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A blogger makes a number of posts calling someone a c*nt for not buying Harry’s album: apparently totally fine w/ a huge majority of his fandom

Another blogger makes a single, very respectfully written post saying that louis deserves support: gets sent so much hate they felt they had to delete for their own safety and peace of mind

What the actual fuck is wrong with the people in this fandom? For the record I wasn’t even really in agreement with that post yesterday but it was respectful and there was absolutely nothing about it that deserved the kind of vitriol that blogger got.

If someone is politely and reasonably expressing an opinion that isn’t dangerous or upsetting but you just happen to not agree with, IGNORE IT. Keep scrolling.

I’m not sure how we got to this point but I’m ashamed of even sharing the same online space as every single asshole responsible for what happened.

This is supposed to be a fandom, not a fucking dictatorship.

I think one of the reasons that anti’s piss me off so much is (no it’s not the fact they always have blatantly wrong information or that they obviously have never seen a lot of the marvel movies) that they have no fucking manners!!!!!

What I mean by that is this: i genuinely do not give a shit about Steve Rogers (movies, cartoons, comics whatever) but here’s the thing that you absolute gremlins do that I dont!!! I don’t comment about how much I hate him or that I think he was an asshole in cacw on a positive post about Steve or rather any post that’s about him. I just mind my fucking business, ignore that shit and keep scrolling. I think to myself “hey this character is important to a lot other people so I of fucking course won’t say anything fucking ridiculous”
Now that isn’t to say i haven’t made my fair share of anti Steve posts but that’s my own goddamn post and if you wanna post about how much you hate Tony stark that’s great!! amazing !!! I don’t give a flying fuck!!! Everyone is allowed to dislike a character!!! But y'all take it too far when y'all literally comment on every fucking gif set of him (seriously every gifset!!) saying how much you disagree with him and think he’s a terrible person and that every person who likes him is terrible as well yada yada..
Guess what buddy???? You don’t have to state your goddamn opinion everywhere ..like we get it and we don’t give a fuck!!!!!! (at least I don’t)
Basically what I’m saying is that you should make your own fucking posts and stop trying demonize people for liking a character that you don’t like

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The reblogs from antis on your art was so rude, it makes me so angry. Your art is gorgeous and if people have a problem they should then just keep on scrolling. They don't need to be ignorant jerks. Continue being you, all of us enjoy and appreciate your beautiful art. <3

I get antis a lot so I’m quite used to it. I’m really fine with people disliking reylo or not agreeing with my art. Everyone is subjected to their own opinions yes but being demanding and rude will guarantee an equally as rude answer from me :)

Real talk

Elin is the shittiest fucking oc I’ve ever seen lol.
Like, her design is bland af, I can’t ever make up my mind about her personality and she doesn’t have a cool df or anything.
I try to make her interesting with a dreadful backstory, but right now I have severe writing block and I just get so fucking tired of myself. I can’t ever finish whatever I start writing and it pisses me off so much, cus I know I’m not that terrible at writing.
Hey but this isn’t about me, the point is: Elin is trash y'all

people who get mad at donation or crowd funding posts on tumblr are so weird like… calm down. stop getting mad. ignore the post. if you don’t like it then keep scrolling. don’t go tell somebody who is broke and desperate enough to ask for money that they’re a terrible lazy useless person. that isn’t necessary. you don’t know their story or their motives or why they can’t work. stop injecting yourself into other people’s lives with your shitty bitter attitudes because somebody else had the guts to publicly ask for help. just ignore the post, just keep scrolling, just unfollow the person. your commentary is not needed or warranted.

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Hey, I get that you're trying to get your anti dramione hate post out there to like a wide audience (which I totally get btw no one should be harrassed over something as trivial as which ships they like) even if I've always been more of a Fremione gal myself, but maybe you shouldn't tag all those other ships that really have nothing to do with your post? Like, it just sort of feels like you might only end up inciting more drama that way. Not trying to tell you what to do, only friendly advice.

I mentioned all the ship names IN my post, so it’s gonna pop up either way. I had people say it WASN’T tagged in theirs and popped up in “suggested” posts anyway. How about, instead of screaming offense, people just IGNORE what they don’t like and keep scrolling? Just a thought. ✌

My part for the trade with @korskys I’m so sorry for the huge delay!, but I’m drowning in a lot or work.

I hope the wait was worthy. Russ in a dress!!. These days I had been designing a lot of kawaii fashion for my shop so I was in the mood for some pastel colours and stars.

If you don’t like men in dresses just KEEP SCROLLING, I’ll ignore the hate. Thanks.

© Albarn, Hewlett.

Alright, Tumblr, let’s have a talk

I’ve been seeing way too many posts that involve people ruining other people’s lives because they did/said something offensive/racist/sexist/whatever.

Sure, if someone says something racist, it’s wrong and they shouldn’t have said that but trying to get them fired or contacting their loved ones is too far. I don’t care how rude someone was, but use your brain and think for a second, who else could be hurt? There is a possibility that the person has kids, a spouse, someone sick that needs to be taken care of or whatever. It’s not just the person’s life your potentially ruining, it could be his or her loved ones as well.

“But what they said was really terrible!” Okay, fine, it was terrible, put on your big kid pants and just keep scrolling. Ignore it or report them. Move on with your life. I’m sure you’ll get over it.  

Also, if you go to the extent of trying to ruin someone else’s life, you are not any better than them. In fact, you’re worse. 

Voltage Games I want to be an anime and why?

My Sweet Bodyguard - I WILL REALLY LOVE THE ACTION SCENES and soundtrack if it will turn to an anime!

My Forged Wedding - The comedy and the 95% FEELS!! I will drown IN FEELS, I always drown in saeki and rens rou–wait! I drowned in EVERYONE’s route! XD

Love Letter From Theif X - Comedy and Action! I don’t think ANY fan girl would hate this to become an anime! I mean come on!!! XD the characters will make you laugh and cry 24/7

In Your Arms Tonight - soap opera and drama~ I will LOVE it! Besides its E-DU-CA-TIO-NAL! Teach you NOT to enter infidelity! Love your wife! Don’t misunderstand! Staying faithful! Keep living and besides I love MC here so much, her heart is golden ^3^

Pirates In Love - Oh man…My first voltage game ^_^ I would LOVE this so much~ no words can describe my love for this first game I ever played.

10 days with my devil - OH-WACKA-MOLLY!!!! ONE OF THE MOST UNIQUE GAMES EVER! First voltage game that I love all the characters~ AS IN i love them so much! :3 I love the story and the scary soundtrack xD the story is very exciting it always gives me chills when I replay the routes honestly!

Be My Princess 1 and 2 - My biased voltage game! I really LOVE this to be anime! It’ll probably take THREE days or so to tell you guys how much I love this otome and why would I want this to be anime! :D

Seducced in the sleepless city - I wonder O-O

A Knights Devotion - Medieval and classical tale indeed ^_~ that kind of anime I imagine this will be :3

Class Trip Crush/ Dreamy Days in West Tokyo - Well~ this might be typical teenage love ^_^ where teenagers can solemnly relate.

Our Two Bedroom Story - This will probably be a comedy type of anime! XD It will be so fun to watch since MC is a bad ass sass I would LOVE to watch how she throw punch lines and bashed minato’s face xD Its so funny~ And other characters too :) my kind of MC! Booyah!

Serendipity Next Door - Hm, It’ll probably be like our two bedroom story but MC will not be much of a sass like the other :)

Metro DP - Some kind of detective anime xD ((well duh!)) But Im sure Im looking forward watching it though :3 Detective conan or sherlock homes ((Sorry Im dumb at detective stuffs @-@ don’t eat me!))

Your Kiss Of Revenge - Dun! Dun! Dunnn~! Just like In your Arms tonight the angst and soap opera, drama movie! Twist and will rip your hearts out xD kind of anime~OOOOHHHH!! Make this one an anime or a real life movie it’ll sell Im sure of it xD

Kissed by the baddest bidder - I love plot and all~! Well how should I put this… how much I adore the story ^_^ But err….I think most of the fan girl will dislike the guys of KBTBB at first cause they’re rude and mean and a bunch of jerks x3 Unless they have a PoV fan girls will be like “Aww…”

**[[So thats that ^_^ sorry my choice of words is strange and weird I just say this randomly and Im a bit sleepy hehe– but if you have NOTHING good to say just keep scrolling and ignore this post if you hate it, Thank you! ^3^ ]]**



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pss- if ur dan or phil and youve come across this the backspace key is the girl who everyone ignored in high school but then got hot and now u want to Hit That