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Dear Lang Ya Bang fans there,

I’m crying and dying over the show. I’ve just finished all 54 episodes(watched on Youtube) and I’m totally devastated. I’m not very familiar with Chinese TV shows but I know that Lang Ya Bang is absolutely brilliant, beautiful and magnificent. And all the characters and actors are amazing. Hu Ge is amazing and Wang Kai is amazing. I’m so in love with this show and actors. What can I do? Why are there no more episodes? Why? There has to be another 100 episodes! *cries*


When the dj plays your song but it’s remixed

G/t confessions

Sometimes when talking to someone on speaker phone, I like to sit down/lie down with the phone resting on my chest. And like…close my eyes and pretend I’m talking to a tiny. The small weight of the phone helps with the illusion.
Anyone else do that? Just me? Kay. o///o;;

“Trouble in Paradise Part 1” From My Fanfic “The Adventures Of Mama Suho”

(Tao’s POV)

Ever since me and Sehun came back from that weird store he’s been acting weird….by I weird I mean crazy. One minute he’s happy and then the next minute he’s the king of bitching! I don’t know if it was the store or what but something is definitley wrong with sehun. Some Examples of things wrong with him:

~Staring off into space

~Laughing at nothing

~Being Depressed

~Constant Glaring

~And Being more obnoxious and bitchy than normal

And just a reminder that this has all occurred in less than 24 hours.I just hope Kai gets back soon so he can help me manage Sehun. *CRASH* Speaking of which sounds like sehun is having another bitch fit.

Tao:*runs into the room* What the hell are you doing?!


Tao:Uh whats your problem?! You’ve been acting weird all day!

Sehun:*Grabs Tao by the collar and pushes him up against the wall*

Oh damn it I don’t know if he’s just going through a phase or what but its actually kinda turning me on….

Sehun: You listen and you listen good I’m going to get the hell out of here and do what I want so don’t you dare fucking stop me you got it?

Tao:*Gulp* Yeah

Sehun:*Drops tao on the floor and walks towards the door*

Tao:Where exactly are you going?

Sehun: *Turns around and smirks at Tao* Ask Him….



Tao:*Turns around to see another sehun*

Sehun:* Opens the door* Good luck watching that *Points at other Sehun and Leaves*

Um I don’t exactly know what the fuck just happened but why are there two sehun’s?!!

Sehun: *Smiles and waves at Tao* Hi

Tao: *Hesitantly waves back * Hey…

Sehun;*Helps Tao up off the ground* I’m so sorry he was so rough with you…are you hurt?! Do you need to go to a hospital?! I don’t like seeing people hurt!

Tao:Uh no no no! I’m fine just confused?

Sehun:*laughs and gentley nudges Tao’s shoulder* Silly me I guess Sehun didn’t tell you about me *chuckles* Idiot….

Tao:Is it alright If I call you something else?

Sehun:*looks at Tao and smiles* Sure anything I love nicknames!!*Bounces with excitement*

Tao:Ummm how about I call you Gucci?

Sehun: Okay Sure!!!!*Jumps up and down excitedly*

Tao:*nervous laughter*

Sehun:*stares at Tao while Smiling*

Tao:Um I’m just going to call Kai and check up on him

Sehun:*smiling* Okay!!

Tao:*nevously laughs while running into the bathroom with the telephone and calls Kai*

Kai:* Answers Phone* Hello?

Tao:*Whispering* Kai where are you?

Kai:I’m with Lucus on the way to get some frozen yogurt why?

Tao:*Still whispering* Something is wrong with sehun and its like bad…

Kai:What I don’t understand and Tao why are you whispering?

Tao: Because I’m not alone and I feel scared..

Kai: Can you please explain to me whats going on?

Tao:Every Since We Left That Creepy Shop Sehun Was Acting Weird So Now Theres Two Sehun’s And Now Mom And Dad Are Going To Kill Us And Put Us Up For Adoption All Because Of Your Thirsty Ass!!!

Kai:Woah Tao calm down!!!We’re on our way!!!

Oh why me?!Why do bad things always happen to pretty people?!Maybe I’m just hallucinating and this is all just a bad dream and Sehun is still his annoying peasant delusinal ass self? Yeah I’m dreaming!

Tao:*opens the door to meet a happy sehun*

Sehun:Are you alright you were in there for a long time…

Tao: Um yeah….

*Suddenly Kai Barges in the Room with Lucus following behind..*

Kai:*Stops and looks at the scene infront of him* S-sehun?

Sehun:*Smiles and Hugs Kai* Hi I’m Sehun but Tao perfers to call me Gucci…so

Kai:*neverously laughs* Would excuse me for a minute?

Sehun:*nods* Sure!

Kai:*turns to Lucus*I’ll be right back I just need to talk to tao..

Lucus:Sure anything just don’t be to long *kisses Kai on the cheek*

Sehun:Awwwww so cute!!!

Kai:Yeah Tao we need to talk right now!!*Quicly takes Tao outside*Okay explain….

Tao:Okay remember how we went to that weird store…


Tao: And remember that me and Sehun left early because he ate some weird candy…

Kai:the candy of course that would explain everything!!!

Tao:Yeah but why would someone sell such a thing?

Kai:Thats not important maybe it’ll wear off but you said there was two Sehun’s I only saw one..

Tao:Yeah well thats because the other one left

Kai:What where to?!

Tao: I don’t know but maybe Gucci knows…

Sehun:*Standing at the doorway* He’s at the club *giggling*

Kai:How did you know?

Sehun: Because he told me so..plus I can hear his thoughts *playfully hits Kai and giggles*

Kai:Right….well I guess we should go and get him

Tao:*Stops Kai* Oh no we can’t take him down like that the other sehun is strong and dangerous we’re going to need some backup…

Kai: Well we have Lucus…*motions towards Lucus*

Tao:Oh we’re going to need alot more than  Lucus…*takes out his cellphone and starts dialing a number*


*(MeanWhile back at Home)*

Baekhyun:*Hangs up the phone and runs into the family room* Bitches we’re going to Hawii!!!Awww Yeah!!!

Kyungsoo:*evil laughter*

*(Meanwhile Suho)*

Suho: My mommy senses are tingling…

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