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Art School Stereotypes I’ve observed*


  • N e r d s
  • Unhealthily obsessed with video games, anime, Disney, or some sick combination of the three
  • One of the most sleep-deprived majors, but also surprisingly chipper (there are exceptions)
  • Instantly recognizable by their triforce t-shirts or Pokemon Go snapbacks
  • In spite of everything, they have the highest population of straight-edge asexuals
  • If you weren’t straight edge and celibate before, then prepare to be, because you’re about to disown all bodily urges and dedicate your life to drawing cartoon animals


  • Like Animation majors, but cooler and much better taste in fashion. A little less tech-savvy, though
  • Comic book nerds

Painting & Drawing

  • A friend of mine once said, “People who love animation go into animation. Then they realize it’s a ton of work and switch to illustration. Then they realize THAT’S a ton of work and switch into Painting & Drawing.”
  • Highest percentage of colorful hair and weird tattoos/piercings
  • grunge
  • Listen to music you’ve never heard of
  • Smoke a LOT, asthmatics beware


  • Kinda stereotypical stoners or high level artsy kids, but not that pretentious 
  • Somehow even more conceptual and indie than P&D
  • Behind the ceramics building, there’s a sculpture garden of all the sculptures of students past. Every night, the campus closes at 4AM. They say it’s for security, but I say it’s because the sculptures all come to life at that point. I mean, think about it. The whole “spooky midnight hour” is so cliche, I don’t know anyone who DOESN’T stay up till midnight at least once a week. But 4AM? That’s the true witching hour. The hour that belongs only to the living sculptures (and architecture majors I guess)


  • Frankly, the least hygienic major
  • All the males and most of the females have a rank odor after being sweatily hunched over the steaming hot forges for too long
  • Might be stoners, but the chill, easy-to-hang-out-with stoners
  • Probably the most like a real family. I always walk by the Glass Studio at night and feel the breeze of warm air from their fire, catch a riff of tasteful classic rock, and hear the echoes of genuine laughter from within. It must be nice to have a home.


  • I dunno, I’ve never met one. They put on some sick gallery shows, though.

Graphic Design

  • In spite of Graphic Design as an art not being super emotional or indie compared to, say, Painting, the GD majors are probably some of the most tortured souls I’ve met
  • I used to be best friends/date a GD major and watched before my eyes as she was crushed by the world around her from Freshman to Junior year. Honestly I’m not sure if she still goes here. We don’t talk anymore, it’s too painful. I miss her, or rather, I miss the person she used to be. The person she used to be before Graphic Design.
  • I’m now roommates with a poor little GD Freshman, and I worry about her every day. Not as a lover like with the last one, but as a parent. What will happen to her? How long will she last? Cheyenne, if you’re reading this, run away while you still can.
  • Gets excited about fonts and kerning.
  • I don’t really know what kerning is.


  • Outdoorsy and nature loving hippies
  • The chillest major, I envy them
  • Photography IS hard work, don’t get me wrong, but come ON! You travel to a beautiful mountain spring, snap a few pictures, and call it a day
  • Never need to pull all-nighters
  • Seriously, I deeply respect Photography as an art and all BUT


  • Some of them are also outdoorsy and nature loving hippies, the rest are hipSTERS
  • “I don’t watch ‘movies.’ I watch Films.
  • Apparently they have something of a drug problem, i.e., half the class comes in stoned
  • My friend Chris said one of the film teachers plays Porno he made in class, I’m not sure if he was messing with me or not


  • Oh boy, Architecture
  • The coldest hearts of any major
  • The only nice Architecture majors are the first years. After that last final, something inside of them breaks. At that point they either crawl to a different major in submission, or become as sharp, straight, and lifeless as the buildings which they spend so much time designing
  • They literally do not sleep
  • Seriously, I was pulling an all-nighter last week (since the Architecture place is the only place open 24/7) and I swear to god there was an entire CLASSFULL of the Architects up and jamming from 10pm to 7am. I tried to sleep, but the Architecture majors just wouldn’t quit. Also, it was so cold there. So cold. Cold from the hearts of fifth-year Architects. I’m bringing my winter backpacking sleeping bag next time.

Industrial Design

  • Mostly foreign exchange students, especially Chinese, Indian, and Korean
  • I don’t speak Chinese, Indian, OR Korean so I can’t say much else
  • Vaguely like Architecture majors, only they appear to have a normal spectrum of human emotions 

Interactive Design

  • What is Interactive Design? Honestly I don’t really know. Like making Apps or some shmuck.
  • Tech
  • Graphic Designers who love themselves


  • Mostly female
  • Obviously they’re very very VERY nicely dressed
  • Calm, confident, but also have fun sides


  • Most of the textiles students I’ve met are just stop-motion loving Animators
  • I think the ones that aren’t are probably like grandmas that love knitting or something


  • Honestly I didn’t know this was a major until like last semester
  • The only furniture major I’ve met was this Norwegian dude who looked like a greek god 
  • We were once assigned to do a group project together but then he blew me off to go surfing so I had to do it myself. Seriously? Surfing???? Like I’d be mad but that’s a cool reason to blow someone off. Hell, I’d blow people off surfing if I had the easy life of a non-animation-major


  • “We have a writing program?”
  • They’re cool though
  • Get really excited about books. I’ve read only about three or four books so I kind of just smile and nod while they talk
  • Seem genuinely interested in other people’s stories

Community Art

  • I’m not entirely sure what this is
  • Passionate about social justice and teamwork

Disclaimer: No offense to any of them (except architecture majors)

*At California College of the Arts from my relativley limited perspective as an animation major who frankly has only had minimal interactions with the others

Meant To Be (part 1)

A/N: Heyy everyone, I was thinking about to write something longer than I did before, so I decided to write my first series (? idk if I could call it this way). I almost gave the “Prankster In My Bed” title but it isn’t so romantic unfortunately haha. Please let me know if you liked it!

Information: In this story, the reader is a muggle-born Gryffindor girl in her 6th year and a real badass secretly. Likes reading, eating (”food is life”) and always loyal to her friends. I kind of like her to be honest. Young! Sirius Black x reader | Marauders era | part 2 |

Originally posted by breakfreemodel

Winter break was coming and everyone got excited about go home and spend time with their families, celebrate Christmas and New Year. You were listening to a group of 1st year Gryffindors who were talking about how much they are looking forward to have a little break. You groaned heavily after heard them and tried to not thinking about your own family and how bad you wanted to avoid them.

You lied to your mother in a letter (that you didn’t send too much times because they hated owls) that “the train from that weird school” can’t go back to London and you have to spend the winter break in Hogwarts – unfortunately, of course. They made jokes in the response about the train that couldn’t work the way it should even when it uses magic.

After you’ve got your letter from Hogwarts at your age of eleven, they started to look at you like some freak more than before. You knew that your father’s mother is a witch because she told you in your childhood. She didn’t even try to hide her hope for that you’re a witch too, and this made your parents angrier. You were always wondering about move to your grandparents. Your grandfather was muggle, but he was even amazed by the entire magic world and respected it.

So you stayed in the castle, didn’t take into consideration all of your roommates who asked you go home with them, after you said that you will be at the castle during the break because you don’t want to celebrate and spend time with your parents.

“It’s okay girls, really. I’ve changed my mind. My mum will cook great muggle dinner on Christmas and we will visit my grandparents who are amazing. I will enjoy it.”

You hugged each of them and they left you in your room without know that you lied. Your mother cooked terribly, didn’t matter what was the date, and they refused to visit your grandparents because they used magic at home that your parents couldn’t stand, so you didn’t allow visiting them alone either.

You let a huge delighted sigh, knowing that you will be all alone in the whole castle. You liked to be with your friends but in the other hand, you liked to idea of having some “me-time”. You haven’t got so many real friends even if you talked to and helped everyone in each house, but who really mattered to you were Lily, Marlene, Alice - your roommates - and Remus Lupin. Remus and you were very similar, so you became good friends soon in your first year. Your favorite program was sitting in the library or any peaceful, quiet places and reading a book, or just talk about everyday things. But what was really enjoyable to the two of you to be far away from crowd.

But he couldn’t spend with you as much time as you wished; he had his own group and they called themselves the Marauders. He was around them usually; they made pranks, jinxed and hexed people in the school. Remus didn’t join these rude things of course, he wasn’t that kind of person; but at the same time, he never tried to stop his friends. He told you its reason is that he was grateful for they were always with him whatever happened and he didn’t want to seem like he didn’t appreciate his friend’s loyalty for him.

And you accepted this because you were grateful to the Marauders too for helping and being with Remus. He told you stories about them and described their personalities, so you almost could say you knew the three of them even if you just barely talked.

The first day of the break was quite boring as you had to admit. You thought it will be good to be alone but you were wrong. It was almost scary to be the only one in the Gryffindor’s common room; so don’t need to say that when a black haired guy with an idiotic smile on his face almost jumped on you when set down on the coach, you almost had heart attack.

“Heyy, aren’t you bored, Y/N? Let’s do something funny!”

You furrowed your eyebrows in sudden and slowly turned your head towards him, who was as you realized one of Remus’ friends, Sirius Black. He had bright grey eyes that curiously looked into yours and a very mischievous smile which annoyed you a little. He didn’t even try to hide he was full of himself and he was very proud of he always got into trouble with James Potter and they could go detention together. He dated with so many girls from every house and broke up with them sometimes after a single night – these were the only two things you knew about him. So it was obvious if Sirius Black wanted to do “something funny” with you, it was probably illegal or a shame for you.

“I’m absolutely good, Sirius.” You said, still surprised a bit he knew your name.

“Come on, Y/N, the whole castle is ours! We can explore it, or go to Hogsmeade or-”

“We are not allowed to go to Hogsmeade.” You interrupted him and didn’t give a chance to continue. “Why don’t you do something useful? Studying, maybe.”

“Whoa, slow down. I’m the only one from the two of us who can come up with stupid ideas!” He let a small laugh, his hands up defensively. “But on the other hand… I really could study, maybe with you.” He winked and set closer to you even if it was possible to be more in your private space. You tried to don’t feel totally awkward and let a huge sigh.

“Listen. I know what you are doing now, the tactic that other girls like from you. But whatever magic you use on them, it definitely won’t work on me. So please just act normal instead of playing around and being a complete ass.”

Before Sirius could say anything, you quickly added with a smile: “I don’t mind your company or help you at all, only if you are yourself.”

It was true, you were really glad you wasn’t alone and didn’t have to spend the time by yourself. After that conversation, during the whole winter break you were inseparable and always together all days. He showed you secret places in the castle and you helped him write his essays that he didn’t want first but you managed to win him over. You visited the other’s room and sometimes you just stayed there. You got to know each other, talked and laughed on how horrible your families were. It was good to know you are not the only one who has such bad parents.

Sirius started to find Y/N more and more attractive. The way she laughed on his awful jokes, her beautiful smile amazed him. She had a very good sense of humor, always teased him about every little things when she could. And when Sirius took revenge, she didn’t get angry as every girl whom he tried to be funny; she laughed and said back something sarcastic. His “Christmas present” was a hug and a cheek kiss from her, and even if she apologized for couldn’t make something bigger, Sirius was completely overjoyed. He brought her breakfast on Christmas morning in her bed after he learnt during one of their conversations that Y/N always wanted to try if it was really comfortable to eat in bed. He asked the house elves to bake chocolate muffins for her since it was Y/N favorite dessert, and because of it, Sirius had got two cheek kisses on that day. Y/N’s soft lips made him feel like a virgin little boy who didn’t even get any kiss before and he wanted so much more than just two. Sirius didn’t tell her this of course because she made it clear at the beginning that she doesn’t want anything from him.

But Sirius couldn’t help but started to fall for Y/N, even if he didn’t recognize his feelings for awhile.

nursey the tech disaster and dex the apple support guy: an au

a conversation between me & @brandnewfashion

(interspersed with random hockey commentary)


au where nursey keeps having IT trouble and every time he goes online to use that quick chat help service (bc he doesn’t want to call. that’s awkward af) he gets dex as the service guy





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you may think you’re dramatic, but you will never be more dramatic than my boyfriend who just drove the 10 minutes from his place to mine while we were having an argument just to come in, get the tote of winter clothes out from under my bed, grab my earmuffs out of it, and put them on so i could see him not listening to me, then immediately leave after he felt his point was made

You built me palaces out of haikus

Anonymous: Aaah hi Hamilmom!! There’s this writing prompt that goes along the lines of “You left my room littered with haikus” and I think that’s perfect for a lams fic! Because Alexander’s a writer, y'know? If you could please write that that would be amazing. 😁 

I sure can write that, kiddo!! This is a SUPER FLUFFY fic so go brush your teeth directly after reading it, kiddos! ;D The line doesn’t appear directly in the fic, but its influence on it will become very, very clear. Enjoy the second lil fic in honor of Ham’s bday! This one is celebrating him being bi and loving Laurens :’) <333

John Laurens could never keep up with Alexander Hamilton. They’d been boyfriends for nearly five years now, and John still wasn’t sure how Alex did it. It being absolutely everything. Alexander was truly non-stop, and, most of the time, John felt like he was simply a witness to it. But he was happy to be a witness, and, sometimes, a participant, even if most of those times were when Alexander needed someone to step in and say take a break.

His hurricane of a boyfriend rarely listened to anyone, but he always listened to John.

John was accustomed to the mess that Alex often left in his wake. There were always papers, books–– some open, some with multiple bookmarks and tabs stuck in them–– Columbia University mugs that had once held coffee in them, blankets Alex huddled under while doing his work at various days throughout the week strewn all over the floor, old cups of ramen with the spoon stuck to the inside even though most of the time they ate real food because, even though they were only 26, they were adults with yearly salaries who could afford more than cups-o-noodles, but Alex simply never broke some of the habits he’d picked up in college.

So when John woke up one Saturday morning to an empty bed and a multitude of little papers scattered about their bedroom, he didn’t give it a second glance. It was only after he’d already gotten dressed that he noticed two things: 1) a note on the inside door knob instructing him not to exit the room until he found five haikus and 2) the scent of pancakes wafting from beyond the door, tempting him to ignore the note and follow the delicious smell.

As much as he just wanted to go scarf down the pancakes, John knew it was futile to leave without finding the poems, so he set to work. In a normal room, this might have been easy. But in their room, it was, well… challenging, to say the least.

He spent a few minutes flipping over drafts of essays Alexander was working on, and a few more rummaging through packets from Alex’s job that were left in the oddest places. He was considering begging Alex for a break when he noticed them–– tiny slips of papers folded like books, hanging from the blades of the ceiling fan, which was just gathering dust throughout the fall and winter, on nearly invisible white threads.

He stood on top of their bed and opened the first one up.

The moment I saw
you on the campus green, I
nearly couldn’t breathe.

John gently turned the fan just enough for the second one to land in front of him.

I felt the tug of
destiny move me forward,
closer to your grace.

John’s breath hitched, and he quickly scrambled to get to the next one.

You have taught me grace
and how to love; you’ve made me
feel something more.

John knew there were tears gathering in his eyes, but he couldn’t bring himself to care. He needed Alexander’s words, the words written for him, just as much as he needed water and food and air.  

You’ve shaped me into
a better man, and that’s why
haikus grace this fan.

There was only one left. John felt as if the world around him had come to a halt as he whirled the fan around one last time. After taking a shaky breath, he opened the last little booklet and read.

Now I need to ask:
John Laurens will you graciously
let me take your hand?

“Wh-what?” John asked the air.

Apparently, the air had ears.

The door to their bedroom opened, and in walked Alexander, a tiny box in hand. John sunk down onto the bed, his hands over his mouth, tears trailing down his freckled cheeks. Alexander grinned at him as he got down on one knee.

Alex silently opened the box, revealing a tiny piece of paper covering a ring. After a nod from Alex, John took the white slip and read it.

I promise to be
the best man I can; please, John,
will you marry me?

John looked at the ring–– a simple, elegant silver band–– then he looked onto Alexander eyes, which were also filled with tears. The smile on his face put John’s mind at ease, though. They were happy tears. And John’s tears. Were they happy?

“Yes,” John said, voice cracking. “A thousand times yes.”

Alexander’s face broke out into an even larger grin and any anxiety that had distorted his features evaporated. “Oh my god,” Alex said as he fumbled to pull the ring out of the holder. “Oh my god,” he said, as he slipped it onto John’s finger.

Alex stood and gently pressed his lips to John’s. Their kiss was as soft as the first one they’d shared, over five years ago now, drunk on nothing but their raw feelings for each other, tentative, slightly afraid, but full of desire. Now only that desire remained–– the fear and hesitation had dripped away with the familiarity that bonded them throughout their years together. Now there was only softness, tenderness. Now there was only passion, a want embedded in them as deeply as the urge to breathe.

Now there was only love.

mylyannasnow  asked:

When and why do you think Craster started the whole "rape my daughters give the boys to the Others" thing? Also, any theories on who his first wife/wives was/were? Could it be that his own father had the same deal with the Others and Craster was just "spared" so he could continue the line after his dad died?

That’s not possible re Craster’s father, as he was the bastard son of a Night’s Watchman and a wildling woman from the village of Whitetree. However, it is possible – actually, probable – that there’s some kind of old tradition beyond the Wall regarding Other worship. I mean, back during the first Long Night and the Battle for the Dawn, why was the Wall placed where it was and why were the people who were north of it left there? Like, with the story of the Night’s King and his Other queen, it’s apparent that the Others can be tempting, as is the urge to sacrifice to them. Or using the metaphor of the Others as the Unseelie Court, they’re beautiful, they’re glamorous (in both the regular and magical sense of the word), and sometimes it’s easier to submit than fight. Praise them, do homage, and hope that you’ll be spared as more useful alive and breeding new masters than as zombified slaves.

So, while time has passed and those wildling survivors of the war have gradually stamped out this worship, replacing it with a (very rational) superstition and dread of the Others instead… it may be that a few families have always kept these practices, secretly or openly, depending. It could be that Craster comes from this tradition, via his mother or via learning about it from another wildling.

Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the tradition innately requires an incestuous harem, with all girl babies saved and all boys sacrificed. (Especially since wildlings are normally exogamous, only marrying wildlings from other villages/communities than their own, and have a disgust of incest even greater than the rest of Westeros.) It could be that they were just overtly normal wildling villages, with sacrifices that only took place once in a while, in long winters, just to be safe, and Craster has placed his own particular stamp on this Other-worshipping tradition because he’s a sick fuck.

Or it could be that there is no ongoing historical tradition, and Craster came up with his beliefs and practices all on his own. Like, in our world, while some doomsday polygamist cults with a charismatic leader may base their practices on the Bible, some just create their own writings and revelations to justify their leader’s sick fuckness. GRRM could be going with either kind of trope, here. I mean, like, excluding GoT and the beliefs of Craster’s wives (who may be brainwashed), we have no actual proof that anything happens to Craster’s sons except their dying of exposure or wild animals. It could be a total scam, with the sacrifice-to-the-Others practice as a layer on top of everything else.

As for how Craster got started, as a “black blooded” bastard he would have been an outsider to begin with, shunned by most of his peers. Forced out of Whitetree for ongoing antisocial behavior, he either built a keep in the middle of nowhere or took one over from the previous inhabitants. If the latter option, perhaps he killed all the men in the family and left one or two female survivors. And then in one long winter, when it’s difficult to travel and communicate, he kidnapped a girl from an isolated village, and then another… well. You can look at Varamyr’s prologue for an idea of what that’s like, or the Night’s Watch mutiny, or (if you really want to creep yourself out) Brian David Mitchell or cults like the Manson Family and the like.

Anyway… I’m all kinds of creeped out myself right now, but hope that helps you, at least.

“There were times I wish I could have had a more normal upbringing, in terms of being in one place and going to the same school the entire time. I’m very grateful for where I came from and the way things worked out. I already feel like I’ve come a long way. If this is what’s happened so far, if I keep on the line I’m going, then perhaps many other great things will happen. It’s just the beginning.”

RFA Wedding HCs: Zen

• Dis Boi
• he was so hyped for the wedding no joke
• he was so invested in the planning of the thing
• one minute he was choosing flower arrangements the next he was looking at swatches
• asks for MC’s opinion of course
• MC was like lmao knock yourself out sweetie
• instead of staying late at work he’s at the wedding planner having tea and finger sandwiches
• now Visuals
• the colour scheme was cool tones so blue, teal, turquoise, grey, silver, white and shit
• Zen in a tux tho
• He chose a silver tux with a turquoise tie. MC thought it was tacky at first but seeing it on him they were like DAMN
• like you know there are those people who are attractive normally but when they get in a tux it’s like

• well that’s basically Zen
• the wedding was one of those winter wonderland ones cause who doesn’t love snowflakes and shit
• Anyhow onto the actual wedding
• Zen is an actor so he can’t be having giant extravaganzas and was actually thinking of having a small wedding few friends and family
• turns out MC has like a huge extended family who all wanted to come so the guest list just kept on getting bigger
• but luckily Jumin bae had security all over the place
• Zen said it was a better gift then the matching cat pyjamas he had originally thought of
• Zen was weirdly chill in the time leading up to the ceremony
• When he sees MC tho
• time legit stops for him
• how could such a beautiful being be his
• SHOOK pt.2
• The wedding looks fabulous tho like it’s all over Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat you name it.
• Zen took so many wedding selfies
• All his fans have so much wedding spam no joke
• Zen’s fam are there after patching thing up as if they’d miss his wedding
• The RFA are there of course
• Jaehee is crying as The Mom Friend™  she gets some serious feels after seeing MC and Zen get married
• Seven is live tweeting the whole thing and adding memes to every fucking tweet
• Saeran is discretely roasting him in the comments
• Yoosung is complaining about how Zen got hitched before him
• Jumin is experiencing withdrawals from being away from Elizabeth III for two long
• V is blind taking photos( the boy makes everything look like an aesthetic no filters needed)
• Anyway
• By the end of the reception Zen and MC have already driven off into the sunset on his motorcycle to go on the honeymoon to end all honeymoons

~Admin Petty

I have this small, currently insignificant headcannon that because eggs can both be made by doing the do and by magic, gay dragons can create eggs that are, instead of being genetically their kids, are magically attuned to their fathers/mothers/parents in such a way that it makes them look, sound and act like a child belonging to them (essentially the magic morphs their DNA b/c nature vs nurture or somethin)

I.E. if a Tundra Dragon surrogate gives an egg (or an egg is found) to two Pearlcatcher partners, the baby would be an extrordinarily fuzzy pc with fur patches in places that don’t normally have it (like having socks or huge manes) and their pearl may not be as efficient at storing memories esp if they don’t have a scent to them, or they may just go ULTRA FLOOF as winter gets closer, and be bald the rest of the year.

Or if an Imp pair adopts a fae it’s A REALLY BIG FAE or a VERY small Imp w/very frilly wings, no one can decide.  

Ofc, if a hatchling is adopted instead of an egg, their form is far less malleable for magic, but they might still show some of their parents’ colors or traits as they grow.

Marks first day at magic school, and how he meet the people who were going to mean the most to him

Main Character: Mark
Side characters: Jackson, Namjoon, Youngjae, Yugyeom, Jungkook, BamBam
Pairing: Mark / Jackson


Mark arrives at his new school, the knowledge that he is not actually insane in hand and gets ready to meet his new dorm mates.

Originally posted by marksonislovely

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Sakamaki Thingy Shit: Christmas

♛ Ayato ♛

- says how lame Christmas is but secretly looks forward to it, it makes him incredibly hyper

- claims all the gifts laying under the tree - everything for Yours Truly, ofc

- wears a red hat and makes a beard and moustache of some cottonwool, looks lame and like a kid

♟ Kanato ♟

- were there any sweets? well they’re not with us anymore

- hates the christmas tree itself, tangles all the lights’ wires trying to hang them on the tree

- Teddy must have a place to sit, Reiji disapproves

♞ Laito ♞

- mistletoe is everywhere

- gets sentimental and during the dinner becomes rather normal, you know; not for long tho

- buys gifts for everyone. We all know what toys are in the boxes tho-

♝ Reiji ♝

- mama always takes care of everything; literally, nobody else knows how to carry the thing

- actually hates christmas, his brothers are even more annoying than usually

- sets the christmas tree on fire to see Shu’s reaction

♚ Shu ♚

- the one who just doesn’t care and suddenly wakes up like “wait, it’s already winter?”

- wears reindeer antlers 24/7 and they just suit him, but gets annoyed if someone tries to take photos of him

- for the whole year plans to make a gift for Subaru but always forgets a month before

♜ Subaru ♜ 

- for some reason wants everything to be perfect and goes mad if it’s not

- visits his mother and spends with her the whole evening, so he’s late for the dinner

- helps Reiji with cleaning when it’s over and has to listen to his complaining

we killed the biggest roach earlier. i can’t explain the size of this animal to you. i could tell you to imagine the biggest roach you’ve ever seen, i could show you a picture of a big roach, one of those hissing ones people keep as pets, this thing was bigger. it didn’t hiss, it whispered the names of people i care about. this thing did not belong in new york. it was a mistake, an anomaly. it was a monster forgotten on earth by a god who wanted to take me down a peg. i’ll be real, i heard new york had roaches and i said pish posh! “i’m from florida!” i’d say, “i know what tropical roaches look like! roaches that don’t have to fight to live, roaches that just chill in palm trees all day! roaches supersized by oxygen rich environments!” i’d see little roaches here and there and roll my eyes at every new york horror story i’d ever heard. i was being punished for my arrogance.

this thing, man. it’s common knowledge that after a bout of heavy rain or strange weather some animals get displaced and end up in places where they normally wouldn’t venture. like in winter when a mouse ends up in your basement, or when nuclear bombs awaken godzilla and he destroys a city. this was like the latter, this is the ancient mutant hell i’m talking about. 

the worst part was it being in the bathroom. like, nowhere is safe, eh? the bathroom? where i’m arguably most vulnerable? what’s next, my bed? i’ve had bedbugs too, so check! what’s left? some kind of thing where i am the bug? the bug is what i see when i look at a loved one? bugs appear in the backgrounds of old photos i’m in? i’ll be real, i have an unhealthy and specific fear of coming into contact with a bug while peeing. i give every bathroom i walk into a quick search just out of habit. and that’s why this was so fucked up. i walk in after getting home from work, glance in the tub at the mark that i always think is a bug, but isn’t, then, hey, while i’m indulging my dumb little paranoid quirk why don’t i glance up at THE BIGGEST ROACH I HAVE EVER SEEN. like, way to confirm every fear i’ve ever had in my life. remind yourself here, you aren’t picturing a big enough roach. i know! but it was bigger! i sensed it before i even saw it, my body got all cold and i could see my breath like a ghost was passing through. i ran out of the bathroom in my boxers and closed the door and i swear if i had been home alone i would have just left. like i would have abandoned everything. goodbye girlfriend, goodbye life, forget about all my papers and money and things, i’ll find a new identity untouched by the devil’s antennae. 

anyways how did we kill it. we sprayed it with the beautiful elixir of death that is raid. it fell into the bathroom trashcan, we sprayed the bag, closed it up, put that into another bag, closed that, and then put that bag outside in the building’s hallway. i always see my neighbors leaving their garbage out in the hall and i’m like, “why? why do that?” and it’s clearly to distance yourself from the corpse of the insect king. i half expect to open the door tomorrow and see the bag ripped open, just a trail of poison leading to an open window. it was bigger than you’re picturing it. 

Winx Club Alternate History

An Alternative History of the Winx Club Universe, Stretching the very confusing retcons into a timeline.

Takes place in the same Alternate Continuity as my other Alt Canon Winx posts.

1400 years (ish) before Winx Club

A coven of Dark Wizards called The Black Circle Hunt Fairies for sport and magical gain, they develop a magical Immunity to Fairy Magic and terrorise large portions of the Magical Universe.

Queen Morgana of the Earth Fairies, along with her court, and Husband – The Wizard Myrrdin – create a magical effect, which changes the fabric of Earth Fairy Magic on a previously unseen level.

The Effect of the magical alteration allows the Fairies of Earth to Overcome the Black Circle’s Immunity, though it does not dispel it completely.

The Black Circle begin an offensive against the Earth Fairies, which ends in a stalemate, and both sides locked in Time Dilation fields. Myrrdin managed to lock the Dark Circle with a memory spell: So long as the Wizards are forgotten, they cannot be released.

Myrrdin and his son – oldest child of Queen Morgana, and older brother to the unborn Princess Dawn – are left outside the field, unable to break the Barrier around the Fairies, without risking the release of the Dark Circle. The Duo live out their lives on Earth, trying to find a way to save their loved ones, and stop the Dark Circle forever.

Before his death, Myrrdin creates a spell which enables any Earth Fairy to ‘Bless’ another fairy, granting them the ability to Overcome the Dark Circles Immunity. He turns himself into a tree to anchor the spell.

200 years (ish) before Winx Club

Princess Miriam of Domino attends Alfea, along side a young Faragonda and Griselda. Miriam is preparing to become the vessel of the Dragon Flame. During their time at Alfea, a dark power begins stalking Miriam, and attempting to break into the sacred vaults of the three schools.

After Miriam is kidnapped by a malicious entity known as Darkar, the two fairies team up with Saladin a young wizard trainee, Hagen and Oritel, two young heroes in training.

Once Miriam is rescued, the six are able to seal away Darkar in his castle of Shadowhaunt, sending him into a deep sleep like state, locking his castle behind them.

The adventure proved Miriam capable of protecting the Dragon Fire and she undertook the Rite of the Flame soon after. Once she had graduated and become the Guardian fairy of Domino, she and Oritel were married.

180 years (ish) before Winx Club

Princess Daphne of Domino has graduated from Alfea along side eight of her closest friends. After receiving the Dragon Flame, Daphne shares a small spark with her friends – the self proclaimed Nymphs of Magix – as they set out to protect the magical dimension.

150 years (ish) before Winx Club

Over thirty years, the Nymphs have been protecting Magix from dark forces, but suddenly they find themselves losing members left and right. With Daphne as one of the last Nymphs standing she realises the threat is coming from a single individual: a wizard by the name of Valtor.

With her last remaining companions, she sets out to stop Valtor. The final battle between the remaining Nymphs and Valtor takes place on Domino, as the corrupted form of a spark of the Dragon Flame, Valtor believes he can wield the 'true flame’ and become unstoppable.

Having consumed several school’s worth of magic, Valtor lays siege to Domino, and almost destroying the Domino forces completely. Seeing the truth of her mentor and lover, a young Griffin makes a choice, and joins the Nymphs and her frenemy Faragonda’s 'Company of Light,’ helping to imprison Valtor. He is sent off to the Omega dimension, to stay for all eternity.

In The wake of their pawn’s (fail but devastating) attack, The Ancestral Witches attack Domino, seeking the 'True Flame’ of the Dragon Fire, in order to become unstoppable. Realising the Witches intend to go after her baby sister, Daphne leaves the battle field to get the infant Princess Pyra to safety.

After granting her the connection to the Dragon Flame for protection, and sending her through a portal to former fairy godmother Adora, Daphne is unaware a curse sent by the witches has tumbled Pyra off course, causing the infant to skim the edge of a worn down Time Dilation field.

Before she can rejoin the battle, Miriam tasks Daphne with safe guarding the ancient spells of Domino, in case the Witches, like Valtor, attempt to consume them. As she begins to shift the Vault of the Sacred Flame into a side Dimension, Daphne is hit with a curse.

She herself becomes trapped between the two dimension, incapable of returning to the normal world or moving on completely to the other. She is suspended not just between worlds, but between life and death, her life frozen in the instant before the Witches’ curse would have killed her.

Unable to act, Daphne watches as Domino is destroyed, cast into eternal, dark winter.

It takes Daphne decades to figure out how to manifest in different places, though she can only manage a few. She is unable to locate her sister, or even sense her or their mother via their link to the Dragon Flame, and believes them both dead.

16 years (ish) before Winx Club

After skimming the edge of the Dilation Field, Pyra is ejected from the field’s effects dragging two others with her: new born Princess Dawn, and infant daughter of the Witch Mab.

Freed from the field, the remnants of Daphne’s magic redirect the trio towards Adora, missing slightly. All three end up in the same town, though in different areas.

Dawn ends up drawn (by Empathetic Blood Magic) to her only living relative in the area, the many times great grandson of her brother, who, though unable to explain it, feels connected to the baby he finds on the sand by his new bar.

Mab’s daughter is found by a couple unable (and desperate) to have children, in an alley way.

The spells around Pyra (for her protection) end up setting an entire block of apartments on fire, until she is picked up by someone who would care for her and take care of her.

Thus (the newly renamed) Roxy, Selina, and Bloom are adopted into normal families, and raised to a world that no longer believes in magic.

Pilot episode:

First Week of (Earth’s) Summer Vacation, Bloom meets Stella.


Not everything happened within the last twenty years.

Killjoys and winter

As I’ve mentioned before I live in California and have experienced the winter/fall weather that goes on here. So I have some headcanons based on real life things that have happened to me.

First off California doesn’t have snow but we do have RAIN, rain that happens every year yet we forget it exists every year because in average it’s pretty sunny in CA. So imagine less snow gear (unless you’re living in the mountains) and more rain gear.

Kiljoys fixing their cars and homes before the rains to not have anything get ruined. Some killjoys having to drive in a wet car because they left the roof down. SAND GETTING EVERYWHERE (water+sand=the worst day ever)

But on the flip side the rain doesn’t last to long, I once saw rain before walking home and by the time I got outside and had my raincoat on it had stopped raining. Or lasting several hours, it once rained for 3 days straight and no one knew what to do.

So killjoys getting ready for the big storm only to have it last 15 minutes. Some not worrying about the rains because they know it will be over soon. People stocking up on food and supplies in case a big rain comes without warning.

The winter is also static season. That means frizzy hair, getting shocked on metal objects, among other things.

Joys like Jet and the girl would spend so much time wrangling their hair while people like Party, Kobra, and ghoul would be stuck trying to get those stray strands smoothed down.

Not to mention the random heat waves that come out of no where, it can go from 70 degrees Fahrenheit to 101 degrees Fahrenheit in just 3 hours, and back down to 70 at night.

Meaning killjoys would have the constant problem of either wearing to much or too little, never knowing whether to bring a jacket or not.

Finally the big thing, humidity. Now this is normal in other places but in CA there is no humidity. As in none at all. But during the winter it’s colder and more water is in the air so it becomes a living sauna.

Basically killjoys would be constantly switching between outfits to match the weather and could be freezing and burning all in one day.

Hope you like these headcanons! Send me an ask if you want more!

(also should I do a BL/Ind version of this? Because there are different factors to weather when inside during the winter)

obrian  asked:

pls tell my why you ship valzhang/your headcanons bc i'm struggling to see it but i REALLY like the concept

  • just like… all that tension they had between hazel. i saw a headcanon that they were just using that for a reason to talk to each other more since they were in denial.
  • like the shipper i am, i thought that when leo gave frank the magical pouch for his firewood could’ve gone in another direction. maybe frank confession, stuff like that.
  • just, in general headcanons, like their cuddling. frank’s a big guy in the first place, and leo’s basically frank’s personal heater, so they’d always be toasty. that helps during the winter when they can cuddle underneath a blanket or two, unlike the other couples that have to stick near the fire.
  • they normally call each other by their last names, so just imagine them using that as a term of endearment once they start dating. instead of babe, it’s “zhang,” and instead of love, it’s “valdez.”
  • opposites attract!!!!!! they’re different in so many ways. in social situations, leo’s pretty much always the center of attention, and he makes himself get used to the fact that frank isn’t as much of a social butterfly as him. something about leo politely leaving conversations to hold hands with frank in a secluded-ish area to check if he’s okay and to do something that’s his idea of fun… kladsjfks
  • them kissing like, leo’s SUPER tiny and even on his tip toes he can’t reach frank, so forehead kisses are a huge problem. they probably bumped foreheads for their first kiss and laughed it off cause they’re so awkward, honestly. but frank picking leo up carefully and holding him up so that they can kiss. good stuff.
  • they’re both pretty big on pda. both leo and frank aren’t the most well-liked people in their camps, so they never got to do much of that. they’re always next to each other, holding hands, hugging, kissing, or leo’s in frank’s lap even when they weren’t even near each other.
  • they’re both absolute jealous freaks. since frank got the blessing of mars, he’s been a knock-out, which leo loves. big, bear-like frank was super cute, but leo loves both of his looks. lots of people stare at frank more, until leo walks up and gives frank a big kiss. frank can’t blame him, though, because on the rare occasion someone flirts with leo, he goes practically ballistic. 
  • they’re emotional people, frank more so. they both love to watch movies for dates, too. even if it’s a disney movie, or a romcom, one of them or both will end up crying. they once tried to watch a horror movie for each other to prove that they can be brave, but that combined with the terrors they had faced over the years tipped them over the edge.

sorry, i got a little carried away. :P hope these headcanons aren’t too crappy!

confused pt. 2

Part 1

Requests: OMG OMG please make a part 2 to confused! It’s so good I can’t live without it! // part 2 of confused!!! 

scott mccall x reader

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Author’s Note: Let’s pretend that gif between Bucky and Steve is between the reader and Bucky instead. This imagine took about 2 days to write but it was all worth it. It’s a bit longer than usual but I hope you all like it! Be prepared for some Civil War spoilers btw. 

Quick Summary: After Bucky left HYDRA for good, it was time for someone else to take his place to become the Winter Soldier. Except, a female he used to know took his place now and so during a mission for the Avengers in Germany, Bucky takes that opportunity to bring back who was once also his best friend. Y/N. 

* Letters in italics are memories.

December 17, 1991.

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BtVS episode Normal Again, Sterek version, stiles, maybe through a spell or just head trauma or something, think sall the supernatural stuff is in his head, and the only way to get out is to hurt/kill all the supernatural in his life


Stiles…” Scott’s voice drags out, strangled and desperate. “Why are you doing this?” He’s shifting weakly as Stiles pulls him across the floor, straining against the wolfsbane in his system, on the ropes binding his wrists.

Stiles doesn’t answer.

“Don’t answer. They’re not real; they don’t deserve an explanation.”

He gets them as far as the hall before he has to stop, drop Scott’s legs, and press his forehead against the wall. He’s shaking, shaking so hard. If this is a fantasy, should he really be shaking this hard?

His mom’s face, her hand stroking his cheek softly.

“We just want you to be better, Stiles. I miss you so much. I miss my smiling boy.”

“Stiles…” Scott sounds pained, frantic, pleading. “Listen to me, whatever that witch did to you, it’s messing with your head. You don’t want to do this.”

Scott hovering awkwardly at the edge of the white walled room, all gangly limbs and floppy, too long hair, flashing him a nervous smile.

“Doc says I’m part of your fantasies, man.” He grins, light and teasing. “I mean, not like that. But like, you gave me superpowers or something? That’s pretty cool.” And then, the smile falling away. “But the real me isn’t that bad, is it?”

He draws in a breath, pushes himself off the wall.

“I need to do this.”

He has Scott’s legs again, dragging him the rest of the way to his dad’s study. Scott starts fighting again in earnest when he sees Lydia and Kira already inside. Kira’s still unconscious, a dark bruise forming on her temple, and Lydia’s glaring at Stiles around her gag. They’re both handcuffed to the foot of his dad’s desk, and he drags Scott to lie on the opposite side of the room, well out of arms’ reach in case they start getting any ideas about teaming up to untie the wolfsbane rope.

Scott’s shouting again, shouting for Kira, shouting at Stiles. Trying to reason with him past the growing panic. Stiles understands. The gun lying on top of his dad’s desk, all ready to use, must be pretty intimidating.

He doesn’t look behind the desk. He doesn’t let himself look there, not yet. If he looks up at the chair, at his dad’s taped mouth, at his horrified, betrayed eyes, he might just lose it right now.

“Do I have to kill my dad too?” He’s shaking as he asks, even with his real dad right here in the room, clutching his hand and running fingers through his hair soothingly.

The idea of shooting him, any version of him…

The doctor’s lips purse thoughtfully.

“Is he keeping you anchored in that world?”

No… yes? Possibly.

Looking out for his dad, making sure he eats well, keeping him safe from the supernatural.

He looks at his real dad, sitting here next to him in Eichen House. The dad who’d had to commit him here after he’d stumbled across the body of a slaughtered young woman in the woods and started losing touch with reality.

“I don’t think so? I… if he’s here too, I don’t think so.”

“But you’re not sure,” the doctor had said patiently. “It’s best to make a clean break, Stiles. It’s best to rid yourself of all the ties that might trap you there.”

“Stiles, we’re friends. We’re best friends, I don’t… the spell just messed with your head. Please, we can find a way to fix this, we can go to Deaton…”

“Right,” Stiles snorts, because humor is better than sobbing. “The vet. The vet who just happens to be a werewolf doctor and our own personal Giles.”

Scott’s brows furrow a little, like he’s trying to work out where Stiles is going with this. (Or like he’s trying to place the Buffy reference, but Stiles doesn’t even want to consider that one.)

“But… he is.”

“Yeah, because my brain’s got a ridiculous sense of humor.”

A vet werewolf doctor. Yep, he should’ve seen “Stiles’ brain” written all over that one ages ago.

He grabs the tape, pulls off a long strip, and secures it over Scott’s mouth. Then he pauses, crouched over him, and squeezes his eyes shut.

“Don’t worry, Scott. It’ll all be ok. I’m gonna do this, then I’ll be back in the real world with the real you. We’ll be on the bench in lacrosse, and Lydia won’t have a clue who I am, and I’ll have my mom back. Things will finally be normal again.”

Scott’s staring at him with shocked, pained eyes when he looks down, and there’s a shift of movement from behind the desk, from the Place He Can’t Look Yet.

“Just one more,” he breathes, and texts Derek.

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anonymous asked:

How do you go about decorating your down? I plant to visit you just not yet. I'll give you my friend ID or whatever soon.. I hope if you still don't mind me visiting. I just haven't had time to plan recently. But I just wanted to know how you go about decorating with patterns with walkways or whatever else from other examples I've seen.

Placing Paths

The actual placing of paths is pretty simple: if you select a design whilst outside you’ll find an option to place it on the ground. If you have a sewing machine in Able Sisters to read QR codes with (which you can get by talking to Sable for 10 days consecutively), these are some of my personal favourites:

  1. Bordered Bricks: [winter] [spring] [summer] [autumn]
  2. Pastel Tiles: [normal] [grass-border] [cherry blossom] [hibiscus] [halloween]
  3. Mossy Cobblestone: [link]
  4. Mossy Bricks: [link]

If you don’t like any of those, acnlpaths is a good place to start. And if you don’t have a sewing machine or can’t find any you like, you can always try making your own.

My recommendation for placing the paths is use the most direct route possible (unless you deliberately want a “winding path” effect). When I first did my paths I avoided chopping trees down as much as possible which lead to some pretty strange paths and so I literally had to redo everything later on when I got the golden axe. 

And yes, it is still 100% okay for you to visit.

A Timeline of the Events in A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder

Olivia comtessedechagny and I montynavarro got together to make a timeline of the events that happen in GGLAM. We had to assume a lot of factors, so this timeline is not 100% concrete and correct, but this is what we ended up getting. We hope you enjoy! If you think an event may not be correct, let one of us know, and we’ll be happy to look into it and see if we need to change anything!

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