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For the fic meme: "wait, that was you?"

“Wait, that was you?” Yuri asked. Otabek had just told him that they had met at Yakov’s summer camp and that’s when he remembered. He remembered Otabek very well now. That was you who was my first, and only lasting, crush?

“Yes, is there a problem?” Otabek immediately responded with a question of his own, and frankly, Yuri was still trying to wrap his head around the fact that this god that was standing next to him and had just rescued him, was in fact the very same person he had a crush on as a boy.

Yuri shook his head slowly, thinking about his next words carefully. “No, it’s just… I remember you too. I never managed to get your name back then, though. I never thought I’d see you again, yet here you are, swooping in to save my from my own psycho fans and then bringing me to probably the most beautiful spot in Barcelona. What’s your angle, Altin?” Yuri was, of course, hoping that his childhood crush was about to confess his own crush. This was, of course, purely wishful thinking and was not very likely.

“Only if you want there to be one, Yuri. I brought you here to ask if we could be friends. From the first day I saw you, I knew you were strong. There was something else in your eyes when you looked at me, and I’ve never known what it was.” He paused and stepped forward. “But if you’re asking for what angle I’d play if I knew for certain it would work out… I suppose I’ll tell you.”

Yuri waited a moment, realizing three things. One was that Otabek wasn’t going to say anything else without an answer from Yuri. The second was that this stoic bastard has said so damn much in the past ten minutes alone, and Yuri wasn’t sure anyone else really every heard him talk so much. He felt special. The third this he realized was that they were facing each other with only about four inches separating them. Yuri had a feeling he knew where this was going especially given the slightest hint of pink on Otabek’s cheeks, and he was, strangely enough, okay with it. When he spoke, it was a whisper. But there was no need to be any louder than that when they were as close as they were. “Tell me.”

He chuckled and smirked. “Well, I’d say something along the lines of ‘Yuri Plisetsky, you go on a date with me?’. And then maybe… Oh I don’t know, ‘Will you be my boyfriend?’. But that’s just an angle, isn’t it?”

Yuri’s heart stopped. His crush. Was planning on asking him out? Oh, this was almost too much for his heart to handle. Yuri glanced down at Otabek’s lips real quickly and made an impulsive decision.

One second they were standing there in a comfortable silence, the weight of the ‘hypothetical’ questions lingering between them. The next second, Yuri had thrown his arms around Otabek’s neck and pulled his face down ever so slightly to push their lips together. Otabek was surprised for all of three seconds, as he hadn’t expected this response from Yuri. He was certainly not complaining though. He placed his hands on Yuri’s hips and pulled him closer, kissing back happily.

When the kiss broke, Otabek smiled. “Are we gonna be boyfriends or not?”

Yuri rolled his eyes. “Clearly that kiss didn’t help you figure that out.”

“Maybe you should try again?”

“I think I will.”

The two ice skaters stayed where they were until the sun set, enjoying each other’s company and each other’s kisses. This was the start of something beautiful.


It just hit me that they’re bringing back all the people Killian wronged this season that he never redeemed himself for officially. First it was Liam 2.0, and as proxy for Robert Nolan, we get David… and Ariel is coming back into play, and Tiger Lily (who we know he had a contentious history with).

Killian is paying his dues all around.


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Dude buys a gas can from inside the store. Goes outside and fills it up. BRINGS IT BACK IN THE STORE AND PLOPS IT ON THE COUNTER TO PAY FOR IT. My coworker literally said "You did not just put that on the counter". Whole till area smelled like gas for the entire hour and a half left in my shift. Had to direct people to my till so they wouldn't have to put their food down on that. She actually left a little early because it was giving her a headache.

You don’t even want to know how many people we have to tell to get the damn propane takes out of the store. “But it’s empty” I don’t give a fuck GET IT OUT OF THE STORE!!



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Request: DC imagine where the reader is Lady Joker. Joker can’t stand it when the reader “steals the show” but can’t help being captivated by the reader.

For: @theshe-wolfwaits
Words: 1,840

Leto!Joker x Reader – Didn’t really know where to go with one to be honest.

“Don’t you like my desk?” You asked innocently. You leaned back into your luxury leather spinning chair and rested your feet on the large oak desk in front of you. It had taken five of your men to bring it into your office. The thin, unassuming man on the other side of the desk rubbed his hand together anxiously.
“It’s nice.” He squeaked.
“Thank you!” You gave him a beaming grin which didn’t relax him. He was your informant, one of The Joker’s men. The Joker. You’d met just a few times but you loved to piss him off whenever you had the chance – call it flirting.

“So, when is Jokey taking the bank?” you asked him threading your fingers together and acting almost like a professional.
The informant looked nervous, “You’ll make sure that Mr J can’t get to me, that’s what you said, right?”
You jumped up from your chair so fast that it was still spinning as you walked around the side of the desk and perched against it in front of him. You placed your hand on his cheek and spoke softly like a mother calming her child after a nightmare, “I promise that mean old clown won’t hurt you.”
“Tomorrow morning.” He told you and pulled a file out from his the inside of his jacket. He handed it to you and you quickly read over it. It had all the details of The Joker’s bank heist.

Great, now you knew where to find him. It was a lot of trouble to go through just to see your crush but you weren’t a quitter.
“This is just what I needed.” You thanked the informant and placed the folder down on the desk, picked up your gun from beside it, turned and shot him between the eyes. His body flew back from the close range and crumpled into a bloody pile in the middle of your floor.

Behind your desk Veck, your right hand man, tutted in disappointment, “Do you know how much it costs to get a carpet cleaner who can get blood out and keep their mouth shut?”
You pouted at his berating, “I know that you’ll handle it Vecky. I kept my promise, The Joker never touched him. Besides, I hate rats.”


“Mr J, there’s a problem.”

The Joker sneered at his henchmen and shoved him aside. He stalked into the bank, flanked by his men. The bank was trashed and empty of people save for you. You were stood in the middle of the empty bank with a shot gun leant on one shoulder and a large satchel bag on your other shoulder.

“What took you so long?” You asked and tapped your bare wrist with your finger as though you were tapping a watch. He scowled and looked around the empty bank.
“Oh, I put everyone in the vault.” You said flippantly.  
He said nothing but his eyes took you in.

You pouted, “I went to all the trouble of putting this together and you won’t even talk to me?”
“What do you want?” The Joker asked, his raspy voice making you grin.
“See that’s better!” You beamed, “Maybe I just wanted your attention. See, I even got you a present.”
You threw the satchel bag over to him. It landed at his feet and he regarded it curiously as one of his men held it open to show him the bundles of cash inside, no doubt stolen out of the vault.

He sucks in a breath and inclined his head while he considered accepting the bag, “What have I done to deserve a present?”
“I’m just a big fan.” You grinned.

You stepped forwards to leave, making sure to walk past him on the way. He turned sideways as you passed him, your eyes locked with his and your chests brushed as you slowly moved past him. He let you go and watched the doorway where you’d left before turning back to the emptied bank. There was no destruction to cause, nothing left to rob, no show at all! He stalked over to a nearby desk, took a hold of it and flipped it over.

Where was his fun now?!

Snarling, he glanced back to where his men waited with the bag full of money that you’d given him. His snarl turned to a smirk. Maybe there was still fun to be had.

The Joker sat back on his plush sofa, arms lay across the top of cushions.
“So boys, what have we got this time?” He asked two of his men who had set up a projector in front of their boss. It was littered with photos and maps of all of your recent illegal activities. Every escapade that he’d planned, you got too first. He’d been upstaged at every turn and it had made him obsessive. You’d certainly caught his interest and his eye.

They loaded up security footage from a night club that The Joker often did business at. He watched as you turned to the security camera, gave a dramatic wink and then blew a kiss at the camera. He grinned to himself a mirror imagine of the mad grin inked into the back of his hand.
“This is the most recent thing , Sir.” One of his men told him as he pressed play and your manic grin filed The Jokers projected screen again. He watched as you walked with Veck, The Joker had done his research into your associates, into a meeting only for the man that you meeting to pull out a gun and open fire.

It was a clear view of Veck tackling you to the ground, your shoulder instantly spewing blood before Veck practically carried you out of the fray while your men opened fire on your attacker.
The Joker sucked in a harsh breath, his head tilted as he pointed at your assailant now paused on the screen, “Bring him to me, we have business to talk about.”


“Stop pouting.” Veck told you but you crossed your arms, flinching as your shoulder throbbed again, and pouted more.
“My shoulder hurts and The Joker is ignoring my flirting, I think I deserve a good pout.” You answered. Veck rolled his eyes at you and you did a little mocking dance over to where you had a man bound to a chair with thick duct tape. You pushed his forehead with two fingers until he tipped all the way over and crashed back onto the floor. He tried to scream but it didn’t make it past the duct tape across his mouth that you’d painted with a mad grin.
Sitting on his chest you traced the smile with your finger, “Shh. I found out that a lil Bat has been look all over town for you, apparently you want to rat on Mr J. I don’t like rats so I’m going to make you an example and you’re my last shot of getting Mr J’s attention. If he still hasn’t warmed up to me after I give him you then maybe it wasn’t to be.”

You rested your elbows on your knees and your chin in your hands and pouted, you didn’t want to think about giving up on The Joker but he just didn’t seem interested.
“Y/N, you wanna see this.” Veck’s voice caught your attention and you sighed pushing yourself up from the man’s chest, he grunted as you moved. Joining Veck by the window you peeked out of the window through the blinds to see a purple Lamborghini parked outside. The car door opened and The Joker’s green hair was the first thing that you saw until he looked up and made eye contact with you.
He gave you a smirk before stepping into the building with his men in tow. You let out a squeal of excitement, jumped away from the window and started to fix your hair. Sitting yourself down on oil drum behind the man who was still taped to the tipped over chair, you waited for him to come in. Veck stepped behind you and gently moved some of your hair into place and you thanked him just before the door swung open.

The Joker stepped through the threshold, his eyes on you instantly, he moved towards you, his expression intent. He stopped only when he reached the man on the floor, noticing the rat duck taped for his convenience for the first time.
“For me?” He rasped.
You nodded, “I thought you’d like it.”

He stepped around the man towards you and stopped so that he leant over you sat on the drum. Veck tensed and you raised a hand to stop him interfering.
The Joker leaned down so that his face hovered over yours, “Its perfect.”
You resisted the giggle that tried to bubble up inside you and instead offered him a grin. His face was close to yours still when he added, “I actually brought you something.”
You felt heat rise in your cheeks, “You did?”

“Well, you got me a present so this was only fair.” The Joker told you as he turned to gesture for his men to bring something in. your face was split in a grin again when the man who had shot you’re a few days earlier was dragged into the room by his foot. He was unconscious and his face was covered in blood and snot.  The Joker noticed you looking at his injuries, “I hope you don’t mind, I saw what happened.”
His fingers came up to gently brush your injured shoulder and your stomach flipped at the contact. You brought your hands up to either side of his jacket and pulled him down to you so that you could kiss him. He responded with earnest, his hands finding your hair and pulled you towards him with it in harsh, rapid motions.
You pulled apart from him and smiled, “It’s a wonderful present.”
He leaned back into you and bit your bottom lip lightly before answering, “That’s not even the best part.”

He stepped away from you to take his a bundle of black material from one of his men, he took it over to an aged table and rolled it out so show all of the weapons hidden inside. Hatchets, cleavers, screwdrivers, some so pristine that they made your eyes water while some where rusted, dull and painted with dried blood.
You clapped your hands together excitedly and jumped off of your drum to stand beside The Joker in front of the table, “What a beautiful date idea!”
His arm wrapped around your waist pulling you in front of him so that he could kiss your neck and hiss in your ear, “The first of many.”

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What if Sidon was cursed for being too nice? (If that makes sense.) Like the fairy or whatever that cursed him told him he had to win love without bring overly kind or friendly?

ok so

I tried thinking about it and thought up of something. Mipha is still alive btw

King Dorephan is gonna be like evil (he’s not really but for the sake of the au he’s gonna. Not really evil just kinda greedy and selfish). Sidon’s mom gets sick and eventually passes away. Mipha was so distraught at the thought of having to just live with her father so she ran away but left Sidon some kind words saying she will come back again but to make sure he keeps his innocence. But his dad still kinda influenced him as he grew up getting pretty greedy and selfish himself(still kind but not in the biggest gestures) and the whole thing with the old lady and the rose happens and who’s the old lady

it’s Mipha

she saw what he did to Sidon so tells him “Our father has corrupted your innocence and I am filled with regret for leaving you behind. With a heavy heart I do this to you so you learn the ways of kindness once again. Until you find someone who you love and they love you in return the spell will be broken”

Mipha doesn’t think it through either erasing peoples memories of the castle and stuff. Sidon is left with sadness and grief in his heart knowing his sister did this to him. He wonders why and everyday beats himself up about it (he doesn’t hate her tho)

stop i had a paper due on march 8 that i just could NOT bring myself to write like she was really going through it and so i just. didn’t NNNN anyway i came up with an elaborate plan to just turn in someone else’s paper who wasn’t coming to class and just write it after spring break and when she returns the papers i’ll be like hello yes where’s my paper :) and pretend i turned it in and everyone told me it wouldn’t work! (this prof is a crackhead and doesn’t like me)  but she passed back the papers today and i put on my best acting face and she was like oh my god i must’ve misplaced it why don’t you just email me it :)

how to get water if you’re adhd as hell:

step 1. I need water. I’m going to go get water

step 2. realize halfway downstairs I didn’t bring my glass

step 3. go back upstairs and get glass. go downstairs and set it on the counter

step 4. oh shit! I didn’t realize we had chips! I love chips! let’s go upstairs and eat some chips

step 5. fuck. I didn’t get water. let’s go back downstairs and get water

step 6. I got my water. ok. just gotta get it upstairs

step 7. wait. wasn’t I just holding my water?? oh well. I’m only halfway upstairs. back to the kitchen.

step 8. what did I come here for?? I can’t remember. guess I’ll go back upstairs.


step 10. give up

GOOD NIGHT CALLS - Chapter 7 (finally)

By @johnlockedslashprincess and @weetiebel

Delirious sat quietly in the back seat of a taxi, watching the soft city outside. He wasn’t sure what emotions were bubbled up within himself, but he could tell something wasn’t right.
He had felt this way for the past couple of days, ever since he had got the desperate text from Ohm. The plead for friendship. It hurt to not reply, it really did. But he just couldn’t bring himself to say anything. He had ignored him in the game, and since then avoided him altogether. It’s hurt to hear his voice.
He turned the screen on, illuminating his face, and re-read it. The sorry’s wouldn’t cut it. They were already too far in.
The taxi came to a hult and Del jumped out to find Vanoss waiting for him.

Susan sat quietly in a chair in the waiting room. The call had shocked her and made her gut twist just thinking about the pain dripping from his voice, the goodbye he was trying to say but never did. Her eyes began to prick with tears again.
Alex sat next to her, holding her hand, not fully understanding what had happened to her uncle she cared so much for. Not understanding why her mother had called her party off and why she was sat here, on her birthday. She listened carefully to the song in the waiting room, watching her mom hold back tears. She didn’t understand.
Susan waited for what seemed like forever for the doctor to arrive. He looked down towards her with pity in his eyes and she thought she was going to explode.
“We have him stable, but he’s in critical condition.” Even though she shouldn’t have, Susan smiled with happiness. He was alive for the moment.
“He has a lot of injuries, both his arms are broken, a couple ribs, his collarbone, his right ankle is fractured, the bottom of his spine is fractured which may end him up paralyzed and he has a fractured skull which may lead to brain damage - both of which we can only identify if he wakes up.” The doctor sighed, taking a breath in slowly. He looked towards Alex, who was still confused, and looked back towards the ground. “It’s going to be a hefty burden and a hefty price for these life saving operations. I know I shouldn’t bring that up now but -” He shook his head slightly. “You can go see him if you’d like. Maybe for the best to leave the girl out here.” The doctor was trying to put a pleasent swing to his tired voice, the stress from the operations and paperwork making him almost angry.
Susan looked up to him with sharp eyes. She was scary.
“No, she’s seeing him too.”
The doctor didn’t fight her and brought them to Ohm’s room.
“Have as much time as you need in here and call anyone if there’s a problem.” The doctor told them kindly and with that he wandered away to his next patient.
Susan watched her brother feeling like it was all a bad dream. There was a white fog at the edges of her sight, making her almost dizzy. It really was bad. Ryan had blood and bruises everywhere with the white bandages soaked red. His face was puffed up and swollen and his hair was no longer there, shaved off for the stitches that lined the side of his head. Susan felt like she was going to cry again.
“Mommie, why is uncie asleep? Why is he all weird lookin?” Alex mumbled beside her, watching her.
“Uncie is hurt, darling, and mommy doesn’t know what to do about it.” She mumbled back to her daughter, forgetting how old she was. “I don’t know what to do.”
“Wa do you mean, mommie? He’ll be better again, wont he?”
“I don’t know, baby girl, I don’t know. I don’t know how I’m going to look after him if he’s very hurt.” She was crying hard now, looking at the sad confusion on her newly 5 year old daughter’s face, thinking about the money she needed for her brother and didn’t have it. She felt Alex’s small hand creep into her own and she heard her mumbling something quietly under her breath as she lifted her toy to her chest. Susan continued to watch her with blurred vision as the young girl sprang from her grasp and wandered over towards Ryan, placing her teddy next to him and tucking it under the sheets.
“Delly will make you feel better,” she sung, patting the small bear on the head. “He always makes me feel better on a sad day, doesn’t he?” Alex smiled slightly, looking towards her mother who had randomly jumped into action.
“What is it, mommie?”
“I need to call Uncie Jon.”

“How do I look?”
“Ugly,” Delirious replied with a snigger as he watched Evan try on his suit for the last time before the big day.
“Thanks, means a lot.” Vanoss watched him move uncomfortably on his bed. “What is it? You are joking, right?”
“Of course I’m joking, you fucking idiot, and nothing. I’m just nervous, I think,” he mumbled, trying to not look like he was about to jump out of his skin.
Vanoss’s eyes still laid on him though, the cogs working quietly in his head. “Is it about Ohm?”
Delirious moved suddenly, his eyebrows furrowed and his lips held together tightly. Of course it was about Ohm. How was anything ever not about him?
“Why don’t you just talk to him? I mean, you guys aren’t going to sort anything out by being all quiet and sad looking.”
“I know but-”
“No buts, Jonathan. Now you better sort it out and stop being sad before my wedding, you idiot. I don’t want you be like a grieving widow, thanks a lot. I’d better have you being you.” Evan said trying to encourage the well needed reaction in him.
Delirious smiled to himself. Evan really knew how to make him happy.
He felt his heart twang but this time instantly thought of Ohm. He missed the way he comforted him by rubbing his hair and cuddling into him, the way his body felt on his own and his lips as familiar as ever.
His thoughts were cut off by his phone ringing. It was an unknown number and he didn’t really care who it was. He wouldn’t even care to answer if he didn’t see the disappointed look at these damn Canadian’s fine face trying to be nice to everyone.
“Jon, it’s Susan.”
He heard a well-known voice at the other end. His eyes had gone wide and he was thinking about exploding right there and then but there was something that prevented him from doing it. He couldn’t say anything because Susan jumped in when he was about to open his mouth.
“It’s… it’s Ryan. I need your help, please, Jon.” She said with her voice breaking, worrying Del. He had never imagined he could heard her being so vulnerable and desperate.
“What? What’s going on?” He asked, feeling his heart almost stopping when the words finally reached his brain. It was Ryan. Something was horribly wrong. He looked up at Evan who watched him with confusion and worry.
“Ryan’s had a massive accident and he’s in hospital and I fucking don’t know what to do. Jon, I don’t know what to do.” He heard her freaking out and with every second his heart dropped a bit lower.
“Wow, wow. Calm down, what?”
She was sobbing into the phone for a while, Jon was trying to think of something to say but he was so afraid he couldn’t do anything. Susan took a few deep breaths and with her voice collapsing every now and then, she started explaining.
“He was in a car accident and he’s really badly hurt, and i mean really, he might not make it, Jon. And if he does he could be paralyzed or have brain damage or… I don’t know. I couldn’t think of anyone else to call. But… but I can’t pay any of the fees and look after him and Alex, my poor baby Alex.” ,
His heart sunk right to the bottom of his chest, breaking into million pieces. Ohm was hurt. Ohm was seriously hurt and might not wake up.
“Help me. Help us. Please,” she whispered.
Evan looked at him like he had seen a ghost, giving him the ‘are you alright?’ look. But Del didn’t look back anymore, he was staring into his lap, he thought he was going to throw up.
“I-” He didn’t know what to say. He didn’t know how to react. She had called him as her last hope and he didn’t know what to do.
“Please, Jon, he cares about you so much, and I know you guys haven’t talked for weeks, but he still cares about you. Hell, if he was awake, he’d never let me call you. He’d want you to not care about him. But he isn’t awake Jon, he’s dying-”
Jonathan could hear the shocked gasp from what seemed like Alex, followed by scream and sobs and sounds of Susan trying to calm her, wishing she had never said that word.
“Please Jonathan. I know you don’t hate him, you care about him as much as he does about you, and I’m sure he’d love to hear you say that to him because that’s what he thought, he thought you hated him. I’d always tell him you didn’t, but he kept on, saying how he deserved it and how stupid he was for thinking you would even look at him as a friend. Jon, please. Please. Please.” She was crying heavily with Alex at the same level.
It echoed down the phone as Evan watched him intensly.
“Go.” He mumbled, his eyes looking straight into Jonathan’s eyes. “I can’t believe you even have to think about this.”
“I’m not.” Del whispered. “I’m going. I just… I just… can’t move.” He looked up at him again, tears filling his eyes, his arm that held his phone up to his ear dropped to his lap and a first shocked sob emerged from him.
Evan watched as his best man and best friend broke down in front of him. First, it was his face to go as it began to erupt into tears and then his body that curled up into a ball in the arm chair he sat in.
“Stop, Jo, there’s no time for this.” Evan exclaimed coming to him, taking him by his forearms. “Ohm needs you now, you can break down as much as you want when you’re there, but you have to go now.”
Jon’s phone fell to the ground with a thud, it was silent. Evan picked it up.
“I’ll take care of him. He’ll be with you soon.”He hung up then,putting the phone back into the rich blue hoodie Jonathan was wearing. “Now, then.” He said softly, watching the older man shatter. “Let’s pack.”

Evan would be lying if he said he wasn’t disappointed by the event, he had just lost his best man, but it was nothing compared to if Del actually lost Ohm. He would see Jon again whereas Del might not have the same luxury with Ohm. He watched him say bye to the guys, sadness filling his normally bright blue eyes. Finally, he came up to him, and smiled.
“Thanks, Evan.”
“For what?” He mumbled. To be honest he wasn’t a big fan of Ohm at first, scared he was stealing his best friend from him, but after realising that there was more to this ‘friendship’ of theirs, he didn’t mind so much. In fact, he was happy, happy for his best friend in crime. “What amazing thing have I done now?”
“Yah know, not being a lil’ bitch about this.“ Del smirked.
Evan laughed, smiling back. He brought him into a hug, suddenly saddened by the departure. “Tell Ohm I said hi and that, you know, that I’m sorry we got off on the wrong foot or something…” He pulled away from Del who seemed like he was going to cry again.
“I will.” He choked. “I definitely will.”

Delirious sat quietly on the plane that Evan had managed to book last second, heading to Chicago to be with Ohm. He couldn’t help but think about the what ifs. What he could have said. What both of them could have done differently. He wished he had told Ohm everything he had thought about him, and told him he didn’t hate him. Because how could he ever hate him?
But none of this dwelling mattered anymore, he couldn’t change what he had done, the things he had said, the moves they had made, so there was no point. All he could do was hope that Ohm would pull through and that he’d get to see him smile, and hear his beautiful voice again. All he wished for was for Ohm to be okay.
The flight took five hours to get there. The whole time Delirious had stared out the window, terrified of what he’d find on the other end. Susan had agreed to pick him up from the airport which made him incredibly nervous.
He picked Susan out of the crowd as soon as he got there, her sadness radiating off of her with Alex in her arms equally as saddened.
“Hey, Jon.” She mumbled uncharacteristically, her eyes brimming with tears. The scene almost causing him to sob.
“Hey guys.” He replied, watching as Alex began to cry. She had her arms away from her mother’s body, flexing her fingers as she tried to grab Jon’s chest. He picked her up, lifting a weight from Susan. Alex tucked her head into Jon’s neck.
“I hope Delly will make him better.” She cried into Delirious’ chest causing a tear to roll down his face. Susan looked towards him, her, too, now crying.
“I will baby, don’t you worry now,” he said in a pretended calm voice, but Del could hardly convince himself.

Ohm was bad.
Del almost began to cry when he saw him covered in bruises, bandaged to the full.
He just wanted to hug him and tell him he was going to be okay, that he was going to make it, and that he could never hate him, because the only thing he could ever do was to love him. He was Ohm. The guy that made his tears go away, who stuck by him on lonely nights and saved him from himself. He was clever and ambitious and kind and caring and Del didn’t want to lose that. He didn’t want to lose his Ohm.
“I know.” Susan replied quietly. “And this.”
She handed him the chart, with the injuries, and the cost of each surgery.
“Holy shit.”
“I don’t know what I’m going to do. Ry-ry was basically my financial support. I have nothing without him.” Susan began. “I just wanted you to come here. I wanted him to see you. I’m sure he’d be so happy right now. To know you’re here, Jon. To know you dropped everything for him. I just want him to live, he’s my little brother, for God’s sake.” Susan was weeping hard now, wobbling on her knees. Jon caught her and held her tight, he too crying.
Guilt started to build within Jon. He wanted to tell him he was sorry, sorry for everything he had ever done. He didn’t deserve Ohm.
“Sue. Right now, don’t worry about the fees okay? I’ll pay for them, and I’m sure a few others can chip in too. And I’m sure he’ll be okay. It’s Ryan. He’s a damn champion. He’ll fight it.”
Susan jerked back.
“Are you serious? Did you see how much it is?”
“He’s my best friend and I love him. I’d do anything.” Del said, thinking back over his words.
“I love him.”

Find the rest of the story on my Tumblr or here on AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/7530958?view_full_work=true

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Heyooo, in your tags you mentioned that peter talked about the missing mug, is it from the facebook live or..? Cause im lost heh

lol I was just looking for the video here on tumblr, but I can’t find it!

Yes, it was the facebook live video, and Peter said “Carisi’s desk had a mug, but I don’t know where it is now” or something like that. BRING BACK CARISI’S CONSTITUTION MUG PLS

Here it is on youtube (I think the mug mention is early, when they talk about their desks):

We Have Grown

As you all know, or not because who knows, I don’t really draw. I’m not as creative as the next guy with pictures, but words I feel like I can do. This is something that I’m proud to bring forward, because our family has grown once again. 15 million of us. 15,000,000. Back in seventh grade, maybe about three years ago now, I started to watch Jack. I can’t even remember what milestone he had hit around when I started to watch him, but I do know one thing. Every day the world got a little brighter. Every day just got a bit better because every day I knew I would have a friend to come home to, a friend to laugh with and joke with.

I’ve been taking care of myself since then. I’ve been doing things that I want to do, things that would help me throughout my academic life as well as my social life. I know that I want to influence people as he had to me and many close friends of mine. I have met a variety of very good, very kind people thanks to this community. And this is where I get a bit off task, because now I want to thank everyone.

Thank you to those who have shown the way for others, who continuously make beautiful and fantastic art. Thank you to those who have stuck around, thank you for helping me bond with you. This is a family I never really want to let go of, a family that I really and truly love to be apart of. Words cannot describe how emotional the recent milestone video, and I’m not sure if it was because of how Jack worded things or because I’ve been bedridden all day, but I know that I’m just proud of everyone for making it this far.

Thank you again for reading my stupid rants, who knows maybe I’ll make a rant blog. Love you all and I can’t wait for new members of our family! -Maddie

anonymous asked:

I was wondering if other people who have had weird sexual behaviours/fantasies as a child have had a hard time talking to T about it, simply out of shame? Thing is I have no memories of sexual abuse, so it's not hard because it brings back other memories, it's just that I'm too embarrassed to talk about it. I feel really lonely in this. And I also feel like it's something that T should know about?

Hey there, I’ve not had personal experience with this particular subject - but more than once I’ve been reluctant to disclose something because of shame. Therapy is the one place we can talk about absolutely anything without being judged, which includes sharing what we believe to be the least beautiful parts of ourselves. Let T know that you quite want to work through this topic, but you’ve got a few reservations. Therapists are trained to help individuals navigate difficult experiences, so T will be able to guide you beyond the guilt.

If anyone would like to comment, please do! Best wishes anon xo


I want to start off by saying many of you might not know me as well due to the fact I never make gifs, but first off I want to say thank you to all my followers for being there and following my nonsense and craziness that is BONES. We have all become a family and I will always be here for anyone that wants to talk,even after our show. That hurts to say that but all good things must come to an end right? Who am I kidding?? STILL IN DENIAL!
Anyway I just want to thank this amazing show, cast, crew, writers, producers etc… THANK YOU FOR BRINGING BONES INTO THIS WORLD! I first watched it when i was a teen. I caught it in the middle of season 3 and it instantly caught my eye! It was so unlike other shows and I had to see what all the fuss was about. So I had to go back and watch season 1 and 2 and that’s when I was hooked! I fell in LOVE WITH BONES!
To say the least this show has helped me through so many tough times in my life. Anytime I was sad or in distressful situations, I would resort to BONES as a distraction because that reality helped me cope with my own. As I’m sure it has for many of my followers and other Boneheads alike.
It has taught me so many life lessons as well involving life, family, heartache, failure, success, love,happiness, laughter, etc… I’m sorry I’m all over the place but I’m starting to get emotional 😭. I hate to see this wonderful show come to an end and I’m starting to cry as I write this because in all truth I have grown up watching Bones. I was a teenager and now I’m a full grown woman. Thank you to the wonderful actors/actresses that portrayed these amazing characters who we all can relate to in some way and who I look up to! The person they played and the person that they are in real life are my true idols. They showed me that “there is more than one kind of family” and many other things as well.
BONES is truly amazing, underrated, and quite frankly the BEST show out there and always will be! I will always LOVE THIS SHOW, the CHARACTERS, and all the wonderful people who made this show happen!
From the bottom of my heart ❤️
Always and forever 💀~2005-2017~ 💀



“One night I was talking with my wife about how perfect our life was. It was twenty-five years ago. We had four children. We’d just saved enough money to buy a new house. We felt so lucky. I remember she said: ‘What if God takes something from us?’ The next day I came home from work and found my wife screaming. She was holding our oldest son. He’d stuck his hand in the washing machine andelectrocuted himself. We couldn’t revive him. We rushed to the hospital but the doctors said there was nothing they could do. I begged them to try. My friends from the church came and we all started to pray. And the doctors were able to bring him back to life. He became a case study. Today he’s 29. He has learning problems. He can’t read or write. But he has a job as a security guard. He enjoys his life. And to this day, I believe in miracles.”

(Valparaíso, Chile)

the best part about friends is that it had the most iconic twist in romance ever like in the beginning seasons they really played us with the ross/rachel dynamic and how they were the absolute “it” couple of the show and that everyone will want to root for them to get together and then all the sudden???? chandler and monica literally come out of nowhere in a span of three episodes?? but the best part is,,,,,,,they actually have a great dynamic?? like they had a great dynamic as friends but as a couple,,,,,they brought out the absolute best in each other??? And they grew slowly and worked through both of their insecurities and became an even stronger couple?? and then the writers tried to bring back rachel/ross again and it just,,,,,,didn’t compare because chandler and monica had surpassed their trash dynamic by 1000x at that point. anyway, god bless chandler and monica

FMA things to consider
  • If Roy had visited the Elric Brothers just a couple of days earlier, he may have been able to stop them from attempting human transmutation.
  • If Scar had broken into Shou Tucker’s house to kill him just hours earlier, Nina and Alexander would have been saved.
  • If Kimblee’s explosion had blown off Scar’s left arm instead of his right, his brother would have given him his “creation” arm instead of his “destruction” one.
  • If Ed’s arm had been taken first instead of his leg, he wouldn’t have been able to clap and bring Al’s soul back.

He’s weak for the most ridiculous stuff and they 100% know and take full advantage of it

Okay, but guys, Victor had those pictures of Yuri lying around on his phone for like a year. A year. Long before he and Yuri even developed the close relationship that they have right now. So please just take a moment to picture:

  • Victor getting bored or frustrated or upset and going back to those pictures because they always bring a smile to his face 
  • Victor rewatching the videos of drunken Yuri on a regular basis because he finds that he quite likes the sound of his voice, however slurred and nonsensical
  • Victor lurking on Yuri’s social media (!!!)  
  • Victor googling Yuri 
  • Victor memorizing and recording Yuri’s stats and knowing a shit ton of random fucking facts about his life before he even meets him 
  • Victor being a Yuri fanboy in general  
  • Victor very slowly realizing he’s completely fucking smitten by this man he danced with and grinded on while in a hazy drunken stupor  
  • And god damn it, he absolutely HAS to see him again  
  • Victor seeing the video of Yuri doing his routine and his heart beats clean out of his chest because that’s it–that’s fuckin it, his chance
  • And he takes it 
  • It’s the best decision he’s ever made 

The most fascinating part of rebelcaptain for me is that it’s an uncompleted story. It’s a story of what could’ve been. The reason we didn’t see a kiss between the two, in my opinion, is because they weren’t allowed to get to that point in their relationship with one another. The hug solidifies that there were true feelings between them. The way Jyn smiles, the way Cassian brings his face in closer to her shoulder. They loved each other, but their story was ended before it could begin.

I think the elevator was where they realized how real their feelings were. Those looks, that closeness. That’s more than just friendship. Jyn wasn’t going to let Cassian die alone and Cassian, though wounded, found his way back to Jyn because he was serious when he told her welcome home. He would be the home she never had. The person who’d stick by her through it all, even until death.

Even when Jyn is unnecessary to the mission, Cassian always goes back for her. He always tries to take care of her. Jyn has been without a true purpose for so long and Cassian’s had a set purpose since he’s been six years old. Both see something in the other that they long for and through their mission they find each other in a way they, at least I think, don’t necessarily expect to. Their love is subtle and slow and it builds up.

The reason I love rebelcaptain is because it’s a not quite and that’s how life is a lot of the time. They had a beginning, but because of their circumstances they received no ending and in a way that almost immortalizes their bond. The way we saw things falter for Han and Leia we never have to see for Jyn and Cassian. It’s bittersweet. They get this image of each other as their last moment, their success in reaching their goal, but their love never got to be complete. They never got to kiss because the story wasn’t over yet. It got cut short because that’s what sacrifice is. Sometimes you have to let go of what you love most for the best of all.