just had to quote the hunger games

I was the star of The Hunger Games, so I had a lot of 12-year-olds and 11-year-olds who I know look up to me and are listening to me and watching me. And when the election happened, I couldn’t help but think of those girls who were 18. I completely understand when people say, ‘Just shut up and act.’ But for me there are times where I feel a real need to speak to those girls.
—  Jennifer Lawrence about writing her open letter on the recent US election

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Name: Saraya
Nickname: My family calls me Raya sometimes.
Zodiac sign: Scorpio 😈
Height: 5'5"
Orientation: Bisexual
Ethnicity: ½ white (like, English or Scottish, I think), ¼ Mexican, ¼ Native American.
Favourite fruit: Probably blackberries, if I had to pick.
Favourite season: Fall
Favourite book: I hate picking favorites like this. I’ll just say that I’ve read The Hunger Games trilogy the most. Like, probably read all three books 10x’s. Hahaha.
Favourite flower: Lilies
Favourite scent: Babies and puppies. 😍
Favourite animal: Probably dogs, but I love them all.
Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: Coffee and tea everyday. Hot chocolate when it’s snowing.
Average sleep hours: I try to go to sleep around 10, but I’m usually up way later than that. I wake up around 5 or 6 every morning.
Cats or dogs: Both.
Favourite fictional character: There’s so many. Probably The Joker.
Dream trip: Hawaii, Portugal, Japan.
When was your blog created: Middle of last year sometime.
Number of followers: 91. I’d have more if I didn’t block everyone that looks remotely like a porn bot. And if I wasn’t so opinionated during the election. 🙄 My side blog is pretty popular though!
What do you post about: Anything and everything.
Do you get asks on a regular basis: Eh. I’ve been getting more here lately.
Aesthetic: A nap.
Favourite band/artist: All time favorite is MCR.
Fictional characters I’d date: Deadpool, hands down. That’s not even a question.
Hogwarts house: Slytherin.

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The Hunger Games {Sentence Starters}
  • "Hope. It is the only thing stronger than fear."
  • "May the odds be ever in your favor."
  • "I volunteer! I volunteer! I volunteer as tribute!"
  • "You shouldn't have gone! You said you weren't gonna go!"
  • "There is this one girl that I've had a crush on forever."
  • "I just don't want to be another piece in their game, you know?"
  • "Okay, well, I'm not gonna kill anybody with a sack of flour."
  • "What the hell was that? You don't talk to me and then you say you have a crush on me?"
  • "No! I'm not gonna leave you. I'm not gonna do that."
  • "We could do it, you know. Take off, live in the woods."
  • "You know, I meant that as a compliment."
  • "You're not gonna risk your life for me. I'm not gonna let you."
  • "A little hope is effective. A lot of hope is dangerous."
  • "Just try to win. Maybe you can."
  • "I don't know how else to put this. Make sure they remember you."
  • "You definitely smell better than I do."
  • "As long as you have it, nothing bad will happen to you, okay? I promise."
  • "It's okay. You're okay. You're okay!"
  • "I have NO chance of winning! None! All right?"
  • "You realize that your actions reflect badly on all of us, not just you."
  • "You scared me to death. Damn you!"
  • "You're stronger than they are. You are."
  • "Yeah, but I'm not very good at making friends."
  • "I think that if I can apply myself to the situation at present, I will be able to figure it out."
  • "I hope you noticed we have a serious situation!"
  • "I'm not allowed to bet, but if I could, I'd bet on you."
out of context quotes from my group : the starters pack.

- Hug me.It’s an order.  

- Oh no. It’s going to be bad,like the Hunger Games but with no winners.  

- It came to mind you don’t have silly nickname yet .We need to provide immediately.

- That’s it, I’ll become a stripper !

- I’m your new mother now.

- Do you remember that creepy old supposedly infested house in the near neighborhood? We should totally go there !

- I tried to evocate a ghost once, it was anwful idea. Don’t mess with the spirits guys, just don’t.

- Treat me with respect: I’ll be the president one day.

- Have I ever told you about that time I mistaken my friend’s father for a murderer ? It’s a funny story.

- We should drown our frustration in a pool of potato chips

.- I like her bag. I should steal it.

- I think those snacks might be poisoned. I don’t trust them.

- Among us,who do yuo think has the higher chances to become a criminal ?

- And it was beautiful. Until we realized we were totally lost.

- We need to talk in private. Lets hide in the bathroom !

- If we trapped ourself inside this room, throwing the furniture out of the windows and using pens and pencils like bullets, we could probably fight the whole school and win.

- Keep your friend close and your enemies even closer, it’s easier to poison them this way.

- Don’t you love the smell of coffee and hypocrisy in the morning?

- They hate us and we hate them, but for the love of free food we shall join the party like nothing was wrong. 

 -  I have an idea but it’s illegal.

 - I’m judging you

- Give me your slice of pizza and you’ll earn a new lover.

me in early 2011, having just finished reading the hunger games books (quoted from the ancient chronicling method known as livejournal): Confession time here: I always kind of wanted to ship Effie with Haymitch. Oh, OF COURSE I did. When they were all prepping back in The Hunger Games and he was all gross and drunk all the time and she was all pristine and prissy and orderly! It had potential, okay!

me today:

Jennifer [Lawrence] didn’t realise I was leaving. Everyone had to get in the trucks and drive somewhere else, so I went back to take off my Effie [Trinket, her character] make-up alone in the rain. Then I got a text from Jennifer saying, ‘Oh God, I just realised. I’m so sorry!’ Which is totally her, so great.
—  Elizabeth Banks about the last day of shooting Mockingjay
I’m a huge Jennifer Lawrence fan. I think I’ve been on record of saying that her and David O. Russell’s relationship is very William Wyler-Bette Davis like, and that’s a good thing to be like. And I can see her doing a good job with this role, so we went to talk about it and everything. She was just doing me a courtesy to see me, I think. She was doing Joy. She had to all this publicity on the Hunger Games movies. There was just no f—ing way in the world that she was available. Having said that, I’m glad I didn’t cast somebody that young. I think I absolutely positively made the right choice, as far as the ages of the characters.
—  Quentin Tarantino on almost casting Jennifer Lawrence in The Hateful Eight
I’m going to miss just being with everyone that much,“ he said. "We are all still close and see each other on a fairly regular basis. When you are filming, it’s 12 plus hours a day for months at a time. It’s kind of sad, because you had such a great time making them, now it’s coming to a close. But also, I think everyone is ready to move on to the next stages of their careers and lives and everything.
—  Josh Hutcherson on The Hunger Games coming to a close (x)
We had the script really early, and Jena was at the top of my list really, so I just texted her and emailed her about it and she right away was totally down. So she said, “Yes,” right away, which is really awesome to have your first choice say yes.
—  Josh Hutcherson, when asked ‘You’re having a “Hunger Games” reunion in the film. How did that come together?’ (x)
Jen and Josh know how to be professional in their scenes but have a lot of fun, But honestly, the majority of the jokes I can’t even say! But it was hilarious, and it made it so much fun. I grew up quickly in that sense too! – I think the first few movies, they tried to lay off the super inappropriate jokes and we even had a swear jar for a while. But after that, it was just like, ‘Oh, you’re 13 and a half. Whatever. You’re old enough now! You’re basically an adult!’
—  Willow Shields .
I adore Suzanne Collins for her bravery and her imagination, and everything that is the success of The Hunger Games, the genesis, it all comes from Suzanne. She wrote such a complex world and yet at the same time had so many scenes that deal with all the things we’re struggling with with our own time and zeitgeist. So I’m just a huge fan of Suzanne Collins and her writing, and I think Nina Jacobson and Francis Lawrence have both talked about this, but anything prequel, sequel, whatever would have to come from her and her penmanship. So the minute I know that Suzanne is writing something, then yes, my ears would prick up. Almost definitely.
—  Natalie Dormer on the possibility of The Hunger Games prequels. (x)

I realized when I pulled up to work today that I had given myself a gift last week and caught up on all my work before I left for North Carolina so starting my Monday with no added stress is a good thing!

I think I might finally be over that ridiculous cough I had for the last week. It is nice to not have to constantly be eating cough drops and taking medicine just to get through the day.

We watched Mockingjay last night so now we’re all caught up on the Hunger Games series so Kev can go with me to see the last movie. We’ve also finished Harry Potter so I think the next thing on our list is for us to watch all the original Star Wars before the new one(He’s seen them all and can basically quote them word for word, it’s me who needs the movie education). We do have till Christmas for that so I think we’ll be good.

I packed my gym bag to be back at Joel’s class tonight! My laziness almost won but i figured it’s an early class so it’ll be good. Since I’m feeling better this week I’m hoping I can motivate myself to go upstairs and do some strength training before heading home.

Today is going to be a good day. No matter what Monday things may potentially happened I’m determined to make it a good day.

Definitely bittersweet. I’d say more bitter than sweet at the moment just because I miss it. It was a really great experience and we got to make something really cool and interesting and along the way met great people and had a great time making it, so sad to see it come to an end. But it’s also exciting because I’m moving on to other things and this Canon project is something I’ve been focused on a lot.
—  Josh Hutcherson on The Hunger Games coming to an end (x)
On the last day it was so emotional, and we kind of couldn’t let go of each other. We were kind of freaked out that something was ending. And then, a week later, we were hanging out at Liam’s house. We were like, “Oh, O.K., so now we can just be friends.” — After seeing that nothing really changed with the three of us — four, including Woody [Harrelson], but he lives in Hawaii, so it’s trickier — we were fine. I mean, this was yesterday: Woody texted me, and said he had a dream about me. And I was like, “Was I amazing?” And then Josh called me and told me he had a dream about Woody. And then my friend came over to my house and told me she had a sex dream about Liam. I didn’t dream about anyone, but there’s always tonight.
—  Jennifer Lawrence on what she’ll miss the most in The Hunger Games.