just ice league


“Heimerdinger has been a fantastic mentor, and I’m incredibly grateful for his guidance. It’s allowed me to further my own personal progress here in Piltover. It’s a little odd getting started off as a Yordle here in this city, but through persistence and a little help, my expertise in hextechnology has blossomed. The fascinating correlation between magic and technology really could bring a new type of harmony, I hope. I can only help my professor in his endeavors, as his brilliant mind definitely surpasses mine. However, I do have a few tricks up my own sleeve, so I’m not completely not useless! We compliment each other well. I’m proud to be his assistant, no matter how often people chastise me. I know he comes off as gruff, but deep down, he really does care. You just have to look past his big goggles.”

coldbattle  asked:

i'll bet you one million dollars... (slams down a million in cold hard cash) that esme won't get mad if i do everything in my power to annoy her today

                                     ‘  first  of  all  ,  NO  .  ’  a  tisk  ,  silver  lined  tongue  presses  against  ivory  teeth  .   and  second  of  all  not  all  of  us  are  dumb  enough  to  make  a  bet  with  someone  who  has  a  ALICE  on  their  side  .  ’

First meetings aka Elsa joins the Just-ice League! Her movie came out last so she gets to be the troubled new kid on the block. The headcanon is spilling crazy fast out of my brain so uh, I’ll try to be brief:

Frozone’s the one who formed the team because he has a soft spot for runaways, particularly if they have ice powers too. He finds Jack first, then Peri, and finally Elsa, who ran away from home because it really sucked to live in a neighborhood where she was known as a weirdo/shut-in. The way they met Elsa was pretty dramatic: she nearly froze Metroville over with her crazy Winter magic. She doesn’t mean to ofc and she actually helps them capture some random supervillain, so in the end she is offered a place on the team and the possibility of special training that could help her contain her powers. All three kids bunk at his place and his wife is actually cool with it…. but she did take her husband aside after meeting Elsa and told him that three was the limit otherwise he should go find himself some nice couch to sleep on for the next three months.