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You have any headcanons for PaperHat? ^^


uh honestly I don’t really have much hc’s when it comes to these 2 \:D
just them being the evil dorks they are while in love

tho ok how about one I thought of (which I’m pretty sure many, many others have thought of this too)
BH is terrible at flirtation, like not in the cheeesy/cringey way, he does it in a really odd way
something in a way like “wow flug I sure do like that you do the breathing and living thing” it hardly really counts as a flirt honestly

Also me and a discord group discussed the idea that under the bag, flug’s face is horribly disfigured and gross so of course he’s super conscious of that. But when BH see’s his face, he’s weak. Just fallen right there and his reaction is somewhere on the lines of “w ow wooo ok yeup that is quiet a face I uh I just-just need to sit down for a moment cause woo boy” cause you know BH would be all for messed up stuff  👌

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ok well bassically when me and my ex girlfriend were together, she forced me to do things i didn't want to do, so now i have a hard time trusting females. i distanced myself from my best friend but i cant bring myself to tell her why. i really want to tell her but i dont know how, i was just wondering if you have any advice?

That’s so horrible to hear! I hope nothing like that happens to you again. I think it’s best to wait until you feel ready to tell your friend about what happened. When you feel ready, explain things to her but remember you don’t have to go into detail if it makes you uncomfortable. Just wait till you feel ready to tell her 🖤🖤

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Top 5 Favorite Characters!!!

hOW cAn YOu ASk mE thIS?!?!? I have too many darn favorite characterrrrsss guhhhh OK ok, I’ll try my best to narrow it down!!! But these are in no way ordered from first to last, I love all of these guys the SAME!!!! 

1. Branch (Trolls)

I mean come on just look at this adorable sarcastic grey muffin!! How can you not love him?!

2. Astro Boy

Any version of this guy, really! Such a cute little bean who just wants to be loved and who can kick your behind without trying like the kid has MACHINE GUNS in his BUTT of all places

3. Marianne (Strange Magic)

1 word. Badass. 

4. Black Jack

Definitely one of my favorite animes!!! Black Market surgeon who is known for being greedy but also helps people… IDK i just really like him!! 

5. Thistle (Trolls OC)

HEY YOU DIDN’T SAY THEY HAD TO BE OFFICIAL CHARACTERS! Thistle, created by my good friend and co-writer @dragonnmr​, is a complicated (ADORKABLE) character who I have fallen deeply in love with (sorry Rose). Like seriously, usually I can’t stand OCs but Dragon wrote them in such a three dimensional way I couldn’t help falling in love with them :3 (I say Them cause Rose is also the BEST)

18. “It’s ok to cry...” (Max)

Max has been down all day long and you have no clue what to do to. He wouldn’t talk to you no matter how much you pressed him on. He just would ignore you and tell you that he was fine. You didn’t believe him but whatever. You gave up halfway down the road, knowing that your approach wasn’t going to get any answer from him. You have no idea what triggered him to be so sad and it broke your heart to see him sulking, avoiding any contact. Not even your cat could cheer him up—and he was keen on cats usually. But today, seems like all off his boats sank in the ocean and his eyes weren’t light up in excitement, which was normal for Max. His face was ashen, his hair disheveled, avoided the sun and sat in his room, doing whatever. He didn’t even bother to take a shower and he barely ate something for breakfast.

Ugh, just what the hell happened to him?!

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I think it’s quite dangerous, with the fact that the lgbtq+ community has such a consistent history of invalidating, excluding, alienating, and down-prioritising bi people, as well as never letting people talk about their issues and experiences..

It is very rotten for some non-straight people to not only deny their own biphobia when they are being biphobic, but make the claim that biphobia is not real, or a subset of homophobia..

Because more often than not, this is to suppress bi people talking of their experiences, as well as deny and push away any blame of how the lgbtq+ community has been.

It is in my opinion, even quite dangerous to deny the existence of biphobia, or claim it’s a less notable form of heterosexism - one that nobody in our communities can reinforce.

Biphobia is very much a thing, and it is not ok to claim it’s just a variety of something else, or to claim it is not a problem within the lgbtq+ community.. Because it is in fact a big and relevant issue.

I would recommend against denying the existence of a consistent history of bi exclusion and alienation, as well as biphobia in our communities.. As I would also say this contributes to it, and enables the issue to go further.

Many people do make claims of it not being a thing, or that it’s only a type of homophobia, almost exclusively to push blame away from themselves, as well as to spread mockery and invalidating rhetoric.

And I also feel like, there is a pretty saddening reality.. that many people have this odd need to somehow always argue that there is something straight about bi people, or making bi people feel they don’t belong, or making bi people feel unwelcomed and like a joke… to a level I feel like only some groups in our community can relate to..

I do however feel like the bi community, is the one community that has had to endure this sort of nonsense now the most consistently, and for the longest.. And I also don’t think the solution there is to find another target. It’s to not deny people their experience or language, and it’s to not default to everyone with different experiences as you as being invaders or fakes who have some kind of oppression-fetish.

Stop treating bi people like they don’t belong in the lgbtq+ community, stop denying the existence of biphobia, stop policing bi people’s identities and choices in regards to their dating/romance/sex life et.c.. and just? In general.. Leave bi people be in peace.

I’m gonna open some custom adopts!

Prices start at $15 USD, but may increase depending on how complex you want things.

-PM me if interested!

-Credit me for the design

-Do NOT resell the design. Gifting is ok

-I’ll knock $10 off of the price of talksprites (with 2 additional expressions for free) if you want to bundle a set with a design (Not required if you just want an adoptable though).

If you have a design you want to put onto paper, a vague idea, a theme, or just a bloodcolor and gender let me know! I’m more than happy to customize around any information you want to give. If you don’t have any ideas besides “oh maybe a bloodcolor/fashion style” that’s totally fine as well.

The banner has fantrolls, but I’m open to non-troll adopts if you’re interested!


Persona 5 Protagonist - Habits & Mannerisms

Fanon Lotor be like

i am not even sorry just take this

i hate so much when rich people claim they could live on minimum wage

you can’t. you absolutely fucking can’t.

it’s not just about how literally impossible it can be or how the rich are so accustomed to luxury they wouldn’t be able to stomach being poor – it’s about the fact that any experience rich people have had with poverty was temporary.

“to prove that $8/hr is humane i lived on minimum wage for a month – and it was fine. you just have to spend wisely and be frugal.”

i promise any rich person who’s done (if they even have) something like that was ACHING by the end of that month. that week. they were edging out the end of that month thinking “after this i can go back to my cozy $100k a year, i just have to get this month over with”

it’s livable, right? this guy proved it. one month and he’s sure – it’s totally doable! he ate gross food and kept his lights off and his AC off and scrounged up change for gas for a month and it wasn’t THAT bad!

but man…. imagine if that was your whole life.

i’m sure they felt a little stressed after realizing how tight the budget was at the end of that month… imagine that but for years. years and years with no end in sight. you never have the relief of going back to your $100k salary and flat screen TV. it’s years upon years of pent up stress and anxiety

what if your car breaks down? what if you miss your bus? what if you have an unexpected charge on your card and overdraft? what if the kids want pizza? what if you call out sick from work? what if you can’t afford christmas presents?

and on top of the stress, you’re poor and you don’t have much free time because you take all the hours you can get to make ends meet. instead of cooking you have to eat shitty banquet and michelinas meals because delivery and takeout are too expensive. and the more tired you get, the more exhausted, the more shitty food you consume just to try to keep going.

and you probably don’t have good healthcare!

you’re stressed, you’re eating poorly, your body hurts from all the work and you’re too poor to pay for medical help, things like car repair fall by the wayside in order to provide, you’re sad, you start drinking to cope, etc

this is the cycle poor people are fucking trapped in. this is why the minimum wage is a fucking failure to all impoverished people in america.

this is the toll “just being frugal” takes on poor people after living for decades like that. adddiction, mental illness, lawbreaking – these things are associated with low class and poor people because it’s what happens to us and what we resort to when the system fails us.

It’s hard to decide what my favorite Steve Trevor moment is between “She’s taking all the fire, let’s go!” And “Diana, shield!”. I mean both show how awesome he is as a character. One shows how quickly he adapts to Diana’s incredible abilities. He goes from “oh no she’s gonna die if she charges out into the battle” to “oh, she can stop bullets? Ok cool, let’s go then.” And the other shows that even in the midst of the chaos when the Germans were attacking the Amazons and he barely had any idea what was happening, he paid enough attention to the fighting style Diana grew up with to emulate it in a way he knew she’d understand.

I just love Steve Trevor, ok?

Misogyny is not legitimate criticism.

Women are people. Women face misogyny regardless of what they do.

Sometimes people do bad things. Some of the people who do bad things are women.

When women do bad things, that justifies criticism. It does not justify misogyny, or sexualized insults.

For instance: If a female politician votes against health care for poor people, it’s important to talk about how that will get people killed.

That doesn’t make it ok to call her ugly, mock her body, or make comments about how she needs to get laid. None of that has anything to do with health insurance. None of that is valid criticism. None of that serves any constructive purpose. It’s just misogyny.

Directing misogynistic insults at any woman is harmful to all women. It sends the message that there’s no problem with misogyny so long as the woman is a bad person who has it coming somehow. This implies that the only real disagreement about misogyny is about which women deserve it. 

We need to object to misogyny in principle, regardless of who the target is. Misogyny is not criticism. It’s just destructive hatred.

Galra Week day 04 - Understanding

“Nothing’s changed.”

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white armys: lol engrish speakeu time lol i hateu snakeu fuc me oppa saranghaekookieoppa kkkk -eu uwuuwuwuwu 

poc armys: thats kinda offens-

white armys: itS a JOKE calm down Its NOT racist ok lol 

poc armys: jimin hates white ppl 

white armys: uhh excuse me??????? thats racist smh :///

poc armys: its a jo- 


PoTC Completely Missed Their Chance to Have a Mom & Son Adventure and I Will Forever Be DISAPPOINTED ABOUT THIS

Look. Things could have turned out soooo well, if they chose this route instead because 

  • Elizabeth friggin Swan doesn’t just sit and wait around – Elizabeth Swan was once dubbed the KING OF PIRATES. SHE DON”T WAIT FOR SHIT
  • there is no way in h e l l  that she would not find out about her son’s plan to free will and not want to have a part in it
  • ~MOM AND SON TIME!~ how often do we get action movies where we focus on the relationship between a mother and her son??? NEVER 
  • Elizabeth gets to show off her skills with the sword and on the ship again and be a BOSS
  • Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth have some banter about the past and talk about Will Turner more – ya know, the guy they are trying to break the curse for
  • Elizabeth Swann would stare down Salazar’s Ghost Crew without blinking cause’ let’s be honest, she’s done this shit before
  • Also, undead sharks? whatever. It’s tame in comparison to what she’s already seen before.
  • Elizabeth is there when she notices Henry’s interest in Carina and they have a Talk, but it’s very sweet and she is very encouraging
  • Carina and Elizabeth talk and bond and Carina sees a mother she never had and it’s GOOD OK?
  • Elizabeth would hold her own against Salazar in a duel. I’m pretty sure

Ok but, has anyone noticed that in BvS Diana never truly smiles? She justs smirks sometimes and things like that, she doesn’t form a full face smile of happiness in any of her present day clips like she does many times in her story, when she smiles because of the snowing and when she makes Charlie sing, her happiness showing despite the hardships.

History Skill

So I’m DMing my steampunk campaign when…

Me: You’re driving down the winding streets of the fabled clockwork city of New Albion. The chaotic twists don’t detract from-

Cleric, somewhat new: How old is that building?

Me, confused: It’s uh… Come again?

Cleric: That building, *physically pointing* how old is it? I want to use my history skill.

Me: *Pinching my brow* You’re not actually pointing at… Which building?

Cleric: Any of them. I just really want to use my history skill.

Me: Well you have to pick- OK. Well there’s Parliament, where you’re headed, there’s a ton of storefronts, there’s an ancient looking spire clock tower, a-

Cleric: That one! I uh, the clock tower!

Me: OK, roll.

Cleric: *rolls* I got a seven.

Me, trying not to sound exasperated: What’s your bonus?

Cleric: *ruffles through papers* It’s uh… Minus 1.

(everyone stares at each other for a while)

Me: Man it’s been there for at least… months.

Anyway we have a new running joke in the campaign.

ok but like even in the screenshot this is based off keith looks like he’s at least shouldering some of his weight. but in the print shiro is just completely carrying him,, why does this look like the cover of a romance novel, why does this feel so much more intimate, why did barlee redraw this of all things, why did they focus on how protective shiro is and how much keith trusts him, and is there any way for me to buy this, cause i can’t believe,, 

Dating Shawn Mendes - Headcannons

dating shawn mendes would include:

  • singing to you when you can’t sleep
  • 80% of his songs being about you
  • watching him work out
  • when he doesn’t have to get up early, u can bet you’re staying in bed with him the wHoLE morning
  • trying to cook something as simple as pasta but somehow burning it??
  • bLoWinG kiSsES aT YOu annd vise versa
  • ranting to you about how canada is so much better than any other country
  • trying to teach you how to play guitar
  • when he’s really tired he becomes a koala
  • head in your neck ((if u have a ticklish neck this will be hell for u))
  • his hair would kind of be across the bottom of your cheeks and in your neck and just kind of everywhere but its like REALLY ok bc his hair can stop wars
  • his lips would press to your neck during these cuddling sessions
  • his long eyelashes laying on his cheeks
  • his hair would be curlier and messier than normal
  • his skin would be kind of hot too like not warm but burning
  • he wouldn’t let u go while your sleeping either
  • he would groan if u had to leave
  • hIS GrOGGy aSS vOiCE
  • after like a month of dating and spending a lot of time together he would want you to meet his family bc they mean a lot to him but so do u and he is so proud to have found someone like u awwww
  • before he kisses you his BIG ASS HANDs would hold you face or your cheeks
  • i feel like he’s the jealous type
  • and because he’s a leo,,, he wants to be the ‘dominant’ one in the relationship whatever tf that means
  • tracing his tattoos oH LORd
  • homeboy can’t keep his hands to himself when he’s in the mod ;)
  • your friends would send him videos of u singing his songs and he would have THE MOST smug smile on his face
  • bc his gf/bf is whipped for him
  • jk
  • no probs
  • when he comes home y’all are attached at the hip for the first three days
  • telling u all the places he wants to take u some day
  • he’d be a boyfriend that would get u a promise ring bc he’s still pretty young and i feel like getting married would be;; responsible and he still wants to be young and reckless with you
  • bc he’s a giant he would sweep u off your feet a lot and carry u around no matter what size you are
  • when stuff gets intense ;) his eyes would b SUPER wide and kind of innocent looking oh lord help me after i write these
  • and his lips would pinker than normal and swollen
  • he’d breathing heavy fuehwijdks
  • his hair would be scattered in all different directions
  • god he’s a sight to look at
  • he would send u funny videos of himself when he’s on tour and away from u
  • screaming lyrics in his jeep
  • dancing together in the kitchen, bedroom, stage, bus, hotel, or anywhere really at like 2 AM
  • he would be so good to you and everyone could see that
  • and he would love you so much
  • he’s just not human and i love my baby boy ok bye this was really long,, you’re welcome…
A summary of Sam Riegel’s AMA by topic

Previously: Liam O’Brien

This is not a spoiler free AMA! I have marked major spoilers but please tread carefully if you’re not caught up.



The game/cast


Sam himself/his family

Its the end of the session and the monk has only just been introduced to the game. After receiving help from the “country boy” barbarian who is in town to seek aid for his attacked village, the monk proceeds to wander off towards the Lord’s Manor which he’s been warned is Heavily Guarded. 

DM (Me): You begin to wander the gardens, which are strangely empty. After dodging a hedge maze or two your make your way to the manor. 

Monk: How many guards are there, are they patrolling in 2s, 3s, 4s? Are they in certain patterns?

DM: I don’t think you see Any guards.

Barbarian (ooc): Oh no, it’s a trap.

Monk (confused): Ok, I attempt to sneak inside. (Rolls a crit) 

DM: You successfully find a window that puts you directly outside the library.  

Monk: Can I listen to the door to see if I hear anyone?

DM: You can, you hear something, but you’re not sure what or how many. 

Monk: I crack the door to see if I can hear better. 

DM: you can hear one voice, its a ways back into the room but directly in line with the door. 

Monk: can I try to sneak in and get out of sight before I’m seen? (rolls a 6)
DM: You can try (Person inside rolls a natural 20) 

The monk attempts to sneak in and poorly hides behind a table. The Lord of the manor looks up from his book and over the heads of about 20 children and says “Are you here for story time too?”