just ignore the ranting at the end

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b></b> How can everyone call Jin pig but when he call Jimin a pig it's the end of the world. Jin is the most unappreciated member in BTS and the fact that everyone can just ignore someone who is so amazing really annoys me. Sometimes Army really pisses me off. THEY ALL MATTER!!!!!! NO ONE MATTERS MORE THAN THE OTHER!!!!!!!! Everyone makes BTS BTS. Without at least one of them BTS wouldn't be the same.<p/></p><p/></p>

Ive noticed a post going around abt zoe in dissapear and how the blocking emphasizes just how much in the background she feels and like shes dissapearing, but did anyone notice jared? Like hes litterally being talked over during the connor project part, especially when he evan and alana were intorducing it to connors family? And then throughout the rest of the broadway until Good For You, he was being ignored and interrupted and thrown aside by evan? Like how ironic is it that the one kid that felt like the lowest human being on earth ends up forgetting about the closest thing he called a friend

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So there's this post going around st*ny circles that basically says as a "burn", oh everyone's comparing Steve Trevor to Steve Rogers but "at least Trevor was a real captain" and lmfao what the fuck, do these morons not realize Cap is an actual fucking captain as well. It's not a fucking ~title~ or stage name, it's his goddamn rank, he's O-3 and he earned it because THAT IS HOW WARTIME PROMOTIONS WENT jfc. Ugh. Sorry for the impromptu rant in your inbox, I'm just fed up with this ignorant shit.

I’d be pissed along with you (normally I am whenever I encounter Steve hate) but I’m too amused at their ignorance. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face! LOL! When you try so hard to be a hater, but end up looking like an idiot because you got your facts so incredibly wrong.

In other words, you are 100% correct, Anon, and the people who made and are reblogging that post are 100% wrong. Steve was a legit Captain.

Rank insignia for army officers, including the rank of Captain…

Steve Rogers in full army dress uniform circa Captain America: First Avenger

It’s called a field promotion or battlefield promotion. And when you skip a rank it’s called a jump-step promotion. Very common during WW1 and WW2, in fact, very common right up to the Vietnam War when such commissions were replaced by a centralized promotion system. 

According to the army website: “Battlefield promotions are predicated on extraordinary performance of duties while serving in combat or under combat conditions.”

Which is how Steve was awarded the promotion.

More on the practice of battlefield commissions: “A battlefield commission is awarded to enlisted soldiers who are promoted to the rank of commissioned officer for outstanding leadership on the field of battle. The granting of a battlefield commission has its historical predecessor in the medieval practice of the knighting or ennoblement of a plebeian combatant on the battleground for demonstration of heroic qualities in an exceptional degree.”

You know what the irony of this situation is? Years ago, circa 2009, a movie came out featuring a young soon-to-be Captain who was promoted in a very similar fashion to the way Steve Rogers was promoted by the end of the movie, i.e. skipping rank to be granted the commission of Captain after leading a courageous mission against a serious threat. That character was James T. Kirk, who, incidentally, was played by Chris Pine. And I once defended Kirk’s promotion in a similar way to the way I’m defending Steve’s rank now, as Kirk, like Rogers, is one of my all-time favorite characters.

I think I must be destined to a life of defending young Captains played by actors named Chris from imbeciles who don’t bother to check their facts before making ridiculous posts. :D

Kara and Mon-El fight in pretty much every episode. She creates a list of reasons why they’re not good for each other, and it’s growing. She tells Mon-El to keep what happened between them private because of how new it is, which is completely reasonable, and then ignores her wishes ten seconds later and tells everyone. He did that more than once throughout this episode.

Kara gets angry at im in every episode, and those reasons are pretty legit, only for those reasons to be completely resolved at the end of the episode. I’m having so much difficulty understanding how the writers are doing this so WRONG. They insist he’s a good guy while making him do really shitty things in every single episode, only for him to get away with doing those things every time.

And Kara and Mon-El slept together in the episode immediately after getting together, but somehow couldn’t manage more than two kisses for Kara and James in an entire season. Kara and Mon-El were far more physical with each other in this one episode than Alex and Maggie has been since they got together. I’m pretty sure Winn’s girlfriend had more lines than Maggie. I was actually really surprised she was there at the end of the episode.

He was injected into almost every scene, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he pulled in more screen time than Alex in an episode about the Danvers family reuniting. They were so desperate to make Mon-El the hero in this.

And where the hell is James? Yeah, blah blah blah, I know some people are happy about his disappearance. I don’t care. It makes zero sense that he has been gone for two episodes with absolutely no explanation.

I know I’m ranting here, but this makes no sense. It’s like the show completely changed it’s course after the first season. It’s like all of the stuff they were against doing in the first then became fair game in the second.

I know that the Karamel fandom is really small, but I just don’t understand how anyone ships them. Kara finds a problem with him in every single episode, points it out, and then gets over it at the end. Mon-El almost blatantly ignores her wishes at every turn but as long as he apologizes, or even merely acknowledges it at the end, it’s all good.

How is this cute? How is this attractive? How is this at all empowering to a female audience? How is revolving Kara’s entire season 2 story line around her love interest positive character development? What in the hell happened to this show’s writers?

Because I mistakenly thought that a female lead superhero show wouldn’t work almost exactly like a male lead one. That this one would put out a positive message to women. So far, all it’s shown anyone is that no matter how many doubts you have about someone, as long as they look REALLY sincere in their apology, then just let it go. Kara calls him out on so much of his shit, but it never means anything because she forgets about it later.

I just…I’m so stunned by the depth that the writers have fallen this season. It’s like I’m watching two different shows, and the second show is continously slapping the first one in the face.

And worst of all, that last scene really should have been Kara and Alex. That’s the relationship that has been hit the hardest by this Karamal nonsense. Every single week a new episode airs, and I look forward to the the next one even less…

Naruto x alcohol headcanons
  • also known as "get none_kitten's headcanons away from me asap"
  • Naruto: yells a lot, hugs everyone and gives smoochy cheek kisses. even to Kakashi. never let him drink again. probably would light a trashcan on fire. is oblivious to anyone flirting with him, to a point where it's painful to watch.
  • Sakura: Tsunade 2.0, now with upgraded damage.
  • Sai: blushes a lot, suddenly he doesn't fuck up human conversation, but also has a horrible headache and pukes halfway.
  • Sasuke: snark level 527383106
  • Shikamaru: suddenly blurts out ALL the random facts. hey did you know the Eiffel tower was shorter in winter?
  • Ino: flirts with and teases every-fucking-one around the table (or town), but doesn't really follow through.
  • Chouji: cheap-ass drunk food, probably pizza from the shadiest street food place? gimmmeeeee
  • Hinata: wow she speaks a lot. probably about serious literature and poetry. also is really pretty with the blush and shiny eyes she's got going on.
  • Shino: deems the entire thing illogical but gets ass-drunk anyways, starts up conversation with the local flora and fauna (and by this i mean that at one point he was probably hugging a decorative ficus) then leaves without a word to go sleep.
  • Kiba: challenges Naruto in yelling matches, pisses off the balcony, ends up snuggling with Akamaru, hanging half off the beer-stained couch.
  • Neji: super cute, probably would look amazing in a flower crown, is a huge flirt but never notices he's doing it, all the while he keeps swaying from one foot to the other. string of broken hearts left behind? check. does he remember it in the morning? nah, son
  • Tenten: takes interest in the butcher knives in the kitchen, and gives murderous glances to anyone who tries to chat her up. takes care of Neji though, when he can't walk anymore, and pretends not to know Lee.
  • Lee: accidentally drop-kicks someone off the balcony, because THE POWER OF YOUTH CAN'T BE CONTAINED!!!!
  • Gai: rants about the Springtime of Youth for about two and a half beers, then falls asleep on the table because he's getting to old for this, dammit
  • Kakashi: plays bored for half the evening, flirts with everyone the other half (and by flirting i mean he's the sassiest bitch in town and takes home whomever lasts the longest). has a pretty pink blush on the visible half of his face. probably made Sharingan jokes along the evening.
  • Asuma: out smoking the whole time, rolling his eyes as people keep asking him for "just one cigarette, mate". when he - occasionally - shows face inside, he keeps eyeing Kurenai in a definite leer.
  • Kurenai: tries way too hard to ignore Asuma's stares. ends up getting a ride home in Asuma's car. probably tries to convince Kiba at least twice to go home already and sleep it off.
  • Anko: starts telling more and more disturbing jokes and cackles madly.
  • Ibiki: facepalms endlessly because Anko also has a vine-like grip on his arm and clings on. painfully.
  • Yamato: drunken rants. so many of them. 90% of it is probably vegan activism.
  • Kotetsu and Izumo: making out in a corner. from all that's showing, they could pass a) as teenagers in love b) as they're currently having hot hot steamy sex c) they morphed into one being with too many limbs and hair d) all of the above
  • Iruka: blushes. blushes a lovely shade of deep red only lobsters have.
  • Jiraiya: there's a line forming to slam-dunk his face into the toilet. a line of very angry women.
  • ps: there's a private Hokage party upstairs where Hashirama is acting like a child, Tobirama is more done than Ibiki and Kakashi combined, Hiruzen chuckles good-naturedly over a cup of fine sake, and Minato has a drunken flush on his face as he stares starry-eyed into nowhere.
Got7 Reaction #21 - Their best friend (and crush) stops talking to them because they’re afraid it will hurt the members career if they started dating

requested by a lovely anon~

Mark: Our usually quite baby will chose this time to completely open up about his feelings to you. He would talk to you about this for hours to make sure you understand.

“Look Y/n, the point of this is that I can’t live without you in my life. This past week I was a wreck without you to talk to. If in the end you don’t want to date me then fine. Just please talk to me again.”

Originally posted by nochuie

Jaebum: He would be pissed. Really pissed.

“That is why you’ve been avoiding me? Are you serious? My career won’t be hurt just because of my personal life. Especially since we won’t tell anyone right away. If you don’t want to talk to me then fine, but it would be a waste since we both really like each other.”

Originally posted by smoltaek

Jackson: When Jackson learned that this was the reason why you were avoiding him he’d be devastated. He had given you space when you stopped talking to him because he thought you needed to sort out your feelings before coming back to him. He was convinced that you’d come back and tell him your feelings but you hadn’t.

He’d end up going to you after finding out you didn’t want to hurt his career and he’d give you a heartfelt speech about how your feelings for each other wouldn’t ever be a bad thing. he would probably tear up when talking to you too.

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rest below the cut~

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Going Shopping With The Avengers Would Include...

• er, it would be disastrous
• like, Steve would go and pay for something and just to mess with everyone you demand a senior discount
• “You guys it’s fine,”
• “HES 100 YEARS OLD!”
• Bucky too
• sometimes going in disguise
• even though we all know they never work
• completely ignoring technology stores because if y'all got near one Tony would start ranting
• “Tony, that’s an iPhone 7,”
• Clint buying too many snacks even though you, Steve, and Natasha explicitly tell him not to
• but in the end all of you eat them anyways (guiltily)
• Bruce buys a science kit to prove that it’s too dangerous for little kids
• Steve is a gentleman, so he ends up carrying everyone’s bags- even Tony’s
• Tony and Clint follow you and Natasha into Victoria’s Secret for no good reason
• Wanda likes scented candles, something you learned after she bought like twelve of them
• Pietro “tests” running shoes by putting them on and running around the mall- coming back before anyone notices he technically shoplifted
• Peter being really excited every time he sees action figures of you guys
• he has a collection.
• Tony once bought out half a liquor store, so that happened
• Sam and Clint have dance offs on those wii display things
• always having to be the one to buys things that you guys actually need (with Steve) like toothbrushes and coffee and towels
• because everyone just buys the weirdest stuff and forgets to buy anything useful
• Clint bought a cat toy once
• he doesn’t even have a cat
• he bought animal footprint shoes too. He was very proud of them. No one else was.
• introducing Thor to all kinds of things
• “You have a machine simply to to pump moisture into the air?”
• always getting carried away bc money is basically not and issue so you, Nat, and Wanda always go all out on clothes and makeup
• you love shopping
• but you probably should just stick to online shopping because it hardly ends well

Got7 Reaction #17 - You (Their crush) confess your love while you’re drunk

anon asked: bigbang and got7 reaction to you (their crush) confessing to them while you’re drunk af?


Mark: He’s incredulous. Seriously?? You confessed when you’re drunk? He was now more confused than ever. Does he confess when you’re sober?! Does he brush it off?! He didn’t even know if you were talking about him or if you were so drunk that you thought he was someone else! You left him dazed and confused, The next morning you would wake up to a phone call from Mark scolding you on letting yourself get so drunk that you would say all these things. He’d tell you everything you said and when you admitted that you meant all your words, he’d sigh heavily and say,

“I really wish it didn’t happen this way but I’m sort of glad it did. I probably never would have confessed my love for you if you hadn’t first.”

Originally posted by got7official

Jaebum: SO FREAKING PUMPED OMG!! His gummy smile would stretch across his face and he’d start dancing from excitement. You thought he was Jackson (which he had to make a mental note to punch him later because he apparently knew you liked him but never told him) and you asked if you should confess tonight!! You didn’t know that you already did, and probably wouldn’t remember it. When you woke up tomorrow you better believe he would be there to take care of you, make you promise to never get that drunk again, and then he’d confess to you after teasing you about the things you did the night before.

Originally posted by wangparkpups

Jackson: So frustrated. He was planning on confessing to you three days from now but you beat him to it. When Jackson likes someone, it’s kind of obvious and the way you responded to him let him know that you were interested. He was so close to asking you out in this super cool, super romantic way, but here you were hanging on him and spilling your deepest feelings for him. Don’t get it wrong he was happy… he just wished it happened in a more romantic way than this.

“Please stop talking Y/n… You’re starting to not make sense any more. Just… let me confess to you tomorrow okay?”

You: “M’kaay jagiii~”

Originally posted by seokijn

Jinyoung: Did they just…? He’d be frozen and unsure of the entire situation. His heart was racing, his cheeks turning red, and his mouth was hanging open at your slurred words. The next day he’d be there (being the one that took you home to make sure you got there safely) and he’d have eggs and coffee ready for you to try to soak up any left over alcohol in your system. You would barely have taken two bites when he asks you if you remember last night, then he’d let you know what you said. Depending on your reaction to your confession, he would probably end up confessing himself and then scolding you for letting yourself get that drunk.

“I was afraid that you’d end up hurting yourself… Please just if you’re going to do that again, let me be with you, okay?”

Originally posted by jypnior

Youngjae: -once again, please ignore the subtitles TT.TT-

He’d be so stunned that he wouldn’t comprehend what you’re saying. It was half out of disbelief, half out of respect for your privacy that he wouldn’t listen to your rant about how much you loved him. He’d sing over you talking, hum loudly, whatever he could to block out your spew of words that he knew you’d be mortified about saying if you were sober. He’d get you home safely and find a way to get you to drink a lot of water and finally to sleep it off. In the morning you’d find a note that explained that he took you home so that you were safe. He’d leave out everything you said, but the parts that he did hear over his singing would bug him until he finally got frustrated enough to confess to you himself. He only hoped that you had meant everything you had said while drunk.

Originally posted by pinkhoodiemark

Kunpimook: Laughing his ass off, he’d end up whipping out his phone to record your confession to him. He knew you wouldn’t remember it in the morning, so he needed proof that this actually happened. He’d never show anyone the recording (other than you of course) and he’d make sure that you got back to your house safe. He’d spend the evening at your apartment with you, listening to your nonsensical chatter about everything from how you loved him to how your dog/cat would look adorable with a little wizard hat on their head.

You would wake up the next morning to a text from BamBam. It was the video of you confessing, playing on a loop. His caption?

‘Never forget that you’re the one to confess to me first jagi! I accept your confession of course, you and I are now dating. I get to keep this video as punishment for you not letting me confess first though, okay~?’

Originally posted by jackseunie

Yugyeom: The moment the words left your lips he was a blushing, smiling, and fluffy little goof. He knew that you thought he was someone else, who he wasn’t sure of, so he kept asking you in more and more detail how felt about him. You’d end up telling him everything from the moment you realized you liked him to how you almost died from how hot you thought he looked in the ‘never ever’ music video.

Each confession made him happier and happier and soon he was just bouncing around, dancing crazily, and overall making a fool of himself. In the morning he’d wake you up by jumping in your bed and screaming “JAGI~ I’M SO GLAD YOU TOLD ME THAT YOU LOVED ME LAST NIGHT!”

You’d be so confused and flustered but that would make him laugh even harder than he already was. He would tease you SO FREAKING BADLY about it, but that’s only because you had made him so happy with your confession. He’d end up kissing your forehead after teasing you for a few hours and he’d ask you out on your first official date.

-pretend that you’re mark-

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A/N: Why do I feel like this is something I’d end up doing? lol I’d embarass myeself so badly omg xD

Flour, Sugar, Chocolate Liquor

Title: Flour, Sugar, Chocolate Liquor 

Pairing: Akatani Mikumo/prototype!Bakugou Katsuki

Rating: Teen

Word Count: ~5,700

Summary: Pocky Day is today, and Katsuki is going to milk (chocolate) that for all it’s worth.

Author’s notes: This was written for @deads-on‘s Pocky Day open collab! I can’t draw for beans, so I opted to write a fic instead. I had an absolute blast working on this one! Getting to play around with inspiration borrowed from @ask-protoheroes was so much fun. And many thanks, as always, to my best friend @auspiciouswhiskers, for beta work and endless support.

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TBH I really wanted Ryuji to just deck Morgana. Morgana constantly mocks him and calls him useless but when Ryuji does it a little bit everyone just sides with Morgana. Ignoring Ryuji's feelings and what he's dealt with. It's a problem that I've seen show up a lot in the game. Like just let Ryuji be happy, he embodies the spirit or rebellion!


I can’t bring myself to hate Morgana, but damn this grates on my nerves to no end. It’s just ridiculous- it still pisses me of that the whole Morgana throwing a tantrum and running away was ENTIRELY blamed on Ryuji. Yes, Ryuji said douchey things and did need to apologize, but Morgana also berates Ryuji at a constant rate. From the first moment he met Ryuji, he’s done nothing but be a bitch to him, but it’s played for laughs when Morgana does it. It’s really annoying, honestly.

It feels like they tried to bring back the Yosuke/Teddie dynamic, but it just doesn’t work with Ryuji and Morgana. With Yosuke and Teddie, the rest of the Investigation Team would understand that Teddie is a little shit and give him crap about as much as they did Yosuke- plus, Teddie rarely held cruel intent with his words, and was just kind of joking around and not understanding what he was saying. Morgana is full aware and is saying these things with the intent for his comments to be hurtful, so it just does not work.

Also Ryuji wasn't quite wrong, Morgana was a shit support character and is mediocre in battle imho. Morgana dies more than anyone else he is way, way, way too squishy I need my healer to not constantly die because who gonna heal him if he’s the healer?

Airport Goodbyes, Greetings, and In Between

Written for this week’s @synchronisedscreaming flash fic challenge. I actually took three Otabek/Yuri prompts for this because they fit together so well: Airport goodbyes, “What’s up, asshole?”, and “Meeting at the airport”.

“Don’t get all sappy on me, Altin.” Yuri lifted his chin and tried to keep his face expressionless. He had the eyes of a soldier, after all; he shouldn’t get emotional about saying goodbye. But it had been a whirlwind week in Barcelona, and even with the thrill of winning gold and performing a kickass exhibition skate, his newfound friendship with Otabek was definitely a highlight. It kind of sucked to walk away from it so soon.

Otabek raised an eyebrow. He looked perfectly serious, of course. Not like he might yell or cry or something equally embarrassing at any moment. “Does that mean you won’t hug me, then?” He reached for his suitcase and nodded in the direction of his gate. “If that’s the case, I guess I’d better go. My flight is boarding soon.”

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Boy Toy//M.C.

an: uh hi guys it is literally 2:45 in the a.m. and I should be asleep but um I am not. I am actually dying. Why did I do this. This is kind of angsty and that’s fine but I kind of hate it. Also I have not edited this at all, and that’s fine I can do that later.

Word Count: 1172

Summary: Montgomery thinks reader is cheating on him with Zachary…

Warnings: cussing but that’s about it

Originally posted by siriusblackquacks

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I don't give a flying fart who you ship together in this fandom.

I just felt the need to say that.

With the following exceptions:

You should not remove parts of a character you don’t like in order for them to better fit your [crack] ship. (Obviously you have your right to do what you want regardless, but it’s just a shitty thing to do in my opinion.)

Ex. If you want to ship Alec and Jace together. Go for it. (I ship them too. Platonically, mostly, but I do. They have a lovely relationship.) I would never make Jace gay just to put him with Alec, because that would be removing his heterosexuality. Just as I wouldn’t make Alec straight to better fit him with a female I think he would look aesthetically pleasing with or whatever. That would be erasing his canonical homosexuality.

Which I don’t think is cool at all.

However, I don’t see a big issue with making characters who haven’t necessarily had their sexualities clearly defined into whatever appeals to you. If a character flirts with everyone & has only ever been with women, but never stated one way or another what sex they preferred (and if the author hasn’t either) I think it’s fine to ship that character with whoever. (I haven’t read the books in a while so correct me if he is noted as straight only, but if the show wanted to make, Raphael for example, be bisexual; I’d be cool with that.)

All that said. If your ship is part of an endgame couple canonically (Ie. Malec, Sizzy, Clace) and you’d rather see them in different pairings, you have to understand that canonically that won’t happen. It’s your right to ship who you please but don’t go arguing with someone about who a character should really be with, ignoring who they actually end up with, just to justify your ship.

Only time I’m not against this is if the couple are clearly unhealthy for each other and while the book pairs them together they shouldn’t be. (Ex. A couple where one is physically/mentally abusing the other - if you wanna ship the poor dear getting victimised with someone better, then by all means.)

I’m sorry for being rant-y. Just came across someone being a dickwad. I don’t mean to upset anyone with this. Just needed to get it off my chest. If you want to discuss it civilly then feel free. I don’t have the best way with words so if something came off insulting or disrespectful I assure you that’s never my intention. (I probably shouldn’t write rants when I’m pissy. Lol.)


I watched La La Land for the second time and I can honestly say it’s one of my favorite movies of all times.


Absolutely heartbroken because of the ending.
I have been reading a few reviews around the Internet and talked with a few of my friends and I find it so interesting that I’ve interpreted that movie differently from so many people. Most people whom I’ve talked to say that the movie tries to show you that a couple cannot survive if there are individual goals/dreams involved but I couldn’t disagree more - I think it tries to show that sometimes, when we accomplish the goals that we were set out to achieve, we leave so much behind in the name of ambition, comfort and stability. For the life of me, I can’t see any true happiness in Mia’s face in the end of the movie - I think she made a choice and had the right to make that choice but deep in her heart she knew she made the wrong one. However, she was an “adult” now, and had to grow up and live with what life gave her and her choices. She chose comfort and stability over true love.

Totally pissed about the ending. But I knew it was coming.

Still, guys and gals, fight for true love. It exists and it stares you in the face and sometimes we just ignore it and let it go. Sometimes our goals are just mechanical and we act in the name of irrelevant things that society forces upon us. You are here to feel and to laugh and to cry and the rest of it is just a bonus.

So that’s it for my rambling.

Don’t judge a Book by its cover.

You know the society you live in is really fucked up, when a stranger can judge another person based off of their portrayal of and them relating to a fictional character; when ALL the evidence points against them being a bad person and more likely you not knowing what you’re talking about.

That a person whose shown to be selfless, kind, hard-working, funny and humble can be debased by some fuckers pathetically cruel and idiotically nasty take - cause they think they know best due to his personality not conforming with societies boring bullshit and him acting differently towards people cause he’s doing his job and getting into character to give us the best performance possible, just cause he’s not being happy go lucky with every single person on set (even though Adam ‘I hate hugs’ Driver allowed John to continue hugging him even though he must have felt uncomfortable) especially the OT actors like Mark cause you’re a die-hard “fan” and can’t imagine why somebody wouldn’t… ugh.

There’s a reason Adam has social anxiety, and went/goes through depression, that he’s humble to the point of being heartbreakingly self-deprecating or that he doesn’t like physical contact- it’s judgmental fuckers like the ones going against every great thing the SW cast has said about him and in general what the themes of SW actually are - just cause they can’t get their ignorant heads out of their own backsides. It’s not a hat honey. It’s sickening, and disgusting, and it doesn’t just happen to Adam, but so many other people too. My friend’s little brother is autistic, and he is one of the smartest most awesome little lads I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing - yet people treat him differently just because he’s different from them - it makes me so angry sometimes, and sad.

I don’t like hugs, I’m introverted, I’d prefer an interesting book and a good cup of tea over conversing with other people most days; I don’t need to explain myself just to satisfy peoples self-righteous egos nor do they have a right to judge me - a person they know fuck all about or why I am the way I am.

It has become normal in our society for us to have to explain ourselves on anything and everything we say or do. Why the fuck should we have to explain ourselves? What right do you have to judge us? People, not all, have lost the ability to respect their fellow human, that we are complex creatures and you must first learn before you judge - otherwise it’s just a cycle of judgment and segregation and misinterpretation…it leads to walls between people, this can lead to hate and we all know where that leads to…suffering.

Until I was about 7, I didn’t actually know that racism, or sexism, or homophobia or discrimination or anything like that existed. It never crossed my mind, I’d always treated everyone equally and I never judged somebody on their skin color or their sexual preference/gender or the way they acted - I’m not saying I was perfect, cause I’m not believe me - I’m just saying those things weren’t concepts to me, they never crossed my mind. I found out through a history lesson on the Holocaust. Yeah. It left me baffled, asking why are humans seemingly so eager to hate one another for reasons that seemed so pointless to me? I’m still baffled to this day.

Star Wars especially has always been about hope, forgiveness and most importantly love. I know that sounds cheesy, but it’s true. It’s about people coming together, about transcending those walls, and finding hope there in the darkness of our own reality. It’s fiction, yes, a story - but to every story there is always some truth. Our spec of time in infinity is not worth wasting on pettiness and judgmental hate. I know I’m a nobody, that my voice is just a soundless plea echoing into the endless void, but please. PLEASE. don’t be a puppet of ignorance. Our lives are our own stories and in the most basic way possible what I’m trying to say is…

Don’t judge a book by its cover.  


If you got to the end of this little rant of mine, bless you for having the patience to deal with my tired queer mind. I don’t know I just thought about all the stuff going around about Adam being creepy and BS assumptions of Adam from the VF interviews, and my sadness at the hate from some antis in the tags (especially as a Reylo shipper), and needed to just release my inner rantersaurus-rex. So thank you, and I hope you took something from this that wasn’t 'wtf is this weirdo going on about?’ X) and I hope you have a lovely day and know that for all the hate in the world, there will always, ALWAYS, be people who understand and are kind. Damn that was some heavy shit, sorry guys I’m not usually like that, lmao. 

May the force be with you. 

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Based on the prompt: “Your boyfriend is right here!”

(from the drama, Goblin, as most of you will know. As requested!)

Performing Arts AU, a jealous Yoon (help).

“You’re doing this just to get back at me, aren’t you?’’ Seungyoon muttered.

She wasn’t going to deny it, but Seungyoon spoke some truth. Surely there was jealousy fizzing through the rants he insisted on and it was all a little too amusing that she couldn’t just let it end so quick.

Being the one that made it into such a big deal, she was aware of what he had meant.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Seungyoon.” She held a frustratingly straight face, biting back a laugh that would shatter the oblivious front she put on.

“You ignored me for days, refused my calls and told me to get myself a new girlfriend.”

Her lips twitched, a smile dangerously threatening her as Seungyoon prompted the memory of not too long ago. She would’ve never believed it if she told herself back then that she would find it anywhere near entertaining.

“Come on, you know that it doesn’t mean anything.” Seungyoon scurried after her, almost crashing into the door she tried to slam on the way in.

“You’re not the only one who plays the guitar, Seungyoon. She could’ve asked someone else to give her lessons in private.”

Exasperated, she turned around to level him a death stare and for a second or two Seungyoon wrecked his brain for something that could fire back her awfully true remark.

The Music Club had plenty of skilled guitarists, and Seungyoon liked to think he’s the best looking out of the bunch. But perhaps he should hold the thought for now. Not when she’s ready to kill him in cold blood.

‘’And that’s just what it was. A guitar lesson.” He swallowed nervously.

‘’In private. With that skimpy cheerleading outfit of hers! She was practically on your lap!”

Seungyoon could only blink, taking in the shrill chiding with his tongue in a twist. ‘’I know it’s hard to believe but she really did slip and by some miracle fell-”

‘’I’m sorry, by some what now? A miracle? You are unfuckingbelievable.” She glared at him like he just grew another head.

“Shit. I didn’t mean it that way!”

And she liked to think that she was just helping a friend out when she saw a post on the campus bulletin, offering guitar lessons for extra cash. She took up the offer, out of pure intentions and totally not to spite her boyfriend.

She just happened to forget to mention that it was none other than Taehyun, aka the heartthrob, theatre kid.

“Out of anyone else, I should be the first person you go to for guitar lessons!” Seungyoon groaned, eyes scampering after her movements as she packed her things ready to go.

“Sorry, it must have slipped my mind.” She bit the inside of her cheeks, making sure to turn away before he could catch her smiling from ear to ear.

“It’s his goddamn eyebrows isn’t it?“ He asked flatly.

“No. It’s how he won’t distract me and actually teach me a thing or two.” She pressed, tone playfully accusing that she knew would only rile Seungyoon up even further.

“You make me nervous and happy and not to mention that you turn me on and it’s confusing as fuck sometimes.” He said, jaw clenched as he ran his hand through his hair in irritation.

“Nice to know. Now excuse me, I have a guitar lesson to go to.” She threw him a lukewarm smile, adjusting her bag over her shoulder and Seungyoon could only stare in disbelief.

“Your boyfriend is right here! I can teach you the damn thing!” His brows furrowed to a frown as he pleaded, and she softened before she knew.

“What boyfriend? Where? Who?” She teased, helplessly giving into that damn pout of his.

“You’re unbelievable.”  

Like That | Bellamy Blake


Hey, could you do the 28 and 29 from prompt list #5 with Bellamy? Btw, loved “Thank You” with Murphy, keep up the good work ☺️

#28: “Wait what?”

#29: “I have to share a tent with wHO?”

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“I have to share a tent with wHO?” Bellamy asked, voice raising in annoyance and disbelief.

“Don’t act so happy,” you replied sarcastically, walking up to where Clarke and Bellamy stood arguing.

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I've been following you for a long time now and it really saddens me to see you so stressed. These arrogant pricks are everywhere on the fucking internet now, sadly. It pisses me off to no end just seeing this shit happen to others. I admire how you're treating the situation, and I just hope it's not stressing you out so much. Your art is beautiful, don't forget that. You have my full support.

I think i’m putting much stress into words, and it makes me a little embarrassed, I didn’t want to show a demeaning behavior to you all.

I’m deeply sorry about my impulsive words and childish behavior, i hate to rant on such trivial things that could be easily ignored, usually I just delete the asks, but when it comes to people being abusive towards others I lose my temper. Cyber bullying and cyber abuse are one of the most disgusting things in my view.

But thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your words brightened my day. Thank you for your support too, you have no idea how much it means to, it keeps me moving forward.

I personally want to thank @lucielle-art​ and @fashionistasans​ for their messages. I never thought, that I could inspire someone, it makes me excited knowing that I could make a difference in their life. I promise I’ll do my best to keep improving and creating art.

I wish you all the sweetest and good things that you need.

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So I kinda ship everyone in bts but jikook is my otp and i only watch their moments, anyways i got curious and I looked up yoon/min and it was cute but then I read the comments and one person was like "i can't decide between jikook and yoon/min" and most replies were like ship yoon/min and v/kook coz jikook is fan service or jimin treats kook like a brother only etc. to me it seemed like hypocrisy, their ships could have the same moments as jikook but once its jikook then it's fanservice (1/2)

anon said: and i noticed that most v/kook shippers ship yoon/min and vice versa, they try so hard to get jimin out of the picture or ignore his moments with kook and only call them fanservice, idk it just irritated me and i wish i didn’t search that or read the comments. The way they kept disregarding jikook’s relationship (even as friends) is so annoying. (2/2)

Yeah I noticed that as well, a lot of non-jikook shippers like to degrade jikook’s relationship to those of just band mates, when they have proven time and time again how they are actually extremely close, possibly two of the closest members in the group. But we kind of do the same thing, so I guess I can’t judge too much (though I will judge until the end of time lmao). I think that while lots of antis like to say jikook shippers are the worst, it’s actually them that are?? Like no shade, but jikook shippers usually properly tag their posts and don’t start fan wars on official videos because ‘kookie ignored taehyung :((((’. I’m not tryiing to directly attack tae/kook or yoon/min shippers because their are tons out there who are super sweet, but sometimes I just have to roll my eyes and resist posting a rant in reply to some things antis say. Let’s focus on the positive though, Jikook are happily being best friends and possibly more :)

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