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And maybe a Iwaoi soulmate AU or something like that-?

Because of my previous iwaoi AU in which Iwa can see affection, I am thinking of soulmate AU more than I already am. Σ(-᷅_-᷄๑)

IwaOi soulmate AU (red string):

  • Iwaizumi can see red strings around people’s little fingers. 
  • Iwaizumi never knows what they are until he’s nine, when his parents get divorced. He dislikes those red strings because he can’t even help linking his mother’s abandoned one with his father’s, or cutting his father’s from linking to another woman.
  • Iwaizumi finally learns to (somehow) appreciate his ability when he’s in college after he helps Kuroo get together with his fated mate. (Kuroo also becomes the only person who knows Iwaizumi’s ability.)
  • Iwaizumi becomes the captain of their uni volleyball team (and Kuroo vice captain) in their junior years. It is that day when he and Kuroo goes to their team tryout and he’s about to open the door that he sees red string appearing around his little finger which leads inside the stadium. 
  • (Kuroo unfortunately figures it out at Iwaizumi’s stunned state and vows to learn who’s Iwa’s fated mate even though Iwa refuses to tell.)
  • Iwaizumi is more than surprised to see his red string attached, not to a might-gonna-be manager, but to a tall (irritatedly taller than him), full-blown smiley faced freshman.  
  • This freshman turns out to be the star setter that the rumours has been centered on. His name’s Oikawa Tooru.
  • Oikawa makes a speech to become the setter to the ace (while looking directly at Iwaizumi) when it’s his turn to introduce himself.
  • Iwaizumi suddenly finds Oikawa everywhere in his life. 
  • The truth is, Oikawa tries to bribe Kuroo to “share” Iwaizumi’s class schedule so he could run into Iwaizumi as often as possible. 
  • Oikawa manages to convince Kuroo by admitting that he comes to their university because he admires Iwa’s skill in volleyball and leadership on the court when he first saw Iwa playing on the court when he’s in high school. (“It’s love at first sight. But why it has to be with someone as  unromantic as Iwa-chan senpai? I can’t even boast about it!”)
  • Iwaizumi has a hard time convincing himself that Oikawa (bright, brilliant, popular Oikawa) really likes him without any influence of “the red string of fate.”
  • There’s a lot of courting (from Oikawa), a little bit more denial (from Iwaizumi), a whole lot of help and scheming (from Kuroo) and even one challenge of volleyball (“Five serves.” “What?” “If I get to land five service aces before you could receive five of mine, you have to stop whatever that’s bothering you and gives me a chance. I don’t care what you mean about I am confused by my admiration. I will show you how sure I am of my feelings about you!”)
  • (Iwaizumi may or may not go easy at his ninth receive and have Oikawa lands his fifth service aces first.)
  • (Deep down Iwaizumi knows he wants to believe, not in the red strings, but in Oikawa.)

Tears were shed. so SO many tears were shed. I love Todoroki so much. I didn’t imagine I’d be left crying out of happiness instead of sadness, but here i am, being so happy for Todoroki that i just want to scream. I love this manga and anime so much. 

the first anime to ever make me cry. Todoroki is one of the most complex characters out there, I’d say. I am so happy with how this was animated. god I’m such a mess right now. I literally just finished the episode and I’ve just wiped my tears away. Todoroki’s past, and most important memories were most definitely what drew me to tears, combined with the beautifully animated version of his flames. I’m so in love with him, and the series as a whole, and GODDAMNIT I will always remember this episode. jesus fucking christ. thanks to literally every single voice actor, Kaji Yuki especially, and thanks to every single person who animated this. 

boy this was one heck of a ride. I can only imagine what the whole Stain incident is going to do to me. 

I forgot that my niece is 7 years old, so when I casually mentioned that Garrus Vakarian was my space husband she took it literally and burst into tears, asking my sister why she wasn’t allowed to go to the wedding. I showed her a picture of Garrus, hoping that would explain that I was kidding without me spelling it out, but all she did was squint at it and ask if he was wearing a mask or he really looked like a dinosaur.

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okay but tog/acotar crossover. who would you ship next gen wise, other than otp?

So other than my beautiful Sastiel? I think:

Manorian’s daughter x Nessian’s son

Manorian’s daughter:

  • she’s strong, sassy, and always slays
  • Dorian’s black hair and Manon’s dark golden eyes
  • full bitch witch and shows the boys up with her deadly fighting skills
  • has the most snarky mouth, and knows how to lay it down with comebacks
  • she gets in so many fights and Manon is always praising her for it when she wins, granted that the fight was for a good reason
  • Dorian always tries to teach her everything he knows and they always spend time together reading and telling each other facts
  • they play this game at the dinner table, where Dorian will say a fact, and Manorian’s daughter has to beat it with a better fact, and it goes on and on until Manon has to step between them
  • she’ll always declare, “say one more fact and I’ll cut you” and Dorian and Manorian’s daughter will gesture that their lips were zipped with a giggle
  • somehow she is also very sensitive like Dorian even though everyone thinks she’s a bitch
  • so she spends a lot of her time with her wyvern and adventuring everywhere
  • she has a big extended family who she loves, but she loves being independent
  • really kinky
  • like really really kinky

Nessian’s son:

  • a dreamer, quiet, fierce
  • Nesta’s brown hair and Cassian’s hazel eyes
  • he’s Cassian’s son, but he spends so much time with Azriel that they are basically the same
  • Cassian actually gets so jealous every time his son wants to spend more time with Azriel than him
  • Cassian will always say, “but i’m THE General Commander of the Illyrians” and “I once speared a man so far away you could barely see his face in the middle of war”
  • for help Cassian would nudge Rhys, like “tell my boy how fucking awesome I am”
  • and Nessian’s son will just be like “eh, I want to see Uncle Az”
  • also best friend’s with Kastiel (Feysand’s son)
  • they get up to so much mischief and the girls just die when they see Kastiel and Nessian’s son walking around Velaris
  • there’s actually a fanbase for them, but Kastiel and Nessian’s son don’t give a shit about the girls in Velaris because they are both secretly in love with Mor (obvs until Kastiel meets Seraphine ofc)
  • actually really funny when you get to meet him
  • reason why he hates speaking is because Nessian are always bickering and he doesn’t want to get between his parents
  • one time he opened his mouth and shit broke loose
  • loves animals and can communicate with them very well
  • a little bit goofy

Manorian’s daughter x Nessian’s son

  • Manorian’s daughter is so bold, so loud and carefree that when Nessian’s son lays his eyes on her for the first time, he just straight up thought she was dumb and ignored her
  • Nessian’s son just wanted to be alone, hated the fact that there were so many people and didn’t want to join the dinner party that was the ACOTAR x ToG crossover (might have to do a hc on this dinner party separately)
  • so Nessian’s son leaves and walks around
  • while he’s just wandering he spots Manorian’s wyvern
  • he loved the look of the wyvern and didn’t even feel an ounce of fear as he walks up to it
  • that’s when Manorian’s daughter sees Nessian’s son for the first time
  • she just straight up fell in love with everything about him
  • the way he was murmuring to her wyvern, the way he stroked her wyvern so gently, the way his hair shone in the moonlight
  • and because she holds nothing back, she shouts, “hey, you fae boy!”
  • Nessian’s son was so startled he didn’t move or say anything when Manorian’s daughter walks up to him, holds his face and kisses him passionately
  • Manorian’s daughter pulls back reluctantly and says, “I’ve always wanted to know what that feels like”
  • and Nessian’s son smiles, actually smiles, and replies, “then do it again”

- Why don’t we stop pretending that I’m brilliant and you’re simple, for one moment?


In which Carver tries to be impressive, and fails miserably. How lucky he is that Fenris finds the failings amusing!!

Carver hawke is @harrowingwhisperer
Fenris is one of the two lovely people who run @arteetmarteduos

Congratulations to BTS on winning Top Social Artist!!!

if anyone wants to get me luke for my birthday next week, count me in. just saying. =)

re: that new mary lambert’s  music video: i have not thought that it is possible to have such a queer look on a person, but…. 

bloody hell: a leather jacket, a flannel shirt, a vest of some sort, and a t shirt with a bi pride symbol….

….that is the ultimate look. !!

My brain is doing that thing where it classifies all my original fic as either 1) about people unlike myself, and therefore a story I don’t have a right to tell, 2) about people like myself, and therefore excessively self-centered and whiny and something I should keep private and hidden, or 3) both, simultaneously

Normally I would spend several hours whining to my brain about how dumb this is, but forget that, it’s time for dragon age fic

steven-and-the-diamonds  asked:

I love all your Diamond writings. I've been on a writing hiatus for over a year now, but seeing all the wonderful stuff you and Papersketch come up with has given me the motivation to write again. I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am and you just keep being awesome :)

Thank you so much for this kind message! It really brightened my day. I’m sure @papersketch agrees (Don’t listen to her, she’ll try to pin it all on me)! I think I caught the tail end of one of your works, I’m going to have to go a-hunting for the rest, it seems really good! I’m glad we inspired you, I’m really glad that we have such a positive effect.