just imagine him doing that pose though

Exo’s Reaction to them telling their GF “take a picture, it’ll last longer” and they actually do

We’re glad you like our reactions xD I hope you will also like this one :) @krazyforkpop


*After he said it and you actually started doing it, he’d be flustered.*

Xiumin: *gif* “Wait you’re actually taking a picture of me?”

Y/N: “Yeah… so it’ll last longer.” 

*He’d stop you from taking pictures and gave you a serious look. But then neither of you could hold it in anymore and started laughing.*


*He knew that when he said it you might actually do it. So when he finally said it he also pulled out his phone and started to take pictures of you. The both of you were just taking endless pictures of each other until one of you got tired.*

Luhan: *laughs* “Why do you always take my sarcasm seriously?”

Y/N: *takes one last picture* “Because it’s fun…. and makes life last longer.” *smirk*


*gif (imagine he’s saying it as a joke xD)*


*He would just laugh at the fact that you took his sarcasm seriously and would also think it was cute.*


*Even though he said it sarcastically, he would start posing for the pictures you were about to take of him.*


*Would make derp faces until you got tired of taking pictures of him.*


*He would be confused at first when you actually do what he said sarcastically but then would laugh and smile at the camera.*


*Pretends that it’s actually reporters taking pictures.*

Chanyeol: “Where should I look? Over here?? Oh over here!” *poses*

*You would play along and pretend to be one of the reporters.*

Y/N: “Mr. Park over here!! Wow so handsome….”

*The two of you would then make eye contact and would just start laughing at the little role play y’all just did.*




(This is he funniest moment ever but just ignore Baekhyun xD)



*Jongin would just start laughing as soon as he sees you take your phone out to actually takes pictures of him.*

Kai: *covers his face while still laughing.*

Y/N: *takes his hands off* “Stop! I need to take pictures so it’ll last longer.”


*He would actually feel pretty good about you taking pictures of him.*

Sehun: *looks at the pictures you just took* “Told you it will last longer.”

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Martin Freeman as the world's sweariest yoga instructor. Like his demeanor is totally calm and soothing while he says things like, "and now flow through another fucking chaturanga..." Also imagine him offering to adjust your pose or asking if you'd like his help deepening your stretch, like pressing a palm to your lower back when you're in downward dog.

Lmaooooooo this is too good, like they wouldn’t just be the seven chakras, they’d be the seven ‘fucking chakras’. He’d do the best sounding OMs though, and DAYUM, that idea of having him 'correct’ your pose by lifting your hips, or as you say, hand in the small of your back…..

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Wicked Games: A Bughead Fanfic. Chapter One.


She’s the world’s most famous supermodel.
This comes with a stalker who proves to be more dangerous than she ever imagined and a 24-hour bodyguard who’s as serious as he is handsome. In a world where she no longer feels safe, Betty Cooper fights to get her life back and discovers all the things she had been missing along the way.

To B.C. I Still Love You is ending soon so I thought up this little gem. I hope ya’ll like it. :)

Here’s the story on my AO3.

You’ve heard those stories about celebrities who have been killed by their crazy stalker fans. It’s pretty rare, but it does happen. There are always going to be fans who tend to get a little too obsessive, a little too attached. Sometimes it’s fine. Sometimes this just means that they write you letters every single day or send you packages with used condoms or something just as equally disgusting. It wasn’t exactly an ideal situation, but it was to be expected when you were famous. It was something you were made aware of beforehand.

Betty Cooper’s situation started with a letter.

She was used to getting a lot of fan mail. It was the entire reason that she opened up a P.O. box. Being a widely sought after model would do things for your popularity, believe it or not. She never expected that she’d end up on a shitty informercial, so the fact that she was on the cover of fashion magazines like Vogue, Cosmo, Glamour, and Elle was kind of insane to her. Insane but very welcomed.

She was used to the letters that she’d get in the mail about how much she was adored, if she could please follow a fan on Twitter, if she could check out someone’s Instagram page. She was used to people writing her and telling her about how she gave them the confidence to go out and do what they loved, how she saved them. Those were the things that she loved. She loved knowing that she could help people out in the world. She wasn’t exactly sure what she did to help them out exactly, but she wasn’t complaining. If she helped people reach their goals then she was happy.

It wasn’t all nice, though. She’d also get quite a bit of hate mail. Her manager was good about tossing it out before she could read it, but sometimes a few snuck by and every time it was just as hard to read as the first time. Letters screaming at her for posing naked on magazine covers (even though she always covered herself), calling her a whore and slut and every other imaginable name possible. Telling her to find God and ask him for forgiveness for her sinful acts. She didn’t understand those people. She wasn’t doing anything wrong. It was her job, her passion. She tried to ignore their words, but you can only get called a “gold digging home wrecker” so many times before it started to mess with your head. She knew it was dumb. She didn’t understand how she was a gold digger. She had her own money and plenty of it. She also wasn’t a home wrecker, she hadn’t even seriously dated anyone since she started modeling and definitely not anyone who was married, but she guessed it didn’t matter. People would think what they liked to think.

Then the other letters started coming in.

The first one was right after she started casually dating NFL football star Reggie Mantle. It wasn’t anything serious at all, hardly even a relationship. They’d mainly been on a few dates for publicity because their managers said they were an attractive couple. Betty went along with it. Reggie was a nice guy, funny, and really good at keeping up a conversation. It also definitely helped that he was super handsome. But that’s all it was, just casual dating. They never even kissed.

That didn’t matter though.

Some paparazzi got a picture of them walking around Beverly Hills while eating ice-cream. It was an innocent picture, nothing romantic about it at all except for the headline that was printed all over every news tablet that mattered.


She could never really get over how the media was able to twist things so quickly, but she didn’t make a fuss about it. She knew this would likely happen when she agreed to the date. It was business.

Her manager dropped off her mail to her on a Thursday morning.

She didn’t actually open any of it until that Saturday night. She’d been swamped with shoots and she was looking forward to having a glass of wine and reading through her mail. Sometimes she wished she had just thrown it all away.

The first few letters were the basic fan appreciation stuff and she smiled at the sweetness in them. She smiled as a girl wrote to her about her week and how her crush had asked her out. She laughed at a story that a guy told her about a first date gone wrong. This was a way that she loved to connect with her fans. It was refreshing.

Throughout all of the mail, one stuck out like a sore thumb.

It was a black envelope. She’d never seen a black envelope before and she was immediately interested in its contents. It looked like every other envelope in her lap, but for some reason something felt really sinister about it.

Now she wishes she never opened it.

Inside of it was a cut out of a magazine cover that had her and Reggie on it. Someone had crossed out Reggie’s face with what she had assumed was a dull reddish marker. However as she looked closer she realized it wasn’t marker at all.

It was blood.

“Oh, my god,” she gasped, dropping the letter immediately.

With shaky hands she called her manager and begged her to come over immediately.

They spent the new few days trying to find out who had sent her the letter but it was no use. There was no return address.

She didn’t understand why she was so bothered by the whole thing. She was sure that it had to have been something that celebrities went through. She knew that fans could get possessive of their idols, but this just felt different. It felt wrong and really fucked up.

When there was nothing left to examine and no further leads on who could have sent it to her, her team was forced to let the whole thing go. Luckily things ended up dying down. For a while at least.

The next time, it was after a rather seductive photoshoot with another male model. She posed with male models quite often, it was part of her job and it didn’t bother her. They were usually guys that she met on the very day of the photoshoot and then she never talked to them again.

The package was dropped off on the front steps of her apartment in Los Angeles. The only time a package was ever delivered to her doorstep was when it was a personal one from family members or close friends. The doorman knew this and so she thought nothing of it.

She went into her apartment and placed the package on top of the island in her kitchen. She opened the package and pulled out the first thing she saw, which was a letter. It didn’t say anything on it except for a quote from the Bible.

Deuteronomy 22:22: “If a man is found lying with a married woman, then both of them shall die, the man who lay with the woman, and the woman…”

The quote sent chills down her spine. She didn’t understand it at all. Who was married? Was this even meant for her? And who the hell would send this to her that was a close friend or family member?

She reached into the package again and her hand enclosed over a hard, cold handle. With a shaky breath, and a racing heart, she pulled the object out and immediately started to scream.

In her hands was a knife, but that wasn’t the worst part. The blade was covered in dried blood. She threw the knife to the ground, knowing somehow that this was sent by the same person who had sent her the picture of her and Reggie.

Thirty minutes later, her manager was yelling at the front desk worker for not knowing how someone could sneak past him without his knowing. The police were trying to find any surveillance of who could have dropped off the package, but whoever it was, they were good. They knew where not to step in order to avoid cameras. It made her wonder just how often they frequented her building. The blood ended up being identified as an animal’s and she didn’t know if the thought was comforting or even more frightening.

“We will find out who’s behind this, Miss Cooper,” one of the officer’s told her.

“What if you don’t?” She whispered back from where she sat curled up on her recliner in the living room. She didn’t feel safe anymore. Her apartment was an open space, full of ceiling-to-floor windows. The blinds were closed on all of them now, but she wondered just how many times this person had looked through her windows and seen into her apartment; had seen her changing, doing the dishes, cleaning. Had they known her daily routines?

“We will. I promise.”

It’s an empty promise and that night she dreams of knives and hooded figures.

The third and more recent time it happens is the most random.

Nothing provokes it this time, at least nothing that she’s aware of. She’s been taking a bit of time off, but she knows she can’t do that forever. She needs to get back out there soon. She’s spent the few weeks off of time with her best friend and Academy Award winner, Veronica Lodge. She doesn’t feel safe at her own place anymore and Veronica offers to let her stay at her house for as long as she needs.

It happens when Veronica’s at dinner with her boyfriend.

Betty is doing laps in the large indoor swimming pool. Swimming calms her and eases her nerves that never seem to go away these days. She’s all by herself, but she doesn’t worry. Veronica lives in a gated community and it makes her feel safe.

The doorbell rings, loud throughout the entire house, and Betty jumps up in surprise. She feels panicked for a moment before she remembers where she is. Veronica always has random people showing up to her house. It’s probably just her agent or one of her friends, so Betty doesn’t think much of it whenever she gets out of the pool and covers herself in her robe before making her way to the front door.

She’s both uneasy and wary when she opens the door and sees that no one’s there. She heard the doorbell ring, she knows she did. She looks around, but it isn’t until she looks down that she sees a small rectangular box on the doormat. She picks it up and gulps as she sees that it’s her name written across the box.

She considers chucking it in the garbage, but remembers where she is. There’s no way her creepy stalker was able to figure out where she’s been staying or where Veronica lives.

She closes the door and locks it before going to sit in front of Veronica’s fireplace. She opens the box and this time, when she sees the contents inside of it, she doesn’t scream.

It’s full of pictures of her. Not just any kind of pictures though; it’s full of pictures of herself that she’s never seen before.

Pictures of her walking around Los Angeles by herself and with friends. Pictures of her inside of her apartment building that were clearly taken from outside. Pictures of her showing up to Veronica’s house. Pictures of her from a year ago when she had just gotten her haircut for a shoot. Pictures of her naked in her bedroom. They were all pictures of her that no person should have had.

She isn’t aware that she’s silently crying until a tear falls onto the picture of herself that she’s holding.

There’s a small card at the bottom of the box and she pulls it out.

No matter where you go, I’m always right there with you. I hope you enjoyed your swim. xx

Veronica comes home from her date to cop cars outside of her house. Her and her longtime boyfriend, Archie Andrews, rush inside; both scared of what they might find.

“What the hell is going on?” She shouts, unnerved.

“Miss Lodge, do you have anywhere safe you can go?” A cop asks her, trying to calm her down.

“Excuse me?” She bites. “What are you doing in my house?”

“Ronnie,” Archie says as he taps her shoulder and points to the right.

There, in the corner of the room, is Betty standing pale as if she’d just seen death itself. Her eyes are blank and it looks as if she’s staring right through the wall.

“Betty?” Veronica asks as she goes up to her best friend. “What happened?”

“Miss Lodge,” another police officer asks her, “have you seen anyone suspicious around lately? Maybe someone who you’ve never seen before that you’ve suddenly noticed? A person who you seem to see everywhere you go now?”

“What? No. No, why?”

Betty lifts up her hand and hands Veronica whatever it was that she had been holding.

It’s a photo. It’s a photo of Veronica and Archie alone at dinner tonight.

“What the hell is this?” She asks, voice shaky.

“Turn it around,” Betty whispers.

There, written on the back of the picture, are two sentences. It’s just two sentences but it’s enough to make Veronica’s entire body go cold.

It’d be so easy for me to get to you, lonely one. Sleep well.

EXO OT9 Reaction: Meeting You for the First Time and Developing a Crush

Intro: You’re working together for a magazine cover as his photographer.
A/N: if you guys want ill had lutaoris on the weekend 😁


Minseok (Xiumin):

Of course, during the actual photo shoot he’d try his best to stay professional, but when everything’s done and over he’d go over and chat with you. Expect to go home with his number in your phone and vice versa.

“Hey… could I have your number? For business purposes, of course.”

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Junmyeon (Suho):

When he walked in, he’d grow somewhat shy at the sight of you. Since it’s a professional photo shoot, he’d stay his best to stay serious but unintentionally end up messing up the photos by making weird faces. When you’d call him out, he’d laugh nervously and hide behind a few staff members for a bit.

“Haha– I’m doing this wrong? Are you sure? Ah, I’m sorry!”

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Yixing (Lay):

Yixing would actually go up to you before the shoot and straight up tell you he finds you attractive subtle During the shoot he may wink at you or distract you when you’re working with others but then act innocent when you call him out. He’d feel really embarrassed about it later though.

“What do you mean stop lifting my shirt? I’m not doing anything.”

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*yw and im not sorry for this gif*


His beagle side would come out more than usual He’d start acting really extra just to get your attention even though he may get scolded for not taking the shoot seriously. When the shoot’s over, like Minseok, he’d ask for your number.

*playing with his clothes* “Look, Y/N, I’m an elephant!”

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Jongdae (Chen):

I think he’d get lowkey shy. Not in the same sense as Junmyeon or Kyungsoo, but he’d get a bit insecure about how he looks and would even ask others if he looked alright. In front of you, however, he would appear confident. 

“Do I look okay? I mean– I look great today, wow.”

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His first reaction when he saw you was probably “whoa.” Just imagine him staring at you with an ‘o’ shaped mouth in admiration. He would try harder than usual to pose well in order to impress you, but probably wouldn’t say anything about it.

“Ah, they’re really attractive…”

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Kyungsoo (D.O):

Shy bean. He may stumble with his words when you’re giving him advice on posing and would cringe at himself (even though you think it’s cute). At the end of the shoot, you would compliment him and he could’ve died right there. Actor!Soo would come out and he would try to initiate a calm conversation with you.

“So… how long have you been a photographer…?”

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Jongin (Kai):

He’d be a soft flirt. Before the shoot, he’d go up to you and compliment you but then run away like a shy school girl before you can properly react. He’d grin at you between shots and after the shoot he might ask you to go get coffee with him.

“You’re quite a good photographer. Want to get coffee later?”

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He’d attempt to act normally around you but would unintentionally end up staring at you when he’s not getting his photo taken. You’d probably notice and smile at him, which would immediately make him all smiley and shy but he’d try to play it cool. He would also ask you for your number, but would end up rambling.

“Hey, I’m Sehun– wait, you knew that already– I’m from EXO– you knew that too– can I have your number? Please?”

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You said request are still open? How about jealous Hisoka headcanons for an S/O he's grown unusually fond of?


•OOoooooo very scary and very risky. He’s possessive as is when he finds someone he’s just interested in, so when he’s actually fond of someone it’s very serious. He wouldn’t like anyone getting too comfortable with them or pushing the boundaries,  his boundaries

•There’s a certain extent to his patience, so if he saw the s/o talking to someone else then alright, fine. No big deal. But if it was someone he didn’t particularly like, then nah. He’s not really insecure he’s just too over confident and thinks that no one should be that interesting if it’s not him, especially someone he doesn’t like

•It doesn’t really matter who it is. If it’s someone strong, of course he’s going to be jealous (though it’s less of a jealous thing and really more possessive) because why would the s/o fraternize with someone who could pose as a potential challenge? And a weak person? Why fraternize with trash? Someone he deemed ‘on the same level’? Okay, s/o has him, why go to someone else for what he can offer?

•No chill at all, if he’s going to confront his s/o he’s just seriously going to tell them that he’ll kill the person, he has no problem doing that

Jack Johnson - Role playing


Inspired by those damned hot photos of Johnson where he was dressed as a pilot.

“I’m so excited, we had never had a photoshoot together, I’m nervous as well,” I said not being able to sit for more than a minute in the car.

“Baby, it’s not that big deal, you’ll be great,” Jack smiled at me kissing my cheek.

The guys got an offer about a photoshoot with their girlfriends, as in Madison and I, it was for a magazine that wanted to do an article about the boys and their music combined with a bit of their private life, especially their love life since a lot of the fans wanted to know more about it. After talking to Madison and me we agreed on doing it, so this is why we were on our way to the shooting. Madison was used to these things, but since I wasn’t a singer or anything, I was nervous about the whole thing. I didn’t want to ruin the photos and hoped I would look acceptable.

As we arrived and met Gilinsky and Madison we had to have a quick fitting. There were so many outfits and the assistant told me I could choose one for myself for my individual photos, so I threw myself into the fashion heaven I had right there and dug up the best outfit I could find. I decided on a pair of boyfriend jeans with a plain white shirt and a leather jacket, the assistant, Margaret helped me choose some cool accessories and after my makeup was done I was ready for the first round.

“Okay, just try to be yourself, we want to capture your natural side without any fake poses,” the photographer said as I stood in front of the camera. I had a simple white background behind me and nodding I tried to do my best, but I still felt extremely nervous that a lot of people was watching what I was doing.

“I’m sorry, I’m really bad at it,” I apologized feeling that I wasn’t doing well.

“Baby, do you remember when I got that polaroid camera a few months ago?” Jack asked smiling at me. I grinned nodding. “Okay, do what you did back then.”

A few months ago Jack came home with a polaroid camera and we ended up doing a home made photoshoot. He just photographed everything I was doing and after having enough of him I channeled my inner Beyoncé and posed for him like a real pro. Some of the photos turned out to be actually great, even though I didn’t do anything else than goofing around.

I took a deep breath nodding to myself and tried to imagine that it was just Jack and I in the room. Soon enough I got used to the situation and did my best. A lot of the photos turned out to be pretty good, so I was satisfied with my work.

After Jack did his own shoot we had to find a new outfit for our pictures together while Gilinsky and Madison were doing their part.

“G told me they are going for a funky look, we should do something silly too,” Jack suggested looking through the clothes.

“Silly but hot,” I grinned taking a pilot suit off the hanger and holding it in front of him. “Put this on, I saw a stewardess dress somewhere over there.”

Just like I though a blue-white dress was there with a cute hat that made me look like I was Britney from the video of Toxic, while Jack put on the suit with a sunshade and God help me, he looked so hot, I just wanted to drag him into the restroom and tear his clothes down. I guess he felt the same way towards my short skirt, because he couldn’t get his hands off me as we were waiting for Jack and Madison to finish. We took a few pictures outside and man, we looked great together!

As it was our turn again, the photographer couldn’t help but smile when we walked in looking like the hottest couple of Los Angeles.

“Looking amazing!” he complemented chuckling.

In those outfits we aced our round two, I felt like a pro as I did my best impression of a real stewardess. And I started to think that Jack had always wanted to be a pilot because he was doing amazing in that jumpsuit.

After we were finished and G and Madison also did their round two (they were an amazing funky couple!) we did one last round with all four of us. Those looked like some kind of family portraits, Madison and I were sitting on two chairs next to each other and the guys stood behind us, I felt like we were doing a cover shoot for Forbes magazine, since we were wearing cocktail dresses and the guys had tuxes on.

By the time we finished it was dark outside and I didn’t want anything then just go home and be with Jack alone.

“I have a surprise for you,” he said glancing at me on our way home, a playful smirk was on his lips.

“Really? What?” I asked excited.

“I bought the stewardess dress and the pilot jumpsuit,” he said grinning at me like a little boy.

“What? Jack!” I laughed widening my eyes.

“Sorry, baby, but you looked so good, I thought we could… you know, reuse them.”

“What do you mean?” I teased him leaning closer, so our lips were almost touching.

“I was thinking about some role playing,” he mumbled pecking my lips gently. I giggled looking up into his eyes.

“I’m in, captain,” I said grinning before kissing his soft lips.

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Heeyyy^^ Can you please do a reaction of bts when they realise that they love the bff of a membre at the group?


“So, uh—She got a boyfriend?”

Rapmon would be straight up direct. Rapmon, without hesitation, would ask the member if she has a boyfriend. He wouldn’t, though, ask her what type of guys she likes. Rapmon would go figure that out, himself. He’d probably lock himself in a room and think about how to get into her heart. I think he’d actually be bold enough to ask her out on the date, too! #confidentrapmon


More than anything, when he’s off stage, I could imagine Suga trying to make the girl laugh whenever he can. He’d probably enjoy just being in her company and is looking for nothing more because of his busy schedule. When J-Hope, the best friend of the girl, catches Suga flirting with his intoxicating sweet ways, J-Hope might warn both Suga and the girl to figure things out. J-Hope would not want anyone to get hurt. In the end, Suga’s love life would be too complicated because there are greater passion he has going on for him, right now. Suga’s love life would probably end up reflecting back in his raps.


Jimin would probably try to impress her with everything he’s got. He’d be the really sweet type that would ask the members what kind of stuff she likes—what kind of stuff she’s into, etc. Then, even though he’s not into what she likes, he would do some research just so he has something to talk about with her. He’d be like a puppy—endlessly following her around and making sure she knows she’s adored by him. The member— girl’s BFF— might get tired and want to punch Jimin but in the end, they would all want what is best for him.


“Wow. She’s so beautiful. How’d she end up being friends with someone like Jimin hyung?!” *Looks over at Jimin smelling his pits and judges.*

Jimin: *acting cute towards Jungkook* Why you staring at me like that Jungkook-ah? I know I’m cute but please, staring is not polite. Take a picture. It’ll last longer. *grabs his phone and puts an arm around Jungkook* Here, since I like you so much, I’ll even take a picture with– *Jungkook pushes Jimin away, playfully.*

Jungkook: Hyung. You know your friend that was just here? She-does- *clears throat and fidgets with his finger* does she like BTS?

Jungkook would be too embarrassed and nervous to ask about her, directly to someone. He would go around in circles, trying to collect as much information about her as possible just to decide if he really stands a chance with her. When he senses any chance of failure or rejection with the girl. He would think he’s being really low key about making sure no one knows about his true feelings but everybody will know. hahaha. I could imagine him just fantasizing about her instead of ever going to talk to her. (Much like how we ARMY be doing! LOL.)


V’s very touchy. He’d probably be all up in her space—dancing, touching her face playfully, holding her hand. Anytime he sees the BFF, he would go out of his way to spend every moment with her—gawking at her beauty and listening to the sultry sound of her voice. However, when he ends up alone with her—I could imagine him freezing up and not knowing what to do. He’ll probably just stare at her, endlessly. Though he’s very physical, it might take the girl a while for her to get used to V’s rather 4D personality.


Jin would put his face to the test—hoping the BFF will fall for his beauty. Instead of trying to communicate with her whenever she’s around, he’ll probably try some sexy pose to make the girl look over at him. He’ll stick out his butt slightly up in the air to show off how round his rear is. He’ll licks his lips to show how succulent and soft they are. He’ll run his fingers through his hair to show how soft and perfect they are— but in the end, the girl was too focused on V and he’s perfectly round tush, his perfect pink lips, and his perfectly bouncing silky hair… V. *dreamy sigh*


The moment he figures out he’s in love, he would go and ask the BFF member everything about her. He would go into desperate measures to figure out everything she likes and dislikes. He will dig out and beg to hear all the stories of her—dreaming about the type of person she is. J-Hope would probably die of jealousy that the member is so close to her. However, when she’s actually around—I could imagine his heart beating so fast because he’s too shy and nervous to say anything to her. He’d be a very toned down piece of hope in the room. haha.


Now thats a long ass title


*He is too busy practicing his sexy dancing to even notice you come in*


*When he saw you come in he thought there was a certain reason *wink wink* and was disappointed when you didn’t even recognise he was there*

SH: “Wait so I’m not getting any?”


*He heard you come in so he called you to get him him a towel because he forgot to get one beforehand but you couldn’t hear him*

S: “Y/N, wait come back I need a towel…no.. okay then”


*You had only been dating for a few months but you came round the dorm and presumed he was still out so when you wandered into the bathroom it gave him a shock*

CY: “Woah that was a close call, although I mean it wouldn’t have hurt to look at me I mean come on”


*You are dancing around the house, leading you into the bathroom to grab a hairbrush and he sees you and invites you into the shower*

BH: “Jagiii, it’s lonely in here wanna join?”

*You just dance out again singing into your hairbrush*

BH: “Jagi…okay right I’ll take that as a no then”

*He laughs as your dancing though*

Okay just imagine there is no one behind him in this gif and that he has no clothe…… whoops nvm


His hair is wet, he is wet and he wants you in the shower so he can get you we…….whoops never mind I mean he just ignores your presence.. yeah thats what he does. 

I mean wet because of water guys, come on get your mind out of the gutter


*He watched you come in and start posing in the mirror so he couldn’t help but watch*

C: “What on earth is she doing?”


T: “Wait did she even see me in here, come on how can you walk straight past this, am I invisible”


*To busy checking out his abs to notice*


K: “Oh hey baobei, wanna join.. can you hear me… HELLO BAOBE… oh never mind maybe next time”


*He pops his hear round the curtain to see you but you are facing the other way. Your music is blaring so you can’t hear him ask you to join him*

LH: “She doesn’t want me.. okay then I’m  fine with rejection”


*Every time you turn he tries to give a suggesting look but it never catches your eye so he fails at grabbing your attention whilst you carry on singing*

*None of these GIFS are mine credit to the owners*


I don’t think all of you understand the potential that Corazon being a spy holds.

Please remember–even before he infiltrated the Donquixote Family, he was with the Marines for fourteen years. 

Do you know how awesome that is!? Considering that he’s damn successful spy, it might mean that he spent a large portion of those fourteen years doing other espionage jobs.

Just… imagine him posing as a Clockworks Orange-esque thug to deceive a group of serial killers into thinking that he was one of them before slapping cuffs on their wrists when they least expect it.

Imagine him pretending to be a simple drug pusher for a drug cartel that sold highly addictive drugs to children before gaining enough dirt on them to send their entire operation crashing right around their very heads.

Imagine him constructing a persona as a sexy henchman. Imagine him pretending to be a sexy henchman. (He doesn’t have to pretend for the sexy part though)

Sorry, guys, it’s just that this man is literally the answer to my sexy spy fetish

Magcon preference #2

What y'all do in the winter:


Since both of you live in Canada and both of you hate the cold, Shawn and you stay inside cuddled up in the heat. Sipping hot chocolate and watching Love Actually y'all would slip into a blissful nap.


You and Aaron would decorate a Christmas tree with his family! What’s a great Christmas without family and his love. Of course y'all would sneak in the middle of the night to goof off and stare at the beautiful Christmas tree, even sneak a few make-out sessions with you.

Jack J-

Jack looks like a cuddler, am I right ladies? So of course cuddling by the fire with his adorable face is a MUST! It’d be his and your favorite part of Christmas, feet tangled with each other while sipping some hot chocolate, and listening to the fire crackling is the best present for you.

Jack G-

I feel like Gilinsky would get so childish during the holidays so going out into the snow and being kids was something you and Gilinsky loved to do. Snow angels were kinda you and Jack’s thing, after y'all were done he’d take your cold,tiny hands and blow hot air into them. He’d be so adorable!!


Taylor’s bucket list of cute couple things he should do with would totally be making out on a bench in the snow. Just randomly taking a stroll around the boardwalk then he’d pull you on his lap, on a bench of course, and just kiss you. Y'all may or may have not been kicked out for PDA but in his eyes it would be totally worth.


Matt would be in Los Angeles during the holidays and of course it doesn’t snow there but Matt still wanted to feel the effect of being in the snow and in the Christmas-y mood. You wanted him to feel better so you got a giant tent and decorated it with Christmas stuff, cookies, blankets, turned the air on to the lowest temp, and even put a fake fire crackling fire on your IPAD. Once he came home and saw he dived into the tent like a ten year old. Y'all spent the rest of the night in there cuddling, and him repaying you for this wonderful gift. ;)


Photoshoots! But not for him, for you. And him behind the camera. Just the two of you on a lonely pathway with him telling you to make ridicules poses. But this one picture took his breathe away for some reason. Even though you had your back turned, he just thought this photo was magical.


~a/n I will have to do the rest tomorrow~