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Sally: I just spent, uh, 4 days in 2001.
Josh: 4 days? That’s a lot longer than usual, right?
Sally: Oh, and it’s longer than I would have liked.

Being Human (US) 4x05 - Pack It Up, Pack It In

This isn’t going to matter to anyone I know.

But I’ve been catching up with Loading Ready Run stuff, haven’t been able to keep up during that 2.5 year period I was in Job Corps.

So now I find out that 2016, which sucked in many ways including the death of many well known popular celebrities, sort of took the life of one my own personal ones.

Well actually it was Huntingtons. I just… I just can’t believe how recently it was is all. Or that it happened at all. Or that he was so young.

He was funny, had great presence, and was the man of an iron stomach and an iron will. And I will never miss him as much as his family and friends do, I will all the same.

Good Bye, Bill.

Lawrence of Arabia will be screened by the American Cinematheque at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood on Dec. 29. Peter O'Toole, who passed away earlier this month, stars as T. E. Lawrence, famed British Army officer-archaeologist-author. And by gum, The Huntington just so happens to have a pretty fab T. E. Lawrence collection. Read more on Verso.

image caption: T. E. Lawrence in a classic pose from a photo in the Metcalf collection, 1917. The Huntington Library, Art Collection, and Botanical Gardens.