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Inspired by a tag I saw on ao3 whilst looking for an ace!Cas destiel fic to read.

Because ace cas is my favourite kind of Cas.

And destiel.

Nice nice

Ok so now that its been out that Lindsay is the new manager of AH, in the FAHC!verse i like to think that Geoff’s passed the reins of the FAHC to her, and yeah everyone thought it’d be Gavin, his favorite, his little boy, his foreign twink that’d get the crown, but nah man, Gavin? Gavin’s being groomed for bigger and better things, imagine 

“I hear that Ramsey’’s passed the Fakes down to Jones.“ 

 “What? Ramsey’s given the rule to fucking Mogar? Has the bastard gone senile? or is the alcohol finally getting to him?”

 “What? no moron, not Michael, Lindsay, the little wifey. Rasmey’s been training his little prodigy for fucking years and now he’s finalized it. It’s her kingdom now.” 

“Well shit, and here I thought’d it be the brit that’d get the Fakes.”

“Nah man, Geoff’s let that bastard go on to bigger things. I hear Burn’s himself has taken him under his wing. Did you hear he’s taken Burn’s old position? Yeah, Burn’s got a promotion, so Free took his place. Who knows what he’ll get next..”

Lindsay’s the heiress to AH but Gavin? Gavin’s the heir to all of RT.  Team Losers man, they’re a group you dont want to fucking mess with, especially in the FAHC!Verse, Gavin’s a ‘moronic, clumsy fuck-up, not worth the money Ramsey spent to fly him to the US’ sure, Lindsay’s a ‘fat, schlubby, woman, she cant and wont amount to shit’ sure, fine, think that, but while you’ve been underestimating them, Lindsay and Gavin have been climbing the rungs, cutting off the weak links, expanding their contacts, they know it all, seen it all, Geoff needs a job done, Lindsay’s always by Geoff’s side, little Ruby Rose and her sniper scythe ready to shed blood on his command, Burnie needs a favor, Gavin’s there with a smile all eager to please. While you’ve been underestimating Team Losers, and aint that name just so fitting, Lindsay and Gavin have been clawing their way to the top, and lord they’re almost there. A pair of blood-soaked crowns fit for a golden king and a brimstone queen, nestled snugly on the heads of the newest gods of Los Santos, heaven help them all. And while you’ve been doubting them, they’ve been laughing because all the dominoes are falling in their court. Watch out for Team Losers because they are anything but. 

and Team winners, they’re just as aptly named, attaching themselves to the shiniest, the brightest stars before anyone else could even see their glimmer, Michael and Meg, riding the coattails of their datemate’s glory and etching out their own successes into the stone of LS’s crime scene, Trophy spouses decked in solid gold and diamonds and i hear they have just as much, if not more, fun.. 

(and i know Gavin’s got a ways to go before/if he is ever the CEO, and i know that Burnie made Matt the new CEO so if Gavin’s gonna ever be the CEO hes gonna have to go through Matt first now, but really, the narrative is just too rife with ideas. the chance for Gavin to become the heir apparent  to RT, the biggest crime syndicate in LS, is v possible now, and at the very least He’s now Lindsay's boss in a sense)

Hey guys!! 

If you’ve seen the leaks and are blogging about them - please remember to tag them as spoilers/leaks! I know it’s really exciting to see these “previews” because they’re the first episodes in a couple of months but some people are also really excited to see them first on tv!