is named after µ, 12th letter of Greek alphabet. It is the SI prefix micro-, which represents one millionth, or 10−6. She got this name because she is so very small. Her character is said to be based on Tove herself and they share their sharp wit. Little My is also seen to be based on Tove’s dear friend Eva Wichman and her sharp intellect. Another inspiration could be Tove’s friend and lover Putte Foch.

Litte My was born on a Midsummer’s night in the book The Exploits of Moominpappa (1950). She is daughter of Mymble and younger sister to Mymble’s daughter. Her mother soon gives up on trying to raise her and passes the task on to her older sister. Eventually Little My becomes the adoptive daughter of Moomin family. This seems to be a suitable arrangement for everyone because Moomin family does not even try to raise Little My. She remains their adoptive child in just about all media like comics and animations., where she seems to live with them and her sister however she wants.

Little My balances out the gentle and forgiving Moomin family. She is brash, brutally honest and aggressive. Little My is the one who points out weaknesses other people would rather ignore. She demands instead of asking and challenges the entire world to stand against her. Odd are, she will win anytime. She loves danger and catastrophes. She seems to live an anarchistic life as she will never listen to any rules or advice from others. Instead, she will readily give such advice. Little My represents all the best things about freedom and independence.

Though Little My may seem mean, she is actually very kind. She will often force others to stop lying to themselves or avoiding inconvenient truths. She will stop sentimental Moomintroll from dwelling too deep into his sappy thoughts and helps Whomper realize the difference between reality and imagination. Little My just does not dance around facts because that would serve no purpose. Her aggression and example is what eventually gives the Invisible Child her face again. “You will never get your own face unless you learn how to fight.”

I just got back from seeing Wonder Woman and I loved it.  So good.  It was almost everything I ever could have wished for Diana.  

Almost.  Because fuck the decision to make Zeus her father.  I have hated this change in her origin story every since it was first introduced and even though it was largely glossed over and Zeus is a non-figure here, it’s still horrible.  There was something so powerful and beautiful about Diana’s original origin as a child of clay brought to life by Aphrodite.  It was a moment of women helping women and uplifting each other in a moment of great sorrow and longing and showed not only Hippolyta’s desperation for a child but Aphrodite’s goodness and grace in granting it.  And now it, like so many other things, is ruined by Zeus’ dick. 

Also, though, thematically it really does not make sense for Diana to be Zeus’ daughter.  “I choose love” she tells Ares before laying down a royal smackdown.  It is a moment for Steve Trevor and a powerful moment.  I am not taking away from that.  But imagine just how much more powerful that moment could have been if the Amazon history had gone a little different.  

Zeus creates man in his image to be good and kind.  Ares fills their hearts with hatred and drives them to war.  Aphrodite creates the Amazons to fill mankind’s heart with love and turn them away from war.  And for a while it works, but soon Ares gains the upper hand again and the Amazons are enslaved.  The gods go to war against Ares and he kills every one of them until only Aphrodite is left.  She defeats Ares but is unable to kill him and he flees.  With the last of her strength, Aphrodite hides Themyscira and leaves behind the Godslayer so the Amazons can stop Ares should he ever return.  

“I wanted you so desperately that I sculpted you from clay,” Hippolyta tells a young Diana.  “And Aphrodite heard my prayers and gave you life.”

So the movie continues on until Diana finds herself face to face with Ares.  She tries to strike him with the Godslayer but it shatters.  “You fool,” Ares tells her.  “The sword isn’t the Godslayer.  It’s you.  Only a god can kill another god and you are the child of Hippolyta and Aphrodite.” 

“I choose love,” Diana tells Ares.  And it’s a powerful moment as is.  But imagine how much more powerful that moment would have been if instead of just affirming Steve’s sacrifice, Diana was affirming the very reason the Amazons were created.  Affirming their creator.  Affirming her own sense of self and her place as a living legacy to the Goddess of Love.  

Imagine that moment.

Imagine that movie.  

Imagine Daryl cheating on you not knowing that you're pregnant

(Wooo more angst I guess :3 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

You were both arguing again. About what? He couldn’t remember and neither could you but you were now just both screaming at each other.

Finally, it suddenly stop and you both got quiet. With nothing else to say, he just exhaled and dipped his head down. Staring at his feet, he wondered what had happen between you and him to get like this.

He turned his back to you slowly and walked towards the door to leave, it just seemed right to let you have your space.

Before walking out, he looked back at you only to hear the sound your voice.

“I love you Daryl…”

He turned back and closed the door. Those words he had heard them a thousand times and never once had he ever gotten tired of them but this time something was off.

He couldn’t figure out if you were sincere about it or not and just took some time to reflect on everything.


In the few weeks of your arrival to Alexandria, the two of you had seem to drift apart and argue a lot more. Your happiness and joyful attitude had seem to change.

Anything would seem to bother you and you would just seem to push him away whenever he would try to comfort you, making him frustrated.

When he’d leave you alone for some time, you’d get even more frustrated and as he’d come back to your side, the fight between you and him would only seem to get worse.

He hated that feeling of pushing you away and the feeling of you pushing him away. He thought to himself that he would do anything to make you happier again but with everything going on and everything that had happen, even he himself found it hard to be positive.


As he sat on the couch, he just didn’t felt like he could sleep on it again this night and decided to get up and walk out to see what the others were up to.

He thought of going to Aaron’s for a late snack, knowing that he and Eric would welcome him, and walked towards where his house was.

He walked the road with his head down, hands in his pocket to keep himself warm when suddenly he felt someone walk by.

He looked back and realized it was Rosita. Oddly, seeing here walk just as him, made him curious and he just had to ask.

“Hey…Where are you going at this hour?”

She turned in surprised, seeming to not have noticed him earlier and simply sighed.

“To Spencer’s house…”

She seemed embarrassed about saying it and could only seem to hope to be able to leave soon before further questioning.

She was about to turn around as it got quiet but somehow Daryl just had to keep talking to her.

“W-what are you doing there? Is it cause of Abraham?”

He knew the answer but he felt an urge of being indiscreet and wanted her to answer honestly.

She ended up being pissed and just nodded.

“Yeah…well now you know the answer…Can I go now?”

From her answer, he just seemed to understand what was going on with her. Looking for someone to comfort in a time when the person you love the most had just threw you away, just seemed to suddenly appeal to him.

Him and her were on the same page and it would just seem fine to be the one to help her out while her to do so for him.

He walked closer to her and casually just asked her honestly.

“How about you forget about him for tonight…Let’s go to your house…”

She raised her eyebrow and knowing how much him and you loved each other she just couldn’t understand as to what was happening.

She stepped back and bluntly asked him. Nervously, he told her everything and ended up walking to her house.

Just as he expected to happen, he spent the night with her and tried to forget about the fight you and him had.


While he left, you had cried to yourself, thinking about everything. You didn’t knew as to where this whole frustration came to you but you just felt suffocated with everything lately.

It was easy to be pissed off and it would always seem that you would let it out the instant Daryl would be around.

You hated yourself for it each time you would later reflect on it and remembering his sad expression, only made it worse.

You wanted it to change, to go back to the time where everything was sweet and nice with him. To the time, when it was easy to laugh and forgive each other after stupid little arguments.

You knew it had something to do with you and you just had to figure it out. You thought about it over the night and eventually fell to sleep.


The next morning you woke up and oddly Daryl wasn’t on the couch. You stopped to think for a while but believing that he might sleep at Aaron’s or Rick’s, you simply nodded and walked to over to make breakfast.

In the meanwhile, he was spending the morning in Rosita house’s still holding her. He felt bad to leave you like that but thinking that you might need some time he stayed with her and they later ate breakfast as well.

You sat there expecting him to come back anytime soon but as you realized the time of the day, you decided you needed to figure out what was happening with yourself.

You needed to talk to someone and decided to join Denise in the infirmary. As you helped her out with whatever she needed, you both talked and she made you realize something.

“Well maybe your mood swings…and your sensitivity to smell…it’s all linked to you being pregnant…When was your last period?”

As she said that, you stopped whatever you were doing and stared up at her. In thought, you counted the last time you had your period and realized it was quite some time ago.

She noticed your silence and questioned further, “Do you and Daryl…use condoms when you both…”

You shook your head remembering the last time you and him had been together intimately and just slumped down to sit on the nearby chair.

Nervously, you didn’t know how to react properly. Were you happy about the possibility or would it break you and him even more, you couldn’t know at that moment and it scared you.

As Denise noticed you, she got closer to you and went in to rub your back for comfort.

“Look I think you can take a test here just to be sure…maybe you’re not and it’s something else…Whatever it is we’ll figure it out ok!”

You wiped your little tears and nodded to her. A test wouldn’t hurt you and if you really were pregnant then you thought you that it might be better to learn it now.


As you were about to take the test, Daryl was just quietly leaving Rosita’s house for the day and was hoping to go check on you.

However, something in his hear and mind told him that you might push him away again, making him turn to look at Rosita as he stood by the door.

In a mumble, he simply eyed her and said, “I’ll be back for tonight…Wait for me ok…”

She sighed and asked him about you but he simply shrugged and explained his reasoning. She ended up agreeing and told him to quickly leave before anyone would see him walk out of her house.


You ended up finding the truth behind your frustration and sickness. You were pregnant, two lines on both of the tests that you took.

Your heart thumped and you thought of everything. Was he really going to be okay with this? You remembered you both talked about wanting a family together but that was back when everything was sunshine and flowers between you not like this.

You weren’t even sleeping in the same house at this point and the thought of bringing a child into an unhappy family saddened you.

As you sat in deep thought and discussion with Denise, she tried her best to make you realize that it wasn’t as bad.

She tried to convince you of Daryl’s kind heart and how he would certainly understand and probably make things right with you.

Although, you could see it, you expressed to her that you felt bad for the way you had been treating him.

“I-I don’t to think an apology will be enough…”

She didn’t knew what to say and you both got quiet for a while until an idea occurred to her.

“How about you make a nice diner for him…and maybe make a surprise about your pregnancy announcement while at it…I’m sure he’ll appreciate it…”

The idea made you smile and only sweet memories about him getting you dinner whenever you were hungry, came to you. You realized it was in times like that, that you would both just fall for one another.

You ended up nodding and with some confidence you agreed.

“Alright I like that idea…A new start for me and him…and our little one…”

She smiled to hear you and you both got to work on different ideas of how to present the whole thing to him.

Not wanting to rush anything, you decided to truly prepare it for him in the few days that followed.


While at it, he had been spending his night’s at Rosita for her company and had lied to you about just wanting to hang out with Aaron.

You didn’t question him any further thinking that it would be better to surprise him at the right moment and just let him his space.

He didn’t want to be apart from you but your distantness just seemed it was better to let you on your own for a while.

With Rosita, he was able to talk and just feel comforted enough to not want to leave it so soon. He knew it was wrong but something about it was just worth it to him as long as no one found out.

She wouldn’t ever replace what he feels for you but it was something new to him and a breath of fresh air that he needed for the time being.


One evening, after him and her had just had sex, he remembered you passing by him and telling him to come for dinner as he walked outside.

He knew it meant you were fine enough to talk again and finally felt like he needed to spend the rest of the night with you. He explained himself to her and she understood, letting him leave.

You sat waiting anxiously at home, hoping he’ll be back soon and really just couldn’t wait to tell him of the news.

In the days leading to this moment, you grew to love the idea of having your own child and could just imagine how lively your life would get.

You barely could sit still in your seat and as soon as your door was opened, you got up from the kitchen table to peer over.

It was Daryl and you cracked a smile at him. He lowered his gaze as he would whenever he would get nervous and made you chuckle.

To hear your laughter, made him feel better and realized how much he had missed you. However, at the same time that smile and sound, stung his heart and reminded him of what he had been doing behind your back, making his hesitate to smile so much.

He walked over to see you and greeted you in a low tone. You nodded and shyly welcomed him.

He sat across from you and smiled to see the food you had cooked. He smelled it and just felt back at home and slowly seemed to forget about everything that had happen.


You both ate quietly for a moment, not knowing the right words to say. Stealing glances at each other, you smiled and notice him going from smiling to a concerned expression in a matter of seconds

It worried you that he might not like it or something and took the lead in starting a conversation.

“I-I’m glad you came for tonight…I-I really missed you…”

You looked up from your plate to see his reaction and once again saw his lips curl. It wasn’t out of pure happiness it seemed but you took it as a compliment.

He nodded at you and just couldn’t find anything to tell you but that he felt the same about you.

It was the truth but part of it, he felt himself as a jerk to have done such things to you. It broke his heart to realize the whole thing and he just wanted to hit himself over it.

He then reached for your hand and simply repeated to you about how he loves you, making you feel a sense of relief.

The evening went quite well and you both started to chat in a more relaxed way that reminded you both of when you first met at the prison.


As you both sat on the couch, you then got up and revealed to him that you had another surprise for him and that he needed to close his eyes.

It slightly unnerved him but nonetheless he did as you asked of him.

You came back with a box in hand and kneeled close to his knee, enough to put your hand on it.

As you did, you then told him to open his eyes. He noticed the box in hand and just wondered as to what it was.

You could see the curiosity in his eyes and excitement came over to you. You smiled brightly and just couldn’t seem to sit still.

You handed it to him and looking into his eyes, you said, “I’m sorry about my attitude lately…I really am…You didn’t deserve to be treated the way I treated you…You deserve better…So here is my apology gift…”

He swallowed hard to hear you and couldn’t think as to what you would offer him. The box was intricate and he felt like he didn’t deserve whatever it was inside as he now felt at fault on his part.

Nonetheless, with your excitement, he had no choice but to do just as you asked and open the box.

As he did, he noticed the paper filling surrounding a piece of a folded paper and looked back at you.

You gave him a curt nod to signify him to take it and he did so. He took it slowly and opened it to read it.

“You’re going to be a dad”

His heart stopped. His eyes had tears and widened to see those words and he couldn’t figure out how to truly feel.

As you noticed him, you simply chuckled and told him to check the tests you had took to let him know of the truth.

He slowly searched for them and seeing the two sticks with each a positive sign on them, he realized how much in the wrong he was.

He knew he still loved you but just felt like he didn’t deserve you. He looked back into your eyes and you just playfully bit your lips and said, “So…what do you think?”

A thousands insults to himself came to him and in that instant, he could only think of pulling you in for a tight hug.

You ended up in his lap, hugging him back and could only laugh at his reaction. Your happiness to him was everything to him but truly he just felt like he did you wrong and knew nothing he could do could make him redeem himself.

The only thing he could say or feel about this was to tear up. He clung onto you and repeatedly apologize to you.

“I-I’m sorry…I’m sorry…I’m sorry…”

You stroked his hair to hear him and just told him it was fine, not understanding the true meaning behind his apology.

You thought he was simply referring to your pregnancy and just told him about your love for him.

“You don’t need to apologize for it…If anything it’s me for my attitude…Not you…Besides if you’re apologizing for making a baby with me…Don’t…I love you Daryl…That’s all that matters…I know we’ll make it through together…and that’s all because I love you…”

As he listened to you, he wanted to hit himself over and over for everything that he had done to you and realized nothing could be done to fix any of his acts.

The only thing he could think at that moment was to keep apologizing.

“I’m sorry….I’m sorry…I’m sorry Y/N…”

From his tone, you realized something was off and held him wondering if you should ask his meaning or simply brush it off for the night.

Secrets We Keep // Spencer Reid x Reader

Request:  Hey, 💕😁 your requests are open! YASS! ❤ Can you do an Imagine, where the reader is a very good trained assassin and dating Reid but she is also on the team. But she never talked about her training and maybe after a hard case, she tells him about her training to an assassin. And maybe she started to cry because, it was a really dark moment in her life. ❤💕 Love ya and i hope it’s not a problem to write about this 😊

A/N: I apologize for how long this took! I rewrote it a million times and I’m still not sure I’m 100% happy with it but oh well lol. I hope you like it!

“Penelope?” you asked in surprise as you opened your front door. It was late, and Penelope had always been the type to call before dropping in for a visit.

“I did something,” Penelope began, her voice rising as it did when her anxiety over situations arose. “I know I shouldn’t have. I tell myself I need to stop being so nosy but I have the information right there at the tip of my fingers and I just can’t-”

“Pen,” you interrupted. “What did you do?”

She fell silent for a moment as she fidgeted in place. You watched as her hands nervously played with the bracelets on her wrists before she strode into your home.

“Penelope,” you repeated as you shut the door. “What did you do?”

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izzybabewoods  asked:

please deliver me ur malec + domesticity headcanons ily

okay but jay like, this is all i even think about anymore?? there’s no room left in my brain it’s just straight up fluff now. someone asks me a simple question and ends up waiting five minutes for an answer bc in my head it’s literally just 24/7 this shit like:

‘alec would hug his kids so much??? like imagine how touch starved that little boy must have been growning up in that hollow flourescent institute but then he grows up and meets the softest man on the planet and they build this happy full life and home together and literally any children they bring into that home would be so loved??? like demonstrably loved - hugs and encouragement and kisses on scraped knees with a softly murmured 'it’s okay to cry when something hurts’ like??? literally everything alec lightwood never had as a child he would give to his own in spades bc he has so much love to give he’s overflowing and i’m just. so???’

other indisputable domestic!malec Facts:

  • magnus is a house robe bi. like whenever they don’t have plans/aren’t expecting company, he is 100% wearing one of his (13,452) robes and it makes alec laugh so much because ?? they’re still nicer than literally anything he owns ?? like one day raphael or simon or someone comes by unexpectedly and magnus shouts through the door 'just give me a moment to get decent!’ and alec looks into the camera like he’s on the office
  • they fight about who gets to be the little spoon so much i’m embarassed for them tbh. sometimes they end up trading off multiple times in the same night even. but it goes without saying that if one of them has had a particularly rough day they get to be the little spoon that night. no questions asked
  • saturday brunch is sacred. they always sleep in late (well, at least they don’t leave the bedroom until late? who knows what they’re doing in there probably the crossword) and then walk down the street to a local cafe or pastry shop or wherever and just enjoy each other’s company. one time jace asks to come with and without missing a beat alec says, “brunch is gay dude, sorry” and jace just accepts that without question

request: “Could you do one with Julian where s/o is pregnant and he’s over the moon about being a father” — by anon

a/n: finally, a julian albert request lolololol kinda feel guilty for finishing this first than the other requests (sorry) but i’m kinda happy about how this imagine came to be? idk, hope you enjoy it!

Masterlist Request here!

“He’ll freak out, I’m sure of it. He might even start being a jerk again and break up with me. Hell, he might actually disown the baby and my child would have to grow without a father and then I’m going to be that kind of single mom who who grows old alone in home for the ages or something and -”

“Y/N, stop. Just stop.” Iris didn’t let you finish what you were saying for you were far deep into your own head, digging up ridiculous reasons and thoughts that has been running on your mind for the past few days. “We all know Julian can be difficult sometimes but he wouldn’t be that kind of boyfriend, would he?” she raised an eyebrow.

You sighed. “Yeah, I guess he wouldn’t.” you frowned. “But still, a baby? Would he be ready to commit himself into something like that? I don’t know, Iris. I love him with all my heart and I trust him but I’m afraid that he might find this a little bit too much.”

Suddenly, the door to your apartment opened and Julian Albert entered the room, immediately removing his coat and hanging it on by the hanger before noticing that both Iris and you were sharing a cup of coffee at the dining area.

“Ms. West, what a pleasant surprise.” he walked closer and gave your forehead a sweet kiss, turning to your friend and smiling.

“Hello, Julian, I was just about to leave actually.” she returned the warm smile. “I’ll see you two around.” she gave you a meaningful look as she heads to the door, knowing it was best that you have some privacy with him.

You stood up and grabbed Iris’ mug to place it in the sink, Julian following you softly behind.

“So, what were you talking about before I came home?” he asked casually, your cheeks heating up at the moment he did so.

You shrugged, washing the said cups. “Nothing much, just … relationships and stuff.” you murmured the last part but Julian was able to hear.

“Relationships and stuff? Really?” he quirked an eyebrow. “What about it?”

“Why do you want to know?” you questioned back rather quickly.

He pursed his lips, “Because I didn’t mean to eavesdrop, darling, but I heard you say something about a baby and another someone who I assume happens to be me.”

You felt your heart drop at his words.

“H-How much did you hear?” you stuttered just as he steps closer, locking you by the counter with two of his hands on each of your side.

“Enough.” he frowned. “Is it true then? Are you really pregnant, Y/N?”

You rush your hands on your face to cover your embarrassed expression. “Julian, I swear, I was going to tell you but I was trying to measure the chances that you wouldn’t break up with me.” you admitted.

There was a short pause between the two of you and you abruptly heard his amused laugh, your eyes opening the second the sound entered your ear drums.

“I’m panicking here and you’re laughing at me, how can you be so cruel?” you exclaimed which made him laugh even more and pull you in for a tight hug.

Julian kissed your forehead again, “Y/N, as you should know, the idea of having children and most especially a family with you makes me ecstatic as ever. So instead of breaking up with you, I probably would have proposed to you instead if you’ve told me sooner.” he told you.

You found yourself grinning at what he claimed, “R-Really?”

“Why wouldn’t I?” he said instead.

You grabbed his chin and pulled him down, so that you could reach his lips. Julian smiled at the kiss and deepened it for a minute before letting go, though not exactly moving his face away from yours.

“Am I really going to be a father?” his hand went down to your belly, even though there was no bump or indication that a fetus was already in there yet.

You nodded, “Yeah. I found out last week. It surprised me but I’m happy that our love bloomed into something so wonderful.”

Julian lets out a breath of happiness. “Darling, this is amazing.” he kissed you again, longer this time and a lot deeper. You could feel how truly happy he was through the kiss, and you couldn’t be relieved enough because of it.

“I’m glad that I’m going to go through this with you.” you stated while staring at his blue eyes, “I feel rather foolish right now for ever thinking that you would leave me.”

He understood where you were coming from. “It’s alright. All that matters now is that you know I will never do it, and I’ll be here with you with every step of the way. I love you, Y/N. I can’t wait to start a family with you.”

Before he can lean down to plant a soft kiss on your lips once again, you stopped him.

“You do know you’re supposed to propose to me sooner or later because of this, right? I need to be wed to the man responsible for my pregnancy.” you teased which made his eyes roll, giving you a kiss anyway.

“I told you I would, right?” Julian smirked and straightened his posture, confidence dripping on his tone. “And besides, I’m just surprised you haven’t found the ring yet.”

“Wait, what?”

Motherly Instinct (Aaron Burr x Reader)

Originally posted by youforfeitallrights

Summary: After hearing a baby crying and a man’s desperate attempts to calm his child, you push your way into Aaron Burr’s life, helping him with Theodosia. Along the way you end up developing feelings towards Aaron.

Warnings: None really, I mean there are mentions of death, but that’s it.

Time Period: Hamiltime

Words: 2450 (sorry…)

A/N: Hello! So first off thank you so much for all of your support, it’s something I thought I’d only dream of. Next, I know that the GIF has nothing to do with the story, it was the only good one I could find. Finally, while I’m excited to post this story, since I don’t see many Aaron x Reader stories, I’m a bit nervous that it won’t be the best. So I apologize, but I hope you enjoy anyway. Have a wonderful day!

You walked down the crowded streets of town, your arm interlocked with your best friend’s, Peggy Schuyler. The two of you were enjoying the freedom of not being involved in a revolution anymore, you were free to go where you pleased and when. Although you were slightly older than Peggy, you still enjoyed her company and the gossip you shared. Today for example, the two of you were discussing couples that had blossomed throughout the war and how they were doing.

“How are Eliza and Alexander doing?” you inquired.

“They are doing well.” Peggy answered. Suddenly, she gasped as if remembering something and turned to you. “I forget to mention this to you before now, but Eliza’s expecting. I’m going to be an aunt!” she squealed.

A wide smile spread across your face as your watched your friend. She was genuinely joyful and ready to become ‘Aunt Peggy.’ Casual conversation flowed between you as you continued down the street, headed towards a small, outdoor café.

Before you could take a seat, you heard the unmistakable sound of a baby crying. Following the cry, you heard what sounded like a man trying to soothe his child. Unfortunately for him, and many people around him, the baby was not settling down anytime soon.

You tried to look around and see where the noise was coming from, and soon discovered that the man with the child was Aaron Burr. That would make sense, considering you had heard his daughter had been born many months ago. Theodosia?

Peggy leaned closer to your ear and whispered, “His wife died just a few days after the birth of their daughter. Complications during the birth.”

“That’s terrible.” you whispered back.

A sense of sorrow filled you as you stared upon the scene that laid before you. While you did not of any children of your own, you could imagine how terrible it would be to have to raise a daughter all alone. That scene struck close to home for you because that was how you were raised. Although, unlike Theodosia, your mother had died when you were two, due to illness.

You knew what you had to do, so you left Peggy’s side, and slowly made your way over to Aaron Burr. Once you reached your destination, you stood awkwardly in front of him to. When he didn’t notice you, you cleared your throat. Instantly, he looked up at you, confusion and desperation swirling in his eyes.

“Can I help you?” he asked, in a somewhat rushed manner.

“Um, I’m sorry to bother you Mr. Burr, but would you like some help?” you asked, gently, pointing to the baby girl that laid in his arms.

At once, he started nodding and you took the seat next to him, arms out, waiting to hold his daughter. After gently placing her in your arms, you supported her head, and began to rock her back and forth.

“Theodosia, right?” you questioned, making sure you had her name correct.

“Yes.” he confirmed, watching you carefully.

“Shhh, shhh Theodosia. It’s alright. What’s wrong?” you talked to the baby, looking down at her precious face. You remembered that Aaron had just been feeding her, so you lifted her up and rested her chest against your shoulder. You began to pat her back and repeated this action until a small ‘burb’ was heard from Theodosia.

You then began to cradle her once more and rocked her back and forth until her eyes began to close, and she drifted off into sleep. Smiling, you looked up and saw that Aaron was staring at you rather intently.

“H-how did you that?” he asked, loudly at first, but then softer when he remembered his daughter was sleeping.

“There’s nothing to it. You just have to make sure you try multiple tactics to quiet her, you’ll never know exactly why a baby is crying.” you explained.

He nodded slowly to show his understanding and gazed down at his daughter. You watched his eyes as he did so and saw how much love her held in his heart for Theodosia. She may not have a mother, but her father would certainly love her enough.

Once you realized you had probably been holding Theodosia for far too long, you handed her back to Aaron and helped him to readjust her, carefully so she could still sleep.

“Thank you so much…” Aaron began, but trails off near the end. He let out a quiet laugh and spoke once more. “I realized I never caught the name of the lovely women who taught be how to quiet my own daughter.”

You smiled at him and also let out a small laugh before answering. “My name is (y/n) (y/l/n).”

“(y/n).” he said, trying out how it sounded to his ears. “Well thank you for your help, (y/n). You have a very motherly instinct” he complimented, smiling softly.

“Of course, it was my pleasure. Now, I must be going, I’m sure my friend will be wondering what’s keeping me.” you explained, although part of you did not want to leave.

Aaron’s smile dropped the tiniest bit, but nodded his head and let you walk away. Before you were even ten feet away from his table, you heard a shout. “Wait.”

Turning back around, you saw Aaron Burr stand up, Theodosia still sleeping in his arms, and walked towards you. “I am so terribly sorry to ask this of you, but do you think you could help me out with Theodosia again tomorrow? I have a meeting with Congress, but it would only be for a few hours.” Aaron went on, trying to convince you to help him.

With a smile on your face, you rested your hand on Aaron’s, which immediately stopped his talking. “Of course, I will help out, I would love to. And please do not feel ashamed to ask that of me, Mr. Burr.” you assured him.

A grateful smile spread across his face, and he would have hugged you right then, if his arms weren’t already occupied. “Thank you so much. Oh, and you don’t have to call me Mr. Burr. Please, call me Aaron.” he replied.

Nodding, you made arrangements of when to arrive at his house the next day. Once that had been done, you curtsied to say goodbye, and walked away back to Peggy. You explained what had happened, and ignored the remarks Peggy insisted on making that this was the start of your love story with Mr. Burr.

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Dating Harry and Spending the Break at Sirius Black’s House Would Include....

Request-  Can you do a would happen for dating Harry and spending Christmas at Sirius blacks house with him? Thank you!

It feels good to finally be writing again tbh.



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  • You both had originally planned to just stay at Hogwarts
  • But then Harry spoke wrote to Sirius and you both decided it would be best to go there
  • Sirius would be so delighted that he finally got to meet you
  • “(Y/N), you look lovely. I’ve heard so much about you from Harry here.”
  • Laughing as Harry’s face goes completely red
  • “You did good Harry, I’m glad you found someone that makes you happy.”
  • Holding hands while eating dinner
  • Everyone coming to visit Grimmauld Place
  • Snuggling up by the fire on the couch with Harry as Sirius tells you many stories about the Marauders and Lily
  • Staying up late with Ron and Hermione when they came to visit
  • You and Hermione leaving to go present shopping together
  • Having long conversations with Remus about books and such
  • Harry watching you with adoration as you talk since he loves seeing the way your eyes light up
  • “You’re goign to burn a few holes through her if you continue to stare like that.”
  • “Oh sod off, Sirius.”
  • Okay but Sirius would let you sleep in the same room together
  • And you two would cuddle with eachother because its too cold not too
  • Also doing some other things to warm eachother up
  • Well thats what your excuse is but it’s not cold at all in the house
  • Sirius making fun og you because he heard everything
  • “Whats that on your neck Harry? Looks like someone got a bit fiesty last night.”
  • Being extremely embarrassed ad not wanting to leave your room
  • “You have to come out at some point, (Y/N).”
  • “I’d rather not. I told you to quiet down last night Harry!”
  • “It wasn’t me that was loud love.”
  • Opening presents Christmas morning with Sirius
  • Sirius would totally treat you like his own daughter
  • Sirius would also try to move th mistletoe to wherever you and Harry were standing together
  • It would just be the most amazing Christmas ever
Just Say It

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Word count: 3k

Summary: You and Yoongi are stuck babysitting 

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A shrill scream erupted in the small apartment. Jarring and incredibly harsh, the noise pierced my ear drum and drew me away from the manuscript I was editing to find my boyfriend’s dog jetting down the hall to avoid the grabby hands of the two-year-old that was hot on his tail. She screamed happily again, two lop-sided pig tails bouncing along with her as she turned the corner into my bedroom.

“Sol! Leave Holly alone!” I ordered throwing myself out of the chair to chase after the reckless child.

In the bedroom, I found the girl struggling to crawl under the bed, her little legs kicking behind her pathetically. I reached for her and pulled her out, another scream emerging until I had her in my arms. She struggled trying to make me drop her, but I wrapped her tightly in my grip until she stopped wiggling.

“I want to play with the doggy!” she whined.

“Not under the bed,” I replied.

I carried her out of the room leaving poor Holly to cower under the bed where he often disappeared to when Sol was around. He had been more courageous early in the day because she was sick and hardly moving, but when afternoon came the poor thing had to run for his life. I only hoped he’d stay down there until his dad came home, then maybe I’d be able to get some work done.

“You’re mean to me!” she grumbled when I plopped her down on the couch where she had spent most of her morning.

Toys laid in messy heaps around her, her blanket a crumpled mess in the farthest corner. I had given her my tablet to watch cartoons on when she had woken from a fitful nap, but she had seemed to have grown bored with them. Now I scooped the tablet up and extended it to her, a mindless game set and ready for her to play. She squealed seemingly forgetting that I was the worst person in existence as she took it. I only chuckled at her change in attitude and went back to work.

She had arrived at seven in the morning nestled in her father’s arms with a low fever, a runny nose, and a painful cough. Her dad, one of my boyfriend’s closest friends and an only father, had begged me to watch her for the day while he was at work and even though I reassured him that she would be fine, I felt the same anxious worry when she slept through the morning with only small coughs to interrupt the silence.  She was strong, though, and by noon was feeling well enough to chase poor Holly around the apartment. Even though it made it harder to work, I was so grateful to see her bounding around with energy.

“Holly’s not gonna like you anymore if you keep chasing him like that,” I teased, eyeing her over my shoulder for just a moment.

Sol’s bright eyes looked at me fleetingly; her little fingers tapping tapping tapping the screen of the tablet as violently as she could, as if hurting it would hurt me. I chuckled a little, watching her face scrunch up at the sound and couldn’t help how much she reminded me of her father.

Like Hoseok, little Sol was a bright bundle of sunshine that made anyone smile just by looking at her. She laughed at almost everything and never let anyone bring her down. She had an attitude though, and an air of charisma that was hard to miss. She was the carbon copy of her father and for that I was happy. The world always needed more Hoseoks.

I decided to leave her be and returned to my work trying to remember what I was doing before Holly’s misadventure. The manuscript I was reading was a medical drama that was filled with chaos, petty fighting, and a smidge of medical terminology to remind the reader that the characters were, in fact, trained surgeons. Reading and re-reading three pages gave me no indicator of where I was and I knew I was about to lose the fragile quiet in the apartment when I heard the lock turning on the front door, aware that Sol’s favorite uncle was about to enter the room.

“Uncle Yoongi!” she screamed happily and I turned just in time to see her scramble off the couch, her tiny legs struggling to reach the floor.

Yoongi stepped into the apartment with a bright smile directed at the little girl scampering towards him as he slipped out of his shoes. He threw his arms out and crouched down just in time to catch her, her own little arms wrapping tightly around his neck as she squealed again. Yoongi’s gummy smile appeared front and center on that gorgeous face of his. He was happiest when he could come home after a long day and see his favorite niece, especially when he got to hold her in his arms.

“Who let this little mouse into the apartment?” He said in a childish tone that entertained Sol to no end.

“Uncle Yoongi I’m not a mouse!” Sol screeched.

Yoongi laughed at the little girl in his arms and scrunched up his face. “A bunny then?”

“No! That’s Uncle Kookie!” she whined. “I’m Sol!”

“Sol?” he squinted in confusion. “What’s Sol doing here? This isn’t her house!”

“My daddy brought me because I was sick.” She gave a small sniffle for effect.

The attempt made Yoongi laugh. “You don’t look sick!”

“I am! I’ve been very sick!” She declared then graced me with her stare as she demanded: “Tell him!”

“Hey,” Yoongi tapped her head with his nose, “Is that any way to speak to someone older than you?”

Sol wasn’t looking at me but I knew the pout she gave Yoongi at the scolding. I pushed myself out of my chair and approached the two, trying to keep my calm when all I wanted was to be in his arms, too. “She’s mad because I didn’t let her chase Holly under the bed.”

Yoongi mimicked Sol’s pout. “Were you being mean to Holly again?”

“I just wanted to play!” she defended.

“Play? You’re supposed to be sick!”

“I am I am I am!”

“Why don’t you look sick then?”

Her eyes twinkled. “Because you’re here, Uncle Yoongi!”

“Am I the perfect medicine then?” Sol and I both made a similar face of disgust and Sol shook her head at Yoongi’s affectionate gummy smile. He looked between the both of us as if waiting for us to get the joke, before finally scrunching up his face too. “You’re right, that was corny.”  

I laughed. “You sounded like Jin.”

Sol frowned. “You sounded like dad.”

“Last time I try to be funny,” he pouted shuffling his way towards the toy-strewn couch.

I watched him carry the small girl and hid my smirk as he complained about all the toys and seriously, Sol, why is this one doll nearly headless? The light giggle that came from her warmed my heart. The tug at Yoongi’s lips showed that it warmed his, too. He cleared a space for both and plopped down, a pleased sigh leaving his lips as his tired body sank into the cushions.

“Hoseok didn’t leave with you?” I asked making my way back to my chair.

“He was staying at the studio for a while longer,” Yoongi replied distractedly paying attention to another toy Sol had picked up to show him. “Should be here in another hour or two.”

I smiled. “Lot of work?”

Yoongi eyed me. “Not as much as you.”

“Someone’s been keeping me busy.”

He looked between me and Sol for a minute before he scooped the girl into his arms and nestled his nose into her hair. She laughed and screamed, two things she seemed to always be doing, before Yoongi pulled away.

“Sol, why don’t we watch a movie?” he asked the small girl then looked up to me with a hint of a smile. “Let’s send the meanie into the room so we aren’t bothered, ok?”

Sol happily agreed and so did I, thankful for Yoongi and his ability to distract her with colorful things.

I gathered my stuff and carried them off into the room where Holly had found himself nestled in the pillows just far enough from the door to make a quick get-away. He relaxed more comfortably when I closed the door behind me and sat next to him, his tiny body snuggling up right next to mine. I could hear Yoongi and Sol deciding what to watch from the other room.

It was adorable how quickly Yoongi softened for her. Ever since the day she was born, he had been enamored with her, often refusing to return her to her rightful father until Hoseok threatened to take away his Sol privileges. He was just as protective, too, and just as anxious and nervous when she was sick. I had to fight with both men when Sol was dropped off in the morning, encouraging them to go to work because Sol would be in good hands. Only because it was me, they said, and I teased them throughout the day for it.

Finally able to work, I managed to get through more than half of the manuscript before my eyes started aching from staring at the screen. Holly had scampered off to his bed and remained there when I opened the bedroom door. I made my way into the living room stretching and groaning and found my boyfriend passed out on the couch with Sol nestled softly against his chest. The sight gave me pause, a smile tugging at my lips as I admired them both imagining that, for just a moment, Yoongi was holding our own little girl in his arms as they both watched TV.

The thought made my heart swell anxiously, a feeling I had pushed away more than once. I wondered how Yoongi would act with a child of his own. If his interactions with Sol were any indicator, Yoongi would make an amazing and caring father. He would entertain all ideas his child had, would do anything in his power to make them happy. He would treat them like they were royalty making sure that they felt loved every day. They would be everything to him.

And they would make him so happy.

The sound of a knock made all three of us jump, Yoongi and Sol dragged from their comfortable sleep. I opened the door and found a tired Hoseok already moving his body into the apartment before I even had a chance to say hello. He didn’t even bother to kick off his shoes as he b-lined straight for his little girl who was extending her arms up to him sleepily.

“How’s my baby girl feeling?” he cooed when he finally had her in his arms.

“I was sleeping,” she murmured.

“Dad’s sorry he had to wake you up, but it’s time to go home,” he said softly.

Yoongi began gathering Sol’s stuff in the backpack she had come with and handed Hoseok her blanket for him to wrap her up in. Sol had her head nestled on her father’s shoulder comfortably falling back asleep as the two men worked. I went into the kitchen and grabbed the medicine he had brought and returned to the living room to find Hoseok nearly out the door. He returned, a sheepish smile gracing his lips as I slipped the medicine into the backpack he carried.

“Thank you so much,” he sighed as he stepped out. “Seriously, I owe you my life.”

“Lunch will work,” I laughed and waved goodbye at the sleepy girl I adored.

“Bye bye,” she murmured as Hoseok carried her away.

Shutting the door, I sighed and allowed my body to relax in the quiet peacefulness. Arms wrapped themselves around me, a nose pressed into the crook of my neck, and soft lips smoothed over the spot just below my ear. I sunk into Yoongi’s embrace.

“Hi,” he whispered.

I laughed and turned in his arms throwing my own arms around his neck to drag him closer for a proper kiss. Gently, I pressed against him happy to feel his lips eagerly moving with mine but felt an urgency when his hands slowly dipped under the hem of my shirt to run feather touches up my spine. I tilted my head just so bringing the kiss much deeper, but he pulled away just before the fun began.

“Why were you staring at us?” he questioned with a light in his heavy-lidded eyes.

“I wasn’t staring.” I tried ending the conversation with another kiss, but he backed away again.

“I saw you staring at us,” He laughed. “You were day dreaming so you didn’t notice, but I saw you.”

The blush crept up my cheeks before I could stop it. I didn’t want to tell Yoongi what I had been thinking about when I saw him holding Sol like that. We had talked about having kids, sure, but it never made it past a few jokes about how bad we would be as parents. I was embarrassed to bring it up now.

To my surprise, Yoongi kissed my reddened cheeks, one after the other while his touch returned feather light up and down my spine. “Please tell me.”

I bit my lip, his words melting my resolve, and I let my hands glide over the buttons of his white shirt to keep them from fidgeting.

“I was thinking about you holding our baby.”

His movements stammered to a halt until he dropped his arms to his sides leaving me completely open for him. I kept my head down, too nervous to look up.

“What?” his voice deepened.

The blood rushed higher until I felt it touching my hairline while my heart hammered away in my chest. I never liked talking about these things; I always felt too open, too vulnerable. But it was Yoongi. It was my Yoongi. I pressed my forehead against his chest.

“I’m sorry I just-“ I stammered through suffocating breaths. “I don’t know. You’re so sweet with Sol and you love her so much. I was just wondering what you would be like with a baby of your own.”

The lack of a response had me regretting every word. He remained perfectly still under me with his arms held tightly against his body. If it weren’t for the vicious sound of his beating heart, I would have worried he’d turned to stone.

After a minute, his hands softly wrapped around my arms and pulled me away from him. His expression was stoic, but I could tell from the energy in his eyes that he was on the verge of combusting. I just didn’t know from what.

“Really?” he muttered, his voice hoarse.

I turned my gaze to the ceiling. “I know, it’s lame.”

“It’s not lame.” Carefully, he brushed his thumb across my chin and pulled my face back down to meet his gaze. He was still on pinpricks, but his expression was warm. “Babe, you know I want kids. I want our kids. But we both need to be ready for that before we take that step.”

His silent words were still heard. I was always the one who wasn’t ready. I thought again of how happy Yoongi looked when he came home, how excited he had been to see Sol running to him with open arms. But in my mind, happy Sol was replaced with a more petite girl grinning up with the exact same mischievous smile I saw on Yoongi all the time.

“We’re financially stable, right?”

His eyes brows pulled together. “I-I think so.”

“And we love each other.” I shrugged. “I mean we’re not married, but that’s just because we don’t see the point.”

He squinted curiously. “Right.”

“But we could get married, if we needed to.”

A smile began to form.


“I mean, a kid’s not a total buzz kill,” I muttered. His arms snuck around my waist. “Hoseok’s still pretty cool.”

“The coolest.” It was a full-blown grin now.

I resisted the urge to attack him with kisses again very aware that I needed to say this before I chickened out. “Our kid would be the best.”

He pressed his lips against my neck right above the frantic pulsing of my heart. He gave a soft nibble then moved to press his lips just above my ear.

“Would you please just say it.” His voice was hoarse again.

I took a minute to compose myself and pulled away from him. If I was going to say this, I was damn well going to be making eye contact while I did. The anxious feeling took over again, but I let it sit in my chest until it felt more like excitement.

I smiled and nodded. “I think I’m ready.”

“Oh, fuck, finally.”

He pushed me until my back hit the door and devoured every breath I had with his desperate mouth. My hands burned to touch every inch of his body that I could reach, my head clamoring with how right everything now felt. I was Yoongi’s and Yoongi was mine. It had been pointless to postpone this for so long.

He broke away and clawed at the hem of my shirt, but stopped himself before getting it off. Eyeing me through his bangs, his lips tugged up in an endearing smile. “I love you.”

I didn’t have to say it back, because he already knew.

BTS - Reaction - Child

love2laughlive2love said: Hello! I saw the request anon who was feeling sad, to sorta lighten the mood could you please do a fluffy BTS reaction to their child only being able to go to sleep if they hold them to their chest to let their child listen to their heartbeat b/c it’s like music to their ears. :) ❤️

Aww~ That would really brighten the mood actually, thank you so much for requesting it! I’m not really the biggest fan of children, but i can imagine people really loving this concept ^^


With how much Suga likes to sleep anyway, I imagine that he’d be more than willing to teach his child the art of sleeping. Despite his own wishes, Suga would always wait for his child to fall asleep before he did, just to make sure.

Suga: “You’ll have the best life I can give… I swear to you, you’ll never get hurt like how I did. I just want you to rely on me when you’re weak… Just like how your mother was always there for me.” Casting his gaze across the room, he’d make eye contact with you, sliming, then letting himself fall asleep.

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Still being a little kid himself (pretty much), Jungkook worked surprisingly well with children.

Jungkook: “Alright, you see what the clock say? What does it say? … 7:30, your bedtime! Good job!” Picking up the sleepy child who fought his drooping eyelids, he carried him to his bedroom where you helped to change his clothes into his nightwear. After that, all 3 of you went to your room where you set up for bed.

Y/N: “I don’t care if we’re going to bed super early, I’m tired after today, how about you, Jungkook?” Already asleep with your child. No matter what he said, Jungkook will always be more like a child than he’ll like to admit. How cute. 💕

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You’d just come back from work, eager to see your baby and man-child, only to find the house suspiciously quiet. This naturally worried you because, of course, silence and quiet is almost unheard of when it comes to Hoseok. Yet your worried were put to rest once you laid your eyes upon the sleeping pair, Hoseok on his back with your child soundly asleep on his chest. You tried your best to stifle a giggle.

Y/N: “I didn’t realise you had a nap time too Hoseok… must be work out from playing all day…” Not having the heart to wake them, you quietly laid a blanket over them, kissing the two on their heads before walking off.

Y/N: “I love you.” After you are out of earshot, Hoseok tiredly responded.

J-Hope: “I love you too.”

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Taehyung already has a habit of holding onto things when he sleeps, so when your child wanted to sleep against his chest, he of course agreed to it instantly. So, that night, Taehyung laid out your child’s favourite blanket to sleep under along with your help.

V: “You ready to sleep, huh champ?” Looking endearing into their eyes, they nodded whilst reaching their hands up to be picked up. You were already laying in bed, watching Tae interact with your bungle of joy; before long, the room as filled with gentle snores and familial love.

Y/N: “How did I get so lucky?” You thought. Who knows?

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In the silence of the night, Jimin would have one arm around his sleeping child upon his chest, the other arm around your waist as you laid next to him.

Jimin: “I know our child will grow before we know it, but for now, let’s just stay here like this.”

Y/N: “Jimin?”

Jimin: “Yeah?”

Y/N: “Thank you for giving me such a beautiful reason to wake up in the morning. I couldn’t imagine my life without either of you… I love you.”

Jimin: “I love you more, now, let’s get some sleep.~”

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After a long day of practice, he’d come home to greet you and your child.

Jin: “Did you have a good day?” Smiling, both you and your child nodded and smiled, your smiles quickly brighting his face with joy. It was pretty late seeing as how you two had waited for Jin to get back, your child refused to sleep without him. Leading him by the hand, Jin led you and your child to the bedroom to sleep as a family.

Y/N: “Is everyone ready for bed?” A unanimous hum came from the two of them as everyone climbed into the bed.

Jin: “This is undoubtably my favourite part of the day.”

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Rap Monster

Raising a child was one of the most daunting challenges of Namjoon’s life, not because he didn’t like children, no, because he was scared of hurting them due to his title ‘god of destruction’. He still remembers clearly to this day the fear he had they first time he slept with is child resting upon his chest.

Y/N: “Don’t be scared Nammie, everything will be fine. Trust me, I’ll be there every step of the way.” Kissing you gently on the lips, he let out a quiet response.

Rap Monster: “… Can I hold your hand?”

Y/N: “Of course you can, good night.” 💕

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Reactions + Scenarios

  • Suggestive content is allowed, but if you want full blown smut, I won’t. I’m not quite an adult yet.
  • No dark topics, we don’t want anyone getting triggered.
  • Light / comical violence is okay.
  • The only groups I will write for are BTS and Seventeen.

anonymous asked:

What do you think we will learn about Nana? I'm excited to learn anything of previous One For All users and just what they were like, obviously never been at the same level of All Might in popular, but at least nana had enough enemies for them to come after her husband. Have a lot of them been quirkless users or All Might and Izuku being quirkless just a coincidence

To be honest, I’m not really sure about what exactly will come out for Nana Shimura. In the few flashbacks where she made an appearance, she told Toshinori he should be proud of his power because he won it; he was different, he was quirkless and earned his power.

She seemed to think Toshinori was a curious one after all and found his grand ideals interesting.

I’m curious about One for All overall, can it activate a malfunctioning plus alpha system? Does it means everyone has one and it could be activated somehow? From a storytelling perspective, I think that being born quirkless is a special trait Toshinori and Izuku share that brings them closer. If a lot of previous users of One for All were quirkless, maybe it would make it less special for Izuku and Toshinori’s relationship, and would make his story and achievements less groundbreaking.

Toshinori still keep a lot of things from Izuku; he’s more knowledgeable about One for All that he lets it know, but I think he would have say so to Izuku given how he admitted he was himself quirkless. One for All is a quirk that accumulates power, so All Might was probably more powerful than Nana, and Izuku will be even more powerful in the end. You’re right though, for enemies to come for Nana, and particularly All for One, she must have been powerful. But I think the most special about her was less her power than her convictions. All for One seems to heavily despise her for those. 

If she was that powerful, she would have been a legend, like All Might, but Izuku seems to know nothing about her. So she didn’t quite make it into history, but she was enough inspiring for All Might and threatening for All for One for the both of them to be strongly shaken and forever remember her. It seems Toshinori will never be over her death, as he still strongly resents All for One for what he did. As for All for One, he despised Nana so much he came after her descendants. We still know nothing about Shigaraki Tomura backstory, apart that he was taken off the street by All for One. 

I suppose that with a quirk like his, Shigaraki was harshly rejected by others. His quirk is destructive and deadly. Shinsou was already mistreated because his comrades at school were afraid he would control their mind. So a child who can kill just by touching you? Can you imagine how terrified he must have been by his own powers, and how he must have been thrown off? And, in fact, could we suppose All for One gave him this quirk without him knowing so he could ’rescue the child thrown off by hero society’ and manipulate him just because he was Nana’s grandchild? Even if it’s not the case, he still took care of Shigaraki and raised him so he could fight against hero society and particularly All Might himself.

For this hate to be ingrained like that, All for One must have truly despised Nana. He mocked All Might for his ideals about peace and hate him for disfiguring him, but he didn’t have that kind of reason to hunt Nana. And to go as far as where he went to stain her memory even after killing her… She must have been someone really special. Toshinori still holds her in high regards and can’t stand the idea of sullying her memory by hurting her grandson. After this fight, Toshinori is despaired to know where Shigaraki is, and probably hopes to talk to him, and ultimately, save him. We already know how her story with Toshinori will unfold, but I guess it’s gonna be as tragic as beautiful and inspiring. I can’t wait to know more about her.

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When I look at TLJ poster I keep thinking about how it's the Jedi order symbol that divides Luke and Ben. What ever happened I think it's so much bigger than just Vader. It has to have to do with the old ways. (I'm of the opinion the prequels we telling the story of how the Jedi order failed and was wrong.) Luke should have never tried to recreate them. opinions?

I have a lot of opinions on what I think could have happened. SO HOLD ON. It’s a long post… again… then again, what else could you expect from me? Are we surprised I have too much to say?

We are in agreeance on one thing: I don’t think the Vader heritage is the only reason Ben turned either. In fact, I think his Vader worship is just a way now to justify his turn to and remaining in the Darkside to himself - so that he can absolve some guilt and feel that he is following some legacy and not making a HUGE mistake.

That aside, I have my own theory about what turned Ben to the Dark Side, which I’ve written about before. This speculation is based on the novel Bloodline written by Claudia Gray. It has been noted that Rian Johnson gave some guidance to Claudia about certain aspects of the plot line, and that he offered several ideas to her as she wrote. Because of this, I think it’s an important read for ANY big fan if we want to understand TLJ going in at a deeper level. Plus, it’s about Leia’s perspective, so WHY WOULD ANYONE NOT WANT TO READ ABOUT OUR SPACE PRINCESS????? <3

So, here’s what I think could happen:


My speculation is that - after it comes out as public knowledge in Bloodline that Leia, Luke, and Ben are descendants of Vader - someone (how many someones I can’t really say) went after Ben, Luke, and their Jedi Order in fear of these powerful Force users who are descended from one of the most terrifying Force using figures in the galaxy’s history.  Not only was an assassination attempt made on Leia but…

Leia openly worries about Luke’s and Ben’s fates in the novel - realizing that even though most people don’t know she has Force powers, they still are terrified of her.

How much worse would that fear be toward open Force users starting a new Jedi Order - like Ben and Luke?

We also know that Rian Johnson helped Claudia Gray with several plot points in Bloodline.

If my theory is somehow correct, it would tie a lot of things together nicely - Leia starting the resistance, Luke going into hiding (he’s a pacifist who wouldn’t face a whole political group even if they tried to kill him - he’d rather just walk away in peace), Ben betraying everything he knew and loved (can you imagine if your government came to kill you? I’d be pissed and heartbroken… What is justice, if you cannot trust the government that you grew up in, that you trusted, that your own mother has given so much to? And on top of that your whole family lied to you for 20+ years about your heritage - a heritage which is now threatening your existence simply because you were born a Force user without choice… And so here comes this Snoke guy promising to tell the truth and teach more about his Force powers?? And not try to kill him?? I’m sure he was easily swayed - and I for one, can understand how easily he would be manipulated at such a vulnerable time in his life).

It would also build sympathy for Ben. If it was actually he who was attacked, and thus provoked into turning to the Dark Side - and not a decision prompted by nothing but Vader worship (I just really doubt it’s that simple, personally - maybe I’m wrong, but…) - how could we not sympathize? Can you imagine the terror of your own HOME government - where you grew up as a child - coming to kill you because of an ancestry you weren’t even aware of? Your sense of justice and faith would be shaken to its core.


I must say, though, that it’s entirely possible his turn was prompted by a discovery about the Force? But… I think it’s a discovery that would prompt less sympathy from the audience… maybe? I guess I’m merely making guesses in the dark.

What I will say is that it’s possible he and Luke made discoveries that have informed his turn to the Dark Side, rather than causing it. It’s possible that there can be a multitude of motivations for Kylo Ren’s actions, and it cannot simply be boiled down to any one thing.

However, I think my scenario is possible, simply because it ties a lot of loose threads together - it explains at least 3 character’s motivations, could be presented simply in a Force back of Rey’s (all you have to do is show a younger Ben - and possibly other students of Luke if he had any - being attacked by soldiers/assassins from the New Republic), and gives a reason for Ben Solo’s turn and actions with the First Order that we can understand. It suddenly makes sense why he would call the Resistance or New Republic, “murderers, traitors, and thieves.” It makes sense why he would see them as evil - if they want to eradicate Force users out of fear.

As for why he thinks the Jedi need to be destroyed… well, I think it could tie in, as well. But Luke seems to be in accord with that, so I am inclined to believe that Ben’s turn wasn’t prompted necessarily by some huge disagreement with Luke.

To be frank? It’s not dramatic enough to have had Ben and Luke just disagree.

At least… it seems like a pretty weak motivator in terms of Star Wars. Usually these big paradigm shifts in characterizations or motivations are prompted by SOMETHING BIG - like death or betrayal, not just disagreement.

Curious to hear more ideas though!

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Wow another ask! Anyway, how would UF main 4 react to human child falling underground and they're blind? But their sniffing and hearing is TOPNOTCH.

i made the mistake of watching a playthrough of “little nightmares” so now all i’m imagining is a baby version of The Janitor - M.M.


The fact that you always seem to know where he is kind of freaks him out, but he doesn’t point it out. You’re a sneaky little thing, aren’t you? The fact that you can’t see just makes him all the more protective, but seeing you make it through on your own makes him…proud at the same time. You’re a real gem, aren’t you, kid? Well, he’s supporting you from the shadows, pal. & given the Underground’s current state, you’re gonna need it.


The fact that you’ve made it through all his puzzles both confounds & irritates him. You’re blind, he should have captured you by now!! How are you so good at this?! He’s impressed by you, he bitterly admits, & considers you a worthy adversary for him to face-off against. So prepare yourself human, because despite your handicap, the Terrible Papyrus will not show you Mercy!!


She’s torn on her objective. You’re blind, but you’ve made it this far, & she still has a duty to take your SOUL. You’ve got a disadvantage, & that just makes you an easier target. But you’re a child. A blind child. The moment you start avoiding her attacks, though, she pulls off the Gloves. You’ve got a SOUL, & she’s got a mission dammit, as bad as it feels–you’re coming with her!!


She considers you to be extremely interesting. She’s been watching you this whole time, from her hidden cameras. You’ve made it all the way to Hotland, despite it all. You’re one of the most interesting humans she’s ever met, not that she’s met any. She’s secretly a bit of a fan. You’re strong, you’re smart, & you’re obviously brave, having gotten where you are with such a huge disadvantage. So, cautiously, she agrees to help you through to see the King. She’ll keep her distance, but finally getting to be on your side is…actually kind of exciting.

Okay but the fact that Gotham Academy didn't get to have Damian instead of Teen Titans.

Because in the few time he was in that title you could see that the people working on that title love him and understand how his character works!

He isn’t some sociopath with no social skills but a kid who has difficulties integrating himself into new environments.

They showed him genuinly enjoying himself while hanging out with a child his own age and showed that he’s a sweet and caring person who just wants the best for the people he loves.

They revolved an entire plot around him making his friend a super thoughtful gift simply because he thought she would like it.

Just can you imagine how great things could have been if they got to continue writing him?

Natsume yuujinchou roku ep 1 is kinda like a letter to your past sort of thing. When tanuma and taki told natsume who was turned into a child without his adult memories about his life in the past year natsume thought that it sounded like a fairytale. A beautiful story that doesn’t belong to him. He wanted to believe in it but he was afraid that it was a lie and he would be disappointed. He was a lonely child all his life so imagine when someone told him that hey, you know, years from now you’d be happy. You would have friends you could trust and family you could go home to. Just imagine how that would sound. A fairytale indeed. But it’s your very own fairytale, your story. Your life. So just hang in there. Don’t give up. You will get your happiness eventually. Please don’t give up.

When it's four in the morning and you're crying over Jim Moriarty

*Its been established that he is the way he is because he’s sad and lonely.
*Its been established that if he’d met Sherlock earlier in life, he’d be a different person.
*That kind of loneliness is crushing. It’s no wonder he was suicidal. No one listened. No one cared.
*The only one who might have listened chose an abusive, homophobic, aphobic, temperamental blond doctor instead.
*One can only imagine the horrors he went through as a child. The bullying. Just as bad as what Sherlock went through if not worse.
*How disgusting is it that they chose to kill him in such a way instead of letting him live? He never would have gotten a redemption plot but he deserved better.
*He didn’t have to have a romantic or sexual relationship with Sherlock to be saved. Just a cup of coffee and to be heard. Listened to. Understood.
*A lot of the sadness I bring upon myself with my own headcanons: absent father, dead mother at young age, only remaining family is homophobic aunt, wa never wealthy and was very poor, books and pianos were his only friends, bullied for intelligence/skills as well as being Irish and a bit morbidly curious, etc

TL;DR: James Andrew Moriarty deserved/deserves better

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Hey there~ Can you write some HCs for Bakugou, Todoroki and Deku with a s/o that gets possessive whenever someone tries to flirt with them? They would walk up and make sure everyone knows that they are dating. One time someone was so persistent the s/o just picked them up and walked away?

Hope you like it? It’s my first time doing such a thing so, Im embarrassed. 
How do you tag answers…. //runs to other admin

Bakugou Katsuki

  • He’d find it so adoring and would be pleased but ofc wont admit it
  • Assures signif that they dont need to worry in his bakuway and a smirk
  • loves how blunt his partner is to be so open with their relationship  
  • that one time he wanted to punch that prick into the guts bc that person turned slightly annoying of being so persistent 
  • okay so far so good but when he got picked up before he could do shit, his face turns red as a tomato 
  • he yells at his s/o to let him the fuck down and that he can handle it himself
  • adds some explosions but wouldnt hurt his signif 
  • imagine him accidently causing an explosion to his own face bc he is embarrassed, how fucking cute and dorky would that be

Todoroki Shouto

  • he’d be surprised by the reaction bc he doesnt get the flirting at all
  • if or when he gets it he’d be dismissive towards that person anyways
  • tells his signif not to worry too much with THAT sweet smile of his
  • then a yawn bc precious child is tired
  • grows more tired from that persistent shithead at that day
  • he’d be flustered at his signif’s showing off their relationship so openly
  • when they pick him up he loses his shit and just covers his face in embarrassment
  • mutters in a plea to let him down bc he wants to dig his grave
  • thanks them nevertheless in the end bc the situation got rlly awkward

Midoriya Izuku

  • is a bit overwhelmed by people’s flirting like ??????
  • he’d feel fluttered at his signif behaviour but also doesnt want them to turn angry and feel this horrible way (this boi is always worried) 
  • tries his best to calm his signif after that 
  • god he blushes so hard every bloody time they wrap an arm around him and pull him close and ASDFGHJKL 
  • flailes when his signif lifts him up in a desperate attempt to be let down 
  • no one can tame pissed partner so he just let it slide in the end while hiding his flushed face in their back, muttering a smol „I love you“ 
  • now signif is blushing as well as they carry him, MAN WHAT DORKS

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