just how we role

Can we talk for a second about how the roles are reversed here because I love this image and the symbolism it harbours. For months, Delphine has been the one to diagnose, examine and comfort Cosima through her illness and treatments. And now suddenly, that’s no longer the case; the patient is now treating the doctor. Look at Delphine, for once she isn’t locked on to Cosima, but rather what is happening to her. It’s almost as if she’s braced for impact. This is a vulnerability we’ve yet to see Delphine display. This is so much more than just an examination of a wound now healed, this is bringing a trauma into dialogue (perhaps for the first time since it happened), this is a revelation of sacrifices and promises and this is a declaration of love, the kind of love that says ‘I’d die for you’, ‘I’d fight for you’, ‘I’d come back for you’. 

Remember that you don’t have to have anything to offer to be wanted, you’ll find people that just appreciate your presence in their lives because they like you.


David Tennant + Tumblr [Part 1/6] (insp.)

Ayano Go joined Sato Takeru for Ajin Live Action cast. Movie opens 30 September 2017.

Ayano portrays Satou, an Ajin and also the leader of Ajin terrorist movement.

His comment regarding the role:
Even though there’s a gap in age and matureness from the original work (manga), for the Satou that is living in the (LA) movie, the nuance (of him) from the original work is very important. To bring Satou to live is not just the scally cap or other items, but also the body movement and communication, etc. Because the real charm of Satou is not just because he’s scary, but also his charming and casual style, and with that, I can portray a new Satou while still respecting him from the original work.

Sato Takeru’s comment:
(Just like me), he (Ayano) also loves manga, and since he’s someone who knows the difficulty of doing live action movies, we share the same thought about Ajin LA and how hard doing his Satou-role. The rest, we just did our best.

Another cast announced for the movie:
Tayama Tetsuji as Tosaki Yu (human), the head of Ajin Research.
Kawaei Rina as Shimomura Izumi (Ajin), secretary/bodyguard of Tosaki Yu. Shirota Yu as Tanaka Kouji (Ajin), Satou’s partner.
Chiba Yudai as Okuyama and Yamada Yuki as Takanashi (Ajin), the Ajins Satou and Tanaka recruited for terrorist movement.
Hamabe Minami as Nagai Eriko (human), Kei’s sister.


A small comic dedicated to the Miraculous Origins coule Bridgette & Felix.
I think it’s just amazing how the whole Fandom let their roles evolve though we actually only know them from the Short Anima PV for Miraculous Ladybug. Through art and fanfictions and short comics fans have given them more and more personality and even if they didn’t turn out as Thomas Astruc wanted them to be like I just can’t deny that it amazes me how much fans love and care for them.

(I will post more of my art on my main blog ‘RitoAi’ - this will also be posted there once more)
About Shaun Gilmore and rejection

So here’s a thing that’s been on my mind since the amazing episode 58: Matt Mercer talking about boundaries and respect and how important they are.

We know that Gilmore isn’t just attracted to Vax - there are much deeper emotions and genuine affection there. Probably even love, even if it hasn’t been explicitly stated (though heavily implied - fighting Thordak for someone you just have a crush on seems pretty fucking unlikely). We also know that Vax cares deeply for Gilmore, probably loves him too, but his heart truly belongs to Keyleth (according to Liam). 

The relationship between Vax and Gilmore has never been one sided, they both pursued each other until Vax decided to put an end to it - because he wanted to be honest with Gilmore about his feelings and not play games. The level of respect he has for Shaun is immense, but it is always difficult drawing new lines when you’ve been that close with someone. He’s the one that got away, so to speak. I think we all feel that Vax hasn’t been great at keeping himself within those lines at times, and it is on those occasions that Matthew Mercer’s portrayal of Gilmore becomes so massively important. 

Shaun Gilmore wants to be with Vax, this is painfully obvious in every interaction between the two of them - but from the moment Vax told him no, he hasn’t taken advantage of any of Vax’s… indiscretions. Physical closeness with someone you have a romantic interest in is a very powerful thing, and not once has Gilmore let his own emotions guide his actions in these interactions with Vax. He respects his decision, he respects Vax’s boundaries. 

And when that bloody Titanic “Jack I’m flying”-esque scene plays out between them, with Vax lifting him up in the air, praising him, hugging him with both his arms and wings (REALLY?!) - Gilmore still tries to keep his distance. Trying to be respectful, to not take advantage or liberties, so mindful of the fact that Vax almost just died and his exuberance shouldn’t be misconceived as a romantic invite. Even though he’s still in love with him. Even though they used to flirt with each other like teenagers. This is the polar opposite of “nice guys” muttering about “the friendzone” and shaming girls who don’t want to date them. This is everything true love and care about a person is about, and it is so fucking important.

(and keep in mind, Gilmore saw Vax naked like 10 minutes prior to this - how’s that for a circumstance that could compromise the purest of people?)

Gilmore could so easily have been bitter, or distant. But he’s better than that. Matt Mercer have decided to show us all what it means to handle rejection with grace, to have it not change your view of a person, and how it is possible to hear fifteen “yes” in a row but still instantly respect the first “no”. I for one couldn’t be more grateful. 

Master, I know we’re in the middle of something, but should I edit your name to read “Yrat” during these chapters?



I have compelling evidence you have captured Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes, brainwashed them into believing they’re actors who don’t know each other, then forced them to play Steve and Bucky in a movie and you didn’t tell them the story is actually true. But you couldn’t erase muscle memory so you try to keep them apart as much as you can when there are cameras, so the world won’t find out how evil you are.

But I have evidence. E-V-I-D-E-N-C-E.


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I feel bad because I really want to wear "feminine" clothes but I don't because mainly I'm worried about what my parents will say since they're already not really supportive. I'm afraid they'll say something like I thought you said you were a boy why are you wearing girls clothes? Or something.

Then they need educated on the difference between gender and gender expression. One does not dictate the other, nor are they linked. Its all just stereotypes and roles of how we are ‘supposed’ to look. Many cis women wear ‘mens’ clothes, are they men now because of that? You can be feminine and be male. You can be masculine and be female. We are always held to higher standards than cis people. You can wear whatever you want to, it doesnt change who you are. Its difficult with people like that though holding you to gender performance so if you dont feel comfortable its your decision. If they dont really support you anyway though then why not. You have to live with it so do whatever you feel

I’ve got 99 Problems... and Captain ‘Hook’ Killian Jones is all of them!  Why Hook is NOT reformed character. And why CS is toxic – The red flags

These are my opinions. I am entitled to my opinion and entitled to voice that opinion just like anyone else on social media. If you start sending me hate for my opinion, you will be blocked it’s as simple as that. This is pretty much 2 blogs in one as they are interlinked.  I’m not going to go through 99 preoblems but I need to sound off about what infuriates me about this guy.  So prepare yourself for long read.  In fact get a coffee or a tea or something… you may need it.  Ok so let’s go waaaaaaaaaay back to Killian’s back story.  Lt. Killian Jones sailed with his brother, Captain Liam Jones, in the British Navy fleet and was all about good form, even down to not drinking Rum as it would affect a sailor’s performance and put the rest of the crew in danger.  And we have just recently learned of how that job role came about and his problem with drinking and gambling it would seem.  But they managed to get into the Royal Navy and their king had sent them to find dreamshade in Neverland which Liam had been informed was a powerful plant that could heal any injury which would make their fleet indestructible. It turns out it was a poisonous plant their king wanted to use as a weapon.  

Despite Pan warning them that dreamshade was deadly poisonous, the arrogant Liam decides to proceed.  Killian shows some concern when finding it, and Liam, not heeding Pan’s warning, scratches himself with it and poisons himself.  Killian’s reaction when his brother eventually dies is to get angry with the King but instead of seeking his revenge actually on the King, (he couldn’t be angry with Pan as he did warn them) he took his anger out by renouncing his role as lieutenant in his majesty’s Navy and decided to become a pirate instead.  This clean cut, let’s not drink rum sailor decided to become a rum swilling, womanizing, thieving, underhanded pirate?!  That’s a pretty big extreme in a matter of seconds but ok.  No build up to it at all, just suddenly I’m a dark, devious, womanizing, thieving, pirate that only cares about himself.  He got angry with his brother’s death and he basically didn’t direct that anger directly to the king, he just took that anger out on everything he touched.  So that should be an indication of how quickly he can go from being a nice guy to a douche bag in relatively no time at all.  We didn’t see a build up into this darkness like we saw with Regina. It was nice guy to asshole in 60 seconds.  Honestly, Usain Bolt is slower in a sprint than it was for Hook to transition into being dark! (Red flag number 1)

Give him his due he was grieving the loss of his brother and was in the anger stage of grief.  Anger which became displaced and which he never broke out of.  We never actually saw Hook go through any other stages of grief, not like Regina did for Daniel.  Regina tried bargaining to get Dr. Frankenstein to bring Daniel back to life, she isolated herself as much as she could which is part of the denial and isolation stage.  Neither Hook nor Regina could really deny they had died because their saw Liam and Daniel die in front of them so the kind of skipped the denial stage which does happen in real life terms.  It was very clear Regina suffered with depression when Daniel died, and anger is a part of depression as it is one of the symptoms.  Although Hook was angry and swilling rum, he never seemed depressed. ***EDITED COMMENT: It has been quite rightly pointed out to me that men and women do display depression differently, and the way I have worded this could be misconstrued as me saying people with depression don’t have sex or if they do they don’t often. Whilst it is common to have a reduced sex drive with depression, it isn’t that way for everyone. So I apologise if the way I worded that has caused any offense. Hook was angry when his brother died, he turned to alcohol. Which can also be a sign of depression, again, not for everyone. However, the rest of his behaviour wasn’t really indicative of depression. The way I worded it by saying I don’t think he was depressed about his brother’s passing, should have been written as, if he was feeling any depression, then he hid it well enough for it not to be picked up on as I didn’t see any other symptoms that are typical of depression. There are many symptoms. To be diagnosed with depression a number of those symptoms need to be evident and to have been present for two weeks or longer according to the DSM 5 (Diagnostic and statically manual of mental illness and other psychological conditions). It is merely my opinion that Hook didn’t appear depressed because we didn’t see other symptoms of the condition. Apologise for confusion or any offense as it wasn’t my intention to offend. Sometimes having dyslexia, I struggle with my wording and structure and I can come across quite blunt or not write exactly what I am trying to convey. Thank you to the person who pointed this out.*** It was implied womanised a lot before meeting Milah, and sex drives often deplete when suffering depression. I don’t think he was ever really depressed about it which meant he never really left the anger stage, so it just festered.

 Did Hook really love Milah?  

He says he does but something tells me different.  Not only did he brag about having many wives of other men to Rumple, (obviously marriage didn’t bother him) he was not bothered when Rumple told him they have a son at home who needs his mother. Hook laughed it off by making a PIMP JOKE about having a crew full of men who needed… companionship, implying that Milah was providing that for them all!  The fact he paused and said companionship in a cockey tone it was an obvious sexual reference.  

I do wonder if his bragging about many men’s wives was just bullshit bravado because when we see Hook and Milah meet for the first time in a flashback during season 5b, Killian was disappointed that Milah was married and in the end scuttled off with his tail between his legs.  Now this suggested that he did actually for at least a moment respect the sanctity of someone’s marriage.  But that soon changed as he began to have an affair with Milah anyway. Even if this was bullshit bravado, it means to say he lies to big himself up and compromises his own morality (red flag number 2 – pimp jokes and possible bravado bullshit or the honest truth in him playing a part in adultery).

He ends up in Cora’s service (never a wise move)

and during that time he meets Emma Swan.  Instantly you see he is attracted to her, not because of her personality, no it was all superficial, he liked the way she looked and he was thinking with his dick. He seemed to think with his dick a lot as you will see with my explanation…

This brings me to that moment where I know CS readers are gonna flip their shit when they read this because they refuse to see it… the argument of Hook engaging in rape culture behaviours argument (gosh this really pains me that this crops up so much with him and in Once Upon a Time which is a “family show”).

What is the “Rape Culture?”

Rape Culture is an environment in which rape is prevalent and in which sexual violence against women is normalized and excused in the media and popular culture.  Rape culture is perpetuated through the use of misogynistic language, the objectification of women’s bodies, and the glamorization of sexual violence, thereby creating a society that disregards women’s rights and safety.

Rape Culture affects every woman.  The rape of one woman is a degradation, terror, and limitation to all women. Most women and girls limit their behavior because of the existence of rape. Most women and girls live in fear of rape. Men, in general, do not. That’s how rape functions as a powerful means by which the whole female population is held in a subordinate position to the whole male population, even though many men don’t rape, and many women are never victims of rape.  This cycle of fear is the legacy of Rape Culture.

Examples of Rape Culture:

·         Blaming the victim (“She asked for it!”)

·         Trivializing sexual assault (“Boys will be boys!”)

·         Sexually explicit jokes

·         Tolerance of sexual harassment

·         Inflating false rape report statistics

·         Publicly scrutinizing a victim’s dress, mental state, motives, and history

·         Gratuitous gendered violence in movies and television

·         Defining “manhood” as dominant and sexually aggressive

·         Defining “womanhood” as submissive and sexually passive

·         Pressure on men to “score”

·         Pressure on women to not appear “cold”

·         Assuming only promiscuous women get raped

·         Assuming that men don’t get raped or that only “weak” men get raped

·         Refusing to take rape accusations seriously

·         Teaching women to avoid getting raped instead of teaching men not to rape

When Emma and Snow are trying to get back to Storybrooke and fighting it out with Cora and Hook, Cora tries to rip out Snow’s heart, but Emma pushes her out of the way and Cora has her hand in Emma’s chest and she tells Emma that she is a foolish girl and that love is weakness.  Cora can’t rip Emma’s heart out and Emma tells her no… it’s strength and her heart blasts Cora back.  Hook ends up fighting with Emma and gets her on her back. Not only does he say he prefers doing better things with a woman on her back, and as he said it, he slid his hook down the length of the sword – an obvious sexual reference.

He then says “when I jab you with my sword you’ll feel it.” This was a sexual reference, the fandom took it as a sexual reference.  But this sexual reference wasn’t made to a woman who wanted to be “jabbed with his sword.”  Look at her face.  

That is not a face of mutual attraction or desire, she looked shocked and intimidated and a little fearful by the reference and the pervy face he made.  No, this was a woman who did not want that at all from him and her next action confirmed that.  Emma fought him off ended up punching him and knocking him out!  (You go girl!)  This is not the action of a woman who was in any way turned on by what he implied.  I am not calling him a rapist at this point, I am saying that his behaviour is implying that he believes rape culture to be acceptable (red flag number 3).

There was the episode where he threatens Belle with a gun and when she tells him she isn’t afraid of him, he resorts to rape culture by getting invading Belle’s personal space in a sexual and predatory manner which she didn’t look comfortable with and she did show fear at one point in her face.  I am not calling him a rapist at this point, I am saying that his behaviour is implying that he believes rape culture to be acceptable.  

He did this only to intimidate Belle and make her fear him after she said she wasn’t afraid of him (red flag number 4 intimidation with rapey tendencies).  To add even more to the rape culture argument, When Emma met the past Hook, past Hook said to Emma in the tavern “If I didn’t know any better, Swan, I’d say you were trying to get me drunk… and that is usually MY tactic.”  

Again this is a part of rape culture and an open admission that he gets women drunk in order so they comply with his desire to have sex with them. Now some may argue well Emma was trying to get Hook drunk so how is that different?  Well Emma wasn’t encouraging Hook to drink so she could have her way with him, as we all know, Hook would be willing for that to happen in sobriety. No, Emma’s motives were not of a rape culture nature.  

So why is Hook’s tactic considered a part of rape culture?  When a woman is drunk, I’m not talking tipsy, I’m talking drunk, then SHE IS UNABLE TO GIVE CONSENT in any sexual activity as her mind has been altered with toxins - alcohol.  We all do stupid things when we are drunk, and we all make bad decisions when drunk.  That includes sexual stuff.  A woman when sober may not wish to have sex with a particular man or woman, but after several drinks her inhibitions will drop, a few more drinks and those beer goggles are on, a few more and she may not even care what happens at that point and she may even say she wants to have sex with him/her, but in her sober mind she wouldn’t.  Therefore she cannot give sound minded consent as she is not of sound mind.  If she can’t consent in sound mind and you proceed to have sex with her, then you have just raped her even you didn’t actually force yourself upon her because she did not consent in sound mind.  Whether you agree with that or not, that is the the law.

We then see him in several episodes make inappropriate remarks to women, including Mary-Margaret/Snow… EMMA’S MOTHER… EEEEEEEEEW!!!  (The David/Charming punches him in the face for it.  Can’t blame the guy though violence is not a hero trait Charming tut tut!

You’re meant to impress the parents Hook, not hit on them!!! (red flag number 5 inappropriate sexual remarks to Emma’s mother).

(David, Mary Margaret, Leroy, and Hook are at the docks. Hook walks with an obvious limp.)

Hook: You didn’t even ask me about my recovery.

MMB: How are you feeling, Hook?

Hook: Come closer and feel for yourself. (David hits Hook.)

David: You want to lose the other hand? Where’s the ship? Come on. Archie told us. It’s shielded somehow, isn’t it, mate?

5 red flags so far before Emma has even warmed to Hook at all.  I’m going to add a 6th red flag in one sentence now.  Have you noticed Hook will only ever play on the side that suits his own agenda?  He was working for Cora, then agreed to work with Emma and Mary Margaret by betraying Cora in the whole Jack and the beanstalk plot, then he ends up going back to Cora… this is a theme for quite some time for Hook which shows he had no loyalties at all, he was only ever interested in fulfilling his own agenda. So the 6th flag is no appreciation for loyalty… but then what did we expect… he is after all a pirate!

Moving on, Hook agrees to work with Greg Mendell and Tamara, two of Pan’s agents. Per their plan, he forges an alliance with Regina, and then he betrays her, so they can capture her.  (Red flag number 7 - has no problem walking away from a woman, regardless of her personality and history, and leaves her there to be tortured via electrocution.)

Why?  It benefited his plans to do so (red flag 8 selfishness).  However, upon realizing that Greg and Tamara’s plan would involve his death, Hook betrays eventually them and seemingly allies with his former enemies.

Mary Margaret: But it’s wrong. Emma, I killed her mother.

Emma: You did that to Cora because you had to.

Mary Margaret: I did it because it was easy. It was a mistake. There were other paths, harder paths, and I wish I had taken them. So please, Emma, honey, let’s take the hard path. Because if we don’t we will be building a future on Regina’s blood.

Emma: (Hesitates a moment, then:) Okay. (David tosses her the bean, but it is intercepted by Hook.

Hook: You’re all mad. (Emma and David attempt to grab it back.) I can live with myself.

Emma: Give it back.

Hook: If she wants to die for us, I say let her.

Emma: We understand each other. Look out for yourself, and you’ll never get hurt, right? Hook: Worked quite well for me.

Emma: Yeah, until the day that it doesn’t. We’re gonna do this. It might be stupid, it might be crazy, but we’re doing it. So, you can join us and be a part of something, or you can do what you can do best, and be alone.

Hook: (Hands her the pouch containing the bean) Quite passionate, Swan. (Everyone begins to leave.) So, why are you really doing this?

Emma: The kid just lost his father today. I’m not letting him lose a mother too.

Hook: His father? Who’s Henry’s father?

Emma: Neal.

Hook: Baelfire?


Ok so at this point you would think that Hook has sided with the good guys. However, He deceived Emma and gave back to her an empty pouch because he had selfishly took the bean for himself, even though he knew Henry was Neal/Baelfire’s son, even though he was told that Neal/Baelfire had passed away, even though he knew that if Regina was unsuccessful in saving the town from total destruction by the trigger that they would all perish, he would have rather saved his own skin and got away leaving the whole town and its inhabitants to be obliterated…  What a douche!  

This is not the making of a hero!  So Emma and Regina end up using their power to save the town without sending the trigger through a portal which is what the bean Hook stole and kept for himself was intended for.  One problem solved.  But how were they going to go after Henry without a bean?  Suddenly as he was sailing away, and he did get quite a distance from the Storybrooke docks, Hook does a u turn and comes back.  

Emma: Hook. (Scene shifts to the Jolly Roger) What the hell are you doing here?

Hook: Helping.

Regina: Well, you’re too late.

Hook: Am I?

Emma: I thought you didn’t care about anyone but yourself.

Hook: (Holds out the bean and hands it to Emma) Maybe I just needed reminding that I could.

Regina: Enough waiting around, let’s go.

The selfishnessness of his actions is brushed under the carpet, they find out where Henry is and off they pop through a portal.

So, he journeys with Gold, Regina, Emma, and the Charmings to Neverland to rescue Henry.  It seems in Neverland, when Hook becomes the team’s guide, he becomes a bit of a hero of sorts, but even his “heroism” has ulterior motives.  He saved David from dream shade poisoning.  

On the surface this looks like the heroic thing.  However!  He later admits he did it for Emma.  He didn’t do it for David/Charming, the one who was suffering and the one facing death, he didn’t do it because it was the right or honourable thing to do, no he did it for Emma to more than likely get in her pants.  It’s a simple and might I say completely obvious tactic.  Even David/Charming saw through that one when he said “Please, you’re not here out of any nobility, you’re here because of Emma. You won’t get her I’ll see to that.” So yes an obvious tactic and would you look at that… it worked!  (red flag 9 manipulative behaviour)

Suddenly Emma Swan, the girl who cried in the episode before (which time wise in the story was literally a matter of a few hours at most) because she realised she still loved Neal/Baelfire, who she thought at this point was now dead, the girl who was mourning her believed dead old flame, was suddenly kissing Hook after much of his chasing, of which Emma many a time declined.  It wasn’t just the fact that Emma was obviously feeling emotionally vulnerable as she grieved for Neal that made this kiss seem like it was a rebound thing at best, she kisses him in an overly dramatic passionate way.  Let’s take a look at the conversation leading up to that kiss…

Emma:  You really save his life?

Hook:  That surprise you?

Emma:  Well, you and David aren’t exactly… (Inhales deeply) How do you say it? (Imitates British accent) Mates.

Hook:  Doesn’t mean I’d leave your father to perish on this island.

Emma:  Thank you. Um…

Hook:  Well, perhaps gratitude is in order now. (Taps his finger on his lips)

(This is Hook seeking reward with his misogynistic sense of entitlement which is red flag 10.  It wasn’t a romantic OR EVEN MUTUAL suggestion.  He did good and now the puppy needs his doggy treat.  And Emma ends up giving it to him which conditions his thinking that this is what he needs to do in order to gain her affections)

Emma:  Yeah. That’s what the “thank you” was for.

Hook:  Mm. That all your father’s life is worth to you?

Emma:  Please. You couldn’t handle it.

Hook: (Whispers) Perhaps you’re the one who couldn’t ‘handle it’. (Emma pulls Hook into the kiss, which quickly turns heated and very passionate kiss, to which he returns. They continue to kiss for a few moments, before Emma pulls back, her forehead still resting against his and clinging to the lapels of his jacket).

Hook: (Breathless and stunned). That was, um… Emma: A one-time thing. (Pulls back and begins to walk away). Don’t follow me. Wait five minutes. Go get some firewood or something. Hook: As you wish.

Emma grieving the loss of the man she still loved, she clung on to the nearest person showing her some affection and this is quite a common thing to happen during grief of a lost loved one.  She was in quite a vulnerable position.  Not only had she lost Neal and was grieving for a man that she had loved for over a decade whom she did not spend all that time with, but did shut herself off from love because the pain was too much for her, but Emma was also worried about her son and his safety, feeling that constant panicky feeling mothers get when their child his missing, in a constant state of flight or fight as she was ready for anything and being in that state mass produces adrenaline. She was already doubting herself and her capabilities whilst in Neverland, she was trying to lead a team in finding her son, her dad just had a near death experience so she could have faced losing him and grieving for him as well… this is a lot going on for one person. 

 So when you have someone who saves your father and then has that expectation of gratitude and a simple thanks was not enough for him, who then suggests that SHE is the one who couldn’t handle it, Emma gave him what he had been pestering for in a forceful passionate way which in the mindset she was in she would have more than likely been thinking this’ll shut him up and prove to him that I can handle anything.  In a way, she wasn’t feeling like she was handling anything particular well, had no control over her feelings (showing her vulnerable broken heart to her parents was something she wouldn’t have been comfortable with) so if she couldn’t have any sort of feeling in control and this idiot was telling her she couldn’t handle him either, well at least she can prove him wrong.

There wasn’t any loving build up to this moment, there wasn’t any eye sex, eye brow lifts, coy smiles, moving in closer when talking, playing with hair (these things are generally quite a give-away when a woman is sexually interested), there was no build u of tension, it was literally a forcefully passionate kiss out of the blue.  It felt like she was saying here you go take this and shut up for fuck sake!  But add that true love music over the top of it, and it’s no wonder so many people were like awwww look the shady pirate’s not that bad! See Emma! Awww… I ship it…  whereas a hell of a lot of us in ALL other ships of the fandom were like this…

 When Neal/balefire turned out not to be dead, and they found him in the echo caves, Emma tells Neal she never stopped loving him.  She told him she loves him and always will, and she secretly hoped that his being in the echo caves was a trick and that he was dead because it was easier to put him behind her than to go through all the pain again, that being the pain of finding him knowing that she loves him and could face losing him all over again.  This was after she kissed Hook.  Notice that she did not use past tense language.  She still loves Neal!

But what let Neal down and Hook down further and was really disgraceful was the typical boyish behaviour is that Neal and Hook displayed. In typical animalistic fashion they began to try and fight for dominance in order to win the female.  You know, coz women are just prizes to be won right? GRRRR!  They fought like school boys for her attention (red flag number 11, fighting another for her attention but whilst she was looking for her lost son showed absolutely no consideration for the circumstances).  Hook then said she would have to choose [him or Neal].  In the end she said, “If I have to choose, I choose Henry!”  This was the real Emma Swan that we know and love; the strong mother who puts her son first. Sadly by season 5, after dating Hook for a short while, she has become a weakened shell of her former self and chasing after a man without giving Henry a second thought.  I remember in one episode she asked Henry what he thought about dating Hook.  He wasn’t thrilled by the idea and admitted that but told her he wanted her to be happy… anyway…

Jump forward to after Pan’s curse was set in motion.  Regina sends Emma and Henry over the town line, sacrificing her own happiness in order to save her son and Emma.  She even gave the new memories so as they wouldn’t remember any of their entire time in Storybrooke.  So she gave them new memories as if they had always been together. Then Hook shows up, knowing Emma wouldn’t remember anything and plants his lips on Emma’s, hoping that true love’s kiss would break the curse and remind Emma of who she is… only true loves kiss didn’t work… hmmm I wonder why?!  For that matter… why hasn’t true loves kiss ever worked for Captain Swan? That in itself should say something.

 I digress… apologies.  Back to New York.  Eventually Killian gives her some memory potion to return her memories, and during a conversation he implies he’s glad her heart was broken, because if it can be broken, it means it still works.  This was quite a silly thing to say.  During heart break your heart really doesn’t work.  It can shut down and shut out everyone, it can see anyone showing you interest as a potential threat and make you keep your distance, it aches, it’s painful, it tears you up inside… I didn’t really see any evidence of that with Walsh, even though she was going to accept his marriage proposal she didn’t look the least bit upset that he turned out to be a flying monkey. But in any case, a broken heart doesn’t work.  A broken heart that has healed, can.  He made it sound like ooh you’ve had your heart broken, but never mind your heart break because your heart still works which means I have a shot… no empathy whatsoever, only considering his own motives (red flag 12)

Yadda yadda yadda, you know how the story goes… and then later he tells her he traded his ship for her.  Now give Hook his due, he honestly did something for someone else and traded his ship for Emma so that she could save her family.  But it was such a grand gesture yet again.  And we know why Hook likes those grand gestures!  Sure enough that tipped the balance and Captain Swan becomes a relationship.

Emma and Hook brought Marian back.  Regina was clearly upset as this development could ruin her happiness with Robin.  She felt her life was over and yes she did end up telling Emma she ruined her life. Of course she was going to do that because all those feelings of how Snow ruined her life by starting the ball rolling for Cora to actually ruin Regina’s life further, came flooding back to Regina.  It was the darkness acting like a devil on her shoulder saying come back Regina, it’s easy here, comfortable, you have been here before… but what did Regina do?  Yes she got upset and she hid herself away, cried in her office sat on the floor behind the door.  But you know what?  Give Regina her credit, she didn’t succumb to the darkness and seek revenge on Emma. No, Regina fought her darkness!!! She even told Emma she didn’t want to kill her. Now this is a really important comparison point I will come back to later.

Anyway when Regina walked away from Granny’s completely upset, Emma was going to go after her.  Killian grabbed Emma’s arm and told her not to as no good has ever come from chasing after Regina.  (This is a little red flag for me red flag number 7… controlling behaviour.  Be it small that is how it starts off).  He also attempted controlling behaviour from the very moment they became a couple.  In this scene he not only gets annoyed that Emma pulls away, he tries to manipulate her through a pity party tactic, then gets annoyed with her because she isn’t wanting to spend quite time with him, she wants to spend some time trying to fix the situation and the hurt she caused Regina and support her through it.  Emma even says that she feels too guilty about what she did to Regina by bringing Marian back.  And what does Hook do?  He adds to her guilt by pulling that obviously pissed off face and says, “This isn’t just about Regina is it?”  She doesn’t respond and doesn’t deny that there is more in it.  She just kisses him to shut him up and pacify him once again.  (red flag 13 emotional manipulation on top of the general manipulation).

So a few episodes into season 4 not too much with Hook he seems to behave himself… until we get to the first Captain Swan date.  In this episode Killian goes to Rumple and blackmails him into giving him his hand back because when he wants to hold Emma he wants to do so with two hands… rewind… he blackmails the dark one?! Not only is that a school boy error of a move to make knowing how the dark one tricks and the dark one lies, he used an underhanded tactic to get exactly what he wanted. (Red flag 14 – can’t get what I want through honest means I will do something devious or underhanded to get it)  This red flag was before he even got his hand back.  Rumple warned him, that he could end up affected by reuniting his hook dressed stump with his hand.  He warned him that it belonged to the man he used to be. No telling what could happen. 

Hook didn’t listen to him, but things started to happen.  He became aggressive and violent, short tempered and vengeful, just like the man he was not that long ago. In the end we learn that Rumple lied to Killian, that hand wouldn’t have done anything to his behaviour.  Hook fell victim to the power of suggestion.  In the back of his mind he believed it was a possibility and that small tiny possibility actually gave permission to behave like the douche he is.  Suggestion is like a placebo effect.  It’s very much like someone giving you a drink and telling you it’s alcoholic when it isn’t.  The more you drink it the more intoxicated you seem, even when there is no alcohol.  Some may argue that this power of suggestion was too powerful.  But we know love is very powerful stuff and true love is the most powerful magic of all, do we honestly believe that someone’s suggestion would really over the power of love?  How many times has someone suggested that you think about your relationship because your partner may not be so good for you, but you didn’t listen because you believed you were in love?  Love trumps suggestion every time.

Now my problem with this is Hook hasn’t really had a journey. He has had no road to redemption. It took Regina ages to get her redemption.  So are we seriously to believe that Killian ‘Hook’ Jones has become a new decent honest man within a few episodes???  Ok… let’s really analyse a few things to answer this question…

When we compare Regina to Hook, she took the time to look deep within her soul, to figure out what was right and what was wrong, what was a healthy behaviour to express anger or emotional pain and what was not, she started to take other people into consideration, she then started to open up her fragile formerly dark heart and letting people in.  I could go on here but she took the time to really explore that within herself. Hook was merely putting on a mask and hiding his true colours by making grand gestures to Emma which added to the illusion that he was indeed reformed.  Emma fell for this, Hook line, and sinker… pun intended!  The thing is, when you wear a mask, sooner or later the elastic cord slackens and the mask will drop.

Moving on to season five where I shall start wrapping this up as I’m getting sick of talking about him, but I am more sick of having to explain this to every CSer who challenges me on why I don’t like the dude… There is no question Hook became emotionally abusive in season 5a, and I am sure a lot of CSers would argue that he wasn’t.  So let’s look at what emotional abuse can involve (please note that you don’t have to tick off each one and have them all for emotional abuse, it can be just one or a couple of things on the list.  But the more you tick it’s likely the abuse is intense).  Now keep in mind that I am a psychologist and psychotherapist so I know exactly what I am talking about.  I have degrees I have worked very hard for and know this stuff well!

What is emotional abuse?

Some people use emotional abuse to control people. These signs can be more difficult to spot, but could include:

·         Getting angry when you want to spend time with your friends  

(Hook – When she wanted to apologise and support Regina after bringing Marian back)

·         Isolating you from friends and family

(Hook, nope I don’t think he is guilty of this per se, but he doesn’t half show jealousy and disdain as far as Emma spending time with Regina goes)

·         Threatening to spread rumours about you

(Nope don’t remember anything of this nature… tell me if I am forgetting moments)

·         Saying things like “If you loved me you would…”  

(Not that I can recall)

·         Putting you down all the time, using names like ‘frigid’ or ‘slut’ to control what you do, humiliate you and destroy your self-esteem

(Hook = Guilty “washed up… pretty blonde distraction… you’ll always be an orphan.”  

·         Trying to control your life (telling you how to dress, who you hang out with and what you say)

(nope not guilty)

·         Threatening to harm you or to self–harm if you leave them  

(not if she left but he threatened that he wanted to hurt her like she hurt him… selfish prick she saved your fucking life you ungrateful swine!)

·         Demanding to know where you are all the time

(the sheer number of times he yelled her surname looking for her, and was so pissed he couldn’t find her that he then decided to emotionally manipulate her into showing up that he jumps off a building purposely knowing she would have to turn up and save his life)

·         Monitoring your calls and emails, threatening you if you don’t respond instantly

(Not really, though he was agitated when she couldn’t pick up and he was trying to warn her that Rumple had been controlling him and he lied to her in the process.  But I am guessing the situation was pressing and caused that, however he should have just told her Rumple’s plan and done the honourable thing by being honest and truthful.)

·         Getting really angry, really quickly

(Guilty – the hand incident, and when Emma was sucked up in the vortex of evil he snapped at everyone but his biggest snap was at Regina… why??? Oh I don’t know, maybe it was because Emma made the ultimate sacrifice for Regina and absorbed the darkness instead of letting Regina take it.  Emma never made that sacrifice for him.  That’s why he was so snappy with Regina especially.

·         Using force during an argument

(he hasn’t raised his hand to Emma since they became a couple.  But words hurt just as much and can be just as forceful. However for this argument, since being with Emma he hasn’t been forceful.)

·         Blaming others for their problems or feelings

(Guilty.  He blamed Emma for the darkness.  Now Emma didn’t  do devious underhanded things straight away as a dark one.  If she could fight it so could he.  Rumple never told Belle she was a pretty distraction, washed up etc so how much was actual Hook and how much was the actual darkness?)

·         Being verbally abusive

(This is the same as putting you down but also incorporates hostility in tone of voice, shouting, getting right in someones face and shouting etc)

·         Using threatening behaviour towards others

(guilty.  Threatened her family.)

·         Pressuring you to send them nude pictures

(This is a family show… lol)

·         If someone is lesbian, gay, bi or transgender and not ‘out’, their partner might threaten to ‘out’ them if they don’t do what they want.

If you have read this list and feel that you are being abused and want some assistance, please contact a local agency as soon as possible when you are in a safe position to do so.  Never put yourself in further danger.  Now, whilst Hook does not tick off all on the list, as I said before, he doesn’t need to fulfil all the criteria to be considered an abuser, he did tick off a few in that last. (red flag 15 emotional abuser)

We have already seen how through a suggestion he slipped back into his old ways with the hand thing.  If he had really changed it’s doubtful that he would have behaved aggressively at all. We see this suggestion giving Hook permission to behave like an asshole yet again this season because Emma turns him into a dark one as it was the only way to save him.  She later wipes his memory so that he has no idea he is dark.  All that time he was a dark one, he was a little shirt fused but other than that he was ok.  Then as soon as he knew he was a dark one that was it, permission was granted for him to be a douche bag again.  And he was a douche.  He was unknowingly dark all that time and managed to control himself to a certain degree and as soon as he was told that he was a dark one, everything changed.  Now looking at the list there is one that really stands out:- Verbally abusive.  “I want to hurt you like you hurt me” “You’re washed up”  “…you’ll always be an orphan”  “you were just a pretty blonde distraction” etc…

Now… some CSers like to use the argument, well in that case Regina was abusing Emma after they established a friendship by calling  Emma “a pathetic waste of ability.”  Ok let’s go there… Firstly Regina made one comment that could upset Emma because Emma need to find that inner fire in herself in order to take control of her magic to light the fire they had made by using magic.  Now let’s face it, had Regina taken a softly,softly and nicey, nicey approach, Emma wouldn’t have got angry.  Remember, she wasn’t using light magic, she was being taught a few bits of dark magic as the savior, it would be handy to know.  So Regina could give Emma the feels and make her feel good about herself as Emma needed to access anger or pain or something negative in order to use dark magic.  Regina did make it abundantly clear afterwards that she did it so that Emma could access those feelings to light the fire with magic when she asked her if she could smell the smoke, and she gave her a coy, cheeky little smile as she walked away.  In our friendships and family relationships, I’m sure you will be able to think of at least one time where someone has pushed your buttons in order for you to perform better or to achieve something you didn’t think you could possibly do.  

“But it’s true love!”  They cry, Hook sacrificed himself for Emma and saved the whole town!  If that isn’t a hero then what is?!”

Ok let me put this into perspective for you…  If I turn up at your house and lock you inside with no way to get out, then pour gasoline all over the place and set alight to your home whilst you were inside… how would you feel?  You would be panicked, frightened, your life would be flashing before your eyes whilst you frantically tried to find a way out to safety, you would worry about your family and a million thoughts of never seeing them again would flash before your eyes all the while you were trying to escape. I’ve let you stay in that fire for 10 minutes now…  How are you feeling?  Are you starting to suffocate on the fumes yet?  Are you starting to choke on the smoke, and start getting weakened by it? Are you practically begging me to let you out yet?  Well let’s say you are.  After all of that I agree to go in and let you out and endanger my life in the process. I was very almost going to kill you, but then at the last minute I did this overly grand gesture of getting you to safety and I died.  How would that make me a hero?  Metaphorically speaking that is exactly what Hook did.  Admitting your mistake is one thing, give him his due he realised at the last minute what he was doing was wrong and he cleaned up his mess.  He rectified his own mistake.  That does not make him a hero.  “Heroes don’t kill” Regina said when she had the chance to off Zelena and didn’t.

When Neal died he told Emma to find her Tallahasee meaning to go find her happiness with someone else and settle her roots with them.  Daniel when he died, he told Regina to love again, to move on and open her heart to love someone else.  When Regina was about to die she said Let me die as Regina.  She was under no illusions about who she used to be, but she knew she was different now.  In a way Regina was saying it’s okay.  I accept responsibility for who I used to be, I can’t change who I used to be, so let me die as the better person I have become and keep the memory of me as a better person that I was.  She was trying to send Henry away with Emma, so the whole tone of that was to say goodbye and save everyone from a curse that Pan enacted.  So she wasn’t cleaning up her own mess really, as much as she blamed herself for it.  She was handling Pan’s mess and sacrificed her own happiness to do so.  Hook…well, he said let me die a hero. How much more self glorifying can you get?  You made the mess in the first place Hook, and doing the right thing doesn’t make you a hero, it merely balances things out.  Heroes don’t start problems, fix them and then expect praise for it! Heroes are not fearless people, they are frightened and yet they will face the fear and do the right and honourable thing.  Had someone else caused all the dark ones to wreak their havoc and he stepped in and scarified himself in the process, then that would have been heroic.  Hell, had he have fought the darkness and didn’t give into being a douche bag that would have made him brave, strong and heroic.  What he did was fall back onto that conditioned thinking that Emma would show him great affection for his grand gesture. He sacrificed himself knowing that Emma is a sucker for the grand gestures and his so called love for her would be forever immortalised.  

The feelings of disdain other shippers have for Captain Swan is not really ship related per se.  It is more to do with the fact that Hook clearly did not redeem himself, he masked himself.  He has not taken time to really be on a road to redemption, he hasn’t struggled with it coz he literally masked it and pretended it wasn’t there.  Another indication that he has not changed is that as soon as he saw Rumple after hearing Milah’s soul was now lost forever he didn’t confront Rumple there and then, perhaps as he was too upset.  He confronted him about deceiving Emma and taking back the dark one powers in front of everyone, a fine piece of male show  boating of aggression with violent threats of murder.  Like he could kill Rumple anyway.  Hook was a dark one and despite his efforts, Hook couldn’t kill Rumple when he was a mortal magic free man!  That’s because his arrogance always gets the better of him.

I could literally go on and on about how Hook has not changed for a long long time but I am sure you will become as bored reading about it as I am right now writing about it. Hook… has… not… changed… Everything he has done to “change” hasn’t been to grow.  He is not the hero you would like to think he is, and ultimately, after everything Emma has been through, she really does deserve better than that.

Always Remember what Regina said…

Evil doesn’t always look evil.  Sometimes it can be staring right at us and we don’t even know it.  Just because a pirate is pretty and masks his darkness, doesn’t mean to say he isn’t dark or has truly found redemption.


Inaho and Slaine’s reuinion - 1x7 | 2x10

anonymous asked:

Yeah I am interested in your take for a nurseydex fic where dex is trying to be flirty/smooth and/or surprise dex is an amazing dancer.

Oooh. Hmm. This one could be interesting. Final Word Count:  3,144

Nursey shuffled his feet and, glancing over at Dex, asked, “Why did we sign up for these classes again?”

“Because it’ll help improve our game.” Dex leaned against the wall and looked around the small dance hall. The ballet and Social Dance classes were definitely not his first choice of phys-ed electives but it wouldn’t be terrible. Sure, it was nearly four hours of dancing every Tuesday and Thursday morning but it would help with conditioning and knock out two of his four phys-ed requirements. Which he really should not have left until the spring semester of his junior year to get started on.

“Student athletes shouldn’t even need to do phys-ed requirements.” Nursey grumbled, shifting uncomfortably. 

Dex looked over at him and frowned. “Not that I don’t agree, but why are you complaining? These are literally the easiest classes, academically speaking, that we could be taking.”

Nursey sighed and mumbled something that Dex couldn’t hear. Before he could ask what Nursey to repeat himself, the instructor for their ballet class called for their attention. Dex shifted and crossed his arms over his chest, listening intently as the instructor explained what the class was about and what they could expect for the semester. (more under cut)

Keep reading