just how he's in the middle of it all and everything is going on around him and buildings are exploding

Alright kids buckle up this is gonna be a long one

Viktor owns a dacha that he inherited from his family that’s way out in the middle of Butt Fuck, Russia on the shore of a lake the name of which Yuuri cannot pronounce. 

Yuuri finds out about the dacha because the key to the place is an actual skeleton key and Yuuri asked about it while holding Viktor’s keys for him one day.

“Oh, that’s just the dacha,” Viktor took the key and spun it around in his fingers, contemplative. “I haven’t been there in years, not since the deed was put in my name. Maybe I’ll take you there someday.”

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Tomorrow, He Would Be

Peter Parker x Reader (Peter’s POV)

The fantastic and talented @jedistardust​ requested prompts: 3,4,20,25,94 as part of my follower celebration and specifically requested some angst. (Can’t tell anyone that I don’t deliver.) Her chosen prompts gave me an idea and inspired me to write this sixth and final part to ‘It’s A Lot Like Falling.’

Like the other parts, you can read this as a stand alone, but I promise the read won’t be the same if you haven’t read the other parts first:

Part I  Part II  Part III Part IV Part V  Part VI

Prompts:I never want to see you again.” “I’ll die without you.” I’m not ready to say goodbye.” Don’t you give up on me.”
Or in this case: gravity fails you.
Or: the moon falls from orbit.

Peter is 22/23.

Warnings: You’re not going to like this.

Somehow, she and Ned had both managed to convince him that going to Times Square for New Years was a good idea. The both of them had been so excited when he’d finally agreed, beaten down by their eagerness; at the way she had described what she imagined millions and millions of fluttering pieces of color and laughter would be like dancing in the cold air, how it would feel to stand in the middle of it all; amidst the lights and sounds of the city enthralled with the night.

She had smiled this sweet, lazy smile as she’d thought of it. She’d thrown her head back, hair shining as it ran over her shoulders like a lazy river, long eyelashes kissing soft cheeks, hands in the air grasping at imaginary confetti as it fell around her; everything about her soft and warm and cozy.

Maybe they were going; if only to see the confetti in her hair.

Ned had him fully convinced a few days later when he talked about how his mother had been to see the ball drop a long time ago; when her heart still beat and her eyes carried this light in them like Ned’s did. She’d told him that it was the most beautiful, life altering thing to be surrounded by so many other warm bodies; people joined together in celebration of the great panorama; another set of painted days alive and here and present. More days to hope, and love, and experience; to feel and to change, and grow.

Of course they were going; if only to see the smiles on their faces.

They’d planned the whole day out carefully: layering long sleeve shirts, sweaters, and jackets; it was a bitterly cold one. It was the kind of day that made you hold hands and push into warm shoulders, surround yourself in soft, sweatered arms, and push noses into beanies that smelt like flowers and reminded him of spring. She’d spent the whole day with her hand wrapped up in his and smiling at the way Ned and his girlfriend were doing the same. He’d spent the whole day nosing at the hair around her ears and cold, rosy cheeks; all ticklish strands and ticklish words.

Truthfully, the packs of people, hundreds of thousands of jittery bodies had his nerves standing on end; the sounds of so many hearts, breaths, and voices in his overly-sensitive ears building and sticking together to create one large, buzzing noise in his skull. There were so many people, so many different things that could go wrong; it was too cramped, it was too loud, and it was crushing.

He was even more nervous because he had left his suit in their apartment; had hung it up and tucked it away in the closet to only be put back on in a new year.

He had wanted to be Peter Parker today, Peter Parker only.

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If You Get Killed, Walk It Off. (Avengers X Fem!Reader)

Characters: Avengers X Fem!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Grieving, supposed death, explosion, blood, death


Request: woul you do one angst? The reader is in a mission with the avengers and then there is an explossion and the reader was in that building and everybody thinks that she died, and start to cry and remember how they love her, and finally she was ok, and goes with them and ask what happen? sorry if it is not ok with you

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You were in another country with the other Avengers on a mission. There was sightings of HYDRA and so you went to try and find them and stop them before harm came to anyone.

You had narrowed it down to a few buildings and you went in one with Steve, Natasha, and Tony. Clint was watching from outside while you four went in to try and secure the building. You ordered all the people inside to evacuate, and while they did that you went searching for HYDRA agents.

You saw a man trying to sneak upstairs. “Hey!” You yelled and took off running. Steve went off to follow you while Tony and Natasha helped get people out.

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Bucky Barnes

Bucky Barnes x reader (eventually)

Warnings: Language, violence, explosions, mean aliens, pie

A/N: I have no idea what come over me, or why I’m suddenly delving into the Marvel franchise headfirst. All I know, is this is pretty long, but then again, I did write it. I have no self-control, I swear. Enjoy!


“Barnes!” you gasp, lying flat on the ground where you’ve been thrown by the explosion of a nearby car. You’re really getting sick of being knocked around all the time, tossed through the air by some kind of freaking alien or asshole in a suit.

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Nerdiest Nerds in the Multiverse

Apologies in advance because this got long and it’s not that great but I kinda had fun writing it. Also sorry about any typos. My laptop died during last night’s blog party and I had to finish this on my phone. I’ll edit it later. ;)

@queercapwriting : Day Three Nerds

“No, Alex.”

Alex gives her the puppy dog eyes, the Danvers Sisters Pout.

Kara doesn’t flinch, “You taught me that pout, and I’m better at it than you.”

Alex crosses her arms, “Come on, Kara.”


“Kara, I need answers.”

“Have you heard of the internet?”

She rolls her eyes, “It’s not the same and you know it.”

“I’m not doing this, Alex.”

“You asked me what I wanted for my birthday, and this is it. This is the only thing.”

Kara rolls her eyes, “Alexxxx… There’s no reason for this.”

“For science,” she does not say duh, but it’s implied in her tone.

“That excuse is not all-encompassing, you know?”

Pleeeeeease Kara?” she begs.

“These are my friends, not science experiments.”

“You owe me.”

“How in the world do I owe you?”

Wrong question. Alex narrows her eyes, and the grin on her face is not because of what says, but because she now knows she’s won, “You left me here twice. And both times you could’ve died!”

Kara scrambles, “I was not—I was never going to die. That’s…that’s a little dramatic, Alex.”

Alex raises her eyebrows, “J’onn told me all about the Music Meister.”

Dang it. Even she has to admit that that time she felt pretty close to dying. And if she had…No, no. She can’t even think about it. She pushes the thought from her mind and refocuses, but Alex is looking way too smug.

She sighs, “When does Maggie get home?”

Alex beams.

They wait for Maggie before they leave, and Kara keeps her arms tight around her sisters, just like she would if they were flying—because this is pretty darn close. Alex’s stomach drops and she’s holding Maggie’s hand in a vice-like grip. Maggie’s eyes are shut tight and she looks a little pale and she doesn’t move.

It’s only a few seconds, and there’s a whoosh and a bright light, and suddenly they’re standing in the middle of S.T.A.R. Labs.

Maggie centers herself with a tight grip on both Kara and Alex, and Alex’s eyes are wider than Kara’s ever seen, “Oh… My…”


And she’s spinning around and wrapped up in a hug faster than the speed of light.


Alex’s face changes instantly, “Barry…” she sizes him up, pointing a threatening finger his way, “You’re Barry Allen?”

Her face is both unfamiliar and familiar to him, but her tone is threatening, so he ducks behind Kara. His answer is almost a squeak, “Yes?”

She takes two steps toward him and both Kara and Barry brace themselves—but they’re interrupted.


Kara turns around and runs up the stairs without a second thought, “Caitlin!”

Alex’s jaw drops, “Oh…you’re Caitlin?”

She gives a small wave, “You must be Alex.”

Alex blushes, “I…I am.”

“Wow. I’m standing right here, babe.”

Alex blushes harder and buries her forehead in Maggie’s shoulder, but Maggie only laughs and kisses her cheek.

“Caitlin, Barry, this intimidating, adorable, and blushing mess is my big sister, Alex Danvers.”

Alex glares at Kara for that description, but Kara grins back and sticks out her tongue.

Caitlin corrects her, “Doctor Alex Danvers, right?”

“Well technically…” Maggie beams, “She has two doctorates.”

Barry’s impressed, “Doctor Doctor Alex Danvers, then.”

Alex shrugs and Kara sighs, “Oh, brother,” but Alex looks so proud, and Kara is pretty damn proud of her too.

“Sure. Doctor Doctor Alex Danvers. And this is Detective Maggie Sawyer, NCPD Science Division. Also Alex’s fiancée. And…” she bounces a little, “my almost-sister-in-law,” she grins, “Did I miss anything there, Maggie?”


“Well, Mazel tov!” Cisco rounds the corner and Kara wraps him up in a hug too.


“Sup, alien? And sisters of the alien. Are you—are you also aliens?”

Alex shakes her head, “Human.”

“Bummer. No offense.”

“Cisco Ramon, my sister, Doctor Alex Danvers and her fiancée, Detective Maggie Sawyer.”

Maggie waves her off, “Really, just Maggie and Alex is fine.”

“A doctor and a detective? Cool. You’ll fit right in.”

Kara looks to Barry, “Where’s Iris?”

And Barry suddenly looks so damn proud too, “She’s off on a big news story right now.” He blushes, “She’s amazing.”

“Your fiancée?” Alex asks.


And to his surprise, Alex genuinely smiles, “Congratulations.”

He’s stunned, “Oh…thanks.”

An alarm goes off down the hall and there’s a flash of light in the doorway and Wally suddenly appears beside Kara, “Barry!” he quickly realizes there’s a lot more people in this room than usual, he stutters, “Uh…what…?”

Barry ignores his confusion, “What happened Wally?”

“Meta on the loose downtown. Laser eyes. Blowing up cars. No buildings yet, but it’s headed toward the financial district.”

Kara’s interest is piqued, “Laser eyes…?”

“Kara, no,” Alex warns.

Barry looks between Kara and Alex before making up his mind, “We got it, Kara,” he is not about to make Alex mad, and this meta doesn’t seem too threatening…yet, “I’ll call you if we need back-up.”

In an instant, Barry and Wally are gone and Cisco is running back towards the lab. 

Caitlin shoots a panicked look between the three of them, “Um…I should—” she gestures down the hall.

Kara nods, “Right behind you. However we can help.”

Less than twenty minutes later, Barry and Wally have the situation handled, the meta is in the hands of CCPD—and Alex is practically vibrating from her place in the back of the lab.

Kara tries not to grin at her excitement and the quickness of her heartbeat. Maggie is holding her hand, rubbing her thumb in slow circles on Alex’s palm, trying to calm her down.

Cisco and Caitlin turn their attention back toward Kara, Alex and Maggie.

“So…” Cisco claps his hands together, “what brings our favorite alien back to Central City?”

Kara hesitates, “Well…”

He panics for a second, “There’s not another invasion is there? I mean, time travel was awesome, but—”

Kara stops him, “No, no. Nothing like that.”

Alex is not-so-subtly staring at Kara.

She looks a little embarrassed, “Uh…so my sister’s birthday is this week, and the only thing she wanted was…well…she wanted a tour of S.T.A.R. Labs. And she wanted to meet all of you.”

Cisco looks confused, “Why…?”

But Caitlin beams, “You wanted to come here? I mean…from everything I’ve heard and…well…I researched a little bit…but I—I can’t imagine we have much to show you that you haven’t seen.”

Alex can no longer contain herself, “But you can! First of all, the metahumans. How did they get their powers? I mean, I know the particle accelerator exploded, and so that’s how a lot of it happened, but do they all stem from that? Or have there been other incidents that caused more metas to get powers—that’s what you call, them, right—metas?”

“Yes, well…”

“Oh, and Kara! With the Music Meister, how did you save her? And you figured out how to take care of her! It took years of experiments for me to get a handle on—”

“Okay! No, no. They don’t need to know about that, Alex.” Kara panics.

Maggie laughs, “Oh, I definitely need to know about that…”

Kara glares, “You. Do. Not.”

Alex barely notices, barely breathes, “And Grodd?! How did that happen?”

Cisco winces, “Long story…”

“And you have powers…right? Can you control them? What all can you do? You both have them? But different powers. And neither of you are aliens, which just leaves me with so many more questions. And Barry! I need to ask him about time travel. And time remnants. And then the multiverse! How many Earths do you guys know of? Oh! And what about the Waverider? Is their time travel different? And—”

And thankfully Caitlin cuts her off. She grins and grabs her arm and tugs her toward her lab. Cisco is slack-jawed, stunned into silence.

The sliding glass doors close behind them and Maggie stands next to Kara, “We’ve lost her entirely, you know that.”

Kara smiles, “Yes we have.”

“The biggest nerd.”

“Always has been.”

Maggie wraps an arm around her waist, “I’m only a little mad that this is going to totally overshadow my gift to her.”

“Not sorry.” Kara grins. “Oh! You should meet Joe! He’s Iris and Barry’s dad, and he’s a detective for—”

“Wait—aren’t Iris and Barry engaged?”


“And he’s both of their dads?”

Cisco puts a hand on her shoulder, “Try not to think about it too much.”

Maggie raises her eyebrows.

Kara tells it as best as she can quickly, “Barry’s mother was murdered when he was a kid, his dad was arrested and charged with the crime—but he didn’t do it—but Barry went to live with Iris and Joe. So Joe is his dad, but they’re not siblings.”

Maggie takes that information in, “…ok.”

Barry and Wally appear in an instant, and Cisco high fives them. “Great work, Team Flash.”

“Thanks, Cisco.”

Barry looks toward the lab and back to Kara, “What are they doing?”

She rolls her eyes, “Being nerds.”

Barry’s confused. Kara explains again, “Alex’s birthday is this week and she really wanted to come here and see S.T.A.R. Labs and play with all your toys and ask you five thousand questions. Apologies in advance.”

Wally laughs, “So this is gonna take a while?”

Maggie nods, “Oh yeah.”

Kara looks at Wally, “You guys got any good food on this Earth?”

“Big Belly Burger,” all three boys say in unison.

Barry is about ready to speed off but Kara stops him, “And ice cream!”

Iris walks in just then, “Barry Allen, next time you better call me and tell me you survived the laser-shooting metahuman before I have to watch it on the news.”

He blushes, “I—I was going to…”

“Uh-huh.” She eyes him up and down, and kisses him on the cheek. She looks at her brother and punches him in the arm, “You too, Wally.”

He rolls his eyes, “I’m fiiine. C’mon Barry. Let’s go.”

They take off at lightning speed, Iris smacks Cisco lightly, “You could’ve called me too.”

Maggie looks to Kara, “I like her already.”

Kara sighs, smirks, “Of course you do.”

Pieces of you

Rating: NC-17

Genre: Angst, Underground rockstar Au!

Pairing: Jungkook x reader 

Warnings: Drug use, implied sex. 

Summary: You didn’t found pleasure in the addiction that was Jeon Jungkook, all the opposite in fact. He consumed you in all the fucking possible ways but you found yourself coming back to him every time you swear you wouldn’t. Because in some part of your own sick brain there was this thing that believed that it was love. 

A/N:This was supposed to be longer but I decided to split it in two, so if enough people want it I might post the second part. Enjoy!

Sorry if i have grammar mistakes, English is not my first language. 

If there was one thing you knew about life was that sometimes the worst in people become a toxic drug for others, you couldn’t really understand why or how, because if you really think it through and tried to put your brain to function and understand it logically… it doesn’t have a logic.

Because why would someone want to suffer while being with another human being? You quickly learned that love was pure agony in some sort of way, and that was all you knew about it so you didn’t try to question it.

Some people categorize it as masochism. But it wasn’t the same, you didn’t found pleasure in the addiction that was Jeon Jungkook, all the opposite in fact. He consumed you in all the fucking possible ways but you found yourself coming back to him every time you swear you wouldn’t.

You were addicted to his pain, the boiling anger inside of you consuming every corner of your body, lighting a fire in the depth of you that it didn’t seem to stop. He let you burn and you didn’t care because it was the most alive you had felt for a long time. And you guess that was the reason why you always got back to him, because in some part of your own sick brain there was this thing that believed that it was love.

It didn’t matter how painful or unbearable the burn seemed to be, for one of his smiles was worth a thousand constellations in the night sky, his kisses the most dazzling shooting stars you’ve ever seen, and his eyes held the universe in their irises, like fireworks shining in the back of his black eyes, watching lights explode, letting them fall into the darkness in which you were trapped. And you would lie if you say that you never felt butterflies flutter in the depths of your stomach, but more often it seemed that you were going to vomit them at any moment, the hurricanes in your veins and the tsunamis that flooded your mind whenever his name crossed through it.

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gloves: chapter 1

A/N: So here’s chapter 1 to something that I will hopefully have time to finish! Thank you so much to my best bubs in the whole wild world for supporting my idea and for helping me edit and for suggesting some great stuff! Thank you @thesaltyspice for being so helpful!! 

Harry had been walking home the same way for five years.

A left at Dodie’s Tea Cakes, a right at the Starbucks on Allen Street, and then a three mile stretch from Allen Street to his small apartment where is dog, Hudson, would surely be waiting for him at the front door. He’d made the journey so many times, he was sure he’d worn a path between the gym and his home. He never once strayed from his path, he never once tried a new route that would take less time. He was a man of routine and precision. But today was different. Of course the one day he does something different from his standard routine is the day he finds himself crouched down in the dirty alleyway on Rickman Road. Instead of making a right on Allen Street, he made a left. He had a craving for cheese fries from Henry’s Grille and he couldn’t be fucked to care about how many calories and carbs were in a single serving of those fries. It was worth it and at the end of the day he’d work it off. But as he stared at the bloody, beaten up girl leaning against a brick wall, he might have had to disagree with himself. Maybe it was a good thing for her sake that he’d done something different, maybe him finding her would be the reason she would make it out of the alleyway alive. But for him personally 0it might not be a good thing. He couldn’t take her to the hospital. He couldn’t get involved with this when the police started asking questions. He couldn’t.

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castillon02  asked:

00Q prompt, if you like it: James and Q working together to support Moneypenny when she is sick and make sure MI6 runs as smoothly as possible despite her absence <3

Thank you for the prompt, @castillon02! I hope you enjoy it <3 My apologies if it’s a little bland haha

The downpour was persistent, and combined that with the sweeping gales, his morning didn’t start off on a good foot. When Mallory managed to get inside the dry interior of MI6, half of his trousers were wet and soaked.

No one said a word, not that he expected it anyway, considering that half the staff had succumbed to the flu outbreak that had been wreaking havoc these past few days. Therefore, with a sigh, he shook off his coat, folded his umbrella, and took the lift up to his office. He could use some of that coffee Moneypenny always had hot and prepared right about then.

Only, when the lift chimed open and he went into her office that was adjacent to his own, it wasn’t her who sat at the desk. 

Mallory paused. “What do you think you’re doing, 007?” he asked, incredulity coloured with creeping suspicion.

Bond looked up from where he was… wiping at Moneypeny’s desk, as though disinfecting it. Given the careful way he was actually going at it, he probably was. “Hello, sir,” Bond greeted smoothly like nothing was out of the ordinary. “As you can see, I’m merely wiping Moneypenny’s desk.”

Mallory could feel a vein already twitching just off to the side of his forehead. “I can see that,” he replied patiently enough. “Why, 007, are you doing it, is the main concern here as I’m sure you are more inclined to spent your downtime doing something more… exciting, shall we way,” His lip twitched. “And where is Miss Moneypenny?”

“She called in sick,” Bond straightened up, an easy smile on his face, and anyone who knew a Double-O would know that it wasn’t as benign as it seemed. “Or, to be more precise, she received strict orders to stay home before she worked herself to the ground.”

Something clicked in Mallory’s mind. The previous day had been hectic, and he did remember distinctly her coughing and his telling her to go home early if she needed to. Reluctantly, the man nodded once, raising one pointed eyebrow at Bond. “That still does not explain why you’re here.”

“I’ve been tasked with trying to cover for her while she’s on sick leave.”

Mallory heard a sound like his ears popping. Two seconds passed, and he finally said, “Tanner is still recovering, isn’t he.” It wasn’t a question… despairingly so.

“Barely,” Bond conceded. “And Q is helping me with the sorting and such, so I won’t be the one manning this post.”

“Ah,” Mallory let out a breath, not any more reassured than before. He opened the door to his office. “Well, I suppose this is an opportunity for you to get a real taste of desk work. Just don’t cock it up.”

“Yes, sir.” Bond had the audacity to smile.


Everything went as smoothly as it could… until people’s brains caught up to the caffeine intake they had been consuming and whirred to their full working capacity.

Bond couldn’t count the number of phone calls he had taken anymore. And half of them didn’t even have anything worthwhile to say anyway.


Q: What?

JB: What in the world is form UDO-976?

Q: Unnatural Disasters Overseas Section 976. Something to do with collapsing buildings. You should know. They probably created this category because of you in the first place.

JB: Very funny.

JB is typing…

JB: Why are there so many bloody forms and documents?

Q: Well, I don’t know. People tend to get so worried over their embassies exploding from time to time. I don’t know why they bother, really.

Bond could almost hear the disdain oozing from Q’s words. He smirked.

JB: Or their systems being overwritten every once in a while.

Q: Why, indeed.


Then, at 1051, 001 went ahead and exploded that embassy for real, and Bond felt like, despite being one continent away from the site, it exploded in his face as well.

It wasn’t even lunchtime.


By 2 P.M., he had been running around between departments so much, he almost missed Moneypenny’s message.

EM: I hope no fire or murder has started without me.

JB: Not a chance. I’m a professional, after all. Rest.

EM: I am. Carry on then. And you’ve just survived the half-day mark, so be proud of yourself ;)

Bond couldn’t tell if she had meant that sarcastically.



“Don’t laugh.” Bond’s voice was muffled in the pillow.

Q’s lips quirked upward from where he stood leaning at the door frame to their bedroom, observing the exposed planes that broad, muscly, freckled back. “I’m not,” he said. “Just enjoying the view.”

He pushed himself away from the position and went over to press kisses down along Bond’s spine. “How was work?” he asked innocently.

It was obvious that Bond wasn’t cut out for desk work.

And he had to hold back a soft snort when the man only grunted in reply.

“To be fair,” Q continued, sliding onto the bed to lie down next to Bond, “the only substantial damage was that unoccupied wing of the embassy. And M will recover from the horror of your desk work attempt… eventually.”

At this, Bond turned over to Q. “You abandoned me,” he accused.

“What? I helped you as much as I could.” Q fought to keep himself from smiling.

“Estranging me in the middle of the sea more like,” the agent grumbled. “I nearly drowned in those paperwork.”

“Come now, I was helping 001 out. Besides, at least we didn’t have a destroyed construction site on our hands as well to top it all off.”

Bond leered at Q’s deliberate jab before extending an arm. “Come here and kiss me.”

Q scooted closer and did. “Eve says thank you,” he murmured before their lips met, and Bond responded with only a distracted hum… until he accidentally rolled the man onto his back.


“Sore back from sitting for too long?” Q asked, sheepish.

Bond scowled and resumed kissing him again to wipe that smug expression from the Quartermaster’s face.

He truly wasn’t cut out for desk work.

Joker Imagine- Project 6277 PART 5

Originally posted by littletiredgirl

Joker’s P.O.V.

My eyes looked at the clock I had on my office desk. It was almost midnight so I should go and join the party downstairs. I smiled happily. She was perfect for my little project. Too bad idiot John hurt her today. We didn’t want that. The only one who was allowed to leave physical marks on her delicate skin was me and even that would hopefully only be gentle things. Y/N was rather kind. As said she was perfect. This would be easy as long as we’d be in same terms.

I got up and made sure I had bullets in my gun before I walked out of my office. My henchmen were standing silently around the highest floor. They were loyal to me and they knew that one mistake cost them their precious little lives. Before I entered the elevator, I saw that they all were somehow nervous. I squinted my blue eyes at them, but nothing happened. If I found out something was wrong, these pals up here probably know about whatever had happened.

As the elevator took me down, I looked at my reflection in the mirror. My green hair was put well with some gel and I had washed the blood out of my face. I looked great even if I say so myself. So clean and crazy. The elevator doors slid open and I was down. My henchmen nodded at me as they saw me so I walked up to them. Obviously something had happened since they didn’t just do that without a reason.

“She’s not here” A henchman called Michael told me. His voice was a little nervous and I knew he was worried. “What do you mean she’s not here?” I questioned him above the loud music. Some people looked at me wide eyed as others ignored me since they were drunk. “Y/N is not here. No one has seen her in two hours” Michael let me know without stuttering. I felt like my veins would pop any second as anger filled my blood. I didn’t want to believe him. So I clenched my jaw and looked at the bar. I could only see one bartender behind the bar as the others were giving out drinks.

Then I growled and hurried to the man behind the bar. He noticed me and I saw how scared he got. “Where is she?” I hissed angrily and made fear full his eyes. His name tag said Rick. “Are you talking about Y/N sir?” He asked me politely. “Hell yes I am. Where on earth is she?” I spat angrily on the verge of losing my mind. “I’m sorry. I haven’t seen her. She came down a couple hours ago and I haven’t seen her since” Rick told me with a small voice. But he was nearly crapping his pants so I believed him. I hit the bar with my hands and looked around. People were dancing here and drinking, but I couldn’t see Y/N. Where the hell was she? Did she run away from me?

Then I realized that I had cameras all around the place. I hurried back to Michael and stepped right in front of him. “Look at the security footage from two hours. I need you to find her” I demanded rather coldly. Michael nodded and I saw how scared he was of me. I watched as he walked off quickly to solve this riddle called ‘Where’s Y/N’.  If she had ran off, tried to escape, I’m afraid I would have to punish her. I didn’t want to be bad to her, but if she was bad to me, she deserved it.

                                                                                             My eyes were glued on the mannequin in my office. Since our plans moved, they put it back. The costume was made out of fine material, sewn perfectly to fit her. It was beautiful to look at, but it would be even more beautiful on my project here. I had planned everything out in my head. That’s why it would be extremely important that they would find her sorry ass.

“Boss” Michael’s voice broke the silence. I was sitting on the floor with a few knives around me. I was sharpening them all so that’s why they were scattered on the floor. I looked at Michael’s black sunglasses angrily. “There’s something you need to see” He let me know and handed me a tablet. I grabbed it harshly and then looked at the screen. He had recorded the security footage and I saw Y/N in the video. She was outside innocently about to grab the glasses from a table. A man dressed in black walked up to her and wrapped his arm around her.

I could see how startled Y/N was even tho the quality sucked.  She tried to escape, but the man yanked her hair roughly. It made my blood boil from anger. I watched as he had pushed her into a black car and they drove off. Bad for him I saw the license plate. Why the hell had someone taken Y/N away?! “We found an address connected to the car” Michael let me know. My eyes moved from the screen to him. “Give it to me. Grab two guys and we’re going there” I growled and stood up. “Of course boss” Michael nodded and hurried out. I stretched my neck and arms and felt anger flowing through my body.

Whoever the guy was, he would be fucking sorry for ruining my plans with Y/N tonight. They were important after all. So I walked out the room and put on my purple coat. Michael was waiting for me with two henchmen, Jordan and Kyle. I nodded at them so they would follow me. We were all armed. Michael told us the address and I already knew where to go. The address wasn’t so far away from the factories. It was in the rich neighbourhood of Gotham where sorry ass people lived.

“When we get there, find Y/N. Don’t let her escape. You may only use a little force to hold her back if needed. If you hurt her, I will shoot you” I told the guys as we got in the elevator. I heard three 'yes sir’s and it pleased me. These were my trusted henchmen. They never took my word for granted and I really hoped that Y/N wouldn’t either. To be honest I was already keen to her. Whoever the guy was would be very sorry for yanking her hair like that and pushing her into that ugly car.

                                                          In less than a quarter we were in front of the house that the address belonged to. I saw the car parked onto the lawn and even one of the doors were open. So I got out of my car with my three henchmen walking behind me. The house had two floors and it was white. It was outside the heart of the city, but we could still see all the city buildings from the neighbourhood. So we got behind the door and I noticed that the damn fool had left it open. “Is he drunk or something?” I whispered as we walked inside. As soon as we got inside, I smelled alcohol strongly in the dirty air. Things were sprawled all across the carpeted floor and I was sure this guy had troubles.

Then I heard a sob coming from ahead of us. We all walked closer and then I heard glass being broken. “The next time it will hit you!” A man yelled angrily. I grabbed my special made gun and then walked to the mess. I saw a living room that was completely trashed. In the  middle of everything I saw a man with a dirty black hoodie and jeans. On the floor I saw a crying woman covered in blood and bruises.

Suddenly my eyes widened. It was Y/N!

“You’re such a whore..You’re sleeping with a damn ugly clown man” The drunken man hissed and it angered my henchmen as well. “I would not say that if I were you” I cleared my throat and walked up to the man. He turned around the same second as I hit his face with my gun. He covered his nose with his bloody hands immediately. Then I nodded and my henchmen attacked him. I let them take care of that sad loser and I turned to Y/N who could barely keep her eyes open.

The sight made me feel strange even tho I had seen gore and blood for years now.

Y/N had a black eye. Her clothes were ripped off and she was wearing her underwear and her jeans that were by her ankles. She had bruises around her neck, shaped as fingerprints. She could barely keep her eyes open, especially the one that was swollen and bruised. Shards of glass had cut her skin on her shoulders and arms. She was covered in wounds and there was a large bruise on her ribs. I just stared at her in shock. I couldn’t imagine that something this bad could happen to her.

“Y/N” I said her name softly and suddenly she moved her eyes up to me. They were red from crying that I had already seen once. “D-Don’t..” She whimpered weakly in fear as I tried to touch her. I didn’t intend to hurt her, but she was completely taken by fear. It made me so angry. I had an amazing plan for tonight but this asshole had ruined everything. How did he dare to hurt 6277 like this?!

“Michael, help her into a better position” I demanded and turned to look at my men. Michael nodded and hurried to Y/N. I stared at the pig that was being held against the wall by my other two men. I loaded my gun and looked into his ugly small eyes. The man that thought he had been so tough looked like a ghost. His skin got pale as he saw me.

“Who the fuck are you?” I hissed angrily and pointed my gun against him. “Y/N’s boyfriend” He spat some blood. I’m glad he had gotten a punch. Confusion washed over me. She told me she didn’t have a boyfriend. “Well at least not anymore you pile of trash” I growled and hit his face with my gun. His nose cracked and I knew I broke it this time. Tears stung the man’s eyes and I knew he was blinded by the pain. “You fucking idiot clown” The man gasped with a harsh voice. I moved my finger in a no motion.

Tsk tsk, I would want to watch my mouth if I were you” I warned him and then smiled. His eyes got filled with fear. He would die tonight. I put my hands on his shoulders and then hit his crotch hard with my knee. He yelled out in pain, but I just repeated smashing his most sensitive parts with my leg. “NO! STOP! PLEASE!” He was bagging in raw pain. It was like music to my ears. “This is for hurting Y/N” I let him know and then hit his forehead with the gun. He was crying by now and I enjoyed the sight.

“If I had nowhere to go, I would stay here to play with you, but I need to go” I sighed and then pressed the tip of my gun under his chin. He tried to beg for mercy, but I pulled my trigger and then a loud bang echoed in the house. The bullet pierced through his skull and life escaped his eyes like an exploded light. I smiled and stepped back. My henchmen let him go and the numb body fell onto the floor. I blew the smoke out of my gun and put it in my pocket. Then I turned back to Y/N who was now on her back with a pillow under her head. Michael had covered her barely clothed chest with a blanket he had found from the couch.

I wasn’t sure if the asshole had been her boyfriend or not, but I still felt sorry. And I thought I was the bad guy here..

I leaned down and carefully wrapped my arms under her body. Then I picked her up in my arms bridal style. At that point I didn’t really care if I got blood on my clothes. Y/N was mine, even tho we weren’t in a relationship.She was my bartender, my project and we had plans tonight. Even tho I hated to admit it, I didn’t like to see her in pain. After watching her for months from afar, making sure she was perfect for this little project, I had grown very keen into this woman. This was simply unfair towards her.


BillDip Week 2017, Day 3: Angst

If any of you enjoyed Peter Pan (2003), you probably like this chapter.

Notes and Warnings: I won’t call this Peter Pan AU, because it’s not, only inspired by the scene and the time when it is set.

He can’t be of both

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Service to The King

Desperate time did call for desperate measures and no one could help her. Not Kane, not Kal, not even Bad or the good doctor. There was only one and to get to her once had to face the king. The very man who was responsible for breaking her in ways no man ever did. The meeting was quick and simple, she presented her newest abomination which was just a simple rat. A rat she let go and with the push of a button exploded right before the king’s eyes. In return, she was able to see the one she called pretty lady and was gifted news of who would be able to aid her. Bound by thread and loyalty whatever task Mora gave her she would do without second thoughts.

Once she had finished the king’s gifts she would to Undercity and seek out Dorian. Back home in the dollhouse several ghouls roamed freely keeping anyone from coming to disturb her. “Let no one in..” Was all the doll said as she passed Glennis who for once had a worried look on her face. “You are far too weak.. Look at you, you can barely stan-”

“I said let no one in! This is my battle alone! This was my fault to begin with. If I never tried to be close to normal.. If I just kept the scars… I wouldn’t be in this.. If I didn’t want to be beautiful for him…” She turned away and started to walk towards her lab. “Let no one in though I know only one is stupid enough to come and if he does… Let the ghouls kill him.” Glennis nodded and stayed upstairs leaving the doll back to her work. “I can not help you….Seek out Dorian in Undercity, tell him there is no forgiveness for those who betray their own and kiss him… Make good on everything else you said and I will make sure he helps you if there are any problems.. These are the words of pretty lady…” 

“Do as your told… Make good on everything else..” She repeated over and over as she stepped into her torture chamber. Lab rats, sewer rats, and even house rats were all caged up and ready to be crafted to gifts to the her new king.  Hours passed as the doll spent all night and morning creating a hundred rats stuffed with little explosives.

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so far gone (Zach/Cammie)

Title: so far gone
Summary: Zach and Cammie discuss life and perhaps the scariest test of all: parenthood. 
A/N: My farewell fic of sorts for the Gallagher Girls fandom.  Characters belong to Ally Carter, title and lyrics taken from “So Far Gone” by James Blunt.  Rated T for implied under-cover operations, if you catch my drift. :P

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Tell me the wars you’re fighting
behind the smile you’re hiding


“Let’s get married,” Zach whispered into my ear one night as we crashed at a hotel in Islamabad during another mission.

I snorted. “Really? You couldn’t have picked a more romantic moment?”

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“Six” part 15: Electric Love (Finale)

The events of Six and Mayday come to a conclusion at the Gala.

Spin-off of the Mayday series.

Steve x Reader

Warnings: Feels, fluff

I looked around and surveyed the room I was in. A low bungalow, in a row of low bungalows, in a shipping yard in Normandy. Everyone here was dead.

I’d changed my tactics the last month. I’d decided it wasn’t really fair to kill low level Hydra guards who didn’t have even half of the sense it would require to actually know who they were working for. So I was trying to keep those casualties to a minimum. Let’s just say, maybe some of Steve’s goodness had gotten to me. I wasn’t sure.

I’d developed a new strategy. A few weeks ago I’d cleared out a Hydra base with a large stockpile of knock-out gas. I’d decided that it needed to belong to me, along with a gas mask, and I’d just been dosing the outside guards unconscious since then, and only taking out my 36 years of aggression on the important people inside of the buildings. The guys outside, they were peons, making shit money to do a dangerous job. Maybe a little dance with near-death would change their mind. Maybe I’d run into them later and take them out of existence. It was their choice, really.

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Anon: You can see the future and and during the battle against Ultron, you see Pietro get shot. So instead you go to save Clint and the little boy yourself and get shot. Pietro is absolutely devastated about it bc he loves you

TITLE: Quick Decisions

“West side of the city, church building. Ultron’s got a activation key of some sort. We can’t let him get to it.”

Tony’s voice intruded your ear, followed by the rest of the teams confirmation they were on there way. You gave an exasperated ‘ten four’ before beginning to trudge towards the location, raising your hands to defend yourself every time another one of those robots popped up. You really didn’t know how to explain your power, it was as if you had the power to survive. Some mysterious force would rip apart each android. Nat called it telekinesis, but it wouldn’t work any time you weren’t threatened. Thor had a theory it was similar to what Jane unintentionally did when she was hosting the Ether.

That would explain how tired you were.

“Keep up old man,” you heard as you entered a small clearing between all the buildings, eyes catching Pietro zip off with his sister in arm while leaving Clint behind.

“I’d miss you Clint,” you interjected as he began complaining, breaking into a jog next to him as you continued trekking through the city of Sokovia.

“Thanks, that makes me feel loads better,” he rolled his eyes, raising his bow and rapidly firing off two arrows, decommissioning two androids as you clenched your fists and made a tugging motion, tearing another’s head off.

Suddenly, as soon as their remains clattered to the broken concrete, your head spun. You fell to a knee with the force of the vision, eyes clouding over to a milky-grey color. Clint’s concerned voice fell away.

You were still in Sokovia, but it was almost deserted. SHIELD had arrived, sending down ‘boats’ of some sort to cart away all the civilians and those Avengers who couldn’t fly. You couldn’t see Tony or Wanda. In fact the only people you could see were Pietro, Clint, and Steve. You were standing off to the side, near one of those boats, with Clint by your side. He ran off as soon as he spotted the boy you two were looking for, pulling him into his arms and getting ready to run back. “Run!” you shouted, something not sitting well in your gut as more androids appeared. A blast at your feet made you fly backwards, sprawling across the edge of the cities crumbing boundaries, almost tumbling off. As you began to stand back up, your eyes widened in horror as the Quinjet soared over your head, obviously under the control of Ultron. The machine gun started spitting bullets, cutting down everything in its path. It was too late for you to get to Clint, even if your feet were already moving. Your hoarse scream was no use. Your abilities weren’t helpful either, not when it came to another.

The jet flew away, having done its damage. Confusion crossed your features when you didn’t see Clint, but Pietro. His body was riddled with red dots, the color spreading further and further, staining is whole body. You reached him ten seconds later, right after he collapsed to the ground. “NO,” you choked, falling to your knees next to him. Power exploded to your right. Wanda. Clint was no more than five feet over, the boy still clutched in his grasp. Steve appeared above you. But it was too late. He was gone .

“Y/N! Christ, snap out of it!“

Clint shook your shoulders, hard. Your head snapped up as you began to focus on his face, his voice. You were gasping, heart pumping more than the maximum amount it was supposed too.

"What’d you see?” he demanded, realizing that this vision was the worst one yet. His concern was almost overwhelming.

“Nothing,” you answered, still a little dazed. “Nothing important now. I just saw who won the lottery next week,” you lied, making that quick decision not to tell him and shaking out of his grip, plus his intense gaze, as Nat skidded around the corner in a convertible sports car.

Clint hopped into the drivers seat as Nat moved over to the passenger side. You climbed into the middle, sitting on the back of the two-seater with you feet resting on the center console of the vehicle.

Your thoughts were muddled, trying to sort through what you had just seen. It was obviously going to happen soon. Really soon, judging by the boats passing by overhead. Fury had arrived.

As Clint slammed the car to a halt and all of you vaulted out, Pietro sped over, scooped you up into his arms as he did Wanda earlier, and easily ran and deposited you into the center of the Church, right next to where said 'key’ was. You knew he was infatuated with you, you found it adorable how hard he tried. It was the little things that really got you.

The battle was ruthless. How Ultron had created so many androids, in so little time, was a mystery. Thor just had to ask if Ultron had anything more. Nonetheless, no robot touched the activation pillar. But even you could tell the air was getting thin. It was time to end this. Earth was at stake.

“Clear out, sweep for remaining civilians. Wanda,” Steve began dishing out orders. “I’ll protect the key. It’s my job,” the younger Maximoff said, nodding at you and Clint as you gave her an 'Are you sure?’ look.

Everyone branched out.

Eventually Clint, Nat, and you began to head for one of the last remaining floating ships. Uneasiness began to pool in your core. This was starting to look like your vision. Your eyes found that same women who’s son, or brother, was missing in your hallcunation. You sucked in a sharp breath as she began calling out his name. He wasn’t there.

Clint began jogging off.

Another quick decision, after your desperate plea for him to wait was lost, was to step out after him. Following at a slower pace after Clint, you felt as if you were going to hurl as that roar of the Quinjet engine began. This was really happening.

“Move move move!” you began hollering, really wishing you had Cap’s shield, already hearing the bullets chipping away the pavement no more than ten meters from you. You didn’t know where Pietro was, you weren’t taking that chance. You acted, no longer concerned for anything but Pietro and Clint surviving. This was your decision to make.

With your momentum, you slammed Clint and the boy to the side, watching as they sprawled out behind the overturned car.

“Y/N,” you vaguely heard both Pietro and Steve yell.

Your body twitched, the silence deafening in your ears as you looked down upon yourself. Holes were present where they shouldn’t be, a warmth spreading across your entire body. That damned vision was the farthest thing from your mind right now. Your chest started spasming as fluid spilled into your lungs, urging you to cough and spit blood. Even your abilities couldn’t save you from this.

Pietro was at your side in an instant, gently taking your arms and lowering you onto the ground.

“Bet you didn’t see that coming?” You croaked, unable to say anything more, tears spilling down your cheeks from the pain and the idea that no longer would you be able to see any of your friends.

“No, love, I didn’t,” Pietro answered, holding back his emotions, leaning down and kissing your forehead. He wasn’t going to profess his undying love for you, not now. He knew you were dying, and could only hold you as you gave your final breath.

What’s a Witch 15

Pt 14 Pt 16

Reams of scrolls were tossed to the polished floor of the fairy’s palace. From upon his usurped throne, Mard Geer reviewed the sacred knowledge Erza had collected from centuries of careful documenting. Her records were thorough, from annual crop records to irrigation treatments.

It was evident Titania was focused on being a good leader for her people.


He was not fooled by the fairy’s pandering. Let the woman pretend to be on the side of heroes when in truth she sided with demons and traitors.

He searched through the papers, not sure what he was looking for but knowing whatever information the Titania had kept stored was well worth the trouble of finding it if she went through such pains to protect it. She had fallen under his blade, trying to keep him from advancing on the castle. At the time Mard Geer had simply believed it to be nothing more than fairy arrogance and the stubbornness they persisted on displaying even when it was impossible for them to win.

She hadn’t known about the power her throne held. She hadn’t even known of Mard Geer’s true intentions despite their many clashes. So why bother protecting an empty shell of a building? And she had not been alone. The whole guild had shored up on the palace grounds, fae of all kinds had joined the fight. Even those who had no gift for combat decided to fight with Titania.

Of course it resulted in a massacre.

Still, it was an eye opening one.

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A little idea I got from that-weird-british-girl. Thanks  a lot!

“Hiccup!” She screamed. Her vision was blurry and filled with a dark shade of grey that seemed to be a mist of smoke and ashes that were covering up the whole strange place she was standing on. She could barely see her own hands in front of her as she walked cautiously. The thick mist dissolved a little bit into the air and she could see a little more, though she got far more questions and far less answers. She just had one thought in mind: find Hiccup.

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jehanthepoet  asked:

Hey! either “So what if I broke my arm I’m still doing it.” or “Why exactly do you need chloroform at 2AM?” for ronan and blue?

I love these jerks so much! Hope this is to your liking, hon. 

Blue means to call Gansey, she really does, but at the last minute she dials a different number instead. When Ronan picks up on the fifth ring she says, “Holy shit, you answered.”

“You’ve never called me before,” he says. His voice sounds low, like he’s tired, but not thick like he’s been sleeping. As far as she can tell he never sleeps. “I thought something might be wrong.”

“That’s disturbingly nice of you.” She picks at the cat hair on the crocheted blanket she’s draped across her knees. “And now I’m just the girl who called wolf.”

“I prefer to think of myself as more of a mountain lion, but sure. What do you want?”

What does she want? She wants to not feel guilty for calling Gansey late at night. She wants her father to have been a normal deadbeat. She wants to be able to afford whatever fancy college Gansey will get into. She wants her mother back.

“I want to crawl out of my skin.”

“Now who’s the wolf?” he says.


She can hear rustling in the background and a flap of wings. Chainsaw must be on his shoulder. “Do you want me to pick you up at your house or somewhere else?”

“Here is fine…and don’t tell Gansey?”

“Uh-huh,” he says, and hangs up.

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