just have to get through work first lol

me in middle school: maybe i’ll find someone when i’m in high school

me in high school : maybe i’ll find someone when i’m in college

me in college : maybe i’ll find someone when i’m in grad school

me in grad school, probably : maybe i’ll find someone when i start working-

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just went through your entire story masterpost. you are such and incredible writer and i need to see you published right now!!! 💖

Thank you! And I’m working on the getting published (under my name) lol! KDP is actually amazing.

And, actually, if anyone wants to help support my road to publishing my first chapter book at the end of this year, why don’t they consider my Patreon? For as little as $1 you can have access to longer, fuller short stories and more!

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moving on to you since stcrdcst couldnt get my words through their head. .. You're as bad as them, if not worse. constantly reblogging and begging for attention and just generally being a nuisance. people didn't want to follow your blog the first time you reblogged your 'follow me' post, it isn't going to magically work the 25th time you reblog it. no one's going to the change their mind. you have a bad oc. just shut down this blog, and probably your multi as well. the portrayals are cringeworth

        ( haha wow tell me how you really feel, anon )


I was cleaning my office today and found a box of old electronics that I hadn’t looked through in a while. Found some disks in there. I grabbed these when my dad was throwing out old computer stuff a few years ago.

These were the first computer games I remember playing as a kid and I just realized that they were pirated lol. My dad would get copies from guys he worked with who had bought the games. They were DOS games and didn’t use a mouse at all since PCs didn’t really have mice. I loved them! Especially Midnight Rescue and Treasure Mountain. Those were amazing for educational games when I was growing up.

Alley Cat was awesome and ridiculous. You had to climb up the outside of an apartment building and into an open window. Each room had different stuff do like having to sneak past a bunch of sleeping dogs, catch a mouse that’s hiding in a giant piece of cheese, or get to a fish bowl and avoid a dog. And of course the colours were amazingly 80′s!

We also had Wolfenstein 3D, which had AMAZING graphics for a DOS game, but I wasn’t allowed to play it. My parents would send me out of the room when they played because it was too violent lol. In their defense there was a lot of very pixelated blood and having to shoot dogs and Nazis… wow I feel old.