just hold me hes too beautiful

The Boy Who Couldn’t Hold His Breath Underwater…

I could not get this moment of the series out of my head, even though there were SO MANY beautiful moments, I saw Isak on the back of that bike in episode 4 and thought “…dear god he looks like a Caravaggio Painting!” (And don’t even get me started on the art historical/thematic implications of that visual reference…) And I knew I just had to draw it.

Anyway, so here it is! For some reason, it looks weird when I take it out of the drawing app but regardless,  Enjoy!

I might also make this available as a print eventually if anyone is interested

He’s the kind of guy that could make the Mona Lisa smile
With all her teeth;
Make Van Gogh wish he’d kept his second ear just to hear the way he laughs
Like pollination;
And the mirror sighs when he walks away
And the open doors are always
Begging him to stay
And the bus stop hopes
No buses stop;
And I want to kiss his neck
And his knuckles when they’re covered by his thumb.
He’s just like me because
He hates letting go
So we walk with ten fingers between us
Holding inside jokes
About how we’ll have to share a coffin
Cause we’ll die this way
but he’s too beautiful to bury;
And I think those three words are too odd;
So even when I want to;
I say something else instead like,
I’m glad you’re not dead; and I hope you stay that way as long as I do; and your smile is like an oasis; and you make me feel like a hot air balloon in the Bermuda triangle; and when you’re gone I’m a missing poster; a face on the milk box; and it scares me that you put your milk before your cereal; but I still want to have breakfast with you every morning; and I’m not good at labelling things because there are too many words to choose from; but if this is something; if this something had a name; what would you call it?
Would you call it love?
—  He’s everything I’ve ever wanted; but you can’t lose what you don’t have; so I’m afraid to call him mine // Ceres

[Trans] 170214 Wechat post by Ruan Zhiyong (OP was selling flowers near where Yixing was filming Operation Love on Valentine’s day when Yixing bought all his flowers):

I’ll never dare to sell flowers again for Valentine’s day in the future. It was really too hard to sell. After two and a half hours I sold three.

But damn it to hell, I thought of that phrase “you still need to have a dream, just in case it can become real”.

Holding my bucket, the bucket that contains the flowers, I’m walking along the desolate ErSha Island. I’m a little eye catching and a little dumb looking, but I have something beautiful beside me, such beautiful flowers so I’m feeling not too bad.

I’m walking and walking, in front of my eyes appear a wave of people. I continue to walk forward, I was called to a stop by a guy with makeup on. He then gestured another guy beside him and left these words.

“Get all these flowers. Today’s Valentine’s Day. Let’s buy them to give to the production team.”

I found out after that this guy was called Zhang Yixing and he happened to be filming a drama at ErSha island. Around the set in all four directions was all full of fan girls.

I don’t really know the person, but just for the straightforwardness and that he bought flowers for the staff of the production team and the supporting fan girls, I thought yep, this brother isn’t bad.

I don’t have any other intentions. I just want to see how many Zhang Yixing fan girls there are in my (wechat’s) circle of friends.

Life is like (a box of) chocolates, you never know if the next person you’ll meet will buy all the flowers you have on hand in one go.

  • Akashi: I've heard Tetsuya sing before.
  • Others: !!!
  • Akashi: It was beautiful. Like an angel singing.
  • Aomine: Fuck, he's really an angel!
  • Midorima: Did you just noticed that?
  • Takao: You guys are blinded by love! HAHAHA.
  • Kise: I want to see Kurokocchi singing while stripping!
  • Aomine: Ah, me too!
  • Takao: Wow, so blinded.
  • Midorima: Are you both an idiot? Naked singing Kuroko would be perfect.
  • Takao: Shin-chan!?
  • Murasakibara: Naked singing covered by whipped cream Kuro-chin would be perfect, though.
  • Takao: HAHAHA. You guys crack me up!
  • Akashi: Hold on.
  • Others: ...
  • Akashi: Naked singing covered by whipped cream blind folded Tetsuya is sexy.
  • Others: Ohhh!!
  • Takao: That's sexual harassment now!
  • Sirius: What did I do?
  • Marlene: Sirius, this is not the time, OK.
  • Sirius: But I don't know what I did wrong.
  • Marlene: You weren't there for me Sirius. I just wanted you to care about what I was going through and you didn't.
  • Sirius: Because I was trying to save James. What was I supposed to do?
  • Marlene: You were supposed to be there for me too. Did James put his relationship on hold with Lily when you needed saving? No. He never does.

He said he would find me and hold my hand when he sees me, so I know that it’s him. But when I look at the face of the one holding my hand, I only see a stranger smiling at me. So I just smile back at him. One day is too short to get used to him. When that person touches me, I keep telling myself that it’s really him. But I can’t be sure about it. I try to feel him with my eyes closed, then I feel okay. I feel like I am going crazy.


“Isn’t it amazing?” You asked, looking over at Bucky who was laying beside you, his hands tucked under his head. 

“Beautiful. Just like you.” He smirked at you.

You laughed lightly as an unseen blush dusted your cheeks. You moved to sit up, your eyes fixated on the moon. “Do you think the moon feels insignificant because it borrows the sun’s light and can’t create it’s own?” 

Bucky smiled at the concerned tone in your voice as he exhaled a breath he didn’t realize he was holding. “Maybe. I hope not.”

You looked over at him and smiled. “Me too. I hope it doesn’t feel bad. When I was a kid, my mom used to tell me that the moon would watch over all the people on earth and then make them fall in love with who they want to be with, because the moon lost the love of her life.”


You nodded. “Yep. My mom used to tell me that one day I’d find someone to love and all that cheesy shit and I would have to thank the moon for it.” You tore your eyes away from him and looked up at the sky, your attention fixated on the crescent in the sky. “Thank you.” 

best friends

a/n: okay so sorry for the wait to the flawless soul who requested this. Also please note another shitty title. And p.s, this is like my first ‘smut’ so i’m not sure how good it is, yeah I’ve wrote about sex and stuff before, but I think of smut as like very very explicit so I tried my best. Please enjoy. I love all you beauties.


I had just gotten off work, and was standing in the lobby, trying to get a hold of Swazz. He said to call him when I got done with my shoot and he’d come get me. We have been best friends for about a year or so now. Meeting at a party my cousin Kian took me too.

Swazz finally answered on the fourth ring.

‘Hey babygirl. I’m on my way.’ His smooth voice sung through the phone.


‘alright, I’ll be there in like 3 minutes’

Alright, I’ll see ya in a few I smiled and hung up.

I had just finished a shoot with Bryant. We met one time over at Kian’s place, and I started doing shoots with him, got more recognition and then here I am now, modeling with Victoria secret and other brands, like Nike and even Calvin Klein.

I saw Swazz pull up and headed out to his car, hoping in the passenger seat, we took off towards my place. The boys were having a party tonight in honor of Nate’s release of ‘Skaterade’ so we were all going over there, drinking, smoking and just having fun.

“so how was work?” Swazz asked, coming to a stop at a traffic light, turning to look at me.

“it was okay.”

“just okay?”

“yeah, it’s just the guys they bring in are such pigs.” I sigh, throwing my hair up in a bun. And I was right, the guys always thought they were hot shit, and thought that you’d let them get in their pants, always all over you and shit. It was so annoying.

“I’ll kick their ass.” He laughed, pulling into my parking lot. Both of us getting out and heading up to my little flat. Walking in, and closing the door behind Swazz and then heading to my kitchen. Grabbing Swazz and I both a beer, cracking them open and taking a sip.

“so, I’m gonna shower and then get ready, help m-“

“in the shower? Gladly.” He smiled, perking up.

“I was gonna say find an outfit.” I laughed, taking another sip.

“yeah, I guess I can. But just saying, you’re missing out.” He winked, and then we both laughed.

Swazz and I, being so close always ended up joking around and stuff. Always joking about stuff like sex, sexual things, and just, you get it, mostly sexual things.

We headed into my room, and I walked to my bathroom, turning on the water and then heading back to my room in my closet to get a towel and heading back to the shower.


I walked out wrapped in a towel, seeing the ‘outfit’ Swazz had picked out. I rolled my eyes and changed, walking out to the living room where I found him watching tv.

“really?” I asked, looking at him from the hallway. He turned and looked at me and smiled.

“it looks good.” He laughed, taking a sip of his beer.

“I can’t go out like this.”

“we can stay in then.”

“No John.” I laughed, walking to my room. I heard him follow me, sitting on my bed.

“Please help me find an actual outfit.” I laughed.

“a bra and panties is an outfit.” He laughed. It was nothing to be like this in front of the guys. I modeled like this half the time, so it’s really no different.

“not to go out in.” I spoke, searching my closet.

“and I’ll suggest again, we can stay in.”

“John, I’m serious. I wanna congratulate Nate and shit.”

“wear your black ripped skinny jeans. They make your butt look great, and then wear that one top. Ya know, that one that shows your stomach, but also makes your boobs look great.” He smiled.

I laughed and grabbed my pants and then my black low cut long sleeve crop top, that fit my body just right, which, John was right, did make my boobs look good.

When I was finally dressed, and had my hair done we left, heading to the guys’ place. Laughing and singing the songs the whole way there. Arriving, fashionably late of course, we walked up into the boys’ place. The cloud of smoke covering the room, and then there was the smell of weed itself, along with some alcohol.

“hey what’s up Swazz” Nate spoke, getting up and doing their little ‘bro hug’ while Sammy called out “aye (y/n), my fav girl, what’s good ma?” bringing me into a hug, his hand sliding down towards my butt.

“watch it Wilkinson.” I laughed, pulling back.

Swazz sat down on the couch with the guys and I walked to the kitchen, grabbing drinks for the both of us, and also stopping and talking to Em for a bit. Knowing Swazz wouldn’t take a drink until after his first smoke.

So after about 15 minutes of talking with Emily, I grabbed two more drinks and headed into the living room, finding Swazz, looking like a little dopey lost puppy. I laughed at his state and walked over to him. He was so funny when he was all spacey and everything.

I held the beer in front of his face, he smiled and took it, looking at me and smiling.

“sit with me babygirl.” He laughed, pulling my wrist so I was I had to move and pulled me onto his lap. “perfect.” He laughed, resting his hands on my thighs, but closer to my butt.

We were all sitting around laughing, either stoned or tipsy or drunk. I had just got back from another ‘drink run’ into the kitchen, only coming back to my spot on Johns lap. Sitting down this time though, I heard John let out a quiet stifled breath. I thought nothing of it, except maybe I’m hurting him so I decided to try to reposition myself. John sounding like he choked on a groan. I sat how I was for about 5 minutes while John told a story, but once he finished his story I had to move again.

The position I was sitting in now wasn’t comfortable. It felt like I was awkwardly sitting on something. So I moved again. I was in the middle of moving during Nate and Sammy telling some crazy story that I truthfully zoned out of, when John grabbed my waist, halting my movement as he let out a small groan.

“(y/n)” he said lowly in my ear.

“are you okay?” I asked, turning to look at him, only to see him bite his lip and close his eyes, a small sound coming through his closed lips.

“yeah, I just need you to stop moving.” He said quietly.

Realization hit me as my tipsy state that I’ve been grinding on Swazz the whole time. I looked down and focusing, felt his bulge on me.

“I’m so sorry.” I gasped, fighting off a little smile.

“it’s not funny.” Swazz said through his teeth. But I found it hilarious, so why not have a little fun with it. And I mean, Swazz is definitely hot, no harm with some playful flirting. Nothing new actually.

I turned around and paid attention to whoever was talking. I didn’t move for a while, like 5 minutes. But then I moved, whispering ‘sorry, just trying to get comfy’ and smirking at Swazz as he let out a little groan.

After ‘getting comfy’ about 7 more times, each time, John’s grasp on me getting tighter and tighter, I could tell he was having a hard time dealing with this, I stood up, laughing when John grabbed a pillow and covered himself.

“sorry guys, I’ve had a busy day, I’m gonna go to bed.” I yawned. Parties like this I always slept in bed with Swazz, due to our close friendship.

“night (y/n)” was chorused throughout all my friends. I smiled, and winked at John as I walked past him to his room. I changed out of my bra, top and pants, only leaving my panties on and grabbing one of John’s shirts, that were practically a dress on me. Emerging out of the bathroom after brushing my teeth only to find John in his boxers, his back towards me. God his back muscles and ass were enough to make me wet.

I must have been lost in my thoughts, imagining us doing some crazy shit because when John waved his hand in front of my face I realized I had been staring too long. He had a smirk on his face looking down at me.

“enjoying the view?” he said, his voice so smooth, but the smell of alcohol still on his breath. I looked down and saw the tent in his boxers and smiled to myself, looking back up at him.

“mhmm.” I purred, stepping closer and running my hand down his chest. I felt him tense a bit, my hands being cold and foreign to him. His hands went to my waist, pulling me closer to him so that I could feel his bulge against my front, making me instantly let out a little moan.

“what was that babygirl?” John asked, his mouth by my ear. His hot breath fanning on my skin. I was about to answer when his lips went to my neck. He started sucking and giving me little love bites, causing me to moan out and tip my head back. His hands roamed from my waist, down to my butt, giving it a small squeeze.

He looked at me with his glossy eyes and smiled down at me. Obvious tension between us. We just looked at each other for a few seconds before as if we read each other’s mind, and our lips met. It didn’t take long before his tongue was in my mouth.

Things were definitely getting hot between us. Moaning into each other’s mouth, hands roaming each other’s bodies. We couldn’t get enough of one another.

John picked me up, and I wrapped my legs around his waist. My hands were tangled in his hair as he walked us over to the bed. He sat down on the edge of it leaving me to straddle his lap.

My hands on his face, pulling it closer to me as our lips meshed together and his hands on my butt, guiding me back and forth, grinding on him. Both of us moaning and groaning. I could feel him harden beneath me. And the friction of me being in just my panties, and grinding against the tent of his boxers was making me wetter and wetter.

John tugged on my shirt, lifting it up, off over my head, our lips only detaching for a millisecond, only to mesh back together the second my shirt was off, leaving my chest exposed. John’s hand went to one, tweaking a nipple as he detached from my lips and his lips found my other nipple.

I was a mess. I’ve never been this turned on before with a guy, but John sure knew how to build me up. And as great at this felt, I needed more.

“J-john” I breathed out.

“hmmmm” he hummed against my nipple, making me want to cum right then.

“I-“ I shakily breathed out. “I need more” I managed to finish. I felt John smirk, and then his hand and mouth left my chest. He pulled back and looked at me, grabbing at my panties. I stood up off him, removing them myself and looking back at John, who was staring. This is the first time he’s ever seen me completely naked.

I looked at him and bit my lip, noticing the wet patch on his boxers. I was dripping by this point. He smiled and pulled off his boxers, sitting back on the bed. But I didn’t move. I was froze, gawking at the size of him. At this point, I’m surprised I haven’t came already, I was literally soaked.

“c’mere babygirl.” His voice broke my trance. I went back over and positioned myself, hovering above him.

I grabbed his dick and aligned it with my opening, sliding down on it slowly. Both of us letting out a moan. My head tipped back at the feeling of him filling me up. He was so much bigger than anyone else I’d ever been with.

He pulled my face back to his and met my lips with his own. I moved my hands to his face, and his went down to my butt, grabbing it and guiding me back and forth.

I started moving faster, with his help of course. I couldn’t stop moaning. Everything felt so good. And John moaning into our kiss literally went straight to my core.

I propped myself up on my knees a bit, allowing John so slam up into me. My head was tipped back, hands on his knees as he pounded up into me. The sound of our skin slapping together, our wetness mixing together, and our moans filled the room. I was so close. I needed more.

I went back to riding him. Fast. Both of us moaning, and the sound of him inside me driving me wild. And my clit rubbing against him was what was pushing me closer and closer to my climax.

“J-Johnn.” I moaned “I-I’m” I could hardly speak. All my motor skills gone. My only focus was this right now, John inside of me.

“I know.” He grunted. “me too.”

He grabbed my hips and started bouncing me up and down on him, and then on top of that, meeting me as he brought me down on him, causing him to completely fill me up, deep and hard as fuck. It was driving me insane. I was screaming his name, and the wet sound coming from between my legs was driving me wild.

I couldn’t hold on any longer. I reached my high, releasing all over him, my walls clenching around him, causing him to cum inside of me. Riding out our highs together. When we were done, I got off him, rolling over and plopping down next to him. My chest heaving up and down.

“good god.” I breathed out.

“fuck, why haven’t we done that before?” John asked from beside me.

“I have no idea” I panted “but fuck, it was amazing.”

“damn babygirl.” He breathed, smiling at me.

I turned my head, trying to fight my smile, but John brought his hand to my face, turning me to look at him. We just stared at each other, and I was about to say something but he put his lips on mine, and I couldn’t help but smile into the kiss, which made him smile.

“get some sleep babygirl, I know you need it” he whispered as he pulled me into his chest. And he was right. I was exhausted. About 45 seconds later I was almost asleep when I heard John whisper, “round two in the morning.”


smallangryandtired  asked:

Ship meme: Heith

Who said “I love you” first

Keith does. He actually did not mean to but Hunk was having a bad day and he was giving Hunk a pep talk and kinda added it in the end. “Don’t ever think that for one second. You listen to me, Hunk. Listen here and listen well. You are a beautiful person with a big heart. And I love you so much.” And hunk just kinda gets wide-eyed. “What did you say?” “I said you’re a beautiful person with a big heart and I… OOHH…!!!!!!!!!!” And Keith gets panicky and Hunk holds his hand to calm him and when Keith was calm (still a blushy red mess) Hunk reples and says “I love you too.”

Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background

They have a couple background actually. It was a candid pic Pidge took of both of them laughing and it was so beautiful they had to make it their phone background.

Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror

They just keep filling the mirror with notes to each other with all the hearts and the stars.

Who buys the other cheesy gifts

Keith actually appreciates hella cheesy gifts and once cried when Hunk gave him flowers so Hunk tries extra hard to make everything as cheesy as possible. Keith kinda gives more practical gifts to Hunk. Well, one time he did tried to bake a cake. It was his mistake to ask for Shiro’s help. They almost burned down the house.

Who initiated the first kiss

Hunk does. He has been keeping himself in check all this time  waiting for Keith to make a move but Keith doesn’t. UNTIL, Keith totally pulled the ponytail coupled with the “isn’t it hot in here?” followed by the removing his croptop jacket stunt and Hunk just kinda went blank and asked right off the bat if he can kiss Keith. And they kiss and I shit you not Keith smoldered Hunk af. It turns out the ponytail plan was something he totally planned with Pidge.

Who kisses the other awake in the morning

Whoever wakes up first. Mostly, it is Hunk but Keith takes long kisses to make up for the ones where he lost Hunk. Hunk likes small pecks but will cuddle Keith really softly.

Who starts tickle fights

Keith attempted and almost got injured.

Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower

They stay in the tub together with lighted candles and fine wine, sometimes coupled with good music. They have long talks about stuff and just it’s their relaxing ritual. Short showers aren’t their thing but this one time–!!!

Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch

They have both done this. One time, they both left to surprise the other so they just met in the middle, at a park and had a picnic lunch.

Who was nervous and shy on the first date

Keith was kinda shy during their first date but Hunk is really warm and by the end of it, Keith was just so smitten, he forgot being nervous.

Who kills/takes out the spiders

They both aren’t scared so spiders just sometimes stay at their place. Heith home is a spider-friendly zone. Keith actually has a pet tarantula name Sunny.

Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk

Hunk would drunk sweettalk Keith and Keith just like cries loudly at how perfect Hunk is. Like, everyone in the bar can hear LOUD. And Hunk tries to soothe him with more drunk sweettalk but that kinda makes Keith cry more of happiness.

-mod Lance

I love him too much. I keep loving him even though we’ll probably never be together because I’m too fucked up and he’s too complicated but something is there that keeps me hooked, holding on, just hoping he’ll wash his face this morning with clean water, look into the mirror and finally see that he’s a person loved by many, loved by me.

His mind is beautiful and even though his skin is cold, his soul is warm and I only want to forever feel his bones wrapped around mine.

—  i never knew the right time to tell you
If You Leave Me


Daryl Dixon Imagine

I lied. I can’t wait until tomorrow. So here’s part one of the request. Part two is hopefully coming tomorrow though. :D I hope it’s as good as I think it is..xD’‘‘

Imagine you and Daryl have been married for a few years, your son Hunter was born before the outbreak. You’re on the road now, not knowing where to go or where to live when you make a shocking discovery.

word count: 1398

It was the third morning in a row I felt sick. I was sure it was due to the lack of food and water after our cars broke down a while ago. We left the church thinking we would go to Washington, but our hopes were crushed once again. There was nothing in Washington. It was just another castle in the air, beautiful while it lasted but just the more painful when it broke down. 

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admirable-mairon  asked:

"Look at our little mate, brother...! He's so pretty and smooth" Suleyk purred in his human form, his arms wrapped around Laerlas from behind. He was sniffing along his neck and hair, humming in approval. "What is your name, silvery one?"

“So pretty… and such a soft skin too”, Ronaaz hummed, pleased, and ran his hands down the elf’s thighs. “And best of all, we can make him swell with eggs. Just think how beautiful he will be then, full and stuffed”, he chuckled.

Laerlas squirmed in the dragon’s hold, trying to get free. “Let… let me go. Stop touching me”, he whimpered, breathing heavily. “Where is Gwilwileth? What has Sauron done to him?”



requested by anon

“Are you happy?” He asked you.

“Of course I am, Stiles. Are you?” When he didn’t reply, you stopped him, “You deserve to be happy. And I want that for you. Always.”

“But I’m just me. I’m not Scott, I’m not Jackson, I’m not Derek. I’m just me.”

You shook your head, “I only want you, Stiles. Don’t you see how much you mean to me? I love you so much-”

“Why? Why me?”

“You’re Stiles. You’re the boy who snorts when he laughs, you’re the one who holds me when I’m sad and tells me everything’s going to be okay. You’re the one who told me I was beautiful when I cried. You’re the one who didn’t laugh at me once when I was serious; you listened. You’re the one who saved my life too many times and doesn’t accept a thank you. You’re so horribly stubborn and so wonderfully smart. You’re you and I love you.”

anonymous asked:

okay just imagine. vanille and fang getting married in the new world. even though they we're pretty much married already, vanille wants to do a formal thing with all their loved ones. so they have a small outdoor wedding in a beautiful secluded area with flowers and tall trees and a waterfall. sazh walks vanille down the isle and has trouble holding it together cause he really is the dad to his bunch of kids. vanille tries to comfort him but ends up in tears too

THE MOST INHUMAN SHRIEK JUST CAME OUT OF ME THIS IS SO FUCKING CUTE OMG. They would definitely have an outdoor wedding in Australia and it’d just be a small thing with just a small gazebo they’d use for the wedding and it’s just a few of his friends, and everyone is crying because it’s just so cute and beautiful and I can just see Sazh wiping away tears and then Vanille trying to be like “no, this is supposed to be happy!” but then get too emtoional and cries anyways. And everyone tries to pretend to be tough but you know Light was wiping away tears discreetly and Fang was tearing up, and Snow is probably outwardly BAWLING. God this is so cute I’m going to explode.


(Requested by Anon)

You clutched your blanket closer to your body as the cold wind smacked harshly against your body. The blanket was already soaked through, only proving to make you colder due to the combination of rain and wind. Part of you wondered if you’d live to see another summer, but the other part knew better. There was no way you’d be able to last another cold and wet winter in Port Angeles.

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Let’s just let me make a post about the best person I know. The most handsome boy I know, who I am very lucky to call my significant other. This boy is @straight-as-a-circle99 and he’s just precious. Whether it be his adorable laugh and the way his eyes crinkle when he does or it be when his voice gets soft and quite when hes holding cats or how he gets bouncy and excited while playing with dogs. He’s just amazing and I just love him so fucking much. He means the world to me and I’m so fucking happy to have him in my life. He’s so handsome, cute, and beautiful. He’s litterally the most stunning person I know and I have no clue as to how I got so very lucky to have met him. And by how some miracle he liked me too and we started dating. But just wow. This is seriously the happiest I’ve ever been in a relationship and by far the healthiest one I’ve been in. He’s helped me through some tough shit and let’s me complain whenever I need to. He let’s me be dumb around him and puts up with my weird ways of showing affection or just my weird ways of being myself. Just this boy is so freaking wonderful for putting up with me and loving me while doing it. And he just means the world to me. He’s my everything and idk how else to put it. I just love him so freaking much and I’m so happy that I’m going to be able to spend my life with him.


(legends of tomorrow spoilers below)




That episode was coldwave as fuck i mean THE RING IS FROM HIS FIRST HEIST WITH MICK YOU CANNOT TELL ME THEY’RE NOT MARRIED. and he PLANTED  it on him before he fucking knocked him out to save his fucking life and Mick is BEING SAD AND HOLDING THE RING

and RAY AND MICK jesus the atomwave was beautiful too??? (kinda disappointed there weren’t any proper coldatom scenes but i can fix that)

Mick really stole the fucking show. HEAD STOMPING and quipping and being married as fuck to Len and punching his boyfriend Ray for fun and RESISTING BRAINWASHING BECAUSE HE CARES ABOUT THE TEAM





and for the fucking record, Snart ain’t dead

he just isn’t

there are no strings on me

(P.s. i totally didn’t freak out because snart said ‘even the best laid plans can go sideways’ no not at all)

HOLD DA FUCK UP. So we all know how much potential Drarry had bc of their glorious angst and sexual tension, but can we just stop for a sec and think about Albus x Scorpius?!! Can you IMAGINE how beautiful it would be if they developed a romance!!! Harry and Draco’s SONS ahhh fuck me in the ass I ship it so bad 

p.s. I know J.K. said Scorpius will be popular with the ladies, buttt he could totally be bi too just sayin…