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I think one of the things that made my blood bold in Blood of Olympus is how at the ending Rick throws Annabeth, Piper and Reyna as best friends forever who are together all the time, and while I think they are gonna develop a friendship through time, this is so wrong because:

  • What about Hazel, the actual girl who spent months traveling with them and living with them?
  • Piper didn’t mourn Leo, her best friend. She should be mourning Leo and spending time with her cabin and the rest of the seven, you know the people shed live with for months.
  • In the grand total of the books, before the ending of BoO, they probably talked with Reyna no more than 5 hours in total.
  • What about Hazel.
  • Annabeth would probably spend most of her time with Percy, dealing with their PTSD, visiting Sally, spending time with her cabin, talking with Chiron, reconnecting with the campers, mourning Leo with the rest of the Seven and then, just then, talking with Reyna.
Mini Rant

I cannot believe the HATE being spewed on Cait’s IG/Twitter right now. What the ever loving fuck?! From sheer misinformed ignorance, to straight up vindictive hate.

And I’m pretty sure she isn’t the only one receiving such extremely deplorable messages either and arguing with these people is like slamming one’s head against a brick wall. There’s no discussion being had, no exchange and respect for differing opinions going on, just cruel venom, intent on one thing: Shaming and hurting someone into silence.

Today has been a great day. Today has been an important day. It stretches far beyond one border, one issue, one person. Those that marched, those that couldn’t, those that stood in solidarity from wherever they were however they could, showed everyone today amazing things can happen, that voices can and will be heard for those who can’t and won’t be listened to. And most importantly, LOVE WILL ALWAYS TRUMP HATE (whatever its form).

I will never understand what drives people to go onto someone’s else SM and just relentlessly spew their rancor at others who simply have been advocating for Love, Kindness, Love, Equality, Love, Solidarity, Love, Our Rights as Human Beings, and all manner of LOVE.

Today we all in our way stood up for ourselves and each other. Let us always do.  

I can’t believe there are genuinely people out there who are so bitter about the strength of Harry’s celebrity that they are legitimately pissed off that he had his own stylist and ended up standing out more than the other three on the red carpet….. like okay so you want him to downplay himself with some generic ass black suit just to be sure the others don’t feel bad??? Why tf is that his problem??? If the others wanted to dress that way they could, too. They all have their individual styles that fit hem. When will people stop being so stressed about Harry getting the most attention? Because it’s not going to change, it’s only going to get more intense.

the signs when someone pisses them off/hurts them
  • Aries: gets up and leaves, or thinks "why" and questions the friendship
  • Taurus: will tell you EXACTLY why you fucked up and then may or may not ever talk to you again
  • Gemini: depends on the level of pissed off, either blows it off or bitches about it
  • Cancer: completely breaks down, throws things, temper tantrum central
  • Leo: Sleeps in the floor until you figure out what you did to fuck up and fix it immediately
  • Virgo: either the person gets punched or they act fine to their face and rant to everyone else
  • Libra: ignores you straight up
  • Scorpio: I'm going to torture you for the rest of your life by fucking with your head, hahahahahahahagaga welcome to hell bitch have a seat:)
  • Sagittarius: will act like the victim 100% until you apologize, acts upset all day, then never talks about it again
  • Capricorn: let me list out all of the reasons you are a little bitch
  • Aquarius: goes off but try's to be casual, usually ends up just EXPLODING
  • Pisces: cries and thinks about it for years but doesn't ever act as offended or hurt as they actually are but when they get to their breaking point they will throw it all in your face

So yeah, I made a post previously stating about the possibility of Victor and Yuuri having practice the duet long before their public performance at the Gala.

This might be ‘too deep’ but humour me here.

What if, in the first few months of practice, when Yuuri was agitated, Victor found a way to calm him (accidentally) and they ended up skating to the duet (that Victor had made) with floppy lifts and fun jumps and they tumbled every now and then but Yuuri was laughing. What if skating the duet was a coping mechanism for Yuuri’s anxiety? Sometimes when Yuuri gets too caught up, Victor just plays the song and they’re dancing together. It works because its the only time when Victor is riding away Yuuri’s anxiety WITH HIM.

So with that possible theory, what would Yuuri’s words actually mean in the scene of this gif?

When Yuuri was at his weakest, anxiety riding up to fry his brain, Victor had to pull this dick move and what else was Yuuri to do except REMIND Victor about the duet? The very thing that made Yuuri put his trust into when his anxiety acts up? And what if, after the China Cup, Victor choreographs the duet for real because he finally understands what it means to Yuuri and the completed ver. makes Yuuri FEEL EVEN BETTER because they share this. This is theirs. Their little secret.

And when it was time to show it to the world, they skated with ease. Because this is their song.

Im honestly just so frustrated with part of this fandom right now. People get so personally offended that i believe that Mutsuki is trans. Why? What does it take away from people to believe that one character (a character most people want dead anyways right now) is representing a community that is often silenced and ignored? Listen, i’m cis but i empathize with trans people, at the end of the day i dont want them to feel silenced, and i want to believe that we can progress towards character that arent all cis and straight. It’s fine to disagree with me, i welcome well-worded non-aggressive counter-arguments to my opinion of mutsuki’s identity but if you honestly get enraged by the idea that this character *may* be trans i think that’s a really toxic way to be y'know?

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Did Sakura know that Sarada thought she wasn't her mother? And it's kinda weird that Sasuke didn't answer Sarada's question if the glasses one was her "mother". I know he's so quiet and silent but at least he could have answered 😑😖

Well yeah Sakura knew about Sarada’s doubts, that’s why she clarified in chapter 10 that she was indeed her mother, in every sense of the word:

As for Sasuke’s silence during Sarada’s rant, she was asking a lot of questions at once, and ended with asking what he had been doing all this time, so he didn’t actually have time to answer each individual question. I’m guessing he just wanted to keep her ignorant of as many things as possible.

I’m going to go ahead and admit I don’t understand when Dorian is portrayed as having delicate sensibilities, like being easily disgusted by things? Like. Guy is a necromancer. His field specialization literally involves dealing with corpses. I can’t imagine Dorian being a person who’s truly easily disgusted by things. I mean, one of his abilities literally involves blowing targets up. He might complain, but he\s hardly afraid of getting dirty.

(and I end thinking that the only reason for doing such is stereotyping Dorian based on his sexuality, which bothers me. Dorian is flamboyant, and he’s judgmental, but I can’t see him being truly actually bothered by some things. He’s no battle virgin, unhardened Orlesian noble. On the contrary)

Laucy critiscm: directed to CS

Attention all Camren blogs! We all know that you hate Laucy, don’t ship it but respect it, or just ignore it. But we all also know that whenever smth about Laucy pops up, or an anon asks you smth about it, which you answer to and ends up being an anti-Laucy rant. Please, don’t tag #laucy. New bloggers(LS) search #Laucy so they can find some positivism in the ship that’ll make them happy. But all the recommended blogs for #laucy are mostly Camren blogs with hate posts about the ship, one or two full on laucy blogs, closed laucy blogs or Lauren/Lucy/5H update blogs. So please, don’t tag #laucy in any of your posts if it’s it going to be hate.

 Thank you! Please spread this around. 

Rant Below

I’m just,, really tired of people leaving, y'know? Like….I get that I’m not the easiest person in the world to be friends with, I have my issues, but….every single time I make a friend. They end up just…leaving my life. With no reason as to why. And I either get no response when I ask why, or ask why are they ignoring me, or a flat out lie. And it’s getting really fucking tiring. Having people promise they won’t, they wouldn’t hurt you like that, getting so close to them, trying your best to listen and help them when they’re upset or sad or angry or just lonely, and then one day, suddenly, they’re just…distant. And then within a month or two, they’re gone. I can count the number of people that haven’t done this to me on one hand. Like…if you’re going to do that. Call someone one of your best friends, tell them everything and eventually get them to actually trust you…at least have the damn decency to give them a reason WHY. Or just…don’t get close to them at all. Because I’m tired of this happening, over and over and over again, when I don’t do anything wrong. Every time it happens, I check and double check and triple check every little detail. I go back and read every single text message or other form of message. And every single time. I didn’t do a damn thing to deserve it. And it makes you start to wonder, really, if making friends is even worth it at all, if every single person is just going to keep doing that to you, and your past experiences just continue to show that.

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It'd be funny if it wasn't so damn frustrating how oblivious people are about our existence. Even your facebook post of your valentine's day outfit says "intentionally single" and you get "Im single too dont feal bad...." Where did it say you did? Sorry for the rant, just SO tired of people assuming we're automatically miserable today just because we aren't in a relationship, tired of the mentality that one is the be all end all of life. Maybe that person is unhappy, but that doesn't mean we are

Ah, sorry, it took a couple rereads to properly follow what you were ranting about (I take it you started typing midthought).

Yes, it’s aggravating. And that particular commentator on my FB has been known…to make quite oblivious statements. Aces are ignored or disbelieved or simply looked over and while I hate that, I also let go of lots of potential fights that just really aren’t worth it.

Punish me Dan

Summary: Dan discovers Phil’s pain kink.

Warning: Smut, pain!kink, Degradation, top!Dan, bottom!Phil

Word Count: 1,873


Fanfic Masterlist

The YouNow chat is scrolling by rather quickly. However, Dan can see the messages. They’re the same ones he’s getting sent. “Are you gay?!” says one. “Kiss Phil!!!” screams another. He sighs and attempts to power through it. Ignoring the messages, he starts in on a rant about a television show he’s currently watching, but they’re relentless. He ends up ending the stream rather abruptly.

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it pisses me off that individuals continue to see us either as crazy and broken or spiritual and fluff.

Because, the therianthropic experience is so much more complex than that.

To just off and label it one thing or another, especially, when one doesn’t experience it is ignorant.

At the end of the day, it’s not good or bad, it’s what the individual does about it.

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I'm so mad about that ig video :( Not because of Henrik and his friends and probable gf, but because of the way fans are already reacting to it. Everything is shady, she's forcing herself on him, something is off, etc. I was in another fandom that started like this and ended up with huge conspiracy theories, invasions of privacy and fans being misogynistic assholes. I hope we don't turn into that. I really wish people just accepted things for what they are without overanalyzing his private life.

Okay I highkey started ranting so I’m shoving all of that under a read more but to answer your message:  I agree with you 110%. Like, it shouldn’t even be a thing? Imagine if we overanalyzed every lil detail the same way his relationship is? Is his birthday really September 12th? What if it’s a fake birthday to cover up his real birthday? But um don’t talk about it guys it’s a huge invasion of privacy to even say his age.

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I get that some people don’t like komahina, but to completely ignore the fact that Komaeda and Hinata did have an important relationship just because you don’t like the ship is ignorant. People keep complaining about others (not necessarily komahina shippers btw) mentioning the lack of Komaeda and Hinata interactions. Especially from Komaeda’s end, Hinata was a crucial part of his character. He pushed everyone away, but couldn’t bring himself to fully distance himself from Hinata like he did with the rest of the class.
If you look at his character for more than 12 seconds, you’d know that he was a very vicious luck cycle that happens to effect everyone he’s involved with. That means that if he gets too close to someone, they’ll probably end up dead like everyone else he’s ever loved.
When Komaeda almost confesses to Hinata, he probably doesn’t go through with it because:
1.) He doesn’t want to admit his feelings to himself.
2.) He didn’t want to risk any kind of acceptance from Hinata. That would put them in a relationship that would risk Hinata’s life and Komaeda couldn’t do that.
Some of the things he’s does and says are done purposely to make those around him hate him. Even if he really cares about them, like his classmates for example (he blew up a gym for them. I don’t think he did that just because he admired them, no matter what anyone says), he doesn’t want any harm to come to them because of him. Therefore, you see him obviously taking a step back from the class. Except Hajime.
This is probably because of the beginning of the game when they were getting close. Hinata didn’t treat him the way that everyone has always treated him. I believe that even after Hinata felt conflicted from his sudden change in trial one, Komaeda couldn’t let go of Hinata. He got attached and couldn’t let go. Instead, his grip got stronger involuntarily.

So, if I seem a little upset at the lack of interaction between these two, this is why

i took a small nap before leaving for my flight and i feel like having a little rant uh

you know like the whole rp experience on tumblr for me is usually way more fun when i have a rly close rp partner to do things with (or a bunch of close rp partners) and i feel like lately it’s been really hard for me to actually get close to people (either out of lack of interest/attempt on my end or theirs or just… idk weird indifferent sort of feeling??) and i just….

ok this is a self-criticizing post i guess so like, ignore this shopping list:

i think i’m too criticizing and too quick to judge/assume things about people which is actually pretty bad :\ i need to pay more attention to this cuz honestly it’s only really harming me when it comes down to it

i also think i don’t really give people a chance? like… idk why, i think it’s always been this way, but if there isn’t an immediate click/mutual interest i just… don’t really try .-. tho i think in the past i used to force it a little bit til it worked (and it did until it didn’t), so idk what’s better? maybe something in between 

and while i have no problem approaching people ooc, idr try to make it anything but a vague sort of thing ? tho like… this actually depends on the reactions i get (and i’ll admit that sometimes i’m the one not putting effort into my reactions oTL which… i dont think is anything to do with the people i talk to? idk it’s just me stuff i guess)


in general like… as much as i like the fandom and writing tony, this community (not just marvel but comics rp comm in general) isn’t… the most welcoming? and uh… idk i’m just a bit antsy around a lot of people or… less ‘excited’ to approach people about things because of that :\ like…. idk, there’s a lot of hostility and even when it isn’t really directed at me it just…. bleh. idk. i dont like being a part of a place like this but i do wanna keep writing my character? idk. 


ive had some bleh experiences in this comm and ive seen some other ppl have shittier ones and just bleh

anyway that isn’t the point

i think i’m just sleep deprived and mopey ill probs get over it bluh bluh

I'm gonna rant a little...feel free to ignore


 Okay, so I’m gonna rant about HSM, (because I just rewatched all 3, and I was just listening to the soundtrack….oops??) particularly how amazing Ryan is AND HOW HE WAS FUCKING GAY, BUT THEN THE STUPID PEOPLE AT DISNEY MADE HIM AND KELSI END UP TOGETHER….LIKE NO! 

THEY. ARE. FRIENDS!! (They are my OTP of friends….I guess you could say they’re my friendSHIP……feel free to whack me with a baseball bat)

Okay, so first off, I hate the way everyone treated Ryan in the first movie, cause Sharpay has always treated him like a piece of shit (yes, in a sisterly way, but still) and everyone else think he’s a carbon copy of his sister, so everyone hates him. He gets forced to do a lot of stuff by everyone, and always tries to keep a smile on his face and try to be the mediator for everyone. Okay, so I know in the first movie he didn’t try to stop Sharpay’s plan, and went along with it, but in the first movie they already set the tone for his character; mindless (and GAY), and didn’t give him a lot of space to mature as a character. It wasn’t until the second movie where Disney realized, ‘Hey, we have this great fucking (GAY) character who can totally be a jealous brother and become a good guy!!’ THEY MADE HIM SUFFER BECAUSE THEY STOLE HIS BEST AND ONLY FRIEND FROM HIM, WHICH IS JUST CRUEL!! Then, in the last movie, they made him straight, yet again cheating him out of happiness. Just, fuck you Disney for not giving the probably most positive and most adorable, non whiny hero the blandest and unhappiest ending

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okay I know who sent this and that particular person ( @immortalpsychocat) wants me to rant so rant I shall do.

I think by now all of my followers know about my opnion concerning this ship. By now everyone who follows me must know that I hate everything about this ship. Again, just bc I hate a ship, I don’t hate the shippers. So even if you wanna vomit every time when someone mentions this ship (like I do) don’t attack any shippers, be decent. Thank you. Now let’s rant. I’m frustrated with sansa ships. The majority of people ship her with either grownass men or family members. Here it’s both. I. just. don’t. like. this. at. all. And I certainly don’t understand the arguments that some people bring in.

“Technically they’re only cousins and not siblings.” Technically, yes. It’s still incestuous even if it’s “just” cousins. I know that things are different in planetos. I know cousins marrying each other is not a big deal in this world, just look at tywin and joanna. I know that incest among targaryens isn’t considered a bad thing and all blahblah. But just bc it’s not condemned in their world, I should just support it? no thanks. Again, idc if you ship it. I don’t ship it for several reasons and that’s it. Also, they grew up as siblings. They think of each other as brother and sister, if they are siblings by blood is irrelevant. They are siblings bc they grew up that way. Even if Jon is revealed to be a targaryen later, sansa sees him as her brother, as a stark. period.

I don’t ship it bc they are family. They finally reunited in season six and I cried my eyes out. I watched that episode about 10 times by now. Seeing two family members reunite was absolutely beautiful, especially when it’s two starks. This family had to suffer through so much shit okay. These two get to meet again and what happens next? A shitload of people start shipping them. Again, do whatever you wanna do but I personally don’t get it. Why should I ship this? A male and a female are respectful and nice and towards each other and they should automatically get together? no thanks. Just. I want these siblings to be siblings. That’s it. This also counts for other incest stark ships btw/or incest ships in general. When I first heard george’s first ideas for asoiaf I fucking screamed. I’m so glad he changed his mind bc I know I wouldn’t be a fan of THAT series, containing stark incest and a weird love triangle with tyrion.

Anyway, I digress.

Imagine this: a family is torn apart by war, deceit, death and destiny. Nobody knows if the others are still alive or dead. Some family members have to watch while other family members get brutally murdered. They are all so. damn. close. to. reuniting. But life sets them all apart once again. Six seasons later, after all this death and destruction, two of them get to meet again. Brother and sister. They are so relieved to see that the other is alive, hell if sansa would have arrived there a day earlier she would have seen her dead brother ffs. Two starks finally get to be close to each other again after all this time.

So I just don’t get it. For me, jon/sa is disgusting. I don’t want that anywhere near me. I have faith in the writers lmao since when that they won’t do anything stupid with these two. I could write more on this but it’s almost 1am and I gotta wake up early tomorrow.

Bottom-line is: I hate Jon/sa as a romantic ship. Give me that good sibling dynamic. Let them laugh, let them fight, let them cry and hug. LET THEM MEET THEIR OTHER SIBLINGS AGAIN. Let this family be a family again. No weird incest between them please. Save that shit for the lannisters. Thanks.

Send me a ship and I’ll give you my (brutally) honest opinion on it.    

Do you ever finish a book/series/game and just kind of die inside and feel so shook and rekt that you can’t sleep or function and then just cry for like thirty minutes.

This is what The Young Elites series has done to me today. The Midnight Star ending rekt me. I’m done. Someone soothe me how do I sleep how do I continue on.