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hello friends if you read this i gotta tell you i need to quit blogging because my wisdom was taken from me

guess those ‘reblog this or you won’t have any original ideas for x months’ caught up with me xD

Fake Cole & I are so sorry

that I’ve been offline all weekend.

You’ll never guess what happened. I told you I haven’t seen Fake Cole in forever since we’ve both been so busy and live quite far from each other?

Well this weekend he came back home and surprised me. Like he literally SURPRISED me and showed up at my work place on Friday afternoon? He told me he wouldn’t be able to come back this weekend and theN THERE HE FUCKING IS. It’s like he knows me too well sometimes? Is he secretly reading this blog?

I have never ever ever been surprised like that before? He had bought prosecco (my fave alcoholic beverage) and just told me to meet up with him after work and that he’d wait for me. We then had dinner and the prosecco and went back to his place. I had to visit my grandpa for a few hours on Saturday but we spent the rest of our weekend together, and he just left this morning. We EVEN WENT mushroom picking in a nearby forest, and he showed me all of these cool spots (much like Cole would do hmpf)


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Indefinite Hiatus

So as you probably guessed from the title, this is a (sort of) farewell.

Yesterday, I had my first real panic attack. It was mild but I’m still calming down from it. But it made me realize that I have a lot going on in my life right now and as much as I would love to just forget school and focus on this blog (because school was the cause of my panic attack) I can’t do that. So I’m gonna have to step away from this blog for a while. I still have a few things on my queue but once that runs out, I won’t be posting anymore.

I promise I’ll come back though. This blog is too important to me to just abandon it forever. But I need to figure out how to deal with this anxiety first.

I’ll still be around though. I’m way too addicted to Tumblr to leave it completely. If I see that I have an ask or a message or something I’ll answer it.

I hope you guys understand my reasons for stepping away. I just hope I can deal with this problem quickly so I can get back to normal.

Got7 reaction to their s/o being afraid of loud noises

A/N - It’s been a little while since the last post, so sorry about that but if you didn’t see one of my previous posts, I’m going to be posting once a week now as my schedule. Moving to university has got me so busy and I just don’t have the time to be writing constantly.

got7 reacting to their girlfriend being afraid of loud noises please ! not due to any trauma but sudden noises frighten the life of me !! love your blog heaps also xx

Mark: I think it’d take Mark by surprise if you all of a sudden squealed because someone had dropped something heavy in a room nearby. He’d be a little concerned that you were okay but once he knows you’re just scared of loud noises, he’ll relax.

JB: Jaebum would find it cute if you flinched at the sound of thunder from outside. He’d think you were adorable for holding on tightly to him because the noises outside freaked you out a bit and made you anxious.

Jackson: I don’t think Jackson would find it funny necessarily but he might tease you a little if you’re especially jumpy on some days. He does it out of love and always checks you’re okay before he teases you a little.

Jinyoung: Jinyoung wouldn’t really react whenever you flinched or squealed from a loud noise. If you were cuddling and a clap of thunder struck, making you jump then he might say something but other than that he wouldn’t say or do anything.

Youngjae: Youngjae would laugh whenever you flinched at some loud noises and just finds it funny that you’re scared of something like that. If he sees you’re more shaken up by something, he won’t laugh and would just comfort you.

Bambam: I think Bambam would have a similar fear of sudden loud noises. He’d be just as jumpy as you were so could very easily relate to your reactions. If anyone made fun of you for it, he’ll be there to defend you no matter what.

Yugyeom: Yugyeom might tease you every now and then but he does find it cute when you flinch or react to loud noises. I think he’d act all strong and tough as if he could protect you from every single loud noise there was.




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I had a really shitty day so seeing this made it tons better!

Ask Compliations

Holy cow you guys I just had the best idea ever: 

I love love LOVE getting all the asks and comments I get on my blog, but admittedly I end up cluttering the place a bit with all the replies. I’ve been careful to always tag them but blocking tags can be a pain. 

So starting tomorrow I’m going to try something new: ask compilations! Unless it’s something I am going to answer privately (either by request or because it’s a simple taglist request or something) I’ll be compiling all my daily asks into one post and responding to them in there and tagging the senders (when not on anon). I can put that under a ‘readmore’ and anyone who wanted to see a response can click it, but I’ll only have one post a day responding to asks instead of several. 

I’ll probably tag that one “Random Snippets Asks compilation” for anyone who wants to block that too, but hopefully that will keep me from cluttering up y’alls dashes! 

🌻flower-guk’s remaking🌻

so… after much thought… im remaking.

i’ll be more or less the same blog, BUT!! my new one won’t be a mess. I’ve had this one for four years now, n I just want a clean slate. i want to tag things that I’ve previously left untagged, build a good queue, etc.

i’ll be re-following mutuals from my new blog (i’ll still be @flower-guk!!!) , but im so worried that ill miss someone. if you want to be sure that i’ll not skip you, you can rb this!! i’ll be leaving this blog up as an archive for a least a short while!!

i love you all, n I’m sorry if this inconveniences anyone! 💛🌻☀️💫🌙✨🌼

paladimagines  asked:

Okay, so. 1) Your blog gives me life. 2) Your Hamlet playlist raised my dead ass from the grave. 3) I never knew I loved Hamlet this much- I mean I knew I loved it buT YOUR ART MADE ME LOVE HIM AND HORATIO SO MUCH MORE. Sorry for all the shouting, I just had to make my point. Have an amazing day, and thank you!!

1) Yay! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

2) aaaAAAAAA YAY ᕕ(≧▽≦)ᕗ


That’s okay! Thank you, have an amazing day as well!!


Followers: 1,300.

Okay so I was originally planning to wait to post this until my two year anniversary popped up next month but I’ve been staring at that number for a little over ten minutes so I mean.  I just… I have to do it now– there’s no way around it!

I was a little worried when I first made this blog because it was going to be my first time EVER writing a stutter and I had no idea, at the time, what I was doing, and, obviously, things started off a little bumpy.  Me being the overly anxious about every little thing person that I was assumed I didn’t have a lot of people to do things with because I sucked– it uh, yeah, I just ignored the whole ‘new blogs are gonna be a little slow’ thing.  If you ask me why I’m gonna scream I don’t know at the top of my lungs, because I DON’T KNOW WHY.  It wasn’t like Morty was my first blog EVER or anything so??  

ANYWAY.  I thought about deleting my blog and even had my finger hovering over the delete button for a couple seconds but then I looked up, saw I was on the part where Rick comforted Morty after not so subtly watching Mr. Screw You Asshole limp out of the bathroom and stopped.  I wanted that, I NEEDED that, because I was having some serious issues with my mom at the time– SHOCKER RIGHT?– and wanted to do something with a family relationship that had plenty of dark moments but it was still really obvious that they loved each other.  I mean, okay, maybe not OBVIOUS but uh– when things like THAT happen?  Yeah, you just know.

So I decided to stick around a little while longer AND NOW HERE I AM.

Thank you guys so much for everything you’ve done for Morty and me; we would not be here today without your support and love and your interest in my ideas.  SERIOUSLY, I could not have asked for a better role play community.

I can honestly say, without any kind of doubt, that this is the most fun I’ve ever had on Tumblr and it’s because of you guys.




alright, i’m gonna lay it out on the table and try to be honest.

i’ve been attempting to write this weekend, but at the same time i’ve been deciding wether or not to shut down my main blog.

i’ve been writing for the phandom (dan and phil fandom) for years. that blog has been my life for the last 5-6 years. i put so much heart and time into that blog. then recently, i’ve just been dropping interest in that fandom, and i’ll tell you why.

it didn’t have anything to do with dan and phil; i still enjoy their content and whatnot. 

it had to do with the phandom itself.

i won’t go into details but i started to feel like a lot of creators there were taken for granted. people stole art, they just read the fics without commenting/reblogging, etc. i started to feel protective over my work and started posting less and less fics.

then i found the polygrump/game gr//umps fandom and i was so happy.

i found a community that truly appreciated art, loved edits, and commented on fics! it was like a creator’s paradise. people welcomed me wholeheartedly and i loved it. this just made me move further away from the phandom because i saw what a community could be like, and i didn’t want to go back to somewhere that didn’t make me feel the same way.

i guess what i’m getting to is lately i’ve been so scared and paranoid that this community will become the same way after being here for awhile. i know that’s stupid; y’all have been nothing but kind and encouraging to me, but that kinda mentality is hard to shake off.

just felt like i owed y’all a honest moment about what’s been going on in my mind lately. thanks for listening, love you guys

Korrasami Week 2017, Day 8: Community

I’m gonna make a long-ass post now, instead of individually posting for each blogge (although smaller posts will keep popping up later in the day :P)

When I first made an account on July 17, 2017, I had no idea my blog would be this big. I’d only thought of posting little things, silly musings and shorts in my head that were just ramblings. But y’all have turned those into posts, and it is so, so fun to post something (almost every day), and see your guys’ reaction to them. Never in a million years would I have expected the reaction I’ve gotten to my posts, and it blows my MIND away. 

It’s very heartwarming, to know that I have a group of people I can rely on, and know will always put a smile on my face. To all of the artists and writers, and anyone else who’s a part of this fandom- I’m learning how much you guys are important to me. I’ve never quite been part of a community, and I’m slowly finding way way in here. It is wonderful, to have an audience and a community to engage with, and you guys are all awesome. Thank you, for being a part of this fandom, because y’all make me smile and laugh (sometimes inappropriately, in public) every single day. <3

That being said, here’s a list of blogs that I really love! :D (I’ve already mentioned @threehoursfromtroy in another post and @justteamavatar in another as well!

So without further ado, here goes :D

@guileheroine I know I’ve probably recced your fics a billion times, but I LOVE them. Your works are probably the most beautiful pieces of writing I’ve ever read, and each line of ANY thing you write leaves me in awe. Like, seriously, my mouth drops open in awe. You have such a beautiful brain, and your slow burn is just fanTASTIC. Thank you for writing Korrasami, and I hope you don’t stop writing these dorks! :)

@fyasamisato We’ve never directly interacted, but I do love all your posts! :D The content you post is always fantastic Korrasami stuff, and it’s nice to have a stream of Korrasami art to blast through as I’m just chilling! Plus, thank you for writing Korrasami Week :))

@bazaarwords I’ve just recently found it and you are H-I-L-A-R-I-O-US. Seriously, I think I cried while reading Out Alee out of fucking joy. I don’t know HOW you learned to write so well, but clearly, it’s working. Your dialogue and wit and characterization are so on point, and as much as you say it is garbage, it is absolute treasure! Thank you for making me laugh, and you are HILARIOUS.

@postfuguestate I believe you are fairly new to this fandom as well? :D Either way, I love reading your work! You write so beautifully, and your characterizations are spot-on (I love them!). Your works are always a delight, and I am LOVING your Korrasami Week <33. Hope to see more works in the future :D

Throughout the day, I’ll be popping in with more posts, but for now, I’ll leave it at this. <33 Y’all are awesome and thanks for your contributions to KorrasamI!

(Also, if you wanna join in this fluffiness, hop on and write a word or two about your favorite creator/creators! :D)

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...I don't like how Sin and Silent didn't think before having sex and Silent giving himself a vagina so he knows how it feels. Come on people who would think that's okay for anyone to do? Me personally i think Sin and Silent should just break up even though they're happy with each other still it should by law that no one should have sex and just get married after they had sex. This just seem's wrong

MOD: I made a post about this and figured you would be mature enough to follow through with coming to me in person but i guess not. so here’s my two cents on this anon here…

I will not come out and tell you this is absolutely unreasonable an opinion to have about SilentSinner and how things were played out. But this blog and @ask-the-little-devil-darling ‘s blogs are run by myself and a really close friend of mine. 

We planned this out before we jumped into things. Believe it or not, we actually plan out our plots and events. Silent has even on record given himself a lady pocket before Sin and he even were a thing. This wasnt new news to those that followed the other blog before Sin came into the picture.

ON THAT NOTE… Sin and Silent… didnt have sex in the beginning of the relationship. I hate to be the one to point out that in that long call out post about MegaSin’s history, i commented that Silent and Sin were a thing for a while before they bumped uglies. 

The comment about it should be the law to keep from sex before marriage is the same argument about keeping religion out of state. An adult topic i know… but so very painfully obvious. That law will never pass because not everyone sees it that way. 

I’m not sure if this is a religion issue you have with my blog but let us also talk about that little tid bit…

Sin….. is a DEMON.

Silent…. is a DEMON.

They are demons… and one of them is LITERALLY the living embodiment of the 7 Deadly Sins… its… sorta my blog’s name and yeah. Silent and Sin aren’t going to be rule following, religion obeying good noodles.

I don’t stand or hate but i do give those who send things like this to me a chance to talk to me in person… but you have made it clear you just wanted to post this and run and see how i would react. I’m a little more level headed and think before i post… so thank you for making me say the most unnecessarily long and painfully obvious comments. 

You are my first legit ship hate anon i have ever gotten… and i hope you have a wonderful time following this sinful blog and all its “I don’t follow your religion” wonders that are to come in the future…

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@lauxeyson : This babe kills me. She is insanely talented and doesn’t know how much I treasure her friendship

@sanjariti : Caro is so amazing??? Also her blog has lots of all my fave things, marvel and Taron and just cool fics.

@riptidethepen : Polly is one of my favorite people on this site. She never fails to make me feel good about myself and my writing and she is one of my biggest hype man and I love her for it

@hellomissmabel : Annie is one of the most talented writers I have had the privilege of talking with. Her stories always leave me wanting more and feeling so many emotions.

@just-some-drabbles : I gotta mention this babe since she just posted her fic for my challenge and I loved it. She is- I just have no words

for every ‘@’ sent (anon or not) I WILL mention and post some positivity about a fellow tumblr user

a vignette: well, first, background: we had a good week for flowers, sold almost entirely out at market. So, no big arrangements came home. Those are the ones my sister decorates her house with because what else do you do. 

another background: as we were arranging flowers Friday afternoon (and Friday afternoons are a bit exhausting, because it’s quitting time for everyone else, and we’re stuck there still working, and it looks like fun because it’s flowers but it’s sort of mournful because everyone comes by on their way out for the weekend and looks so happy, and we still have eight… seven… five… two buckets to fill, endlessly…), the vegetable manager came by cradling an eggplant in his hands. It was a beautiful eggplant. He just wanted to show it to us, I suppose; he’d seen it, unharvested, in the field, and it was so perfect– the surface was slightly flawed in one spot, but it was a beautiful shape, a perfect fullness, a classic eggplant. What will you make with it? my sister asked. (She took his portrait with this exemplar of his craft and Instagrammed it, and it looks like a professional shot.) Oh, he said, probably eggplant parmesan, I haven’t done that yet this year. oh, I said, I love eggplant parm so much. i never make it, but it’s like, my favorite. you should make it for all of us. oh, he said, ha ha, i’d need more than one eggplant. I’m kidding, I told him hastily, Lord, I wouldn’t actually demand that you cook for me, I’m not an animal.

Well. He comes to my sister yesterday and says, I’m making eggplant parmesan for all of you Sunday night, and in fact he did, and he also made tiramisu, including making the ladyfingers himself, so.

Anyway. Such a nice dinner needs flowers on the table, my sister decided, so she rediscovered that place inside herself that does actually enjoy making flower arrangements, and went out and harvested just a handful of flowers, and made herself an arrangement for the dining room table, since she’d already set the table with a cloth and napkins and the good china and all– because, being an adult, she owns these things, and so why wouldn’t she break them out for every Sunday dinner?

So, it’s 5 pm, Veg Manager is banging pots around cheerfully next door, periodically coming by to borrow very promising things from my sister’s much larger kitchen. Sister has her flowers laid out on the kitchen counter and is arranging directly into a vase.

She trims all the stems, picks up the flowers, is placing them one at a time into the vase.

A little cloud of insects and spiders go scurrying off across the kitchen counter, having been on the flowers when they were harvested, and now seeing an opportunity to jump ship.

I watched this, and she watched this, and she said, “I’m just– going to let this happen,” because what else was she going to do?

I don’t know what gardeners do; we usually harvest into buckets that chill in a fridge overnight (if you see “conditioned” flowers for sale, that’s what that means; it does prolong their bloom period significantly), and we arrange on a table in a barn, so we notice bugs once in a while but it’s nothing like this little scatter pattern of many-legged refugees was. It was impressive. 

Hours later, after a sumptuous repast (made of that perfect eggplant and some of its friends!) and much conversation, my sister hastily drank the dregs from a water glass on the table and put it down on the floor inverted. “What,” I said, and then I saw the spider, a goldenrod crab spider I’d seen run off a zinnia, clamber up the side of the glass. She took it outside and put it into the hostas. We felt better. 

guillotin-e  asked:

Im thinking of making a witchy sideblog, but the only thing holding me back is a url! do you have any suggestions? :^)

ooo, you totally should!! i 1OO% encourage it, even if you have a tricky time coming up with a name. 🙈 if i had a blog solely dedicated to my craft, i’d probably start by focusing on a word i really love! consider ending it with another word that promotes the blog as being witchy! try things like, “magick,” “witchcraft,” “witchery,” “craft, “school,” or “almanac,” just to list a few suggestions. :-) so then you’d have something like, “TheDivineAlmanac” / “Crystal-Craft” / “SchoolForMoonchildren” / “RoseColored-Spellbook” / “TheWitchesTemple” / etc. ☺️ just think of pretty, otherworldly word combinations that could also serve as wonderful book titles or band names, hehe! x and don’t leave out herb or crystal names you love, too. xx 😌


AAAAAAAA ok so this is is a bit later in the day then I wanted it to be but here is my post saying happy birthday to/telling everyone to go follow my best friend ever Max bc they have the raddest blog and make wicked cool art and are generally just really wonderful?

Anyway, I love you so much my bro, thanks for hanging out with my gay ass for the last 4 years and just being the most supportive. I hope you have/had an awesome birthday!!!!!

Thank You Call for 100+ Followers

I do not have a clue how I grabbed the attention of over 100 followers or why any of you guys stayed with me, but I want to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart.

This is not bias call as much as it simply “I love and appreciate all of you guys” call. 

Thank you everyone for sticking me for so long and putting up with my weird self.

  • Shout out to the ones that was with me when I only had a toddler fox and to the ones that just followed on my blog recently
  • Shout out to the ones that stuck with every strange idea I had.
  • Shout out to the ones that were okay that I had a military of muses. 
  • Shout out to the ones that was gave me support during rough times in my life.
  • Shout to the the ones that interact with me all the time and the ones that I never had, but admire everything you do.

That’s all I wanted to say, thank you and peace!

Hello, New Followers!

Hello, kittens old and new!

It occurred to me that I have not done one of these in awhile, but there are quite a few new folks around these parts, so I thought I would just say a big WELCOME to you all!

This blog is mostly Dragon Age, some Mass Effect, and a bunch of cute animals and the occasional random postings. I am fairly terrifying, and I have a very dry sense of humor, and my inbox is always open. I’m also fortunate in that I have not had to turn off anon yet. :)

My OCs are Cataline Cousland, Ravenna Hawke, and Theadosia Trevelyan. My OTPs are Cat x Nathaniel, Ven x Anders, and Thea x Loghain.

The current fic (published on Saturdays and Wednesdays) is Songs Forgotten and Remembered and is Cat x Nathaniel. The next fic on deck is Where Lightning Strikes the Sea and features Thea x Loghain. I will be opening up one shot prompts in a few weeks just before the end of Songs and before we jump into Lightning. :) I also currently have a five (or possibly six) part canon fic I’m roughly half way through.

Other than that… I’m a full on crazy cat person and I do occasionally post pictures of the girls. I love hearing about your characters and projects, or answering questions about mine, so feel free to drop me a line.

Thanks for following!!! <3

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