just how i feeeel

OKAY. But like, does anyone else think that the way Daryl asks “how was I?” is just incredibly sexy? I feeeel like this was him low key asking Carol to spill her guts and feel the feels that she feels towards him. I think he wanted to know if she loved him back then they way he loved her. Because we all know that in season 5, Daryl still wasn’t bold enough to admit his feelings first, and it just seems like this was his way of trying to figure out if she feels the same way.
ALSO. Anyone else picture him asking her this same question after his kisses her for the first time? No? Just me? Ok that’s cool.

“No, Shoot, I can’t. I don’t know how. Can’t we just… “ ( ˊᵕˋ )♡.°⑅

MY FEEEELS! The pictrue is an ilustrations to COUPLES ONLY fanfiction by VoidAndroid

I didn’t expect such touching in this super smol nashuu fandom ;U; It moved my kokoro so much so I HAD TO draw this. Thank you author for giving me feels. NOW PEOPLE! GO AND REAAAD IIIIT (♡´❍`♡)*✧ ✰ 。*

Sorry also for not posting much lately, but together with @sunnygays we work on a nashuu doujin! 8D Stay tuned for previews, pages, and hafta work hard to finish it!  BRING IT ON!

are any of you like me where you don’t feel any sort of attraction or pull to anyone till you know what their personality is like…… this sounds so corny but I don’t really give anyone a second glance till I know what they’re like as a person