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GUYS. I recorded the whole movie and the following video is all the conversations they had. I STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU DON’T LISTEN TO IT IF YOU HAVEN’T WATCHED THE MOVIE. SOMEONE TELLING YOU SPOILERS AND ACTUALLY HEARING THEM TALK ISN’T THE SAME. DON’T LET IT RUIN YOUR REYLO EXPERIENCE WHEN YOU ACTUALLY GET TO WATCH THE MOVIE. I’m just sharing it so that others who have also watched it can drown in the feels all over again.

holt having this much of a positive influence on jake’s life doesn’t just make sense in terms of his abandonment issues caused by his shitty father but also because, as a person with adhd, he has probably had his fair share of negative experiences with authority figures. their relationship is such a good example of what it’s like when someone trusts you and supports what you do. it’s so good!!! no wonder jake gets all teary-eyed whenever holt tells him that he’s proud of him

Sooooooo its 2:40AM and i did a baby version of “The Knight” my Undertale (OC)…its an answer too a very, very old ask, that i once got too “How would the Knight looks like a baby ?”

Inspired by the amazing @perfectshadow06 

Thank you for all the shared cuteness of Perf ! :D I just had too draw this !

Also translation of what the baby Knight says : “Praise the Sun !”

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Have you ever thought about when dean says the iconic line “not for nothing but the last person who looked at me like that, I got laid” to cas he says “person” and not “girl” I mean he could of easily said something like “the last girl that looked at me like that I got laid” or in another way but instead they had to make it even gayer then it already was??? I only just realised this and wanted to share it with you lol hope you have a good day ! 💓

You betcha!

Or how Kripke said “Dean would be attracted to someone who walked in the door, slaughtered everybody and walked out, then he would say who’s that?!

Or how Sam is all “so are you strictly into dick now?” insinuating he already was before, but not solely, in season 7.

Or how Dean is always the one to be ‘mistaken’ for queer (Sam only does by proxy by being around Dean in the early seasons) and Dean is the one who has queer friends and mirrors, not Sam. 

Or how when Dean points this out annoyedly Sam is all “well, you’re kinda butch, people probably think you’re overcompensating” in a completely matter of fact way, which makes Dean do a ‘shit I’m outed!’ face, because this is exactly what he’s doing, in season 2.

Or how Dean is the only one who gets upset about this because it hits a little close to home because he is queer and trying to hide it of fucking course, whereas Sam completely gives no shits as he isn’t queer and doesn’t have the hang ups Dean does about it due to their different upbringings anyway, because John wasn’t his dad, Dean was, because he didn’t grow up hungry and scared because Dean protected him etc.

Or how the whole show has given off “Dean is bisexual” vibes since season 1.

Or how Crowley, the personification of Dean’s hidden side is an outrageous flirting bi/pansexual with whom Dean himself has a canon sexual encounter (the triplets) and a not very subtle subtextual one with Crowley solemnly talking about how much Dean can fit in his ass and then about rubbing off all over him.

Wow. It’s all just so in our heads.


BTS Reacting to You Coming Home Drunk

A/N; ;-; I’m sorry this sucks. This is my first reaction dcftnjsx h

Jin would probably be pretty shocked at first. It wouldn’t be his first time handling somebody who was drunk but he would never have expected that person to be you. When you stumbled through the door of your shared apartment at two in the morning (after you had promised to be back no later than ten) he’d probably just sigh and shake his head, helping you to bed. You’d have a helluva hangover the next morning but he’d be there to help you through it…after giving you a rather stern lecture, that is.

“You shouldn’t drink so much, jagi.”

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Out of all the boys, he’d probably be the calmest about it. This isn’t the first time this has happened and he’d probably be a little more concerned about you calling him at midnight, giggling about how handsome he was in your drunken state. He’d stay on the phone with you until he could hear soft snores, signaling that you had fallen asleep somewhere in your house. He’d make sure to swing by your place the next morning with some painkillers and a bottle of orange juice.

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He would find this hilarious. The two of you had agreed to go to a party that was being hosted by one of your friends. There was an open bar and you, of course, had taken this as an opportunity to get wasted. As soon as he noticed the slight slur in your voice and the sway of your body as you walked he’d know what was up. He’d watch, chuckling softly as you faltered over your own steps, spewing nonsense.  After a while, the two of you would leave and he’d help you out into the car, much to your disliking. You’d protest, whining childishly as he helped you into the seat which only made him laugh more. You hadn’t gotten drunk enough to bring on a terrible hangover the next morning but you were wasted enough to only recall part of the night before. When you’d ask him about it, he’d merely smile and shake his head.

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His precious girlfriend? Drunk? It was hard for Namjoon to fathom, but when you stumbled into your shared apartment at some ungodly hour, that was the only thing that made sense. “Y/N?” He’d call out as he stepped out of your room, carefully rubbing the sleep out of his eyes with the palm of his hand. You were in the kitchen, frustrated groans escaping your lips as you climbed on the counter, trying to reach into the cabinet for the box of rice crackers you kept there. The minute you heard his voice you’d stop, warm tears filling your eyes as you looked back at him. “I just want some food!” You’d yell dramatically, making him smile in response. He’d grab the box for you, helping you off of the counter in the process. He’d stay up and just hold you while you stuffed your face, patiently waiting until you finally fell asleep.

“You’re quite the handful…but I love you nonetheless.”

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Jimin was more than a little startled when he felt someone trying to wriggle into bed beside him, the feeling of cold hands against his skin making him jump. The strong scent of vodka immediately filled his nose. “Jagi…are you drunk?” He’d ask, sitting up and turning on the lamp that rested on the bedside table. “Ah, Jiminie~” you’d coo back in response, happy giggles falling from your lips as you finally managed to crawl into bed beside him. He’d find this extremely funny, having a hard time fighting off the smile that crept onto his lips as he murmured a soft, “Yah, just go to bed already, pabo.”

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Taehyung had been sprawled out on the couch, half asleep as he waited for you to come home from a night out with your friends. You slipped into the house as quietly as you could, which wasn’t very quiet considering you were totally plastered and tripping over everything in sight. Taehyung, of course, sat up the moment you entered the room, a look of worry apparent within his eyes. He had always been a bit more protective when it came to you, and you had nearly given him a heart attack when you didn’t come home at the time you had promised. “Y/N, where have you-?!” You cut him off, pressing your finger to his lips to silence him. “Shhhh…” You hum out before stumbling down the hall and into your shared bedroom. He gets up and follows after you, but by the time he enteres the room you’re sound asleep, unable to hear  the rest of the tangent he was about to go into detailing how worried he’d been. He’d shake his head as he covers you up.

“Aish, this girl…”

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You and Jungkook had gone out drinking together for the first time that night. Happy giggles would spill from both of your lips as you stumbled into the building, tripping over each other in the process. He was only a bit soberer than you were and found everything you did funnier than it actually was. The two of you would fall asleep on the dorm couch, earning a lecture from Seokjin early the next morning.

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Hey everyone, if the net neutrality repeal goes through I just want to say something. Being on tumblr for the past couple of months has brought me a lot of happiness. It’s more than just being able to reblogged memes and jokes, the internet has informed me on so many important things going on in the world over the years. Also, it gave me a place to share my writings and express my love for things I enjoy. I’ve talked to so many great people on here and you have all been so kind to me. I️ had hoped to become friends with a lot more of you on here and hopefully I’ll get that chance. Thank you so much for giving love to my blog/writing. I really hope everything works out for the best and I’ll still be able to do what I love. If not, I hope the best for every single one of you. All the love ❤️


@pleasemeprudence tagged me for 9 best selfies of 2017! Thank u for feeding my ego Iris

Anyways none of these look like the same fucking person which just proves that becoming a drag monster unlocked my ability to shapeshift and I will now use this ability to hack into the government. They were right, homosexuals are dangerous!

ANYWAYS TAGGING @manquer-de-charme aaaand idk who else of my friends are comfortable sharing their faces but if you wanna do it then pls do it

You, among the others ~7~

Wordcount: 6.102

Genre: Fluff/Angst, Hint of smut | College!AU - Enemies to lovers

Min Yoongi x Reader – (ft. Taehyung x Reader)

Description: You and Taehyung shared a love story for two years until you break up. Just when you start to believe that nobody can replace him, Yoongi collides with your life, messing it up: love can come from nothing, without rhyme or reason.


[1] | [2] | [3] | [4] | [5] | [6] | [7]

a/n: The first part gave me a bit of trouble but I did it! Hope you enjoy it!

The sky doesn’t end if you kiss Min Yoongi.

You’ve always had this conviction but now that you’re there, tightened into his arms, straddling upon him while he leans against the washing machine, savoring the soft consistency of his thin lips, you realize that the sky isn’t cracking, much less it turns upside-down.

Only the sounds are muffled.

The world fell silent in the exact instant his tongue’s tip has got bored to trace your underlip and has lightly tapped on it, asking you to come in with a delicacy you didn’t believe he could have.

Not with you, at least.

You tilt your head to a side and the breath sticks in your throat when he deepens the kiss. His fingers meander under your shirt and climb up idly as if they’d want to enjoy the goosebumps now pinching your skin, then he presses them against your scapula only to pull you closer.

Yoongi kisses slow and embraces hard.

You’ve always thought he was a lazy guy with curt ways, one of those who takes without giving. Instead, his endless roaming in every corner of your body can be compared to a never-ending research of all those sensitive spots that make you moan low in his mouth, and once he finds them he stays there, torturing them, willed to make you lose your mind.

And he almost does it.

Your mind’s so foggy by a pleasure you thought no one else except Tae could give you, you don’t even realize that his fingers are now unfastening your jeans button, while you retain the memory of that delicate kiss in the back of your eyes, now half closed and liquid.

You lean your forehead against his, covered by that dark fringe dumped with sweat and definitively longer than you remembered, dizzied by his good shampoo’s scent, while his searing mint breath tickles your reddish and plump lips.

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Jamie: A- Autumn?!

Autumn Luna: No… I’m Luna, Autumn’s half-sister? I’m sorry, I should’ve known you wouldn’t recognize me, we’ve only met once and I was nine, so…

Jamie: Autumn’s younger sister… That’s right. Sorry, I thought- You look just like her…

Luna: Yeah, I get that a lot… Anyway, sorry to to be a bother, I recognized you and just wanted to say hi. I never knew a lot about Autumn’s life, but I could tell she cared for you, and you seem like a nice person.

Jamie: Thanks…

Luna Carmichael, Autumn’s 9-year-old half-sister, only she wasn’t 9 anymore. Up close Jamie could notice the differences between Luna and Autumn’s appearances. They didn’t share the same nose or mouth, and Luna had green eyes instead of Autumn’s hazel, but the resemblance was uncanny… and it was extremely unsettling.

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i saw your thread on twitter about black vs white women last night & as a white woman, you're absolutely right. black women always show up for candidates who don't always represent them. i always think that women have more in common with each other than with men, but white women prove every election that they care more about being white than being women. it's not surprising but it bothers me every time & i just had to share. anyway thank god doug jones won!

like a friend of mine said: “white women love white supremacy more than they love themselves”.

roy moore literally said we’d be better off without the amendment that gave women the right to vote AND doesn’t believe women should hold political office and 65% of white women still voted for him. the mind reels.

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I just had a wonderfully angsty thought I would like to share with you. In GoT s7, Theon "abandoned" Yara for several reasons, most pragmatically because there was nothing he could do while she had a knife to her throat. Now, has Theon ever rescued someone with a knife to their throat before? Perhaps a situation in which he was in fact chastised for the rescue, and had all the ways it could have gone wrong pointed out? 🍎


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Dont you find it weird that daisy and adam didnt take any pictures together? Its very strange to me, since their characters share main scenes together, not to mention the "besties" think, although I belive it was only for marketing. Like they paired up Daisy with Domhnall for the interviews, they just dont interract and its quite weird. And its an abnormal reaction from an actress that she's crying and complaining to rian for making her work with adam instead of john. What do you think?

First of all they were in some pictures together. They were put on a cover together. All kinds of promo of them.

Second of all, they had a special one-on-one interview. It was a delight to read.

Third of all they had to keep that shit under wraps because high key that’s one of the twists for the audience – Reylo. I expect they’ll have more open promo in the next film where they are paired up again, but they’ll still probably be all hush hush because now we now their story is sort of the central part of this thing.

Fourth, and this is important, Adam is a married man and I think they’re being respectful of that.

Lastly, Adam is extremely busy and in high, HIGH demand, and also HATES press stuff – he has bad anxiety. So I think they give him a break as much as possible. I think it’s been proven at this point they really get along and respect each other highly as professionals.

High key think this anon is an anti.

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I just had a wonderful vision that I had to share with you; James potter loving lady gaga. Just picture him cleaning the house while lily and Harry are off at the movies and they come home to find James in his shirt and his underwear.

The best part about this is that James would have to be at least be in his late 40s. Salt-and-pepper hair, hot dad bod, now even more ridiculous than ever. That’s prime James. 👌🏻

Second Hand Shoes

I just wrote what came out because I am in the middle of a block. Hope this is alright.

“What do you mean?” As someone who took great pride in how she represented herself both in business and in personal matters, Simone was a whiz when it came to controlling her voice. She knew exactly when to raise the pitch or which words to emphasize when she spoke. Hastily, she asked her husband over speaker phone while she dressed in a small coffee shop bathroom. She had left the New York their suite barley put together since the nanny for Molly and Connor were late and she had a meeting at Henri Bendel just two blocks from the cafe in a matter of minutes. Simone was wrestling with a thin hook on the band of her emerald high-waisted pants, but her mind was occupied on the disappointing facts her husband was casually sharing over the phone. “His birthday is next week. How are you only telling me now that you won’t make it? Is there some unforeseen end of March snowstorm coming to Asia that is going to keep you from making it to New York?”

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thought i'd just share something that.l hopefully make you laugh bc smiling is good and you deserve endless happiness. so basically a few years ago we had sex ed in school and it got to the time where we had to put condoms on a banana. well my school decided to be really extra and bring in dildos for us to put condoms on, but just before the sex ed lesson we all found out that somebody had stolen the dildos. someone actually stole the fucking dildos


If This is the End…

I never want to address issues like net neutrality on my blog, but I’ve been signing a lot of petitions today.

If this happens, I just want to thank all of my followers for making this blog a great one. I had a lot of fun blogging and interacting with you guys. I wish I could get to know you guys more. 💕 Life is Strange is one of my favorite video games and it was nice to have an audience that shared the same views, opinions, ships and memes. It was exciting to count down the days to events with stupid images that somewhat had a significance to that day, even celebrating events like Chloe’s birthday to Life is Strange week. I’ve never met a better fandom.

If this is the end, it was a blessing to have you guys ride this crazy roller coaster ride with me. I love every single one of you, even if I don’t show it.

Love, Tori 💙

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Sooooo what I’m hearing is.......we don’t get any reassurance from Betty that she is still 100% in love with jughead and has 0 feelings for Archie even after that kiss , and not even when bughead has there first time

i have no idea. the bits i posted for you are exactly what i know about the scenes. there aren’t any further descriptions of what happens in them. it’s just a brief line, a general idea of what’s happening in that scene 

also, i don’t know for a fact they have sex. i just think that they might because of the “distraction” description. i have a hard time seeing betty seduce jughead in their shared bedroom if they haven’t had sex yet. plus, RAS wrote ep 12. he wrote bughead’s first “i love you”s so i feel like he’d want to write their first time as well 

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Hi! Once you get this share 6 facts about yourself and send it to your 10 favorite blogs ✿‿✿

Awww, thanks! I have no idea what to write so I’ll just post 6 random things that come up to my mind:

1. I love yarn, all kinds and colors. I have hundreds of yarn skeins at home.

2. I live with my boyfriend now

3. I love cooking and baking, and wish I had more time for that

4. Pleasantview was my favorite TS2 neighbourhood

5. I still write old-fashioned handwritten letters, I have penpals all around the world :D

6. I’m seriously addicted to tea, I have dozens of different kinds.