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A Big Thank You to everyone

I just wanna give a bigggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg Thank you to everyone who gave me a big thank you and other things for my birthday. I also want to thank everyone who has been patient with me during my transitioning period. I’ve spoken with a Therapist and I will be going to my first (and hopefully last) assessment and afterwards, if all goes well, I’ll be able to begin my HRT journey. So, to all of you that have had to deal with the whiplash of me going from Afro to Wigs, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I love you all!

Hufflepuff and proud

Here’s a little thing I made since I just witnessed some Hufflepuff hate and I’m a little pissy. So here’s why Hufflepuff is a good house.

- Yes, Hufflepuffs are the sweet ones, the ones that wouldn’t hurt you, the ones that may sometimes be slight pushovers.
- Yes, the Hufflepuff common room is near the kitchens so we get a lot of access to food (which would be a crime not to exploit).
- Yes, Hufflepuffs are known to be magizoologists or herbologists. So not exactly the most gripping and adventurous careers.
- But they are so much more than that.
- Hufflepuffs are the ones that listen to you no matter what. They’re the ones you go to when you need to vent, when you need someone to listen to you or you need someone to give advice.
- Hufflepuffs are the ones that stick up for their underdog house. They’re proud to be in Hufflepuff and they absolutely love everyone in it.
- Hufflepuffs are the ones that flip the fuck out if you insult their friends, or anyone for that matter.
- Hufflepuffs are the ones that accept everyone, regardless of gender, sexuality, house, etc.
- Hufflepuffs are the ones that you can just be with.
- You want to sit in silence, reading a book and drinking some tea? Sounds great!
- You want to bake some cookies and inevitably get into a food fight? Sign me up.
- You want to spend the whole night talking and trying to make each other laugh? Uh yes please!
- Hufflepuffs are the ones that work themselves to the bone to prove to not only others, but themselves too that they can do something. That they’re not useless.
- Hufflepuffs are the ones that get things done. 
- When everyone else is arguing, they finish the task and sooth everyone’s tempers.
- Hufflepuffs are the ones who put aside their issues to help you with yours.
- Hufflepuffs are brave.
- They are loyal.
- They are the best friends you could ever ask for.
- People need Hufflepuffs.
- So don’t you dare insult one.

Rant over.

Decided to do this for @markiplier’s birthday.
The first video of his I ever watched was Mad Father, both the game and the channel recommended to me by one of my friends in 2013/2014-ish. I fell in love with indie rpg’s in that style just as I enjoyed Mark’s style. It would be a while though before I watched videos of his from different genres.
His channels means a lot to me. He’s so open and caring, and seems to genuinely care for the community around it. And his videos gave me something in common with my older sister, who I often have trouble getting along with. I’m so glad to have found his channel and have it in my life.


What’s Your Hogwarts House Percentage?

My results: You Are 45% Ravenclaw, 22% Gryffindor, 17% Slytherin, and 16% Hufflepuff!

You believe above all in the importance of wisdom, which is why you undoubtedly belong in Ravenclaw, but your sense of adventure means you may also have an affinity for Gryffindor house. You are a thrill-seeker – you love to travel and there’s nothing more exciting to you than new experiences – and believe that adventure is essential in the pursuit of knowledge. You are brave, but would never intentionally put yourself in danger, placing you firmly in Ravenclaw.

Your slight compatibility with Slytherin house suggests a determination to succeed, though not at the expense of traits from your more dominant houses.

The Hogwarts Houses as Cats

Ravenclaw: Curious little cats. Enjoy spending their time watching birds and figuring out where that damn red dot comes from.

Gryffindor: Extremely adventurous cats. Loves being outdoors and going on endless journeys around town, but also is know to run into walls whilst playing.

Slytherin: These cats sneak around the house and plan out every move while playing. If there is a mouse, this cat will catch it.

Hufflepuff: Love catnip, treats, and being with their human. These cats become extremely attached to their owner, but will warm up to others as well.

hogwarts houses as good things

SLYTHERIN: looking drop dead gorgeous in formal wear, killer eyeliner, giving the most carefully crafted insults, loving your heritage, having a close knit group of friends that you would kill for, sarcasm off the charts, being able to put the fear of God into people’s hearts after one look.

RAVENCLAW: the perfect high ponytail, clear lip gloss, the feeling after you figure out a complicated math problem, getting an A on an assignment the rest of the class failed on, looking killer in business attire, wearing sweatpants after a long day, vocabulary so big even the teachers don’t understand what you’re talking about, the skill of reading while walking, messy desks, inked hands.

GRYFFINDOR: winning an argument, feet hitting the pavement, acting like an idiot with your friends, being yourself without caring what others think, volunteering in class, long, complicated handshakes, wearing whatever you want, dying your hair neon shades of hair, because you like to “rebel against the system”

HUFFLEPUFF: soft hoodies, sitting next to the new kid, getting excited when the new kid remembers your name, long hugs, sunrises, being swaddled in furry blankets, baking, sharing snacks, long hugs, cheering up even a random stranger when they seem down, running back down the hall to compliment the teacher with the wonderful looking nails, the adorable nose crinkle that happens when someone genuinely smiles.


He took us in, He fed us and you-Aye, he took us in. He’s a good man and his daughter makes a nice stew. And they’ll both be dead come winter.You don’t know that. I do know it. He’s weak. He can’t protect himself. They’ll both be dead come winter. Dead men don’t need silver. •