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BTS Reactions - You get kidnapped and tortured

Warning - May be upsetting to some readers, contains bad language

The fist of your captor slams into your face again and you hear your head crack into the wall. You feel nothing for the numbness in your body, but the sound triggers a response in your body, and you cry out. It’s been 5 days of this. Constant torture, beatings and interrogations. You’re fast approaching your limit as the hope slowly begins to seep from your body. You would’ve thought your boyfriend would be here by now, but the fact that he isn’t puts doubt in your mind, as your captors love to constantly remind you. You spit out the blood in your mouth as you start to cry, wishing that you could just hold it in. You hear a cruel laugh, a door opening, a gunshot and then nothing.

4 days later, your eyes crack open, and you begin to stir. You hear grunt of acknowledgment in the corner, then a door opens and closes. You don’t really move at all until you hear the door open again, followed by your boyfriend’s voice.

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BTS reaction to finding their girlfriend crying, but it’s because of her period

I kind of altered this to them crying over the pain of the cramps, because that’s easier for me to write then them crying from mood swings, since I have never experienced mood swings while actually on my period. i hope that’s okay! Hope you enjoy!

Scenario: You had arrived the day before to surprise them by spending a couple of weeks with them while you were on break/vacation. Since they had know prior knowledge, they were unable to take the day off to spend with you. After a long, grueling day of dance practice and recording, they finally arrive back home, ready to bring you into their arms and just cuddle for the rest of the night. Those plans are forgotten when they see you curled up in their bed, crying.


“What’s wrong?” Jin would immediately rush to your side and brush your hair off your forehead, caressing your face as he waited for your answer. Once you managed to speak through the pain, and tell him your period had come and you were cramping, he would nod in understanding and excuse himself. He would call his mother and ask for tips on how to care for you, taking her advice on making a hot beverage, tea of hot chocolate, and placing a heating pad on your stomach.

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Yoongi would quietly enter the room and join you on the bed, slowly pulling you into his arms, but stopping when you cried out at the movement. “What-” He would start but you would cut him off, telling him that your stomach hurt too much to move. He would be confused at first, but then realize you must have been on your period. He would bring his hand under your shirt and lay it across your stomach, rubbing soothing circles into the skin to help relax you enough that you could cuddle into him. He wasn’t going to let anything get in the way of his plans to cuddle you.

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Hoseok would freak out at the sight of you crying, his mind jumping to the worst possible scenarios, including ones where you were dying. However, when you realized he was in the room and asked him to cut out your uterus to bring you peace, he quickly understood what was going on. Having an older sister, he would think back to try to remember things she would have done to alleviate her cramps, and tried to implement those. If he was unable to recall them, he would probably text his sister for help.

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Namjoon: He would be extremely worried at first, but would quickly notice the way you were clutching your stomach and realize what was wrong. He would quietly leave the room before you noticed him and leave to go to the store. He would return with chocolate, pain relievers, and a movie that you had been dying to see. He would set everything up and climb into bed with you, settling in to watch a movie, not daring even attempt to take some of your chocolate no matter how badly he wanted some.

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Jimin would be similar to Jin with immediately rushing to your side to find out what was wrong. However, he would not be quite as calm as Jin when it came to taking care of you. He would be too shy/embarrassed to ask his hyungs for help, or even to call his mom. Instead, he would would pull Taehyung to the side to ask him for help. All Taehyung did was pull out his phone and google what to do, something Jimin could have done himself.

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Like Yoongi, he would enter the room quielty. He would rub your back and wait for you to tell him what was wrong. After you did, he would ask Jin or Namjoon for help. If that failed, he would call his mom. Either way, he wouldn’t stop until he knew exactly what to do to make you as comfortable as possible.

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As soon as he saw your tears, he would walk back out of the room, seeking out the first hyung he saw. After they informed him that he could not help him without knowing what was wrong, he would re-enter the room and say, “so…uh, I want to help…but…I need to know why you’re crying.” After you told him through the pain and tears, he would say “thanks” and leave again. After he informed whoever he had gone to for help, they would smack him on the back of the head for leaving you alone. Still at a loss for what to do, he would decide that his best bet was to go on with his original plans, cuddling you for the rest of the night. Thankfully, that seemed to help.

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All I Want For Christmas|P.Parker Imagine

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Countdown to Christmas:Day 5
Song(s):All I Want For Christmas by Michael Buble
Summary:Where all Peter wants for Christmas is for her to feel the same way.

The soft Christmas music made its way through their small apartment as May was waltzing around making sure everything was prepared. Peter stood besides the Christmas tree hanging up the last minute ornaments May had picked up earlier that week for this special night. He couldn’t really understand why she was so frantic on making everything perfect but he had to admit, she had outdone herself this year. The apartment was decorated to the nines in Christmas decoration. He was humming softly along to a random song not even notice that people had already started to arrive.

“Hey Peter.”

Turning around his face flushed as he took sight of the girl before him. She was wearing a tightly fitted red skater dress, with v neckline. She liked wonderful and he felt himself shut down as she smile brightly at him. Her newly braces free smile was sparkling bringing out the deep red lipstick she had picked for the night. Peter still till this day doesn’t understand how someone as pretty as her would ever talk to someone as dorky as him. Yet everyday he’s surprised more and more.

“Hey Y/N..” He breathed out as she giggled softly. He watched with wide eyes as she leaned forward stepping on het toes and placing a soft kiss onto his cheek. Puling back she couldn’t help the smirk that brought its way onto her lips as she took sight of his slightly red cheeks. “You-um you love lovely..” He breathed

“Thank you Peter, you look very handsome.”

He watched as she gave him a soft wink before bending down carefully and resting the neatly wrapped presents underneath the tree. It wasn’t long before Michelle had shown up whisking her away. He let out a deep sigh as he watched the two girls chat in the corner of the living room. Ned had been watching the interaction and couldn’t help but give his best friend a little advice.

“Hey man..”

“Hey Ned, when did you get here?”

“Around the same time you were giving Y/N heart eyes..” He teased as Peter’s cheeks flushed the same color red of Y/N’s dress.

“Um..” He stated as he chocked up a little causing Ned to laugh and wave it off. He knew how much Peter liked her and all he wanted was for his best friend to be happy. He wanted Peter to find someone who would be caring to him and treat him right, Ned had no doubts that Y/N would do anything short of what May and himself expected he just hope the holiday spirit would bring the two together quickly.

It was two hours into the holiday party, the four teens found themselves sitting in the living room. Y/N was seated besides Peter with her head on his shoulders as a movie played softly, the mixer of the chattering, music and the movie made a beautiful atmosphere around them. Y/N looked up towards Peter to see him already looking back down at her. She smiled softly before looking back down and playing with playing with her hands.
“Everything alright?”

“Yeah, just thinking..”

It was silent between them for a while as they both turned their attention back to the movie on the screen. It wasn’t long before Y/N stood up pulling Peter along with her. He gave her a confused look as she led him to his bedroom. It was silent between them as they made their way through the door. Peter was feeling slightly anxious as millions of thoughts rounded through his head and each one making him more and more nervous.


Turning to look at her he smiled softly as he watched her shoulders drop before she started to speak again.

“I love you.”

He stared at her with wide eyes and a racing heart as she fiddled with her fingers. She knew she shouldn’t have said anything but she needed him to know the truth. She had so many conversations with Ned and Michelle and she knew she was ready to let him know how she felt, even if he didn’t return the feelings.

“I love you too.” He mumbled softly as he took her into his arms with a soft smile. “You have no idea how long I’ve waited to hear those words..”

“Think I might have an idea..” She giggled softly before pressing her lips lightly to his.  

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Imagine: Being an empathetic Slytherin, and your boyfriend Draco constantly making sure that you’re not taken advantage of.

Request: Anon said, “Hi ^^ Can I request an Imagine? Being an empathetic female Slytherin and your boyfriend,Draco,always has to make sure you’re not being taken advantage of? :3”

“Hey Y/N,” Kyle, the boy who sits behind you in Transfigurations, says.

“Um, hey Kyle,” You respond, slightly confused, as Kyle has barely ever said anything to you before.

“I was just wondering if you could help me with this?” He pulls out his Transfigurations essay, which at this point, is just a blank sheet of paper with a title on it. You give him another confused look, and he sighs, “Look, I’ve been trying to write this for days -you should see the pile of scraped parchment by my bed- but I just can’t figure it out, you are one of the most brilliant students in this class, can you please help me?”

You feel a pang of empathy for the poor boy and you agree, “Of course I’ll help you Kyle! Meet me in the library an hour before dinner.”

“Thank you so much!” He runs off joyfully.

“How very non-Slytherin of you,” You hear a familiar voice drawl from behind you. You turn around and stick your tongue out at your boyfriend, Draco.

“Oh please, I’m being nice,” You respond sassily, “You know, you should try it sometime.”

It’s his turn to roll his eyes, “Well you should be careful, I don’t want that kid stepping all over you.”

“Draco,” You shake your head, “It’s just one essay!”

“Whatever you say,” Draco always complained about how you were too empathetic to be a Slytherin, but you knew it was only because he didn’t want anyone to take advantage of you. You had a fiery attitude but a kind heart, and that’s what originally attracted Draco to you, you attitude matched his, but you had the ability to bring him back down to earth.

A few days after you helped Kyle, he came back to you with another essay, and you helped him with that as well. Soon enough though, he began coming to you with more and more, and visit became more frequent. He even told some of his friends, who also began coming to you for help. Your empathetic nature came with one major problem; you had a hard time saying no.  

You were up late in the library one night, rushing to finish your own assignment because you had been too busy helping Kyle. You eventually trudged back to the Slytherin common room, only to realize that Draco was waiting up for you, “What are you doing up?”

“I was waiting for you,” He sighs, “Y/N, this seriously needs to stop, I get needing help for a few assignments, but this has become a routine for those assholes, and it’s taking a toll on you. You need to end this.”

“I know Draco,” You curl up next to him on the couch, “I just don’t know what to say.”

He places a gentle kiss on your forehead, “Get some sleep, we’ll deal with this in the morning.”

For the next few days, you didn’t hear a word from Kyle or his friends, he stopped sitting behind you, and he’d even avoid coming anywhere near you in the hallways.

“What did you do?” You abruptly ask Draco one evening.

“What do you mean?”

“Kyle and his friends stopped asking me for help, not that I’m upset, I’m honestly relieved, but you obviously had a hand in it.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” He says innocently. You raise your eyebrows at him, “Okay… I may have had a small chat with him.”

You laugh, “Well, thank you.”

“You’re not mad?”

“Like I said, I’m pretty relieved.”

“So what? Am I like your knight in shining armour now?” He smirks.

“Don’t push it Malfoy,” You respond. He chuckles before leaning down for a quick kiss.


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Fades Away

Warning: Angst.


If only Richie had been quicker. If he had just stayed closer to you or responded when you yelled for him, but they were fighting It. He was so caught up that he didn’t notice. None of them did, but once it was gone. Once it fell into that dark abyss he froze. His eyes flickering over the group worriedly.

“Guys where’s-” The words died almost instantly. His eyes locked onto the corner of the room. His eyes began to burn as he took in her form.

There (Y/n) laid with a hand pressed to her side. Her head fallen on her shoulder and a large pool of blood on the ground. Her skin a ghastly pale and her chest was still.

“(Y/n)!” Richie cried out dashing to her battered form. He scooped the girl up not even caring about the blood splattering across his clothes. She was so cold… “(Y/n) this isn’t fucking funny,” Richie hissed. His voice breaking as tears trailed down his face. She couldn’t… She couldn’t be….

“Richie…” Eddie’s voice was quiet as he put a hand on Richie’s shoulders. Eddie watched in horror as Richie finally broke down. Heart wrenching sobs escaped Trashmouth as he clung to the girl like a lifeline.

“She’s fucking gone Eddie…”

That day (Y/n) wasn’t the only one who didn’t walk away from the sewers. Richie was also left down in the darkened pipes still chasing after her desperately wanting to bring her back home, because the boy who came out.

He was no longer Richie. Eddie wasn’t sure who he was, but he definitely not the Trashmouth everyone loved. Everything about him shifted though only Eddie seemed to notice.

First it was smoking. He quickly noticed how Richie had a pack of cigarettes almost daily and would sneak out of school just to smoke. Despite Eddie’s protests though Richie didn’t stop smoking.

Then, it was his clothes. He was suddenly drenched in black clothing. There were no more hawaiian shirts or really any bright colors. When Eddie even questioned why Richie wasn’t wearing them the boy just stated he was tired of them.

The biggest change though was how quiet Richie had become. There were no more crude jokes or even come backs. He was quiet and silent and Eddie found his worry growing.

But when he mentioned it to Bill. Bill only gave Eddie an odd look. “Y-You really duh-don’t know whu-why?”

Eddie only shook his head making Bill sigh slightly. “(Y/n) was R-Richie’s best f-friend…. Maybe m-more e-e-ed-”

“Eddie,” Eddie cut in knowing Bill always stuttered on his name.

Bill shot Eddie a grateful look. “W-Whu-Without her. H-He’s k-ku-kinda lost. There’s nuh-no (Y/n) to tell h-his jokes to. H-he’s just… L-lost.”

Eddie frowned slightly at that. His eyes falling to the ground. “But he has us,” Eddie mumbled quietly.

“Yea… B-but we’re nuh-not (Y/n)…”


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Grounded (Winchesters + sister!reader)

Anon asked: Hey Can I please get a sisfic where she’s like late teens (idc) and she sneaks a hellhound she rescued into the bunker and the boys are pissed when they finally discover it? Maybe they want to throw it out but she insists on going if the dogs going, so she waits outside in the rain or something until they agree to let her keep it? Idk I’m horrible at these hahaha :)

Word count: 1.5k

Warnings: none? Teen angst? Sass?

A/N: Thank you for the request! I don’t know if this is what you wanted though

Crowley had been on your brothers’ asses lately about keeping their noses out of his business, but all you were able to think about was whether or not you could keep your big fat mouth shut about him getting involved in their business; and yours. You were waist deep in his business with your smuggled pet if you could even call it that.

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A Sham?

Baron Corbin x Reader

Requested by anon

Prompt: #81: “I need you to fake date me.”

A/N: This drabble request turned into a full fic:D Also look at this freakin cute gif!!!

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The night had begun as a blast. Partying togheter with your coworkers and friends was always fun. What made it even better was that this week you had been in your hometown for Smackdown. It always felt good to come back to your roots every once in a while. It made the partying even better too because you knew the bar from back when you and your college friends would go out on a saturday evening.

Everything seemed to be just perfect. You danced with Becky and Charlotte to one of your favourite tunes on the dancefloor. When you spun around your gaze locked with a pair of familiar eyes. And then it hit you. You aprubtly stopped in your tracks and stared back at the cold gaze that bored into your eyes, a small smirk tugging on his lips. A shudder went down your spine.

„Hey, what’s wrong Y/N?“ Charlotte asked concerned when she saw that you had stopped in your tracks.

„N-nothing.“ you gulped, shaking yourself out of your trance. „I-I thhink I have to go to the bathroom.“ Charlotte and Becky exchanged worried lookes and followed you.

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Mini appreciation of Moff for one of the best episodes he’s written

Yes children, it’s time to praise Night of the Doctor for the 87th time.

I think out of all the Doctors, Paul Mcgann deserved a little more. Sure we have a mountain of EU content that could never happen on screen, because its either too dark or too complicated for New Who, but to the casual fans, Paul will always be the one Doctor who only had one episode that was very…. eh?

That was until 2013. I can’t remember how exciting the reveal was when Paul showed up on screen. When I heard about the Mini-episode, I just assumed it would be fluff for Matt, David or John. But I’m so thankful that I got to the video before it blew up. 

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Paul Mcgann returned and just as sexy as he was in the TV Movie.

Now when I first heard about the War Doctor, I wondered “why not just bring back Paul Mcgann, he’s just as young and sexy as he was in the TV movie, it wouldn’t look as jarring as Tom, Peter, Colin or Sylvester(apologies to them, you’re not as young, but still sexy)”. Even the idea that a separate incarnation ended the time war seemed a bit out there since I read a few EDAs and the Forgotten and always assumed Eight would be the one to end it all. But as Paul would later state in an interview “it’s kinda a compromise”. Best compromise ever.

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With just a few seconds we got Big Finish made canon. Now at the time I had only listened to Storm Warning and Blood of the Daleks since I found old radio recordings of them online, but this was exciting! It meant that the audio dramas that Paul was in were CANON. Admittedly, I wish we got a mention of Izzy and Fitz, but they were in the company of friends, so as far as i’m concerned, they and by extension, the EDAs and DWM comics are CANON as well.

I could go on about Night thematically, but I’m sure someone else on this site did it better. Just to sum it up, dying alone and broken was the perfect ending for the Eighth Man Bound. A life that should have been filled with happiness died with misery and despair. Not a single friend to be there for him, only the distant memories of friends long gone. 

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And so Night of the Doctor is one of the best things Moffat gave us. Sure some could see it as the scraps being tossed towards a starving dog, but these scraps were more tasty than the main course. Big Finish was made canon and Paul got the regeneration he deserved. A great story made by an equally great storyteller

Imagine Lucius always having to one-up Arthur Weasley. One night at the end of a public event, Arthur kisses Molly very passionately on the lips. Lucius, hating any type of PDA, becomes extremely annoyed. However, without thinking, he grabs Narcissa’s waist and dips her down and kisses her even more passionately than Arthur had kissed Molly. A little more than a minute goes by before their lips part and Lucius brings her back up. Lucius smirks as people start clapping and Arthur looks over at him with pure hatred. He turns to kiss Narcissa again and they walk out the door. Narcissa was so taken back she could barely walk so he had to hold her up. “Lucius, I’m speechless. What came over you in there?” I couldn’t restrain myself, you just looked so beautiful”, he said, not lying but also not wanting to tell her the real reason.

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The prompts- 1 for nygmobblepot.

Guess who just immediately broke Edward’s ‘no cursing’ rule? Yep. 

1. “We’re not just friends and you fucking know it.”

Edward had not been thrilled with Oswald’s idea to bring Jim Gordon back to Edward’s apartment, but what could he say? He’s just glad that Oswald has found a purpose again, found meaning. His mother’s killer is on the loose, and Oswald is not going to stop until he is dead. Edward will aid him in any way to see that through.

Even if it means having Jim Gordon in their bed.

Where Ed currently wants to be with Oswald.

It’s not like he’s been planning for a romantic night in, or anything. Not like there’s crème brûlée cooling in his refrigerator, flowers hidden in the shower, or two sirloin steaks waiting to be cooked. Edward had even brought out the candles and been forced to put them away. Tonight is just not going his way.

But… there are other things they could get up to. Even if it means Oswald will see the flowers.

Gabe finishes with dumping Jim Gordon on the bed and exits just as quickly, leaving Edward and Oswald alone together.

Well, alone with Jim’s unconscious body.

“Was beating him really wise?” Edward asks, observing Jim’s face.

“I was angry,” Oswald admits. Edward smirks. Oh, but that opening is perfect.

“Perhaps you should cool off,” Edward drawls, turning and walking back towards Oswald. He takes hold of the other man’s lapels, pulling him close and bending to whisper into his ear, “Could I interest you in a shower, Mr. Penguin?”

He can hear Oswald swallow, hands coming up to hold Edward’s waist. Then Oswald glances at their guest.

“He might wake up,” Oswald points out. “I don’t want to be… occupied when that happens.” Edward sighs and kisses him, giving Oswald a taste of what he’s missing.

“Fine,” Edward says, pulling away from him. “Let’s occupy ourselves with something else.”


They’re just finishing a duet when Jim Gordon wakes up.

“What the hell?” he groans.

“At last. How are you feeling?” Oswald asks him, approaching the bed. Jim groans again.

“Not so good.” He looks over Oswald’s shoulder. “Nygma?

“Hi,” Edward chirps, laughing.

“Long story,” Oswald explains. “He’s a friend.”

“A friend?” Jim asks, confusion written all over his face.

“A friend?” Edward echoes darkly. Oswald stiffens, slowly turning to face him. Edward stands, fury quickly overtaking him.

“Edward, let’s not do this just now—”

“Let’s,” Edward hisses. “You’re unbelievable!”

“I think I’m gonna go,” Jim says, making to get up. Edward turns his glare onto him, giving Oswald a respite.

“You stay right there, mister!” Edward shouts, pointing a finger at him. Jim sinks back onto the bed at the command.

“Edward!” Oswald screeches, stamping his foot. “This isn’t important, what’s important is—” Edward doesn’t wait to hear the rest of that sentence, doesn’t care to know what’s more important than them.

“This isn’t important?” Edward is shocked to find that Oswald’s flippancy genuinely hurts. Oswald hesitates, perhaps realizing where he’s gone wrong…

“I’m not saying that your friendship isn’t important to me—" Ah, Edward had expected too much of him. His earlier fury returns, with gusto.

“We’re not just friends and you fucking know it!” Edward shrieks. Jim’s eyes widen, and his jaw actually drops. The strongest language he’s ever heard Edward use before this moment is ‘crud’.

“Yeah, I’m out of here,” Jim says, bolting for the door. Edward must be losing his mind. The other men are locked in a standoff; they don’t even watch him go.

“If you think I’m just going to be your ‘friend with benefits’, you can leave too,” Edward says coldly. Oswald breaks.  

“That’s not what I want,” Oswald says. “I just thought it would be easier than trying to explain.”

“Because you didn’t want Jim to know?” Edward snaps.

“I don’t care who knows,” Oswald declares, sweeping his hands out. Edward sighs.

“Well if we never explain it, no one will ever know,” he says. “And in that case, I may as well be your dirty little secret.”

“That’s definitely not what I want,” Oswald says, deciding it’s safe enough to reach out and touch Edward’s biceps again. Edward lets him, and Oswald breathes a sigh of relief. Perhaps he can talk his way out of the doghouse after all. “I won’t do it again.”

In Oswald-speak, that’s as good as an apology. Edward pulls him into a hug to let him know he’s forgiven. Besides, it would be silly to let all of his preparations go to waste.

The boys with a male s/o who is different than what they thought

Shuichi Saihara

-He had heard your name around school quite a lot

-There were rumours that you did drugs and were part of a gang

-He was a little scared of what he had heard about you so he tried his best to avoid you

-Unfortunately while he was out shopping for some new books he ran into someone, that someone bring you

-He was so scared that you were going to yell or hit him that he just kind of sat there frozen

-He was taken back when you offered your hand for him

-“I’m (y/n). Sorry about that.”

-He’s so confused, but glad at the same time

-He’s so thankful that you aren’t the big tough guy everyone makes you out to be at school

Ouma kokichi

-He is obsessed with finding the real you

-So many people have told him to stay away and that you were a soon to be high school drop out

-But he is good at spotting liars

-Like really good

-So he follows you home one day

-He sees how you are treated at home he gets why you don’t try in school

-The next day at school he sits with you at lunch and declares that the two of you will be the best of friends

-But that’s just a lie

-or is it

Gonta Gokuhara

-Gentleman don’t believe rumours

-He overhead a few girls clamming that you broke their hearts

-The word cheater was thrown around too

-The thought it was really mean of those girls to be talking about you like that so he decided to ask you about what happened.

-After school he approached you

-“Um Gonta hear girls say Nast things about you, Gonta want to hear your side of story.”

-So you told him everything. How you were dating this one girl and her friend kissed you and now you’ve been labeled as a cheater.

-Gonta promises that he doesn’t think that and wants to be your friend

Rantaro Amami

-Rantaro has been called a playboy before so he knows how much it hurts

-apparently you’ve slept with over half the school

-He calls bullshit

-He anonymously asks you to meet him at a cafe across from the school

-You were suprisyto see that it was Rantaro who asked you to meet and not some desperate girl

-The two of you sit down and start to chat

-Eventually he brings up the playboy rumours

-You spill that they aren’t true and your ex started saying that after you broke up

-Gor the first time in a while you feel like you can trust someone

Kaito Momota

-Yeah whatever

-He doesn’t believe that you killed someone

-Not in the slightest

-In the middle of lunch he stands up on the table and yells so that everyone can hear


-You get so flustered that you leave the cafeteria

-After school you confront him though

-“Why? Like I said you seem like a cool dude.”


-He doesn’t understand why people think your mean

-You might be tall and buff but that doesn’t mean that you are a bad person

-The two of you get paired together in class

-He’s surprised to see that you are so passionate about science

-“A according to my calculations you aren’t a bad person.”


Korekiyo Shinguji

-He thinks that humanity is beautiful, even those who have been labeled as delinquents

-he begins to study your actions, body language and speech

-On his way home from school one day someone comes up behind him and pushes him over

-The contents of his bag go everywhere

-He’s surprised to see you helping him pick everything up

-“Sorry about my friend. I promise I’m not a bad guy like he is.”

-He’s thankful for the help and that you didn’t see his notes

Ryoma Hoshi

-You met in prison

-He had been warned not to mess with the king of the cell

-Whoever that was

-He was surprised to see that it was you

-You were a small boy, even smaller than him and quite thin

-He wasn’t dealing with this

-Although because you forbid short jokes no one picked on his size

It’s a Love/Hate kind of Thing

Sam x Reader


Word Count: 1971

A/N: I honestly just love Sam Wilson so much and I really think he needs more love! Please enjoy and love Sam a little bit more! Also sorry, if he’s a bit out of character.

You hated him. You hated him with every fiery fiber of your being. You swore he purposely went out of his way to make you miserable.  Though you couldn’t deny you took a sick sense of pleasure from ruining his days. You hated Sam Wilson and he hated you too.

It had all started a couple months back when he first joined the Avengers. You, like every other member of the team, were excited to meet the new guy. You had gone out of your way to cook a welcome dinner and clean up the place a bit. You were taking your cookies out from the oven when you heard the elevator ding and you just knew that was him. Steve was bringing him up and you were just shaking in anticipation. You were the newest member of the team and you knew firsthand how hard it was to get comfortable around everyone, so you were determined to do whatever you could to make it easier for him.

You quickly set the cookies on a platter and placed them on the counter and made your way out to the lounge area where everyone was waiting. The team had all taken their seats on the couches and were all focused on Steve and the man who stood confidently next to him. You could hear everyone introducing themselves and welcome the man you overheard introduce himself as Sam Wilson.

“Sorry I’m late, but dinner is ready,” you turned to address the new member, but your thought was cut short when you looked up and saw that he was looking right at you and your breath caught in your throat. He was gorgeous. You hadn’t gotten a good look at him until now and you were just blown away. His deep brown eyes were beautifully shaped and his smile was dazzling. He was a good head taller than you and his tight-fitting shirt almost had your mouth watering. And then it was all shattered the moment he opened his mouth. 

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Wait, if God has no power in the Empty, then how was Chuck able to put Cas back together (his words) all those times before? Is there a brief window between dying and ending up there where Chuck swooped in to snatch Castiel’s essence and then resurrect him?

But Gabriel’s been in the Empty all this time, and even though Chuck said, “it’s outside of my power to bring Gabriel back”, he also didn’t say it was impossible, only that archangels were more difficult and “Rebuilding them, that’s – It’s time we don’t have.”

Also, Amara claimed that she was the beginning. Death claimed that he was older than God (and therefore had to be older than God’s sister). And then this cosmic entity claimed that he was before God and Amara. I honestly can’t take these larger-than-the-universe beings seriously anymore.

So I guess I just answered my own question. When it comes down to it, they’re just a bunch of ancient beings with braggadocio tendencies who think they’re bigger than everyone else, and I should take what they say about the laws of the universe with a grain of salt.

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did David ever had visions or nightmares about his Dad??? in the ship crew AU

maybe? there’s a better chance it happened when we was younger y’know? like wow did my father really not care about me enough to just let me be kidnapped without knowing what these pirates would do to me?? lmao thanks

i feel like now that’s he’s older and there’s the sirens and max and the other kids sometimes,,, he doesn’t think about it as much

however,,, daniel talking to jasper’s dad and jasper being upset about it,, might bring things back for him

Notes to the girl whose house I live in

by reddit user JJX2525

It took me a week to find where you keep your wifi password. A whole week! I was really worried you’d thrown it away, but lo and behold, there it was in the cutlery drawer of all places. Everything about the way you organize things confuses me. I guess because you live on your own now you just put things any old place. I know there was someone else before, I heard you talking about him on the phone. Johnny, I think? Jimmy? Anyway, I know because you said it was tough being alone. But you’re not alone, of course. You have me!

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Everyone Lived.

Everyone lived. When Harry was born, Lily hardly saw him because Sirius was fitting him into a tiny leather jacket, Remus was reading to him, and James was already trying to sneak him to the Quidditch supply store to get Harry his first toy broom. Christmases were spent with full bellies and rooms stuffed with laughter, and there wasn’t a single person without flushed cheeks from all the wine. Lily’s eyes sparkled, and there was always a joke on the tip of James’ tongue. All Harry knew was love, love, love, from every corner of the universe.

Everyone lived, and every Thursday afternoon, Sirius and Remus took Harry to the “library”, which was the secret word they taught him for the ice cream parlor. With each trip, they ordered the biggest sundae that was offered with three spoons, and Harry always ate nearly all of it. They kept it up until the day Harry asked Lily to take him to the library and, when confronted with the shelves piled high with books, he asked her where they went to order their ice cream.

Remus and Sirius got married when Harry was three, and Harry was the ring bearer. Lily cried the first time she saw him in his tiny dress robes. They were just long enough that he nearly tripped halfway up the aisle. There wasn’t a single pair of dry of eyes in the audience that day.

Everyone lived, and on Harry’s sixth birthday, he celebrated alongside Neville with all their friends and family. James gave Harry his first set of toy Quidditch balls. He, Ron, Neville, Draco, and Ginny all played together until Draco pushed Neville off his broom and into the cake Alice had spent hours working on. Lily tried so hard not to laugh at Neville’s frosting-covered face, but instead she went beet red and gave herself away to everyone.

Draco said he was sorry. He actually meant it.

Everyone lived, and the moms had a Lockhart book club, which consisted of everyone getting wine-drunk and complaining about their husbands together. Draco, Neville, Harry and Ron eavesdropped and reported back to their dads, who were standing around the kitchen armed with beer, about what they did wrong that week. Each of the meetings somehow coincidentally ended with each of the men stopping by to bring their respective wives bouquets of flowers or boxes of chocolate “because they just felt like it.”

Everyone lived, and Draco and Harry were friends, believe it or not. When Narcissa and Lucius had a date night, they dropped Draco off at the Potters. James told them scary stories in the darkness of their blanket tent. Lily used magic to cast shadows all over their living room, and Harry and Draco wouldn’t sleep for the rest of the night. But Lily kissed each of their foreheads and assured them each that everything would be fine, because she and James would never let anything bad happen to either of them.

She meant it.

Draco and Harry stayed up until their eyelids were simply too heavy to bear, but Harry managed to remain awake till Draco was completely asleep before closing his eyes. It was one of the most peaceful things he’d ever seen. He wasn’t exactly sure why he thought that. Not yet, anyways.

Everyone lived. Everyone got a little bit older. The kids all went off to Hogwarts, somehow managing to stuff themselves all into one train compartment, even with Hermione once she joined. Draco and Harry got put into different houses, which was a relief to everyone around them. “they already bickered like a married couple without rooming together,” Ron said when they were first sorted, “I don’t want to think about what we’d have to deal with if they were sharing a dorm.”

The only time Harry and Draco forgot about their friendship was when they played against each other in Quidditch. There were no rules when you needed to be the first one to the snitch.

(I suppose there weren’t any rules when it came to making out with your best friend in an empty corridor after drinking half a bottle of fire whiskey, either.)

Sixth year came with sly glances and brushing fingertips in the hallway; throwing all caution to the wind and risking friendship for feelings Harry and Draco had been denying since they were kids. Ron and Hermione exchanged knowing looks, but no one said a word. Not even when Harry inconspicuously crept out of bed nearly every night at half past two with his Invisibility cloak in tow, not returning until the sun was just peeking out over the mountains, if at all. He looked happier than ever that year, secrets tugging on the corners of his mouth every time he spoke.

Everyone lived, and when Draco and Harry came out to their families their seventh year, everyone groaned. “You owe me ten Galleons,” was the first thing James said to Lucius, and Harry knew then that everything was going to be okay.

Because everyone was here, surrounding him, breathing, alive. They all hugged him and Draco at once, cheeks smooshed together, a mess of laughter and “I love you’s” and kisses on foreheads. They were all connected then, their pulses stitching them together with a bond Harry knew nothing could break.

They all knew hurt; they knew pain and suffering, and they knew loss, but most of all, they knew each other. They knew love, and they knew hope.

As they stood there, a giant amoeba of people from all walks of life, some more challenging than others, Harry let go of the breath he felt as though he had been holding for his entire life.