just had to let you know that i got a crush on you

Some advice I got

Of course we know not to “look for love”. But after me and my ex broke up, I thought about past crushes I had. I thought about, well I knew them from high school or work, we used to laugh and stuff. I wonder if something could spark from there.


A friend told me “you’re scared of new things.” And she is completely right. “Don’t focus on making something with someone you already know. That’ll lead to bad patterns you just escaped. Find someone who doesn’t know of your past or how insecure and timid you once were. I don’t care if he’s from a different state, start a fresh friendship with someone new where you’ll have a lot more stories to talk about and entertain each other with. Stop holding on to the old, embrace the new that’s to come. Start fresh.”

I’m ready for new.

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Prompt:  So happy that you opened your request back omg! Can I have one where the reader’s personality exactly like Kirk and she pissed the hell out of him but deep inside Jim got a crush on her. Basically frustated and in love Jim Kirk? Thank you so much you beautiful human being.
Word Count: 927
NaNoWriMo Word Count: 11,029/50,000
Author’s Note: Jim’s a big baby

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  • my family at thanksgiving: let's all go around and say what we are thankful for
  • me at thanksgiving: honestly where do i start there is so much to be thankful for this year. jeff davis finally realized stydia needs to be canon and even though dylan o'brien was injured and has not been able to film much the season is still so stydia af. lydia martin is finally getting the screen time she deserves and a beautiful platform to explore and express her feelings for stiles and wow should i start quotes? ok you guys got me...lydia martin is the first girl stiles stilinski ever danced with and remember how he had a crush on her freshman year? sophomore year? junior year? remember how he loves her? remember how she won't forget him and remember how even though she does she can't shake this feeling and whoever he is she thinks she loved him and oh my god i'm so sorry i just got my tears all over the stuffing you know what i'll just take this plate for myself then

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13!!!!! ❤️

13: “It’s pitch black in here and I can see you’re blushing”

It felt like things like this only happened in movies, the classic mistake of arriving at a hotel and releasing there is only one bed in the room for two people who definitely haven’t confessed their attraction to one another. At first Spencer were mortified, the last thing he wanted was to make you uncomfortable or let you figure out his crush on you.

He tried avoiding going to bed until the last possible minute, pouring over the case files hoping that for once you wouldn’t be so kind in helping him and instead just go to sleep. It would be far easier to sleep next to you knowing that you weren’t awake to feel his tenseness.

But of course, you had to be the nice person and stay up until neither of you could keep your eyes open. You went and got changed in the bathroom and Spencer hurried to get changed before you came out and caught him in his underwear, he didn’t want to make this anymore awkward than it had to be.

“What side do you sleep on?” You asked once you came out of the bathroom, dressed in short cotton shorts and old band t-shirt. Spencer glanced over at the bed then back at you, awkwardly playing with his hands.

“Oh, I. Um, left. I sleep on the left.” He said before walking over to the bed, it was thankfully a double but there still wouldn’t be much space between you once he laid down.

“Good, I like the right.” You watched as Spencer climbed into bed, tucking himself in under the blanket before looking over at you, he had positioned himself as close to the wall as possible to give you the majority of the space.

The awkward silence that occurs when you too climbed into bed and switched the lamp off was immense, you tried to move around to get comfortable but your hand brushed against Spencer’s thigh and made him tense up. Your crush on the doctor had been around since you arrived at the BAU and while it was extremely awkward being so close to him with your feelings hidden way, it felt ridiculously right.

“It’s pitch black in here and I can see you’re blushing.” You tried to clear the tension in the air, Spencer let out a breathy chuckle but you could still feel how tense he was, clearly uncomfortable from your close proximity.

 “Yeah, well. It’s not every day I’m in bed next to a beautiful woman.” His words trailed off as he realised that his one goal to hide his crush wasn’t going so well, instead of hearing a reply you turned over so you were facing Spencer’s direction. With a lot of hesitance, you moved closer and rested your head on his chest, he was so warm and smelt so good that it almost instantaneously lulled you to sleep. 

It took Spencer a little longer, too busy gushing over how you weren’t freaked out by his words before eventually slipping his arm around you and falling asleep, perfectly content by your side.

Paladins when They Realize Their Feelings for You


  • Holy shit this boy
  • just he’d be flirting with you while you’re working around the ship
  • Like he always done tbh
  • And just you put up with it so well
  • And he’s so taken aback
  • Damn that’s hot
  • And just no one’s done that before and just
  • he’s gonna follow you around now you’ve got an entourage


  • This guy seems clueless on love
  • But I promise he’s probably smarter than we think
  • like he had that crush for a while
  • but you know he works his feelings out in training so
  • and you join him a lot to practice too
  • but this isn’t about that this is about how he realizes he LOVES YOU
  • and honestly its on a mission one of life and death and he was so worried
  • and fuck it he probably kisses you when you meet up again
  • he loves you and he’s gonna protect you 


  • okay this boy 
  • And you ALWAYS help in the kitchen and when he’s doing tech stuff you just help as much as you can
  • and he so appreciates it you’re such a good friend it’s so nice
  • but you two are cooking at this point adn you’re making some sort of confection and it’s like stirring whipped cream
  • And you’re laughing because it’s getting al over you this food is weird
  • that’s when he knows HE KNOWS HE’S GOTTA HAVE YOU IN HIS LIFE NOW


  • Okay so this precious child
  • It’d be late at night and you’re in her workshop in the middle of a mess
  • and she’s just typing away on her computer and working on her latest robot
  • and you offered to stay up with her and keep her company but you’re so tired you just fall asleep with your head on her leg
  • and subconsciously she puts a hand on the top of your head 
  • and her eyes just WIDEN when she realizes what she’s doing
  • and she looks at you and just you’re so cute and peaceful when you’re asleep
  • and just her heart swells and you’re so cute
  • she loves you right then tand there you’re loyal and loving and just you’re SO DAMN CUTE


  • This man needs all the love okay
  • Sort of like Keith you two train together a TON
  • but afterwards you two just sit and talk and spend time together
  • and it’s a friend thing at first but
  • at one point during training the bot gets too rough and Shiro just has a flashback
  • and you’re there trying to help and comfort him and walk him through it and you’re so damn patient with it
  • and it’s right there that he knows
  • You’re the one for him


  • This princess probably always loved the idea of having you around
  • You’re nice and a welcome distraction from all the grown (and not grown) children on the ship
  • and it’s one of the off days where you’re not worrying about the Galra and planets and such
  • and you’re sitting in one of the lounges watching the stars go by
  • and you’re both talking about this and that not anything in particular but letting the words flow
  • and Allura just starts talking about her fears about all the what ifs and all the doubts she has
  • and you just listen and when she’s all done you comfort her
  • you draw her into a big hug and just comfort her as best you can
  • you don’t trivialize her fears, you know they’re real and you just make her feel okay
  • and she might end up crying but she’s so thankful
  • and her heart swells so much more with this moment
  • and looking back on that moment she knows that’s the moment she truly and fully fell for you
Baby Steps - Draco x Reader

This is in third person, but it’s still a reader kind of thing… so yeah I hope you enjoy! Let me know what you think :) 

Y/N - your name
E/C - eye color

There’s a bit of swearing in here, just to let you know! 

Draco sat in the Slytherin common room waiting for his newly acquired girlfriend to make her way down the stairs. It wasn’t really a surprise when he had asked her out. They had been best friends for four years and for three of those, Draco had had a crush on her. And much to Draco’s surprise (and pleasure), she had had a crush on him for four of the four years they’d been best friends.

Draco was getting antsy sitting on the couch so he got up and started pacing back and forth. What was taking her so long? Finally, he heard a laugh that he had heard a million times before and looked up. There she was, making her way down the stairs with her roommates. They were laughing, but hers stood out a little more than the rest. It was a sound he wanted to hear for the rest of his life.

Her friends kept walking towards the door while she made her way towards him. Her hair was divided into two braids that rested on either side of her face and she had traded out her usual uniform shirt for a sweatshirt that Draco swore belonged to him.

“Hi.” he smiled as his arms wrapped around her waist.

“Hello.” she whispered and threw her arms around his neck. She inhaled his scent of mint and some cologne she didn’t recognize. He pulled away but kept his hands on her waist. She stepped back a little and Draco became disappointed at the loss of contact. 

“Shall we head to breakfast then?” she asked and Draco nodded reaching for her hand. Before he could though, she had already made her way out the door and towards the Great Hall. Draco jogged to catch up with her. As he walked beside her, he made another attempt to hold her hand, but she pulled away. She offered him a small smile and Draco frowned. What was wrong with him holding his girlfriend’s hand? He just wanted to show people that they were together… though he was positive that everyone knew already.

As they made their way towards the Slytherin table, he made a third attempt and she pulled away yet again. At this point, Draco was frustrated. Had he done something wrong? Was she upset with him? 

He took his seat next to her. As they ate, he watched as she attempted to make conversation with any other Slytherin besides him. She talked with her hands a lot and it was one thing he loved about her. He loved when she talked about Potions or Quidditch because he could see her eyes light up and she got overly animated. He decided to try to touch her again. 

His hand slipped on to her knee under the table and she jumped. She continued her conversation with Pansy while slipping her hand under the table and pushing his hand away.

Draco sighed loudly, excused himself, and walked away from the table. What was her issue? Why wouldn’t she let him touch her? Was it something he said? Was it something he did? They’d been dating for a couple of weeks now. Shouldn’t she be used to being with him as more than a friend? They’d had several moments in private that were way more intimate than holding hands.

“Draco, wait!” she shouted from behind him. He kept walking back towards the common room. “Draco!” He stopped and turned around.

“What? Finally want to spend time with your boyfriend? Or did you come after me just to push me away again? That’s my sweatshirt by the way. If you don’t want to be with me, you should just get it over with now! We were fine this morning, what happened?” he shouted at her. He watched as she flinched at a couple of his words and almost regretted yelling at her. 

“It’s nothing like that, Draco!” she yelled back. “I love spending time with you! You know that. Don’t accuse me of it because you know that it’s not true in the slightest. I’m not trying to push you away, I swear. I love being in a relationship with you. I waited four years for you. I think we’re so good together, we balance each other out. I’m not breaking up with you. Also yes, this is your sweatshirt, I stole it from you last time I was in your dormitory.”

“Okay, you can say that you want to be with me all you want, but you pull away every time I try to hold your hand or even touch you! You’re fine when we’re all alone, but the second someone else is in the room, you get stand offish and I can barely even look at you without you moving away. What’s your issue?” he leaned against the wall and crossed his arms. He stared at her and she looked away.

“Draco… its just… I’m not into publicly displaying our relationship.”

“Why? Are you embarrassed of me, Y/N?” he asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Why are you being so insecure? You know I’m into you. I’m not embarrassed of you at all. That’s fucking stupid, Draco. I’m just not use to you touching me all the time. I’m not the kind of person, you know that. We’ve been best friends for four years, for fuck’s sake. I’d like to think you know me better than that.” she said.

There was long silence between the two as Draco thought. So she just didn’t like public displays of affection? That was it?

“I just want to show you off. I want to show people that you’re mine. Not mine as in the ‘I own you’ type of way… Mine as in you chose me over all of the other boys that wanted your attention. I want to prove to people that sometimes the villain does end up with a happily ever after.” he whispered.

He looked down, embarrassed of what he just said. Draco Malfoy could be romantic, but it wasn’t very often he verbally confessed feelings like that. He felt her cold hands on his cheeks and he looked up into her beautiful E/C eyes.

“That was a bit cheesy. But you’re not a villain and I’m sorry. You should’ve told me that. And I’m sorry I just pulled away instead of telling you that I don’t like PDA. I guess we should communicate better.” She laughed a little and he gave a small smile. His hands wrapped around her wrists and he kissed her nose. 

“It’s okay. I get it. We don’t have to hold hands or kiss in public. I should respect your choices and your space. I’m sorry too.” he whispered and leaned in to press his lips against hers. After a couple seconds, she pulled away and rested her forehead on his. She dropped her hands from his face and laced her fingers with his.

“Baby steps.” she offered a smile and he grinned.
“Baby steps.” Draco repeated.

They walked off hand in hand down to the dungeons and spent the rest of their Saturday cuddling on the couch in the Slytherin common room.

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I just wanted to thank you for everything you contribute to the fandom!! I check your blog daily just cuz I love absolutely everything you do!!! You're awesome!! (Blushe intensifies and quickly goes on anon)

Thank you soooo much dear anon! TwT You have no idea how happy you made me just now TwT <3 <3 
But to be honsest, I am the one who should be thanking you guys for letting me share my “crap” (… yeah, just let me call it crap okay ‘XD) with you.
This fandom has done so much more for me than I could ever give back. I was at a point where I wanted to stop drawing because I felt so bad and I made some pretty crushing experiences that made me want to give up. And then thanks to all of you I had a reason to draw again. I was lost and didn’t know what to do with myself anymore or what I wanted to do and that’s when I joined this fandom and it pushed me to keep drawing and I wanted to improve again. I wanted to improve so I could make things for everyone to enjoy. 
You gave me a reason again and I had something that I truly wanted to do. Something that gave me back my passion for creating things. 
I also started writing again thanks to the fandom and because I had people to share my stuff with. 
So seriously you don’t have to thank me! 
I have to thank all of you! 
I tend to lose my way a lot and question why I even do the stuff I do and if it even matters to anyone and then I can come here and you give me a reason again.
Thank you for being here with me and letting me share my crazyness with you! (Because I have a lot of that ‘XD … seriously I’m crazy xD) 
I am the one blushing dear anon! ^////^
Thank you! <3 

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Imagine the pack ruining Liam’s and yours date

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Liam forced a smile as the waiter asked you what you wanted, They said they weren’t going to show up! He thought, as Lydia scribbled down on her notepad, She probably didn’t even get Y/n’s order.

When you accepted Liam’s date, he was happy as a man on crack.

“No!” Liam almost shouted at his friends. “I am going-”

“Liam it’s a full moon-”

“I’ve got my shift under control!”

“We don’t know-”

“Just trust me!” He finally yelled. “Y/n’s is the most popular girl at my old school and I’ve had a massive crush on her! Just please, let me go. I’ll be fine.”

But against the Beta’s hope, they all showed up somehow. Scott and Kira were out on a date, Lydia somehow worked at the restaurant, and Stiles kept calling Liam asking for updates.

By the end, the date could not have gone worse. Liam was a nervous mess, saying the wrong things, Scott and Kira chose to make it a double date with the two of you, your order of food didn’t came, and when it did, it was wrong and Lydia spilled half of it on you.

“So how’d it go?” Stiles asked in a singy voice as the four returned to Stiles house.

“Well, Lydia spilled food on my date, Scott told her that I have a disease affecting my ass growth, so ask those two if they had a nice time because my night is now ruined.”

Signs as Andy Dwyer Quotes

Aries: “I have no idea what I’m doing, but I know I’m doing it really, really well.”

Taurus: “Let me just say, from the bottom of my heart, my bad.”

Gemini: “Oh I’m fine. It’s just that life is pointless and nothing matters and I’m always tired.”

Cancer: “Well first I would be like ..Dad? You’re alive? What the hell?!”

Leo: “Aww, babe…you had a crush on me… that’s embarrassing.”

Virgo: “My only plan today was to buy skittles.”

Libra: “If you rearrange the letters of Peru, you could spell Europe.”

Scorpio: “Don’t worry babe, I’ll protect you. I got stung once, I’m immune. GO AHEAD AND STING ME BEES! IT DOES NOTHING!”

Sagittarius: “Did you know that the food you eat becomes energy? BOOM! That’s spaghetti! Nachos! A cookie!”

Capricorn: “Anything is a toy if you play with it.”

Aquarius: “Gases fill the volume of whatever container they’re in. School.”

Pisces: “That’s an awful thing to say to a human being! No, i’m not crying okay, I’m just allergic to JERKS!!”


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@imagine-assembling-the-avengers: Super angsty? Ok, during a mission, something Clint does kills the reader/OC (also an Avenger). Feelings and angst ensue, and the team tries to help him but he can’t get past it.

A/N: Ughh, I’m not sure how I feel about this? Eh. I hope you guys like it. And by like it, I mean I hope it crushes your souls. Heh. Also I didn’t really edit it so let me know if you find huge errors.

Word count: 1359

Warnings: Death, violence, guns, hand-to-hand combat, grief, I think that’s everything?


10 miles NNW of Klyastsitsy, Belarus

You had just secured the file and had completed wiping the computer. As you prepared to move out, you heard Clint speaking urgently through your comm.

“Y/N, get out now! A couple of Hydra soldiers got passed me after I finished setting the charges, they knew we were coming. They’re headed in your direction.”

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I’ll be there - (Older) Damian Wayne x Reader

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Request: Could you write something where the reader’s boyfriend cheated on her and older!Damian (who has a little crush on her) comes to comfort her ? Love you

Damian and you were friends since you both were little, of course during that time of your friendship you realized that he had been robin when you walked in on him changing out of his suit.

That lead him to letting you meet the others, sure you met his father whenever you spent sometime hanging out either playing video games or helping one another with school work.

Of course over time and as you both grew up Damian grew feelings for you, knowing him though he didn’t act upon them considering he had always thought you only saw him as a friend or brother.

But the main thing was cause you already had a boyfriend.

Though Damian was the one who you went to when you and your boyfriend got into fights, but when he saw you now he knew something worse happened just by how hard you were crying.

“Wha?” He asked.
“He cheated on me!” You interrupted him.

Damian’s eyes widen then sighed as he knew the guy you were with was shady from the start, bringing you into his arms he rested his chin on your head as his arms wrapped tightly around you for some comfort.

Damian had wondered what your ex-boyfriend was doing whenever you weren’t around the guy, but as you sobbed into his chest and told the story how you caught him sitting in some cafe with a girl then soon kissed her he grew angry.

Not just angry for that this idiot had the idea of cheating on you but the whole fact he had made you cry and be in so much pain.

“Come on, come to my place and we will watch a movie together with whatever ice-cream you’d want alright?” He suggested.
“Okay…thanks Damian, your an awesome friend.” You mumbled.

Oh if only you knew of his feelings, but maybe soon he would be able to confess his true feelings towards you. And maybe soon you’ll be his girl.

But for now, he’d be there for you as long as you needed him to be.

||A/N: Sorry I couldn’t find anything with older Damian so this is what you might have to go with, and sorry that it’s so short it’s pretty much all I could come up with right now since my writers block is once more returning…damn but I still hope this is worth the wait.||

Bitch Slap

BitchSlap - Her BAU-tiful Mind Drabble

Did you guys enjoy this? Should I continue? Let me know!

xoxo Laurel


I sat at the foot of Camdens bed and sighed. I had no clue how he had gotten so sick? One minute he was fine and the next, bam. He had a fever and was complaining about his tummy hurting. It was really late at night, and I knew that Hotch’s son, Jack had just gotten over a fever a few days prior, so I texted him.
A: hey, sorry it’s so late. Cam has a fever and I know jack just got over his… any advice? (11:02pm)
H: make sure he drinks plenty of water and don’t bundle him up. It makes the fever last longer. If you crush up some ibuprofen and give that to him in a drink, it should help lower the fever. (11:03pm)
A: thank you, again I’m sorry it’s so late (11:04pm)
H: it’s fine. Take care of Camden and get some rest (11:05pm)
A: night boss (11:05pm)
A: thanks for last night. I needed it. (3:21am)
The next day, we had a case and as we were walking to the elevator to leave, someone called my name from behind me.
“Anna?” Asked a woman
I spun around to address her, but was met with a sharp slap to my left cheek. I lost my footing and fell onto the floor. The rest of the team was in front of me, except Hotch who was in his office grabbing things.
“Was my husband good in bed last night?” asked the woman. I looked up from the ground and saw Haley Hotchner standing over me.
Morgan moved to help, but Rossi stopped him. This was my fight, I couldn’t back down from it.
“Excuse me?” I asked standing up
“Thanks for last night, I needed it.” Haley read from Hotchs phone. There was so much venom in her voice. I thought we were friends.
“Mrs.Hotchner if you let me,” I began but she cut me off
“Don’t Mrs. Hotchner me.” She snarled.
“Was he good? Did you enjoy yourself? It sounds like you needed it.” Haley snapped at me.
“My son had a fever of 103 last night. Aaron talked about Jack getting over his fever so I asked for advice. That’s what I needed last night.” I said, stunning her and the rest of the team.
Now everyone knew about Camden.
“Haley?” Hotch asked as he walked out of the clear glass doors
“Feel free to accuse your husband of the same thing. Have a nice day Mrs. Hotchner.” I replied, walking to the elevator.

Once inside the elevator, behind closed doors, Morgan turned to me and smiled
“If you wanted to smack her, we could have looked the other way.” Morgan said
“No. Just telling her what really happened and seeing her reaction was all the payback I needed.” I replied
“About that…” Rossi said
“You have a son?” Emily asked
I laughed nervously. I guess I deserved this now.
“Ah… haha yeah.” I admitted.
“How old is he?” JJ asked
“He’s 5 and a half.” I replied
“That means…” Rossi said
“You had him just before joining the FBI. You’ve been lying to us this whole time?” Reid asked
“Not lying. Just protecting him.” I stated, looking at Emily. Thinking about the day we first met.
“What’s his name?” Emily asked.
“Camden Derek Dumas. It’s a mouthful I know.” I replied
“Camden Derek?” Morgan asked
“I changed his name a few months after getting to know you guys. I look up to you and so does Cam. You’re his favorite profiler.” I said
“Awe that’s so sweet.” JJ cooed
“Oh honey bee.” Der said, pulling me into a hug.
We got out of the elevator and waited for Hotch. Derek took a look at my face, and said I had a nice bruise forming, but nothing that looked too bad. Hotch made it down a few minutes later, and avoided me at all cost.

On the plane, I grabbed some ice and made myself an ice pack. I leaned on Morgans shoulder and drifted to sleep.

Better In Time 4

Since I haven’t written in a long time, here’s an extra long chapter to get you guys through until part 5. Please be patient while I go through my own stuff right now, and to be honest I had no clue where this story was going until now and was actually going to stop writing because it seems not many people were as into it as I thought. If you have ANY feedback please send it in. Even just to request part 5, it means so much you guys don’t even know. Ok enough blabbering let’s get into the story.

Part 1 2 3

Better In Time 4

The whole next day I had thought about who this girl could be. Calum before mentioned girls that came before me but briefly, never in full detail. They were either one time dates or people he had small crushes on but got over them, and they weren’t someone that he full on dating like me. As I laid on my bed with my arms across my face, I decided to ring Marissa to get the down low on this girl. Knowing her she’d have all the answers.

“Hey Y/N, you need something?” She answered after 2 rings.

“Uhm, well, sort of. If you can help me?”

“I’m all ears.” I sighed before answering her.

“Does Calum…does Calum have a uh, girlfriend?”

She slightly laughed but not in a comic sort of way, but more of an annoyed way.

“You know about Kiera huh?”


“She was his first real girlfriend for a good chunk of Calum’s life. I watched them spend every waking moment together for almost 4 years since they were young kids. Calum doesn’t talk about his relationships to anyone, he just builds up those harsh emotions and hurt from being rejected and dumped and stores it away. I keep telling him some day he’s going to find the perfect girl but will create assumptions about her based on what he’s experienced in the past, and blow up on her. He never listens.” She said in a monotoned voice. It seems like she’s stressed this idea hundreds of times and now talking about it doesn’t do any good.

“Do you know why they ended?”

“Well, like I said Calum never talks about his relationships to others, barely to the guys or me. So I had to observe and see what happened. About a month ago I found out she was playing him their entire relationship. Her friends, because they were all so wealthy, bet $50 every year she stayed with Calum. Girlfriend ruined him, but hey she got 200$.” She joked but her voice sounded hurt. I knew Marissa, and how much she cared for Calum like her own sibling. Anyone that hurts him, hurts her.

It all had finally hit me when she mentioned how she kept stressing him to not bottle up feelings and assumptions or else he’d snap on the wrong girl.

The wrong girl was me.

I never knew Calum had so much hurt and anger plastered into him, so whenever we fought I just shot back every nasty word and action I had in my body, not even thinking about how something like that could trigger the hurt some other girl caused. And I was too stubborn to even consider his own feelings after he hurt mine. I had just assumed because Calum never talked about Kiera that there never was a Kiera, and that I was his first real girlfriend. This could be a major key in fixing our relationship! I could finally understand him, and be more considerate of him and work out our problems better and teach him that bottling up emotions will only end in disaster.

“Y/N! Are you still there?” Marissa slightly yelled into my ear, snapping me out of my deep thoughts.

“Uh yeah! Sorry. T-thanks for telling me. It seems like I’m invading his privacy but…”

“Dude I get it. Plus, I know you’ve been getting closer to him, you at least deserve that much. Cal doesn’t open up to people as fast as he has with you, you’re something special.” I blushed at her compliment, thinking of the wondering feelings of being head over heels in love again with this boy.

“Hey, I gotta go. Mom’s bitching at me to eat dinner. Talk to you tomorrow!” And she hung up, leaving me with my clouded mind.

Through tonight another thought had come to my head. The first time Calum tried to kiss me, I backed up and left early to go home because I felt embarrassed and couldn’t stay around any longer. However, because I kissed him, I stayed longer than I should have, and heard the conversation between him and Kiera. If I had let Calum kiss me the first time, I would’ve known about Kiera before hand, and I could’ve known about Calum harboring feelings. A simple few minutes really makes a difference whether you believe that or not. It’s like when you miss your bus or train to work by 1 minute, but then you hear that train derailed and everybody in their was killed. If you would’ve made it there a minute earlier, you could’ve been killed, but something before that stopped it from happening. I had to talk to Calum about Kiera before it’s too late, and get him to open up and share his feelings instead of letting it crumble him down.

“Woah look at that huge fish!” Calum yelled entering the aquarium, looking at the large cylinder shaped tank in the center of the room filled with fish the size of your thumb nail to the size of a tire. He ran straight to it with a smile so big it made his dimples shine through from miles away, and he touched upon the glass in awe. I brought him here to hopefully learn more about Kiera, but I’d make sure he’d have a good time before asking so he’d be in a better mood. This was also my favorite place to come to, so it was a win win.

“I know, he’s been in that tank for years. I use to come here when I was 8 and I even gave him a name. Swimmy.” He scrunched his eyebrows and laughed again, keeping his eye on the fat fish.


“If I have to repeat it again I was 8!”

We watched around the aquarium some more looking inside at all the wonderful creatures sea life had to offer. Calum’s skin glowed even in the dim lighting, and his face shined whenever he pinned his nose against the glass to get a better look in the smaller tanks. He was like a kid again, enjoying the animals and being just as fascinated by them as me.

“So, why’d you bring me here?” I couldn’t just say I brought him here to talk about the girl that ruined love for him as he knew it. ‘Oh I just brought you here to get you in a good mood before ruining it by asking you about the girl who used you for money and then left you.’ Yeah, that’s smart.

“Well, I love this place. Being surrounded by the water and all the animals that inhabit it. I’ve always been interesting in marine life. And being near this much water, I don’t know…calms my mind I guess. I just wanted to bring you here to experience it.” I shrugged. I wasn’t necessarily lying. I did tell the truth; I loved this place and marine life, but it wasn’t the only reason why I wanted specifically him to come with me.

“I love it, I feel like a little kid again learning about the animals and watching them swim around and interact with one another. Thank you.” He said smiling his genuine smile, and slipped his fingers through mine seemlessly. I couldn’t even feel it, until he looked down waiting for approval, and I smiled gripping his hand in mine.

We eventually ended up outside near the tadpols, tiny sharks, and other animals with the guides to teach kids more about them. Beyond the railing that showed the end of the outside portion of the aquarium was the great wide ocean. Calum leaned against the railing and stared, letting the slight ocean breeze whip across his face and he closed his eyes with a smile. I figured now was good a time as any. Here goes something new.

“Calum…” I breathed heavily, “who’s Kiera.”

I brought my eyes to his face seeing his side profile, and instantly his jaw clenched and his nostrils flared. He turned on his side, leaning one arm against the rail and one arm shoved in his pocket. He huffed and cocked his head before answering.

“How do you know about her? Huh! Who told you!” His slight outburst scared me, and reminded me of how much worst his yelling could get. It took an army in me to stop the tears from even starting.

“N-nobody! I heard you on the phone that one night we kissed and I heard the conversation-“

“It was Marissa! I knew it! Can’t trust anyone these days!” He flung himself off the railing with his arms up in the arm before walking towards the stairs down to the ocean that was clearly marked ‘employees only’. I quickly followed after him.

“If you would just open up and explain to me who she is then this conversation would be over by now Calum!” He started quickly walked down the steps with me close behind him.

He quickly turned to me and said, “I don’t ever want to talk about that bitch ever again don’t bring her up.” and turned back walk down the steps again. I stopped in my tracks with all the anger and hurt from Calum and I’s fights that would soon come if I didn’t stop this. I was a ticking time bomb, and I just exploded.

“Well maybe if you’d just stop surpressing your feelings and holding them in you wouldn’t be such a depressed mess inside!” I screamed from the middle of the stairway, while Calum was just about to reach the bottom. He stopped, one foot in front of the other. His hand was gripping the rail, and I could see his shoulders bobbing up and down. After a few seconds I spoke up again, seeing as he wasn’t going to.

“You can’t keep doing this to yourself. You’re holding in every emotion from this girl and eventually those feelings are going to come out and scare away your soulmate if you don’t stop. She’ll end up being the one who got away Cal.” I slowly walked closer to him down the staircase, my voice softer but still audible. It felt like the world had stopped for us. The trees were blowing with the steady wind making slight crunching noises and the oceans mean waves had calmed to a simple crash on the shore. We didn’t hear anyone’s voices even though they were right above our heads. I got close enough to Calum to touch him, and placed my hands on his shoulders, feeling his tension drain away.

“I want to help you forget Cal. I want to help you remember what real love is again. I want to make sure you know you’re valued and actually mean something to me, not just dollar bills. But I can’t do that if you won’t open up to me, please…talk to me.” He turned to me with droppy eyes and a frown stretched out on his lips. I brought my hands to his cheeks and rubbed under his eye.

“She used me. For money Y/N…for money. I just…I felt so betrayed and felt like I was worthless and that I’d never truly be loved…” He began rambling, so I pulled him into my chest running my hands through his slight curls, just listening to him finally pouring his heart out in words.

“And you’re right. If I keep holding my anger and hurt inside I’ll someday blow up at someone who means a lot to me and scare them away. It’s just so much easier that way, to me I felt like I was making everyone’s lives safer that way.”

“But Cal you’re wrong. The next girl you’ll hurt because of the assumptions you’ve built up about love and girls is going to seriously break that person and their assumption on love. It’s going to be a domino affect.” I was finally telling him in a calm way all the feelings I had during our rough patch, the things I was always afraid saying because of how angry he’d get at me for feeling the way I did. He was understanding, and a flame grew in my heart knowing this was the start of fixing it all.

“I don’t know about you but…I’m falling for you every second I look in your eyes.” His dark brown ones couldn’t be looking any deeper than they were right now, and I leaned my forehead against his, hearing the waves behind us.

“Me too Cal, me too.”

Let Me Love You


  • Can you please do an imagine with Gerard and (y/n) where the reader and Gerard have had a crush on each other for mooonths (and they are like both best friends) and there is this really strong sexual tension between them but their both really shy. And then one day after school Gerard like confesses his feeling and kisses the reader and it like turns all smutty afterwards. THANK YOU I KNOW ITS ALOT BUT…. I HAVE NEED ;-; (thank you a million, I love you)
  • hey so i cant get over basement gerard (at all) and i was wondering if you could do a fluffy basement gerard piece? i dont really care what about just anything with basement gerard would be really appreciated
  • Hey! Can I have a Gerard way smut where he is insecure about himself and y/n helps him? Thanks! BTW I love your writing!
  • One where you have a major crush on Gerard

“I got it for Christmas. It’s really cool! There’s even some games that only come out for this console,” Gerard squeaked excitedly as he led me downstairs to his room. He had been bragging about getting the new PS4 all day and I was finally coming over to see it. He had propped up on his shelf next to his TV, the surface completely cleaned off when it was usually covered in half empty cups and drawings.

 “There it is,” he said proudly, resting his hand on top of the console. 

“I prefer X-Box controls,” I shrugged, hearing him scoff behind me. 

“The PS4 is a way better console Y/N. It has so many features an X-Box doesn’t have.”

“I never said X-Box was better, i’m just saying I like the controls better.”“Do you wanna play?”

“Of course, did you think I came all the way here just to look at it?” I giggled, earning a quiet “shut it” from him.We played his new game for awhile, me sucking since the controls were practically backwards. I could tell Gerard was doing bad on purpose, trying to make me feel better. Whenever I confronted him about missing a shot I knew he usually got easily, he just shrugged it off and said he messed up.

What a dork.

Gerard made the poor mistake of buying chargable controllers instead of regular ones that just took batteries and his controller died thirty minutes in. I played while he waited for his to charge, feeling his eyes burning into the side of my face the entire time. During one of the load screens, I turned to look at him, his face flushing in embarrassment.

“Need something?” I asked, making him babble incoherently.

“N-No, well yes. I mean no. I…we need to talk,” he finally said clearly, his face turning more pale than usual. 

“Is everything okay?”

“I just need to tell you something. For awhile now, I’ve kinda sort of had a crush on you. I understand if you don’t feel the same way but I just figured you have the right to know especially when you spend the night and-”

“Gee, I like you too.” 

If Gerard’s face could get any paler it would, his eyes going wide and his mouth falling open.“Really?!”

“Yes. I’ve had a crush on you since eighth grade you big dork,” I giggled. A wide smile broke out on his face. His fingers fumbled with his sleeves before tucking his hair behind his ears.

“Do you mind if I…you know kiss you?” I shook my head, scooting a few inches closer to him. He closed his eyes, inching forward slowly before brushing our lips together softly. I could feel his lips tremble against mine, electricity sparking in me with each gentle touch. I wanted more, wanted to feel him let go.

I moved forward and straddled his waist, curling my fingers into his long locks. He hesitantly put his arms on my waist, running his hands up my sides. My tongue flicked at his bottom lip, begging for an entrance. He slightly opened his mouth, giving my tongue just enough space to invade his mouth. I heard him moan softly when my tongue tangled with his, rolling my hips against his.

“Y/N,” He whimpered when we pulled apart. “Are you sure you want to do this?”

“If you want to. Do you?”

“I do but…i’m scared of what you’re going to think,” he confessed, avoiding my eyes.

“What do you mean?”

“You’re just so pretty and smart and funny and great and i’m so…average, fat, and unattractive. I have no experience with this and I don’t want you to see me and not like me anymore.”

“Gee, look at me.” I placed my hand under his chin, forcing him to look at me. He let out a shaky breath, his eyes watery and his cheeks wet with salty tears. “Gee, you’re perfect. You’re the most sexy, amazing, beautiful boy I’ve ever met. Let me show you.”

He nodded, smiling a little when I gave his lips a quick peck. My hands moved down to his shirt, looking up at him for permission, he sighed and nodded, closing his eyes tightly once the fabric was off his chest.

I ran my hands up and down his pale chest, trailing kisses down his neck, chest, paying extra attention to the folds and rolls he hated. “You’re so hot Gerard, so perfect,” I murmured into his skin, swirling my tongue under his navel and earning a desperate whine from him. He stopped me when I moved down to his pants.

“Too far?” I asked.

“No I just…I….are you sure you want to do this? I understand if you don’t want to.”

“I want to Gee. I want to show you how much I love you,” I insisted, watching that beautiful smile return to his face. “Have you ever gotten a blowjob before?”

“No,” he said a little embarrassed.

“You’re gonna enjoy this,” I smirked, lowering down his pants and boxers, his erection springing free. “Fuck you’re perfect baby, so big,” I murmured, watching a faint blush form on his cheeks. I took his length into my hand, stroking him softly and earning a quiet string of moans. I leaned forward and ran my tongue along his slit, hearing him draw in a sharp breath.

I wrapped my lips around his tip, lowering myself as far as I could go. His shaky hand wrapped into my hair, curling his fingers in time with my head bobs. I hollowed out my cheeks, looking up at him through half lidded eyes.

He had his head tilted back against his headboard, eyes closed tightly, mouth agape, and beads of sweat rolling down his face. He had morphed from the adorable boy to the most sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.

I felt him twitch in my mouth, signaling he was close. He lightly bucked his hips up to meet my mouth, small moans spewing out. “Shit Y/N. This feel so good…i’m g-getting close,” he groaned out.

I sped up my actions, running my tongue along his shaft with each thrust. He came with a loud grunt, followed by a few curse words as his cum shot down my throat. I swallowed of it, wiping the corners of my mouth when I pulled off of him.

“You’re so sexy like this Gerard, with hair all tousled and moaning my name,” I purred, sitting up next to him and kissing his lips. He kissed back more confidently now, making the first move and pushing his tongue past my lips.

“Thank you. Not just for the uh blowjob but for, y’know sayin’ that stuff,” he mumbled bashfully.

“I meant every word Gerard. You’re the most attractive guy I’ve ever seen and I love you.”

“I love you too,” he grinned, capturing my lips with his one last time before laying his head down onto my lap, lazily closing his eyes. “That made me tired,” he chuckled, followed by a yawn.

“Go to sleep baby,” I smiled, stroking his sweaty hair as he fell asleep in my lap.

u know when you forget the name of someone who was important to you and u die a little bc how could you ever forget that ???

So everyone knows the dorm entries all lock after curfew (10 pm) and unless you live in that hall it’s impossible to get in. However, this didn’t stop Calum Hood. Calum tried convincing you, the girl he had a crush on from his chem class to go to this party with him weeks ago. You politely declined several times because it was a week night and you had an 8am the next day. So you were sitting in your dorm researching for an essay you had coming up when you got a text from Cal.

-Hey will you let me in your dorm?-

-What?! No of course not Calum go home I have class tomorrow morning-

-I see you’re gonna make me do this the hard way then-

-What does that even mean?-

Calum never responded and you became very curious, that didn’t sound like he just gave up on you going to the party. Then again he also never answered you. Your brain began going over the possibilities of what this could mean. You really hoped this didn’t mean he wouldn’t be friends with you anymore or it would be awkward. You really liked Calum and wanted to spend more time with him. For the past few weeks you were getting hints that he liked you as more than friends but nothing was certain.

That was when you heard running down your hall and frantic knocking on your door. You leaped up to get it and were quickly pushed backwards against the wall as Calum pushed his way inside and quietly closed the door behind him.

“What the hell are you-”

Calum put his hand over your mouth and stood in silence while he looked out of the peephole your door had. Seconds later you both heard running again down the hall there were at least two pairs of footsteps. You raised your eyebrows at Calum and he moved his hand from your mouth once the footsteps had disappeared.

“Calum what the hell did you do.”

“I just wanted to see my girl and you said you couldn’t let me in or go to the party so I figured it out myself.”

He stood in front of you beaming with a proud smile. You were still going over all that he had to do to get in here when he grabbed your hand and led you towards your room.

“Wait so how did you do it?”

“Doesn’t matter now does it? I’m here you don’t seem very happy if I’m really bothering you you can tell me I just wanted to see you.”

“No of course I’m happy that you’re here, it’s just I have class tomorrow and you could be kicked out of school for doing this!”

“Oh relax peach it’s not a big deal. And don’t give me that class bullshit if you really don’t want me to be here tell me and I’ll leave. But if you want me to stay we can lay down and watch a movie or something we don’t have to party.”

This shocked you, Calum never seemed like much of a movie person or someone who enjoyed downtime. You nodded your head and climbed up to your tiny bed and Cal followed after. He allowed you to lay your head on his chest and looped one of his arms around you. He played with your hair with the other hand that wasn’t tucked around your side. His giggle at the silly parts of the movie couldn’t help but make you smile too and look up at him as happy as can be. Eventually, when the movie was close to being over you became very tired and your eyes began drooping. Calum could obviously tell as he rubbed your back to help you fall asleep and the last thing you heard before you fell asleep was,

“Goodnight peach.”


Imagine#1 Helping drunk Newt to bed

A/N I have a crush on Newt at the moment so I got a feeling to write so I did. Let me know if you want me to continue with this one or if you have a request for me. XX Hope you guys like it! Description/ you are the only girl in the maze and no guys are allowed to get involved with you. Newt is drunk and you help him to bed then a little fluff.

I was making my way to the bonfire and as I got closer I could see that everyone had already started to drink. Gally was in the ring and was fighting people and the rest of the boys were divided the their own group. The boys accepted me even if I was the only girl in the maze. Alby didn’t really know what give me as work so I just jump around between stations. One day I could be helping Frypan in the kitchen and the other day I could be in the garden. The only place Alby wouldn’t let me work was as a runner. I didn’t mind being moved from station to station it made me get to know everyone really good. I don’t know if that was his plan or not but he made it very clear that I was not allowed to get involved with anyone. On the first night I got to the maze he gathered a meeting and told the guys that If they tried anything with me they would be put in the pit or banished.

I grabbed one of Gallys drink that was lined up on a table by the kitchen. I sat down on a log by the fire and watched as Miho and Gally was trying to push each other out of the circle. I took a sip of the drink and at the same time Thomas came from behind and grabbed my shoulders. It made me almost choke on the drink.

 ”sorry, you okay?” Thomas asked as I was coughing and trying to catch my breath.

 ” Shank” I answered and took another sip.

 ” anything fun happen in the maze today?” I asked Thomas.

 ” no same old” he said looking in to the fire.

 ”Hi guys” Chuck said and sat down next to us.

 ”having fun” Thomas asked Chuck.

 ” yeah” he said smiling at us.

 I watch the boys as they got more and more drunk. Me and Chuck where the only one that was sober, or at least Chuck. But I could still get out a normal sentence while some of the boys could barely stay on their feet.

 ” get me another drink will you?” Thomas shouted at me. 

” I’m right here Thomas no need to shout” I said as I got up to get the drink.

 ” sorry” he shouted behind me. 

When I got to the table there was only one drink left. I grab the drink and turned around just as Newt bumped in to me. 

” Thanks Love” he said and took the drink out of my hand.

 ” you don’t think that you had enough to drink tonight?” I asked but before I could finish my sentence he had already finished the drink.

 ” maybe” he said smirking at me.

 ” you gonna regret that tomorrow” I said shaking my head.

 ” probably” he said as he burped. 

” give me a hug” he said and hugged me.

 ” Newt you’re drunk” I said as he was clinging on to me.

 ” shhh…. Don’t ruin the moment” 

 ” okay let’s get you to bed” I said and broke the hug.

 ” I can walk on my own” he said and as he was trying to walk to his hut he fell down to the ground. 

” yeah Newt I can see that” I said as I help him up from the ground and put his arm around my shoulder.

After a long walk of Newt falling over from trying to walk on his own I finally got him to his bed.

 ” is it just me or is everything spinning?” he asked as he was holding his head with his hands.

 ” just you Newt” I said as I grabbed the bucket by the door and put it beside his bed.

 ” starting to regret that drink?” 

 ” shut up” he said as he sat back up on the bed.

 ” I think I’m go..” he couldn’t even finish before he grabbed the bucket and started to puke. I sat down next to him on the bed and rubbed his back. After he finished puking he laid back on the bed.

 ” you okay?”

 He nodded his head and I could see the sweat on his pale face.

 ” I gonna go you some water and clean out the bucket” Said and grabbed the bucket.

 I walked over to the pond and poured out the puke in the forest and cleaned out the bucket with the water from the pond. I emptied the bucket and walkover to the kitchen to get fresh water. The boys were still dancing around the fire and having fun. I took a bottle and filled it with water and walk back to Newts hut with the bucket and water.

” you’re still alive” I asked as I entered his hut. 

” barely” he answered from the bed. I placed the bucket by the side of his bed and the water on the table next to him.

 ” drink water” I said sitting down by the end of the bed. Newt sat up on the bed and took a sip of the water. I looked at him as he was drinking and he picked up on the fact that I was staring. 

” what?” he asked.

 ” nothing, you’re cute when you are like this” 

 ” what? I’m not cute in general?

 ” no.. Or yes.. you know what I mean or just forget it” I said realising what I just had said. 

” I don’t think I’m gonna be able to forget it” he said smiling at me.

 ” well try” I said getting up from the bed.

 ” wait” he said grabbing my hand. 

” what are you doing?” I asked. 

”yeah Newt what are you doing?” Alby said standing by the door looking at Newt that was holding my hand.

Trigger Warning

Can you do a Pan one where the reader lives on Neverland and always fights with Peter and one day she decides that she has had enough and kills herself using dreamshade and when Peter was on his way to her he sees her dead and it turns out Peter was in love with her the whole time :)


“No one here loves you.” “Seriously just leave.” “I hope this hurts.” “Go kill yourself.” These words hit me everyday by Pans lost boys. What I got from Pan was worse. He put me in cages when I wasn’t on the run, tied me up and let the boys torture me, he fought me and well Peter Pan never fails. I was done with fighting. Everything was become a slow numb feeling. Today Pan slapped me. I usually fought back but I felt to broken, to crushed. I sat and took it. He looked confused but continued until he got bored. What I didn’t know was he was kind of concerned. When I was able to go away I ran to one place that would give me peace. Dream shade. I found some and got a torn and cut the skin underneath my left breast. It hit my heart. I felt pain more then ever and I just laid in a flower patch knowing I caused this on myself. I fixed my hair and clothing and grabbed a single flower and held it to my chest as I closed my eyes.

*Pans P.O.V.*
I was worried. I told no one I loved her how could I? I don’t love. I kill. I walked through Neverland until I found a disturbed flower patch. I made my way to it and saw Y/N sleeping with a single flower in her perfect hands. He hair framed her face and her be beautiful face showed peace. I walked over a shook her, she was cold. Something was wrong. I shook and shook but she wouldn’t awake from her slumber and then it hit me. She wasn’t going to wake up, not now, not in a million years. She was gone and it was all my fault. All the pain I caused on her when I could have helped her. I looked up and cried. Because I remembered who I am. I’m Peter Pan and Peter Pan doesn’t love, he kills.

Swimming ~LH

Sorry for not posting in ages but I’m on holiday and had problems with wifi


 Requested: no

 Summary: Luke finds out that you don’t know how to swim so he offers to teach you.

 Send me any requests Follow my wattpad @CountryFangirl5 Please note/reblog if you like it 😄 ~Izzy


 Y/N pov 

 "Come on Y/N lets go!“ Michael, my older brother called, we were about to go to his friends Lukes house to go swimming, Michael knows I don’t know how to swim but he still wants me to go anyway and aid I could just some bathe or some shit. "Coming!” I yelled pulling on a shirt over my bikini before grabbing my towel and heading downstairs to see Michael standing by the door.

 The only real reason why I’m even going is because I kind of have a huge crush on Luke, he’s so tall and has deep blues eyes and his smile… He’s just irresistible…

 I got into the car and we drove to Lukes, Michael pulled up and I got out and started heading towards the front door, as I reached it the door opened revealing a shirtless Luke. “Hey Y/N” he smiled, hugging me tightly before letting me pass inside, heading out the back to the pool, setting my towel on the lounger and removing my shirt so I was left in my bikini.

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One more time..

Can I just talk about this again please?  

Because you know me I can’t shut up about shit like this hahah

First she repeats his words to him.

“We’re not dead.. thats what you said right?" 

(none of these gifs are mine.. credit to the makers whoever they are)

"Your not dead.." 

He’s got a look there like he remembers what he said then, and is thinking about how different it was then. When he had that hope and not this crushing guilt and pain. When he was trying to help her  fight her despair and bring her back. And now she’s putting aside her own for him. And this probably kills him a bit too. That he can’t help her now , because he can barely help himself. 

"we’re different… I can’t let myself.. but you.. I know you… you have to let yourself feel it.." 

I love the brushing of the hair thing.. I’ve seen this with my OTPs on other shows but usually its the guy doing it. The fact that its the other way around just made it more squee-wrothy to me. Because just such a beautiful guesture

"And you will.." 

 it’s so gentle and sweet, and basically done for comfort when someones sad or hurting in some way. And he clearly is not flinching at all from this, and he’s looking her the whole time too, just staring at her as she lovingly brushes his hair away from his forhead.  I just… can’t…

And then gives him that sweet kiss..

with her hand wrapped comfortingily around the back of his head. And he’s not even resisting her pull. Is going right along with it. You can see his eyes close when she presses her lips to his head. His face and posture s softens, fully accepting the comfort.  And the ting is, this is not motherly. It dosen’t HAVE to be to be nuturing and comforting.  Its saying ‘I love you and I want you to feel better' 

And this…

Another little stroke of the hair.. followed by a lingering touch on the cheek, and then running her fingers down his arm. 

There’s a lot of  intimate touching going on here and he is not shying from it, not flinching at all. He needs this, her words, her eyes on him, her touch and her kiss. He needs her and her love, its a force for him even if he dosen’t quite understand why yet. She gets through when no one else does. She can touch him and talk to him in a way no one else can. 

She knows him… and he knows her. They don’t have this with anyone else. As Melissa says 'it would be impossible. 

It’s no wonder he fought so hard for her too. To keep her safe and alive. To keep her with him. For times like this.  Because after everything else. He can’t lose her too. 

.And is her love and comfort that starts to open him up again.  It took a little more time but she started the process.  

And maybe sooner or later he can do the same for her yet again. To help her feel it, when he’s strong enough  to hold them both up again. There is that yin and yang thing after all right? 

God it’s beautiful. though isn’t it? I’m all about the love as I always say…

And I’ll shut up now :)